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"A nice game, but much like Tony Hawks"

Freestyle Scooter is a game based on young kids try to save there friends by riding scooters(stupid eh?) They must complete tasks like getting a certain amount of points(<cough> tony hawk <cough>) and complete the objectives given to get there friends back. Obviously this game resembles much like tony hawk, in fact, it IS Tony Hawks Pro Skater, just with Scooters instead.(For this review, the acronym THPS stands for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2)

These graphics were pretty rough at times, but yet still manageable to see where you were going. There are halfpipes, grinding rails, the whole lot!!. There were, at time some slow down but it is hardly recognized. The text is also a bit messy and small. Sometimes you can't read what type of move you have done. Tricks are well done, it really looks like your doing a backfilp, or a nac-nac etc.

Worst in-game music ever!! The producers, Crave Entertainment try to have music like the music in THPS, but it is a terrible attempt at it!. The music puts you off as all you can hear are loud bangs andheavy rock. Turn it down and listen to your radio, anything else wil do!!

Quite fun infact. Theres a whole variety of move to do, combos, grinds and challenges that will keep you satisfied. One minor problem, is this gameplay plays a lot like THPS, you have objectives to do like gaining certain scores, or finding items and by completing these tasks unlocks extra levels. The controls are just like THPS too!! Triangle to grind, Square and Circle to do tricks and X to jump! Completing objectives awards you with extra levels. But at the beggining the game only lets you choose 2 characters(boy/girl) for the first few levels which irrates me. And the characters don't have set stats, they are all the same.

I didn't really like it. Basically, some of your friends have been kidnapped and you can only save them by completing levels. It's kind of stupid but hey, who really cares about the story??

Two player is poor in this game. Basically a two player game lets Player 1 have a 2min run, then Player 2 has a 2min run, the the player with the highest score wins. Thats all!! You don't get to play at the same time, nor are there any fun modes to challenges each other.

This game plays, looks and feels like THPS, Theres even a school level!! Nuff said

People who have THPS:Rent before buying
People who don't have THPS: Buy
People who like THPS and want more of it:Definite Buy.

You may ask, why an 8?? This game is actually a solid title for the PSX, pity it plays much like THPS

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/18/01, Updated 12/18/01

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