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    FAQ/Walkthrough by UMAjiP

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     @@@@@@ @@@@@@                                                  
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      @@@@   @@@@   @@@@    @@  @@@@@@@   @@   @@  @@@@@@      @@    @@
     @@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@ @@    @@   @@ @@   @@@    @@ @@ @@   @@
     @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@      @@@@@@@    @@@  @@@    @@@@@@@@@@ @@@  @@@@@  
      @@@@   @@@@                                         
      @@@@   @@@@  #######   #######  #####   #####  #####  ###
      @@@@   @@@@   #### ## ## ####  ##   ## ##   ##  ## ## ##
     @@@@@@ @@@@@@  ####  ###  ####   #####   #####   ##  ####
     !!                 !!!!  !!  %%%%%
     !!     !!!!!  !!!!  !!  !!    %%  %%%
     !!!!    !!!! !!!    !!!!!     %% %% %%
     !! !!  !!  ! !!!    !!  !!    %% %% %%
     !!!!  !!!!!!  !!!! !!!   !!   %%  %%%
     &&&&  &&&  &&  &&&& && &&  &&&&  &&&&
     && && &&  &&&&  &&  && &&  &&&&  &&&
     &&  &&&& &&  && &&  &&&&&& &  && &&&& 
    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS) FAQ & Walkthrough
    Version STOPPED
    Last Update: 03-23-2001
    Sorry for all of this. What I mean by STOPPED version, please
    don't email me about harvest moon anymore. I don't have enough
    time and now I'm so busy that I can't update the Walkthrough
    for now. But I'm sure that there WILL BE another update!
    Sorry again, thanks!
    By Ulung MAjiP [ulung@bdg.centrin.net.id]
    best view: WordPad, Courier New (Western), size 10, no Word Wrap.           
    Anybody want to email me, please read this section
    first so you know how to email me. I need the subject correct
    so I can save much time to sort all harvestmoon emails.
    I  always check emails every Saturday/Sunday, so please be patient 
    if you send an email on other days.
    1. For Question,          HMBTN FAQ: Question
    2. For Tips,              HMBTN FAQ: Tips
    3. For Asking permission, HMBTN FAQ: Permission
    4. For both no. 1 and 2,  HMBTN FAQ: Q & T
    the email address is ulung@bdg.centrin.net.id
    And one very important thing, maybe I missed many emails. Please tell
    me and I'll be happy if you do. And sometimes I couldn't send a thanks
    email because some errors.
    1. Table of contents
    1. Table of contents 
    2. Introduction
    3. Legal things
    4. Updates
    5. The story
    6. Crops
    7. Animals
    8. Places
    9. Characters
    10. Tools
    11. Items
    12. Extensions
    13. Festivals
    14. Harvest Sprites
    15. Weathers
    16. Girls
    17. Mines
    18. Seasons 
    19. Events
    20. Secrets
    21. Tips
    22. FAQs
    23. My Farm
    24. Recipes
    25. Weird Things
    26. Birthdays
    27. Credits
    2. Introduction
    HI I'm Ulung MAjiP, I made this FAQ because I'm a big fan of Harvest
    Moon: Back to Nature. Oh you maybe feeling bored now to read this 
    section. And a thing I don't have the Japanese version, Harvest Moon 
    64 or Harvest Moon GBC so don't ask me about those games. This is 
    my first FAQ so please You should understand this FAQ is not that 
    complete. And other thing, if anyone want to give any corrections 
    and other info or want to ask something please email me at
    And Indonesian can email with [Bahasa Indonesia], not [Sunda or 
    other]. I think I won't accept email that contains fucking things
    so please email with corrections, and good positive other things. 
    Just if you do a hard work, and then other peoples do not appreciate 
    your hard work, think about that. So once again please understand. 
    I think that's all for the Introduction.
    3. Legal things
    This FAQ is (c) 2000-2001 by Ulung MAjiP, never use this FAQ for 
    profits, and for personal use only. Email me at 
    [ulung@bdg.centrin.net.id] to get permission if you want to put this 
    FAQ on your site. I think that's all. I don't want everyone bored.
    4. Updates
    12-24-2000 version 0.1
    Just made the table of contents and introduction, and some parts of
    legal things.
    12-25-2000 version 0.2
    Finished legal things and made this section, fixed some errors.
    Added Story, Crops and Animal sections. Finished the story section.
    12-26-2000 version 0.3
    Continued the animals part, made the Ascii art. Fixed some parts of
    the contents, fixed the updates part (;P) finished the animals part,
    made the places section.
    01-07-2001 version 0.4
    Oh after the long time, then here is another part of the updates.
    Continued the Places section.
    01-12-2001 version 0.5
    Okay long time, no update, and the reason is nothing but SCHOOL.
    That's it. Finished the Places section, fixed the contents and
    other things, finished and made the characters section, made
    the tools section.
    01-13-2001 version 0.6
    Continued the tools section. Fixed the places, characters, and
    animals section, finished the ascii art, fixed the title, finished
    the tools section, made the items section, fixed some places
    section, finished the items section, made the extensions section.
    01-14-2001 version 0.7
    Both made and finished the festivals section, finished the extensions
    section, made and finished the harvest sprites section, made the
    weather section, finished it, made the girl section, fixed the 
    introduction section.
    01-19-2001 version 0.8
    Finished the girls section, made the mines section and finished this,
    made and finished the season section, made the event section, made
    the secrets section, made the tips section, FAQs section, made and
    finished the My Farm section, made credit section and recipes section.
    01-20-2001 version 0.9
    Continued many sections like tips secrets, event, and other.
    01-26-2001 version 1.0
    Continued all unfinished sections. Made weird things section.
    02-02-2001 version 1.1
    Phew! I'm really tired. Added alot more tips and questions, secret
    too, and put many tips from emails too. I say million thanks for
    everyone helping. Added more infos Girls section, some minor
    corrections, weird things section, legendary fish in secret and
    added little things more.
    02-04-2001 version 1.2
    Added more tips and questions, some minor correction in the animals
    section. Added more events too.
    02-09-2001 version 1.3
    Oh! Long time no updates! Sorry, but the reason is again, school!
    Added tons of many things!
    02-10-2001 version 1.4
    Added another recipe, and some tips.
    02-23-2001 version 1.5
    Oh! I'm really sorry! I was sick last week so I couldn't update the
    FAQ. Really sorry. This will be a very large update because I got so
    many emails now. Added many more tips, corrections, weird things,
    and I'm planning to make a walkthrough now. After I beat the game,
    I'll play once again so I can make a walkthrough. And another thing,
    please look for the last update before you email me.
    02-24-2001 version 1.6
    Continued yesterday update. Added little more tips and secrets.
    02-25-2001 version 1.7
    Checked the missed emails! Got alot of variation from Alissa M Deise.
    03-03-2001 version 1.8
    Continued all varations, and finished it. Please everybody emails and
    tell me all your tips you know.
    03-10-2001 version 1.9
    Added many more tips and questions, and added the birthday section,
    and I'm planning to sort the tips section so you don't need to search
    hard. Really it's a long time with no update, and I hope this update
    will make the faq better and better.
    03-11-2001 version 2.0
    Continued yesterday update and finished the birthday section.
    03-12-2001 version 2.1
    Fixed errors and added corrections. Not many added. Added the chicken
    03-23-2001 version 2.2
    About this long time, i'm updating but i haven't send the update yet!
    Now I'm adding tips, secrets, and weird things from emails.
    Okay I think that's all and let's start!
    5. The story
    Okay, this is the story. 10 years ago, you and your father had a plan
    for a family trip, but it's canceled because your father had another
    work. So he allowed you to spent some days on your granpa's farm.
    But you couldn't play with him because he was very busy. So you
    played alone and met a girl. You played alot with her. Then you
    promised to visit her again someday. Now you come back there and have
    to take care of your granpa's farm that is a real messs!!! Weeds, 
    rocks, stones, and stumps everywhere. The mayor give you 3 years to 
    make the farm back like it was.
    6. Crops
    First you should know that you can get crop seeds from the 
    supermarket and Won the Chinese salesman. Seeds in the Supermarket 
    are cheap and different every seasons. The seeds from Won are strange 
    and expensive but most of Won's seeds will make more profit than the
    seeds from the Supermarket. Won sell flower seeds too. You can 
    spread each bag for 3X3 squares, but you can't water the center
    square after the seed grows, except if you have an upgraded watering
    can, or you can ask harvest sprites for watering it. They can water
    the center square. And if the crop can regrows, you can't harvest the
    center square, except if you, again ask harvest sprites to harvest it.
    -So if you can't get help from those sprites yet, or you don't have
    an upgraded watering can, you can make the field like this:
    [][][] So you can water and harvest from the center.
    []  [] But sometimes weeds grow in the center, so you can't get to
    [][][] the center.
    -Spread the seeds from the center, like this:
    [][][] {}=You
    []{}[] Then press the [] button so you spread it.
    [][][] The weed can grow in the {} place.
    -So after you spread it, then it will look like this:
    [::][::][::] The :: are the seeds.
    [::]    [::] After some days it will grow and grow
    [::][::][::] so you can harvest it.
    -You should make the field like this, so you can harvest every crops:
    [][][] [][][] So you can go water all the crops
    []  [] []  [] { } (Spaces) = path
    [][][] [][][] And don't forget to cut every weeds with the sickle.
                  You can cut weeds with sickle or by picking it, but
    [][][] [][][] I think you should use the sickle so you'll get
    []  [] []  [] experience then you can upgrade the sickle.
    [][][] [][][] Don't forget to water them if you want them to grow.
    [][][] [][][] Make the field like this after you upgraded your
    [][][] [][][] watering can because you can water the center part of
    [][][] [][][] the crops.
    Here are the crop list.
    A. Supermarket
    1. Spring:
    a. Turnip
    Price: 120g
    Sell for each crop: 60g
    Regrow: not available
    b. Potato
    Price: 150g
    Sell for each crop: 80g
    Regrow: not available
    c. Cucumber
    Price: 200g
    Sell for each crop: 100g
    Regrow: 5 days
    2. Summer
    a. Corn
    Price: 300g
    Sell for each crop: 100g
    Regrow: 5 days
    b. Tomato
    Price: 200g
    Sell for each crop: 60g
    Regrow: 3 days
    c. Onion
    Price: 150g
    Sell for each crop: 80g
    Regrow: not available
    3. Fall
    a. Sweet Potato
    Price: 300g
    Sell for each crop: 120g
    Regrow: 3 days
    b. Eggplant
    Price: 120g
    Sell for each crop: 80g
    Regrow: 3 days
    c. Carrot
    Price: 300g
    Sell for each crop: 120g
    Regrow: not available
    4. Winter
    There isn't any crop you can plant in this season until you have a
    hot house. But you can do other things like digging in the mine on
    the small island in the mother hill, and you can go fishing all
    day too. And for more information about the hot house you can see
    the Upgrades and extensions section.
