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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PTsai

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 11/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/Walkthrough for C-12: Final Resistance (PlayStation One)
    Version 1.03 by Peter Tsai
    Not a bad Siphon Filter clone - I only wish it had better controls!
    === COPYRIGHT AND LEGAL STUFF ========================================
    Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Peter Tsai
    This document is for private and personal use only - it 
    cannot be reproduced in part or whole in any way without my 
    consent. In other words, please do not put this FAQ on your 
    website or magazine without asking me first. More importantly, 
    do not try to pass this FAQ off as your own - not only is 
    plagiarism a crime, it is just downright despicable.
    "C-12: Final Resistance" is (c) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
    All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected 
    that are not specifically mentioned herein.
    === UPDATES ==========================================================
    07/13/2001 - Version 1.0 written. I've written this FAQ mostly from 
                 my hazy memory and also from a whole bunch of scrap
                 notes (I had to return the game to Blockbuster
                 immediately after finishing it), so it's very likely
                 that there are errors in here. Feel free to correct
                 me, or better yet, write your own FAQ... I've searched
                 high and low on the web for one, but surprisingly none
                 were found!
    07/14/2001 - Version 1.01 written. Received emails from a few people
                 asking permission to put this document up on their
                 website. Well, since they were courteous to ask, I've
                 included them to the credits list.
    08/31/2001 - Version 1.02 written. Corrected the part on getting the
                 alien keycard from the assassins in the final mission.
                 Also proofread the document for typographical errors.
    11/16/2001 - Version 1.03 written. Added Action Replay codes. This is
                 perhaps the final update I will make on this FAQ because
                 as I've mentioned before I no longer have the game.
                 Please don't email me about being stuck in the game
                 as I can't help you anymore. (Go look in a gaming
                 magazine or something. There are already a few, probably
                 better strategy guides available.) Also, DON'T (note the
                 emphasis) ask me for cheats because [a] I don't know any,
                 and [b] it sort of hurts my pride that some people think
                 I didn't finish the game purely through skill (and with a
                 bit of luck).
    === TABLE OF CONTENTS ================================================
    	- Tips
    	- Basic Controls
    	- Weapon Data
    	- Item Data
    	- Enemy Data
    	- Mission 1: Search and Rescue Recon 1
    	- Mission 2: Evacuate Resistance Bunker
    	- Mission 3: Steal Alien Power Source
    	- Mission 4: Rescue Dr Carter
    	- Mission 5: Defend 2nd Resistance Bunker
    	- Mission 6: Escape Alien Stronghold
    4. CREDITS
    === 1. GENERAL INFORMATION ===========================================
    * It is almost NEVER a good idea to rush into battle without surveying
      your surroundings. It's like drawing a large bulls-eye on your 
      back. So don't do it, unless you're the type that actually enjoys 
      receiving shots from behind.
    * Whenever possible, look through your optical implant and try to
      take out the enemy from a safe distance, like 35 meters.
    * Conserve ammo - use headshots frequently. The only time when you 
      should be firing like crazy is when you acquire a new weapon
      and want to learn its secondary attack as soon as possible.
    * Keep in mind that all enemies have a weak spot of some sort. If an 
      enemy seems impossible to defeat, try a different tactic: change 
      weapons or focus on another target.
    * If you see a health pack on the ground (not dropped by an enemy), 
      don't take it (i.e. walk over it) unless it's absolutely necessary. 
      You'll never know whether you might be needing it at a later time.
      Same thing applies for ammo clips and shield cells.
    	Basic Controls
    Directional buttons - Run (in the direction relative to the screen,
                          not your character).
                        - Climb ladders.
    X button - Fire current weapon's primary attack.
             - Hold down button to drag crates and other large objects.
             - Activate switches.
             - Remove security bolts.
             - Use items.
    O button - Crouch.
             - Clamber onto a crate/ledge.
             - Hop off a ladder.
    Square button - Fire current weapon's secondary attack. Hold down
                    to charge attack (for certain weapons).
    Triangle button - Hold down button to raise force field.
                    - Double tap to overload shield cell and emit 
                      EMP shockwave.
    L1 button - Cycle through currently available weapons.
    L2 button - Hold down button + directional buttons to adjust camera
    R1 button - Targets an enemy in front of your character. Hold down
                button to keep your focus on it as you move about.
              - Hold down button + Left/Right to strafe.
    R2 button - Hold down button to see first person view through your 
                character's optical implant.
    	Weapon Data
    Note: With the exception of the Energy Blade, you have to gain enough 
          experience in your weapon's primary attack before the secondary 
          attack becomes available to you.
    Energy Blade
    	"Very rare. Rescued from a slain elite alien guard."
    	Ammunition Capacity: Infinite
    	Pros: No ammunition consumption, high damage, very effective
    	      against some enemies.
    	Cons: Lack of range for slashing attack, delay time for 
    	      firing energy bolt.
    	Primary Attack: Melee Attacks
    	Approximate Max Range: 1m
    	Though it does very good damage, its lack of range makes it
    	unsuitable for fighting groups of aliens.
    	Secondary Attack: Blade Beam
    	Approximate Max Range: 40m
    	Only available in the final mission. The blade's energy can
    	be charged up and flung as a bolt of pure energy. A fully 
    	charged bolt does devastating damage. Though no ammunition 
    	is used, there is a long delay between firing consecutive 
    	"The AG-35 is a machine-gun with integrated grenade launcher."
    	Ammunition Capacity: 400 bullets / 30 grenades
    	Pros: Versatile, high bullet capacity, very fast rate of fire.
    	Cons: Doesn't deal a lot of damage.
    	Primary Attack: Bullet Fire
    	Approximate Max Range: 30m
    	Its fast rate of fire makes it almost impossible to miss a 
    	moving target. The damage it does is not a lot, but that 
    	doesn't matter if you can perform a headshot (which kills
    	your enemy instantly).
    	Secondary Attack: Grenade
    	Approximate Max Range: 16m
    	Doesn't go very far, and it's too slow to hit moving targets. 
    	Nevertheless it's quite useful against limpet turrets and Alien 
    	Scientists - they hardly move around when they attack. Another
    	plus point for this attack is that it can damage some shielded
    Rocket Launcher
    	"The RV-40 is a rocket launcher that has a target tracking
    	 facility capable of guiding rockets."
