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"I hate this game. Period."

How should I start this review for the most idiotic game I've seen in a very long time? To start off, this game is just not cool, and guess what? I bet half of you never heard of this game because the stupid company released this game right when THPS 2 is released! (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater). What are they thinking!!??

You'll be playing this crappy game about....15 minutes, at the most, before you get bored. Basic modes, not including park editor, but modes like freeskate and career are in the game. Each course is bland as ever, as it's hard to tell a wall from a ramp. The delay of controls also bothers me, because the guy finally ollies after 3 seconds after I press the ollie button. Don't expect the loading time to be any better either, because when I was waiting for the course to load, scientists have already probably calculated the last digit of pi! (that was a good joke game revolution!) Skateboarding games can be so much better.

The graphics are so bad, it makes me sick just to look at it. Each character looks EXACTLY the same, with the exception of different colored clothing. Geez, even I have the artistic ability to make the faces and the character design. The trick animations aren't that well done either. Maybe I played a little too much thps, but I had a hard time telling tricks from one another. A kickflip to indy is done at the same frame rate as a quick trick like a heelflip. Also, when you crash (you'll be doing it alot), 60% of the time the guy's body goes into the ground. Therefore, you don't get the glee when the guy takes a hard landing on his head. Basically, first generation Playstation graphics

A good part of the game are its controls. They are just like in THPS. Although I couldn't figure out how to do fastplants or nollies. It also lets you choose your own controller configurations, something which all games should have.

Yes!!! The good part. A variety of different types of music from rap to punk to rock. It also lets you choose which song you want to be played while the course is loading. (shudders, course loading time)

A comparison between Skateboarding and THPS
Both games features a major skateboarding star, Tony Hawk in THPS, and Andy Mcdonald in Skateboarding. Both games are far far apart from each other though. The point system in Skateboarding is far different from THPS. I did a 720 Stalefish, 50,000 points!! 720 Stalefish in THPS, 3000 points. I also didn't like the grinding system in Skateboarding. This annoying balance meter comes up when you grind, block your view of the skater. Also, the meter is so small that before you can see which way the bar is leaning towards, you've already probably crashed. Very poorly done.

The bottom line is, if skateboarding games can't match up to the THPS series, it might as well not be released. You might want to give this a rent, if you are a big fan of skateboarding.
Hey, this game almost makes Street Sk8er two look good! lol

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/09/00, Updated 11/09/00

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