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"A great follow up"

-Visuals 8/10-

Boxing at its finest appears here. Putting you in control of some pretty colorful boxers, you’re treated to some of the best looking boxing moves, either legal or not, in any boxing game for the PSX. Each fighter moves with a fluid grace, and every hit comes off with a speed that is pretty surprising for the PSX in its twilight years. Each fighter is well detailed, and even though you’ll find that the ring detail doesn’t change, the fighters themselves, and how they move and act are pretty entertaining.

-Audio 8/10-

Crystal clear music that belongs in a boxing game, you’ll find yourself listening to a music track that doesn’t quite bore you, but doesn’t exactly leave an impact on your gaming experience either. When you reach a point to where you want to shut the music off altogether, you’ll find yourself grinning at the taunts and jeers of each boxer as they insult and taunt each other from the corners, or while boxing. Again, this is pretty entertaining in itself, and can go along way to the boxing experience.

-Control 8/10-

While a little confusing at first, the control is dead on once you have it down. Ready 2 Rumble 2 isn’t exactly for a novice gamer, in which some of the control combinations come away with a bit of confusion. Trying to land an uppercut, or land a right cross can take some work, and the special move combination can be a finger-twister. Once you get past this little bit of confusion, you’ll find that the control response is about right, and you’ll be knocking out boxers left and right.

-Gameplay 8/10-

It’s boxing, or rather fantasy boxing. You have a couple of modes to choose from, either the Arcade version, which is the actual game, and you can use either the offered fighters, or secret fighters once they’re unlocked. You fight through several matches, based around a rivalry with another boxer. As you progress, you’ll find that the difficulty increases almost exponentially, and you’ll literally be fighting for your life. This may seem a little overwhelming, but just learn to use the block button and you’ll do fine. One other one player mode gives you a chance to train and create your own boxer through exercise or fighting against computer controlled boxers. Once you get far enough, you can fight for prize money, or you can fight for title shots against the champion. This mode is a great way to unlock various secret fighters for the Arcade mode.

You have the generic versus mode, in which you and a friend can beat the crap out of each other, and once you run through the game a few times, you may find yourself playing this game just to play it, it can be addicting. Even though the computer AI can be a little tough at first, you’ll see that it’s really not that tough to go through once you have all of the buttons and timing down for the combinations.

-Overall 8/10-

A great boxing game sequel. While not as serious as Tyson for the PSX, Ready to Rumble 2 is a good party game, or even something for you and a couple of friends to use to work out aggressions. The visuals and audio are above par, and the gameplay is pretty good. The control is where some gamers might be turned off, and you may find yourself turning the game off after getting unfairly smashed in the middle of the ring. Either way, you’ll see that this game is worth a look, and definitely a rental, if not a purchase. Top notch stuff.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/00, Updated 12/21/00

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