Where can I find cooking utensils?

  1. I've allready upgraded my house and got kitchen.
    How can i get utensils?

    User Info: popingpopcorn

    popingpopcorn - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    1st. Watch "TV Shopping" (Left DPad)
    2nd. You need enough Money
    3rd. Go to the Inn and then buy it, Phone Calls 10G
    4th. Wait for 3 days, dont overslept or you'll missed it, you know
    Zack isn't Patient
    5th. The Utensil(s) will automaticly placed on your Kitchen
    FAQ: There are Knife, Frypan, Pot, Whisk, Seasoning set, Rolling Pin, oven and Mixer
    FAQ.s: The Oven and Mixer are unknown how to get once you get all the other Utensil(s). Maybe after PowerBerry
    Note: Do NOT Miss 1 day to go to the Inn or else your Chance will MiSsEd

    User Info: popingpopcorn

    popingpopcorn - 8 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    =.=B but thanks i allready found it, too late ahahahah

    User Info: popingpopcorn

    popingpopcorn - 8 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    on saturday there is nothing like TV Shopping why?

    User Info: topman21

    topman21 - 5 years ago


  1. In Saturday, watch TV and you'll see TV shopping. they will tell you what utensil you can get and how much it is. After watching, go to restaurant and use the phone there. you will asked to buy the utensil(Of course you must buy) and three days later, voila. Your utensil is ready! You can only buy one utensil a week, so dont forget to check TV on Saturday

    User Info: RioFird

    RioFird - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. Every week on Saturday while watching the TV, press go to the channel that comes when you go to the right. Watch it and then go to the Inn and use there phone

    User Info: rosterli

    rosterli - 8 years ago 1 1

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