    	Ammunition Capacity: 40 rockets
    	Pros: High damage, long range, very effective against vehicles.
    	Cons: Slow rate of fire, low rocket capacity.
    	Primary Attack: Single Straight-Line Rocket
    	Approximate Max Range: 40m
    	Fires a rocket which travels in a straight path. With the slow 
    	firing rate you're more likely to miss the target if it moves
    	around a lot.
    	Secondary Attack: Multiple Homing Rockets
    	Approximate Max Range: 40m
    	Fires five guided rockets. Recommended for taking out tanks
    	and flyers.
    Laser Cannon
    	"XK-50 is a classified weapon that was under development by 
    	 Rothbart Optics before the alien invasion commenced."
    	Ammunition Capacity: 200 laser energy units
    	Pros: Charged shot.
    	Cons: Fully charged shot consumes 15 units of energy.
    	Primary Attack: Rapid Laser Bolts
    	Approximate Max Range: 32m
    	Does more damage than bullets but less damage than plasma.
    	Firing velocity is slower than machine-gun's. (Funny that,
    	bullets travelling faster than light.)
    	Secondary Attack: Charged Laser Bolt
    	Approximate Max Range: 32m
    	This is what makes the laser cannon worth having! Though it
    	drains a lot of energy, a fully charged bolt can sometimes
    	kill the enemy instantly!
    Alien Plasma
    	"The standard issue weapon of the Alien troops."
    	Ammunition Capacity: 300 plasma energy units
    	Pros: Long range, heavy damage.
    	Cons: Fully charged shot consumes 12 units of energy.
    	Primary Attack: Plasma Energy Bolts
    	Approximate Max Range: 35m
    	If this is the Aliens' regular weapon, then no wonder humans
    	are losing. For a rapid fire gun, this deals way too much
    	damage! Also, because of its long range, the gun can also be
    	used as a sniper.
    	Secondary Attack: Wide Plasma Bolt
    	Approximate Max Range: Varies (usually less than 30m)
    	Fires a series of bolts in a wide arc. Even though it's intended
    	for fighting groups, personally I wouldn't recommend it. It
    	takes time to charge up, and it doesn't have the range nor
    	damage of the regular rapid fire.
    Ion Cannon
    	"Rare Alien weapon."
    	Ammunition Capacity: 250 ion energy units
    	Pros: Can't think of any.
    	Cons: Fully charged shot consumes 50 units of energy, inferior
    	      compared to the other guns.
    	Primary Attack: Electrical Beam
    	Approximate Max Range: 6m
    	Crap range, crap damage. I don't see any practical use at all.
    	Secondary Attack: Chained Electrical Discharge
    	Approximate Max Range: 35m
    	Apparently this is supposed to stun the enemy and pass the
    	discharge from target to target, but it never worked when I
    	tried it. Oh, and despite the range, it still does crap
    	Item Data
    Alien Comms Device
    	"An alien communications device. Used in the encoding and
    	 decoding of alien transmissions."
    Alien Health
    	"Combine the two alien health packs to restore
    	 full health."
    Alien Keycard
    	"Used to bypass alien keycard sensor."
    Armed Explosives
    	"Explosives from the demolition site, with the 
    	 detonator from Recon 1. Powerful enough to
    	 destroy the blockage in front of the outpost."
    Battery Pack
    	"Portable battery pack."
    Black Regulator
    	"1 kHz power regulator."
    Blue Alien Spore
    	"Combines with yellow spore to make corrosive paste.
    	 Combines with red spore to make slow-burning, illuminating
    Blue Regulator
    	"4 kHz power regulator."
    Blue Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    Cyan Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    Detonation Pack
    	"Industrial explosives. Used in research on armour technology.
    	 Very powerful."
    	"Explosives detonator, obtained from Recon 1."
    Entrance Codes
    	"The base entrance codes are red, green, blue and yellow."
    	"Obtained from the demolition site."
    Fuel Can
    	"Contains enough fuel to get armoured jeep to 2nd bunker."
    Green Regulator
    	"5 kHz power regulator."
    Green Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    	"The General's implant is required to disable the lockouts
    	 for the bunker's self-destruct."
    Magenta Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    Mall Override Codes
    	"The mall computer override codes are: red, green, red, blue."
    	"A field medical kit. Contains medical supplies
    	 suitable for triage on the battlefield."
    Red Alien Spore
    	"Combines with blue spore to make slow-burning, illuminating
    	 flare. Combines with yellow spore to make 'flash-bang' type
    Red Regulator
    	"3 kHz power regulator."
    Red Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    Sensor Antenna
    	"Used to repair damaged sensors in perimeter of bunker."
    Sensor Camera
    	"Used to repair damaged sensors in perimeter of bunker."
    Sensor Dish
    	"Used to repair damaged sensors in perimeter of bunker."
    	"Alien shield pack."
    Storage Disk
    	"Blank storage disk."
    Storage Disk
    	"Contains preliminary analysis data on the alien comms
    Yellow Alien Spore
    	"Combines with red spore to make 'flash-bang' type explosive.
    	 Combines with blue spore to make corrosive paste."
    Yellow Security Bolt
    	"Used to activate or deactivate Alien equipment or consoles."
    	Enemy Data
    Advanced Cyborg
    	"The traitorous Major Dan Carter."
    Alien Assassin
    	"Elite guard unit. Alien warrior with cloaking technology."
    Alien Commando
    	"Shock trooper, equipped with dual-fire plasma staff."
    Alien Energy Mine
    	"Triggered by proximity. Launches a plasma capsule that 
    	 detonates above ground with a powerful shockwave."
    Alien Flyer
    	"Troop carrier and bomber."
    Alien Leader
    	"Equipped with advanced battle armour. Plasma and ion cannons
    	 are built into the arms, while shoulder-mounted missile
    	 launchers, and a powerful laser weapon are built into the
    Alien Limpet Turret
    	"Automated alien gun emplacement."
    Alien Scientist
    	"Armour can channel and redirect energy."
    Alien Tank
    	"Laser, plasma and rocket armaments. Main body is very
    	 well armoured, but weapon points are more vulnerable to
    Alien Trooper
    	"Infantry unit, carries plasma cannon."
    Attack Droid
    	"Combat unit. Shoulder mounted 12mm carbines."
    	"Unknown alien species that has been cybernetically altered."
