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      "Fate depends upon one man.  It is now clear why Con-Human is the world's
         88  888P     oo    oo  oo  oooooo  ooooooo  oo  ooooooo  oo  ooooooo
         88  88P     d88P   88  88  88888P  88  88P  88  88  d88  88  88  d88
         88888P     88  88  88  88  88      88888P   88  88P      88  88P
         88  88P    888888  888888  88      88  88P  88   d888P   88   d888P
         88   88P   88  88    88    88888P  88  88P  88      88P  88      88P
         88    88P  88  88    88    88888P  88   88P 88  8888888  88  8888888
         88     88P 
         88      88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888P
          "You must select the future as it quickly advances towards you."
                                    * RAYCRISIS *
                                   FAQ Version 1.50b
                             For The Taito G-Net Arcade
                             Game & its PlayStation Port
                           (c) Steven Ives 2000, 2001, 2002
    Table of Contents
      00. Trademarks
      01. Legal Crap
      02. History
      03. About RayCrisis
      04. Game Start
      05. Game Play
      06. Power-Ups
      07. Encroachment Meter (EM)
      08. The Bosses
      09. Extra Boss
      10. Post Game Summary
      11. PocketStation Support
      12. Soundtrack Info
      13. Shout-Outs (the credit section)
      14. The Pillory
      15. Final Disclaimer
      RayCrisis, RayForce, RayStorm, Zuntata, and Taito G-Net are trademarks of
    Taito Corporation.  PlayStation is a trademark of Sony.
      Any other trademarks are those of their respective owners.
    01) LEGAL CRAP (Terms & Conditions):
            This FAQ is (C) Steven Ives 2000.  It may be posted only on 
     the following sites:
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           Did you see this FAQ on another site?  Tell me pronto.  It is to be
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     NOTE: NEVER is this FAQ to appear on megagames.com, gamesdomain.com,
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            You can check gameoverDude.com or gamefaqs.com for the latest version.  The author
            Only the sites listed above may host this FAQ.  Sorry, no new 
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            No one is to profit from this FAQ.  This includes but is not limited
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            Don't plagiarize.  If you wish to use any info found herein in a FAQ
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      If permission is granted, you are to credit the author in your work for the
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            The author reserves the right to litigate if the TERMS & CONDITIONS
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      SPAM: I do not put up with any Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE).  If you
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      Spamming is a good way to get yourself into some deep you-know-what.
      OK, I think I've bored you enough with this legal crap.  Let's go!
    02) HISTORY:
           August  4, 2000     Work started on Version 1.0.
           August  8, 2000     Version 1.0 readied for release.
           August 11, 2000     I've added a few more sites to the May Be Posted On
                               list.  Now there is some info on the bosses.  Some
                               info is added about the pending US release of the
                               Sony PSX version.
           August 13, 2000     Yes, a new version of this FAQ gets readied for
                               release already.  You're looking at V1.32 here.
           August 14, 2000     Jazzed up the FAQ a little.  ASCII art has been
                               added at the top.
           August 16, 2000     D'OH! Corrected a mistake in the "Extra Boss"
                               section.  I meant to say "With NO Continues"!
                               (regarding the arcade version)
           August 20, 2000     WR03 is available in both versions, but it has to
                               be earned in the arcade.  Info on "Pocket-Ray", a
                               PocketStation mini-game, is added.
           August 24, 2000     Version 1.39 reaches Release status.
           August 25, 2000     I grant permission to gamingplanet.com to host the
                               RayCrisis FAQ.
        September 14, 2000     I take another look at the FAQ, thinking about some
                               stuff that could be added.  
        September 18, 2000       Unfortunately, the US release of RayCrisis has
                               been DELAYED to September 28.  Note that the 
                               Encroachment meter affects the stage patterns. Some
                               info on the arranged music CD "RayCrisis: Rayons de
                               l'Air" is included.  This is a minor update to the
                               FAQ, but still worthy of a release.  This is V1.43.
