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    FAQ by Halbarad

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 05/02/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature FAQ
    by Halbarad, aka Timothy Maus (halbarad@fnord.com)
    Table of Contents:
    -Version Guide/Changes
    -Shameless Request for Help
    -Citizens Guide
    -Tool Guide
    -Recipe List
     >Vegetable Dishes
     >Egg Dishes
     >Rice Dishes
     >Noodle Dishes
     >Fish Dishes
     >Other Foods
    -Dating Info/Like-Dislike Lists
     >Your Child
    -Crop Computations, or What Should I Plant?
    -Planting Tips
    -General Tips
     >Power Berries
    v. 0.7 Long time between updates, I know, but work and school kind of take precedence over
           gaming! Added: additional information on cooking utensils, seeds, and a solicitation
           (Yes, I know it's rude, but deal with it!)
    v. 0.6 Some minor format corrections on the recipe list, and corrected the Veggie Pancake
           recipe (thanks to DoakA@msoe.edu for bringing this to my attention!) Also, added a
           tools section as well as a list of the townsfolk.
    v. 0.5 First write-up completed!
           Planned changes/additions: I need to flesh out the recipes a bit more (with optional
           ingredients) as well as adding some more to the "walkthrough" section of the guide.
           I'm also planning on adding an events guide, listing many of the major events that
           occur on a "random" basis (not like festivals and scheduled events, however.) All
           submissions are welcome; be sure to include your name and email address for credit!
    Yes, I'm advertising for help from all of you out there. I would like to compile an events
    guide, but unfortunately I do not have the time to go out there and replay the entire game
    looking for every possible event. So, if you'd like your name to appear here as a contributor
    to this FAQ, send me a list of events (along with a small amount of detail describing what
    happens in that event) with the subject "HM Event Guide" in the subject line. I will add the
    events I receive (with appropriate accreditation) to the next version of this FAQ. In addition,
    if there are any good ASCII artists out there, I need a title/header for this FAQ (what I've
    currently got is a little boring, no?). Either of these submissions would be appreciated.
    -Saibara: The local blacksmith. Saibara is a somewhat cranky old man who does such things as
    making jewelry or upgrading tools for you. He is helped by his nephew, Gray, who has been
    apprenticed to him.
    -Gray: Saibara's apprentice and your rival for Mary's affection. Gray is a grumpy sort of
    fellow who enjoys Mary's company at the library. He's not a very good blacksmith (yet), and
    he's definitely not the social type. He helps Saibara in the morning, visits the library in
    the afternoon, and stays at the Inn in the evenings.
    -Duke: The proprietor of the Orchard. Duke is an older man who is frequently drunk, mainly
    because he is angry about the departure of his daughter, Aja, who left the town to become a
    racecar driver. (The sports station on TV will occasionally mention her when it's talking
    about the racing season.) You'll usually find him either in the bar or at his home.
    -Manna: Duke's wife and local gossip of Mineral Town. Manna is the lady you'll want to talk
    to for buying wine or grape juice. She frequently nags her husband about his drinking,
    worries about her daughter, and talks everyone else's leg off. Manna talks far more than
    anyone else in the game, so bring a sandwich if you decide to talk to her.
    -Basil: The naturalist exploring the town and its outskirts. Basil has written many books
    (which can be found in the library) about the village and the mountain, and he is frequently
    found wandering around the mountain studying this or that. He is Anna's husband and Mary's
    father as well.
    -Anna: Wife of Basil and mother of Mary. Not much to say about Anna; she chats with Manna
    and Sasha in the square most afternoons, and she'll give you a Power Berry if you've grown
    enough flowers and you let her pick them.
    -Mary: One of the five girls whom you can marry. Mary is the town's librarian, and spends
    almost every day there, except on Mondays when she hikes Mother's Hill with her family. She
    has some attraction to Gray as well (who comes to the Library every time it's open), and
    she'll marry him if you don't marry her. See the Love/Hate section for further details.
    -Thomas: The mayor of Mineral Town. He presides over festivals and the like. He enjoys
    staring at 12 word messages in the Square for hours at a time and eating apple pie on the
    weekends with Ellen.
    -Harris: Thomas' son, the policeman. Usually seen wandering around the village and the
    mountain; is secretly in love with Aja, the daughter of Duke and Manna at the Orchard. He
    thinks (as a policeman) that it's good that everyone knows he's in the bar for several hours
    every afternoon.
    -Ellen: The old woman who lives next to the mayor. Formerly a midwife, Ellen now spends her
    days rocking in her chair and not much else. She is Elli and Stu's grandmother, and they
    both live at her house. As far as I know, no mention is made of their parents.
    -Elli: One of the five girls whom you can marry. Elli works at the clinic with the Doctor
    (who she'll eventually marry if you don't) and spends one day a week at her grandmother's
    house while the clinic's closed. See the Love/Hate lists for more details.
    -Stu: Ellen's other grandchild. Stu is a little boy who loves animals (he'll come out to
    your farm when you first get a cow, sheep, or chicken) and comment on it. You can give him a
    puppy after your dog mates with Hana at the Yodel Ranch. He spends his afternoons playing
    with May from the Yodel Ranch next to the church.
    -Jeff: The owner of the Supermarket. Jeff is a somewhat timid man who lives in a room in the
    Supermarket with his wife Sasha and his daughter Karen. He enjoys drawing, among other
    things. Duke tends to bully his around, and almost EVERYONE in the village assumes that he
    freely extends credit to everyone.
    -Sasha: Jeff's wife and Karen's mother. Sasha lives in the Supermarket with her husband and
    daughter, and chats in the Square most afternoons with Manna and Anna. She is somewhat
    concerned about Karen's tomboyishness, and tries (unsuccessfully) to teach her to cook.
    -Karen: One of the five girls whom you can marry. Karen is the daughter of Jeff and Sasha
    (making you wonder where she gets her energy from!); she has a sweet spot for Rick from the
    Poultry Farm (who she'll marry if you don't marry her.) She spends most of her time in or
    around the Supermarket, though she heads up to the hot springs on Tuesdays. Check the
    Love/Hate section for more details.
    -The Doctor: The village's only physician. The doctor is a somewhat insecure man who takes
    care of all the village's medical needs, though he feels somewhat unqualified to do so. He
    really likes Elli, and will marry her if you do not.
    -Carter: The village priest. Carter takes care of confessions and other church duties, as
    well as taking care of May and Stu in the afternoons (if you take them there when they ask.)