    Crab Droid
    	"Burrowing alien attack droid."
    Cyborg Drone
    	"Construction unit, with power welder arm."
    Cyborg Sniper
    	"Infantry unit. Equipped with powerful sniper rifle."
    Cyborg Soldier
    	"Infantry unit. Equipped with machine-gun."
    Cyborg Soldier
    	"Heavy weapon infantry unit. Equipped with rocket launcher."
    Ion Beam Defenses
    	"Alien security measure designed to prevent prisoners from
    	 escaping alive. Triggered on proximity, and very powerful,
    	 but takes a short time to recharge after firing."
    Mall Turret
    	"Mall security turret."
    Manual Laser Turret
    	"Resistance weapon emplacement. Fires rapid series of laser
    	 bolts, but is prone to over-heating."
    Probe Droid
    	"Search and reconnaissance unit."
    	"Unknown alien species that has been cybernetically altered.
    	 Behaviour suggests an aversion to light."
    War Droid
    	"Alien war droid. Not fully constructed, and still tethered to
    	 its powering harness."
    === 2. WALKTHROUGH ===================================================
    Note: Directions are based on your position in the Internal GPS 
          (which is accessible on the SELECT menu). In other words, the
          top of the map is north, and the bottom is south.
    Mission 1: Search and Rescue Recon 1
    	Head west. As soon as the two drones bust open the metal doors, 
    	run past them and grab the MACHINE-GUN in the room. Switch your 
    	weapon to the gun and fire like crazy. Killing them should 
    	bring your machine-gun's experience level close to half. Go 
    	outside and head north. A flyer will swoop by and bomb a radio 
    	mast, closing off the street to your right. Go west and kill 
    	the three droids. This should provide you with sufficient 
    	experience to learn your machine-gun's Grenade attack. Enter 
    	Central Station.
    	Kill the drone and the two snipers. Go south and pick up the 
    	alien SHIELD cell between the two tracks. There's no power so 
    	you can't ride the train yet. Go north and move the crate under 
    	the ladder, clamber up, and move across the walkway. The 
    	walkway will collapse, causing the above power line to snap. 
    	Before you jump off the walkway, switch to first person view
    	and shoot the junction box which the wire is still connected 
    	to. Kill the drone in the power room and push both switches.
    	The power to the railway should now be back on. Head back to 
    	Central Station, kill the two drones that just appeared out
    	of nowhere, then ride the train.
    	Activate your shield and keep it raised so that you won't 
    	get harmed by the steam jets. As soon as you get off the train,
    	you'll find an injured Resistance soldier in need of a medibox. 
    	Head south, kill the two drones and the soldier. Pick up the 
    	ALIEN KEYCARD dropped by the soldier and use it to open the 
    	door to your south. Don't go out yet; you still have to find the
    	medibox for the soldier! Go into the room to your north and
    	grab the MEDIBOX that's on one of the beds. Go back to the 
    	soldier and use the box on him. As gratitude he'll give you
    	a KEYCARD that will open the hospital's supply room, which 
    	contains a health pack and a bullet clip. Grab them if you
    	need them, then head outside.
    	Immediately switch to first person view and destroy the probe
    	before it can detect your presence. Run to the save point, and
    	from there fire headshots at the two soldiers. Climb up the 
    	ladder and from there launch a grenade at the fuel barrels. 
    	The explosion will kill the soldier posted there, and if you're
    	lucky enough, it will also kill or critically wound the other 
    	soldier walking by. Finish off the soldier and enter the 
    	construction site to the south.
    	Switch to your energy blade and run to the ladder to your left.
    	Hack away at the coral until it's clear and climb up. Have your
    	shields raised while you're climbing so you won't get shot off.
    	Kill the soldiers and crabs guarding the turret, and pick up
    	the KEYCARD that one of the Soldiers will drop. Activate the 
    	gun turret and start blasting away! Grab the ALIEN KEYCARD left 
    	behind by the last soldier and use it to deactivate the 
    	force field. Then hack away at the coral-covered door, and use 
    	the keycard, freeing the trapped Resistance soldiers. In return
    	they will hand you some EXPLOSIVES. Leave the site and head 
    	north, killing soldiers and drones that get in your way.
    	Enter the underground parking complex.
    	Kill the two guards. You've found the missing recon team but
    	you still need to deactivate their holding cell. Head down to
    	the lower level and kill the lone soldier. Pick up the ALIEN
    	KEYCARD and push the button on the wall console. Unfortunately 
    	you can't go back the way you came, so take the only other 
    	exit out. Avoid being detected by the probes (first person 
    	view helps) and using the rubbles clamber back up to the top 
    	level. Use the alien keycard on the terminal to free the recon
    	team. They will give you the DETONATOR for the explosives.
    	Go outside and head to the blockage (near the save point). Use
    	the armed explosives to clear a path. Get prepared for your 
    	first boss battle!
    	      CYBORG SOLDIER x 3
    	There is one thing to note about the boss fights in this 
    	game - it is never a good idea to attack head-on with guns 
    	ablaze; you're more likely to get yourself killed before 
    	you can even put a dent on your enemies.
    	So before you waste your entire machine-gun ammo on the tank
    	(and realizing the pitiful damage you're dealing), take a look
    	at your surroundings. Oh look, to your left - isn't that a gun
    	turret up there? As soon as you can, have your shield raised
    	and run straight up the stairs, ignoring all enemy fire.
    	Once you activate the turret (the control console is on the
            wall, not on the turret), the tank won't stand a chance.
    	Hammer away at it until it falls to the ground like a large
    	lump of rock. Mission complete!
    Mission 2: Evacuate Resistance Bunker
    	Though it's not important to keep your soldiers alive, you 
    	should as afterwards they will open up a locked room which 
    	contains the awesome ROCKET LAUNCHER. Head down the square and 
    	eliminate the snipers on the rooftops. Even though you have 
    	the two soldiers providing backup fire, don't rely on them too 
    	much as they don't have the skill to hit the snipers. If you're 
    	out of range or the angle's too awkward, you can enter the 
    	buildings and take out the snipers at close range. Oh, and don't 
    	forget to grab the supplies lying about. After escorting the 
    	soldiers successfully (or not), you would have a KEYCARD that 
    	opens the door to the warehouse. If you have a rocket launcher, 
    	equip it and then enter.