                               It gets uploaded to Game FAQs for release.
        September 19, 2000       Added the clause that bans megagames.com and other
                               FAQ thieving sites from hosting this document.
        September 24, 2000       yyQ gives information about the Hidden Ships,
                               and mentions the PSX Ship Color Change.  A note is
                               added about the arcade version ship colors as well.
                               A new section called "The Pillory" is added to
                               publicly shame those who have mass-ripped FAQs. A
                               Table of Contents is added, with the sections
                               given numbers. "Legal Crap" and "Final Disclaimer"
                               undergo modifications. It's time for another
                               release on this FAQ- Version 1.50.
        September 22, 2000     I regret having to do this, but I have removed my 
                               email address from the FAQ due to receiving a
                               considerable bit of spam.  You can contact me via 
                               Private Message at gameoverDude.com from this point
                               onward (registration needed). Now only the listed
                               sites may host this FAQ- no new requests are 
                               accepted.  Some changes have been made throughout
                               the FAQ- such as the "20% Rules" on the 
                               Encroachment Meter.
    03) ABOUT RAYCRISIS:                           
      RayCrisis is the 3rd in the RayForce series.  The arcade version runs on the
    Taito G-Net system.  A Sony PlayStation port is now available in Japan.
      This PSX version was localized for the US by Working Designs, who released 
    it on September 28, 2000  with a MSRP of $34.99.  The US version bears the 
    subtitle "Series Termination", due to the fact that this is the final entry 
    of the RayForce series.  The ESRB rating is "E", for Everyone.
      The story of this game actually takes place not too long before Operation
    RayForce.  A neuro-network computer known as Con-Human has basically gone
    berserk.  It has created some pseudo-life forms by blending man and machine in
    what it believes is good for the continued existence of mankind.  Eventually,
    the remaining humans were slain by Con-Human.  A mecha-neurologist jacks in to
    the Con-Human system in an attempt to regain control of the rogue machine by
    means of the Wave-Rider Cybernetics Link.
    04) GAME START:
    Arcade: After you have hit the start button, you will get to enter your
    initials plus a 4th "security code" character.  The game will track your
    stats this way.
    If you have registered data from a previous play, you can choose the Previous 
    Map to replay the same Map or try the randomly generated New Map.  After that, 
    you choose one of two ships.
    The first stage is the Self Area- fairly short, with no boss.  It's the same
    each time.
    Stages 2, 3, and 4 will have been chosen for you at random unless you are
    using a "Previous" map.  These stages can be one of the following areas-
    Emotion, Consciousness, Intelligence, Memory, or Consideration.
    Stage 5 takes you to the area of the Con-Human Emergency Control Program
    (Dis-Human, the last boss).
    PlayStation version Differences:
    1- The initial entry is done from the Options menu.
    2- You do not have to reenter initials before every new game.  You can change
       stages in your map, and can even play the same one 3 times in a game.
    3- An original mode lets you play all the available 7 areas in one game.  It
       adds bonus point items and 1-UP icons to the ones found normally.
    4- The arcade version's graphics are somewhat better (G-Net is more powerful
       than the PlayStation).
    5- You cannot play 2 players on the PlayStation version.  Doesn't that
    kinda stink, especially after you could do so in RayStorm?  However, 2 Player
    is available in the Taito G-Net Arcade version.
    High Scores:
    High scores in the G-Net version will be saved and do not disappear when the
    game is powered down.  The Memory Card saves your high scores in the PSX one.
    If the G-Card is changed and the G-Net motherboard is rebooted with a new 
    game, all RayCrisis records will be erased.
    05) GAME PLAY:
      Basically, it is similar to RayStorm with some upgrades.  The Wave-Rider
     (the player's ship in this one) comes in two different types:
    WR-01R: Like the R-Gray 1 from RayStorm or the RVA-818 fighter from RayForce.
