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    FAQ/Move List by Goob

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    	***Thrill Kill Faq Version 0.1***
    	Composed by Goob
    	e-mail - goob666@hotmail.com
    	Copyright 1999
      Introduction - <0.0>
      Basic Moves - <1.0>
      Key - <2.0>
      Throws - <3.0>
      Character Moves - <4.0>
        <4.0> - Tormentor
        <4.1> - Oddball
        <4.2> - Belladonna
        <4.3> - Dr. Faustus
        <4.4> - Imp
        <4.5> - Violet
        <4.6> - Mammoth
        <4.7> - Cleetus
        <4.8> - Cain
        <4.9a> - Judas
        <4.9b> - Marukka
      Secrets - <5.0>
      Credits - <6.0>
    Introduction:								    <0.0>
    Hello all!  This is my first Thrill Kill faq.  You may be wondering why I 
    would be making a faq for a game that doesn't "exist".  Well, let me tell you 
    something, IT DOES!  I have played it personally and I do understand Electronic
    Arts (EA) reasons for cancelling this game.  This game is so violent.  Did I 
    mention that this game is VIOLENT?  DON'T get me wrong, I would love to own 
    this game.  It is awesome.  It is the first four-player fighting game to have
    ever graced the home console.  But some of the stuff in this game is hardcore.
    If you aren't seventeen or above you may not even want to read this faq.  If
    you are not offended by violent descriptions please read on.  If you like violent 
    descriptions of people dying in very explicit ways, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!
    Also, if you have any comments, questions, or smart remarks, drop me a line at
    goob666@hotmail.com.  But please don't ask me where to get a copy of Thrill
    Kill.  I will just ignore you.  Enjoy!
    BASIC MOVES:								   <1.0>
    Thrill Kill has buttons similar to the Tekken series. (sort of)  If you don't
    like the button positioning, you can change it in the configure controller
    option in the option screen.  The buttons are as follows for a character facing
    L2 = Crouch				R2 = Nothing
    L1 = Block				R1 = Nothing
    Up = Moves character up			  Triangle = Strong(er) punch  
    Left = Moves character back		  Square = Weak(er) punch
    Right = Moves character forward		  Circle = Strong(er) kick
    Down = Moves character down		  Eks(X) = Weak(er) kick
    	Select = Nothing	Start = Pauses the game
    Note: In most instances, these buttons apply.  But it varies between some 
    characters.  So strong(er) SHOULD be stronger than weak(er).  But not 
    always.  For one thing, Judas doesn't even have legs so he doesn't have
    a weak(er) or strong(er) kick.  He just has two sets of punches.  Same 
    with Mammoth.
    Key:								         <2.0>					
    This is the key.  These are also the abbreviations I will be using:
    Triangle = [T]		Square = [SQ]
    Circle = [C]		Eks(X) = [X]
    DtF = Down to forward movement on the control pad
    DtU = Down to forward to up movement on the control pad
    DtB = Down to forward to up to back movement on the control pad
    [SQ]+[X] = The plus sign in the middle means to push at SAME time
    F, D, U, B = Forward, down, up, and back respectively
    **NOTE** When in the move list, if it says to hold F+D or B+D during a Thrill 
    Kill, It means RIGHT+DOWN or LEFT+DOWN.  Sorry for any confusion.
    *Kill Meter* = This is the reason Thrill Kill is so great.  This tells you
    when you can kill someone.  A round in Thrill Kill starts out with four
    characters in the level.  The character that dishes out the most punishment
    will have his/her meter fill.  And when it gets filled you get to do a kill.
    You can only do normal kills in the first and second rounds.  But after the 
    last round you get to do a Thrill Kill! (YES!)  The buttons for the normal 
    kills will be in the Moves section but the Thrill Kills will be in the 
    Character Moves list.
    *How to do a Thrill Kill* Right after you kill the last character in the
    level, it will show you all alone in the arena.  You must hold the Thrill
    Kill buttons BEFORE you are struck with lightning.  After you are struck,
    you can let go of the buttons and watch the killing begin!
    Throws:								         <3.0>
    These following moves every body has.  Don't worry though, each character
    does these moves differently.