    5. All seasons except winter
    There is a seed that can grow at any season except winter, it's
    grass. When it's totally grown you can cut it with the sickle to
    make a fodder, or you can let your cows or sheeps eat it directly to
    the field. And if your livestocks eat it directly, it will regrow 
    a. Grass
    Price: 500
    Sell for each crop: you can't sell this one
    Regrow: ?
    Grass will never die even after winter.
    6. And there are 3 secret crops you get after selling 100 crops for 
    every type. These are:
    Price: 150g
    Sell for each crop: 30g
    Regrow: 2 days
    Price: 500g
    Sell for each crop: 250g
    Regrow: n/a
    Price: 200g
    Sell for each crop: 80g
    Regrow: n/a
    B. Won
    He sells the same crops every seasons, and sells flowers too.
    a. Cabbage
    Price: 500g
    Sell for each crop: 250g
    Regrow: n/a
    b. Pineapple
    Price: 1000g
    Sell for each crop: 500g
    Regrow: 5 days
    c. Green Pepper
    Price: 150g
    Sell for each crop: 40g
    Regrow: 3 days
    d. Magic Red flower
    Price: 500g
    Sell for each crop: n/a
    Regrow: n/a
    e. Pink Cat flower
    Price: 300g
    Sell for each crop: n/a
    Regrow: n/a
    f. Toy flower
    Price: 400g
    Sell for each crop: n/a
    Regrow: n/a
    g. Orangecup
    Price: 1000g
    Sell for each crop: n/a
    Regrow: n/a
    7. Animals and pets that can make you rich
    Okay, now this is my favourite section!!! I like animals. They're all
    cute, but I don't like spiders, but that's out of the questions.
    Thanks there's no spiders in this game. Well, I'm an arachnophobian.
    That's enough for the spiders, so let's talk about cute animals like
    horse, dog, fish, chickens, cows, and sheep too!!! They're cute and 
    can make you rich, too!!!
    a. Horse
    You get a cute pony by visiting the Yodel Ranch at the beginning of
    the game. All the things you have to do is brush it and talk to it
    everyday, and let it plays outside the stable on good days. Just
    bring it back to the stable at rainy day. For easier thing, put some
    lumber about 3X3 or 4X4, or larger 3X6 it's up to you, make it in
    front of the stable, so the horse doesn't go to far and you can push
    it to the stable easily on rainy day. After 1 year, your horse will 
    grow up and you can ride it, and you can use its saddlebag for the
    shipment, and you can join the horse race festival, too!!! And don't
    forget to ride it everyday so it'll be a good well-trained horse.
    And the good thing is you don't need to feed it!!! Don't forget
    to whistle it too. For the info about the brush look at the tools
    b. Dog
    You get this cute small thing for free, you know it's already there
    with you in the beginning of the game. You don't need to feed this
    one too. Just whistle, and pick it everyday. Once it totally grown 
    up, Won will sell a dogball for 100g. Use the ball to train it, so
    your dog will drive stray dogs away and help you gather cows and
    sheep when you use the bell. And you can join the dog race festival
    too, and you'll win if your dog is a well-trained, so train it 
    everyday!!! For more info about the dog ball look at it at the tool
    section, and for the dog race festival look at the festival section.
    c. Fish
    This one's interesting. You can get this little cute animal from
    fishing. You have to feed it, and you can buy it at the supermarket.
    It's very cheap and you just need to put one fish feed to the pond
    even if there are many fish there. It'll multiply when it's grown.
    And you can't feed, take or add fish to the fish pond during winter.
    For information about how to fish, look at the tools section.
    d. Chicken
    Now this is my favourite animal. You can get this eggmaker thing 
    from buying it at the Poultry farm. It's worth 1500g, but you just
    need to buy one, and it will lay eggs if you feed it everyday. For
    the chicken food buy it at the Poultry farm, or throw a corn at the
    watermill on the river to make 10 chicken feed. Then after it lays
    egg you can hatch it by placing it at the incubator. It will hatch
    after 3 days. You can have 5 chickens at the henhouse, but if you
    upgrade the henhouse then you can have up to 10 chicken. And eggs
    they lay have different types, like good, excellent, and other.
    Different quality will result different mayonnaise, the bigger
    the better. For upgrading the henhouse look at the upgrade and 
    extensions section.
    e. Cow
    Hey look at those funny spots! This livestock will give you alot of
    money, and its feed is cheap. Give it fodder for its feed and every-
    day it will give you milk, after it's grown. You can see if it's
    bigger than you. You can pasture cows outside to eat grasses,
    so they'll eat directly to the field. The grass will grow faster.
    Another thing give it Cow Miracle Potion (C. M. Potion) to make
    it pregnant, but you can't milk it while it's pregnant. And after
    your cows have more hearts, the milk type will changes. For some
    hearts it will give you S Milk, then many hearts will give you M
    Milk, alot of hearts will give you B Milk, and winning the cows
    festival will give you G Milk. Brush, talk, and milk them every-
    day to make them happy. You can have up to 20 cows and sheeps after
    you upgraded your barn. For the things about milker look at the
    tools section. And the barn look extensions section.
    f. Sheep
    Those warm wools are good to make a blanket! This one is fun and
    can make you pretty much money! Its feed's the same, the fodder.
    And you can pasture it too. You can cut their wool with the
    clippers every week, after it's grown up. I think the Wool type's
    the same with Cow's milk types, and about the hearts, too. Brush
    and talk with them everyday too. You can have up to 20 cows and 
    sheeps after you upgraded the barn extension. For stuff on 
    clippers look at tools section. Look at the extensions for barn
    That's all for the animals, and one thing beware of stray dogs!
    They can hurts your animals and their hearts will decrease!!!
    Have your dog trained well with the ball so it will drive stray
    dogs away. And another thing never pasture all of your animals
    on rainy and snowy days, and keep your animals inside their place
    when there is a hurricane or blizzard on the farm. Don't forget
    to ask for help to sprites to take care of your animals before
    the bad weathers come, and don't ask them all! Ask some so you
    can ask another free sprites when your another asked sprites' 
    time is over. And don't forget to watch the television everyday
    for the "Life on the Farm", "Tomorrow's Weather Forecast", "TV
    Shoppings", "News", and "The Delicious Hour".
    8. Places in Mineral Town
    This is very important, you should remember all the place as soon as
    possible when you start the game. And it's important because you need
    to know what's the fastest way to go to some places. If you lost, 
    just press the select button to open the map: You can see the whole 
    mineral town from here, and you can find where is your dog when it's 
    lost. And this game is like the real life, peoples are moving from
    some places to other places, and they're hard to find.
    And this is the list:
    1. The farm
    A. Your house: Here is your house where you can sleep and rest. There 
                   is a television, a bed, a clock, a bookshelf, and some 
                   another things. After you upgraded your house, there 
                   will be more another things like kitchen, and for the 
                   extensions of your house, look at the extension section.
    B. The henhouse: You can grow your hens here, and this is where you
                     feed them. For the info on hen, look at the animals
                     section, and the henhouse extension look at the
                     extension section.
    C. The barn: This is where you grow cows and sheeps. About the cows
                 and sheeps look at the animals section, and for the
                 extension, look at the extension section.
    D. Fish pond: Put fish here because this is the place to grow fish.
                  To get fish you must fish, and for the informations,
                  look at the tools section and animals section.
    E. Stable: This is your horse's stable. Put your horse here when it's
               raining. For the horse, look at animals section.
    F. Other things: a. Apple tree, you get 3 apples on Fall everyday.
                     b. Hives on the tree, you get a honey everyday.
                        For information on honey, look at the secret
                     c. Your dog's doghouse, this is your dog's doghouse,
                        but you can do nothing here.
    2. Town Outskirt
    A. The Blacksmith: Saibara the blacksmith lives here, you can ask him
                       to make various things from the ores you got after
                       digging the mines. Gray lives here too.
                       Open: 10AM - 4PM
                       Closed: Thursday
                       a. Tool upgrades
                       b. Accessories
                       c. OO Makers -Yarn, Mayonnaise, Cheese-
                       d. Tools for your animals
    B. AJA Winery: Manna and Duke live here.
                   Open: 9AM - 0PM
                   Closed: Saturday
                   a. Wine
                   b. Grape Juice
    3. The Town
    A. North Town: a. Basil's House, Basil and Anna live here. They're
                      Mary's parents.
                   b. The Library, You can read alot of books full of
                      hints for the game. Mary's here.
                      Open: 10AM - 4PM
                      Closed: Monday
                   c. Ellen's House, Ellen and Stu live here. Ellen used
                      to be a Midwife, she is Elli's grandmother, and
                      Stu's Elli's brother.
                   d. Mayor's House, Thomas the Mayor of the Mineral
                      Town, Harris the police, and Kano the photographer
                      live here.
    B. West Town: a. The Inn/Bar/Doug's Place, Ann and her father Doug
                     lives here, they sell meals. Cliff's here too. 
                     And Won the chinese merchant sells seed from 1PM.
                     Open: 8AM - 9PM
                     a. Full Meal
                     b. Apple Pie
                     c. Salad
                     d. Cheesecake
                     e. Cookie
                     f. Water
    C. South Town: a. The Church, Pastor Carter lives here and you can
                      go here for weddings and confession.
                      Open: 9AM - 8PM
                   b. Harvest Sprites' House, Harvest Sprites live here,
                      and go here if you want to ask for help.
    D. East Town: a. Supermarket, Karen lives and works here with her
                     parents Sasha and Jeff. You can go here to buy
                     cooking ingredients, seeds, and other things.
                     Open: 9AM - 5PM
                     Closed: Tuesday, Monday
                     a. Seeds
                     b. Flour
                     c. Oil
                     d. Curry
                     e. Riceball
                     f. Bread
                     g. Basket
                     h. Rucksack
                     i. Blue Feather
                     j. Wrapping paper
                     k. Fish feed
                  b. Clinic/Hospital, Elli and doctor work here, go here
                     for check up, and buy medicine here.