    He spends ALL of his time at the church, which is never closed.
    -Cliff: A wandering worker? Cliff is a vagrant who lives at the Inn and spends most of his
    free time at the church, praying. He has little money, and will leave the village at the
    very beginning of the second year unless you help him get a job. He likes Ann quite a bit,
    and will marry her if you don't.
    -Doug: The proprietor of the Inn. Doug is Ann's father, and is rated by most villagers as
    the best cook in the entire town. Doug is concerned about his daughter's tomboyishness, and
    seems to be eager to get SOMEONE to marry her. He is very emotional about his wife, who died
    some years earlier.
    -Ann: One of the five girls whom you can marry. Ann is a tomboy, the daughter of Doug at the
    Inn. She loves wildlife and the outdoors, and makes a trip to the hot spring every morning
    if it's not raining or snowing. She is a very good cook (having learned from her father).
    She marries Cliff if you don't marry her and if he stays in the village.
    -Won: The peddler. He is the source of all your other seeds (such as flower seeds) that are
    not sold at the Supermarket. He will also sell you a few odd items, such as the SUGDW apple,
    the dog ball, and a way-too-expensive Blue Feather. For the most part an honest fellow, but
    watch out for him all the same!
    -Barley: The old man who owns Yodel Ranch. Barley was a good friend of your grandfather's.
    He is May's grandfather and the town's seller of large livestock (cows and sheep). He will
    provide you with your horse(s), when the occasion arises. A generally cool old guy.
    -May: Barley's granddaughter. She helps Barley with some of the chores around the ranch, but
    is rather lonely since there are not many children in and around the village. If you take
    her there when she asks, she will spend her afternoons at the church with Stu and Carter.
    -Lillia: The owner of the Poultry Farm. Lillia is an invalid who takes care of the business
    side of the Poultry Farm. She spends most of her time at the farm, although she visits the
    Clinic in town one day a week. She seems rather harrassed by having to deal with her children
    all the time. Her husband has been gone for some time, looking for a legendary herb that
    will supposedly cure her illness.
    -Rick: Son of Lillia. By far one of the most hated characters in HM:BTN, Rick does most of
    the actual labor at the Poultry Farm. He is HIGHLY suspicious of Kai, and takes every
    opportunity to tell you of his suspicions. He is rude to his mother, and VERY overprotective
    of his sister Popuri. He likes Karen from the Supermarket, and will marry her if you do not.
    -Popuri: One of the five girls whom you can marry. Popuri is the daughter of Lillia at the
    Poultry Farm, and Rick's sister. She is VERY bored with life in the farming village and is
    wanting to get out of the town and see the world. She really likes Kai (and will leave town
    with him if you don't marry her.) She visits the hot spring every morning except Sunday and
    rainy days.
    -Gotz: The woodsman who lives behind the Poultry Farm. Gotz is the man to talk to about
    upgrading your house. He cuts down trees for a living, and searches the mountain for food
    when he's not chopping lumber.
    -Louis: The insect scientist currently staying with Gotz. Louis helps you find the beehive
    in your apple tree at the farm, and studies the insect life all over the mountain. He is
    usually found inside Gotz' house, so if you must find him, look there.
    -Kai: A wanderer who spends his summers in the village. All the girls love him, all the guys
    hate him. He runs the Snack Shack on the beach while he's in town. He is aware of Popuri's
    affections towards him, but is concerned since he doesn't want to settle down anywhere.
    Given enough time, he will take her away with him at the end of the summer one year (as
    opposed to marrying her), which will convince Rick that he's kidnapped her.
    -Greg: The local fisherman. Somewhat hard to find, as he's only out on the dock fishing a
    few days a week, and only early in the morning or late at night. You'll obtain your fishing
    rod from him.
    Ok, here are the wonderful little handy-dandy items that make playing Harvest Moon worthwhile
    (or at least not insanely boring!) The tools! On the upgraded effects, remember to hold down
    the Square button for each level you want to use-the farmer will change poses accordingly.
    (Note: On effects, the *x* format is # of squares across by deep.) The basic tools are in
    your tool box at the beginning of the game; the others show who has them (and how much they
    cost!) For the basic tools, upgrade prices are:
          Copper: 1000G
          Silver: 2000G
          Gold: 3000G
          Mystrile: 5000G
    These are NOT cumulative, fortunately, so if you choose to power up your tool enough, you
    can go straight from a steel tool to a mystrile one, for only 5000G.
      Watering Can: Basic tool
    Easily the most valuable tool in the game, since if you didn't have one, you wouldn't have
    a farm! You begin the game with a simple blue one in your box, which only waters one square
    at a time, but goes on to so much more!
     Blue: Waters 1x1
     Copper: Waters 3x1 (in front)
     Silver: Waters 3x2 (in front)
     Gold: Waters 3x3 (in front)
     Mystrile: Waters 5x3 (in front)
      Axe: Basic tool
    The second most commonly used of your basic tools, the axe is used for chopping up branches
    and tree stumps. Like all the basic tools (except the watering can), this tool will cause
    damage/make angry your animals, so be careful where you swing it!
     Steel: Chops branches only; 12 chops to remove a stump with this level
     Copper: 6 chops to remove a stump
     Silver: 3 chops to remove a stump
     Gold: 2 chops to remove a stump
     Mystrile: 1 chop to remove a stump
     *NOTE: If you want to conserve a bit of energy and your axe is at gold or better, a stump
    can be removed with 1 gold-level strike and 1 silver-level strike.
      Hammer: Basic tool
    Not one of the most useful tools in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, but there all the same.
    The hammer is used to both destroy rocks and flatten out tilled soil.
     Steel: Smashes small stones only; 6 hits to smash a large stone with this level
     Copper: 3 hits to smash a large stone
     Silver: 2 hits to smash a large stone
     Gold: 1(?) hit to smash a large stone           I haven't upgraded my hammer past silver
     Mystrile: 1(?) hit to smash a large stone       yet; that tells you how much you use it!
      Hoe: Basic tool
    Very useful in the production of produce. The hoe is used to till the soil so that seeds can
    be planted in it. In addition, the hoe is used to dig in the mine for ores as well. When
    mining, don't use more than a basic (Steel-level) hit, as the higher levels do not dig more
    than 1 square in the mine.
