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"Oh, happy, happy day"

Gameplay - The game play in this DDR Version is awesome~! It doesn't get dull because there is an OK variety of songs to play, if it gets to easy you can put it on a harder mode. I think KONAMI started out very good with this game. The point on the game is to press the buttons on the pad right when the arrow hits the top of the screen. The harder the song, the more arrows. Most songs have a good beat in them so if you know anything about music you can get all the songs down.
If you're in shape or want to get in shape and like music, this gameplay should be good to you. After a while it might get repetitive but this game isn't the best of the series.

Story - There isn't a story, this game is a sim type game so there can't really be a story.

Audio - It's a dancing game, so of course the audio is great. The song's don't get repetitive and everyone has a different rhythm, some ones are fast, some are slow. If you have surround sound this game will sound even better. I think most of the song's button layouts are very, very good but some of them are so hard to do it isn't even funny. If you don't get this game I think after alot of practice you'll have it down.
The audio in this game is outstanding, you hear the crowd, you hear the announcer keeping you moving.

Graphics - The graphics aren't that good because this game is just for the gameplay. You see the same 1 or 2 people dancing on the screen. They do have different moves depending on what you do though, and the flashy backgrounds are neat until you get a headache.
Overall the graphics need some work, wait...alot of work.

Replayability - You can play this game for days, and days. There are a few levels so it keeps you involved, there are ALOT of songs so the gameplay stays up. When you do get bored, you can play it the next day and it won't be boring again!
The game that doesn't end, no seriously, it doesn't end.

To buy or to rent? - This game is a sure buy, if you like to move around and stuff this is a game for you. You can do so many things and so many songs it gets addicting.
Buy it, buy it right now!~

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/02, Updated 06/30/02

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