                     Open: 9AM - 4PM
                     Closed: Wednesday
                     a. Bodigizer
                     b. Turbojolt
                     c. Bodigizer XL
                     d. Turbojolt XL
    E. Rose Square: a. The square, this is the place for many of festivals.
                    b. Trash can, throw trash you got from fishing here.
                    c. Bulletin board, infos for festivals are here.
    F. The Beach: a. Kai's Seaside Log, open when summer, you can buy meals.
                     Opens: 0AM?-???
                     a. Snowcone
                     b. Roasted Corn
                     c. Pasta
                     d. Pizza
                     e. Water
                  b. Zack's house, Zack lives here.
                  c. The shore, you can fish here.
    3. Outside the Town
    A. Yodel ranch: May and his Grandpa live here, they sell animals here.
                    You can sell your cows/sheeps here.
                    Open: 9AM - 3PM
                    Closed: Monday
                    a. Fodder
                    b. Cow
                    c. Sheep
                    d. Cow Miracle Potion (C. M. Potion)
                    e. Sheep Miracle Potion (S. M. Potion)
                    f. Animal Medicine
                    g. Bell
    B. Chicken Lil's (Poultry Farm): Popuri, his brother Rick, and their
                                     Mother Lilia live here and sell
                                     chicken. Sell your hens here.
                                     Open: 0PM - 4PM
                                     Closed: Sunday
                                     a. Chicken Feed
                                     b. Chicken
                                     c. Animal Medicine
    C. Woodcutter's House: Gotz the woodcutter and Louis the researcher
                           live here. You can upgrade extensions and buy
                           lumber, but i suggest it's better to cut stumps
                           to get lumber than buying it from Gotz. There
                           are alot of tree stumps here, and it will
                           regrow everyday after you cut it.
                           Open: 9AM - 5PM
                           Closed: Sunday
                           a. Henhouse Extension
                           b. 1st Own House Extension
                           c. Barn Extension
                           d. 2nd Own House Extension
                           e. Hothouse Extension
                           f. Lumber
    4. The hot spring
    A. The hot spring: You can rest here for an hour to fully recover your
                       fatigue. Throw an egg here for a spa-boiled egg.
    B. Waterfall and the river: You can fish here. For a secret about the
                                waterfall look at the secret section.
    C. The mine behind the waterfall: You can mine here with the hoe.
    5. Mother's Hill
    A. Side of Mother's Hill: a. The lake, fish here. For a secret of
                                 the lake look at the secret section.
                              b. Small island, the entrance of the
                                 secret winter mine. Look at the
                                 secret section for this too.
    B. Base of Mother's Hill: a. A big, grassy land, you can pick up alot
                                 of flowers here.
                              b. A cedar tree, look at the secret section
    C. The summit: Come here for festivals and event.
    9. Characters
    You should know everyone in this game, and here's the list about
    themself, what they like, and some other things. It's just good to
    know them, because it's not bad to become their friend.
    And here's the list.
    Yourself: Self Explanatory
    1. Popuri: Look at the girls section.
    2. Elli: Look at the girls section.
    3. Ann: Look at the girls section.
    4. Karen: Look at the girls seciton.
    5. Mary: Look at the girls section.
    6. Duke: He's Manna's husband, his daughter left the village. He 
             works at AJA Winery.
    7. Manna: She's Duke's wife, she talks alot because she's lonesome
              because of her daughter. She works and lives at AJA 
              Winery, helping Duke.
    8. Saibara: He's the blacksmith, he lives with his grandson Gray.
                He likes metal ores.
    9. Gray: He's Saibara's grandson, and he's your rival for Mary.
             He's trying to make Saibara appreciates him. He lives at
             the Inn.
    10. Basil: He loves plants. He's Anna's husband, and likes to go to
               the mountain. He made alot of books about plants and the
    11. Anna: She's Basil's wife, very nice, and she likes to talk with
              other at the rose square every afternoon.
    12. Ellen: She used to be a midwife. She's Stu's and Elli's grandma.
               She always want to see the flower of happiness.
    13. Stu: He's Elli's brother and Ellen's grandson. He likes to play
             with everyone, and he's little naughty.
    14. Doctor: He works with Elli at the hospital/Clinic, he's not very
                nice. He's your rival for Elli.
    15. Doug: He's the owner of the Inn/Bar/Doug's place. He's Ann's
              father and he's very nice, he also often scolds Ann because
              she always act like a tomboy.
    16. Carter: He's the pastor at the church, very nice with everyone,
                and he seldom gets busy.
    17. Cliff: He's your rival for Ann. He's very-really-extra nice. He
               lives at the inn, and he often sit at the church.
    18. Thomas: He's funny and he's nice, he's the mayor of this village.
                Just look at him when you show him animals like monkey or
                dog! Very funnnnnnnnnny!!!!!!!!!!!!! He lives at his house.
    19. Harris: He's the police. He patrols everyday, he likes animals,
                and he always says good things about everyone, and
                everythings. He lives at mayor's house.
    20. Kano: He's a photographer that want to shows humans and animals
              live together. He stays at mayor's house.
    21. Zack: He comes at 5PM everyday except festivals to buy things you
              sell (throw things at the shipping bin). He lives at his house
              at the beach.
    22. Barley: He's the owner of Yodel Ranch, he lives with his 
                granddaughter May, his daughter left the village, came 
                back with her daughter May, and then left the village again.
                Poor Barley...
    23. May: Barley's Granddaughter. She lives with him at Yodel Ranch, and
             she always gey bored and wants to play just like Stu.
    24. Jeff: The owner of the Supermarket. He's Karen's father, and he's
              a pushover.
    25. Sasha: Jeff's wife, she always angry with her husband because of the
               supermarket problem.
    26. Greg: He's a fisherman at the village, he'll give you a fishing rod
              (look at the tools section). He really likes a big fish.
    27. Lilia: The owner of Poultry farm. She's Popuri's mom. Her husband
               went off searching for medicine for her, and never shown
               in this game. And Lilia is very-very-very weak. She lives
               at her house the poultry farm.
    28. Rick: He's Popuri's brother, and he really hates Kai. He thinks
              that Popuri's childish, and treat her like a child. He
              lives with his mother.
    29. Kai: He's the city jerk, many peoples hate him, and he only comes
             at summer, and selling items at his seaside log. He's your
             rival for Popuri.
    30. Won: He's a chinese merchant stays at the inn from 1PM selling
             strange seeds and things.
    31. Gotz: He's a woodcutter lives at his house near the mountain. He
              sells lumber and works for extensions. His family died
              in a terrible blizzard.
    32. Louis: He stays with Gotz, and he's a researcher. He's researching
               anything about bees. For a secret look at the secret section.
               He likes honey, too.
    33. Chef: The red harvest sprite. He likes cooking and he likes flour.
    34. Nappy: The orange sprite. He likes flour and he likes to play.
    35. Hoggy: The yellow one. He likes to eat and he likes flour.
    36. Timid: The green harvest sprite. He scared of anything and likes
    37. Staid: The blue one. He likes flour.
    38. Bold: Purple-coloured harvest sprite, likes flour and likes to
    39. Aqua: He's the aqua sprite that loves to cleans and likes flour.
    10. Tools
    This part explain tools you use for farming, and to do other things.
    You'll get four tools for free at the beginning of the game, those
    tools are Hoe, Sickle, Hammer, Ax, and Watering Can. You can upgrade
    those four tools. The more you use the tools, the more experiences
    you'll get. To use an upgraded tool, you must hold the [] button,
    then release it. Hoe, sickle, hammer, and ax are dangerous, don't
    turn it on your animals!
    The level:
    1. Copper, hold until you move the tool a little.
    2. Silver, hold until you closed your eyes.
    3. Gold, hold until your face is red.
    4. Mystrile, hold until there's black thing on your head.
    A. Tools List:
    1. Hoe
    Use this to till squares, and to remove grasses from your farm.
    How to get: Free
    a. Copper, 1000g, 100% experiences, till 2 squares in front of you.
    b. Silver, 2000g, 200% experiences, till 3 squares in front of you.
    c. Gold, 3000g, 300% experiences, till 4 squares in front of you.
    d. Mystrile, 5000g, 100% experiences, till 5 squares in front of you.
    2. Sickle
    Use this to cut weeds, plants, and flowers.
    How to get: Free
    a. Copper, 1000g, 100% experiences, cut 1x3 squares.
    b. Silver, 2000g, 200% experiences, cut 2x3 squares.
    c. Gold, 3000g, 300% experiences, cut 3x3 squares.
    d. Mystrile, 5000g, 400% experiences, cut 5x5 squares.
    3. Hammer
    Use this to remove tilled square, or to break stones and rock.
    How to get: Free
    a. Copper, 1000g, 100% experiences, break big stones for 3 hits, 
                                        can't break rocks.
    b. Silver, 2000g, 200% experiences, break big stones for 2 hits, 
                                        5 hits for a rock.
    c. Gold, 3000g, 300% experiences, break big stones for 1 hits, 
                                      3 hits for a rock.
    d. Mystrile, 4000g, 400% experiences, break big stones for 1 hits, 
                                          2 hits for a rock.
    4. Ax
    Use this to cut branches, or to cut tree stumps to get lumber.
    How to get: Free
    a. Copper, 1000g, 100% experiences, 6 hits to cut a tree stump.
    b. Silver, 2000g, 200% experiences, 3 hits to cut a tree stump.
    c. Gold, 3000g, 300% experiences, 2 hits to cut a tree stump.
    d. Mystrile, 5000g, 400% experiences, 1 hits to cut a tree stump.
    5. Watering can
    Use this to water your plants. Fill this at lakes, rivers, and
    How to get: Free
    a. Copper, 1000g, 100% experiences, 1x3 squares watered.
    b. Silver, 2000g, 200% experiences, 2x3 squares watered.
    c. Gold, 3000g, 300% experiences, 3x3 squares watered.
    d. Mystrile, 6000g, 400% experiences, 3x5 squares watered.
    6. Fishing Rod
    Use this to fish at the lake, river, and the underground pond.