           It uses the Lock-on Laser which lets you lock-on to up to 8 targets
           by passing the sight over them.  When you hit the button, laser blasts
           will shoot out toward whatever you've locked on to.  It has a max
           lock-on capacity of 8.  Its main gun is a wide shot.  Hyper Laser 
           attacks are easier to perform with this ship since you generally need 
           fewer Lock-Ons to one heavy armored target.
    WR-02R: Like the R-Gray 2 from RayStorm, it has the Thunder Laser.  A thunder
           bolt shoots out and attacks anything you've locked on to.  While it's
           attacking this batch of targets, you can pass the sight over other
           enemies so that it will get them as well.  It has a max Lock-on capacity
           of 16.  Its main gun is a laser.
    WR-03: This one is selectable after you have earned it.
      On the PlayStation version, you may change your ship's color with the R1/L1
    R2/L2 buttons.  Four colors are available depending on which button you hit.  
    On the arcade G-Net version, your ship color is determined by which side you
    play on (1P is Red, 2P is Blue).
    All enemies can be shot down by Lock-on or your main gun. Lock-on kills earn
    more points.  WR-01 and WR-02 have a special attack called a Hyper Laser.
    If you can get all your available Lock-ons onto one enemy in the same spot,
    your Lock-on attack will be converted into a Hyper Laser.  This is easier to
    do with the WR-01 as fewer lock-ons (5-8) are available for it.
    If you've played RayStorm, you will notice a tweak to your Lock-on sight.  When
    your ship is at the bottom of the screen and you continue to move down, you
    will notice that the Lock-on sight will move toward your ship a little in
    The Hyper Laser is more destructive than it is in RayStorm.  Why?  Well, that
    explosion around the target you just HLed will now take out other smaller
    enemies that run into the blast.  That's a good way for you to rake in some 
    points with the Hyper Laser Bonus.
    Also like RayStorm you have the Round Divider gauge.  It fills up whenever you
    kill enemies.  Get it filled up, and you can use the Round Divider attack which
    is a screen-clearing bomb.  No smaller enemy shall survive it, and the larger
    ones take considerable damage.  Enemy fire will be dissipated.  A well-timed 
    use of this can also get major points for you.  Essentially, the Round Divider 
    will leave you invincible for a few seconds.
           |||||||||||||||| /USABLE\  The USABLE sign will light up when your
                            \______/  Round Divider gauge is full.
    Bonus points earned from Lock-on, Hyper Laser, or Round Divider attacks will
    be shown at the top of the screen.  Individual point values of Lock-on kills
    will show onscreen where the downed enemy was before you smoked it.
    Lock on Point multipliers are as follows:
           WR-01R   WR-02R
     1     x   2    x   2     
     2     x   4    x   4
     3     x   8    x   8
     4     x  16    x  16
     5     x  32    x  24
     6     x  64    x  32
     7     x 128    x  48
     8     x 256    x  64
     9              x  80
    10              x  96
    11              x 112
    12              x 128
    13              x 160
    14              x 192
    15              x 224
    16              x 256
      For WR-03, the multiplier is the number of hits (1=x1, 256=x256).
      If it's POINTS you're after, try the WR-01R because the multiplier reaches
      x256 after just 8 Lock-ons.  An added bonus is the ease of performing Hyper
      Laser attacks, which can jack your score up when done right.  With this ship
      I've been able to get scores of over 250,000 on the relatively short "Self"
      area at the start of the game.  It's possible to get a little over 300,000
      if you get this part just right.
       yyQ has provided the methods of obtaining the hidden ships in the Japanese
     Sony PlayStation version.  These work in the USA version also.
       They are the R-Gray ships from RayStorm.  Play RayCrisis in both modes
    (Arcade, Original) and finish each mode with each of the 3 ships.  The point
    multiplier table above applies to these ships as well (replace WR-01R with
    R-Gray 01, replace WR-02R with R-Gray 02).
      R-Gray 01 & R-Gray 02 can be obtained.  R-Gray 01 is like the original
    Rayforce ship "RVA-818 X-Ray".