    	Stop before the broken bridge and look around in first
    	person view. You'll see that there's a turret being controlled
    	by a soldier. Use your rocket launcher to take out the soldier
    	(aim for the soldier, not the turret). As you move towards the 
    	bridge, fire a headshot at the rocket soldier just behind you, 
    	to your left. Jump down the bridge and kill the two soldiers. 
    	Clamber up the rubbles to the turret that was unmanned. An alien
    	tank will arrive. Destroy it with the turret and then go back 
    	down. Go to the four buttons on the wall and push them so that 
    	the colors from left to right corresponds to the entrance code 
    	(in your ITEMS menu). The door to the base will open. Enter.
    	Destroy all the probes with your rocket launcher and proceed
    	further downwards until you come across a corridor filled with
    	moving laser tripwires. Move very carefully across without 
    	touching any of the laser. As soon as you make it through, the
    	door will slam shut behind you. Since there's no going back, 
    	just move on to the next room. Climb onto the crate in front of
    	you and take a headshot at the closest soldier to your left.
    	It's absolutely vital that you kill him with one shot, because
    	if you miss he'll retreat into the room behind him and activate
    	the gun turret. While you're still on the crate, blast the 
    	attack droid to pieces; it won't be able to detect you in your
    	elevated position. Don't kill the remaining soldier just yet;
    	jump down and try to get into the turret control room without
    	alerting him. Activate the turret and start firing. As soon
    	as the soldier dies, an alien tank (again) will come crashing
    	through one of the hangar gates. You should know the routine by
    	now - just take it out with your gun turret. After a brief
    	cut scene head through to the other hangar and go into the 
    	room with the save point. Make a note of the three-digit number
    	on the monitor and enter the elevator adjacent to the room.
    	Launch a couple of grenades over the railing to take out the 
    	two soldiers below. Destroy the attack droid on the other side,
    	then the room should be clear. Head down to the console in 
    	front of the room and mess around with the three buttons so 
    	that you can get that three-digit number in. (The puzzle's not
    	hard at all, so I won't mention anything more). Once you input
    	the number, go back up and use the console which controls 
    	the satellite dish. After the code's been transmitted, return
    	to the hangar and go into the next elevator.
    	Take cover behind one of the sickbeds until you see a soldier
    	walk by. Just shoot him in the back of the head as soon as you
    	have the opportunity. Then head to the Cryolab, avoiding any 
    	contact from the attack droids. Of the three buttons which 
    	controls the power for the theater bays, push the left and 
    	center buttons. This will transfer all power to the third bay.
    	Go into the cryochamber and pull out the center cryotube. With
    	your shield activated, push the tube all the way out of the 
    	Cryolab and towards the Medlab on the other side. Insert the
    	tube into bay number 3 and push the button to extract the 
    	IMPLANT. Go back to the Cryolab to receive a KEYCARD from the
    	Resistance soldier. When you leave the lab, go west until
    	you come to a locked door. Unlock the door with the keycard
    	and go in.
    	In the near-darkness of the room, your optical implant gives 
    	you an advantage over the aliens. Using first person view, kill
    	the three soldiers before they can get a chance to see you.
    	Afterwards go up the ladder, kill the two guards and make your
    	way through the laser tripwires to the power room. In the 
    	power room, push the two rightmost buttons, then the two 
    	leftmost buttons and finally the center button. That should get
    	the power back on. Now leave the room via the north exit.
    	Turn left and kill the drone. Shoot the two power relays to
    	disable the laser field. This will alert a bunch of soldiers
    	to the scene. Kill them all. After you've done this Colonel
    	Grisham and Dr Carter will show up and tell you to use the 
    	implant on the scanner. Do so. You will now have about two
    	minutes to get out before the whole base blows! Activate your
    	shield and make your way back to the hangar, avoiding any 
    	battles. The gate should now be open. Leave. Mission complete!
    Mission 3: Steal Alien Power Source
    	Kill all the soldiers behind the crates and barrels. Don't go 
    	into the building just yet. Continue east until you see the 
    	crevice ahead of you. With your shield activated, jump down and
    	run south to the two ladders. Climb up the one to the right, go 
    	into the building and kill the soldier controlling the gun 
    	turret. Run to the opposite building and kill the soldier that 
    	was controlling the other turret. With the threat of the turrets
    	out of the way, jump back down the crevice and push the moveable
    	crate to the immoveable crate (you can tell which is which from 
    	the red highlight). Run back south and climb the ladder to your 
    	left. Destroy the droid and grab the FUEL CAN that's by the 
    	fence door. There's also a moveable crate around here. Drag the 
    	crate out. Push the crate into the crevice and then push it all 
    	the way to the other crates. This should form a bridge which 
    	will come in handy later. Go south, climb ladder to the right, 
    	cross the bridge and head back to the building you didn't go 
    	into earlier.
    	You'll find a few stranded Resistance technicians there. Get 
    	the BATTERY PACK next to one of them and go into the repair
    	shop to the east. Destroy the two droids and push (yes, push)
    	the jeep onto the hydraulic pad. Use the fuel can and battery
    	pack on the controls. (You can push the button to lift the
    	truck and get the FENCE DOOR KEY, but it's not needed anymore.)
    	Push the control on the wall to open the door, but don't go
    	out through there. Instead head outside the building through
    	the way you came in.
    	An alien flyer will arrive. Quickly run across the bridge and
    	control one of the gun turrets. You should be pretty safe from 
    	the bombings while you're in the building, so don't hesitate 
    	to take out the flyer with the turret. Get rid of any remaining
    	soldiers and go back to the technicians. They'll get into the
    	jeep and ram through the fence, providing you with the way to 
    	the next area.
    	As soon as you get to the next area, another flyer comes by,
    	forcing you to take cover inside a shopping mall. The mall
    	used to be a Resistance stronghold, and some of the automated
    	defenses are still active. Avoiding the sensors, move along the
    	west wall and then climb up the hole with your shield activated.
    	Jump down, take cover and destroy the limpet turret. Push the
    	crate against the wall and climb into the ventilation shaft.
