ArtistsMark Aro
ArtistsTheng Boo
ArtistsPeter Hushvahtov
ArtistsJeff Perryman
ArtistsMatt Warchola
ArtistsBuddy Wilsher
AudioLance Page
AudioMike Wolf
Cinematic MusicTom Chase
DesignersBruce Adams
DirectorFrank Roan
Executive ProducerBill Hindorff
Lead ArtistChip Patterson
Lead DesignerCinco Barnes
Lead ProgrammerBruce Burkhalter
MusicJohn Baker
MusicBarry Blum
MusicBrian Min
ProducerRob Irving
ProgrammersJean-Paul Cossigny
ProgrammersJason Herner
ProgrammersLon Meinecke
ProgrammersScott Osborn
ProgrammersWendy White
Voice TalentHamilton Camp
Voice TalentPhilip Clarke
Voice TalentCharles Fleischer
Voice TalentKath Soucie
Voice TalentD.B. Sweeney


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, Guard Master, KFHEWUI, and Doumah.

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