Review by Jeff AKA Snoopy

Reviewed: 10/09/00 | Updated: 10/09/00

MTV did a great job


Well, a Skateboarding game that will not be played because of the fact it comes out only 2 weeks before Tony Hawk 2 and Grind Session, but this is a good game.

This is a sporting game, no stupid story mine.

Gameplay 9/10

Hmmmmmmm. That was my first reaction. It was soo hard to figure out what the heck I was doing. I was failing at Grinds, fell on each thing I tried, and basically had no fun. But, as you get into the game, the controls are very simplistic, and the points rack up like nothing. But, the hardness of the game at first will turn players away. Also, the diagnols (sp) don't work half the time, which sucks cause those are where the big moves are. Oh well, try it on the next pass, I suppose. (One more thing, use the L2 and R2 with grabs for HUGE points)

Audio 10/10

Gotta love it when a Skateboarding game has something other than Punk Music. Filled with Punk and Jazz type music, the music shines, as well as the sound effects, however few, really bring out the game. You can pick out of 10+ tunes while playing, or just let it shuffle for you. Man, when your guy hits the ground, you can feel his pain.

Graphics 8/10

Nothing to spectacular, but good none-the-less. Attention is put more on the course than on the skaters, which is a huge no-no. Well, since the parks are very well drawn, it takes away from the dullness of the players.

Gameplay Modes 10/10

Man, this game has it all. Made by MTV, the had to put there own stamp-mark on the game, which is in the MTV hunt. You search out MTV icons, gotten by transfers and long grinds mostly :) and collect 10 of them. However, when you fall, you lose 1 icon, and it goes back to it's original place. That is frusterating. There is free-play, and Lifestyle, which is done fairly well. You pick from a bunch of crappy skaters and bring em to the top. Well, that's all well and good. But, after each park, you get that one in all other modes, plus they give you extra's with it. Let's just say, you'll be glad you finished it, with a course that let me do a ''DARK AIR 900'' for 80000 points, he he. There is the Survival mode, which starts you with 30 seconds, and you must keep going, using tricks to get you more time (My best is 7:21) The last in 1 player is Stunt Mode. I still haven't been able to beat it, because it is difficult. You start easy enough with a jump over like 20 cars. It goes from little stuff like that to a 2 minute stretch of BROKEN BRIDGE, a challenging grind place. The last one is called HALF PIPE DREAM. This has Half Pipes so far away that you must get full speed and transfer across, but if you fall, your done. It has about 8 of these, then you transfer up and imediatly into a HUGE grind, which I can't do yet. In 2 player, they have battle, where you start each with 100000 points. When you do a trick, the points get subtracted off of the other player, and onto yours, and Vice-Versa. The Deathmatch gives you weapons to blow away opposition. MTV hunt in 2 player, and of course, TIME BOMB. Player 1 starts with the bomb, and has 1 minute to pass it off to player 2. Player 2 then gets to try and hand it back, by bumping into wach other. The bomb blows after 1 minute.

Replayability 9/10

With this many options, it'll have you coming back for more. The game does get boring if you get stuck on the same level, but then you just need more practice, don't ya?


I feel sorry for MTV. They make a great game and it will not get noticed because of Tony Hawk 2. To the few who give this a look, they will keep it. A must buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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