    *Basic Throw 1* - This is done by every character in the game.  You can do
    this from both the front and back of a character.  Press [SQ]+[X].
    *Basic Throw 2* - This can also be done from the front and back. Press 
    *The Hold Throw* - This throw is used for multiplayer only.  What has to be
    done is you need to get BEHIND a character and press [T]+[C].  What will 
    happen is you will grab the opponent from behind and restrict them from
    moving.  You can also move them around with the control pad.  What is great
    about this is that both characters involved in the beating of the character
    (the one holding and the one beating) get a little bit of charge to the 
    Kill Meter.  You can do this in a single match but what good would that do?
    *The Swap Throw* - This throw is used mostly for when you are running away
    from a character that has his/her Kill Meter full.  It is sweet to have 
    someone chasing after you to kill you and just throw another person in the
    way instead.  It can also be used to turn the character backwards to grab
    them.  You need to be in FRONT of a character and press [SQ]+[C].
    *The Wall Throw* - This throw is used to slam a character into a wall for
    extra hits in a combo.  Not everyone has a wall throw.  It is just a 
    Basic Throw 1 or 2 from either front or back.
    Character Moves:						         <4.0>
    [X] - medium kick			[SQ] - straight jab
    F,[X] - medium knee			F,[SQ] - elbow smash
    F,B,[X] - spin kick			F,B,[SQ] - gut punch
    F,F,[X] - running knee			DtF,[SQ] - charged punch
    L2+[X] - straight leg			F,Dtf,[SQ] - charged uppercut
    					F,F,[SQ] - running shoulder
    					L2+[SQ] - low jab
    [C] - side straight kick		[T] - chain slash	
    F,[C] - snap kick			F,[T] - spinning chain slash
    F,B,[C] - sweep kick			F,B,[T] - back and forth snap
    Dtf,[C] - ax kick			DtF,[T] - guilty lashes
    F,F,[C] - running knee			DtU,[T] - chain twirl through	
    L2+[C] - sweep				DtB,[T] - lasso threat
    					F,F,[T] - running shoulder
    					F,B,F,[T] - nut cracker
    					L2+[T] - chain punch
    [X]+[SQ] - neck slice			***Thrill Kills***
    [C]+[T] - punishment
    [T]+[X] - taunt				*Chain Decapitation* - Default
    [SQ]+[C] - swap places			  Puts chain on neck and pulls,
    					  sending head to the ground.
    					*Body Splitter* - [T]+[C]
    					  Cuts in half with mighty 
    					  blow to the torso.
    					*Raising Hell* - [SQ]+[C]+U
    					  Chains come from off screen
    					  and pull limbs of of character.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [C]+[X]+L1+B
    					*Fever Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+F
    [X] - forward high kick			[SQ] - head jab
    F,[X]- psycho side kick			F,[SQ] - rising shoulder
    F,B,[X] - ax kick			F,B,[SQ] - super rising shoulder
    DtF,[X] - suicide drop			DtF,[SQ] - front roll escape
    DtB,[X] - slow leg sweep		DtU,[SQ] - neck breaker
    F,F,[X] - running spin kick		F,F,[SQ] - suicide spin
    L2+[X] - straight kick			L2+[SQ] - headbutt
    [C] - mental roundhouse			[T] - headbutt
    F,[C] - spinning ax kick		F,[T] - spinning headbutt
    F,B,[C] - psycho spin			F,B,[T] - suicide throw
    DtF,[C] - flipped out			DtF,[T] - back roll escape
    DtB,[C] - windmill			DtU,[T] - head case
    F,F,[C] - running spin kick		F,F,[T] - running body spin
    L2+[C] - spin sweep			L2+[T] - rising headbutt
    *DtU,[X]or[T]or[C] - losing it (press control pad to headbutt)
    Throws:					***Thrill Kills***
    [SQ]+[X] - butt swap			*Kick Off* - Default
    [C]+[T] - neck twister			  Jumps on characters head then
    F,B,[SQ]+[X] - donkey kick		  kicks it clean off.
    [SQ]+[C] - where did you go		*Sit and Spin* - L1+B
    [T]+[SQ] - lost it			  Jumps on shoulders and then he
    					  spins until head comes off.