    Hold the [] button and when something bites it release the []
    How to get: Go to the beach at Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
                at 7AM - 10AM, Greg is there, talk to him with the
                tool part inside your rucksack isn't full. He will
                ask you do you like fishing, say yes and he will
                give it to you. Greg sometimes come to the beach
                afternoon, (randomly?) even I got my fishing rod
                from Greg afternoon.
    7. Fishing Pole
    This is a better tool than the fishing rod, use it at the
    fishable places.
    How to get: Put 50 fish in your fish pond (you don't need
                to catch 50 fish, just put somefish and let them
                breed) Greg will come at the morning, talk to him
                and he will give you the fishing pool. Don't forget
                not to bring a full toolslot in your rucksack.
    8. Brush
    Use it to brush your animals, except dog and hens, and your
    animals will be happy. Don't forget to brush your animals
    How to get: Buy it at the Blacksmith for 800g.
    9. Milker
    Use it to get milk from adult cows, just press the [] button
    infront/beside/behind your cow.
    How to get: Buy it at the Blacksmith for 2000g.
    10. Clippers
    Use it to cut wools from your sheeps. Press [] button by your
    How to get: Buy it at Saibara for 1800g.
    11. Bell
    Use this to gather your sheeps and cows, so it's easy to control
    them. If your dog's trained well, he will help you when you use
    this tool.
    How to get: Buy this at Yodel for 500g.
    12. Blue feather
    If you want to marry a girl just give this to her when her heart
    is red and when you have the 2nd house extension.
    How to get: Buy at the Supermarket for 1000g, or Won will sell
                this thing for 30000g, just DO NOT buy this from Won!
    13. Mayonnaise Maker-have to upgrade the hen extension (I think)
    Use this to turn egg into a mayonnaise. Its price will increased
    then. It's located inside your henhouse.
    How to get: Ask Saibara to make this, it's 20000g plus an adamantite
    14. Yarn Maker-have to upgrade the barn extension (I think)
    Use this to turn wool into a yarn. Its price will increased. Located
    inside the barn.
    How to get: Same as Mayonnaise Maker.
    15. Cheese Maker-have to upgrade the barn extension (I think)
    Use this to turn milk into a cheese. Its price increased too. This one
    located inside the barn.
    How to get: Same as Mayonnaise Maker.
    16. Jewelry
    Give this to girls for a present. This is expensive but very useful.
    How to get: Ask Saibara to make this, it's an orichalcum and 1000g.
    17. Dogball
    Use this to train your dog. This thing's very cheap so buy alot.
    How to get: At fall Won will come to your house selling this thing.
                It's 100g and sometimes Won will sell this at other
    18. Vase
    Put a flower here and it will decrease your fatigue. It's expensive.
    How to get: Won will sell this after you fully upgraded your house.
                It's 5000g.
    11. Items
    This is the item list and prices.
    Available every season: [number].[name]-[price]-[type]
    A. Supermarket:
    1. Oil-50g-ingredient
    2. Flour-50g-ingredient
    3. Curry powder-50g-ingredient
    4. Riceball-100g-ingredient/food
    5. Bread-100g-ingredient/food
    6. Medium rucksack-3000g-rucksack
    7. Large rucksack-5000g-rucksack
    8. Basket-5000g-tool
    9. Fish feed-20g-fish feed
    10. Wrapping paper-100g-prize for birthdays
    11. Blue feather-1000g-tool
    B. Yodel Ranch
    1. Fodder-20g-sheep and cow feed
    2. Sheep-4000g-animal
    3. Cow-6000g-animal
    4. C. M. Potion-3000g-tool
    5. S. M. Potion-3000g-tool
    6. Animal medicine-1000g-tool
    7. Bell-500g-tool
    C. Poultry Farm
    1. Chicken feed-10g-chicked feed
    2. Chicken-1500g-animal
    3. Animal medicine-1000g-tool
    D. Blacksmith
    1. Brush-800g-tool
    2. Milker-2000g-tool
    3. Clippers-1800g-tool
    E. Aja Winery
    1. Wine-500g-food/ingredient
    2. Grape juice-300g-food/ingredient
    F. Clinic
    1. Bodigizer-500g-medicine
    2. Bodigizer XL-1000g-medicine
    3. Turbojolt-1000g-medicine
    4. Turbojolt XL-2000g-medicine
    E. Doug's Place
    1. Full meal-500g-food
    2. Salad-300g-food
    3. Apple pie-300g-food
    4. Cheesecake-250g-food
    5. Cookie-200g-food
    6. Water-0g-food
    1. Grape liquor-500g-food
    2. Pineapple juice-300g-food
    3. Milk-200g-food
    4. Water-0g-food
    F. Woodcutter's House
    1. Lumber-50g-lumber
    G. Your farm 
    1. Honey-50/60g(sell)-food/ingredient
    2. Weeds-n/a-weed-except winter
    H. Waterfall Mine
    1. Copper-5g-ore
    2. Silver-10g-ore
    3. Gold-15g-ore
    5. Mystrile-25g-ore
    6. Junk-1g-ore
    I. Rivers and lakes
    1. Small fish-50g-fish
    2. Medium fish-120g-fish
    3. Large fish-200g-fish
       Thanks Adam Gagorik
    4. Empty can-n/a-trash
    5. Fish bone-n/a-trash
    6. Boots-n/a-trash
    Spring: [number].[name]-[sell]-[type]
    A. Hot spring
    1. Bamboo Shoot-50g-food/ingredient
    2. Blue Grass-100g-food
    B. Woodcutter's house
    1. Blue Grass-100g-food
    2. Yellow flower-n/a-flower
    C. Base of Mother's Hill
    1. Yellow flower-n/a-flower
    2. White flower-n/a-flower
    Summer: [number].[name]-[sell]-[type]
    A. Hot spring
    1. Red grass-100g-poison
    B. Woodcutter's house
    1. Red grass-100g-poison
    2. Pink cat flower-n/a-flower
    C. Base of mother's hill
    1. Pink cat flower-n/a-flower
    D. Kai's seaside log [number].[name]-[price]-[type]
    1. Snowcone-300g-food
    2. Roasted Corn-240g-food
    3. Pasta-300g-food
    4. Pizza-200g-food
    5. Water-0g-food
    Autumn: [number].[name]-[sell]-[type]
    A. Hot spring
    1. Green grass-100g-food
    2. Mushroom-70g-food/ingredient
    B. Woodcutter's house
    1. Mushroom-70g-food/ingredient
    2. Green grass-100g-food
    3. Magic blue flower-n/a-flower
    4. Poisonous mushroom-100g-poison
    C. Side of mother's hill
    1. Wild grapes-50g-food/ingredient
    2. Truffle-500g-food/ingredient
    3. Mushroom-70g-food/ingredient
    D. Base of mother's hill
    1. Magic blue flower-n/a-flower
    E. Your farm
    1. Apple-50g(sell)-food/ingredient
    A. Winter Mine
    1. Orichalcum-50g-ore
    2. Adamantite-50g-ore
    3. Mystrile-40g-ore
    4. Junk-1g-ore
    B. Underground Pond
    You can fish here.
    12. Extensions
    The first thing is, you can upgrade extensions buy asking Gotz the
    woodcutter. It needs some lumber, and takes few days. You should
    cut stumps everyday if you can, so you don't need to buy lumber to
    1. Henhouse extension
    Cost: 5000g
    Lumber: 420
    This add 5 more feedbox to your henhouse, so you can have up to 10
    hen in your henhouse, and there is 2 incubators, so you can hatch
    2 eggs on the same day.
    2. 1st own house extension
    Cost: 4700g
    Lumber: 370
    This add a kitchen, a cabinet, a referigerator, and a large table
    with some chair to your house.
    3. Barn extension
    Cost: 6800g
    Lumber: 500
    This adds 10 more feedbox to your barn, so you can have up to 20 
    cows and sheeps, and this extension adds 1 more stashing place.
    4. 2nd own house extension
    Cost: 10000g
    Lumber: 750
    This add a bedroom, with 2 beds inside, and this extension is
    needed if you want to marry someone.
    5. Hothouse extension
    Cost: 30000g
    Lumber: 580
    If you have a hothouse then you can grow any seed in any season, and
    this is necessary if you want to plant orangecups. This hothouse can
    be destroyed if there's a hurricane or blizzard, but sometimes not.
    13. Festivals
    There are alot of festivals in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. It's fun
    and you can rest for awhile after long works. Many festivals held at
    Rose Square.
    1. New year festival:
    Date: 1st of spring.
    Come to rose square at 6PM to celebrate the new year with everyone.
    You can come to the bar if you want too. The bar is for adult villagers
    and the square is for young villagers.
    2. Spring Goddess festival:
    Date: 8th of spring.
    Come to rose square at 10AM to thank the Goddess that brings Spring
    to everyone. Dance with girls!
    3. Spring Thanksgiving festival:
    Date: 14th of spring.
    Give your presents to everyone, and if you give it to girls and they
    like it, then their hearts rating will increased.
    4. Local Horse Race festival:
    Date: 18th of spring.
    Enter your horse to join and come at 10AM to Rose square. You can bet
    on a horse, so bet alot of ticket at yourself and win, so you'll win
    alot of things! Press X button to make your horse faster, but press
    it wisely.
    1001 Medals: Power Fruit
    42 Medals: Bracelet
    35 Medals: Necklace
    33 Medals: Earrings
    21 Medals: Turbojolt XL
    15 Medals: Bodigizer XL
    12 Medals: Truffle
    3 Medals: Mystrile
    5. Cooking Festival:
    Date: 22nd of spring.
    Bring a homemade dish to rose square at 10AM to join this festival.
    Let's see if you can win this festival. Gourmet is the judge of this
    1. Opening Day-Swimming Festival:
    Date: 1st of summer.
    Come to the beach at 10AM then talk to mayor to join swimming
    festival. Press X button to swim and /\ button to breath. If you win
    then you will win a power fruit.
    2. Chicken Festival:
    Date: 7th of summer.
    Come to rose square at 10AM and don't forget to bring your most happy
    hen, but don't bring a hen that already lays gold eggs. Press X button
    when you see your chicken's clucking to scare the other hen.
    3. Tomato Festival:
    Date: 12nd of summer.
    Come to the rose square at 10AM and then talk to everyone to join
    their team, and throw tomatoes to win. Press /\ button to duck, X
    button to take the tomato, and X button again to throw.
    4. Cow Festival:
    Date: 20th of summer.