    	Take the left path which leads to the adjacent room. Kill the
    	two soldiers and take the YELLOW AND BLUE ALIEN SPORES. Push the
    	crate against the wall and climb back up the shaft. This time 
    	continue right until you come across a rusted grill. Combine the
    	spores to create corrosive paste which will eat through the 
    	grate. In the room take the LIFT KEY. Push the crate against the
    	nearest wall and enter the other ventilation shaft. In the next 
    	room kill the three soldiers and push the button that opens the 
    	gate to the center of the mall. Go back to the center of the 
    	mall. Use the lift key on the lift (or elevator. Whatever.) 
    	which is between the stairs and enter the lift.	Turn left and 
    	kill all the soldiers in the room. Pick up the MALL OVERRIDE 
    	CODES and head to the other room. The technician there will give 
    	you a MASTER KEYCARD. Make your way back to the	room where you 
    	got the lift key and use the master keycard on the force field. 
    	Go in and quickly enter the override codes on the computer. This
    	should open the entrance to the mall which you can now exit.
    	Kill the two soldiers. Go to the crane next to the building
    	and clear out the coral with your blade. Now head into the 
    	building. Go downstairs and receive a mission briefing from Dr 
    	Carter. She'll hand you a STAIRCASE KEY which will give you 
    	access to the rest of this building. Go upstairs and kill the
    	sniper on the opposite building. On the console push the right
    	button to move the crane arm. Go to the room in the opposite
    	building, kill the drone, take the ALIEN HEALTH PACK and pull
    	the crate onto the crane. Climb the crate and clamber up the
    	ledge. Climb the ladder, get the other ALIEN HEALTH PACK and
    	go back to the crane console. Push the left button. Again, 
    	clamber up the crate and ledge and climb the ladder. Kill the 
    	drone and proceed upstairs.
    	Launch homing rockets at the flyer until it blows up and knocks
    	over a radio mast on the roof. Clamber up to the roof and
    	kill the snipers. Cross the mast to the other tower block and 
    	fall through the pit. Go downstairs to meet the Resistance 
    	solder. Live electrical cables obstruct your path, so to shut 
    	the power you have to head downstairs to the basement. Kill the
    	drone and push the crate over the puddle of water. Clamber over 
    	the crate and push the button. The power is now off. Go back
    	upstairs and the Resistance soldier will send you across the
    	compound wall.
    	As soon as you drop in, shoot the soldier in the back of the
    	head. Destroy the limpet turret and walk up to the fence gate.
    	The guard will open the gate when he sees you and attacks. Kill
    	him and pick up the GATE KEY. Open the gate and arrange the two
    	crates like this (bird's eye view):
    	|         |
    	| Crate 1 | >>Stand here<<
    	|         |
    	        |         |
    	        | Crate 2 |
    	        |         |
    	This way when you pull crate 2, crate 1 will block off the steam
    	jets as you move along. Walk to the fence gate and another guard
    	will come through. Kill him. Go past the gate, destroy the 
    	limpet turret and continue on. Stop immediately when Dr Carter
    	warns you about the minefield ahead. Using your implant to 
    	detect the mines, carefully make your way across the field. Kill
    	soldiers and destroy limpet turrets in your way and eventually 
    	you'll come across a cargo droid loading supplies. Go into the 
    	building and kill the soldier. Push the button to open the gate
    	to the cargo bay. Jump out the window and run for the gate 
    	before it closes.
    	Kill the soldier and go upstairs. Take the elevator and when you
    	come out, kill the two soldiers. Open the door and enter the
    	alien power room. Kill the two drones in there and switch on the
    	laser on the right side of the room. Push the right block 
    	towards the laser to destroy the power source's housing. Pull 
    	out the power source and push it down into the conveyer belt
    	(not the small conveyer belt; I mean the large one at the back
    	of the room). After contacting Dr Carter, two soldiers will
    	come out of the armory. Kill them. Enter the armory and grab
    	all the goodies inside, including the DETONATION PACK and the
    	LASER CANNON. Go back down the elevator and take the corridor 
    	to the south. Destroy the two droids with your new laser cannon.
    	Use the detonation pack on the main door. Leave.
    	Kill all the soldiers and snipers to learn your laser cannon's 
    	secondary attack. Continue down the street to the next screen.
    	Before you even get a chance to speak with Dr Carter, she gets
    	kidnapped by her husband Major Dan Carter, who is has been 
    	converted into a cyborg	henchman! Prepare yourself for another
    	boss battle!
    	      ALIEN TROOPER x 3
    	Don't jump down and engage the troopers just yet. Stay where 
    	you are - you'll be out of range from their plasma fire and 
    	the flyer's bombings. Launch homing missiles at the flyer 
    	as it passes by. After you destroy it, fire your remaining
    	rockets at the troopers. Only after you use up all your rockets
    	should you go on down and fight them at close range. After you 
    	kill the last trooper, you're done. Mission complete!
    Mission 4: Rescue Dr Carter
    	Destroy the two droids and pick up the SERVICE DOOR KEY. Use
    	the key to unlock the door and enter. After talking to the 
    	Resistance soldier, head down to the railway tunnels. Follow
    	the tunnel north, and at Junction D turn west. Kill the spider
    	and get everything in the room, particularly the SPORES and 
    	the BLACK REGULATOR. Leave the room, head back to the junction
    	and continue north. In the room to your left, kill the spider
    	and get the BLUE REGULATOR and some more SPORES. Continue north
    	again and turn west at Junction C. At the end of the tunnel get
    	the GREEN REGULATOR next to the web-filled door and kill the
    	spider in the room to your left. Inside the room pick up the
    	SPORES and the RED REGULATOR. In the other room nearby, kill the
    	two spiders and get the BATTERY PACK. Return to Junction C and
    	head east. Turn north at Junction B and at Junction A go east.
    	Get the POWER ROOM KEYCARD beside the save point and use the
    	battery pack and then the keycard on the door. Inside the power
    	room get the POINTS ROOM KEYCARD and insert your regulators
    	into the appropriate generators (just match their colors). On
    	the console push the second button, third button, fourth button 
    	and first button to get	the power going. Hop onto the tram and
    	ride to the points room. (To operate the tram, highlight on
    	one of the two buttons and hold down the X button.) Unlock
    	the door to the points room and enter. On the console push
    	buttons A and C. Ride the tram back to the Resistance soldier
    	and he will open up the track leading to the transport terminal.
    	Hop onto that tram and exit.
    	Kill the troopers to receive a new weapon, the ALIEN PLASMA. 