    					*Corkscrew* - [SQ]+[C]+[X]
    					  Kicks them into the air and 
    					  jumps into them, killing them.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [C]+[X]+L1+F
    					*Butt Bump* - [SQ]+[C]+[X]+L1+U
    [X] - quick thrust			[SQ] - straight jab
    F,[X] - knee thrust			F,[SQ] - back slap
    F,B,[X] - forward heel flip		DtF,[SQ] - bitch slap
    DtF,[X] - ball kick			DtU,[SQ] - rising prod spin
    DtU,[X] - forward cartwheel		F,F,[SQ] - running prod swing
    F,F,[X] - running splits		L2+[SQ] - low slap
    L2+[X] - low leg jab
    					[T] - prod slash
    [C] - side kick				F,[T] - prod poke
    F,[C] - vegas vertical			F,B,[T] - overhead prod slam
    F,B,[C] - splits kick			DtF,[T] - prod swing
    DtF,[C] - slap kick			DtU,[T] - rising prod spin
    DtU,[C] - backwards cartwheel		F,F,[T] - running prod swing
    DtB,[C] - triple attack			L2+[T] - prod smash
    F,F,[C] - running splits
    L2+[C] - rising kick			***Thrill Kills***
    					*Choke the Prod* - Default
    Throws:					  Rams the cattle prod right down
    					  their necks causing an explosion.
    [SQ]+[X] - crotch crush			*Do It Yourself* - [SQ]+B
    [C]+[T] - slap and tickle		  Gives the cattle prod and coaxes
    [C]+[SQ] - swap places			  them into zapping themselves.
    [X]+[T] - moan				*Go Down* - [SQ]+[C]+L1+D
    					  This one wasn't supposed to be in
    					  the game.  Too bad for the ESRB.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [T]+[X]+L1
    					*Macarena Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+L1
    **Dr. Faustus**
    [X] - quick kick			[SQ] - jab punch
    F,[X] - crane stance			F,[SQ] - small uppercut
    F,[X],[X] - crane kick			F,B,[SQ] - dog bite shake
    F,B,[X] - front lunge kick		DtF,[SQ] - dog maul
    F,F,[X] - flying kick			F,F,[SQ] - running trip
    L2+[X] - front kick			L2+[SQ] - straight jab
    [C] - swing kick			[T] - scalpel jab
    F,[C] - spin kick			F,[T] - scalpel uppercut
    F,B,[C] - spinning sweep		F,B,[T] - low incision
    F,F,[C] - flying kick			DtF,[T] - stomach stab
    L2+[C] - flip				DtU,[T] - 1000 stabs
    					DtB,[T] - surgery swing
    					F,F,[T] - running trip
    [SQ]+[X] - surgery
    [T]+[C] - turn around slap		L2+[T] - uppercut
    [C]+[SQ] - dance with me
    [T]+[X] - sharpen the knife
    					***Thrill Kills***
    					*Mad Doctor* - Default
    					  Bites of their head.
    					*Plasic Surgery* - [SQ]+L1
    					  Puts a set of bear trap jaws
    					  on the character, just like him.
    					*Shake 'n' Spit* - [C]+[X]+D
    					  Grabs the character by the head
    					  and shakes until they fall apart.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[T]+L1+F
    					*Scalpel Ballet* - [SQ]+[T]+[X]+L1+B
    [X] - thrust kick			[SQ] - tiny jab
    F,[X] - rising knee			F,[SQ] - chest jab
    F,B,[X] - stilt stun			F,B,[SQ] - gut punch
    DtF,[X] - back flip kick		DtF,[SQ] - charged punch
    DtU,[X] - pommel horse			DtU,[SQ] - lost balance
    F,F,[X] - running slide			F,F,[SQ] - running headbutt
    L2+[X] - crouch kick			L2+[SQ] - crouch jab
    [C] - stilt spin kick			[T] - 'lil push
    F,[C] - stilt roundhouse		F,[T] - hopping hammer
    F,B,[C] - body drop kick		F,B,[T] - ear slapper
    DtF,[C] - forward flip kick		DtF,[T] - mighty tiny uppercut
    F,F,[C] - running slide			DtU,[T] - lost balance
    L2+[C] - spinning crouch sweep		F,F,[T] - running headbutt
    					L2+[T] - 'lil uppercut
    [SQ]+[X] - stilt to head		***Thrill Kills***
    [T]+[C] - body whip
    F,B,[SQ]+[X] - knee to the head		*Stilt to the Head* - Default
    F,B,[T]+[C] - stilt and spin		  Sticks the stilt in the their 
    [SQ]+[C] - swap places			  mouth and stomps.