    Come to Yodel ranch at 10AM to see whose cow's the best. If your cow
    wins then it'll give you golden milk. You can enter a cow, just tell
    Barley when he comes to your house.
    5. Fireworks Festival:
    Date: 24th of summer.
    Come to the beach at 6PM to watch fireworks, and talk to a girl to
    watch with her, so her heart rating will increased.
    1. Music Festival:
    Date: 3rd of Fall.
    Come to the church at 6PM to join this festival. Say yes when pastor
    asks you to play an instrument there.
    2. Harvest Festival:
    Date: 9th of Fall.
    Come to rose square at 10AM and don't forget to bring some good food.
    Throw it to the big bowl up there. After the festival, a good thing
    POSITION. Time doesn't move, so fish and fish then. A weird thing is
    you can fish branches and other thrash here too.
    3. Moon Festival:
    Date: 13rd of Fall.
    Come to the peak at 6PM and the girl that has enough heart rating
    will wait there. Watch the moon with her, and her heart rating will
    increased then.
    4. Sheep Festival:
    Date: 21st of Fall.
    About 10th-21st of fall do not cut your sheep's wool because if you
    want to enter this festival you must bring a wooly sheep. If you win
    then your sheep will give you golden wool.
    1. Dog race festival:
    Date: 10th of winter.
    Come to rose square at 10AM to join this festival. First your dog
    must totally grown, trained well, and has many hearts, so you can
    win this festival. Train your dog with the dogball.
    2. Winter thanksgiving festival:
    Date: 14th of winter.
    Stay outside at your farm and don't go anywhere because girls will
    come and give you presents.
    3. Star night festival:
    Date: 24th of winter.
    Talk to girl you like before this day and if she invited you, come
    to her house at 6PM, you'll have dinner with her and her family.
    4. New year eve festival:
    Date: 30th of winter.
    Come to the peak at 0AM (0AM is after 11PM) you'll wait the sunrise
    14. Harvest Sprites
    Hello, budum! Yippee Yahooo!! Welcome to the harvest sprites section.
    They're your friend so never treat them bad. When will you need them?
    When there is a blizzard or tornado. You'll need them if you have 
    alot of animals and if you have many crops to water, or you want to
    save time so ask them to harvest your crops. There are 7 harvest
    sprites in the game. You can ask them for help only when their hearts
    are 2 or more. Press start button to see their hearts. They stay at
    a small house behind the church. Their names are Chef, Nappy, Hoggy,
    Timid, Staid, Bold, and Aqua. Besure to give them presents on their
    birthdays. They all like flour. And there is some more info for them:
    Read the books about them in the library. It's the 1st floor on the
    left area of bookshelves.
    Chef likes to cook, and he always prepare the tea for the spring.
    Nappy likes to play, he ask you everytime if you have time to play.
    Hoggy likes to sleep, to play too, he prefer sleep than work.
    Timid likes to hide, scared of many things, and surprised quickly.
    Bold likes to work, he thinks he can do everything quickly.
    Aqua likes to clean, he hates work because it'll make him dirty.
    Staid likes to do everything, he'll be happy if you ask him, then.
    Everyone like flours and flowers and honey. They like wine, too.
    15. Weathers
    This part explain about weathers.
    1. Sunny
    This day you must water all your plants. You can go anywhere and play
    outside, it's not dangerous.
    2. Rainy
    This day you don't need to water plants, be careful because if you 
    work to hard on rainy day, it's a little dangerous this day can make
    you sick.
    3. Snowy
    This day sometimes there is a blizzard on mother's hill. Becareful
    because it's same with rainy day, you'll get tired faster and you may
    get sick.
    4. Tornado
    You can't go outside to take care of animals and water your plants.
    Ask harvest sprites to work before the day. Your plants will some
    destroyed then. This sometimes destroys the hothouse, too.
    5. Blizzard
    Same with tornado, you can't go outside so ask for help to harvest
    sprites. The different thing is it won't destroy plants because you
    can't plant anything when it's winter. Hothouse will sometimes
    destroyed then.
    16. Girls
    This is the girls section. The thing you need to do is to marry one
    of 5 girls in this game. It's needed to increase your rating. These
    things are what you need to marry a girl.
    1. Red heart. Make sure your girl's heart is RED. Sometimes orange
       looks alot like red, so if your girl don't want to marry you maybe
       it's because of this.
    2. Blue feather. You have to give the blue feather to your girl to
       marry her. If she accept it then you'll marry her 1 week after you
       give the blue feather.
    3. 2nd House extension. Many peoples forgot about this. It will add
       you a bedroom that's needed to marry a girl. So you should not
       forget about this.
    That's what you needed to marry someone. The girls are Popuri, Elli,
    Karen, Mary, and Ann. This is the list.
    1. Popuri:
    Description: I married this one. She's very easy to marry because
                 she loves things that easy to get. She loves animals
                 too. Her birthday is at 3rd of Summer.
    Family: Rick her brother and Lilia her mother.
    Things she likes: Anything that made with egg, but she seems doesn't
                      like egg very much. Things I mean are spa-boiled
                      egg, omelet, and many other. She likes honey, 
                      pink cat flower, and to increase her heart rating
                      just talk couple times when bringing an animal 
                      like rabbit and squirrel. Don't give her monkey.
    Where is she:
    Monday-Saturday: 7:30AM - 10AM: Hot Spring
                     10AM - 6PM: Poultry farm
    Sunday: 9:30AM - 1PM: Church
            About 1-1:30PM - 4PM: Rose Square
    Sunday Summer: 8:30AM - 10AM: Beach
    Rival: Kai. Try to win the swimming fesitival and after you married
           Popuri make sure to be his friend.
    2. Karen:
    Description: She's nice but sometimes she act very bad. She likes 
                 flower and food. Her birthday is 15th of Autumn.
    Family: Sasha her mother and Jeff her father.
    Things she likes: Now many added, these are Moon Drop flower, Pizza,
                      Popcorn, Sashimi, truffles, and wine. She loves
                      french fries too.
    Where is she:
    Everyday: 8AM - 10AM: East Town
              10AM - 1PM: Inside the door in the supermarket
              1PM - 6PM: Supermarket
    Tuesday: 1:30PM - 4PM: Hot Spring
             and Sunday: Doug's Place
             4PM-?: The beach
    Rival: Rick. He's Popuri's brother. If you want to get Karen fastly
           just watch the event Karen is getting angry at him. After
           Karen married you be nice to Rick and give him presents.
    3. Ann:
    Description: She's a tomboy, she lives at his father's inn. She
                 loves many things, she loves animals too. Her birthday
                 is at 17th of Summer.
    Family: Her father Doug, and maybe Gray is her brother, but if
            that's true, then Saibara is her Grandfather. I'm not sure
            if Gray is her brother then. But gray lives at the inn,
    Things she likes: I think she likes foods and flowers. She loves
                      spa boiled eggs, and cooked stuff. She likes
                      green and blue grass, too.
    Rival: Cliff. He's a nice person. Never ever you treat him bad.
           Look at the event section for the info. So just treat
           him good and treat Ann extra good if you want to marry Ann.
    4. Elli:
    Description: She loves kids and babies. She likes flower too. Her
                 birthday is at 16th of Spring. She works everyday
                 except Wednesday at the clinic.
    Family: Her brother Stu and her Grandma Ellen lives at a house in
            North town.
    Things she likes: She likes all flower and some animals, orangecup
    Where is she:
    Everyday except Wednesday: Clinic all time.
    Wednesday: At Ellen's house-?
               At supermarket-?
    Rival: Doctor. He's at the clinic. I don't like his face. Don't
                   know why we have to be nice to him. But be sure to 
                   nice with everyone after you married someone.
    5. Mary:
    Description: She's at her library. She loves to read and she's nice.
                 She writes many stories too. It's her hobby. Her
                 Birthday is at 20th of Winter.
    Family: Her father's  Basil and her mother's Anna.
    Things she likes: I think she likes flower, and she loves poisonous 
                      things like red grass and poisonous mushroom. She
                      loves things other women DON'T like. She loves
                      other grasses and mushrooms too.
                      more info coming soon.
    Rival: Gray. He comes to the library afternoon. You don't need to
           treat him bad. Just treat him like you treat other villager.
    17. Mines
    There are 2 mines, one behind the waterfall and one you can access
    only at winter, on a small island at the lake. Things there and there
    are different, rarer on winter mine. There is a pond in the winter
    The list:
    A. Waterfall Mine:
    1. Junk ore
    2. Copper ore
    3. Silver ore
    4. Gold ore
    5. Mystrile ore
    B. Winter Mine:
    1. Junk ore
    2. Mystrile ore
    3. Orichalcum ore
    4. Adamantite ore
    18. Seasons
    A weird thing in this game, there are 17 weeks instead of 52 in a 
    year. In other words there are 120 days in a year instead of 365.
    There are 30 days in a season.
    A. Spring:
    There is no any disaster in this season. It's a good idea to plant
    some cabbage on your farm. Watch how many money you'll get.
    B. Summer:
    There is sometimes hurrican in this season. Very good to plant soooo
    many pineapples on your farm.
    C. Fall:
    This is when you'll get ssoo muuccchh money! Plant very many-many
    sweet potatoes and watch your money... Increase... increase!!!
    D. Winter:
    You can meet more peoples in this season because you can't plant
    anything except inside the hothouse. FPFPPP!! Blizzard's coming!
    Be careful and ask harvest sprites...
    19. Events
    1. Won
    *Won'll come at the beginning at the game, go to the rose square and
     then go to the woodcutter's house to finish the event.
    *He'll come to your house and sell dogball at fall. It's 100g very
     cheap so buy it. If you don't want Won sell too many just put your
     dogball outside for easier put it between the mailbox and the bin.
    *He'll come to your house selling a vase for 5000g after you upgrade
     the 2nd house extension.
    *He'll come to your house selling a blue feather for 30000g don't
     buy it because it's just 1000g in the supermarket.
    2. Jeff
    *When you come to the supermarket you'll look everyone pay on credit
     to Jeff. Sasha will angry then Duke will come, say pay and Karen'll
     say thanks to you.
    *When you come to the supermarket at the 2nd year Jeff win something
     and sell bargains to everyone. Go out and enter the supermarket
     again and you'll see everyone thought that he'll close the
     supermarket and everyone will pay their credits.