     Steel: Tills 1x1 (in front)
     Copper: Tills 1x2 (in front)
     Silver: Tills 1x3 (in front)
     Gold: Tills 1x4 (in front)
     Mystrile: Tills 1x6 (in front)
      Sickle: Basic tool
    Moderately useful. The sickle is used to destroy a plant, whether it be a weed, a crop, or a
    flower; it is also used to harvest grass for fodder.
     Steel: Cuts 1x1 (in front)
     Copper: Cuts 3x1 (in front)
     Silver: Cuts 3x2 (1 row in front of farmer, 2nd row centered on farmer)
     Gold: Cuts 3x3 (centered on farmer)
     Mystrile: Cuts 5x5 (centered on farmer)
     Fishing Rod: Receive from Greg (free)
    The fishing rod enables you to catch fish (duh!) To get it: Go to see Greg at the docks; he
    is usually there from Fri-Sun 7PM to 10PM. Make sure you have at least one empty space in
    your rucksack, then talk to him to receive the fishing rod. To use the fishing rod, stand
    next to a water source (other than your fishpond at the farm) and press and hold Square to
    cast the line. Hold Square until you hook a fish (the farmer will pull back on the line, the
    float will dip under the water, and on a Dual Shock controller, the controller will vibrate)
    and release Square to catch the fish. Unlike Harvest Moon 64, you will not always reel in
    fish; you may get branches, boots, tin cans, or old fish bones. Be a good citizen and throw
    them in the trash bin located in the town square, or the goddess may have to forgive you for
    littering! If you catch a fish, you can either eat it, sell it, or put it in your fish pond
    at the farm. If you have a fish (or more than one) in your fish pond, throw fish food in and
    they will reproduce. You only need to throw 1 fish food in per day, no matter how many fish
    you have. (Don't worry about it in winter when the pond is frozen over; the fish won't die,
    they'll just "hibernate" under the ice until spring.)
     Fishing Pole: Receive from Greg (free)
    Once you have 50 fish in your fish pond, make sure you have an empty space in your rucksack
    and Greg should show up when you walk outside at the beginning of a day. He will comment on
    how many fish you have, and then he'll give you the fishing pole. The pole has a marginally
    better rate of catching fish than the rod does (you catch fish a little bit more often with
    the pole.)
     Seeds: Supermarket, Won (price varies)
    Not really a tool, per se, but I put them here since they show up in your tool box and you
    use them with the square button. All seeds work the same way: they will scatter in a 3x3
    area centered on the farmer and be sown in any tilled square in that area. Remember to water
     Brush: Saibara's smithy (800G)
    The brush is used to care for your fuzzy animals. Simply stand right next to the critter in
    question and press Square with the brush equipped. If used correctly, a heart will appear
    above the animal's head. The brush is not effective on either the dog or the chickens.
     Milker: Saibara's smithy (2000G)
    The milker is used to milk your cows. Stand next to a full-grown, non-pregnant cow with the
    milker equipped and press Square. The milk will appear in your hands in a container. (TIP:
    When milking cows, stand either to the side or in front of the cow. When you stand behind
    them, they have a tendency to walk away and you don't milk them if they do. The exception to
    this is when the animal is faced into and is up against the wall.)
     Clippers: Saibara's smithy (1800G)
    The clippers (or shears) are used to shear sheep to collect wool. Use the same way you use
    the milker: Stand next to a wool-bearing sheep and press Square with the clippers equipped.
    The tip applies here as well: it's usually best not to stand behind a sheep while you shear
    it (unless it's facing and up against the wall.)
     Animal medicine: Yodel Ranch or the Poultry Farm (1000G)
    Medicine is used to cure a sick animal. Animals get sick when they're left out in the rain
    or are left unfed for several days. Stand next to the animal with the medicine equipped and
    press Square to use it. One use only, then you have to buy more.
     C.M./S.M. Potion: Yodel Ranch (3000G each)
    The miracle potions! Use them on cows and sheep to make them pregnant (C.M. Potion is for
    cows, S.M. Potion is for sheep.) Note: Cows must be large enough to give milk to use this on
    them, and sheep must be bearing wool. Stand next to the animal with the potion equipped and
    press Square.
     Bell: Yodel Ranch (1000G)
    The single most useless tool in the game, in my opinion. The bell is used to call cows and
    sheep, similar to whistling for your dog or horse. Since I never put my animals outside, I
    never use the bell. Equip it and press Square to ring the bell.
    The cooking element added to HM:BTN adds a new variety to the game not seen in any of the
    previous additions to the game. The concept was hinted at in the N64 version (with the
    presence of a kitchen, a refrigerator, and recipes that could be collected from the towns-
    folk), but no cooking ever actually took place. In HM:BTN you can build your kitchen, then
    populate it with utensils (a knife, a frying pan, a pot, a mixer, an oven, a whisk, a rolling
    pin, and a seasoning set), which can be purchased from the shopping channel (the Left channel
    on Saturdays); simply use the phone in the Inn to order the item. The money will automatically
    be deducted from your cash supply, and the item will be delivered on the following Tuesday (or,
    in the rare case of a hurricane or blizzard, on the following Wednesday.) If some other event
    occurs at the beginning of a day on your ranch (say, for example, Won shows up to sell you
    something, or the Mayor or Barley stop by to announce an imminent festival), simply enter your
    house and exit it again, and Zack should show up with your delivery.
    NOTE: All the seasonings (salt, sugar, miso paste, soy sauce, and vinegar) are available in the
    Seasoning Set, which is the last item you can purchase from the Shopping Channel. Once you gain
    the Seasoning Set, you will have an unlimited supply of these items.
    RECIPE LIST (not complete yet; have patience!)
    Note for recipes: () denotes optional ingredients, spices, or utensils
                      [] denotes a variation on that recipe
                      * denotes that I personally have not verified this recipe
         If all ingredients are listed as optional, the recipe requires at least
            one of them. A "+" means the recipe requires the listed item and at
            least one of the optional ingredients.