      KIM that the RayStorm ships do not feature the flexible aiming sight of the
    Wave Riders.  Try continuing to press down when your ship is at the bottom, and
    the cursor will not move toward your ship. 
    06) Power Ups
    Your ship's weapons can be powered up by grabbing these items:
     Red Pyramid- Powers up your shot one step.
     Green Diamond- Raises your Lock-on capacity by one unit.
     Blue Star- Raises shot power 3 steps and adds 3 units to Lock-on capacity.
                (Different than RayStorm, where it maxed your abilities.)
    If you get a power up and its affected weapon is already maxed, you will get
    bonus points instead.
    07) Encroachment Meter (EM):
                                                   ___  ___
                                                  | _ || _ |
                                                  |__ ||__ |
                                                   __|| __||
                                                  |___||___|.5324 %
     Throughout the game, there's the Encroachment Meter in the upper right corner
    of the screen.  Keep it down as well as you can by killing enemies.
    If it reaches 100%, the screen will waver and fade, then the Last Boss will
    come out right away.  If this happens, you must have been goofing off.  Keep
    the kills coming, and it will certainly not reach 100%.
     When you destroy a boss, you gain some bonus points for "Network Condition".
    This will be a letter grade ranging from A+ to E based on where the EM is at.
    Naturally, a lower percentage will mean a better NC and more points for you.
    If you're QUICK about destroying a boss, you may get an additional decrease
    in the EM.
     Enemy attack patterns are dependent on the Encroachment percentage.  If you
    have it under 20% at the start of the stage, additional enemies will show up.
    This does not affect stage 5 (the battle with Dis-human).
     NOTE: If you can supply an exact Network Condition breakdown, please email
    me and you will be credited.
     During the Last Boss battle, the EM will be frozen at where it was when you
    destroyed the boss of the 4th stage.  You need not worry about it while you
    fight the Last Boss.
    08) THE BOSSES:
      Here are the bosses you will face in RayCrisis.  Names are taken from the
    Sony PlayStation version:
         This boss is a large airplane type vehicle.  It attacks with red laser
    blasts.  Sometimes, it goes off the bottom of the screen and will let fly
    some homing missiles which are a bit longer than your ship.  These missiles
    can be destroyed with 4 Lock-ons.  After it comes back, it uses a green
    spreadshot.  Once it has taken a tremendous amount of damage, it will
    resort to an occasional hit & run attack (flying away fast and shooting off a
    barrage of red laser blasts or bullets).
         This boss is a submersible hovercraft type vehicle.  It has two guns, one
    on each side of its cockpit.  The guns can be destroyed with Lock-ons but will
    regenerate.  After a certain time, it dives into the water and a few
    cone-shaped things will try to scorch you with wide laser beams. (I hate
     these!) You can destroy them with two Lock-ons if you're fast enough.
    When Sem-loke comes back, it will prepare to launch a laser grid attack.  This
    one will be telegraphed at first, so pay attention and find a safe spot.  Some
    green missiles will also be launched- they can be shot down.  It will continue
    this general pattern of attacks until you kill it.
      Sem-slut (Known as Sem-Strut in the US version)
         This boss is a huge mecha type vehicle.  It uses these attacks in its
         Mecha form:
          - Regular bullets
          - A sword: it also has a sword like Guardian Knight of Thunder Force V.
            The sword leaves a trail of blue fire, which is to be avoided.
          - If you've destroyed the sword, Sem-slut will use an alternate attack
            unleashing two blue orbs that attack with laser spread shots.       
         It has an alternate spaceship form that it turns into, which has these
          - Green Missile Shower: You can destroy these missiles by Lock-ons.
            These come from launchers on Sem-slut which can be taken out.
          - Plasmorbs: A few missiles are fired, leaving plasmorbs in their wake
            which eventually home in on you. 
          - Red Fireballs: It dives into the lava, and then shoots some red
             fireballs up at you.  These are destructible.