    3. Cliff
    *When Duke tells you about a part time job in Fall then go find Cliff
     and tell him about the part time job. If you don't do this then
     Cliff will leave the town because he doesn't have enough money.
    *In Winter go to rose square on snowy day (maybe i think) then you'll
     see Cliff sick, help him and you'll get a photo. I don't now what to
     do but i gave it back to him. Don't know if this right or not.
    4. Gotz
    *In winter come to gotz house and he will warn you there is a blizzard
     at mother hill. Come to mother hill and he'll save you then tell you
     about his family.
    *At Gotz house, about fall, some villagers are complaining about mons,
     but it's a monkey.
    5. May
    *May will come and say want to help you, Barley will come then and
     say you're busy. But May's bored and want to do something. If you
     tell to go to church then Stu will come and play with her. If you say
     to go to Ellen then Stu's not there and you'll bring May to church.
     Don't know what's the right choice.
    *May's lost and Barley will ask you to help. About 6PM go to the dock.
     You'll found may and she will talk about her mother. I choosed to
     hear her story. I don't know which one is right, hear her story or
     take her home. If you select to hear it then she'll tell you, and
     automatically you'll bring her to Barley.
    *At the church you'll see May and Stu. She say she wanna marry you.
     If you agree then she'll become a best friend. If you refuse then
     you'll become Stu's best friend.
    6. Greg
    *If you meet him at the dock the first time, say you like fishing and
     he'll give you the fishing rod.
    *If there are 50 fish inside the fish pond, he'll give you the fishing
    7. Louis
    *Plant flower at summer and bees will come. Take a honey and give it
     to Louis, next day he'll come and tell you the bees are rare and
     the honey should be more priceless.
    8. Popuri
    *When you come to the poultry farm you'll see popuri's angry and want
     to leave the village. Say that's good and she'll be ok, but if you
     say it's not good she'll angry.
    9. Karen
    *Come to the church and you'll see Karen and Rick want to explore the
    *Come to poultry farm and you'll see Karen's mad at rick and telling
     him that Kai's good or something.
    *She will come to your house and want to train for the dance at
    *Go to poultry farm and there's an event, Lilia will be happy if
     Karen marry Rick.
    *Go to the hot spring when the supermarket is closed and you'll meet
     her, and she ask is there any problem if you say the farm life, she
     will get little angry and tell us to ask someone else.
    10. At the Doug's place
    *Come to the inn at summer and you'll see villagers with Kai. I don't
     know the right choice, i choosed Kai's wrong and other villager's
     happy, but maybe the right choice is both are wrong.
    *You'll see anyone says there is a thief that steals food. Come to
     the inn's kitchen (it's usually locked) and you'll see little Nora
     (the inn's cat) run. And she's the thief.
    11. At the summit
    *At winter come after 6PM and you'll see the flower of happiness then
     you'll wake at next morning.
    12. Elli
    *You'll meet Elli and she says that a baby is cute. The doctor
     will say that she says every babies are cute.
    *You met her in front of the clinic, she will ask you how's the
     farm work, just answer that it's fun.
    *She comes at 0PM and wanna give us meal. Say it's bad for 3 days again
     and again, then after we say it's good she will leaves.
    *At the beginning come to the clinic and you'll see Elli, talk to her
     and say you're sick or something, she'll give you a bandaid, and
     then go to the front of Stu's house, you'll see him fall near the street,
     give the bandaid to him and she'll ask you why you didn't use the bandaid.
    13. Mary
    *You'll see Mary's saying something about weeds i forgot.
    *You'll see Gray's reading Mary's novel and he says that it's good.
    14. Ann
    *She will asks you to deliver 3 eggs to the inn.
    *At the inn you'll see Cliff, Ann will give him the special menu or
     something like that.
    *At the inn you'll see Cliff and Ann talking, she's trying to stop
     Cliff from leaving the village.
    *At the orchard, you'll see Ann giving a lunch or something to Cliff
     and Cliff says something, Ann's embarrassed.
    15. Your dog
    *Barley will come and ask you to put your dog in yodel ranch. Then
     your dog will play with little hanna and you can't take your dog
     for awhile. Then there'll be a good news, hanna's pregnant. Your
     dog and hanna will have 2 childs and you can give one to someone.
     I gave it to Stu.
    16. Harris
    *Tested by Sala3id after you gibe a puppy to Harris at 6PM he will
     come and ask if there's something new about Aja (Duke's daughter)
     and ask about mail and something, next day come to the winery and
     there's an event with Manna and she's surprised that Harry loves
     Aja. Manna goes out and tells duke. Go to the bar and you'll see
     Duke gets drunk.
    20. Secrets
    Power berries:
    1. Try to cut the lone cedar tree at mother hill and it'll talk, say
       you don't want to cut. DON'T TRY TO CUT IT AGAIN.
    2. Throw 5 crops you harvested to the waterfall. If your position's
       right then when you throw the 1st crop a goddess will come.
    3. You'll get one from fishing.
    4. You'll get one from mining behind the waterfall.
    5. You'll get one for 5000g at TV Shopping.
    6. You'll get one for 1001 medals at the Horse race.
    7. Win the swimming festival.
    8. One in the winter mine's pond.
    9. One outside the winter mine. Go behind and press X then you get it.
    10. Plant ?91? or more flowers Ann will come, say pick up as much as 
        she wants.
    Another berry:
    Throw 3 cucumbers to the lake and you must throw it from 2 trees in
    the upper section of the lake. If you right then Kappa will show up.
    Note that Kappa won't show up if you don't hear the info from
    Chef the Red Harvest Sprite. Thanks Andre Dharmawan.
    Plant flowers at summer then bees will come. Take a honey and give
    it to Louis then the next day he'll come.
    Relaxation Tea Leaves:
    At spring come to harvest sprites house at 2PM - 4PM, give a present
    then you'll invited to a tea party, and you'll get a relaxation tea
    leaves. Thanks Andre Dharmawan for testing it at end of spring.
    Get the fishing pole and throw a small fish at the ocean in summer.
    Try to fish until you catch a squid.
    Use any fishing tools and fish at the ocean in winter between 10PM
    and 8AM.
    Fish with any fishing tool (pole/rod) in winter secret underground
    Fish with fishing pole at the waterfall or rivers after you get the
    Sashimi, Grilled fish and Sushi Recipe.
    Sea Bream:
    Sell 200 or more fish then fish with the fishing pole at any seasons
    except winter.
    With the fishing pole, at mother hill after you catched all other
    legendary fish try to catch this one.
    My friend said his friend catched a fish at about 7PM - 10PM in the 
    beach, then Greg came saying something, about buying the fish for
    250,000g. The fish is very large, you can't hold it. For Adam Gagorik
    thanks for reminding me about only 6 legendary fish, but I still put
    this here because THIS FISH ISN'T A LEGENDARY FISH...
    After you throw 5 crops to get power berry then throw 5 more
    she will ask do you have a sweetheart, then she'll say she's
    gonna take a bath in the hot spring so just go to the hot
    spring she's not in there but just jump in and get out then
    she talks to you again now this will help you an running
    into her more often. Then after 10 more crops goddess will
    give you lumber, give it to GOTZ and he'll be your best friend.
    (There's still nothing different with Gotz)
    The goddess won't come if:
    1. Standing in the wrong place.
    2. It's a bad weather
    3. It's a holiday.
    Perfume (love potion):
    After you been to the beach a couple times during summer
    you should find a bottle with a letter in it. Kai will
    ask you if you plan to stay in the village, say yes
    then he will take the bottle and give you perfume.
    !!There is a cheat on the game, fully tested by magical!!
    First of all you'll need two memory cards and two different saved
    games. For example lets say one of your farm is names "AAAA" and
    the other farm is named "BBBB" use "BBBB" and buy as much cows and
    sheep as you can and play your game with "AAAA" then once you got
    all those cows and sheep for farm "BBBB" copy the farm "BBBB" to
    memory card 2 then load farm "AAAA" then go to your diary and pick
    exchange animals and follow the direction if you don't know how
    to exchange animals... take all the animals from farm "BBBB" on
    memory card 2. This takes alot time but it also helps alot. You
    can get your house fully upgraded with a hothouse in the 1st yeat
    and only in summer... here's the price what you can sell animal
    {Cows}- NOTE: Cow must be fully grown (adult cows) but you can
                  sell your cows for the most money you can get
                  from 3000-8000 for each cow depends on there hearts
                  but if the give golden milk you can get alot of
                  money for it.
    {Sheeps}- The sheeps are easy so it's recommended for beginners you
              can sell your sheep with or without the wool, but better
              take the wool first then sell them to make a little cash.
              But you can sell your sheep from 2000-5000.
    {Chickens}- It's not really reccomended because you don't get much
                money buy you can sell them if you want you can get
                500 or 2000 if they lay golden eggs.
    NOTE: reccomended use this cheat after you get your henhouse and barn
          upgraded so you can hold more animals and make more money.
    This cheats takes time and particies so don't rush it. This can
    messed many time but can make over 100,000g.
    How to get all your animal to have golden produce-by Magical
    What you gotta do is have all your animals hearts raised up like
    chicken cows and sheeps and save the day before the festival and bring
    the animal to the chicken, cow or sheep festival and you should be
    able to win with your animals heart all the way up. When you win the
    festival go home and exchange the animal you just win with at the
    festival to another memory card with a different farm name. And don't
    save just restrart the game so you'll be at the day before the festval
    again and do the same thing over untill all your animal have golden
    produce after you done with all that winning go to your diary and
    exchange animal again and get all your animal back again. All have
    golden produce now.
    NOTE: Winning a festival with your animal will make tehm have golden
          produce which cost alot more for the produce and you can also
          sell your animal for a higher price.
    Ball duplication trick! ake your dog home, face a wall and put your
    dog behind. Throw a ball and if it fall infront of your dog, immediately
    take it when your dog takes it too. There will be two dogball, one in
    your hand and one in your dog's mouth. Fully tested by me.
    Popuri gave me an egg and what should I do with it? There's a rumor
    hatch it and name it popuri and she'll like you more.
    To increase your hens hearts quickly, bring animals from the hills, not
    bugs, it's like squirrels, rabbits to your henhouse. Leave it and your
    hens' hearts will increased.
    This seems the same with magical's trick but explained in different way,
    by Binx.