      HOT MILK
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: (Sugar)
         Ingredients: Milk
         Utensils: Mixer
         Seasoning: (Salt, Sugar)
         Ingredients: Strawberry, Milk (Honey)
         Utensils: Mixer
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Tomato
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife)
         Seasoning: (Sugar)
         Ingredients: (Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grape)
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife) (Knife not required for alternate)
         Seasoning: (Sugar)
         Ingredients: Milk + (Apple, Pineapple, Wild Grapes) [Fruit Juice, Milk]
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife)
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Cucumber, Carrot (Cabbage)
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife) (Knife not required for alternate)
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Milk, Cucumber, Carrot (Cabbage) [Veggie Juice, Milk]
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife)
         Seasoning: (Salt, Sugar)
         Ingredients: Apple, Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Pineapple, Strawberry,
                        Wild Grapes [Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice]
         Utensils: Mixer (Knife) (Knife not required for alternate)
         Seasoning: (Salt, Sugar)
         Ingredients: Apple, Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Pineapple, Strawberry,
                        Wild Grapes, Milk [Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice, Milk]
                        [Mixed Juice, Milk]
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: (Sugar)
         Ingredients: Relaxation Tea Leaves
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Strawberry (Honey, Wine)
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Wild Grapes (Honey, Wine)
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Apple (Honey, Wine)
         Utensils: Mixer
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Milk
         Utensils: Mixer
         Seasoning: Salt, Sugar, Vinegar
         Ingredients: Tomato, Onion
      MAYONNAISE (S, M, L, XL) *There are 4 separate recipes for Mayonnaise, depending
                                on what size egg you use.
         Utensils: Whisk
         Seasoning: Vinegar
         Ingredients: Egg (normal, good, excellent, gold), Oil
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: Soy Sauce
         Ingredients: Spinach
         Utensils: Knife
         Seasoning: Vinegar (Soy Sauce?, Salt?)
         Ingredients: Turnip
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: Salt
         Ingredients: Cucumber
         Utensils: Knife
         Seasoning: (Vinegar, Salt)
         Ingredients: Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato (Onion, Mushroom, Cheese,
                        Spinach, Green Pepper, Oil, Mayonnaise)
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: Miso, Soy Sauce, Sugar
         Ingredients: Eggplant
         Utensils: Pot, Oven
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Butter
         Utensils: Oven
         Seasoning: Salt, Sugar
         Ingredients: Sweet Potato, A Small Stone From Your Farm
         Utensils: Knife
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Bread, Cucumber, Tomato, (Boiled Egg, Mayonnaise, Butter)
         Utensils: Frying Pan, Knife
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Cabbage, Flour, Egg, Oil
      STIR FRY
         Utensils: Frying Pan, Knife
         Seasoning: Soy Sauce
         Ingredients: Oil, Cabbage
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: Miso paste
         Ingredients: (Eggplant, Turnip, Bamboo Shoots, Cabbage, Onion)
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Egg, Oil
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Egg
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Oil
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Oil, Rice Ball
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Bread, Butter
      JAM BUN
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Bread, (Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Strawberry Jam) *Include one
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Bread, Wild Grapes
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: (Salt, Soy Sauce)
         Ingredients: Bamboo Shoot, Rice Ball
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: (Salt, Soy Sauce)
         Ingredients: Mushroom, Rice Ball
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Truffle, Rice Ball
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Curry Powder, Rice Ball (Turnip, Potato, Carrot, Mushroom,
                        Onion, Green Pepper)
         Utensils: Frying Pan (Knife)
         Seasoning: (Soy Sauce, Salt)
         Ingredients: Rice Ball, Egg, Oil (Pepper)
         Utensils: Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Flour
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Curry Powder, Noodles
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Tempura, Noodles
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Noodles, Oil
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Medium Fish
         Utensils: Knife
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Medium Or Large Fish
         Utensils: None
         Seasoning: Vinegar (Soy Sauce)
         Ingredients: Rice Ball, Sashimi
         Utensils: Knife
         Seasoning: Vinegar (Soy Sauce?)
         Ingredients: Rice Ball, Scrambled Egg, Sashimi
         Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg (Honey)
         Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate (or Chocolate, Cookies)
         Utensils: Oven, Whisk
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg (Apple)
         Utensils: Oven, Whisk
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate
         Utensils: Oven, Pot, Whisk
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Cheese, Milk, Egg (Strawberry)
         Utensils: Pot, Whisk
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Milk, Egg (Strawberries, Apple, Pineapple, Grapes, Honey)
         Utensils: Oven, Pot
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Pumpkin, Egg, Milk
         Utensils: Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling Pin
         Seasoning: Sugar
         Ingredients: Butter, Egg, Flour, Apple
         Utensils: Pot
         Seasonings: Salt
         Ingredients: Flour, Milk
         Utensils: Knife, Pot
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Cheese, Bread (Wine)
         Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin (Knife)
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Cheese, Flour, Ketchup (Green Pepper, Mushroom, Pineapple, Onion,
                      Tomato, Fish)
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Corn
         Utensils: Frying Pan, Knife
         Seasoning: (Salt)
         Ingredients: Potato, Oil (Ketchup)
         Utensils: Frying Pan
         Seasoning: None
         Ingredients: Flour, Egg, Oil
    Note for all like/dislike lists: A star (*) denotes all items of this type with an
    exception or two, which will be listed separately in the appropriate place.