    	After clearing the room, go upstairs, kill the two troopers and
    	go into the doorway to the south. Kill the trooper and the
    	soldier. The soldier will drop a RED SECURITY BOLT. Use the
    	bolt on the wall console and push the button with the red screen
    	to deactivate the scanners on the red conveyer belt. Go to 
    	the console where the soldier was and push the button when you
    	see a red crate passing by on the conveyer belt. This will skip
    	the loading for that crate, leaving it empty. Quickly run out of
    	the room and head to the conveyer belt with the red symbol. Wait
    	for the empty container to arrive, then jump in. When you get 
    	out of the crate, kill all troopers in sight and push the button
    	on the console to send down the cargo lift. Push the button
    	again and run to the cargo lift before it takes off. You will
    	be taken into the ship bound for the Conversion Facility.
    	Destroy or avoid all the droids and go south through the
    	doorway. Kill the two soldiers and climb up the ladder which is
    	close to the entrance you came from. Wait for a crate to arrive,
    	then climb onto it. Get off on the tall stack of crates and
    	climb onto the crate going in another direction. Keep switching
    	from crate to crate until you get to the platform on the 
    	south-west corner of the room. Go through the doorway.
    	Kill the troopers and droids and get the SPORES inside the huts.
    	Use the appropriate spore combination on the rusted fence and
    	take out the snipers above you. Make your way across the
    	minefield, destroying any crab droids with your plasma. Climb
    	the ladder and kill the trooper on the other side of the wall.
    	As you approach the crate, two troopers will come out of the
    	main gate. Kill them and pick up the CYAN SECURITY BOLT. You
    	have a choice here: you can either use the bolt and enter
    	through the main gate, or you can use the crate to get into
    	the shaft above. Doesn't really matter as both ways lead you
    	to the same place. Kill troopers, grab ALIEN KEYCARD. In the
    	room with the crate climb up the ladder, activate your shield
    	and hurry through the electrified gap. On the other side, push
    	button to deactivate force field. Drag the crate over to the wall
    	south of the room and clamber up. Go through the doorway, into 
    	the pit and kill the two troopers for an ALIEN KEYCARD. Use the
    	keycard to deactivate the force field. Kill the two troopers 
    	outside and enter the coffin-shaped doorway to the south.
    	Make your way to the end on the room and press the button to
    	switch off the lasers. Go to the next room. Kill trooper. Go
    	to the next room. As with the lasers, go to the end of the
    	room and push button to turn off the pressers. Clamber up the
    	presser in the center and go into the ventilation shaft. Go right
    	which leads you to the alien power room. Kill the two soldiers.
    	Drag the good power regulator out the way, then push the damaged
    	regulator into the slot. Now go to the control panel. The
    	controls are quite simple, the left and right buttons move the
    	arm left and right, and the center button swaps the positions of
    	two power regulator. Get the damaged regulator to the leftmost
    	side and that should shut off the force field outside. Head
    	outside and enter the building to the west.
    	In the room ahead of you press all three buttons to drain the
    	pods. Go into the tunnel in the center pod. Turn right and drop
    	out of the shaft. Kill the two troopers and get their ALIEN
    	HEALTH PACK and GREEN SECURITY BOLT. Climb the ladder and go
    	into the large room that is located in the center of your
    	Internal GPS. Drop down to the bottom. You will see two crates
    	and two elevators to the south. Push a crate onto each elevator.
    	Ride the left elevator up and push the crate under the second
    	ladder. Clamber up the crate and climb the ladder. Go into
    	the room and kill two troopers. Get the RED SECURITY BOLT. Head
    	back to the large room and ride the right elevator. Push crate
    	under ladder, climb up, and go into next room. Kill the two
    	troopers below you and get the YELLOW SECURITY BOLT. Now make
    	your way back to the room where you got the green security 
    	bolt and the use all three bolts to open the door. Leave.
    	Kill all the troopers with headshots and pick up the RED
    	SECURITY BOLT. You can't get to the room with the save point
    	yet, as it requires a blue bolt. In one of the alleys there's
    	a crate. Drag it out and bring it to the other alley. Push it
    	under the fire escape, then climb and get the supplies. Go into
    	the shaft. After you fall out of the shaft, kill all the
    	troopers and get the ALIEN KEYCARD and the BLUE SECURITY BOLT
    	they leave behind. Use the keycard to shut off the force field
    	and the bolt to open the door to the save point. As you leave
    	the save point, don't forget to take the blue bolt out. Go back
    	to the area where you fought the last bunch of troopers and
    	use the two bolts to open the door. Enter.
    	There are three doors but only the one in front of you can
    	be opened. Unfortunately there's a boss waiting for you behind
    	that door.
    	      MANIPULATOR x 2
    	As the door opens, don't go into the room just yet. Switch your
    	weapon to the laser cannon and in first person view fire
    	charged bolts at the manipulator arms. After you destroy both 
    	arms, you can enter the room safely. You can't hurt the
    	scientist directly because he's in a protected room, so fire
    	a grenade at the storage barrel. The explosion will kill the
    	scientist and also blow open the door. Get the ALIEN KEYCARD
    	and deactivate the force field. Head onwards into the next room.
    	You will find Dr Carter trapped in the center of the alien 
    	science lab. Kill the two troopers and get the ALIEN KEYCARD
    	and the ION CANNON. Don't use it now; switch to your machine-gun
    	instead. Open the door with the keycard, but don't rush in yet.
    	There's a scientist hiding behind Dr Carter. Kill him with
    	grenades. After that Dr Carter will be freed. As both of you
    	leave the facility, Dan Carter makes another appearance and
    	you're thrown into yet another boss battle!
    	BOSS: WAR DROID x 1
    	      MANIPULATOR x 2
    	This can be very tough if you don't know what you're doing.
    	First of all don't even think of attacking the war droid - your
    	weapons are practically peashooters to this behemoth. And don't
    	waste time attacking one of the manipulators, because the droid
    	or the other manipulator will kill you before you can even
    	destroy it. "So what the heck should I attack", you ask? Well,
    	have you noticed the harness attached to the droid? The harness
    	connects to six power nodes on the wall behind the droid. If the
    	nodes are destroyed, then there will be no energy powering the
    	droid, incapacitating it.
