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"The port of a great game.. stuffed? definately."

This is DDR. Konami has had it in their hands for a while now, keeping it to Japan only, with all the Japanese people going crazy over it. Finally, after alot of people improted it, they realise that they should've let the other countries in on the grab too.

Konami is relying on this products success before it even considers releasing some of its other great games including Guitarfreaks and KeyboardMania. Beatmania has already being released and even though some of us tend to like it, we are the people who already bought it and since it really is not different, we don't buy it.

There is a chain going on. The people who like it already have it. The people who have it don't need another copy. Game never becomes famous/popular in English countries. Other people don't learn of DDR or the Benami Music Games. Konami packs up and goes back to Japan.

So, effectively, your most likely reading this review because you already own the original Japanese Dance Games and are wondering if the US version is really any different.

On with the review.


This is the area which Dance Dance Revolution really relies on for it to be any sort of success as the graphics are not really anything to be proud of, and the music, well, thats also important but its the Gameplay which is important.

Simple. Arrows move up. Step on foot-mat in sync with arrow. Score lots of points. Impress everyone.

Thats how it should work. But when things are hectic, they are hectic. Each track has its own grading difficulty, ranging from one foot (being the easiest), to say four foot (being hard). There are more but that is best for you to discover.

Of course, once you've mastered all this stuff, you can become a even better master by using two mats at once (stylish eh?). You simply dance and jump between the two and viola! You look like the King of Pop!

Multiplayer can be fun (assuming you have more than one mat of course). Playing Versus is like having a competition with your buddy, as the dances designed for Versus look cool. You can also both do the same dance, and compete for points. But personally, the versus mode is the most fun and always gives me the blast.

Originally a great game. But somewhat, lost half its touch during its english transition. Must be the fact it lost its dance-editor and its Smile.DK songs (really fun to dance to songs)..


Not much to say. You don't have time to look at the background. But when you do, don't stare... It blinks and flashes bright fluro colours in the background and you could end up getting some awful pains in there.

Thankfully you can turn the graphic brightness and special effects down.

The character designs are cool... I love them. They are so unique in character and you could seriously imagine them being based on real people judging by their stylish styles..


This is the part the game relies on most to be a half-decent game. Pity Konami didn't port all the good songs over. Whilst they did manage to get a few good songs, like ''Have you ever been Mellow?'' by ''The Olivia Project'' (Olivia Newton John), they miss out on all the good pop music which gives you that extra thrill when your dancing.

Whilst many'll argue that pop music is lame, Japanese pop music and Japanese dance music really are somewhat ''cool''. They are easy-to-dance to and have a rhythm suitable for such a game. If only Konami left the good songs in, then this would not be a problem.

But on the bright side, if you haven't played/bought DDR before (which is why you would even consider buying this game), then look on the bright side, you don't know what your losing, because you can dance all night long to ''BOOM BOOM DOLLAR'' (an utterly fun song which nearly rivals Smile.DK).

The announcer however is a funny guy and he'll call out weird things every now and then.. He also does the recommendation score at the end which determines your level.. The ''boo'' however is a taunt and ''danger'' is flat-out annoying when your losing. Thanks for the option to disable the ''boo''ing Konami!

Other/Overall Presentation

Menus are easy to navigate. Can't think of anything else.

Just make sure you get a dance mat. If you don't get a dance mat, you might as well throw the game away as well (believe me, playing with the PSX controller = boring).

Box and manual are interesting enough and tutorials are fun!

The score-thingy at the end is also interesting but won't last long.. And the DDR intro from 3rd mix is there.. but that isn't anything special..

Lasting Appeal
A while I guess... Assuming you like these songs, have two dance mats and alot of buddies who can dance. But if your alone, you might find it fun but if you can't play, you'll get bored of this game very quickly.

And since there is no edit mode, don't expect to be using this game much like the other DDRs (where you bring your PSX memory card into the arcade and put it in the machine).

If you haven't played DDR before
RENT 2 nights
- See if you can play it well enough with the dance mat
- See if you like it more than one night long

If you have played DDR and you can play
RENT 1 night
- See if you like the PSX version

If you have DDR already
... RENT if you don't have DDR 1 and 2.
- if you like the songs, buy it.... i guess..

... if you own all the DDRs, don't bother adding this to your collection unless you want to support Konami's bid to take over America so that everyone in the world will know the name ''Dancing Freak''.

Gameplay : 9
From a perspective of someone who wants to buy the game and hasn't played it before, it is thrilling.

Graphics : 7
Bright colours and Special Effect do nothing but taunt you.

Sound/Music : 9
Pretty good. Announcer is funny. Nothing more to say really.

Other/Overall Presentation : 9
Nothing special but the introduction video is alright.. Taken straight from 3rd mix though.

OVERALL (not an average) : 8

Author's Comment
Don't buy unless you haven't already got DDR from Japan. If you wanna support Konami in hopes of them bringing other games to US and Europe, be my guest but I doubt there will ever be a high demand for this game in European and American countries (and anywhere else that doesn't speak an asian language).

I have all the DDRs and I have to admit, this game really sucks. It has no edit mode. Nothing at all.

I recommend you buy a modchip, or gameshark, and order the import version of Dance Dance Revolution : Best Hits (my review can be found :

But if you must, buy this game, remember, I played it for 2 days and got sick of it, but I've already danced my heart out to all those songs...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/26/01, Updated 06/14/01

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