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"If you've got a mod chip, don't buy it!"

Dance Dance Revolution is a dancing game where arrows appear at the bottom and flow up and you have to hit the correct button when the arrow enters the arrow frame located at the top... its quite challenging and takes quite a bit of time to master... i've been playing the jap versions for a year and can beat Catastrophic songs :)
Then i notice the ''USA'' version of DDR come out. I was curious what it was like so I borrowed it from my friend... I almost laughed at the poor choice of songs.... Anyways... people can also purchase a dance pad controller so you can actually dance... wow... unfortunately the pads are very flimsy and if you get one it would be well advised not to let your friends on it if you want it to actually work the next day. With good care though you can improve immensely and show off at the arcades... which of course are better since they have those groves so you can actually tell where you're stepping, but i won't get into that....

Many of you may be wondering... why are you giving such a bad rating for one of the funnest games out there? Well the reason is simple.... DDR USA sucks. Most DDR games have around 50 songs especially DDR 3rd mix, but USA only has 27. If you already own the Japanese DDR games, do not buy this! There are no new songs! All of the songs are taken from DDR 1,2,3 remixes. If you have a modchip go import 3rd remix, what i conider the best out of the series, it has almost every song in DDR USA except for like 3.... besides, the japanese versions are almost in complete english including the menus and songs, the only part not in english is the help file, and i doubt you'll need help with it.... anyways the scoring...

Graphics 6/10

Its DDR after all.... What can you expect from graphics?

Music 10/10

The quality is good...

Variey 3/10

The variety is not....

Gameplay 10/10

Same old same old... just like the the other DDRS

Replayability 10/10

You won't get tired of DDR but the song choices are horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible....

Total: 4/10

Also another tip for japanese DDR owning people... don't even play DDR USA.. you'll get mixed up because they changed Misses to Boos and Boos to Almosts... its weird...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/01/01, Updated 06/01/01

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