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All of us knew Toy Story would have its own cartoon didn't we? It was bond to happen sooner or later. Usually, Whenever a Disney Cartoon comes out, so does a game. Usually, when you walk into a store and see a game with a Disney Logo in the left hand corner of the case, you think ''Another Platforming game'', But Buzz Lightyear of Star Command takes a turn from the Platforming claws.....

Story - 2 : Buzz Lightyear ditched Woody, Rex and the rest of his friends and went back to his old job, being a Space Ranger. The Galaxy's most wanted criminals are on the loose, and it is up to Buzz to stop them.

Graphics - 7 : Glitchy, but good. Last seen in game's like Jet Set Radio, Sonic Shuffle and Fur Fighters, the game offers ''Manga'' techniques (Cell Shading) which makes the characters quite cartoony. The backgrounds are hand painted, but it does'nt make up for the fences/Gates and graphical objects. These are poorly created, and what makes it worse is that their scatterd all over the place. At the start of the game, there is a FMV, Which matches graphics from Toy Story and Toy Story 2, and the rest of the FMV's are 5 second clips from the cartoon.

Sound + Music - 2 : Awful....just awful. The voice acting is good and funny, but the Sound and Music walks home with the leftovers. Same ray guns blasting all the time, same stupid laughing, repeated music. Who does Travellers Tales hire for the music? My Technology teacher? The music might of been better, if they knew how to use an instrument.

Gameplay - 8 This makes the game fairly good. EVERY level you chase the convict through forests, snowfeilds, Farmsand even Markets. Once you chased the enemy to the end of the level, the fun starts. You are in a areana, and must drain down you're targets health bar, so Star Command can arrest them. Then its off to another planet to repeat.

Replaybility - 4 Not much to go back for. You might try the Time-Trail mode, or finding as many coins as you can, collecting Green Aliens etc, and Gameplay does get repetive.

Overall - 6 Samey Story, Decent graphics, horrible sound, good gameplay, bad replaybility. I reccomend renting the game first, even if you're thinking of buying it for a little child.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/26/01, Updated 05/26/01

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