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    FAQ/Move List (JP) by KKoh

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      System: Sony PlayStation
      Developer/Publisher: Bandai (1998)
      Genre: Fighting Game
     FAQ By Kelvin Koh
     Last Revised (22nd December 1998)
     - Combined both parts of my FAQ together
       into one.
     1) Introduction
     2) Basic Controls
     3) Game System
     4) Boss Codes
     5) Mobile Suits/Moves List
     6) General Tips
       Being a very big Gundam fan has encouraged me to write my very first 
    FAQ. Gundam: The BattleMaster 2 is a truly awesome game, with impressive 
    graphics & animation that rival Capcom's recent 2D fighting games, many 
    Mobile Suits to choose from, and a very good & up-to-date fighting game 
       Gundam fans , who were appalled by the first game, will definitely 
    not be disappointed by this sequel. New-comers may not get used to the 
    slow speed at first (they are huge Mobile Suits after all), but give 
    it more time, and you will find that this is one of the best Gundam 
    games out there, and also, a very enjoyable fighting game! Besides the 
    speed, the only other flaw I can think of is that the Mobile Suits are 
    very unbalanced.
      Nevertheless, a great effort by Bandai!
    ===[BASIC CONTROLS]=======================================================
    F - Forward
    D - Down
    B - Back
    U - Up
    Square Button - Light Punch (LP)
    Triangle Button - Hard Punch (HP)
    X Button - Light Kick (LK)
    Circle Button - Hard Kick (HK)
    R1 - Thruster Button
    P - any Punch button
    K - any Kick button
    (G/A) - Move can be performed both on the Ground and in the Air.
    (G) - Move can only be performed on the Ground.
    (A) - Move can only be performed in the Air.
    ---[GAME SYSTEM ]--------------------------------------------------------
    [Armor Gauge]
      Unlike your conventional fighting game, the fights in BM2 do not 
    consist of rounds.
      Instead, each Mobile Suit begins with 3 Armor Gauges, which are 
    essentially the Life Bars for each character.
      When a player receives damage, the Armor Gauge will be filled, until 
    it "overheats". The first armor is used up, and the player falls down, 
    and gets up, starting on the next Armor Gauge.
      The Winner is the one who totally defeats his opponent 3 times (or 3 
    Armor Gauges).
    [Thrusters] - Hold R1 + any Direction Button  (Can be done in the air)
      Used to give your Mobile Suit a boost in the direction you choose.
      Can be used to perform faster & longer front / rear dashes  (F/B + R1)
      or to propel yourself into the air. Can be used multiple times to 
    hover around the screen, as long as you have enough energy left on your 
    Thruster Gauge (located below the Armor Gauge).
      (Example: U + R1, UF + R1, F + R1, UB + R1)
    [Thruster Mode] - D,F + R1  (Can be done in the air)
      Your Mobile Suit will flash, and after that, he can fly in the air for 
    a limited period of time using the Direction Pad. The time is 
    represented by the left portion of the Thruster Gauge, which will fill 
    up when you perform the motion, then starts to deplete.
      (Works something like those flight moves in Capcom's X-Men fighting 
      This is good for air battles.
      Note that when you are Thruster Mode, you cannot guard, nor there is a 
    way to deactivate it. This means that you are totally vulnerable to your 
    opponent's attacks.
      The thrusters automatically deactivate themselves once the gauge-timer 
    runs out.
    [Sway / Barrier]  Press any 2 Attack buttons together  
     (Can be done in the air)
      The Sway & Barrier are both defensive moves.
      Depending on the Mobile Suit that you chose, it might either have the 
    Sway or the Barrier when you push 2 attack buttons together.
      The Sway is a quick-escape move whereby your Mobile Suit sways into 
    the background for a split second. During this time, you are temporarily 
    invincible until you return to the fighting plane. This is very useful, 
    as you cannot be hurt by anything at all!
      The Barrier will protect you against all kinds of projectile weapons, 
    which range from the normal Beam Rifles, Missiles, to even the 
    devastating Beam-type Mega-Special Moves. Very useful, too, because the 
    Barrier will last for about 5 seconds, and you still have freedom of 
    movement. However, the Barrier does not protect you against any normal 
    close attacks, which means you still have to guard normally against 
       Note that performing the Sway or Barrier will use up a bit of life, 
    but it is worth it in some very tight situations.
      Here is a list showing each Mobilt Suit's defense ability:
      {Sway}- Z Gundam, Zaku II, Sazabi, Hygog, GP-02A, AcGuy, Qubeley, 
              Hydra Gundam, Ball, Gundam, New Gundam, Zaku S
      {Barrier}- Ziong, Q.Mantha, ZZ Gundam, The O, Hamma-Hamma
      {None} - (These MS do not have the Sway or Barrier move.)