    To do this you need 2 memory cards. Start the playstation without a disc
    and with 2 memory cards in. Copy the file of your game to other memory
    card, exit and put the cd in this will start the game. Select your file
    and start up the game. Go to your diary and go to exchange animals
    select the copied animals and trade no animal for the animal(s) you want
    to clone!
    This is about the beginning of the game. The girl in the beginning seems
    to be Karen because her hair's the same, and this is just "MAYBE" and
    if you look closely at the beginning sequence you can see Popuri and Kai.
    21. Tips
    1. You don't need to sleep at the night, you can sleep at 5AM. 
    2. Try to save up time as much as possible. Time runs fast-veryfast
       so you should run everytime and never ever you go fooling around
       except if you've done all your works.
    3. Don't forget to feed every animals, brush and talk then play with
       dog and horse. 
    4. Don't crush all small stone on your farm because it's needed to
       make a recipe.
    5. Don't worry if you missed something in TV Shopping because
       all products you missed will repeated again. 
    6. To know about your relationship with villagers, just check a room
       inside their places. If you're able to enter a room that you can't
       enter before, then you have a strong relationship with the people.
    7. Right just after you wake up in the morning, the first thing you
       should do is watch the television. Look the weather forecast and
       life on the farm, and watch the delicious hour at tuesday, and you
       can see news for festivals, and then music channels, fairy and me,
       and mechabot ultror if you want.
    8. If there is a rain or blizzard or other bad weather, put all
       your animals inside including the dog and the horse.
    9. The time will back to AM after 11:50PM. If you don't sleep then you
       can get sick.
    10. You can get your horse back! Plant many fields(about 20-40) of
        grasses, when it grows Barley will come and say that it's a
        good pasture and he'll give you another horse.
    11. Sometimes if you put the dogball OUTSIDE (beside the doghouse,
        mailbox, etc) it will disappear after few days, so the savest way
        is to put it in your cabinet.
    12. If you watch the sport program, you will find that AJA (daughter
        of the winery) has became an F1 racer.
    13. When there's a festival at the beach instead of going home
        just go fishing until you're really tired beacuse the time
        isn't running.
    14. You can ask harvest sprites for help in spring! Talk to them
        five times and you can ask them. Try this in the 1st spring
        and you can harvest or water all the crops!
    15. If you can water all the crops you should just plant it and
        in 30th just cut the side and take the center crops.
    16. It's better to upgrade your tools just right to mystrile.
        Because if it's upgraded every level it'll cost much many.
        Here's the table:
        Step by step-1000g+2000g+3000g+5000g=11000g
    17. Greg comes at 7PM - 10PM too.
    18. If you buy a blue feather from Won (it's real but the price is
        fake, 30000g) you can't buy another blue feather in the
        supermarket so you can't marry another girl.
    19. If you don't come out one day before some festivals like the cow,
        sheep, dog and horse festival, you can't enter your animals
        because villagers only offers to join one day before the festival.
    20. If you want to win the dog race just get 10 hearts and try to keep
        near your dog, about 2 steps, and try to run with a stable speed.
    21. This is terrible but if you want to marry Ann easier... When Doug
        comes offer the part-time job, don't tell Cliff so he'll leave
        the village (poor Cliff) and that means there's no rival getting
    22. If you don't have many power berry and you try to work until midnight
        you can get overslept so try to get all power berry.
    23. If you have a big harvest better do it at night after other things're
        finished. Harvest won't make you tired when there's no bad weather.
    24. Don't throw dogball at furniture because it'll stuck and your dog
        can't take it.
    25. If you throw a dogball at your horse's feet, your horse will stuck
        until the horse race is held.
    26. In winter you could bring the basket to the mine, so instead of
        having only 9 ore, you can mine 30 (basket) and 8 (rucksack)
        then sell the ore just like selling crops.
    27. Winning the swimming festival second time you will rewarded with
        500 lumber. After exchanging power berries, you can change your
        medals for 500 lumber.
    28. If you left your basket in the lower level of a cave and collapse
        and have to go to the hospital don't worry cause you can get it
        back just go back to that same level and it should be there.
    29. Around summer Won comes to your house and sell you a power berry
        for 5000g don't buy it cause it's fake. (SUGDW Apple?)
    30. If you like a girl you should talk to her and give her a present
        everyday that'll help it goes up faster.
    31. To make your chickens hearts go up faster, feed it, make a pen
        outside and bring it out there during the day and bring it in
        during the night when you go to sleep, and pick them everyday.
    32. Won will sell the dogball for you at least four times. Won always
        force you to buy it.
    33. There's a snake sometimes in the bridge of the mother hill. Don't
        know if anybody'll like it, but the 5 girls don't like it.
    34. If you spa-boil an egg and a gold egg, the price will be same.
    Wrong but funny:
    SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS. You can try attacking your animals(it's fun)
    and look their weird reaction. Don't save after doing this. you
    can try to give everyone bad things too.
    We can put dog or hen in the hot pot festival!
    More coming soon! 
    22. FAQs
    1. Q: Where is Won? Many peoples said he's at the inn, but i don't 
          found him!
       A: You'll found him after 1PM.
    2. Q: How can i get money at the beginning of the game?
       A: Forage. Don't forget to forage everyday to get money at the
          beginning of the game.
    3. Q: What should I do in winter?
       A: You can meet other villagers and go fishing or go mining to
          the secret mine.
    4. Q: How can I get utensils and seasoning for cooking?
       A: Watch the television at Saturday and you'll see TV Shopping.
          They sell utensils, and seasoning set is one of the utensils.
          Go to the inn and press X in front of the phone. You need to 
          pay 10g. Then buy the utensil. REMEMBER, SATURDAY.
    5. Q: Can harvest moon btn(english version) support pocketstation?
          If can where can I download the cd file?
       A: I think yes... but for the cd file I don't know.
       Thanks Kenny
    6. Q: If my horse gets taken away, what do I do?
       A: Look the tips section.
       Thanks Andrew T
    7. Q: How can I get the dogball again after I lost one?
       A: Don't worry, Won will sell it again in fall or maybe
          another season.
    8. Q: What's the use of confession?
       A: I think it's for if you throw many thrash (boots, empty can, etc)
          You should throw it at the bin on rose square. The confession is
          for giving too many bad things to villagers (maybe) and maybe
          attacking your animals with your tools. Thanks Mark Allan L Poa.
    9. Q: How can my fish multiply?
       A: Feed your fish everyday and be patient. Try to feed from different
          side of the pond, and remember, just one in a day. It may take
          some seasons.
    10. Q: Does Elli's grandmother will die?
        A: I don't know but in my game she's not dead (yet maybe)
    11. Q: How happy can you make your chickens?
        A: You can have a chicken maxed to 10 hearts and you don't
           need to pasture them but just feed them.
    12. Q: What should i have at the end of the year 1?
        A: Because you're rich at fall, just upgrade tools especially
           watering can at winter, and other tools, and have the 1st
           home extension. At winter you should have a better
           relationship with people.
    13. Q: Will other girls angry if we try to get all of their hearts
        A: No i don't think so.
    14. Q: Can i hurry up couples like in hm64?
        A: Maybe but it seems you can't.
    15. Q: How can i give present to baby?
        A: I think you can give present after the baby grows.
    16. Q: What's the book below the house after you paused?
        A: The number of recipe.
    17. Q: Even if my hens have 10 hearts and I always feed them every-
           day, why sometimes they don't lay eggs?
        A: You may forgot to feed them once and after their hearts are
           increased to ten then the effect's appeared.
    18. Q: When stray dogs appeared?
        A: It seems that stray dog's appeared only if you pastured your
           animals. It can appeared in any season.
    19. Q: When will the clinic sell the XLs?
        A: It seems after you buy many medicine from the clinic. If you
           buy many bodigizer then bodigizer xl will come. If you buy
           many turbojolt then turbojolt xl will come.
    20. Q: Sweet Potato needed a stone. Will there any stone if you break
           all the stone? 
        A: Sadly stone never seems to come back.
    21. Q: What's a thing between the supermarket and the clinic saying
           "How are your mother and father?"
        A: It's just an ordinary postbox.
    22. Q: How can I make fences?
        A: Use lumber to make fence. Put the lumber on your farmfield.
    23. Q: How can I stop Won from selling those balls?
        A: Put your dogball outside.
    More coming soon!
    23. My Farm
    O                                         O O 
    O                                         OOO 
    O                                         OOO
    O UUU VVV WWW XXX YYY ZZZ 111 222 333 444 O O
    O UUU VVV WWW XXX YYY ZZZ 111 222 333 444 O O
    O UUU VVV WWW XXX YYY ZZZ 111 222 333 444 O O
    O                                         OOO
    O 666 777 888 999 !!! @@@ ### $$$ %%% ^^^ O O
    O 666 777 888 999 !!! @@@ ### $$$ %%% ^^^ O O
    O 666 777 888 999 !!! @@@ ### $$$ %%% ^^^ O O
    O                                         O O
    O                                         O O
    O - LUMBER
    A to Z, 1 to 9 except 5, ! to ^ - CROPS
    5 - GRASS
    You can use the grass area to train dog and horse. Throw dogball
    and your dog will catch the ball and jump all the lumber. And you
    can ride your horse then jump over and over to train it. This is
    very effective. Your dog will be a champ in no time.
    A B C D E
    K L M N O
    U V W X Y
    6 7 8 9 !
    Plant Cabbage at spring, Pineapple at Summer, Sweet Potato at Fall
    24. Recipes
    1. Sashimi
       Ingredients: Medium Fish OR Large Fish
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: None
       Variation: ?
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    2. Truffle Rice
       Ingredients: Truffle, Riceball
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Variation: ?
