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"Not the greatest in the DDR series, but at least its finally in the US"

If you asked me what Dance Dance Revolution was 1 year ago, I would think you were some sort of queer. But ever since I came back for Japan last summer, I've become a DDR fanatic. I've signed every petition, played every DDR machine I could find in the US, and have e-mailed Konami numerous times, just to get DDR exposed here. All until May 2001.

Well, Konami has finally put 2 and 2 together and has released DDR in the US. So when I finally revieved my copy, I was very hyped. So hyped that I forgot about all the negative things about it. Well, here's the short list....

First, there are ONLY 27 songs. The Japanese versions have at least 35-40 songs, and DDR 4th mix has around 100. I was about to forgive this , since I know how hard it is to get music across because of licensing and all that other stuff, but...

There is no BUTTERFLY. Heck, take that back. There are no SMILE.DK songs, no JOGA songs, nor any CAPTAIN JACK. That means for all you DDR fanatics out there, Konami has screwed us out of DAM DARIAM, BOYS, MR. WONDERFUL, IN THE NAVY, and...BUTTERFLY, plus the only remixes are for PARANOIA. I don't know about you, but the songs I just listed above, as well as many others, are all DDR fan favorites.

Second, what's with some of the songs here? Of course, the Naoki songs are great, but who the hell listens to Make it Better, Trip Machine, Keep on Moving, Get up and Move, and the jazz version of Put Your Faith in Me? Also, Konami put in too many Paranoias in this edition. Only the original and one other mix should be included.

Finally, what's the deal with the difficulty levels. Standard, Difficult, and Expert are bozo terms compared to Basic, Trick, and Maniac. Another thing is that they replaced the Boos with Almosts, and the Misses with Boos. It will confuse those people who are so used to the Japanese versions.

Anyway, I still must congratulate Konami for finally bringing one of the greatest game series of all time to the US. I will be content with Brilliant 2U, Boom Boom Dollar, Dynamite Rave, and Afronova. But please Konami, on the next DDR release here, bring back ''Ay-yai-yai I'm your little butterfly, green, black, and blue make the colors in the sky. Repeat''

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Originally Posted: 10/30/01, Updated 10/30/01

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