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"Woof... who let this stinker get to production?!"

Well, I must say, when I heard that Working Designs brought out a new shooter, I was ecstatic. Man, when I got home and put this in I was waiting for what should have been another wonderful Working Designs shooter production. What I got was an entirely different story.

First of all, I would like to start by saying that the graphics for RayCrisis are absolutely breathtaking. The incredible use of colors and polygon ships and enemies and the psychodelic backgrounds were mouth watering. If all I had to review on this game were the graphics, I'd stop right here and say that if you like shooters then get up and go buy this. However the rest of the execution of RayCrisis is so pathetic that I almost broke the disc in half.

What shall we start with??

How about the music? Every shooter that has a pumping soundtrack and/or hard driving music or properly eerie music has always set the mood for shooters. However, RayCrisis has the WORST shooter music I have ever heard. Most of the music sounds like very rehashed and uninspired technopop that was thrown together in about three minutes. My dead dog could have written better music than this. The ending credits music sounds like a solo rondo for guitar and that is ludicrously out of place. For a shooter, this is a killer.

Well, next would be gameplay. The stages themselves were hopelessly easy. In fact, I was only killed one time during a stage during the entire game on 'normal' difficulty. The bosses were another matter. I was killed many, many times by almost all of the bosses save one. The only reason I was killed in the first place was because I couldn't dodge the attack that threw seven billion bullets and lasers on the screen and expected me to dodge it while maintaining control of my ship in an area the size of an aspirin. Bosses would throw attacks on the screen that would limit me to less than one fourth of the total screen size. A very unfair and stupid ploy by programmers to make sure that it really is impossible to beat the game without dying. If you doubt my skills, I have beaten Einhander several times without dying and can go through Raiden Project's eight stages four times without dying. I stood a better chance not dying in Radiant Silvergun.

I guess it would be important to let anyone reading this that it is impossible to give away the story. You start the game with no cinematics, there are none in the game, and there aren't even any at the end. Maybe this is a glitch, but that traslates to NO STORY WHATSOEVER!!! I think that this is a HUGE problem. If it is a glitch, then all copies of the game should be recalled and replaced. If it was designed this way, then all copies of the game should be recalled and the staff at Working Designs should be flogged.

I suppose if you must play the final ''Ray'' series game, then you should definately rent this clunker. I was rediculously dissapointed with this title, especially from Working Designs. I changed my rating three times while writing this review mainly because you need more than graphics for a game. (3) Then I realized that the music was so bad and there was no story that it dropped again. (2) The final proverbial nail in the coffin was that ''this is Working Designs, and this game really blows''. If this game was made by THQ it would've gotten a 4. However, like I said, this is Working Designs and my score dropped one last time for this frisbee to a 1. Thank you very little.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 11/06/00, Updated 11/06/00

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