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"Feels like a downgraded version of "Racing for Home", but still okay to play."

I'm beginning to sound like a broken record for this part of the review since I have now written three reviews for Dukes of Hazzard games. I grew up watching the show and loved it. Whenever a game was made about the TV show I went out and bought it immediately. I was only disappointed in one of the games, that being the Playstation 2 title. I'll just stop here for this part since most of what I feel about the Dukes of Hazzard has already been covered in the other two reviews.


The backbone for the Dukes of Hazzard games has to be the story. It is the motivation for the levels and keeps the gamer interested as to what will happen next. This title has plenty of plot/story behind it, and doesn't fail in delivering the goods. What the player ends up with is a game that feels like an interactive episode of the TV show.

The same items that were used in the first title (Arrows, Nitro, Toolbox) return, and an additional item is added. A stopwatch icon is used for some time-based levels to give the player more time to complete the task at hand. The computer driven cars don't seem that cheap in terms of how they drive, but there are a few times where they were really annoying. 8/10


Even though this is the second title made by Southpeak, the graphics seem to have taken a bit of a nosedive in terms of quality. It isn't a major difference from the first Dukes game, but you can tell that the cars and the levels don't seem as nice as they were in “Racing for Home”. The FMV's on the other hand do look a lot better, which I enjoyed watching.

I did come across some problems in the game. One level I was on, my car got stuck in the side of the hill and wouldn't move no matter what. I had to restart the game since the level wasn't a timed mission. Another mission that required you to find several checkpoints before hitting the last one was glitched. I hit all of the spots, yet when I reached the final marker the level didn't end. The time ran out, and I failed the mission. After doing the level a second time (the same way that I did it the first time), I didn't encounter the problem and was able to continue on.

The game is still good looking since this is made for the first Playstation. I just think that Southpeak could of spent a little more time on the levels and cars though. 7/10


Another great job done by those who did the voice work for the characters. A lot of the cast from the TV show was signed up for their voices. John Schneider (Bo Duke. He wasn't used for the first game, and was missed), Tom Wopat (Luke Duke. He was in the first game), Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke. She wasn't in the first game, but when your name is in the title it is best to use the real voice), James Best (Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. He was in the first game), Ben Jones (Cooter. Was also in the first game), Sonny Shroyer (Deputy Enos Strate. Another voice that returns from the first game), and Waylon Jennings (I think that he was in the first game as well).

Background music and car sounds are good. No real complaints here. The voice acting is the main focus for this section. 8/10


Besides the graphics having that “rushed” look to them, the amount of levels for this title also seem to be cut from the last game. This game has eighteen levels, nine short from the last title. You would almost think that Southpeak rushed this game out to capitalize on something. Not sure what would cause them to rush this game, since there isn't that many Dukes of Hazzard items of interest for the game to cash in on. The movie came out years after this game was made.

The main character for this game is Daisy, which is cool since the first and last game for the Duke boys focused on Bo and Luke. Daisy's Jeep isn't as cool as the General Lee, but her missions were different and fun to play through. I liked how Waylon Jennings would do a little voice over right before the loading screen for the next part of the level. Sort of like what he would do before a commercial break on the TV show.

The missions are not that hard, and you could complete this game in about a few hours if you are skilled in driving games. The only time that you might end up losing a mission is when Daisy gives out directions. Sometimes she either says nothing, or says the direction after you've made the turn. Other than that, the game is fairly easy and short. If the game had the same amount of levels as “Racing for Home” had I would of bumped up the score. 7/10

Lasting Appeal-

The level select that was available in the first title is carried over to this game. I'll say it again…More games need this feature! A few new two-player games have been made for this title. Besides the Race and ‘Run the Jug' games that were in “Racing for Home”, we now have Scramble (Race to gather the most trophies) and Demolition Derby (crash into other cars). You do have the choice of which way the screen is split (Horizontal or Vertical). This is a cool feature for those who prefer one way to the other. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/22/07

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