               Bygzam, Neue Ziel, Psycho Gundam Mk III
    [Defence Break] - Press F + HP when close to opponent
      This acts as the `Throw' in the game. Your Mobile Suit will 
    electrocute your opponent, and they will be stunned temporarily.
      This does no damage, but it leaves them wide open, and you can attack 
    your opponent with virtually anything when they are stunned.
    [Down Attacks]
      You can attack your opponent even when they are down, using any 
    attack. Good for getting in a few extra hits.
    [Chain Combos]
      Similar to many fighting games out now, your Mobile Suits have the 
    ability to chain their normal Punches & Kicks into deadly combos.
      The key is to start with a light attack (or several), and work your 
    way to the hard attacks. You may even end some combos with Special Moves 
    or Mega-Special Attacks.
     (Example: Standing LP, LK, HK with Z Gundam)
    [Long Range Weapon] - D,F + P  (Can be done in the Air)
     Each Mobile Suit has a long-range projectile attack. Your Mobile Suit 
    will even automatically aim its weapon at its opponent.
     However, this is limited, as shown by the amount of Energy (denoted by 
    the set of numbers) below the Armor Gauge. It starts at 500, and once 
    you use it all up, there's no way to replenish it, so use sparingly.
     The weapon used varies according to each character, and so does the 
    number of Energy used per shot.
    [Beam Saber] - F,D,B + P
     Your Mobile Suit will take out its Beam Saber, and use it to slash your 
    opponent. This is a very powerful move, and it is unblockable! Its only 
    drawback is that it takes quite a while to pull off.
      Range & damage depends on individual Mobile Suits.
    [Mega-Special Attacks] - D,F,D,F + HP
      These are the games' Super Moves. Each Mobile Suit can perform up to 3 
    Mega-Specials per fight, as shown by the number of Yellow Blocks left 
    below its Armor Gauge.
      These are extremely damaging (up to 80% damage), and may even kill an 
    opponent with a full life bar if positioned right. You can also use the 
    brief moment of invincibility when you first perform the move to your 
    ===[BOSS CODES]========================================================
    1) Bygzam - Finish the Story Mode on Easy (okay to use continues)
    2) Neue Ziel - Finish the Story Mode on Normal (okay to use continues)
    3) Psycho Gundam MKIII - Finish the Story Mode on Hard (okay to use 
    4) Hydra Gundam - Finish the Story Mode on Hard (Must not use 
    5) Ball - Finish the Story Mode with all 12 basic characters on any 
    difficulty level (okay to use continues)
    6) Gundam - Finish the game using the Z Gundam first. Now, play the game 
    again, using any other MS besides the Z Gundam and the AcGuy. The Gundam 
    will randomly appear to fight you and if you beat him and finish the game, 
    you will be able to use him.
    7) New Gundam - Finish the game using the Hamma-Hamma first. Now, play the 
    game again, using any other MS besides the Hamma-Hamma and Quin Mantha. 
    The New Gundam will randomly appear to fight you and if you beat him and 
    finish the game, you will be able to use him.
    8) Zaku S - On the Mode Select Screen (the one where "Story Mode", "VS 
    Mode", etc are displayed), input L1 4 times, R1 4 times, then L1 , R1, 
    L1 , R1, L1 , R1, L1 , R1 .
       You will here a sound effect, and Char's Red Zaku will be 
      You will now have a grand total of 20 characters to choose from! 
      Note that the Zaku S cannot be saved, and you will have to input the 
    code each time you start the game.
    ===[MS INFO/MOVE LIST]==================================================
    ===[Basic Characters]===
    ---[Z GUNDAM]---------------------------------------------------------
    Series: Z Gundam
    Organization: AEUG
    Pilot: Mercury
       The Zeta Gundam has been faithfully reproduced in this game. It has 
    well-rounded abilities, and fast speed. However, it  suffers greatly from 
    the lack of useful moves.
       The Hyper Dash does no damage, and is merely a quick low forward 
    dash, whereas the RiseDown Kick is slow to execute and easy to spot.
       However, its WaveRider Attack is very fast & powerful. (It acts like 
    Ryu's Shin Shoryuken from SF3!) Good for chaining into a combo.
    {Extra Attacks}
    High Punch - (A) U + HP
    Spin Kick - (A) HK
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Hyper Dash - (G) D,F + K
    RiseDown Kick - (G/A) D,B + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    WaveRider Attack - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ---[Zaku II]----------------------------------------------------------
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Nichols
       The Zaku II, though an extremely weak Mobile Suit in the anime, is 
    actually quite strong in this game.
       It has a 10-hit Machine Gun attack, and after its Rising Tackle 
    connects, you can still continue with a chain combo or Special Move for 
    extra damage. (Example: Rising Tackle, followed by LP,LK,HP)
       The Cracker Grenade is also useful for keeping opponents away, as it 
    covers a wide area when the grenades explode.