    7:40 AM-10:10 AM: By the hot spring (On rainy days, in her room at the inn-locked)
    11 AM-1 PM: In the upstairs room at the Inn
    1 PM-4 PM: Downstairs at the Inn
    4 PM-8 PM: Upstairs at the Inn
    8 PM-10 PM: Downstairs at the Inn
    Cake        Cheesecake  Omelet        Spa-boiled egg  Chocolate cake
    Salad       Ice cream   Fried noodles Tempura noodles Mushroom rice
    Sandwich    Bamboo rice Truffle rice  Grilled fish    Cheese fondue
    Sushi       Fried rice  Rice omelet   Strawberry milk Veggie pancake
    Stir fry    Curry       Apple pie     Pumpkin puffing Stew
    Mixed latte Dinner roll Curry noodles Chirashi sushi  Strawberries
    Jam bun     Fresh egg   Raisin bread  Relaxation tea  Scrambled eggs
    Apple       Tomato      Pineapple     Tomato juice    Sweet potatoes (cooked)
    Pizza       Miso soup   Sashimi       Fruit juice     Boiled egg
    Cookies     Tempura     Fruit latte   Happy eggplant  Strawberry jam
    Fries       Noodles     Veggie juice  Pickled turnips Pickles
    Mixed juice Greens      Veggie latte  Popcorn
    Turnip      Potato      Mayonnaise    Bamboo shoots   Sweet potatoes (raw)
    Cabbage     Cucumber    Orangecup     Eggplant        Green pepper
    Corn        Honey       Onion         Butter          Pumpkin
    Wine        Spinach     Mushroom      Truffles        Carrot
    Flour       Oil         Curry powder  Ketchup         Hot milk
    Grape jam   Apple jam   Flowers       Adamantite ore  Wool
    Small fish  Medium fish Green grass   Blue grass      Branches
    Red grass   Ores*       Weeds         Garbage         Poison mushrooms
    Fodder      Fish food   Chicken feed
    All days except Wednesday:
    9AM-5PM: Inside the clinic
    9AM-1PM: In Ellen's house
    1PM-~4PM: In the Supermarket
    Flowers     Orangecup
    Milk        Fish        Blue grass    Strawberries    Relaxation tea
    Hot milk    Cookies     Grape jam     Chocolate cake  Sweet potato (cooked)
    Salad       Cheesecake  Ice cream     Sandwich        Pumpkin pudding
    Sashimi     Fruit latte Veggie juice  Veggie latte    Strawberry jam
    Popcorn     Apple jam   Greens        Stir fry        Mixed latte
    Cake        Apple pie   Grilled fish  Chirashi sushi
    Turnip      Potato      Cucumber      Spa-boiled egg  Bamboo shoots
    Cabbage     Fresh egg   Mayonnaise    Tomato          Sweet potato (raw)
    Honey       Corn        Pineapple     Eggplant        Curry powder
    Spinach     Truffle     Carrot        Apple           Wild grapes
    Cheese      Bread       Rice ball     Oil             Flour
    Butter      Yarn        Wool          Red grass       Green grass
    Ores        Ketchup     Mushroom rice Fruit juice     Tempura
    Fries       Noodles     Pizza         Tempura noodles Pickled turnips
    Bamboo rice Pickles     Tomato juice  Sushi           Truffle rice
    Miso soup   Mixed juice Cheese fondue Strawberry milk Happy eggplant
    Curry       Dinner roll Curry noodles Veggie pancake  Fried noodles
    Jam bun     Raisin bread
    Nice days except Tues. and Sunday-
    8AM-10AM: By the mailbox between the Supermarket and the Clinic (with Rick)
    10AM-1PM: In her home (the door inside the Supermarket)-locked
    1PM-6PM: Inside the Supermarket
    7PM-10PM: At the beach
    If it rains any of these days, here are the changes:
    8AM-10AM: Inside the Supermarket
    ~1:30PM-4PM: At the hot spring
    8PM-10PM: At the inn (with Rick)-also here on Sundays
    If it's raining on Tuesday, she'll be at Gotz's house instead of the hot spring.
    Truffles    Fries       Wine          Sashimi         Pizza
    Flowers     Fresh eggs  Corn          Sweet potatoes (raw)
    Mayonnaise  Salad       Cucumbers     Pumpkins        Cheese
    Potatoes    Orangecup   Eggplant      Spinach         Green Pepper
    Butter      Pickles     Miso soup     Pickled turnips Scrambled eggs
    Greens      Stir fry    Cheese fondue Happy eggplant
    Stir fry    Spa-boiled eggs
    Turnips     Cabbage     Tomatoes      Bamboo shoots   Strawberries
    Pineapples  Milk        Onions        Curry powder    Mushrooms
    Bread       Carrots     Rice balls    Wild grapes     Flour
    Oil         Fish        Ketchup       Mushroom rice   Fruit juice
    Boiled eggs Omelet      Hot milk      Tempura noodles Tempura
    Noodles     Sandwich    Bamboo rice   Tomato juice    Sushi
    Fried rice  Rice omelet Mixed juice   Grilled fish    Truffle rice
    Veg. juice  Veg. latte  Stew          Veg. pancake    Chirashi sushi
    Dinner roll Wool        Yarn          Fried noodles   Curry noodles
    Cookies     Honey       Apples        Grasses         Weeds
    Ores*       Grape jam   Apple jam     Strawberry jam  Relaxation tea
    Fruit latte Jam bun     Straw. milk   Raisin bread    Mixed latte
    Cake        Choc. cake  Cheesecake    Ice cream       Sweet potatoes (cooked)
    Boots       Cans        Fishbones     Branches        Adamantite ore
    Fodder      Lumber      Chicken feed  Fish food       Pumpkin pudding
    All days but Monday:
    8 AM-10 AM: In her house(next to library)-locked
    10 AM-4 PM: In the library
    4 PM-6 PM: In the library-locked
    Mushroom    Truffle     Bamboo shoots Poison mushroom Relaxation tea
    Grasses     Grape jam   Mushroom rice Bamboo rice     Tomato juice
    Veg. juice  Veg. latte  Truffle rice  Raisin bread    Pumpkin pudding
    Orangecup   Mayonnaise  Pumpkin       Green pepper    Sweet potato (cooked)
    Honey       Milk        Spinach       Wild grapes     Strawberry jam
    Apple       Cheese      Yarn          Dinner roll     Strawberry milk
    Apple jam   Wool        Flowers       Cheesecake      Boiled egg
    Cookies     Fruit juice Hot milk      Ketchup         Ice cream
    Sushi       Fruit latte Mixed juice   Mixed latte     Cake
    Greens      Apple pie   Jam bun
    Fresh egg   Turnip      Potato        Spa-boiled egg  Chirashi sushi
    Cucumber    Cabbage     Strawberries  Curry powder    Tempura noodles
    Tomato      Corn        Pineapple     Onion           Wine
    Eggplant    Carrot      Bread         Rice ball       Sweet potato (raw)
    Oil         Flour       Fish          Chocolate cake  Tempura
    Ores        Omelet      Salad         Scrambled eggs  Noodles
    Sandwich    Sashimi     Grilled fish  Pizza           Miso soup
    Rice omelet Stir fry    Popcorn       Curry noodles   Fried noodles
    Butter      Fries       Pickles       Pickled turnips Happy eggplant
    Fried rice  Curry       Veg. pancake
    Branches    Garbage     Lumber        Weeds           Fodder
    Fish food   Chicken feed
    All days but Sunday:
    7:40 AM-11 AM: By the hot spring
    11:30 AM-5 PM: In the Poultry Farm's house
    Honey       Boiled egg  Hot milk      Spa-boiled egg  Scrambled eggs
    Fruit juice Ice cream   Sandwich      Relaxation tea  Chocolate cake
    Cake        Apple pie   Toy flowers   Strawberry milk Strawberry jam
    Rice omelet Apple jam   Pink cat
    Fresh egg   Tomato      Strawberries  Orangecup       Pineapple
    Milk        Corn        Truffles      Apple           Fried noodles
    Flour       Mayonnaise  Stew          Grape jam       Veggie pancake
    Yarn        Tempura     Ketchup       Bamboo rice     Truffle rice
    Salad       Fries       Popcorn       Veg. pancake    Pumpkin pudding
    Magic red   Bread       Chirashi sushi
    Potato      Cucumber    Bamboo shoots Cabbage         Sweet potatoes (raw)
    Onion       Spinach     Mushroom      Wild grapes     Curry powder
    Carrot      Rice ball   Oil           Butter          Fish
    Wool        Cookies     Mushroom rice Tempura noodles Grilled fish
    Cheesecake  Noodles     Miso soup     Pickles         Fried rice
    Curry       Greens      Stir fry      Dinner roll     Raisin bread
    Jam bun     Moondrops   Curry noodles Weeds           Adamantite ore
    Turnip      Pumpkin     Eggplant      Green pepper    Pickled turnips
    Cheese      Pizza       Tomato juice  Happy eggplant  Veg. latte
    Fruit latte Mixed juice Mixed latte   Veg. juice      Cheese fondue
    Wine        Grasses     Ores          Poison mushroom Branches
    Garbage     Lumber      Fish food     Chicken feed    Fodder
    Schedule: Once you get him, inside your house 6AM to 6PM.
