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    FAQ by JTKauffman

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                    |      |        ___
                    |_     |       /   \
                      |    |      |     |
    D     J           |    |       \___/
              ______  |    |
             /      \ |    |    ________ 
            / S     Y\|   D|   R|    O |  M     E
           /    /\    |    |    |_     |
          |_   |_ |_       |_     |_   |_
            |    |  |        |      |    |
             \    \/    |    |__    |    |
              \        /|       |   |    |
               \______/ |_______|   |    |
                                    |    |
                                    |    |
    D   A   N   C   E          |\__/     |
      D    A    N    C    E    |        /
     R E V O L U T I O N       |       /
          faq                   \_____/
    DJ Syndrome: Dance Dance Revolution FAQ
    by J.T.Kauffman
    0.01: Intro
    0.02: Stage Flow
    0.03: Hidden Songs
    0.04: Hidden Modes
    0.05: Song List
    0.06: Misc
    0.07: Outro
    0.01: Intro_________________________________________________
    'DJ Syndrome' is the main tagline of the marketing campaign for 
    Beatmania 4th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~. It's also now a series of guides 
    to Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series 
    of rhythm games by Konami. While not comprehensive, it should begin to 
    answer some of the questions that you might have about the games. 
    Please note that this FAQ only covers the Playstation version of Dance 
    Dance Revolution (although a good deal of the info should work for the 
    arcade version as well). For a more comprehensive look at Dance Dance 
    Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series, including things like 
    Soundtracks (audio CDs), strategy guides, portable LCD games (like DDR 
    Fingerstep), and much much more, please check out my longer work titled 
    DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series FAQ. 
    All of the information contained in this FAQ is also available in the 
    longer, more comprehensive work titled "DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series 
    FAQ". This document is merely a scaled down version that only pertains 
    to the first Playstation release Dance Dance Revolution (DDR 2nd ReMix 
    is _not_ covered).
    _____Dance Dance Revolution
    Konami's first home port of their second most popular BEMANI game, DDR 
    one-ups games like Bust A Move by offering an optional foot pad 
    controller that requires you to actually get up and move. A single disc 
    release (unlike the Append modes of Beatmania and DDR2ndReMix), DDR was 
    the one of the best-selling game of the first half of 1999 in Japan, and 
    for good reason - it's really good... As a side note, I found this game 
    to be _very_ easy with a normal Playstation controller, but much harder 
    with the Original (mat) controller... 
    0.02: Stage Flow____________________________________________
    have you never been mellow
    kung fu fighting
    that's the way (i like it)
    let's get down
    1st and 2nd Stages:------------3rd Stage:
    have you never been mellow      --all 1st and 2nd stage songs plus:
    butterfly                      trip machine
    kung-fu fighting
    that's the way (i like it)
    my fire 
    make a jam!*  
    1st and 2nd Stages:------------3rd Stage:
    butterfly                       --all 1st and 2nd stage songs plus:
    kung-fu fighting               trip machine
    let's get down                 paranoia
    little bitch                   paranoia KCET -clean mix-*
    strictly business              paranoia MAX -dirty mix-*
    make it better
    i believe in miracles*
    *hidden song
    (exception: Double - in double, there is only one stage, and all of the 
    songs that are normally available in that difficulty are open for play)
    0.03: Hidden Songs__________________________________________
    Unlike Beatmania's hidden songs where as certain score is required, 
    DDR's hidden songs are basically time release. You have to beat the game 
    on a certain mode a certain number of times, or beat a certain number of 
    songs. Once you open up a hidden song, it's becomes 'unhidden' and will 
    show up every game. The following are how to open the hidden songs:
    Title:                        Artist:       Requirements to open:
    make a jam!                   u1            clear normal mode 10 times
    boys                          smile.dk      clear 600 songs
    i believe in miracles         hi-rise       clear 700 songs
    paranoia kcet ~clean mix~     2mb           clear hard mode 100 times
    paranoia max ~dirty mix~      190           clear hard mode 500 times
    A helpful note for getting the paranoia songs:  To get these fairly 
    quickly, play Double mode (either by yourself or with a friend using 
    controller 2) - Double mode only has 1 stage, as opposed to 3. Now you 
    only have to play 100 and 500 songs to open them, as opposed to 300 and 
    1500... This also means that you can get all 5 hidden songs by beating 
    700 songs (of course, 500 of them have to be hard mode doubles...).
    Thanks to Petee Hsu for the methods of unlocking the songs, and the tip 
    on double mode...
    0.04: Hidden Modes_________________________________________
    To access the harder modes in DDR, at the game mode selection screen 
    (easy, normal, hard) press U. This should take you into the 'Secret 
    Mode' screen. Now enter the following button presses/dance steps:
    Another: U, U, D, D, U, U, D, D 
    Maniac:  L, L, R, R, L, L, R, R 
    Double:  U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R 
    Mirror:  L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R
    U=up, D=down, L=left, R=right, all on the control pad (directional pad, 
    D-pad, etc.)
    This will open up the above modes, as well as combinations thereof. The 
    modes will also be saved to your memory card.
