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    FAQ by KcJoel

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                              Twisted Metal FAQ 1.0
                               Maintained by:KcJoel
    Table of Contents:
    I.    Welcome
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Character and Vehicle Profiles
    IV.   Level Profiles
    V.    Twisted Codes
    VI.   Character Strategies
    VII.  Ideas for Twisted Metal 2
    VIII.  FAQ Credits
    I.    Welcome
    	Welcome to my Twisted Metal FAQ.  I made this FAQ so that there would
    be a single place to go to for Twisted Metal info.  I also made a FAQ of all the
    character endings, but I didn't include it in this FAQ because some people may
    not have beaten the game with all characters yet and I wouldn't want to spoil
    it for them.  So if you want the endings FAQ or if you have any ?'s or comments
    please E-Mail me at kcjoel@primenet.com  If you have anything you would like to
    add to this FAQ please E-Mail it to me and I will add it and you will be given
    credit in the FAQ.  Thanks and enjoy.
    II.  Introduction
    	It is Christmas Eve, 2005....  and in a few moments the legendary Twisted 
    Metal competition will begin.
    	Deep within his stronghold far beneath the streets of Los Angeles. The 
    contest's demented creator, a man who calls himself Calypso, watches and waits....
    	He is prepared to pay the winner any prize he or she requests.  No matter 
    how rare.  No matter how costly.  No matter the consequences.
    	A dozen competitors have been personally selected by Calypso to do combat 
    in the tenth running of the Twisted Metal competition.  They come from every 
    Assassins, mercenaries, vigilantes, professional drivers, social misfits and 
    joy riders....
    	All are out for one thing tonight, the chance to battle for their ultimate 
    dream.  Tonight, only one dream will come true.
    	Tonight's combatants are Sweet Tooth, Yellow Jacket, Darkside, Outlaw, 
    Thumper, Crimson Fury, Pit Viper, Warthog, Mr. Grimm, Specter, Hammerhead and 
    Road Kill.
    III.   Character and Vehicle Profiles
    	Rankings are on a scale of one to five, five being the best.  Top speed 
    is the highest speed reachable while driving on even terrain with no outside 
    interference (i.e. turbos, catapults or ramps). 
    Sweet Tooth driven by Needles Kane:   
    	An escaped mental patient dressed as a clown, Needles Kane is indeed 
    dangerous.  He has stolen an ice cream truck and mounted a Napalm Cone launcher 
    to the roof in preparation for the tournament.  If Needles wins he wants the one 
    thing that means more to him than anything else in the world... his best friend.  
    Be wary the Napalm cones are very powerful.
    Special weapon power: 5
    Handling: 1
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 1
    Top Speed: 89 mph 
    Yellow Jacket driven by Charlie Kane:
    	Charlie Kane lived the lonely life as a cab driver in the Big Apple.  
    He enters with his cab equipped with Molotov cocktails, a crude yet effective 
    weapon.  If he is victorious he wants to learn what happened to his son, who 
    disappeared as a young man 20 years ago.  His cab is a very well rounded vehicle.
    Special weapon power: 3
    Handling: 3
    Armor: 3
    Speed: 3
    Top Speed: 108 mph
    Darkside driven by Mr. Ash:
    	Mr. Ash seeks what is rightfully his.  He drives Darkside, A massive
     semi rig with awesome power. If he wins he hopes Calypso can help him retrieve 
    an item so powerful it could destroy the world.  Darkside is equipped with the 
    Death Blast, a thin beam of white hot fire directly from the depths of hell.
    Special weapon power: 1
    Handling: 1
    Armor: 5
    Speed: 1
    Top Speed: 89 mph
    Outlaw driven by Sgt. Carl Roberts:
    	Sgt. Roberts is one of the last good cops in a world gone bad.  He drives 
    the standard patrol car with a omni-directinal tazer capable of attacking in all 
    directions around the car.  Sgt. Roberts is competing with the hopes of putting 
    an end to Calypso's Twisted Metal tournament once and for all, making the streets 
    of Los Angeles a safer place.
    Special weapon power: 3
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 3
    Top Speed: 114 mph
    Thumper driven by Bruce:
    	Bruce is a man trying to save his neighborhood, his family, and himself 
    from the constant gang battles of urban Los Angeles.  He drives Thumper a low 
    ridding '64 Impala equipped with a powerful flame thrower like no other.  This is 
    his last shot at taking his neighborhood out of the war zone.