    	Run right under the droid and use one of your shield cells to
    	generate an EMP shockwave. It has no effect on the droid but
    	will stun the two manipulators, providing you with some extra
    	time needed to destroy the nodes. In first person view, shoot
    	the power nodes with plasma or charged laser (unfortunately
    	rockets don't work). If you're fast enough you can destroy three
    	of the nodes before the manipulators recover. And if you're
    	under heavy fire from the droid, raise your shield and grab the
    	nearest shield cell, then run under the droid. While the droid's
    	busy performing its long attacks, focus your attack on the
    	nodes. Once all six nodes are destroyed, the droid is defeated.
    	Mission complete!
    Mission 5: Defend 2nd Resistance Bunker
    	Explore the base, and restock on any ammo you used in that last
    	battle. Pick up the SENSOR CAMERA, DISH AND ANTENNA, then leave
    	through the sealed door to the west. In Area P you will see
    	a heavy firefight between some alien commandos and Resistance
    	soldiers. Don't bother helping them; the commandos in this room
    	respawn (i.e. there's an infinite amount of them). Run up the
    	stairs, climb onto a moving crate to get to the other side, and
    	use the sensor dish to fix the sensor in this room. After you've 
    	done that run north to Area Q. You can help the soldiers here;
    	kill the three commandos with headshots and go to the room to
    	the west (where the commandos came from). Pull the crate under
    	the broken sensor, clamber up and use the sensor camera. Go up
    	to the roof and use your blade to clear out the	coral growth on
    	the turret. Continue north to Area R. Go up the stairs, and as
    	you approach the large hole in the wall, an alien flyer will
    	arrive. Go to the turret room to the north and from there fire
    	homing missiles at the flyer until it blows. Afterwards go
    	outside through the hole in the wall and climb the ladder and
    	enter the shaft. Use the antenna on the sensor to fix it. Go
    	back to the roof in Area Q where you cleared out the coral
    	growth and fire homing rockets at the flyer. After you destroy
    	it, head back to the sealed door. Go to the room where you got
    	the sensor parts to meet with Dr Carter. She'll give you the
    	INTERNAL LAB KEYCARD and tell you to retrieve the analysis 
    	data for her. Enter the sealed doorway to the south.
    	Go to the destroyed bridge and help the soldiers by killing
    	the two commandos on the other side. Go down the bridge and 
    	get the RED ALIEN SPORE at the bottom. Head east. Go to the 
    	south corridor and pick up the BLUE ALIEN SPORE before
    	fighting the spider. Pull the crate out of the elevator and
    	enter the elevator.
    	Clear the area of commandos and close the bulkheads. In the room
    	with the big hole in the ground, get the blank STORAGE DISK. On
    	closing all the bulkheads the Resistance soldier will help you
    	open the lab at the end of the corridor. Go inside and fight the
    	brute with your energy blade. After you kill it, use the keycard
    	to unlock the door. Use the disk on the computer to receive the
    	ALIEN COMMS DEVICE and the STORAGE DISK now containing data.
    	Make your way back to the sealed door.
    	Toxic fumes are pouring through the ventilation! There isn't
    	enough time to stand still and listen to Colonel Grisham's
    	transmissions, so hurry and seal all the vents by pushing
    	crates up against them. There are a total of four vents, one
    	in the room where you got the sensor parts, one in the room with
    	the lift, and two in the room with the large computers. After
    	you seal them all, the colonel will tell you to meet him and 
    	Carter at the generator room. Go there and hand over the 
    	disk and the comms device. Now go to Area Q and enter the
    	small room at the back. Pick up the RED AND BLUE REGULATORS and
    	pull out the GREEN AND TWO BLACK REGULATORS from the power
    	boxes. Insert the red regulator into the left box, the black
    	regulator into the center box, and the green regulator in the
    	right box to reconfigure the substation to 20 kHz. The perimeter 
    	force field will now be active, but there appears to be people
    	trapped outside. Go outside to rescue them. But as soon as you
    	approach, alien commandos come up from behind and ambush you.
    	You're knocked unconscious and taken to the alien heartland.
    	Um, mission complete?
    Mission 6: Escape Alien Stronghold
    	"God in heaven! What have they done to you!" During your time in
    	captivity the aliens have tinkered with your body - you are now
    	more cyborg than human. Colonel Grisham frees you from your
    	cell, but loses his life in doing so. Pick up the MACHINE-GUN
    	he leaves behind and use it to kill the commandos that killed
    	Grisham. Retrieve your ENERGY BLADE which one of them will drop.
    	With your new cyborg body, you now have the ability to unleash
    	the Blade Beam attack. But for now stick to your machine-gun.
    	Kill the scientist with grenades, pick up the SHIELD and leave
    	the room.
    	As you cross the bridge, you'll see a scene where a Resistance
    	soldier gets fried by the aliens' defenses. After it's over,
    	keep going until you come to a large room with three control
    	panels in the center, lots of droids and two scientists. Before
    	you enter the room first destroy the droids then go in and
    	launch grenades at the scientists. Get the SHIELD and YELLOW
    	SECURITY BOLT they leave behind, then go up the ramp and go 
    	through the doorway to the north. Destroy the four limpet 
    	turrets and kill the assassins below you. The assassins respawn
    	but if you kill enough of them one will drop an ALIEN KEYCARD.
             (Correction: The keycard will only appear if you kill at
                          least two assassins with headshots. Sorry to
                          all the people who spent hours on this part.)
    	Jump down, get the keycard and quickly run to the other side of
    	the room. Use the keycard to deactivate the force field and then
    	remove the BLUE SECURITY BOLT from the control panel. Go up the
    	ramp and head to the south room. In the room remove the MAGENTA
    	SECURITY BOLT from the panel and then kill the commandos in the
    	next room while their backs are still turned. Continue on south
    	and you will arrive at the room where that soldier got fried.
    	While	you're still on the ramp, kill all the commandos and droids
    	below you. Go down the ramp and remove the RED SECURITY BOLT
    	from the control panel. This will shut off the defenses in the
    	room, so you can safely pick up the LASER CANNON and ALIEN
    	PLASMA. Now go up the other ramp opposite the one you came in
    	and kill the commando in the room. Remove the GREEN SECURITY
    	BOLT from the panel. Go down the ramp and take the small tunnel
    	to the east. In the tunnel you'll see a locked door with
    	a green control panel. Use your green bolt to open the door
    	and pick up the ROCKET LAUNCHER inside. Remember to remove the
    	bolt when you leave the room. The tunnel leads back to the room
    	with the three control panels in the center. Use the yellow, red
    	and blue bolts on the panels and a force field bridge will
    	appear. Before you cross I suggest you save your game because
    	Dan Carter is waiting for you in the room beyond that bridge!
