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    FAQ/Move List by Slycer

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    Tekken FAQ 2.2
    Well, it's not fancy, but it'll do in a pinch. I hope to add to this in
    the future. Enjoy.
     Towards the end of the 20th century, a mysterious challenge went out to
    all who were deserving.  No one knows from where it originated, but its draw
    was irresistible.  The promise of power and riches beyond those attainable by
    the common man all to go to the survivor.  From the depths of the lower earth 
    to the far reaches of the outlands the call escaped no one. Many perished 
    during the mortal street fights that were only a preview of the challenges 
    that were to come. Only 8 remain, those with the true killer instinct, all 
    ready to die, to gain the title of "TEKKEN", "Lord of the Rave War."
      F = Forward           LP = Left Punch
      D = Down              RP = Right Punch
      B = Back              LK = Left Kick
      U = Up                RK = RIght Kick
      HCB = Half-circle Back
      HCF = Half-circle Forward
     Some moves that have LP + RP listed do not NEED to have both punches
    pressed, but it works just fine that way, and also, some moves can be
    done by pressing both buttons. The CPU decides which attack to throw out.
    This is very overused with King and Jack, where you keep smacking the
    punches and getting combos.
     For some moves that require you to tap or hold DF or DB, the placement of
    the controller must be exact, so some moves might seem not to work all the
    time, but it just takes a little practice.
    Some moves, mostly the Jump Kicks, can only be done from a little bit away
    from the enemy. They won't work if you're standing right up close.
     If a move has (hold) next to it, it simply means that you must hold
    the controller in that position for about 1 seconds.
     If it says to "tap" a certain motion, it means you must gently tap the
    controller in that direction. Holding the controller in the specified
    direction will not produce the desired effect.
     If something has (stuns) next to it, it means that the move will
    stun the enemy if blocked, and leave them open for an attack. Cheap, but
    it's there.
    Moves for all characters:
     Dashing: Forward Dash - tap F, F
              Backward Dash - tap B, B
     Running: tap F, F (hold 2nd F) starting at least 2 screen distances away
              from the opponent
     While Running: Diving Attack - LP + RP
                    Slide Kick - RK
                    Leg Grab Takedown - B + LP + RP
     Getting Up: Roll Back - repeatedly tap B
                 Roll Forward - repeatedly tap F
                 Kick - B + LK + RK (different characters do different attacks)
                 Diving Attack - F + LP + RP, F + LP + RP (different characters
                                                          do different attacks)
                 Rollback Diving Attack - tap B until you start to roll
                                          backward, then do Diving Attack while
     While Opponent is on Ground: Pounce Hit - U + RP
                                  Hop Pounce - lightly tap U + RP
    Individual Moves:
     Jack:       Moves:
                 Overhead Hammer - DF + LP + RP
                 Machine Gun Punches - tap DB + LP(x3)
                 Machine Gun Punches/Double Hammer - tap DB + LP(x3), RP(x2)?
                 Clap - F, F + LP + RP (stuns)
                 3-hit Punches - LP, LP, LP
                 Windmill Punches - D (hold), DF, F + LP, RP, LP
                 Sit - tap D + LK + RK
                 Sitting Punches - LP, RP, LP, RP (or vice versa) while sitting
                 Power Punch - B, DB, D, DF + RP
                 Windup Punch - B. DB. D. DF. then rotate controller
                                counterclockwise to windup, then LP to punch
                                (Jack will count to 5 if you continue to rotate
                                controller, at which point the punch is
                                unblockable, otherwise it just stuns if blocked)
                 Punch/Elbow - RP, LP
                 5-hit Low Punches - D + LP + RP, LP + RP (x4)
