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"Dancing the night away but toned down"

Dance Dance Revolution for the PlayStation is a dancing game in which one must successfully step on the arrows that fill the screen with the correct timing. Doing so will resemble nifty dance moves that look cool when they are performed. It is quite a healthy game if played consistently and provides a good workout as opposed to any other game.

Control 10/10 - This gets a ten out of ten for uniqueness. People who are new to this must know that you'll get nowhere in this game without buying the pad for your feet. What am I talking about? Yes, this game utilizes your feet instead of your hands to clear the arrows. If you just use the normal controller then you shouldn't buy this game until you can also get the dance pad. This requires a totally new approach to the game. At first the control may be weird if you've never played DDR before, but with practice, one will very easily gain control of this game. To get full control of DDR, you must practice, practice, practice! Doing so will not only let you step on the arrows with precision, but will also actually enhance your leg muscles! Understanding the controls of this game adds to your physical health, makes you look cool, and tests your foot-eye coordination instead of your hand-eye coordination.

Audio/Video 10/10 - The graphics are ultra bright and flash all over providing glitter and eye candy. Only to onlookers though, not the player. The player will have to focus on the arrows without being distracted by the colourful visuals of their dancing mascot. The arrows have different colours which will help you to judge exactly how and when to step. After much practice however, you may have the time to look at the teasing visual of your character dancing on the screen with the psychedelic backdrops constantly changing. The music is the most important part of this game. The beats are what you dance to and if the music was bad then the game would be bad. Music you can dance to is featured in over 25 tracks, divided into categories like disco, pop, and latin. The bad part about it is that about 25 tracks is a far cry from the vast amount of songs featured in the arcade version's many mixes. The songs are good and you'll grow to like them if you are intent on playing this game. The sound effects of the announcer that comments on your dancing during the stages you play can be annoying after while, but you'll either get used to them, or turn them off in the option screen. The extra sound options in training mode (metronome, hand clap, etc.) help you immensely if you want to train your skills. The graphics and sound are excellent.

Gameplay 1/10 - While the fascinating visual and aural qualities blind and deafen you with their greatness, all you really do is step on arrows, providing an even more entertaining, real life visual of dancing. Considering everything else, the bare bones of this game are seeing how high of a score you can get by trying to attain perfection with your feet in conjunction with using your eyes and ears coordinating 2 of your senses with your feet. It's actually kind of like a learning game that trains your body. You can pick 3 songs, 4 pre-selected songs that play continually, or train in whichever song you wish to help you do this if you pass, you get a grade, and at the end of the songs your scored is totalled and you see the credits. This game is basically to show off to others also with the confusing arrow combinations that look good when activated.

Replayability 10/10 - This is ridiculously high because you can't possibly play only once if you enjoy it. You have to train and practice so that your body is attuned to usage of your legs and you must try over and over again to master the songs of your choice. It is too high to just give a ten but that is the highest rating...

Story 0/10 - There is NO story in this game. It is purely dancing.

To Buy Or To Rent? Either one. This gameplay might not be for everyone since it is very unique and in a new category. If you are not new to this, buy it. If you are new to this, rent it and buy it later if you like it. It is highly recommended to even just to consider this game.

Overall, an magnificent, excellent, above-par game that contributes a distinctly different genre to the world of video games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/02, Updated 08/19/02

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