    	BOSS: ADVANCED CYBORG x 1 (Major Dan Carter)
    	      ALIEN COMMANDO x 2
    	Carter himself is behind an invulnerable force field. No weapons
    	that you have can harm him. But if you look carefully, he has
    	a harness attached to him just like the war droid. That would
    	mean his energy is being supplied to him from a power node.
    	Kill the two commandos and pick up the ALIEN KEYCARD. Use the
    	keycard on the control panel on the left wall. This will
    	deactivate the force field to the button on the right wall. Push
    	the button, then quickly switch to first person view and aim at
    	the exposed power node above Carter. Fire rockets/plasma/charged
    	laser/whatever at the node before the hatch closes. If the hatch
    	does close, you'll have to push the button again and deal with
    	more commandos. Once you destroy the node, Carter will also be
    	destroyed. After you kill him, enter the elevator that was
    	behind him.
    	Kill the commandos, go straight down the corridor and enter the
    	elevator in front of you (the doors on the left and right
    	corridors require security bolts). Kill the commando and two
    	brutes and pick up the RED SECURITY BOLT. Use the bolt to open
    	the door. Now drag the crate over so that it is right under the
    	door. Remove the red bolt. The door will try to close but the
    	crate will keep it open. Use the red bolt on the inner door and
    	enter. First kill the spider and termites in the room, then
    	clamber your way up the pylon to the highest level, go through 
    	the hole, drop down and remove the YELLOW SECURITY BOLT. Climb
    	the pylon again, but this time go through the hole on the second
    	level. This will lead you to another room. Kill all the
    	assassins to get the ION CANNON, then open the door with your
    	yellow bolt. Go in and remove another YELLOW SECURITY BOLT from
    	the panel. As you leave the room, take out the bolt, so you now
    	have two yellow bolts. Return to the place where you blocked
    	the door, remove the red bolt and then take the elevator back
    	up. Take the south corridor, use the red bolt to open the door,
    	kill the two scientists in the room, and grab all the supplies
    	you need. As you leave the room, you don't have to remove the
    	bolt - you won't be needing it anymore. Head to the opposite
    	corridor, and use your two yellow bolts to open the door to the
    	control room. In the center of the room you will see a large
    	console with four buttons and a bunch of monitors. What you have
    	to do is adjust the controls so that it overloads the two
    	atmosphere processors. Here is a breakdown of the controls:
    	          |                       |
    	          | (The large monitor    |
    	          | screen in the middle) |
    	          |                       |
    	   [Button 1][Button 2][Button 3][Button 4]
    	The large monitor shows the amount of power for a selected
    	section. Look at the screen in first person view to see the 
    	name of the section currently displayed. Buttons 1 and 2 cycle
    	through the selections, and holding down buttons 3 and 4 will 
    	raise or lower the power for the currently displayed section.
    	First of all, lower the power for all the sections to zero.
    	Then switch the screen to the Atmosphere Processor 1 section
    	and raise the power until the bar becomes red (but don't fill
    	the bar up completely!). Now switch to Atmosphere Processor 2
    	and do the same thing. The processors will overload and destroy
    	all the computers in the room. Leave the room.
    	Switch to your energy blade and kill the brutes. Push the crate
    	to the north, clamber up and remove the MAGENTA SECURITY BOLT.
    	Push the crate to the east enter the door. Destroy limpet
    	turrets and scientists in the room. Remove another MAGENTA
    	SECURITY BOLT. Leave the room. Kill the two commandos. Grab
    	everything in the room - you'll definitely need them for the
    	final battle. Use the two magenta bolts to open the door, 
    	prepare yourself (saving is recommended), then enter.
    	      ALIEN COMMANDO x 2
    	Like Dan Carter, the alien leader is enveloped with a strong
    	force field which protects him from gunfire. The four nodes
    	in the center of the room provide the power for his shield.
    	Unfortunately, because the leader's weapons are so powerful,
    	you won't have much opportunity to destroy all the nodes, let
    	alone even one.
    	Fortunately, the leader does have a weakness - your energy
    	First of all get rid of the commandos. After you kill both of
    	them the leader will start attacking. Charge towards the leader
    	and slash like crazy. Once you get his health to around 50%,
    	he'll start flying, keeping his distance from you. Don't worry,
    	you've destroyed all his armaments, so he's unable to attack at
    	all. You can now focus your attention on the four shield nodes.
    	Use plasma to destroy the nodes, then switch to the machine-gun
    	and fire away at the leader. After he's dead you've finished
    	the game. Mission complete! ("Our work is still unfinished."
    	Hmm, do I sense a sequel?)
    === 3. ACTION REPLAY CODES ===========================================
    The following codes were taken from Action Replay's official site
    (www.codejunkies.com). I didn't make these codes and I don't own an
    Action Replay, so please don't email me if they do not work.
    	Stop Timer                          800F2B68 0073
    	Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo       800F30A8 0028
    	Infinite Ammo Secondary Fire        800F30A6 001C
    	Infinite Machine Gun Ammo           800F30A4 0189
    	Infinite Shield                     800F309C 03E8
    	Infinite Health                     800F3090 03E8
    === 4. CREDITS =======================================================
    My thanks goes out to:
    - SCEE, for making this game.
    - www.codejunkies.com, for the Action Replay codes.
    - you, for reading this walkthrough.
    (Short list, I know.)
    This document can only appear on the following sites:
    - GameFAQs.com (www.gamefaqs.com), most recent version found here
    - Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com)
    - Playstation cheat.net (www.psxcodez.com)
    - Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    For corrections, suggestions or anything else, you can 
    email me at "email_me@tabomail.com", or just post a message 
    in the C-12 board at GameFAQs.com. I don't check my email frequently,
    so I apologize in advance if you do not receive a prompt reply
    from me.
    If you're going to email me, please:
           * Use English. I don't care if it's stilted or rife with
             grammatical errors, just as long as it's understandable.
           * Include a valid email address in your message... that is,
             if you wish to get a reply from me.

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