       Its Mega-Special Attack is a suped-up version of the Cracker 
    Grenade, but it is slow to pull off.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Shoulder Tackle - (G) F + HK
    Stamping - (A) D + HK
    {Special Moves}
    Zaku Machine Gun - (G/A) D,F + P
    Heat Hawk - (G) F,D,B + P
    Cracker - (G/A) D,B + P
    Rising Tackle - (G/A) D,F, + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Cracker Special - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Noise
       The Ziong is actually not a useful MS to play as. It has 
    the least Special Moves in the game among the basic characters, and its 
    large size makes it an easy target ; even when it is lying down!
       Its Punch Rush must be performed up close, which makes it quite 
       Overall, it is quite slow, but its Extra Attacks (consisting of its 
    extendable arms) give it a longer reach. Its Mega-Special is quite cool 
    & useful, and is slightly homing, too.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Vertical Punch - (G) B + HP
    Sweep Punch - (A) D + HP
    Down Burner - (A) D + LK
    Double Down Burner - (A) D + HK
    {Special Moves}
    Hand Beam - (G/A) D,F + P
    Hand Knife - (G) F,D,B + P
    Punch Rush - (G/A) D,B + P
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Psychomu Attack - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Mobile Suit Gundam - Char's CounterAttack
    Organization: Neo Zion
    Pilot: Smith
       The Sazabi is the Char's final Mobile Suit in the movie, and it is 
    quite a good fighter in the game.
       In the anime, it uses Funnels, which are small floating bits that 
    can be used to attack your opponents. The pilot himself mentally 
    controls these weapons, and so, Funnels can zero in on their target 
    very accurately. The pilot also has to be a "New Type" ; one who has 
    super-fast reflexes & senses.
       In the game, it is a 2-part attack. First, you have to launch the 
    Funnels out (a few of them), and they will float around your character. 
    Only then you can command them to attack your opponents. 
       These Funnels are extremely useful; they are very fast, and can home 
    in on your target very well. You can also call upon them to attack your 
    opponents any time; even when you are getting caught in a combo, 
    falling down, or getting hit, your Funnels will still respond once you 
    input the command. This allows you to set up huge combos, or get out of 
    sticky situations.
       However, these Funnels can be destroyed by projectile shots,so don't 
    think they are unstoppable!
       Besides the Funnels, the Sazabi's Spin Kick is good for catching 
    opponents who are ducking, and its Beam Axe has a longer range than 
    most of the other characters' saber weapons.
       The Beam Flash Shot is also another useful move. It covers a very 
    wide range, and is very powerful.
    {Extra Attacks}
    HoverSlide Kick - (G) D + HK
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Shot Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Axe - (G) F,D,B + P
    Spin Kick - (G/A) D,B + K
    Funnel Launch - (G/A) B,D,F + P
    Funnel Attack - (G/A) D,F + P  (After launching Funnels)
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Beam Shot Flash - (G/A) D,F,D,F + P
    ---[Quin Mantha]------------------------------------------------------
    Series: ZZ Gundam
    Organization: Neo Zion
    Pilot: Synapse
       Just one look at this huge Mobile Suit, and you can probably guess 
    that it is slow, but strong.
       Its main offense has to be the Beam Shower attack. As the name 
    suggests, the Q.Mantha will jump, and fire a rain of laser beams down 
    on your opponent. Best performed when in the air to obtain maximum 
       Its Hyper Beam Saber has a longer reach than most sabers, and like 
    the Sazabi, it also has Funnels! The only difference is that it 
    launches 4 at a time, instead of only 3. Good for assisting slow 
    characters like this one!
       The Mega Beam Cannon is fired from its chest, so don't expect to get 
    the full hits on any smaller characters, unless they are up close.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Double Elbow - (G) F + HP
    Tackle - (G) F + HK
    Body Press - (A) D + HP
    Heel Kick - (A) D + LK
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Launcher - (G/A) D,F + P
    Hyper Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Beam Shower Attack - (G/A) D,B + P
    Funnel Launch - (G/A) B,D,F + P
    Funnel Attack - (G/A) D,F + P  (After launching Funnels)
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Mega Beam Cannon - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ---[Full Armor ZZ Gundam]---------------------------------------------
    Series: ZZ Gundam
    Organization: AEUG
    Pilot: Honey-B
       The ZZ Gundam comes equipped with a Double Beam Rifle, and some 
       The Spray Missiles consists of a total of 9 missiles that are 
    launched from its back, and since they have slight homing capabilities, 
    they arc towards the opponent.
       The Knee-Lift Shot is a close-range powerful move, whereby the ZZ 
    Gundam kicks its opponent up into the air, followed by several shots 
    from its Double Beam Rifle. Note that the shots fired in this move does 
    a great deal of damage, but it uses Energy, just like any normal Long 
    Range Weapon move. So this means that when you run out of Energy, the 
    Knee-Lift Shot becomes useless. The Double-Z will kick the opponent up, 
    and will still try to fire at him, even without the ammo.
