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    FAQ/Move List by Deceptico

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 03/02/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Thrill Kill faq rev 3.1 for U.S. beta
    created 10/28/98
    revised 3/2/99
    written by Deceptico
    What's New
    Added new kill for Belladonna - this is one the ESRB wanted out.
    Added tip to get Violet's moves to work
    Added flap jack move for Mammoth
    Added instant kill meter fill code
    Added Game Shark codes
    Added moves and thrill kills for Cain, Judas, and Marukka
    Added more thrill kills, regular kills, and fixed some typos
    Added some thrill kill moves and descriptions for everyone.
    Thrill Kill uses the D-Pad, the four main action buttons, and the two left
    shoulder buttons. Dual Shock is supported, but analog control is not.  The
    button configuration can be customized, but I will use the default configuration
    below to define my abbreviations.
      Square:    QP (quick punch)          LEFT:  left on the D-Pad
      Triangle:  SP (strong punch)         RIGHT: right on the D-Pad
      X:         QK (quick kick)           UP:    up on the D-Pad
      Circle:    SK (strong kick)          DOWN:  down on the D-Pad
      L1:        L1 (block)
      L2:        L2 (crouch)
    From what I have been able to gather, the buttons I have labeled strong are not
    necessarily stronger than the ones I have labeled quick.  I have just given them
    those names to avoid confusion in the moves list.
    Some more abbreviations that I use:
      F:   forward
      B:   back
      QCF: quarter circle forwad
      HCF: half circle forward
      FCF: full circle forward
      Charge indicates that you must hold the button down for a few seconds
      jab:        quick punch or kick
      knockdown:  punch or kick that knocks your opponent down
      vulnerable: punch or kick that leaves your opponent vulnerable (like a dizzy)
    Every fighter in Thrill Kill has unique special moves.  However, there are also
    certain moves universal to all the characters.
      QP: jab                              F-F-QP: running knockdown
      SP: jab                              F-F-SP: running knockdown
      QK: jab                              F-F-QK: running knockdown
      SK: jab                              F-F-SK: running knockdown
      QP+QK: throw 1                       L2+QP: crouching jab
      SP+SK: throw 2                       L2+SP: uppercut
      QP+SP: high counter                  L2+QK: crouching jab
      QK+SK: low counter                   L2+SK: leg sweep
      QP+SK: position swap
      QK+SP: taunt
      Regular Kills (killing a fighter prior to enabling your thrill kill)
      QP: Combo kill
      SP: Knock head off kill
      QK: Knock opponent against wall kill
      SK: Knock opponent into air
    Every fighter has a move associated with each action button that starts with F
    and F-B.  Since they vary, those moves are discussed in each fighter's
    individual section.  Some fighters also have variations on the crouching moves
    which are also discussed in their sections.
    To execute a thrill kill, enter the appropriate command while the camera is
    panning around your fighter, but before the lightning animation starts.  Once
    the animation has started, you can release the buttons.  Nothing needs to be
    entered to perform the default thrill kill.
    Every fighter has a thrill kill which is a combo kill.  The combo kill
    consists of a multi hit combo that ends with the loser exploding.  Every
    character also has a dance kill which makes your fighter (and in some cases
    the victim as well) perform a dance.  This is just for fun.
