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    FAQ by Panaroma

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/07/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix/2nd Remix Faq v1.0
    by: Panorama aka NaOki
    B.How to play
    C.Game Modes
    D.Tips and Tricks
    E.Song List
    G.2nd reMIX
    H.Game Modes
    I.Tips and Tricks
    J.Song List
    This document is copyrighted to Panaroma and cannot be reproduced 
    for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
    as long as it is not for profit. E-mail me (panorama83@yahoo.com) if you
    wish to post the faq into your homepage.
    Dance Dance Revolution aka Dancing Stage is a game produced by Konami of japan.
    This dancing simulation game features the "dancer" 
    to step the correct "button" when the song begins to play. 
    This game is very popular in my hometown (Singapore) 
    and some other countries. Note: Playing DDR requires absolute skill and stamina...
    DO NOT go to the arcades to perform unless u are absolutely confindent ^-^ Now on with the FAQ.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW TO PLAY
    [QUICK NOTE 1.] It is recommended if you buy the original Konami dancing mat as 
    it really spoils the fun using a controller.
    Gameplay is basically very simple. See four arrows on the screen?? 
    When the music starts, arrows from the bottom will rise up to the screen. 
    What you are supposed to do is to step the correct arrow when the rising arrow "fits" 
    into the transparent one.
     Do it exactly and you will get a PERFECT. Do it abit below and you will get a GREAT. 
    Combos are broken if you get the rank below GREAT. The top rainbow colour is the dance meter
    get it correct and it will add...get it wrong and it will decrease...
    Game play ends when the dance meter is empty.
    Sounds easy with the controller??? Wait till you try Trip Machine or Paranoia with the Dancing mat :>
    EASY : 1 Song ...Infinite Dance Meter
    NORMAL : 3 Songs...Standard Gameplay
    HARD : 3 Songs...Different Songs Enabled...Difficulty is much harder.
    [1st Disc] Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix
    Alternate Dancers : At the main screen hold left or right at the ARCADE MODE or ARRANGE MODE. 
    (Note: both of them have different models.)
    Secret commands : At the easy normal hard selection, press select and imput the commands...
    Another (Alternate Dance Steps) up up down down up up down down
    Maniac (Insane Difficulty) left left right right left left right right
    Double Another & Maniac (Double is 1player controlling 2 dance mat) up up down down left 
    right left right
    Mirror Another & Maniac (Mirror show alternate steps) left right left
    right left right left right
    Easy Quit : Press Select and Start at the same time
    Secret Songs : Refer to Song list
    All songs in easy mode : At the easy normal hard screen, go to easy mode and hold left. 
    Now press any button.
    EDIT MODE : Clear Hard Mode 100 times
    Versus Mode : Have both players presing the DOWN button before joining in.
    SONG LIST                                             POPULARITY
    [1st Mix]                  
    Have you ever been mellow [The oliva project]            ***
    Thats the way(i like it) [KC and the sunshine band]      **
    Kungfu fighting [Bus stop]                               **
    Butterfly [Smile.DK]                                     *****
    Lets Get Down [Jt playaz]                                ?
    My Fire [X-treme]                                        ****
    Little Bitch [The Specials]                              ?
    Strictly business [mantronix vs epmd]                    ?
    Make it better [mitsu-o!]                                ****
    Paranoia [180]                                           *****
    Trip machine [De-sire]                                   ****
    Make a jam! [U1]                       CLEAR NORMAL MODE 10 TIMES
    Paranoia ~clean mix~ [KCET]            CLEAR HARD MODE 150 TIMES
    I believe in miracles                  CLEAR HARD MODE 220 TIMES
    Boys [Smile.DK]                        CLEAR HARD MODE 300 TIMES
    Paranoia MAX [Dirty Mix]               CLEAR HARD MODE 500 TIMES (whew!)