       Also, most of the Double-Z's moves can only be performed on the 
    ground, so air-battles are a little disadvantageous to the player.
       Its Extra Attack, the Mega Particle Cannon is quite useful, and can 
    catch your opponent unprepared.
       The Hyper Mega Particle Cannon is a long-range beam weapon, and it 
    is quick, and has slight homing abilities.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Guard Punch - (G) B + HP
    Mega Particle Cannon - (G/A) HK
    {Special Moves}
    Double Beam Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Mega Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Knee-Lift Shot - (G) D,F + K
    Spray Missile - (G) D,B + P
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Hyper Mega Particle Cannon - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Gundam 0080 - War In the Pocket
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Carol
       The Hygog appeared in only the beginning of the 0080 OVA. It is 
    basically a marine Mobile Suit, with long arms, and carries a small & 
    compact orange case, which contains its missiles.
       Its Homing Missiles, like the anime is fired from an orange case, in 
    sets of 3.
       The Jumping Tackle, like the Zaku's, can be continued with more 
    attacks once it hits.
       Its Hell Burner Rush is a short-range move whereby the Hygog rapidly 
    strikes & juggles the opponent many times with its claws.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Tackle - (G) F + HK
    Down Kick - (A) HK
    Shot-Down Kick - (A) D + HK
    {Special Moves}
    Machine Gun - (G/A) D,F + P
    Hand Burner - (G) F,D,B + P
    Homing Missile - (G/A) D,B + P
    Jumping Tackle - (G/A) D,F + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Hell Burner Rush - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Z Gundam
    Organization: Titans
    Pilot: Rachel
       Paptimus Scirocco's ultimate Mobile Suit in the anime, The-O, is huge, 
    and has many small sword-like tentacles hidden all over it.
       (Although in the anime, it had only one hidden arm... ^_^')
       In fact, it is a very powerful character in this game. It is fast 
    for its size, and has very useful & practical attacks.
       Its Extra Attacks (the Hidden Arms) can be used to surprise your 
    opponent, as it has different variations (low & high).
       The Hidden Arm Sword Rush is a good multi-hitting move which is 
    quick, and the Slap Tackle is a simple, but effective & damaging move.
       On the other hand, it has one of the most useless Mega-Special 
    Attacks in the game. After performing the motion, the The-O will wield 
    his Beam Sword, after which pressing any normal P or K button will 
    result in him using the sword to slash his opponent. The slashes vary, 
    depending on the button pressed, and whether he is ducking, standing or 
    jumping. Although the sword attack is unblockable & powerful, and it 
    does not take as long to pull off as it normally would, your opponent 
    will fly all over the screen just to avoid you and attack you from 
    afar, until the move ends. 
       However, you can still use your other Special & Extra Attacks, so 
    unless you know how to use them well, you will most likely waste your 
    Mega-Special Attack while you chase your opponent all over the screen, 
    trying to slash him. It is also very difficult to gauge how high your 
    opponent is when chasing him, as the background will be replaced by a 
    black screen with scrolling white lines, just like other times when you 
    perform a Mega-Special Move.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Hidden Arm - (G) F + LP
    Rifle Slap - (G) F + HP
    Anti-Air Hidden Arm - (G) B + HP
    Sweep Hidden Arm - (A) D + LP
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Sword - (G) F,D,B + P
    Hidden Arm Sword Rush - (G/A) D,B + P
    Slap Tackle - (G/A) D,F + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Beam Sword Dance - (G) D,F,D,F + P  (then press any normal P or K 
    button to attack)
    ---[GP-02A "Physallis"]-----------------------------------------------
    Series: Gundam 0083 - StarDust Memories 
    Organization: Delaz Fleet (Zion)
    Pilot: Largo
       Originally one of the three prototype Gundams created by the 
    Federals in rhe anime, the GP-02A was hijacked by Zion's Anavel Gato. 
    The reason was  because it had a very powerful weapon - the Atomic Bazooka, 
    capable of mass destruction. Overall, the GP-02A is a slow, but steady fighter.
       The GP-02A in the game, too, has a bazooka, which it can fire in 
    different ways, as part of his Special & Mega-Special Attacks.
       The normal Hyper Bazooka has one major flaw; its shots are very 
    slow, and can be destroyed by most other projectile weapons, so beware 
    of opponents who want to engage in a fire-fight.
       The Shot Bazooka is a move where he fires a missile high into the 
    air and off-screen. It later explodes into several more missiles, which 
    then rain down back on-screen. It is very powerful is most of the 
    missiles connect, but it is very slow to pull off, and your opponent 
    would be ready for it.
       The Shield Buster can be continued with a hit or two, but unlike the 
    Zaku or Hygog, it is difficult for it to perform a combo after that 
    because of its slow speed. Also, the GP-02A will jump vertically 
    upwards, which decreases the range of the move by a lot.