    Hot milk    Straw. milk Honey         Wild grapes     Cheesecake
    Noodles     Ice cream   Cake
    Fruit juice Orangecup   Pineapple     Strawberries    Sweet potatoes (cooked)
    Carrot      Apple       Choc. cake    Mayonnaise      Milk
    Veg. juice  Flowers     Yarn          Branches        Omelet
    Fries       Mixed juice Tomato juice  Fruit latte     Veggie latte
    Mixed latte Pumpkin pudding
    Tomato      Fresh eggs  Ketchup       Scrambled eggs  Spa-boiled eggs
    Bread       Rice ball   Spinach       Relaxation tea  Happy eggplant
    Boiled egg  Pumpkin     Grilled fish  Raisin bread    Salad
    Sandwich    Grape jam   Apple jam     Strawberry jam  Miso soup
    Popcorn     Rice omelet Stew          Jam bun         Dinner roll
    Greens      Apple pie
    Wine        Ores        Bamboo shoots Chicken feed    Fish food
    Fodder      Lumber      Poison mush.  Curry powder    Boots
    Cans        Blue grass  Green grass   Oil             Flour
    Cookies     Truffles    Potato        Pickled turnips Sweet potatoes (raw)
    Cheese      Fish        Tempura       Fried noodles   Tempura noodles
    Butter      Onion       Corn          Mushroom rice   Green pepper
    Pickles     Sashimi     Truffle rice  Cheese fondue   Chirashi sushi
    Fried rice  Cucumber    Eggplant      Stir fry        Veggie pancake
    Red grass   Turnip      Cabbage       Curry noodles   Curry
    Fishbones   Pizza
    All computations based on a single field being constantly resown or reharvested throughout
    the season. First seeds are sown the last day of the previous season (with the exception of Spring
    crops). For those of you just starting out, Won is the peddler in the bright yellow coat; he will be
    found in the Inn between 1 PM and 5 PM most days (I'm not sure he's there on Sundays, though.)
    TURNIPS - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-120G
    Yield-9 crops x 60G=540G per harvest
    Growth time=4 days; 7 harvests per season
    Total=540G x 7 harvests=3780G per season
    POTATOES - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-150G
    Yield-9 crops x 80G=720G per harvest
    Growth time=7 days; 4 harvests per season
    Total=720G x 4 harvests=2880G per season
    CABBAGES - Available from Won from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-250G
    Yield-9 crops x 250G=2250G per harvest
    Growth time=14 days; 2 harvests per season
    Total=2250G x 2 harvests=4500G per season
    RENEWABLES (Note: You can get 9 crops from a renewable patch by hiring a Sprite to help you harvest.)
    STRAWBERRIES - Available in the supermarket; you must first have delivered at least 100 of
                   all the other Spring produce before you can purchase strawberry seeds.
    Seed cost-150G
    Yield-9 crops x 30G=270G per harvest
    Growth time=8 days, renewal time=? days; ? harvests per season
    Total=270G x ? harvests=????G per season
    CUCUMBERS - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-200G
    Yield-9 crops x 60G=540G per harvest
    Growth time=9 days, renewal time=? days; ? harvests per season
    Total=540G x ? harvests=????G per season
    ONIONS - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-150G
    Yield-9 crops x 80G=720G per harvest
    Growth time=7 days; 4 harvests per season
    Total=720G x 4 harvests=2880G per season
    PUMPKINS - Available in the supermarket; you must first have delivered at least 100 of
                   all the other Summer produce before you can purchase pumpkin seeds.
    Seed cost-250G
    Yield-9 crops x 250G=2250G per harvest
    Growth time=14 days; 2 harvests per season
    Total=2250G x 2 harvests=4500G per season
    TOMATOES - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-200G
    Yield-9 crops x 60G=540G per harvest
    Growth time=9 days, renewal time 5 days; 6 harvests per season
    Total=540G x 6 harvests=3240G per season
    CORN - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-300G
    Yield-9 crops x 100G=900G per harvest
    Growth time=14 days, renewal time=5 days; 4 harvests per season
    Total=900G x 4 harvests=3600G per season
    PINEAPPLES - Available from Won from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-1000G
    Yield-9 crops x 500G=4500G per harvest
    Growth time=20 days, renewal time=6 days; 2 harvests per season
    Total=4500G x 2 harvests=9000G per season
    CARROTS - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-300G
    Yield-9 crops x 120G=1080G per harvest
    Growth time=7 days; 4 harvests per season
    Total=1080G x 4 harvests=4320G per season
    SPINACH - Available in the supermarket; you must first have delivered at least 100 of
                   all the other Fall produce before you can purchase spinach seeds.
    Seed cost-200G
    Yield-9 crops x 80G=720G per harvest
    Growth time=5 days; 5 harvests per season
    Total=720G x 5 harvests=3600G per season
    GREEN PEPPERS - Available from Won from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-150G
    Yield-9 crops x 40G=360G per harvest
    Growth time=7 days, renewal time=3 days; 8 harvests per season
    Total=360G x 8 harvests=2880G per season
    EGGPLANT - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-120G
    Yield-9 crops x 80G=720G per harvest
    Growth time=9 days, renewal time=4 days; 6 harvests per season
    Total=720G x 5 harvests=4320G per season
    SWEET POTATOES - Available in the supermarket from the beginning of the game.