                 Big Splash - LP + LK (counts as a throw when done up close)
                 Overhead Lift - RP + RK
                 Backbreaker - HCB + RP
                 Power Bomb - HCF + LP
     Nina:       Moves:
                 Triple Kick - tap DF + LK, LK (x2)
                 Triple Kick/Slap - tap DF + LK, LK (x2), LP
                 Triple Kick/Roundhouse - tap DF + LK, LK(x3), RK
                 Punch/Roundhouse - RP, RK
                 Straight Kick/Roundhouse - tap DF + LK, RK
                 Straight Kick/Spin Punch - tap DF + LK, LP
                 Straight Kick/Spin Punch/Punches - tap DF + LK, LP, RP, RP
                 Straight Kick/Punch/Straight Kick - tap DF + LK, RP, LK
                 Straight Kick/Punch/Roundhouse - tap DF + LK, RP, RK
                 Hop Kick/Low Kick/Roundhouse - tap UF + RK, LK, RK
                 2 Punches/Spin Kick - LP, RP, RK
                 2 Punches/High Kick - LP, RP, LK
                 Punch/Low Kick - RP, tap D + LK
                 2-Handed Power Thing - F, F + LP + RP
                 Flip Kick - F, F + RK (stuns)
                 Jump Kick - F, F + LK + RK (stuns)
                 5-hit  Punches - LP, RP, LP, RP, LP
                 Arm Throw - LP + RP
                 Shoulder Toss - RP + RK
                 Flip Throw - F + LP + RP (have to HOLD F)
                 Chin Punch - HCF + LP + RP
                  During Chin Punch:
                   a) Leg Scissors Arm Snap - LK, RK, LK, LP + RP
                   b) Sidestep Arm Snap - LP, LK, RP, LP
                    During Sidestep Arm Snap:
                     a) Falling Arm Snap - RP, LP, LK, RK, LP + RP
                     b) Double Arm Snap - LK, LP, RK, LP + RP, LP + RP
     Paul:       Moves:
                 Forward Jump Kick - F, F + LK + RK
                 Double Jump Kick - F, F + LK, RK
                 Double Forward Jump Kick/Kick - F, F + LK, RK, RK
                 Double Forward Jump Kick/Low Kick - F, F + LK, RK, D + RK
                 Double Hop Kick - tap U or UB or UF + LK, RK
                 2 Punches/High Kick - RP, LP, LK
                 Flip Kick - F, F + RK
                 Hammer Punch - tap D + LP
                 Hammer Punch/Power Punch - tap D + LP, F + RP
                 Ground Punch - tap DF + RP or tap DB + RP
                 Sweep - tap D + RK
                 Sweep/Elbow - tap D + RK, RP
                 Elbow - hold DB, D, DF, F + LP
                 Power Punch - HCF + RP (just moves forward w/o punching if not
                                         near enemy)
                 Arm Throw - LP + LK
                 Leg-Push Throw - RP + RK
                 Rollback Throw - B + LP + LK (have to HOLD B)
                 Power Punch Throw - F, F + LP + RP
     Kazuya:     Moves:
                 Dragon Punch - F, D, DF + LP
                 Standing Uppercut - F, D, DF + RP
                 Double Jab Uppercut - tap DF + LP, RP
                 2 Punches/Spin Punch - LP, LP, RP
                 2 Punches/Power Punch - LP, RP, RP
                 Spin Punch - F + RP
                 Punch/Spin Punch - RP, RP
                 2 Punches - LP, RP
                 Flip Kick - ?
                 Axe Kick - F + LK or RK close to enemy
                 Double Sweep - F, D, DF + RK, RK (not sure about this)
                 Jump Kick - F, F + LK + RK (stuns)
                 Backward Jumping Spin Kick - tap UB + RK
                 Upward  Jumping Spin Kick - tap U + RK
                 Forward Jumping Spin Kick - tap UF + RK
                 Forward Jumping Spin Kick/Sweep - tap UF + RK, RK
                 Double Kick Hold - LP + LK
                 Hiptoss - RP + RK
                 Headbutt - F, F + LP + RP
     Michelle:   Moves:
                 3 Punches - LP, LP, LP
                 5 Punches - RP, LP, LP, LP, RP
                 Double Low Kick - tap D + RK, RK (while holding D)
                 Low Kick/High Kick - tap D + RK, RK (with controller neutral)
                 Low Kick/Uppercut - tap D + RK, LP
                 Kick/Low Kick - RK, tap D + RK
                 Kick/Double Low Kick - RK, tap D + RK, RK (while holding D)
                 Kick/Low Kick/Uppercut - RK, tap D + RK, LP (without holding D)
                 Sweep - hold DF + RK
                 Sweep/Jump Kick - hold DF + RK, LK