    Special weapon power: 5
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 4
    Top Speed: 119 mph
    Crimson Fury driven by Agent Stone:
    	Agent Stone has been hired to win the tournament by an underground freedom 
    organization.  He drives Crimson Fury an ultra fast sports car faster than any other 
    competitors in this years tournament.  It is equipped with a very precise red armor 
    melting laser that can be deadly if used properly.  If he is victorious he is to 
    claim an object that could liberate the world.
    Special weapon power: 2
    Handling: 5
    Armor: 1
    Speed: 5
    Top Speed: 133 mph
    Pit Viper driven by Angela Fortin:
    	Angela Fortin is a mysterious woman leading a double life.  She drives Pit 
    Viper, a tough and sturdy little buggy.  Is equipped with a truly deadly weapon, a 
    gun that shoots a stream of acid that will quickly destroy whatever it touches.  
    She is competing for a million dollars in cash, but does she really want something 
    Special weapon power: 4
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 3
    Speed: 3
    Top Speed: 108 mph
    Warthog driven by Commander Mason:
    	Commander Mason is an army commander hired by the U.S. Government to 
    retrieve a top secret item from a Arizona plane crash.  He drives Warthog a heavily 
    armored army vehicle equipped with tri-homing missiles that if they connect can 
    cause some major damage.  He needs to win this tournament because Calypso is the 
    only one who can help him get an item so powerful it could destroy the world.
    Special weapon power: 3
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 1
    Top Speed: 89 mph
    Mr. Grimm driver unknown:
    	The driver of this bad bike is a collector of sorts, a man on a mission. 
    But for what, and for whom?  Mr. Grimm is a fast chopper with a very powerful 
    special weapon, it launches spirits from the other side at it's victims.  If this 
    mysterious driver wins he will claim the one item that has eluded his collection 
    for years.
    Special weapon power: 5
    Handling: 3
    Armor: 1
    Speed: 4
    Top Speed: 124 mph
    Specter driven by Scott Campbell:
    	Scott Campbell is a restless spirit yearning to return to his mortal form.  
    Specter is a classic car from 1965.  It's got speed and a Phantom Burst missile 
    that will go through walls and floors, homing in on it's victim for some large 
    damage.  If Scott Campbell wins this tournament he will ask Calypso to make him 
    whole again.
    Special weapon power: 4
    Handling: 4
    Armor: 1
    Speed: 5
    Top Speed: 129 mph
    Hammerhead driven by Dave & Mike:
    	A stolen monster truck, two high school drop outs and a collection of hard 
    rock CD's. What could possibly go wrong?  Hammerhead is a monster truck capable of 
    crushing its opponents like pop cans under its massive tires.  Dave and Mike aren't 
    quite sure what they want if they win and are just here to hear what their new CD's 
    sound like in the middle of a gun fight.
    Special weapon power: 5
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 1
    Top Speed: 89 mph
    Road Kill driven by Captain Spears:
    	Captain Spears is a man living with grief.  Grief over something that 
    happened in the past.  Road Kill is a car that has been pieced together with parts 
    from various junkyard cars.  It is a heavily armored machine of destruction that 
    can launch giant rusty steel rods at 100 mph that leaves it's trace on whatever 
    it hits and then some!  Captain Spears is hoping that if he wins Calypso will help 
    him recreate the past in which he is currently living.
    Special weapon power: 3
    Handling: 2
    Armor: 4
    Speed: 4
    Top Speed: 119 mph       
    IV.   Level Profiles
    	There are seven levels in Twisted Metal.  Each one requiring its own special 
    strategies and techniques. 
    Arena Level:
    	You go one on one, mono a mono with another competitor in Calypso's 
    underground nightclub.  The action is fast and furious there are no energy 
    stations but there are numerous power ups to obtain.  The best thing to do 
    in this level is to hit first and hit them HARD!!  The longer you drag it out 
    the more energy you are going to lose.  The winner of this fight earns the right 
    to continue on in the tournament.
    Warehouse District Warfare:
    	You and three enemies face off in this battle in the middle of the warehouse 
    district of Los Angeles.  There are 2 power stations in this level and also ramps 
    and numerous power ups to obtain.  To really rack up the power ups travel the 
    perimeter of the level on the sidewalk for some mondo turbos and missiles.  If 
    you're really low on energy and have already used the power stations, try to 
    avoid your enemies because after awhile the energy stations reappear and you 
    can refill again.