    Seed cost-300G
    Yield-9 crops x 120G=1080G per harvest
    Growth time=5 days, renewal time=3 days; 9 harvests per season
    Total=1080G x 9 harvests=9720G per season
    Planting tips
    I find that a maximum field size of 36 fields (3x3 squares) is sufficient to keep me busy
    all day. If there isn't a harvest on a particular day, you should be able to water all the
    fields (and any other chores you need to take care of) and still have about 3 hours to hit
    the mountain, go into town, etc. My recommended planting strategy (if you have a gold
    watering can):
     111 111 111 222 222 222
     111 111 111 222 222 222     1 and 2 are the highest paying crops per season, with
     111 111 111 222 222 222         1 preferably being the one that you harvest more often
        b             <-a            (as you'll have a shorter trip to the shipping bin)
     111|111 111 222 222 222
     111V111 111 222 222 222
     111 111 111 222 222 222
     111 111 111 222 222 222
     111 111 111 222 222 222
     111 111 111 222 222 222
              !       <-e
     333 333 444 444 555 555
     333 333 444 444 555 555     3, 4, and 5 are the other crops for that particular season-
     333 333 444 444 555 555          I always plant some of everything (for the fridge, if
                                      nothing else!)
     333 333 444 444 555 555
     333 333 444 444 555^555
     333 333 444 444 555|555
        c->             d
     333 333 444 444 555 555
     333 333 444 444 555 555
     333 333 444 444 555 555
    I also plant 20 fields of grass (1 for each animal that needs fodder),     X X
    and in the hothouse, plant 3 fields of pineapple (with the fat "C" shape)  XXX
    and one of corn-the corn will provide constant feed for your chickens, as  XXX
    it will produce 8 corn(or 80 feed) every 4 or 5 days-leaving you with a
    nice surplus. My recommended watering strategy: When you leave the barn (with this planting
    scheme) you should come out between the 5th and 6th columns of the field rows. Starting
    at the point marked "a", follow around the field in a circular pattern, from "a" through
    "e" and stopping at the "!" This will put you fairly close to a water source whenever the
    watering can runs dry (after 11 waterings). This assumes that you fill the can back up when
    you finish watering, or it won't work as well. On harvesting days, the watering may take as
    long as until 9:30 or so (RARELY, as long as midnight, if crops 1 and 2, and one of 3-5
    ripen in the same day.) Your stamina should remain intact if you've found most of the power
    berries and the secret fruit. (I have 9 and I usually "fall over" with about 3 or 4 fields
    to go.) With this planting strategy, I currently have over 1.2M G in my 3rd winter, and I
    developed this strategy just in the 3rd year. If you are running low on stamina, you may
    want to eat something from the kitchen to regain it. I personally find that boiled eggs are
    the quickest (and cheapest) way of using food to regain stamina, as it only requires 1 egg
    and restores a fairly good amount of stamina (usually drops me back by one stage, from
    "falling over" to "panting" for example.)
    For a beginner, start with vertical rows of 3 (using the "fat C" until you upgrade your
    watering can to gold) and expand them as you get the money to plant in the new fields. Don't
    bother to plow a field unless you can go ahead and plant in it; weeds will most likely get
    in and ruin what you've plowed, so just wait before plowing. In the first year, I would not
    recommend growing more than 18 fields (sections 1 and 2), as watering crops takes MUCH
    longer (and requires more stamina) if you don't have the gold watering can.
    Tips for specific seasons: The "easy-to-please" girls are the ones whose best gifts can be
         found or grown during that particular season.
    1st Spring:
    Since you will tend to be VERY low on cash this season, concentrate on growing
    turnips primarily. They aren't as valuable as cabbage in the long run, but you will get a
    faster turnaround on them, letting you get the essential upgrades early (such as the larger
    rucksack or the shipping basket.) Once you get 5 or 6 fields of turnips harvested, go ahead
    and plant 2-4 fields of cabbage. This harvest should see you through your first chicken
    purchase as well as seed-buying at the beginning of summer. Even if you decide against
    getting a chicken this early, at least visit Yodel Ranch once to pick up your horse. Also,
    you should be able to get the fishing rod from Greg (at the dock on the beach) early in the
    year, as you'll have a lot of spare time early on. Fish mostly in Mother Lake or in the
    ocean, as the stream contains mostly garbage. If you choose to stay out late one night, you
    may catch your first legendary fish-the angler. Chop wood if you get sick of fishing. One
    nice thing about spring-all the mountain produce is on the lower slopes of the mountain, so
    you won't spend 2 or 3 hours collecting it all. Pick your sweetie out now, too, and start
    buttering her up with flowers. None of the girls are particularly impressed with raw Spring
    produce (and you need the cash from them), so stick to mountain produce as gifts. You may
    be able to get 4 Power Berries this season-1 thru 4; you should definitely be able to get
    1 and 4.
    Girls easy to please in Spring: Elli, Mary, Popuri (toy flowers-collect these in the meadow
                                                        above Mother Lake)
    1st Summer:
    Generally, I try to run at least 12 fields during the summer-6 tomato and 6 corn. If you
    want to raise onions in your first summer, I'd only recommend planting about 3 fields of
    them, since they take a long time to harvest and will tie up time watering. If you don't
    have the basket yet, you should be able to get it in this season; if for some reason you
    don't WANT to get it, try planting each veggie in rows on different days (or delay watering
    a particular row for a day). This will prevent you from losing too much time each day
    harvesting, since if you get harvests of 48-72 tomatoes or corn a day, you'll be spending
    several hours a day simply harvesting. Also, remember to get at least 1 box of Pink Cat
    seeds from Won-once they bloom, you can start collecting honey, which will be there year-
    round. If you have a lot of spare time, try to catch your second legendary fish-the squid.