                 Big Boot - tap D, RK
                 Uppercut - tap D, RP
                 Uppercut/2 Punches - tap D, RP, LP, LP
                 2-Fisted Power Punch - F, F + LP + RP (stuns)
                 Jump Kick - F, F + LK + RK (stuns)
                 Side Suplex - LP + LK
                 Leg-Hook Suplex - RP + RK
                 German Suplex - LP + RP (behind enemy)
                 Go-Behind - RP, B (RP MUST hit enemy)
                 Low Punch/Uppercut Throw Thing - tap DF + RP, LP (RP MUST hit)
     Law:        Moves:
                 5 Punches - LP (x5)
                 4 Punches/Backhands - LP (x4), RP (x3)
                 3 High Kicks - LK (x3)
                 2 Backhands - RP (x2)
                 3 Backhands - tap F + RP, RP(x2)
                 Low Kick/High Kicks - tap D + LK, LK(up to 3x)
                 Spinning Kicks - RK, LK, RK
                 Jump Kick - F, F + LK (stuns)
                 Flip - D (hold), U
                 Flipkick - D (hold), U + RK
                 Stronger Flipkick - D (hold), U + LK + RK
                 Death From Above - LP + LK
                 Face Punch - RP + RK
                 Knee Bash - F, F + LK + RK
     Yoshimitsu: Moves:
                 Spin - hold B + LP (up to 5x) (if done 5x, Yoshimitsu becomes
                                                dizzy and falls down)
                 Spinning Sweeps - tap DB + LK, LK (up to 5x) (if done 5x,
                                   Yoshimitsu becomes dizzy and falls down)
                 Backhand - F + RP
                 2 Spin Hits/2 Spinning Sweeps - B + LP, LP, DB + LK, LK
                 Knee - F, F + RK
                 Triple Kick - RK, RK, RK
                 Spinning Kick/Straight Kick - LK, RK
                 Flip Kick - F, F + LK + RK
                 Flip Kick/Corkscrew - F, F + LK + RK, F, F + LP + RP
                 Flying Body Slam - LP + LK
                 Sword Bash - RP + RK
     King:       Moves:
                 Bunch'a'Punches - LP, RP, LP, LP, RP
                 Low Lunge - F, F + RP
                 Low Jab - tap DF + RP
                 Hammer Elbow - tap DF + LP (stuns)
                 Big Boot - F, F + RK
                 Dropkick - F, F + LK + RK (stuns)
                 Spinning Dropkick - F, F, F + LK + RK (stuns)
                 Sliding Kicks - hold DF + RK(x3)
                 Hopping Double Fist - tap UF + LP + RP
                 Dive - F, F + LP + RP (stuns)
                 Knee Bash - LP + LK
                 Suplex - RP + RK
                 Power Bomb - D, DF, F + LP
                 Leg Swing - F, B, DB, D, DF, F + LP
                 Leg Grab - tap DF + LK + RK (still does damage if it hits but
                                              doesn't grab)
                 DDT - tap DB, DB + LP + RP
     Hard Pounces:
     Normally to execute a pounce attack, you just hit U + RP when the opponent
    is on the ground. This causes you to automatically jump into the air and
    land on the enemy with a pounce attack that is usually different from your
    character's regular ground punch while jumping. However, when you hit the
    enemy with a pounce, they seem to magically fly a few feet away after being 
    "hit". However, hard pounces actually land on the enemy, and do more damage 
    than normal pounces, but also have a few drawbacks. When normal pounces tend 
    to "home in" on the enemy to some extent, heavy pounces have a set range, 
    which is rather short, so you must aim correctly if you want to hit the enemy.
    Also, hard pounces can be done any time, even if the enemy is not on the 
    ground. If you do a hard pounce while the enemy is just standing there, expect
    to get hit. Hard pounces are also slower than normal pounces, so the enemy has
    more time to recover before you hit, and there is a greater lag time for you 
    after doing a heavy pounce, giving the enemy more time to retaliate.
     Law:        ?
     Michelle:   Hopback Stomp - UF + LK + RP
     King:       Elbow Drop - UF (or U) + RP + RK
     -----       Knee Drop - UF + LK + RK
     Yoshimitsu: Hopback Stomp - UF + LK + RK
     Jack:       Butt Drop - UF + LK + RK (if this misses, causes Jack to sit)
     Kazuya:     Hopback Punch - UF + RP + RK
     Nina:       ?
     Paul:       ?