    The Fighters
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: vulnerable
      F-SP: jab               F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: jab               F-B-SK: jab
      Charged Punch: QCF-QP
      Charged Uppercut: F-QCF-QP
      Guilty Lashes: QCF-SP
      Chain Twirl Throw: HCF-SP
      Lasso Threat: FCF-SP
      Nut Cracker: F-B-F-SP
      Chain Heater: charge SP
      Ax Kick: QCF-SK
      L2+SP is just a jab instead of an uppercut
      Thrill Kills:
      Chain Decapitation: Default
        Tormentor flips over your body wrapping his chain around your neck and then
        pulls it to rip off your head
      Body Split: SP+SK
        Tormentor wraps his chain around your waist and cuts you in two
      Draw & Quarter: QP+SK+UP
        Chains pull each limb to a different corner of the screen and they are all
        ripped off
      Combo: QK+SK+L1+LEFT
      Dance (Stayin' Alive): QP+SP+QK+SK+RIGHT
      F-QP: knockdown         F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: knockdon          F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: jab               F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: jab
      Front Roll Escape: QCF-QP
      Neck Breaker: HCF-QP
      Backroll Escape: QCF-SP
      Head Case: HCF-SP
      Suicide Drop: QCF-QK
      Slow Leg Sweep: HCF-QK
      Flipped Out: QCF-SK
      Windmill: HCF-SK
      Donkey Kick: F-B-QP+QK
      Sitting Delirious: charge QK, then QK+SP
      Thrill Kills:
      Head Kick: Default
        Oddball stomps on your head with his foot then kicks it toward the screen
      Head Spinner: L1+LEFT (may not work on all versions)
        Oddball sits on your head and spins it until it rips off
      Body Drill: QP+QK+SK
        Oddball kicks you into the air and then throws himself at you causing you to
      Combo: QK+SK+L1+RIGHT
      Dance (Butt Bump): QP+QK+SK+L1+UP
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: vulnerable        F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: jab
      Bitch Slap: QCF-QP
      Rising Prod Spin: HCF-QP
      Prod Swing: QCF-SP
      Ball Kick: QCF-QK
      Forward Cartwheel: HCF-QK
      Slap Kick: QCF-SK
      Backward Cartwheel: HCF-SK
      Triple Attack: FCF-SK
      Rising Prod Swing: HCF-SP
      Sado-Masochist: Charge SP for 2 seconds
      L2+SP is a jab
      L2+SK is a knockdown
      Thrill Kills:
      Swallow This: Default
        Belladonna shoves her cattle prod down your throat and you explode
      Suicide: QK+LEFT
        Belladonna gives you her prod and you shock yourself until you explode
      That Tickles: DOWN+QP+SK+L1
        Belladonna goes down on you and your head rocks in carnal delight.  Then
        the camera tilts down and we see that she is merely tickling your feet.
      Combo: SP+QK+L1
      Dance (Heeeeeey, Macarena): QP+SP+QK+SK+L1
      F-QP: knockdown         F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: knockdown         F-B-SP: vulnerable
      F-QK: crane (nothing)   F-B-QK: jab
      F-SK: jab               F-B-SK: jab
      Dog Maul: QCF-QP
      Stomach Stab: QCF-SP
      1000 Stabs: HCF-SP
      Surgery Swing: FCF-SP
      Crane Kick: F-QK-QK
      L2+SK is a knockdown
      Faustus' second throw does not result in a knockdown
      Thrill Kills:
      Giving Head: Default
        Faustus bites you on your neck causing your head to fall off
      Botched Facelift: QP+L1
        Faustus cuts up your face and gives you a bear trap mouth just like his
      Maul: QK+SK+DOWN
        Faustus bites your neck and shakes you violently like a dog
      Combo: QP+SP+L1+RIGHT
      Dance (Ballet): QP+SP+QK+L1+LEFT
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: vulnerable
      F-SP: knockdown         F-B-SP: jab
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: vulnerable
      F-SK: jab               F-B-SK: knockdown
      Charged Punch: QCF-QP
      Lost Balance: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
      Mighty Tiny Uppercut: QCF-SP
      Back Flip Kick: QCF-QK
      Pommel Horse: HCF-QK or HCF-SK
      Forward Flip Kick: QCF-SK
      Knee to Head: F-B-QP+QK
      Stilt & Spin: F-B-SP+SK
