Review by Seifer

Reviewed: 03/10/00 | Updated: 03/10/00

The game that gets you fit...

Graphics: 7
This is a simulation the graphics aren't the greatest, like if you notice some times the characters get kind of glichy.

Story: 0
There is none. But if there was it would be great.

Game Play: 10
Finaly a dancing game you can learn in less than a day!This game has the best game play if you buy the dancing controller, it's a pad you put on the floor with the up, down, left,and right buttons on it! It litteraly makes you dance!(now you know how the people that play it at arcades get so good) 1 problem, you can get addicted and get tired from playing the game all the time!

Control: 9
I haven't tried it with out the dancing controller, but my friends say it is dumb using just the normal controller, you miss half the game if you do that...But with it the control is great because it never misses a move.

Fun factor: 10
This game is fun if you like to be a show off or like to dance.It's also fun when you get to beat everybody at a game they used to rule at, ecspecially when your friends like to beat you at stuff.

Other: ?
This game litteraly gets you fit!!Well...only if you have the dancing controller...without it the game has no point, like a cookie with no dough.LOL.I saw this game at the arcade and do those guys(and girls) get so good? Then my friend bought the game and said''This game rules!'' so then I bought it and played it and played it over and over and now I'm a master at it! I get like 24 people watching me at the arcade now! :-)

Overall: 11
Put it this way, this game is better than Bust-A-Groove but not as good as really dancing...but it's fun to play your friends with it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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