     Unblockable Attacks:
     Like the name implies, these attacks cannot be blocked. Since they take so
    long to actually attack, it's easy to knock someone out of one. However, if
    the attack does hit, most unblockable attacks do at least 50% damage, with
    the exception of Yoshimitsu's Sword Chop. Without further ado, here is each 
    character's unblockable attack:
     Paul:       ?
     Kazuya:     ?
     Jack:       Windup Punch - B, DB, D, DF, rotate controller counterclockwise
     -----                      until Jack reaches the count of 5, then LP
                                (if count isn't at 5, punch can be blocked)
                                (at 5, this is an instant 1-hit kill)
     Law:        Dashing Punch - Tap DB + LP + RP (tap U, U to abort attack)
     Nina:       Crane Chop - Tap DB + LP + RP (tap U, U to abort attack)
     Yoshimitsu: Sword Chop - Tap DB + LP (quick, but does little damage)
     ----------- Sword Stab - Tap B, B + LP
     King:       ?
     Michelle:   Running Uppercut - Tap B, B, B (hold 3rd B, this makes her
     ---------                                   stand on one leg)
                                    Tap LP to run and punch (while standing on 1
     10-Attack Strings:
     Some people think these are combos, but they are not. These are just
    strings of 10 attacks that do lots of damage if they all hit, but are not
    combos per se. In other words, if one hit of the string hits, it does not
    mean that the rest will. The enemy still has a chance to get away, block, or
    counterattack. The good thing about the strings is that the attacks change
    from high to low throughout, which can be difficult to block. Although there
    are variations and changes that can be done to the strings, the only way to
    get the full 10 attacks is to do it exactly as listed below. Besides doing
    good damage, some of these are just plain impressive.
     Yoshimitsu: LP, RP, LP, RK, RK, RK, LP, LP, LP, LP
     Paul:       LP, RP, LK, RP, LP, RP, LP, RK, RP, LP
     King:       LP, RP, LP, LP, RP, RK, RK, RK, LP, LK
     Kazuya:     tap F, F + RP, LP, RP, RP, LK, RK, RK, LP, RP, LP
     Nina:       LP, RP, LP, RP, LK, LK, RP, LP, RP, RP
     Law:        tap DF + LP, RP, RP, LP, LK, LK, LK, RK, LK, RK
     Michelle:   RP, LP, LP, RP, LK, LK, LK, RK, RK, LP
     Jack:       D + RP, LP, LP, LP, RP, LP, RP, RP, LP + RP, LP + RP
     For the 8th match, each character fights a different boss. Here are the
    bosses for each character:
     Paul:      Kuma - A large brown bear with the moves of Jack.
     Yoshimtsu: Ganryu - A sumo wrester with the moves of Jack, and a multi-slap
     ----------          of his own, plus Kazuya's hiptoss.
     Michelle:  Kunimitsu - A man in purple with the face of Yoshimitsu, and
     ---------              kunai instead of swords. He has the moves of
     Nina:      Anna - A woman in a red dress with the moves of Nina and Law's
     -----             Flipkick.
     Law:       Wang - An old man in orange with Nina and Michelle's moves, and
     ----              Kazuya's hiptoss.
     King:      Armor King - A black lion-man robot with the moves of Lion, and 1
     -----                   of Michelle's suplexes, and Kazuya's dragon punch.
     Jack:      P. Jack - A robotic form of Jack, with a hook for 1 hand, and a
     -----                drill for the other. He has the moves of Jack and Paul.
     Kazuya:    Lee - A martial artist in black with the moves of Law and Paul.
     For the 9th round, all characters fight against Heihachi. Heihachi is a man
    with weird hair in a black gi with a tiger's head on the back. He has the
    moves of Kazuya and Paul.
    Character Stories:
     Kazuya Mishima: Japanese - Karate Fighter
            Kazuya is a scuffle Karate Fighter with an even temperament and a
     cool head. He's the legitimate heir to the Mishima financial empire, he was
     banished by his father for a crime he did not commit. In their final battle,
     he was left to  die by his father and he still bears the scar on his chest as
     a contsant reminder. He wishes to use the tournament winnings to finance the
     overthrow of his father's forces.