    Freeway Free For All:
    	You have to deal with five gun toting drivers on the L.A. freeway, sound 
    familiar.  It's something seasoned L.A. drivers should have no problem with, but 
    here's some tips for the rest of you.  Try to pace yourself and fight one enemy 
    at a time and use the periodical power stations rationally.  If they try to gang 
    up on you run and wait for them to split up again.  The power stations on this 
    level will also reappear if you can evade your enemies long enough.
    River Park Rumble:
    	It's Christmas time in River Park. There's ice skaters in the ice rink, 
    and shoppers finishing up there Christmas shopping. Oh did I mention you being 
    hunted by Six blood thirsty killers on wheels. In this level I'd also advise you 
    to only take on one enemy at a time, and if you're a smaller vehicle try attacking 
    from a distance or doing a quick hit and run on your opponent.  If your a large 
    powerful vehicle trap them in a corner and ram them to death.  Have fun and Merry 
    Christmas to all and to all a good night.
    	This level is a blast. You're set loose into the suburbs of L.A. to combat 
    eight crazy enemies out to end you're fun.  If you're a small vehicle try to hide 
    in the suburbs behind buildings and shoot enemies as they pass and then speed out 
    of there to a new hiding place.  Or go to the Canal and hide in the corners at the 
    top of the canal behind bushes and blast unsuspecting bypassers (especially effective 
    with Specter).  If you're a larger vehicle you may want to go through the bottom 
    of the canal and ram smaller vehicles to their doom.  Or do the same on the narrow 
    curves of the outside highways where they'll have nowhere to run.  
    Rooftop Combat:
    	Jump from skyscraper to skyscraper high above the streets of L.A.  Just 
    don't go too fast or you may fall off the skyscraper to your doom.  Try tricking 
    the other combatants into falling off the edge by letting them tailgate you then 
    turning right before the edge of a building. If you defeat the three enemies thrown 
    at you, you will face Minion.  Minion is the winner of last year's Twisted Metal 
    Contest, he seems to have all the weapons of the 12 competitors which makes him 
    a very formidable opponent to say the least.  
    If you beat Minion you become the Twisted Metal Champion and receive your prize. 
    Fight for your life:
    	After you see the ending and the credits have rolled its back to the arena 
    where you'll face five characters at once in the small arena.  There are no power 
    stations in the Arena so you'd better be quick and execute every last one of those 
    slime balls.  GOOD LUCK!!!! 
    V.   Twisted Codes
    	Here are some codes I've gathered from various sources.  Enjoy!!         
    (P.S.  if you have any new codes please E-Mail them to me and I'll include them 
    and you'll be given credit, Thanks)
    X=X (duh)
    -=leave a space
    WARP TO:
    Warehouse: OTSOO
    Freeway: XSSOT
    River Park: XTSCS
    Cyburbia: XSTTT
    Rooftop: STXOX
    Fight Minion and everyone else on rooftop at once: TXOST
    Fight for your life: STOSS
    Invulnerability: STX-O 
    Infinite Weapons and Turbos: T-SOO
    Helicopter View: OOTX-
    (note: helicopter view only works on certain levels, after you put it in and you're 
    in the game keep switching views until you get the birds eye view from the helicopter.)
    VI.  Character Strategies
    Sweet Tooth: 
    	The Napalm Cone is a very powerful weapon to have at your disposal, so you're 
    whole battle strategy should be planned around it.  When you get a clear shot blast 
    'em,  if you're not such a good shot move in close before unleashing the Napalm Cone. 
    Also, if you're fighting a smaller vehicle get in close and shoot a Napalm Cone 
    just before you ram them so that you can ram them after they get hit with the 
    Napalm Cone but before they get airborne from the impact of the Cone.  This 
    causes MAJOR damage, ONE of these will take a car like Specter down to the red 
    on his life gauge!
    Yellow Jacket:
    	Yellow Jacket is a very well rounded vehicle.  He's great for new players 
    and if you don't know what type of attack you're going to make .  His Molotov 
    Cocktails aren't mega-powerful but enough of them will get the job done.  
    There's nothing special about Yellow Jacket he's just average in every category.