       The Atomic Bazooka is also another impractical & useless Mega-
    Special Attack. The GP-02A will fire an nuclear missile into the air, 
    which explodes into a gigantic glowing ball, and remains on-screen for 
    quite a while. Your opponent will get `sucked' into it, should he 
    merely touch the round explosion, and receives massive damage.
        However, this move is useless, because it is slow to pull off, and 
    the explosion occurs so high up that smaller characters can simply walk 
    safely under it. It looks as if the move as aimed at using against the 
    larger characters (such as the bosses). Only then will the move work to 
    its full effectiveness.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Shield Smash - (G) F + HP
    Shield Tackle - (G) D + LK
    {Special Moves}
    Hyper Bazooka - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Shot Bazooka - (G) D,B + P
    Shield Buster - (G) D,F + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Atomic Bazooka - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Patricia
       Don't be fooled by this character's size! Although the AcGuy is 
    small and, and looks kind of weird, it is very agile, and is excellent 
    at combos! You can chain many of his normal P's & K's together, and 
    even end with some of his Special or Mega-Special Attacks for a super-
    long combo that does quite a considerable amount of damage. (Example: 
    LP repeatedly, HP, then AcGuy Machine Gun for an easy 10-hit combo!) 
    However, the AcGuy has been balanced with an overall weaker attack, so 
    don't think you can kill your opponent just by performing 2 long 
       The AcGuy also has an uppercut move that is quite effective, but the 
    Claw Rush is not that useful at all. Its Drill Claw is a very 
    unconventional beam saber-type attack. He `charges' up, then dives at 
    his opponent, but should he misses, he will fall flat, and will be left 
    wide open for a counter-attack.
       The Rolling Maximum has to be done close to your opponent if you 
    want to secure the maximum number of hits. Your opponents will have to 
    guard low against it.
       Overall, quite a weird, but interesting character to choose.
       Note that he does not have any Extra Attacks, though.
    {Extra Attacks}
    {Special Moves}
    AcGuy Machine Gun - (G/A) D,F + P
    AcGuy Drill Claw - (G) F,D,B + P
    AcGuy Jump Upper - (G) F,D,F + P
    AcGuy Claw Rush - (G) D,B + P
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    AcGuy Rolling Maximum - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: Z Gundam
    Organization: Axis (Neo Zion)
    Pilot: Rita
       Axis leader Haman Karn's Mobile Suit is possibly the first in 
    thr anime to use Funnels, which probably explains why the Qubeley's 
    Mega-Special Attack is a powered-up version of its Funnel attack.
       The Qubeley does not have any Extra Attacks, but has a wide range of 
    Special Moves, mainly consisting of its kicks.
       The Double Kick is good to use in combos, and hits your opponent up 
    into the air. 
       The Homing Kick is a strange move, whereby the Qubeley will first 
    jump straight upwards, and when it is in line with the opponent, it 
    will rush forward with a flying kick. Good for hitting opponents who 
    are high in the air, but it will miss shorter opponents on the ground.
       The Somersault is a spin kick in the air, but is not particularly 
       Although the Full Funnel Attack looks impressive and intimidating, 
    it is merely a stronger version of the normal Funnel attack. The 
    Qubeley will launch 2 sets of 3 Funnels each (one set at a time), and 
    they will immediately home in on the opponent to deliver 2 shots each, 
    for a total of 12 hits. However the Funnels will surely find their way 
    to your opponent, they can still be destroyed (just like the normal 
    ones), and since it takes a very long time to launch the Funnels, most 
    opponents will see it coming, and get ready to guard or counter it. 
    Hence, the Full Funnel Attack is not very useful after all.
    {Extra Attacks}
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Gun - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Double Kick - (G) D,F + K
    Somersault - (A) D,F + K
    Homing Kick - (G/A) D,B + K
    Funnel Launch - (G/A) B,D,F + P
    Funnel Attack - (G/A) D,F + P  (After launching Funnels)
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Full Funnel Attack - (G/A) D,F,D,F + P
    Series: ZZ Gundam
    Organization: Neo Zion
    Pilot: Date
       The Hamma-Hamma is quite a weak MS in the game, with very few 
    good moves.
       The Triple Beam Shot does little damage, and uses up too much 
    Energy. The Leap Attack is slow, and will seldom get your opponent, 
    unless you surprise him from above.
       The Hide Bomb seems to be its most useful move. On the ground, it 
    can be used to end your combos, and in the air, you can drop it over 
    their heads. However, unless the bombs land directly on your opponent, 
    they will roll across the ground for a certain distance before they 
    actually blow up.
       The Plasma Beam Cannon is also a very impractical & ineffective 
    Mega-Special Attack. The Hamma-Hamma will launch 3 waves of 2 plasma 
    bolts each that will slowly drift across the screen. Although they are 
    unblockable (and they only way to guard against them is to use the 
    Barrier), your opponent can spot them coming easily, and fly over the 
    plasma bolts to avoid them. Furthermore, even if all 6 plasma bolts 
    connect, it does a miserable amount of damage (less than 30%!). 