     Paul Phoenix: American - Judo Expert
            Driven to be the best of the best, Paul travels the world in search of
     the perfect opponent. He is a judo expert but he is skilled in many forms of
     the Martial Arts. There is only one fighter in this tournament who is ranked
     on an equal level to Paul. His goal is to eliminate any comparisons.
     King: Mexican - Wrestler
            King was once a ruthless killer. Orphaned at birth, he was a street
     child who only knew a life of crime. Found half dead by a Marquez Priest, he
     was nursed back to health and joined the order. His dream of building an
     orphanage can be realized by winning the Tournament.
     Nina Williams: British - Bone Martial Arts & Aikido
            Nina acquired her unusual combination of skills from her parents.  Her
     father, once an assassin for the IRA left Ireland to escape his past.  His
     marriage to a British Aikido champion created a bloodline that would spawn a
     child with incredible talent and a killer instinct. Nina was kidnapped by an
     underground force and drugged into believing that that the Rave War sponsor
     must be assassinated. God help anyone who gets in her way.
     Jack: Russian - Power fighter
            Jack is an android. A killing machine who only knows one thing,
      "Don't stop until all your enemies are gone."  Made by the Soviets prior
      to the great disarmament. He was thought to be destroyed in the early 90's
      along with the nuclear warheads. Protected by a madman whose goal is to
      turn Russia back into a Communist power, Jack can be very difficult to
      stop. If he wins, international sparks will fly.
     "Fruit": Just to clear up one thing some people are confused with. Tekken
    has two different violence settings for some reason. One setting produces
    red sparks when an enemy is hit, and keeps track of wins by the word "Wins"
    with the number of wins next to it on the bottom of the screen. The other
    setting produces green sparks when a hit connects, and wins are kept track
    of by various pieces of fruit and other symbols. Not all Tekkens have this
    stupid fruit thing.
     Alternate Colors: To choose the normal colors for your character, select
    your character using either punch. To get the alternate colors, select
    your character using either kick. According to Galen Komatsu, there is also
    a 3rd color scheme, for Kazuya at least, but it is unknown how to access it.
     Round Extensions: I was playing on a Tekken with symbols instead of wins,
    so I am not totally sure what number win I was on when this happened.
    Usually, the symbols come in pairs, so I thought nothing of it when a symbol
    that was a yellow flag with an "S" next to it appeared where the wins appear. 
    However, the match that that symbol first appeared during was set for the best 
    3 of 5, instead of the usual 2 of 3 wins. After winning, there was not another 
    flag symbol, there were pairs from then on, and the matches
    were back to the best 2 of 3 wins. Weird.
     Pac-Man: If you play on a Tekken with symbols instead of wins, if you get
    40 wins or more, as far as I know, all symbols from that point are just
    yellow Pac-Men, but then again, I've only seen up to 44 wins, but since the
    symbols usually come in pairs, and there were 4 Pac-Men, it seems logical.
     "Endings": Unfortunately, Tekken has no endings after beating Heihachi.
    All you get is a series of replays showing your 2nd defeat of each CPU
    opponents, then the credits screen. I've seen 3 different backdrops for
    the credits screen, but I don't know if they're random or if you see
    a certain one for doing something special. The first is an orange skyline
    behind orange mountains. The second is the same orange tint, but with
    a picture of clouds instead of mountains. The third is a scrolling blue
    scene with bluish-white clouds, finally stopping on a large cloud with
    a ray of white light coming from it. I've only seen the blue one once.
    Nothing special, considering no one watches the credits anyway.
    Special Thanks:
     Gkomatsu@uhunix.uhec.hawaii.edu - For lots of stuff.
     Sivlar@aol.com - Helped with a few moves and stun moves.
                      (and also decided to put his name on this FAQ and removed
                       the Special Thanks section when he uploaded it to AOL)
     XxAnthony@aol.com - Helped with Law's flipkicks.
     Lindsey_Be@mercer.peachnet.edu - For Michelle's Sweep/Jump Kick.
     Jholmstr@violin.aix.calpoly.edu - For Yoshimitsu's Sword Chop and Spinning
     Ekwan@unixg.ubc.ca - For posting a few things I missed in the
                          afforementioned newsgroup, and for a few Nina and Paul
     25096@ef.gc.maricopa.edu - For the opening story.
     Yu8954@nova.gmi.edu - For character stories.
     Gamest Magazine: For indirectly providing me with loads of good info.

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