         This boss is a 4-legged walking "Spyderbot" type thing. 
         - Near its back legs, there are cannons that spew a lot of bullets. You
           can take these out with Lock-ons.
         - Near its front, there are a couple of missile launchers which also can
           be destroyed.
         - The central module houses a couple of satellites which are sometimes
           turned loose.  The satellites use a wave-beam spreadshot.
         - A plasma spreadshot will be fired from the central module.
         - Sometimes, Pro-tor will shoot a nuke weapon (an X-shaped mark appears
           on the ground to warn you).  When the shot hits the ground, there is a
           blast that expands outward a bit.  If it hits you, you're history.
           Several of these are fired in succession.
         - When it's about to die, it will go into a desperation attack where it
           shoots out spreadshot bombs as well as a Lock-on laser of its own.
           Flutter around a bit to thwart Pro-tor's aim, while being sure to dodge
           the spread fire.  The tip-off here is when it appears you are circling
           around Pro-tor.
         It is the boss you see in the 5th stage.  You may recognize it from the
         original RayForce.  Yes, the big green badarse is back in 3D glory and
         generally uses similar attacks.  
    09) EXTRA BOSS:
      If you meet certain conditions, you will fight an additional boss "Infinity".
    There are two endings, by the way.  You must get Infinity to come out and then
    destroy it if you want to see the good one.
    PlayStation version: Defeat Dis-Human using fewer than 5 continues.
    Arcade version: Have your Encroachment Meter below 20% when you meet up with 
    If you didn't meet the criteria, the game is completed when Dis-Human goes down
    and you will see the bad ending.  Try again!
      When you finish a game by killing the last boss or refusing a continue, the
    data screen appears showing your game summary and best score.  If you destroyed
    the last boss, the appropriate ending and credits will appear before this.
      If you beat your best High Score entry, it will show "NEW RECORD" on the
    screen.  Various data are shown such as the game-end Encroachment percentage,
    the network condition at the end of each stage, the Lock-on Shootdown
    percentage, etc.
    11) POCKETSTATION SUPPORT: "Pocket-Ray" Minigame (Home Version Only)
      If you have the PocketStation, then you get to play the "Pocket-Ray" mini 
    game.  Using Lock-on attacks, you must keep the enemies from escaping
    the screen. 
      To download the mini-game to your PocketStation, put it into Memory Card
    slot #1.  It takes 14 blocks to install.  You move the targeting sight with
    the directional keys and hit Enter to fire the Lock-on laser.  If too many
    enemies escape, the game is over.
    The original Arcade soundtrack has been published by Taito's 
    Zuntata Records division.
    ZTTL-0034 "RayCrisis"  Retail Price: JPY 2,550 
     Music Composed by:
       Tamayo Kawamoto (Zuntata)
     Produced by:
       Hiroshige Tonomura (Zuntata)
     Directed by:
       Tamayo Kawamoto
     Recording Engineered by:
       Munehiro Nakanishi (Zuntata)
     Mastering Engineered by:
       Hidekazu Sakai (Sony Music Entertainment Inc.)
     Recording Studio at ZTT Studio
     Art Directed:
       Hiroshige Tonomura & Tamayo Kawamoto
     Jacket Designed by:
       Munehiro Nakanishi
     Graphic Designed by:
       Tatsuo Okawa, Kensaku Nagao (INTFC CG Inc.)
     Production Coordinated by:
       Koji Kurosaki (Zuntata Records)
     Special Thanks to:
       Yoshiaki Hosoda (Sony Music Communications Inc.)
       Taito CP Section
       Taito AV Section
       Taito Public Relations & Advertising Section
     Executive Produced by:
       Koichi Nakamura (Taito Corp.)