    However, during this time, your opponent will be temporarily stunned, 
    which leaves them wide open for any kind of attack. But still, unless 
    you can perform a very damaging combo, the total damage still cannot 
    compare to that of any other Mega-Special Attack in the game.
       Therefore, it takes a lot of practice to be able to play well using 
    the Hamma-Hamma. Use some of its normal & Extra attacks to your 
    advantage, as some of them are real pretty good.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Double Claw - (A) D + HP
    {Special Moves}
    Triple Beam Shot - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Sabre - (G) F,D,B + P
    Leap Attack - (G/A) D,B + K
    Hide Bomb - (G/A) D,B + P
    {Mega Special Attack}
    Plasma Beam Cannon - (G/A) D,F,D,F + P
    ===[Boss Characters]===
       The Boss characters in the game play differently from the basic 
    characters (with the exception of the Hydra Gundam). They are very, 
    very unbalanced, which makes them extremely cheap. Bandai did try to 
    balance the game by making some of them slower, and removing their 
    ability to guard, but still, they can be extremely unfair.
       Best use them when you just want to have fun. These characters 
    definitely should not to be used for serious fights, because no matter 
    how badly one may play, he can easily win using the Bosses.
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Gallus
       The first of the Bosses is this massive Mobile Armor. Its defense is 
    extremely high, and its movements cannot be hindered no matter how much 
    you attack it. However, it is extremely slow, and cannot fly too high 
    with its thrusters.
       Its one and only Special Move is its Homing Missiles. The Bygzam 
    will fire many small missiles (that will home in on you) at the expense 
    of very little Energy, and this alone causes a lot of damage, even when 
       It does not have any actual punches, so the P buttons are used for 
    flying its multi-directional lasers.
       Its Mega-Special Attack is a huge beam attack that sweeps across the 
    whole screen for major damage.
       Note that the Bygzam cannot guard, and there seems to be no way for 
    it to turn around once someone gets behind it.
       On an interesting note, the Bygzam can also inflict damage on its 
    opponents by simply walking at them, and smashing them with its huge 
    {Special Attacks}
    Homing Missile - (G/A) D,F + P
    {Mega Special Attack}
    Mega Particle Cannon - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ---[Neue Ziel]--------------------------------------------------------
    Series: Gundam 0083 - StarDust Memories
    Organization: Delaz Fleet (Zion)
    Pilot: Symeon
       In the anime, the Neue Ziel is Gato's Mobile Armor, which he later 
    acquires after the GP-02A gets destroyed. It is huge, and has long arms, 
    which can be launched far because they are connected to its elbows by wires. 
    (Press P)
       Also, since it is a Mobile Armor for use in space, you will notice 
    that its Thruster Gauge is full and never depletes. Hence, it is always 
    flying. It has a wide range of Special Moves, which makes it one of the 
    most interesting bosses to play as.
       Note that the Neue Ziel can turn around should its opponent get 
    behind it. Simply move towards the edge of the screen then perform the 
    Heavy Tackle. The Neue Ziel will fly off-screen, then back again, this 
    time facing in the correct direction.
       All its moves are damaging, and surprisingly, it even has a Beam 
       Its Mega-Special Attack is very devastating. The Neue Ziel will fire 
    a massive beam that sweeps across the screen twice for up to over 40 
    {Special Moves}
    Wire Arm Laser - (A) D,F + P
    Wire Arm Saber - (A) F,D,B + P
    Homing Missiles - (A) D,B + P
    Heavy Tackle - (A) D,F + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Mega Cannon - (A) F,D,F,D + P
    ---[Psycho Gundam Mk III]---------------------------------------------
    Series: None (Original)
    Organization: Unknown
    Pilot: Maria
       The Psycho Gundam Mk III is an original Mobile Suit created by the 
    game's designers. Its design seems to be based on the previous 2 models 
    (Psycho Gundam & Psycho Gundam Mk II). Therefore, they share the same 
    characteristics. The Psycho Gundam Mk III is a huge Mobile Suit that is 
    over 40 meters tall, and they all have lots of firepower. The Mk III 
    even has the Scattering Mega Particle Cannon, just like the other two.
       The Psycho Mk III is one of the most powerful and unfair character 
    in the whole game. It can practically walk right through any attack, 
    and its defense is extremely high! Furthermore, it can even guard in 
    the middle of getting hit by Specials, Mega-Specials, or combos!
       All its moves are very powerful, and even its Psycho Blast Upper can 
    kill an opponent immediately if all 4 hits connect! Also, the reach for 
    its Beam Sword is unbelievable!
       Overall, a really cheap boss character. Even its slow speed cannot 
    keep it from being overly powerful.
