Review by Madgamer

"Short, Sweet, and relatively stupid!"

Scootering. Not a bad idea to attempt to make a game out of it. Even if you are using monkeys and dolls made out of wood. But, non of the less, it came out relatively decent. Here's my educated explanation.

Gameplay: ??? That's all I can really use to sum it up. The challenges are obviously Tony Hawk rip-offs, and the incorporation of a story was very, uh veeerrryy, interesting. The multiplayer was very poor. Just pulling off a trick competition can get very bbbbbbbbbooooorrriiiiinnngggggg!!!!!!!! That's an understatement! To add to the multiplayer ''fun'', you're stuck with 3 levels and 6 level wanna-be's. The first level is a park, the second, a school, and the third, a a clock tower. The other 6 are mini games, known as Sky Fortresses. Beat these to unlock new characters in single player circuit. Speaking of that, we'll also speak about fun. Now, you start with Scooter Park and a list of challenges, which are collect wheels, Get points, and earn 100 bonus seconds. Beat these and you get the other 2 levels and the fortresses to earn characters, and you might wanna think about it before you get them, because they have tikiman, a monkey, and a robot, and a few humans. Tricks are another game all together. Each character has 2 specials, which can be performed ANYTIME! Unlike other extreme sport games, the combo's are limited, helping street scooterers ( or scooties) have the advantage against vert players. Can be beat in one to 2 sittings, about 2 to 4 hours. It's short and sweet. 7/10

Story: This is stupid. A robot takes all you friends except for you and one other. You pick to be a boy or girl, and set off to beat challenges the robot set for you. The completed challenges take you to fortresses where your friends are at. Beat the fortress, get a friend. Beat everything, the robot turns good, and he becomes playable. 3/10

Control:Same as Tony Hawk and just about every other extreme sport game. Not that that's bad..... 10/10

Graphics: These were really shocking!!! It's a cartoon! These animated creatures are so sloppy. Jaggies are everywhere. However, unlike the characters, the levels are very well done, even though they are still animated. What was lost between the characters and the levels? 6/10

Audio: So-so. One song was so good, I downloaded it off Napster, but other than that, it's a mess. I was very pleased with sound effects. The scooter sounds great in every condition, crashing, riding, and grinding. 7/10

Replay Value: None. Nilch. 0. ZE + RO. You beat it, you're done. Multiplayer bites. 1/10

Challenge. Same as above. 2-4 hours cannot make a game hard, can it? 2/10

Buy or Rent: Definite rent. A good game, but just too short.

Well, not much left to say, except good day.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/15/01, Updated 12/15/01

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