PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File08/25/01Super Asian131K
Chief Tamer, lots of megas in server, Saved before entering chaos tower.
Save Game File07/03/02Super Asian131K
Chief Tamer, many Megas obtained, all lvl 99, max stats, saved before entering chaos tower. Ready to fight final boss Gaia.
Save Game File05/13/06CodyBinford128K
Complete game. Tera Domain open for exploration. Tons of Lvl 99 Megas. No made up names, all original names used for hero and digimon! Also, all original attacks for digimon! Even playable boss digimon!
Save Game File10/02/16Majo128K
Digimon World 2 Gamesave (before final boss at Kernel Zone & before Rank 9 tournament, strong megas, no cheats, ultimate digi-beetle parts completed, no made-up names.)
Save Game File08/14/16HUEStorm128K
Game completed fair and square. Powerful Megas,Tera Domain unlocked, Digi-Beetle Maxed out. (G-Kuwagamon, H-Kabuterimon, M-Garurumon).

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