    [T]+[X] - 1,2 little punches		*Body Possession* - [SQ]+D
    DtF,[SQ]+[X] - riding on papa*		  Goes into their body, causes
    *press [SQ] or [T] to hit.		  pain, then explodes out.
    press [X] or [C] to get off.		*Now Who's Tiny* - [T]+[X]+F
    					  Shrinks the character and then
    					  stomps on them.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[X]+L1+B
    					*Rump Shaker Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+D
    [X] - front kick			[SQ] - slap
    F,[X] - fierce kick			F,[SQ] - straight elbow
    F,B,[X] - thrust float			F,B,[SQ] - wind punch
    DtF,[X] - chiropractor			DtF,[SQ] - limb hit
    DtU,[X] - split kick			F,F,[SQ] - running hip rush
    					L2+[SQ] - straight jab
    DtB,[X] - super fool waltz
    					[T] - backhand slap
    F,F,[X] - running ball roll
    					F,[T] - corkscrew
    L2+[X] - crouch kick
    					F,B,[T] - flex float
    [C] - hyper heel			DtF,[T] - super flex float
    F,[C] - foot loose			F,F,[T] - running hip rush
    					L2+[T] - uppercut
    F,B,[C] - dislocating stun		
    					***Thrill Kill***
    DtF,[C] - cherry picker
    					*Spinal Adjustment* - Default
    DtU,[C] - flex fury			  Grabs on and flips them into an
    					  unnatural shape.
    DtB,[C] - super foot waltz		*Twister Kill* - [SQ]+[T]+[X]
    					  Grabs and twists them into a 
    F,F,[C] - running ball roll		  pretzel.  OUCH!
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[C]+L1+D
    L2+[C] - tweaked crouch sweep		
    					*Shake Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+L1+U
    [SQ]+[X] - private pounder
    [C]+[T] - violet hold* 
    *Grab the opponent again.
    [X]+[T] - twister
    [X] - head bash				[SQ] - low jab
    F,[X] - drum beater			F,[SQ] - tree chopper
    F,B,[X] - one arm slash			F,B,[SQ] - jungle greeting
    DtF,[X] - root shaker			DtF,[SQ] - uprooted
    DtU,[X] - gone ape			DtU,[SQ] - jungle fury
    DtF,DtF,[X] - swinging monkey		F,F,[SQ] - running ape
    F,F,[X] - running boulder		L2+[SQ] - strech
    L2+[X] - gym kick
    					[T] - two hand shove
    [C] - shoulder tap			F,[T] - double swing
    F,[C] - head beating			F,B,[T] - mosquito catcher
    F,B,[C] - monkey kick			F,B,F,[T] - jungle drummer
    DtF,[C] - rolling boulder		DtF,[T] - super float
    DtU,[C] - banana slamma			DtU,[T] - jungle fury
    DtB,[C] - falling coconut		F,F,[T] - running ape
    F,F,[C] - running boulder		L2+[T] - shoulder
    L2+[C] - gym kick			
    					***Thrill Kills***
    Throws:					*The BIG Punch* - Default
    					  Whoa, BIG punch!  Heh,heh.
    [SQ]+[X] - triple head bash		*Self Beating* - [T]+U
    [C]+[T] - grab coconut*			  Rips off the arms and continues 
    *Press any punch or kick.		  to beat them.  NICE!
    F,B,[SQ]+[X] - gone bowling		*Merry Go Round* - [SQ]+[C]+D
    F,B,[C]+[T] - rag doll			  Grabs them by the legs and swings.
    [SQ]+[C] - you go there			  You can guess what happens.  NICE!
