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"Want a good game to spend your holiday on?"

Gameplay - In Dance Dance Revolution, you have two option to play the game with, a normal controller or a dancing mat. I have both and I like the dancing mat more. The controls are fairly simple, forward, backward, left and right, oh, and X and O. It is very easy to learn how to play but it'll take you at least a month to master a few songs. (Master means getting a S rating)he songs are also great, some of the best are Butterfly and Boys. It'll get you dancing for a long long time. (And long means really really long)


Story - Humm....What story do you expect from a Dancing game?


Audio/Video - Graphics isn't a state of the art thing but it's nice to watch for a while until you get bored of the clip art but hey, this is a dancing game, it's all in the music and that's where this game really shines. As I've said before Butterfly, Boys and Kung-Fu Fighting are great songs and there's a few secret songs, I won't tell you the names of the songs, find out for your self. But as I was saying, the music is just great and cool.


Replayability - It'll keep you playing for a least a year because of the secret songs, the secret modes to unlock and compete with your friends. Besides, it's not easy to get a S rating in every song, trust me.<(o^_^0)>


To buy or to rent? - You should might as well buy it cause if you rent it, I bet you're going to go to the store the next day and buy this game. (And probably the dancing mat.)So it's a waste of money renting it. (Unless you feel like wasting money.)


Overall:What can I say, it's a good game for fun and good work out. Everything is great execpt for the graphics, which is still not bad. I like it and probably everyone will unless you hate dancing but believe, you're going get hooked on to it and can't stop playing.



Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/16/00, Updated 01/16/00

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