      123 Little Punches: SP+QK
      Riding on Papa: QCF-QP+QK
      Thrill Kills:
      Head Stomp: Default
        Imp shoves his stilt in your head and it explodes
      Possession: QP+DOWN
        Imp disappears and then you explode and he appears where your body was
      Shrinkage: SP+QK+RIGHT
        Imp sprinkles magic dust on you causing you to shrink then he steps on you
      Combo: QP+QK+L1+LEFT
      Dance (Butt Shaker): QP+SP+QK+SK+DOWN
      F-QP: knockdown         F-B-QP: jab
      F-SP: jab               F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: jab               F-B-SK: vulnerable
    NOTE: moves denoted with (*) are listed in the game, but moves that I cannot get
          to work properly
      Limb Limb: QCF-QP
      Pretzel Stance: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
     *Super Extend Kickout: HCF-QP-SP or HCF-SP-SP
     *Spinal Snap: HCF-QP-QK
      Super Flex Float: QCF-SP
      Chiropractor: QCF-QK
      Split Kick: HCF-QK
      Super Foot Waltz: FCF-QK
      Cherry Picker: QCF-SK
      Flex Fury: HCF-SK
      Super Foot Waltz: FCF-SK
      Spinal Snap: HCF-QK+SP
    * These moves are listed but don't really work
    Performing Violet's hold throw (SP+SK) during practice mode seems to crash the
      Thrill Kills:
      Leg Split: Default
        Violet grabs you with her legs and splits your body apart with them
      Thrill Kill 2: Unknown
      Bone Break: QP+SP+QK
        Violet breaks both of your arms and then bends over and breaks your spine
      Combo: QP+SK+L1+DOWN
      Dance (Body Sway): QP+SP+SK+L1+UP
      F-QP: knockdown         F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: knockdown         F-B-SP: vulnerable
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: knockdown
      Jungle Greeting: QCF-QP
      Jungle Fury: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
      Super Float: QCF-SP
      Root Shaker: QCF-QK
      Gone Ape: HCF-QK
      Rooted Up: QCF-QCF-QK
      Rolling Boulder: QCF-SK
      Banana Slamma: HCF-SK
      Falling Coconut: FCF-SK
      Gone Bowling: B-F-QP+QK
      Flap Jack: B-F-SP+SK
      L2+SK is a jab
      Thrill Kills:
      Big Punch: Default
        Mammoth swings his fist and punches you causing you to explode
      Arm Tear: SP+UP
        Mammoth rips off both of your arms then hits you with them
      Spin Around: QP+SK+DOWN
        Mammoth grabs you by your legs and spins you around until they rip off
      Combo: QP+SP+QK+UP
        Mammoth's combo ends with him ripping your legs off instead of you just
      Dance (Can't..Stop..Doing..The Monkey): QP+SP+QK+SK+L1
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: jab               F-B-SP: jab
      F-QK: knockdown         F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: jab               F-B-SK: jab
      Dashing Elbow: QCF-QP
      Backwoods Beating: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
      Stump Stab: charge QP
      Moonshine: QCF-SP
      Choppin Wood: charge SP
      Stump Squirt: F-B-F-SP
      Round The Barn: QCF-QK
      Round Outhouse: QCF-SK
      Lip Lunch: F-B-QP+QK
      Thrill Kills:
      Cannibal: Default
        Cleetus wipes his mouth then pounces you and eats your face
      Head Cup: SP+L1
        Cleetus rips your head off then tilts it back and drinks the blood from your
        severed neck
      Nothing Beats A Great Pair Of Legs: QP+SP+L1
        Cleetus throws his leg down and then throws you down and rips off your leg
        to use as his new weapon
      Combo: QP+SK+RIGHT+DOWN
      Dance (Indian War Dance): QP+QK+L1+LEFT+DOWN
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: vulnerable
      F-SP: knockdown         F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: jab               F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: knockdown
      Power Uppercut: QCF-QP
      Flaming Shoulder Charge: HCF-QP
      Incinerator: QCF-SP
      Combustion: HCF-SP
      Uppercut Kick: QCF-QK
      Backdraft: HCF-QK
      Ball of Fire: QCF-SK
      Quake of Fire: HCF-SK
      L2+SP is a vulnerable
      Thrill Kills:
      Flamer: Default
        Cain grabs you and sets you on fire
