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"Great Series, Bad Music..."

Every time I go to an arcade in a mall, I see a Dance Dance Revolution machine located near the front of the arcade. I often see people dancing to the max on SSR mode and people saying ''Wow!'' Or ''how does he do that?''. I even hear ''He has no life!'' Once in a while. Well where do DDR players go to practice? It be time consuming and expensive to practice at the mall every day! So another solution is to play DDR on the Playstation! Its all the dancing mania in a disc and a controller or pad but without the crowds unless your at a party.

This game is a bit more unique than other games. It allows you to step on a pad and try to hit the arrows in the tempo. It is really fun in my opinion and it is a great way to exercise off the weight. The dancing is good but that's all to do. There aren't any secret songs to unlock so this game may be a way to exercise, practicing, or just for fun. There is a workout mode though but I use it sparingly because it doesn't really calculate the calories you lose, it’s just a non-stop mode in disguise.

Konami did a great job designing the United States version of DDR but it does have some flaws. What makes DDR special is the music it has. There are 27 unique songs in the game ranging from Pop tunes like Dub-I-Dub to the Club beats of Trip Machine. It contains pop, techno, trance, club, and rock, so that's a great variety of songs you can choose. The Konami chose for this version were good but kind of mediocre because more than half of the songs are mediocre and there are barely and hits in the game, so this version is a big letdown in the song department.

The graphics in the game consists of characters dancing while you dance and the background is filled with some animation. There isn't much to expect for graphics in a game that consists of dancing with music and that's true here. The background is excellent at certain points but most of the time it’s a letdown. Character models are of what to expect in Japan but it can be weird for American tastes for example, what kind of American would like a silly green dude with a blue visor to dance around the screen? I certainly wouldn't. Fortunately there are 4 character models that fit America's taste of costumes.

The control is a special part of the game. You either dance around on a pad or just use a regular controller. This is a dancing game so most people would buy a pad and play the game on it. It’s a lot more fun playing on a pad than using the controller, unless you’re lazy. Sometime if you dance too much, your pad would wear off. That would make the controls messed up so keep that in mind. There isn't much in control but just pressing the d pad or stepping on the pad.

This game is worth a buy if you like to dance, are practicing to be the next master of DDR, or just want to lose weight, but for others, but the new DDR Konamix released by Konami or wait for DDR MAX later this year.

Game play: 7.0
Sound: 4.5
Graphics: 5.0
Control: 5.0
Overall: 5.4 rounded to 5.0

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/11/03, Updated 02/11/03

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