    Be sure to save all cheats and songs in the MEMORY CARD
    TECHNIQUES [1st and 2nd MIX]
    Note: This section will be for readers to post whatever strategies or dancing tips :)
    Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX
    There is no more limit on how many songs you can play per mode. The settings can be adjusted
    from the option mode.
    EASY 1--5 songs  Infinity Dance Meter
    NORMAL 1--5 songs Standard Gameplay Moderate Songs
    HARD 1--5 songs Difficult Gameplay Expert Songs
    Special options such as MANIAC and ANOTHER mode are available in this screen
    Press down two times to change the setting. [Pressing Select during song selection also works]
    To access to different modes of play : Couple,Versus and Double, highlight Arcade mode hold X
    and press start. [This only gives you one song]
    Step Battle can be accessed from it. (For info on Step Battle,Couple...check the tips and trix 
    section below.
    Choose hard...just before pressing any button..press right 4 times...you should see the arrow
    decrease one by one...[NOTE: 3 secret songs won't be available though]
    Press select during the selection of songs and input the following commands
    MIRROR (Opposite Dance Steps)
    Left right left right left right left right
    up down up down up down up down
    LEFT MODE (allows you to do 90 degree stunt???)
    left X 8
    Right MODE (allows you to do 90 degree stunt???)
    right X 8
    Shuffle MODE (Dance Steps messed up)
    up down left right down up right left
    Little MODE (Unknown..email me if you have any info on this)
    left down right down left down right down up
    Same as in DDR1st mix...hold right or left at the main menu (highlight arcade) then
    press any button
    STEP BATTLE: Activated by versus mode.
    Step battle is a new mode made specially for 2 players.
    What is actually does is let individual dancers perform their talent at dance steps.
    1st...the dance will RECORD your dance moves...
    2nd...REPEAT what you have just done...
    3rd...OPPONENT will DO your DANCE STEPS. :>
    SECRET SONGS : Check Song list...
    [2nd ReMIX]
    Let them move [N.M.R]
    Boys [Smile.DK]
    Make a Jam [U1]
    Boom Boom Dollar [King King and D jungle girls]
    BAD Girls [Juilet Roberts]
    EL RITMO TROPICAL [Dixies Gang]
    DUB I DUB [Me & MY]
    Tubthumping [Chumbawawa]
    Hero [Papaya]
    Love [Sonic Dream]
    Stomp to my beat [J516]
    I believe in miracles [HI-RISE]
    AM-3P [ktz]
    SMOKE [Mr.ed jumps the gun]
    Put your faith in me [Uzi-lay]
    If you were here [Jennifer]
    Brillant 2 u [NAOKI]
    Make it better [mitsu]
    Get up N move [S&K]
    Trip Machine [DE-SIRE]
    Paranoia [180]
             SONG NAME                                    REQUIREMENTS TO GET
    Put your faith in me(jazzy groove) [Uzi-lay]  GET either a S or SS for put your faith in me                     
    Brillant 2 U (Orchestra Groove) [NAOKI]       Through ALL SONG MODE or Get S or SS in Brillant 2 U
    Make it better(so real mix) [mitsu]           Gotten through ALL SONG MODE or get S or SS in 
                                                  Make it better
    20,NOVEMBER [DJ naguero]                      Play Normal Mode 1 time
    Paranoia KCET (clean mix) [2MB]               Get from ALL SONG MODE or get S or SS in 
                                                  Paranoia Dirty mix
    Paranoia Dirty mix [190]                      Get from ALL SONG MODE or get S or SS in Paranoia
    SP Trip Machine Jungle mix [De-sire]          Get from ALL SONG MODE or get S or SS in trip machine
    In the Navy 99 [CAPTAIN JACK]                 Available in BONUS MODE
    The Race       [CAPTAIN JACK]                 Available in BONUS MODE
    Paranoia Luv Mix  [2MB]                       ????
    Love this feeling [Chang Ma]                  ????
    Think ya better D [sAmi]                      ????
    To bE conTinuEd.............................

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