    {Special Moves}
    Shoulder Cannon - (G/A) D,F + P
    Large Beam Sword - (G) F,D,B + P
    Psycho Blast Upper - (G) F,D,F + P
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Scattering Mega Particle Cannon - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ---[Hydra Gundam]-----------------------------------------------------
    Series: Gundam Wing `G-Unit' (Comic)
    Organization: OZ-Prize
    Pilot: Pixie
       The Hydra Gundam is Valder Farkill's Mobile Suit from the G-Unit 
    comics. Although I have never read it before, I know that it takes 
    place some time in the year A.C.195 on the colony M.O. V (Five). It is 
    also a time when most Mobile Suits have the ability to transform into 
    different kinds of Mobile Armor.
       The Hydra Gundam is one of the cheapest, fastest, and most powerful 
    characters in the game.
       First of all, it comes equipped with an EMF Shield. Just by guarding 
    normally, the Hydra Gundam will defend itself with the EMF Shield, 
    which will protects against all attacks, including beam & missile 
    projectiles, which will have no effect on it (works just like a 
    Barrier!). Furthermore, the Hydra Gundam has the ability to Sway, so 
    this makes it a very defensive character, since it is invulnerable to 
    projectile attacks when guarding, can also sway to avoid the 
    unblockable saber attacks.
       The Buster Cannon is also very unfair. It is very quick, and uses 
    Energy at a rate of 5 points per shot only!
       The Shoulder Claw Beam Cannon is overly powerful, as it does nearly 
    as much damage as that of any character's Mega-Special Attack. Also, it 
    is accurate at finding its target.
       The Hydra-G's Beam Saber is also very unfair. It takes a very short 
    time to pull off, and the Saber will be swung twice for plenty of 
       Lastly, the Hydra-G's Mega-Special Attack looks straight out of 
    those SNK fighting games. It performs a rush combo, ending with an 
    unblockable double saber slash. So, should you manage to guard against 
    this move, be sure to sway to avoid the last few hits.
    {Special Moves}
    Buster Cannon - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Shoulder Claw Beam Cannon - (G) D,B + P
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Hydra Waltz - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ===[Secret Characters]===
       With the exception of the Zaku S, the Secret Characters are actually 
    the opposite of what the bosses are. They are very weak, as they have 
    very little moves, and do not have any Mega-Special Attacks. They are 
    merely in the game for fun, and cannot really be considered as 
    `serious' fighters to play with.
       I would say that they are an added bonus for those who are fans of 
    the Gundam anime.
       However, if you know how to use them well, you can still enjoy the 
    game, and win a few fights while you are at it, too. ^_^
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Federal Forces
    Pilot: Mercury
       The first Gundam of the whole Gundam series is hidden in the game. 
    It appeared in the first Gundam: The Battle Master game, but was taken 
    out, probably to be replaced by the Z Gundam.
       However, it makes a come-back here in the sequel, with all its old 
    moves intact, but just a different way of performing them.
       Overall, it is quite a weak fighter. Its Cyber Shield requires 
    Energy to fire the rifle shots, so once you are out of ammo, this move 
    becomes obsolete, and you will have to fight a close-range battle for 
    the remaining of the fight.
       However, the Cyber Shield is a very damaging move, almost up to that 
    of a typical Mega-Special Attack. Be tactful when you use it.
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Cyber Shield - (G/A) F,D,F + P
    ---[New Gundam]-------------------------------------------------------
    Series: Char's Counter Attack
    Organization: Federal Forces
    Pilot: Date
       Amuro Ray returns in the New Gundam to face off against Char & his 
    Sazabi in a fight to the finish in space, in this Gundam movie. On an 
    interesting note, Char himself supplied the New Gundam's Psycho Frame. 
    Was it his intention to arrange their final battle?
       Anyway, with this, the New Gundam was able to use Funnels, just like 
    the baddies.
       The New Gundam's Fin Funnels look different from the conventional 
    Funnels, and in the game, it works differently, too.
       Each Fin Funnel only fires one shot, instead of two, and they fire 
    on the spot ; that is, they do not chase after their target. However, 
    it seems that the Fin Funnels are indestructible, as I have not seen 
    them get destroyed before by anyone.
       The New Gundam's other move, the Jumping Knee Tackle, can be 
    followed up with certain attacks or combos after it connects.
    {Special Moves}
    Beam Rifle - (G/A) D,F + P
    Beam Saber - (G) F,D,B + P
    Jumping Knee Tackle - (G/A) D,F + K
    Fin Funnel Launch - (G/A) B,D,F + P
    Fin Funnel Attack - (G/A) D,F + P  (After launching Fin Funnels)
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Federal Forces
    Pilot: Gloria
       This is definitely the weakest character in the entire game. It is 
    small, weak, and has an extremely low defense. However, it is very, 
    very good at combos; almost as good as the AcGuy!