    	The Death Blast bites!!!  If you're using Darkside just stick to Fire 
    missile and whatever else you can find.  In fact when using Darkside you may 
    not have to use any weapons at all, just ram your opponents to death.  If 
    you're having trouble catching some of your speedier opponents try using a 
    freeze missile or a turbo to slow them down so you can nail 'em.  Darkside 
    is best if you like to run into things, but if your looking for heavy artillery 
    you best look elsewhere.
    	Another fairly well rounded competitor is Outlaw.  He's good for the 
    player that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a homing missile.  You 
    just get near your opponent, use the Tazer and it nails 'em.  A good strategy 
    to use with Outlaw is the drive by, drive by your opponent quickly use the tazer 
    as you pass them and then quickly duck behind a corner before they blast you.  
    Effective and very annoying to the other player when going 1 on 1.
    	Thumper, one word Scorcher.  Simply get close to your opponent, line up 
    a good shot and light 'em up.  This flame thrower will cause some major damage.  
    In my opinion Thumper is one of this years best competitors, his only major flaw 
    being handling (but who really cares about handling when you've got the tight turn 
    Crimson Fury:
    	Crimson Fury, for some reason I don't like this guy that much.  The only 
    way to win with him is to use his incredible speed to hit and run, but I'd use some 
    Power or Homing missiles instead of that weak Crimson Blade.  Fighting with 
    Crimson Fury will take plenty of time and patience.
    Pit Viper:
    	A fairly well rounded competitor with a nasty special weapon.  It has a 
    suprisingly large amount of armor for its small size so get in close and use the 
    SIZZLE to take off large chunks of energy from opponents.  I'd suggest nailing 
    them with a SIZZLE then blasting out of there with a turbo, regrouping then coming
    right back to do it again.  With that strategy you will be able to keep a healthy 
    life gauge and keep stocked with nitros.
    	Ahh, Warthog.  He's a great character.  Get in close, ram them and blast 
    them with your tri-homing missiles, and let them fight back with the power of your 
    special weapon and all your armor, resistance is pointless.  Oh yeah, be wary of 
    your life gauge.  Get out of the area before it gets to low because with this big 
    boy speedy get aways are very rare.
    Mr. Grimm:
    	If you choose Mr. Grimm you'd better be a pretty good shot and be able to 
    dodge oncoming missiles because that leather jacket isn't exactly heavy armor.  
    Don't waste your DEATH SPAWNS because two of these will finish most opponents off 
    so make sure you're shots lined up before you let one fly.
    	Specter ranks very high in all categories but one, armor.  So keep your 
    distance because a couple of hits can finish you off for good.  Phantom Bursts 
    can go through walls so try hiding behind objects and when an opponent comes, 
    let a couple fly and go hide again.
    	Ahh, the fun of crushing things in a monster truck.  Get close and crush 
    your enemies under your giant tires.  Your special weapon goes off automatically 
    so you can have another weapon highlighted and your CRUSHER will still go off by 
    itself.  So get in close, unleash some missiles and crush them all at once, it's 
    like multi-tasking :)
    Road Kill:
    	Use your speed to get in close and nail 'em with your rusty spear. It's
     okay if you take a couple hits cause this junkyard beauty was built to last with 
    plenty of armor.  A good vehicle if your looking to be the aggressor in the battle. 	
    VII.  Ideas for Twisted Metal 2
    	With this type of game a sequel is inevitable, so I thought I'd toss around 
    a few things I'd like to see.  E-mail me with your comments.
    * One word "ARCADE"  How about an arcade version with a 4-car multi-linkup.  What's 
    more fun than blasting 3 of your friends away behind a high performance machine?
    *How about some playable secret characters, they don't even have to be cars.  How 
    about a pedestrian armed with a shotgun or a guy on a bicycle with a baseball bat, 
    everybody loves an underdog.
    *A taunt button.  For instance Thumper could start hopping from his hydraulics or 
    Outlaw could have his sirens go off.  You know stupid little things like that just 
    to taunt your friend.
    *Other obstacles.  Like on the Freeway have more traffic and more things to blow up.
    *Eject option. When you're about to die hit the eject button and run around the 
    streets trying to win with a handgun.
    VIII. FAQ Credits
    Written by kcjoel@primenet.com  (Joel)
    Twisted Codes by deuce@scsn.net (Deuce)
    Thanks to Sony Interactive and Single Trac for making this great game 
    Check out my fanzine coming soon E-mail me for more info

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