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Reviewed: 01/21/01 | Updated: 01/21/01

Yet another awesome THPS clone.

**chuckle** So we have another one. THPS started the fad back a long time ago and now we have so many games of its genre it isn’t funny. TH, TH2, Dave Mirra, Mat Hoffman, and now this: Razor Freestyle Scooter. I must admit, my opinion on scooters isn’t the greatest of opinions, but I really like this game anyway. Not that it isn’t stupid, however, I just like it because it is almost an exact clone of Dave Mirra only with scooters instead. I loved Dave Mirra, as I do Razor.

The Graphics are bright, crisp, clear, and colorful, just as Dave Mirra was. (Sorry for all these Dave Mirra comparisons, but Razor is exactly like it.) No slowdown, great FMV’s, no graininess, no limbs going through walls, none of that stuff. Great graphics.

The Audio is very cool. The songs go along very well with the game, but I’m not one who likes punk all that much, sadly. If you like punk, you’ll love Razor. The sounds go along perfectly with the “scootering”; grinding, riding, jumping, everything. You can even rip the audio songs off the CD when you put it in a CD-ROM drive!

The Fun Factor is perfect. I’ve barely even started career mode because I spend so much time in practice mode. There are just endless tricks and combos to pull off (can we say THPS?) and secret areas to unlock. They even have a 2-player mode!!! (And considering its predecessors, it darn well better!) Perfect everything, and it only takes up one block of memory card space.

The Controls are the most identical thing to Dave Mirra yet. If you can pull a 30,000-point combo in DM, you can pull a 30,000-point combo in Razor. If you’re new to the show (nearly impossible), the controls take about five minutes to learn and get used to. Tops. You have your basic Triangle grinds, Circle grabs, Square flips, and X jumps.

To find out about the Gameplay of Razor, please refer to a Dave Mirra or THPS review. J/K, this is almost true, as every single thing about Razor is identical to Dave Mirra. Most of the tricks are the same as well. Everything melds together into everything else seamlessly, and you have tons of levels, “scooterers”, and scooters at your disposal. (You have to unlock most of them.)

This game has the exact same Replay Value of you-know-what. Scoot around, find this, grind, this, get this, score this, blah blah blah blah blah. The only replay value you can get out of this game is finding new combos and the 2-player mode. That’s basically the only replay value you can get out of this game.

Overall, Crave Entertainment did as best of a job that they could do, considering how many clones are already out there. I happen to like games like this, so that is a real plus in terms of THPS and Dave Mirra, and now Razor Freestyle Scooter.

To Buy or Rent, I would say give it a rent if you’re new to the genre, but if you love THPS or Dave Mirra, buy it definitely. You won’t regret it. And as I said before, the only reason I like this game is because I like Dave Mirra and THPS.

Graphics: 96/100
Audio: 84/100
Fun Factor: 100/100
Controls: 100/100
Gameplay: 95/100
Replay Value: 78/100
Overall (not an average): 95/100, rounds to 10/10

Good luck and happy gaming, my fellow video gamers.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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