    [T]+[X] - king of the jungle		*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[T]+[X]+U
    					*Monkey Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+L1
    [X] - rattle snap kick			[SQ] - stump stab
    F,[X] - over the barb			F,[SQ] - turning stump stab
    F,B,[X] - hickory heel			F,B,[SQ] - skipping elbow
    DtF,[X] - 'round the barn		DtF,[SQ] - dashing elbow
    F,F,[X] - runnin 'round the barn	DtU,[SQ] - backwoods beating
    L2+[X] - low kick			F,F,[SQ] - running shoulder
    					L2+[SQ] - stump jab
    [C] - front snap kick
    F,[C] - middle outhouse			[T] - hickory hook
    F,B,[C] - low outhouse			F,[T] - southern swing
    DtF,[C] - round outhouse		F,B,[T] - down the stream
    F,F,[C] - running 'round the barn	DtF,[T] - moonshine
    L2+[C] - sweep				DtU,[T] - backwoods beating
    					F,B,F,[T] - stump squirt
    					F,F,[T] - running shoulder
    [SQ]+[X] - arm on the cob
    [C]+[T] - fillet 'o calf		L2+[T] - crouching moonshine
    F,B,[SQ]+[X] - lip lunch
    [SQ]+[C] - doe see doe
    [T]+[X] - feast				***Thrill Kills***
    					*Feasting* - Default
    					  Cleetus jumps on and starts to 
    					  chow down on face.
    					*Fountain of You* - [T]+L1
    					  Grabs head clean off and starts
    					  to drink the blood.
    					*New Toy* - [SQ]+[T]+L1
    					  Decides his old leg sucks so
    					  he takes a fresh one.  YUMMY!
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[C]+F+D
    					*Victory Dance* - [T]+[X]+L1+B+D
    **NOTE** The following three characters are secret.
    Look in the secrets section to find out how to unlock.
    [X] - front kick			[SQ] - jab punch
    F,[X] - low front kick			F,[SQ] - stomach swipe
    F,B,[X] - power thrust kick		F,B,[SQ] - two handed stun
    DtF,[X] - uppercut kick			DtF,[SQ] - power uppercut
    DtU,[X] - backdraft			DtU,[SQ] - flaming shoulder charge
    F,F,[X] - running slide			F,F,[SQ] - running flames
    L2+[X] - kick				L2+[SQ] - jab
    [C] - side kick				[T] - fire eater
    F,[C] - spin kick			F,[T] - turning flames
    F,B,[C] - flame stomp			F,B,[T] - dragon breath
    DtF,[C] - ball of fire			DtF,[T] - incinerator
    DtU,[C] - quake of fire			DtU,[T] - combustion
    F,F,[C] - running slide			F,F,[T] - running flames
    L2+[C] - sweep				L2+[T] - flame puff
    Throws:					***Thrill Kills***
    [SQ]+[X] - rear ignition		*Blessed With Fire* - Default
    [C]+[T] - cremation			  Just toasts 'em.
    [C]+[SQ] - swap places			*Light a Match* - [SQ]+[C]
    [X]+[T] - light a match			  Throws a match and watches
    					  the victim burn.
    					*Let's Be Friends* - [SQ]+[X]+L1
    					  Shakes their hand.  OOPS!
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[T]+B+D
    					*Chant Dance* - [T]+[X]+L1+F+D
    [X] - fast chop or flip			[SQ] - right jab or flip
    F,[X] - slow chop			F,[SQ] - cross punch
    F,B,[X] - hand spring stun		F,B,[SQ] - gut kick pile slam
    DtF,[X] - drop kick			DtF,[SQ] - friendly fight
    DtU,[X] - multi backspin		F,F,[SQ] - running clothesline
    F,F,[X] - running clothesline		L2+[SQ] - jab or flip
    L2+[X] - pommel kick or flip
    					[T] - gut punch or flip
    [C] - cross swipe or flip		F,[T] - swinging gut punch
    F,[C] - forward lunge punch		F,B,[T] - gut kick pile slam
    F,B,[C] - handspring stun		DtF,[T] - power uppercut
    DtF,[C] - rising power fist		DtU,[T] - multi headspin
    DtU,[C] - multi backspin		F,F,[T] - running clothesline
    F,F,[C] - running clothesline		L2+[T] - left cross or flip
    L2+[C] - drop kick or flip
    					***Thrill Kills***
    Throws:					*Ripper-Roo* - Default
    					  Grabs and flips.  OUCH!
