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"A Very Pleasant Surprise"

Looking in the local games shop, I happened to notice this game going for £20 new (I am from England). Although I would usually not buy a game like this, I had completed 4 RPG's before that and was sick of GT2 and co. So for a change I brought this, not knowing what to expect. I got more than I bargained for.

RC de Go! is a RC (Radio Controlled) racer, and features 14 tracks and many cars. Now, this may sound rubbish to some of you (it did to me too), but you will be pleasantly surprised by it.

GRAPHICS (8) - These are very small, but they suit the game well. They always run at a fair speed, and I have never to date encountered slowdown. The racers are easy to make out, and the tracks are all different in their own way. Typically Japanese arcade style, which is certainly no bad thing.

SOUND (7) - The racers all have different engine sounds (usually screeching at full revs, like in real life) and the music is again typically Japanese and accompanies the game well.

PRESENTATION (9) - A practice mode eases you into the unique way that these racers are controlled using the analogue sticks (you can use digital too), but there are masses of options. There are three main racing modes, Quick Race (a series of 4 races which are against the time limit, like Sega Rally), Time Attack (self explanatory) but by far the best is the Championship. This is like Gran Turismo mode, but on a smaller scale. Collect credits for winning races, spend them on upgrading your racer. It is unoriginal, but still fun. Add to that multiple classes of racer, and on and off road racing, and you have a good foundation of a game worth buying.

GAMEPLAY (10) - Simply brilliant. You can't judge the playability of this game until you have played it. On road racing is fast and furious, and off roading is full of jumps and more. I haven't got tired of this, and I have been on it for a month now.

LENGTH (9) - The Quick Race mode is challenging enough to keep you playing, and the Championship mode detailed enough for you to part with your cash.

This game does have a drawback though, and it is that it may only appeal to a certain audience. You have been warned! However, if you want a change from usual then you can't go far wrong with this. Try renting it out first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/28/00, Updated 10/28/00

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