      Match Throw: QP+SK
        Cain throws you to the ground and flings a match on you catching you on fire
      Hell Joy Buzzer: QP+QK+L1
        Cain offers you his hand and when you shake it you burst into flames
      Combo: QP+SP+LEFT+DOWN
      Dance (Fire Worship): SP+QK+RIGHT+DOWN
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: vulnerable        F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: jab               F-B-QK: vulnerable
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: vulnerable
      Friendly Fight: QCF-QP
      Multi-Head Spin: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
      Power Uppercut: HCF-SP
      Drop Kick: QCF-QK
      Multi-Back Spin: HCF-QK or HCF-SK
      Rising Power Fist: QCF-SK
      L2+SP is a jab
      L2+QK is a sweep
      L2+SK is a knockdown
      Some of Judas' moves, including his throws, vary depending on which torso is
      right side up
      Thrill Kills:
      Time To Split: Default
        Judas grabs your feet with his one pair of hands and your torso with the
        other and splits you in half
      Human Jigsaw Puzzle: SP+QK+DOWN
        Judas jumps on top of you and re-arranges your head and limbs
      Body Stretch: SP+QK+SK+UP
        Judas punches your torso stretching it to the ceiling and when it shrinks
        back down he punches it off
      Combo: QP+QK+SK+L1+LEFT
      Dance (Running Man): QP+SP+QK+SK+L1+RIGHT
      F-QP: jab               F-B-QP: knockdown
      F-SP: knockdown         F-B-SP: knockdown
      F-QK: vulnerable        F-B-QK: knockdown
      F-SK: knockdown         F-B-SK: knockdown
      SP and QK alone are both knockdowns
      Turn To Stone: QCF-QP
      Wings Of Fury: HCF-QP or HCF-SP
      Demon Flap: QCF-SP
      Flying Throw Kick: QCF-QK
      Teleport: HCF-QK or HCF-SK
      Rising Power Kick: QCF-SK
      Thrill Kills:
      Head Muncher: Default
        Marukka latches on to you and chows down on your head
      Play Dead: QK+L1+RIGHT (may not work on all versions)
        Marukka falls dead to the floor and when you turn and walk away she jumps
        on you from behind and rips your head off
      Bottomless Pit: QK+SK+L1+LEFT
        A hole appears behind you and Marukka tackles you and you both fall into it
        then a fountain of blood and your body parts spew out
      Combo: QP+SP+QK+SK+UP
      Dance (The Seduction): QP+SP+QK+SK+L1+DOWN
    Thrill Kill's boss characters are Cain, Judas, and Marukka and they are all
    fully playable, except Marukka who can be played in every mode besides arcade.
    PSM magazine reported that to release Cain the game had to be completed on
    medium level, hard level to free Judas, and very hard for Marukka.  I beat the
    game just once on medium level and they were all released.  Give it a try.  Some
    people have reported trouble freeing the bosses when continues were used.  If
    you have trouble, try beating the game without using any continues.  Mammoth iw
    easiest for this.
    All the fighters have 4 immediately available outfits.  The fifth outfit is
    released by completing all of the fighter's moves in practice mode.  The bosses
    don't seem to have a fifth  outfit.  Once you have released the bonus outfit,
    hold both L buttons when selecting your fighter.  Here are descriptions of the
    bonus outfits:
      Tormentor - I don't know what the hell he's supposed to be, but he's green,
                  wears a Hawaiian shirt, and has sunglasses
      Oddball - some sort of strange looking bear outfit
      Belladonna - ride 'em cowgirl!  Belladonna's got everything from the hat and
                   boots right on down to her Daisy Dukes!
      Dr. Faustus - on his way to the AMA benefit dinner, the doctor sports a tuxedo
                    complete with tophat
      Imp - Imp the Pimp!  Watch Imp become a black man, grow a huge afro, and don
            Mr. T style gold chains.  Beware of his very high platform shoes.  Yeah!
      Violet - nobody from Earth could bend like that, Violet is an alien.  Freaky big
               green head and a cool space suit complete with a picture of her home
               planet on the front.