    [SQ]+[X] - triple elbow throw*		*The Re-Arranger* - [T]+[X]+D
    [SQ]+[X] - head grab and slam*		  Judas spins and changes the 
    *depends on which side is up.		  positions of the limbs.
    [C]+[T] - handspring slam		*Stretching the Limb-It* - [T]+[C]+[X]+U
    [SQ]+[C] - swap places			  Weird.  Punches them and the
    [T]+[X] - clapping all hands		  the body stretches.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[C]+[X]+L1+B
    					*Running Man Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+L1+F
    [X] - front kick			[SQ] - demon slash
    F,[X] - stomach stun kick		F,[SQ] - shin slash
    F,B,[X] - power front kick		F,B,[SQ] - double hand slash
    DtF,[X] - flying throw kick		DtF,[SQ] - turn to stone
    DtU,[X] - teleport			DtU,[SQ] - wings of fury
    F,F,[X] - running slide kick		F,F,[SQ] - running charge
    L2+[X] - kick				L2+[SQ] - slash
    [C] - sidekick				[T] - uppercut slash
    F,[C] - floating spin kick		F,[T] - power uppercut
    F,B,[C] - low sweep			F,B,[T] - horn attack
    DtF,[C] - rising power kick		DtF,[T] - demon flap
    DtU,[C] - teleport			DtU,[T] - wings of fury
    F,F,[C] - running slide kick		F,F,[T] - running charge
    L2+[C] - knock down			L2+[T] - horn slide
    Throws:					***Thrill Kills***
    [SQ]+[X] - demon scratch		*Mouth Full of Melon* - Default
    [C]+[T] - flying toss			  Eats the head of the victim.
    [C]+[SQ] - swap places			*Deception Kill* - [X]+L1+F
    [X]+[T] - taunt				  She acts like she is dead, and
    					  when they turn around, OOPS!
    					*It's Better in a Hell Hole* - [C]+[X]+L1+B
    					  Opens a hole to hell and takes
    					  the victim with her.  Listen.
    					*Thrill Kill Combo* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+U
    					*Thrill Her Dance* - [SQ]+[T]+[C]+[X]+L1+D
    Secrets:									 <5.0>
    There aren't really any secrets in this game, but there are a few tricks.
    **Play as the Bosses**
    Beat the game with anyone on medium, hard, and very hard difficulty mode to earn
    Cain, Judas, and Marukka.  It may be easier than this, but this is what I did.  It
    also helps not to use continues.  You can't use Marukka in arcade mode.
    **Unlocking the Arenas**
    To unlock the Sacrificial Ruins and Dante's Cage, beat the game on hard and very
    hard.  It also may be easier than this, but this is what I did.  After unlocking
    the arenas, you can use them in practice, versus, and team modes.
    **Hidden Outfits**
    To get the hidden outfits, do ALL the practice moves with ALL the eight characters.
    As far as I know, you can't get extra boss outfits.  To wear the hidden outfits,
    hold L1+L2 and then press [X] to select your character.
    **Hidden Practice Dummy**
    To get the Gimp, you need to do ALL the practice moves with ALL eleven characters.
    Then after you select your character, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press [X] on your 
    opponent.  You can only do this in practice mode.  As far as I know, you can't be
    the Gimp unless you use a GameShark.
    Credits:								 <6.0>
    I would like to give the credit deserved to the staff at PSM.  I got the Thrill
    Kills from their issue 14, October '98.  They already had a guide for a game 
    that would end up never to be released.  Congrats to a job well done.  I would
    also like to take the time to thank you for reading this faq.  It took alot of
    work typing all this stuff up, and I am grateful that someone is taking the 
    time to read this.  And if you don't have anything else to do, tell me how I did.
    Email me at goob666@hotmail.com.  Thanks.
    			Copyright 1999 Brooks Kruger 
    			Distribute freely, but give me the
    			credit I deserve!  DON'T ALTER THIS!

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