    (taken from Dance Dance Revolution Konami Official Guide; clarified, 
    confirmed, etc. at GameSages.com)
    There is also a hidden edit mode that is unlocked by clearing 500 songs 
    (similar to how the five hidden songs are unlocked). Thanks to Petee Hsu 
    for this as well.
    __Hidden Characters:
    At the mode select screen, right after you press start on the title 
    screen, hold either left or right on the control pad - each direction 
    will get you a different set of characters. Thanks to Mike Corbett for 
    the tip.
    0.05: Song List___________________________________________
    Song Title         Artist         Diff. (N/A/M/D/AD) Steps
    have you never     the olivia     1/2/5/3/4  68/118/171/95/145
     been mellow?       project
    that's the way     kc & the       2/3/5/4/5  98/124/148/128/144
     (i like it)        sunshine band
    kung fu fighting   bus stop       2/3/5/4/5  82/118/150/113/136
     (normal)           featuring carl douglas
    kung fu fighting   bus stop       3/3/5/4/5  96/118/150/113/136
     (hard)             featuring carl douglas
    butterfly (normal) smile.dk       3/4/6/4/6  138/163/213/164/191
    butterfly (hard)   smile.dk       3/4/6/4/6  160/160/213/164/191
    let's get down     jt playaz      3/4/7/4/7  117/151/182/130/152
    my fire            x-treme        4/5/6/5/6  126/144/170/117/136
    little bitch       the specials   4/6/7/5/6  170/187/206/166/186
    strictly business  mantronik vs.  4/5/6/5/6  167/177/192/165/185
    make it better     mitsu-o!       5/6/8/5/6  143/188/212/130/181
    paranoia           180            6/7/8/7/8  264/211/230/254/309
    trip machine       de-sire        6/7/8/6/8  197/275/289/201/215
    make a jam!        u1             2/4/5/3/5  155/193/240/155/200
    boys               smile.dk       
    i believe in       hi-rise        
    paranoia kcet      2mb            6/7/8/7/8  258/274/347/257/285    
     ~clean mix~
    paranoia max       190            
     ~dirty mix~
    [note: both difficulty and steps are presented in the following format: 
    N/A/M/D/AD, where N=normal, A=another, M=maniac, D=double, A=another 
    [note2: mirror is not listed as it has the same number of steps as the 
    non-mirror version - they're just mirrored [ie. left and right steps are 
    switched, etc.]. also, maniac double does not exist]
    0.06: Misc________________________________________________
    DDR has names for all eight of it's difficulties (unlike Beatmania, 
    which only has three names for it's six). Here's a chart listing all 
    eight (note: obviously, the *s are the number of feet in the difficulty, 
    and the more feet, the harder):
    * simple
    ** moderate
    *** ordinary
    **** superior
    ***** marvelous
    ****** genuine
    ******* paramount 
    ******** exorbitant
    _____Boot Problems
    Dance Dance Revolution is 'mod-protected', and requires one of two 
    things to be done: Play the game on an un-modified Japanese system 
    (recommended), or buy a Game Shark and input the below codes to boot the 
    game (at your own risk):
    Dance Dance Revolution (all codes must be entered):
       Check Sum Protection Defeat:
          D001E160 FFF2
          8001E160 0001
       Pro-Action Replay Detection Defeat:
          D01B6F20 0003
          801B6F20 0001
       Mod-Chip Detection Defeat:
          D01B76A8 DE07
          801B76A8 DDFE
       Start Button Fix:
          D01B6414 6424
          800101DA 0101
    0.07: Outro_______________________________________________
    v.0.96 25nov99: final planned release
          Added some misc. info, including boot problems.
    v.0.95 09sept99: still technically pre-release
          Added some more song info, stage flow data.
    v.0.88a 07sept99: still technically pre-release
          Added the info that I forgot to add about the edit mode. 
    v.0.88 07sept99: still technically pre-release
          Added info on how to get the five hidden songs (thanks to Petee 
          Hsu for the info). 
    v.0.87 06sept99: still technically pre-release
          Cut and pasted info on DDR from my BEMANI Series FAQ to create 
          this document, which deals only with the PSX DDR. Due to demand 
          for a DDR FAQ, this document will actually be posted _before_ the 
          revised BEMANI FAQ is (which will probably be v.0.95. Look for a 
          release shortly after 9.9.99, when Beatmania 4th Mix Append is 
    _____Trademark/Copyright Info:
    Beatmania, BEMANI, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Pop'n'Music, 
    Drummania, Dance!Dance!Dance!, GooGooSoundy, and all versions/mixes are 
    copyright/trademarked by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. All other 
    copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 
    This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 1999 and cannot be reproduced 
    for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
    as long as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-
    subscription) sites. If you do choose to post this document on your 
    site, please email me to let me know.
    Dance Dance Revolution Konami Official Guide
    "Petee Hsu" for the tip on how to unlock the DDR songs, and the double 
    mode tip for getting the paranoia songs.
    "Mike Corbett" for the hidden characters tip.
    since 06sept99
    Shibata, Japan.

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