      Mammoth - hey, kids, it's Mammoth the clown.  Mammoth is stylin' in his bright
                clothes, party hat, and painted face
      Cleetus - shiver me timbers, Phillip, it's Cleetus the pirate!  Complete with
                striped shirt, scarf hat and peg leg, Cleetus will keel haul you
    I'll keep you updated on any new secrets I find.
    At this point I am only aware of one code, but it's really cool.
    Insant Kill Meter Fill:
     At any time during a fight, simultaneoustly press L1+L2+R1+R2+QP+QK+SELECT
     and your kill meter will instantly fill all the way up.
    This isn't really a code, but this is how you enable Violet's fifth outfit.
    Since two of her moves aren't really in the game, you have to do this.
    For Violet's moves that don't work, simply find a very simple move and execute
    it.  Before the move has been fully executed, pause the game and select change
    current move from the menu.  When you unpause the game, there will be a check
    mark by the move that you just selected as well as the original move that you
    Game Shark Codes
    I don't even have a game shark, so I can't confirm these first hand.  Here they
    are anyway.
    These codes come from Kyle "BoneDrag" E. (bigsexyets@hotmail.com)
    All arena's unlocked: 801E51D0 07FF
    Small problem I had with this one, when you're in one of the two hidden arenas
    fighting a 4-player game, don't do the regular X kill. The character will fall
    instead of sticking to the wall and the game will not proceed to the next fight.
    P1 Outfit Modifer: 801C87C0 000?
    P2 Outfit Modifer: 801C87C4 000?
    P3 Outfit Modifer: 801C87C8 000?
    P4 Outfit Modifer: 801C87CC 000?
    By entering a number between 1-5 you will get a different outfit. 0, 1, and 2
    all give you the normal outfits. Putting 4 in the question marks spot gives you
    the hidden outfit. 5 gives you the Gimp. Only use him in practice and Vs. modes.
    The gimp freezes a lot too.
    Here are some more codes from the Game Shark Code Creators Club
    P1 Quick Kill Meter Fill Up      800DB180 0061
    P2 Quick Kill Meter Fill Up      800DB3D4 0061
    P3 Quick Kill Meter Fill Up      800DB628 0061
    P4 Quick Kill Meter Fill Up      800DB87C 0061
    P1 Always Empty Kill Meter       800DB180 0000
    P2 Always Empty Kill Meter       800DB3D4 0000
    P3 Always Empty Kill Meter       800DB628 0000
    P4 Always Empty Kill Meter       800DB87C 0000
    P1 Character Modifier            801C87B0 000?
    P2 Character Modifier            801C87B4 000?
    P3 Character Modifier            801C87B8 000?
    P4 Character Modifier            801C87BC 000?
    Have All Characters              801E51CE 07FF
    For the character modifiers, here are the values for each character:
     0: Tormentor                6: Mammoth
     1: Oddball                  7: Cleetus
     2: Belladonna               8: Cain
     3: Dr. Faustus              9: Judas
     4: The Imp                  A: Marukka
     5: Violet
    The Gimp is not merely a rumor, he is available with the help of a Game Shark.
    He is only available in versus and practice modes and will take on the moves of
    whichever character you actually select (like Meat in Mortal Kombat 4).  He
    crashes the game a lot.
    Some people still claim to have full NTSC versions of the game.  Everybody who
    buys from these people either end up with the beta version or the PAL version.
    Electronic Arts' new wrestling game is supposedly going to use Thrill Kill's
    Credit and Thanks
    Kyle "BoneDrag" E. (bigsexyets@hotmail.com) for his Game Shark codes.
    Adam Carter found Mammoth's flap jack move.
    Your Mom found Belladonna's third kill for us.
    Lots of people submitted the way to enable Violet's fifth outfit.  Thanks to
    everyone who helped out with this!
    The End
    Well, that's it for now.  This FAQ is written in my spare time (which I don't
    have much of) so please be patient.  This FAQ is fairly complete, but will be
    updated as necessary.  If you know of anything else that should be added to this
    FAQ, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Since there are so many combos in the game,
    I am not planning on including them in this FAQ unless there is substantial
    demand.  If you have anything additional to contribute, I'll give you credit.

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