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"Want a workout?"

Dance Dance Revolution was such a hit at asian arcades. People queueing up just to play this one of a kind dancing game. After a short wait, it has come out for playstation and is selling like hotcakes! You can even buy the optional dance mat for all those hardcore Dance Dance Revolution players to get the real feel right in your own home. How bout that? Cool huh! Let's get down to the review. Ok, as you know, this is a dancing game, and what makes a dancing game is...... the music! How's the music? Put it this way, GREAT! They've got very popular tracks in the game. There are tracks like Kung-Fu Fighting, Butterfly, Relight My Fire etc. Cool. All the songs are catchy songs which makes gamers come back for more. Music gets a ten! Gameplay is next. What do you think. You step on four pedals doing patterns. See some people and you'll be amazed at the dance steps they do. They turn, jump and step. Really really cool. Gameplay gets a ten too. There's nothing much to say about the graphics. The background is pretty plain, with only a few colours and patterns. The people you use look ok, but are not very life-like. The only thing good about the graphics is that you get the disco feeling from the lights. That is cool, but the rest is not so. Graphics gets a seven. But overall, if you want a good legs workout, why not? It's good. This game gets a nine for overall.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 06/08/03

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