    If you got a chicken in the Spring, keep chucking eggs in the incubator until your coop is
    full; if you didn't, go get one. I personally wouldn't bother with cows, sheep, or grass yet
    at this point, as they're too much added trouble and expense. However, you will want to get
    the biggest rucksack as well as whatever tools Saibara has available. If you get tons of
    cash, upgrade twice-but that will depend on livestock and produce. You won't have as much
    time to visit the mountain in Summer as you did in Spring, but that's all right since there
    isn't as much produce available there now either. Again, all the sellable produce is located
    on the lower slopes of the mountain. Depending on how frequently you harvest, you may be
    able to start upgrading your farm. Do so! It's great if you can get the kitchen by the end
    of the Summer, but if not, at least try to get the Chicken Coop expanded. If you haven't
    gotten power berries 2 and 3, keep trying-you'll get there (but don't sacrifice other chores
    to look for Power Berries!) You can get Berry 5 at the beginning of the Summer in the
    Swimming Festival.
    Girls easy to please in Summer: Elli, Mary, Popuri
    1st Fall:
    Prepare to run your little behind off. Contrary to the first Harvest Moon, Fall is probably
    the busiest season of the year in BTN. You should be up to 18 fields by this point, and
    hopefully you've gotten time to upgrade your watering can to gold. If you have, plant AT
    LEAST 9 fields of Sweet potatoes, more if possible. Sweet potatoes are the #1 seasonal cash
    crop, and you're going to need that money this coming Winter! You'll harvest them every 3
    days, so you won't have much time for many extra activities. You can also plant eggplant and
    green peppers this first Fall; I'd only recommend peppers if you have a kitchen at this point
    and you want to start stocking the fridge. To top off all that busyness, you have the best
    produce of the year up on the mountain! You can collect truffles by Mother Lake (worth 500G
    apiece), as well as wild grapes and mushrooms. The only downside is that the produce is
    scattered all over the mountain; to get everything, you have to go almost as far as the
    meadow above Mother Lake, and you'll need a basket to collect everything in one load. Also,
    if your girl likes flowers a lot (and you have the 1st house upgrade), head up to the meadow
    above Mother Lake and collect Magic Red flowers. Give your girl a couple of them a day, and
    store the rest inside your cabinet. Flowers will somehow keep indefinitely in there. As if
    all this wasn't work enough, Duke (from the Winery) will come and ask you if you can help
    him harvest HIS produce! You can if you want; it will eat up a couple of days. Even if you
    don't take him up on it, remember to tell Cliff (the guy at the church) about the job; if
    you don't, he will leave at the end of the year. You should definitely have your kitchen
    by the end of Fall; you'll need it more and more as you try to get married. Try to get the
    farm to the 2nd house upgrade (necessary for getting married), and try to save at least
    30000G for the winter. If you have to decide between the savings and the upgrade, go with
    the savings, as the Mayonnaise Maker you buy with it (once you find the Adamantite ore) will
    help you make a lot more money quicker than the upgrade will. No new Power Berries are
    reachable this season; but if you have time (yeah right!) and you haven't gotten either of
    the 2 randomly found berries (2 and 3) go ahead and try for them.
    Girls easy to please in Fall: Elli, Mary, Karen
    1st Winter:
    Congratulations, you've survived Fall! Time to take it easy (easier, anyway). Most of your
    time in Winter is spent chopping wood and mining or fishing. You should maintain your
    animals, keep buttering up your sweetie, and CHOP CHOP CHOP! Winter is the best time to get
    lumber, as you aren't already tired out from watering and harvesting (and you have TONS of
    free time too!) You should have your kitchen by this point; remember to watch the Shopping
    Channel every Saturday and buy whatever kitchen tool they're selling that week. If you got
    the kitchen VERY early on, you may even be able to buy Power Berry 6! Always make sure you
    have at least 5000G on Saturdays, and remember-the phone is in the Inn, and you can call at
    any time. Power Berries 7 and 8 are finally accessible-make SURE to get them! If you don't,
    it will be another full year before you get the chance again.
    Girls easy to please in winter: No one! (With kitchen and knife, however, you can butter up
                                    Karen quite nicely with Sashimi; if you have the Frying Pan
                                    as well, Ann might enjoy some Grilled fish.)
    Power Berries:
    1. Hit the cedar tree in the meadow just past Mother Lake with an axe, and when the tree
       pleads for you to stop, do so. You receive a Power Berry as a reward.
    2. Keep fishing in the Ocean-you'll get it... eventually.
    3. Keep digging in the Mine behind the waterfall by the Hot Spring-again, this one is found
    4. Give a total of 5 grown crops (not mountain produce) to the Harvest Goddess (throw them
       in the little oval where the waterfall lands by the Hot Spring.) She'll give you a Power
       Berry for the fifth one.
    5. Defeat all comers in the Swimming Festival! A Power Berry will be your prize.
       (Tip: Alternate pressing Triangle and X in time with the BGM during the competition, and
        once you see Kai slow down as he nears the finish line, hit X like crazy and you should
        be able to win!)
    6. Keep your eye on the Shopping Network-you can buy a Power Berry for a mere 5000G once all
       the kitchen utensils have been by once. Make sure you've got enough cash!
    7. Same as number 2-except this one's in the cave in Mother Lake, which is only accessible
       during the Winter.
    8. Also only accessible during Winter-when you exit the cave, head around to the back of the
       small island where the cave is. You'll find the Power Berry secreted back there on the
       end nearest the two trees.
    9. Planting MORE THAN 90 flowers and having them all bloom will prompt Anna to stop by your
       farm and ask if she can pick a flower. Tell her she can have as many as she wants and
       she'll reward your generosity with a Power Berry.
    10. This one's the tough one. If you can manage to scrounge up 1000 medals by betting on
        the Horse Races, you can exchange them for the final Power Berry.
    11. The Secret Berry! Toss 3 cucumbers into Mother Lake from a spot right next to the pair
        of trees on the western(?) shore of the lake, toward the center of the lake. If you've
        got the right spot, Kappa will appear and comment. When you throw the third cucumber in,
        he'll give you the Secret Berry. (Hint: Save before you try this, so if you toss the
        cucumbers in the wrong spot, you won't have to wait until you grow more.)
    - Thanks go out to tons of people from the Harvest Moon MB at www.gamefaqs.com, without whose
    help it would have taken me a LOT longer to find all those recipes, and for answering a lot
    of those nagging little questions :)
    - Misael Villegas (chito10@yahoo.com), for the prices of the milker, brush, bell, and
      clippers, as well as a better scehdule for Elli.
    ยช May 02, 2001. All rights reserved. No part of this FAQ may be distributed in any form
    (published, electronic, or facsimile) without the express written consent of the author. All
    characters copyright Natsume, Inc. DON'T STEAL MY WORK! The following persons have
    permission to publicly display this information:
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, www.gamefaqs.com

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