       You may want to just try this guy for fun, but don't think of 
    winning many battles with him.
       Its 120mm Cannon is very powerful, but uses 100 points of Energy per 
       The Mining Drill is very quick, but does little damage. Good for 
    ending the Ball's chain combos for many hits, though.
       The Rotating Cannon Attack is quite slow, and arcs at an angle, so 
    you may miss your opponent sometime.
    {Special Moves}
    120mm Cannon - (G/A) D,F + P
    Mining Drill - (G/A) D,B + P
    Rotating Cannon Attack - (G/A) D,B + K
    ---[Zaku II-S]---------------------------------------------------------
    Series: Gundam
    Organization: Zion
    Pilot: Nichols
       The Zaku II-S is a Zaku which is painted in Char's 
    trademark red color, which sort of represents his nickname, the "Red 
       Basically, it is just a different-colored Zaku with a new head 
    design. And since this is Char's customized Zaku, it is a lot more 
    faster than the normal Zaku, and is even quicker than most other 
    characters in the game.
       The Zaku S has all the same moves as that of the normal Zaku, but 
    because of its speed, it is a lot more deadly, and can perform many 
    combos that the latter cannot.
    {Extra Attacks}
    Shoulder Tackle - (G) F + HK
    Stamping - (A) D + HK
    {Special Moves}
    Zaku Machine Gun - (G/A) D,F + P
    Heat Hawk - (G) F,D,B + P
    Cracker - (G/A) D,B + P
    Rising Tackle - (G/A) D,F, + K
    {Mega-Special Attack}
    Cracker Special - (G) D,F,D,F + P
    ===[GAMEPLAY TIPS]==========================================================
    1) Whenever a move is performed, the character will flash, followed by 
    a comment made by the announcer. This is useful in telling when your 
    opponent makes his move.
       Aside from paying attention to what is happening on-screen, you may 
    also find it useful to listen for the audio cues.  Here are some 
    "You can't defend!" - Beam Saber-type move performed.
    "Shoot you down!" - Long-range Projectile-type move performed.
    "You're gonna die!" - Psycho Mk III's Psycho Blast Upper, Neue Ziel's 
    Heavy Tackle, Zaku S's Rising Tackle, or Ball's Rotating Cannon Attack.
    "Cracker Grenade!" - Zaku II & Zaku S's Cracker, or Hamma-Hamma's Hide 
       (Others are self-explanatory.)
    2) The best way to destroy your opponent's Funnels is to wait for him 
    to make them attack you. This is the best time to fire at them, as they 
    will all charge at you, close together in a bunch, so if you time it 
    right, you can take out all of them with one shot.
       Another way to make your opponent lose his Funnels is by making him 
    fall down.
    3) Since you are allowed to perform 3 Mega-Special Attacks per fight, 
    and a Character has 3 Armor Gauges, try to standardize the usage of 
    your Mega-Specials, by using 1 Mega-Special on each Armor Gauge of your 
    opponent. Besides, it is not good to have any unused Mega-Specials left 
    at the end of the fight, as it is wasteful.
       Not everyone may be comfortable with this tactic, though.
    4) Be careful not to use your Energy too quickly. Though you start with 
    500 points of Energy, some characters use up plenty of Energy to shoot.
       Try to conserve some for near the end of the match, or divide the 
    usage of Energy according to your opponent's 3 Armor Gauges.
       If you run out of Energy early, you will have to indulge in close 
    range combat for the remaining of the match, if your character do not 
    have any other long-range attacks. Besides, when it comes to speed, the 
    other long-range attacks cannot compare to the normal beam rifle-type 
    moves, which are fired almost instantly.
    5) If you do not have someone to play the Vs Mode against, you can 
    press the "Select" Button on either player 1 or 2's controller to let 
    the CPU take control (on the Character Select Screen). Help the CPU to 
    choose its character, and start the fight. You will now be playing 
    against a CPU opponent. You can even watch 2 CPU characters fight it 
    out by pressing "Select" on both controllers. To disable the CPU, just 
    press "Select" again on the Character Select Screen.
       To change the color of your Mobile Suit, simply hold down "Start" 
    when choosing it.
    ============================={THE END}================================
       Well, that's the end of the Gundam: BM2 FAQ.
       I hoped everyone had fun. Thanks for reading! ^_^
       This FAQ was created by Kelvin Koh.(kelkwl@mbox4.singnet.com.sg)
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     Revision History
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     (17/09/98) Confirmed the codes to obtain the Gundam & New Gundam.
     (06/07/98) Re-wrote the codes to obtain the Gundam & New Gundam.
     (17/05/98) Added Tips & fixed some mistakes.
     (16/05/98) Added Boss/Secret MS Move List.
     (15/05/98) Added Basic MS Move List.
     (14/05/98) Finished Boss Codes.
     (13/05/98) Finished Basic Controls.
     Thanks to:
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