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"Dance your way over to EB and buy this game!"

Heck this is one of the best party games ever invented by mankind and its more addicting than Mario Party is. Better music, better graphics, better replay value. You could have hours of fun with this game. But first things first:

Game play: Heck there's nothing wrong about the game play its just fun. The controlling is even fun too since if you have the money you can use a pad instead of the controller. That's one of the only ways to fully enjoy this game. You basically dance to score points, hit the arrows at the right time. Get more points by doing combos (pressing the right arrows at the right time). Sounds simple right? Well its gets so much harder. And one of the best features is it plays like the arcade: loading is hardly noticeable. And furthermore if you’re good enough (and with some practice you will be) you can get another mat that allows for double play! This is one of the best features on this game it allows you to dance on two mats at once for even a greater challenge! And with so many difficulties the possibilities are endless! And plus its a healthy dose of exercise if you like to play video games a lot. Also if you have another mat it allows you to play with a friend and have a competition. Also for another additional challenge you can try double dancing while using a mat and a controller at the same time. The nonstop made is also worth a look because it not only test your endurance but it test your dancing skills at the same time by letting you go through ''mixes'', 5 songs, without stopping. Therefore this gets a score of a 10!

Story: Story? Well it’s not really fair to judge this game by its story because you just dance to your heart's content. NO SCORE

Sound and Audio: Well the sound isn’t great and the music could be a little better but anyway the music is really addicting. Once you’ve heard a song you’ll be humming it all the time. The music varies from song to song. At the beginning the music is slow but as you get better the music becomes fast and exciting. The sound is ok too such as the announcer yelling, “are you a monkey?” when you mess up too much or “take my heart away!” when you get a lot of combos. So the overall sound deserves a 7

Graphics: Some exceptional Playstation graphics a bit choppy sometimes but anyways fairly good. The characters are nicely detailed and show some expression in their faces unlike some Playstation games. So the score is a 8

Replay Value: This seems to be an important issue in most games today and should not be overlooked. Because what good is a game that you play once and the replay value is gone? Well Dance Dance Revolution is not one of those games. You’ll never stop playing this game and when you get great you’ll want to go to your local arcade and show off your skills. So if you like to pay games over and over again then this is the game for you therefore scoring an 8 in the replay category.

Rent it or Buy it? Eh?Well I doubt you can find this game to rent but go to the mall and try it out there. I may seem hard at first but with practice you will become good. So my suggestion is to play it at the arcade first! Then buy the game when you have the dough so you won’t waste your precious quarters.

The Final Verdict: The game is good but not perfect so it gets a 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/23/02, Updated 05/19/02

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