    Tracks: 01 "Or can it be said that her behavior is a crime?" (attraction)
            02 "The models" (waiting)
            03 "There is no sence unless everything is arranger completely"
                (player select)
            04 "Lavande bleu" (story 1 bgm)
            05 "Vit-symty" (story 2 bgm)
            06 "Non-sentimentalisme" (story 3 bgm)
            07 "Son dessein" (story 4 bgm)
            08 "Blood and tide" (continue)
            09 "Formless living bodies" (last boss type A)
            10 "Root of all evil" (last boss type B)
            11 "All is shut down" (ending type A)
            12 "There are no nails at my tiptoe" (ending type B)
            13 "Love is not enough" (game over)
            14 "All is shut down" (complete version, ending type A)
     An arranged soundtrack is also available. This is entitled "Raycrisis: Rayons
    de l'Air".  The remixed tunes are in a slightly different order than on the
    arcade soundtrack.  This also has a MSRP of JPY 2,550 and 
    its item number is ZTTL-0041.
    Tracks: 01 "Lavande bleu"
            02 "Or, can it be said that her behavior is a crime?"
            03 "The models"
            04 "There is no sence unless everything is arranger completely"
            05 "Non sentimentalisme"
            06 "Son dessein"
            07 "Blood and tide"
            08 "Formless living bodies"
            09 "Root of all evil"
            10 "There are no nails at my tiptoe"
            11 "Love is not enough"
            12 "Vit-symty"
            13 "All is shut down"
    Some remixes have vocals (the remix of "Lavande bleu" has French lyrics,
    "Vit-symty" has lyrics in English, etc.)  The remixed tracks are not available
    in the PSX version of RayCrisis.
    13) SHOUT-OUTS (The Credits):
      If you supply me any information that is used in this FAQ, you're going to
    be credited here.  Corrections are welcome as well, if something is wrong.
    NOTE: Your email address will be kept PRIVATE.
    Taito Corporation, for the lock-on point multiplier breakdowns found in the
     Sony PlayStation version's manual, and for making RayCrisis an a darn nice 
     game. Taito also gets credit for the boss names (found in the PSX version).
      The quotes beside the ASCII art at the top of the FAQ were from Taito as 
    Zuntata Records, a division of Taito Corporation, for information on their
     RayCrisis soundtrack CD and the arranged version "Raycrisis: Rayons de L'Air."  
    Working Designs, for the release info of their US localization of the Sony
     PlayStation version.  Thank you for allowing more people a chance to check out
     this game.
    yyQ for info about Hidden Ships and Ship Color Change.
    Jeff Veasey of Game FAQs ( gamefaqs.com ) for hosting a great FAQ site.
    You, for checking my FAQ out.  Thanks!
    Special thanks goes out to all who are listed in this section.
      A few guilty parties are here to be subjected to public shame.  You may
    now throw your rotten tomatoes at:
      Megagames.com - For ripping off more than a few members of the Game FAQs
                      community. ( Ripping en masse)
      Gamesdomain.com - Ripping en masse.
      CNET Games Center
      games.netscape.com/Faqs - Ripping en masse.
    If anyone violates copyrights on my FAQ, they will be listed here as well.
      This FAQ publication is (C) Steven Ives 2000-2002.  All Rights Reserved.
      Breaking the Copyright is a prosecutable offense subject to applicable
      civil & criminal penalties.  Using this FAQ in an attempt to profit from it
      is strictly forbidden.  Web sites who host it must be accessible without
      paying fees for the viewing of the FAQ.  It is not to be used to aid in the
      preparation of a commercial strategy guide.  The FAQ is NEVER to be altered.
      If this FAQ is ever ripped, the guilty party will be going into The Pillory
      above with all the other FAQ rippers.
      Taito Corporation is the sole owner of all copyrights and trademarks that
      are relevant to RayCrisis or the Taito G-Net Arcade System.  Any other trade
      marks are the properties of their respective owners.
       Last note: If you find something out about the game that I've not covered
        in this FAQ, I'd like to hear about it.  Please give me any comments or
        suggestions you may have as well.
       NOTE: I have removed my email address due to spam.  To contact me regarding
             this FAQ, use a Private Message at gameoverDude.com (registration

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