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    3. Mushroom Rice
       Ingredients: Mushroom, Riceball
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Soy Sauce, Salt
    4. Cookie
       Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg
       Utensils: Oven, Rolling Pin
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: Honey
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    5. Fried Rice
       Ingredients: Riceball, Egg, Oil
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Green Pepper
       Utensils: Knife (only if using vegetables)
       Seasoning: Soy Sauce, Salt
    6. Butter
       Ingredients: Milk
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    7. Grilled Fish
       Ingredients: Medium Fish
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt, soy sauce
    8. Hot Milk
       Ingredients: Milk
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Sugar
    9. Scrambled Egg
       Ingredients: Egg, Oil
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Salt, soy sauce
    10. Omelet
       Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Oil
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Potato, corn
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Salt
    11. Boiled Egg
       Ingredients: Egg
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt
    12. Dinner Roll
       Ingredients: Bread, Butter
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    13. Bamboo Rice
       Ingredients: Bamboo Shoot, Riceball
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt, soy sauce
    14. Curry
       Ingredients: Curry Powder, Riceball
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Turnip, Potato, Mushroom, Onion, Carrot, Green Pepper
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    15. Noodles
       Ingredients: Flour
       Utensils: Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    16. Ice Cream
       Ingredients: Milk, Egg
       Utensils: Pot, Whisk
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: Honey, Apple, Strawberry, Wild Grapes, Pineapple
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    17. Stew
       Ingredients: Flour, Milk
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: Salt
       Ingredients: (Some vegetables)
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    18. Popcorn
       Ingredients: Corn
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Butter
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt
    19. Ketchup
       Ingredients: Tomato, Onion
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: Salt, Sugar, Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    20. Raisin Bread
       Ingredients: Bread, Wild Grapes
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    21. Sandwich
       Ingredients: bread, cucumber, tomato
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Boiled egg, mayonnaise, butter
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    22. French fries
       Ingredients: Potato, oil
       Utensils: Frying pan, knife
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt, ketchup
    23. Pizza
       Ingredients: Cheese, flour, ketchup
       Utensils: Oven, rolling pin
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Green pepper, mushroom, pineapple, onion, tomato, fish
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Salt
    24. Fruit juice
       Ingredients: Apple, pineapple, wild grapes, strawberries
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Sugar
    25. Apple jam
       Ingredients: Apple
       Utensils: Sugar
       Seasoning: Pot
       Ingredients: Honey, wine
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    26. Small mayonnaise
       Ingredients:  Small Egg, Oil
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    27. Medium mayonnaise
       Ingredients: Medium Egg, oil 
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    28. Large mayonnaise
       Ingredients: Large Egg, oil 
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    29. Giant mayonnaise
       Ingredients: Gold Egg, oil 
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    30. Strawberry jam
       Ingredients: Strawberry
       Utensils: Sugar
       Seasoning: Pot
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    31. Grape jam
       Ingredients: Wild grapes 
       Utensils: Sugar
       Seasoning: Pot
       Ingredients: Honey, wine
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    32. Miso soup
       Ingredients: None 
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: Miso paste
       Ingredients: ?!There must be something!? Eggplant, turnip, bamboo
                    shoot, cabbage, onion, fish
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    33. Greens
       Ingredients: Spinach
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: Soy Sauce
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    34. Tempura
       Ingredients: Flour, egg, oil
       Utensils: Frying Pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    35. Pickled turnips
       Ingredients: Turnip
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt, soy sauce
    36. Pickles
       Ingredients: Cucumber 
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: Salt
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ? 
    37. Tomato juice
       Ingredients: Tomato 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Salt
    38. Vegetable juice
       Ingredients: Cabbage, cucumber, carrot 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Salt
    39. Salad
       Ingredients: Cabbage, cucumber, carrot, tomato 
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Vinegar, salt
    40. Strawberry milk
       Ingredients: Strawberry, milk 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Honey
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Sugar, salt
    41. Happy eggplant
       Ingredients: Eggplant 
       Utensils: Frying pan
       Seasoning: Miso paste, Soy sauce, Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    42. Chocolate cookies
       Ingredients: Flour, butter, egg, chocolate 
       Utensils: Oven, rolling pin
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    43. Easy chocolate cookies
       Ingredients: Cookie, Chocolate 
       Utensils: Oven, rolling pin
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    44. Fruit latte
       Ingredients: Milk, apple, pineapple
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Sugar
    45. Easy fruit latte
       Ingredients: Fruit juice, milk 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    46. Veggie latte
       Ingredients: Milk, cabbage, carrot, cucumber 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Salt
    47. Easy veggie latte
       Ingredients: Vegetable juice, milk 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    48. Sushi
       Ingredients: Rice ball, sashimi 
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Soy sauce
    49. Jam bun
       Ingredients: Bread, Apple Jam/Grape Jam/Strawberry Jam 
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    50. Cheese fondue
       Ingredients: Cheese, bread 
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: Salt
       Ingredients: Wine
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    51. Sweet potato
       Ingredients: Sweet potato, stone 
       Utensils: Oven
       Seasoning: Salt, sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    52. Cake
       Ingredients: Flour, butter, egg
       Utensils: Oven
       Seasoning: Salt, sugar
       Ingredients: Apple
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    53. Stir fry
       Ingredients:Oil, cabbage 
       Utensils: Frying pan, knife
       Seasoning: Soy Sauce
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    54. Veggie pancake
       Ingredients: Flour, egg, oil, cabbage 
       Utensils: Frying pan, knife
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    55. Chirashi sushi
       Ingredients: Rice Ball, Scrambled Egg, Sashimi 
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Vinegar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: Soy sauce
    56. Pumpkin pudding
       Ingredients: Pumpkin, egg, milk 
       Utensils: Oven
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    57. Apple pie
       Ingredients: Butter, egg, flour, apple 
       Utensils: Oven, pot, whisk
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    58. Cheesecake
       Ingredients: Cheese, milk, egg 
       Utensils: Oven, pot, whisk
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: Strawberry
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    59. Mixed juice
       Ingredients: Apple, carrot, pineapple, strawberry, wild grapes 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Salt, sugar
    60. Deluxe mixed juice
       Ingredients: Apple, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, pineapple, strawberry,
                    wild grapes 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    61. Deluxe juice
       Ingredients: Fruit juice, vegetable juice 
       Utensils: Mixer
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    62. Curry noodles
       Ingredients: Curry powder, noodles 
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    63. Tempura noodles
       Ingredients: Tempura, noodles 
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    64. Fried noodles
       Ingredients: Noodles, oil 
       Utensils: Frying pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    65. Mixed latte
       Ingredients: Add milk to a juice recipe 
       Utensils: None
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Salt, sugar
    66. Omelet rice
       Ingredients: Egg, milk, oil, rice ball 
       Utensils: Frying pan
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: Whisk
       Seasoning: ?
    67. Chocolate cake
       Ingredients: Flour, butter, egg, chocolate 
       Utensils: Oven, whisk
       Seasoning: Sugar
       Ingredients: ?
       Utensils: ?
       Seasoning: ?
    68. Relaxation tea
       Ingredients: Relaxation tea leaves 
       Utensils: Pot
       Seasoning: None
       Ingredients: Fruits, honey, milk, other things
       Utensils: Knife
       Seasoning: Sugar
    25. Weird things
    1. Your dog or animals will get stuck if you press X at the right
       position near a door. This is VERY BAD if your hen stuck sometimes
       you can't take her back, she'll lay an egg IN the door, you can't
       take it, but it seems she will off from the door in the next day.
    3. How could a tree stump regrow in a day???
    4. This is the first time i see a mine that already has many stairs
       inside. Who put those stairs inside???
    5. Now's the time I see a buyer that buy anything you put in the
       shipping bin... ANYTHING? PFFF... HOW RICH IS HE??!! Zack buy all
       things even if you throw 999 pineapples inside the shipping bin!!!
       WEIRD IS THIS???
       Zack says he lives alone in his house, but Greg lives there too.
       And even if Zack is just a delivery man, how could he pay all the
       money before he sell these things you shippped?
       Oh another correction there's a boat, and greg isn't at the Zack
    6. A sheep's wool should grow slowly like this: thin wool at the 1st
       day, getting heavier and heavier... and then you can cut it again
       at the next week. Not like this: day 1: no wool, day 2 same, 
       day 3-6, no wools too... 7th day, HEAVY WOOL. This means the wool
       grow in 10 minutes. At 5:50 AM. In 6AM the next day, the wool is
       already heavy...
    7. In this game there is a basket that contains a black hole inside.
       After you put something inside, then you can't take it out
       anymore. But you can throw all the things inside the shipping bin.
    8. There is no bathroom. How could the main characters and all other
       characters take a bath and do other things?
    9. Every morning we get a free food.
    10. The dog never eat but still alive.
    11. There is no use for the doghouse.
    12. How could ONE potato be more expensive than a big rock of pure gold,
        enough to make an ax?
    13. If you use the milker on cows, you will get a bottle of milk,
        get it? a BOTTLE of milk, yup they not just produce the milk,
        but also the bottle, (this is HM not SHENMUE and it's PS not
        DREAMCAST but it is a weird thing anyway) heheheh...
    14. Try walking to a person, you get blocked, right?
        Then try running, you'll find out that you can walk through them!
        The weird thing is, when you run to a person and stop where they are,
        you can't walk! You will be stuck there unless you run again.
    15. If you get fish in winter you must place it inside the referigerator
        first, and you can take them on spring. The fish is still alive
        even after you put it in one full winter. WEIRD isn't it!!!
    16. After the time's 0AM then it'll go to 0:10AM but the day doesn't
    17. The third confession box (Monday and Wednesday) is weird and
        funny like "affair" and "have to much money".
    18. Mary loves poison. Is she a witch that needed to eat a poisonous 
        thing to recover her from her curse of the white mage? Kidding!
    19. Karen loves wine. She's to young to drink a bottle of wine everyday.
    20. The basket is not moved even an inch when there's a blizzard.
    21. Sometimes the even with Cliff and the clinic happened wednesday, when
        the clinic is closed.
    22. Zack wear singlets in winter, doesn't he feel the coldness?
    23. Time stops when you enter a house or a building, weird phonomanon!
    24. Bees nest also makes a container.
    25. How the TV knows you?
    26. How your dog never bleeds?
    So this is what I think will make the next harvest moon series better:
    1. You can trade your crops by bringing it into a market, set a higher
       price and meet many peoples from other cities... thanks for Marc
       Haric, we can trade crops in harvest moon snes.
    2. Can go to another city and travel, and can buy an automatic watering
       machine! Buy other field and can plant rice.
    More coming soon!
    26. Birthdays
    2nd: Louis'
    4th: Bold's
    11th: Saibara's
    15th: Staid's
    16th: Elli's
    17th: Barley's
    19th: Lilia's
    20th: Elli's if yours is 16th
    26th: Aqua's
    29th: Greg's
    30th: Sasha's
    3rd: Popuri's
    4th: Harris'
    6th: Cliff's
    10th: Popuri's if yours is 3rd
    11th: Basil's
    16th: Timid's
    17th: Ann's
    22nd: Kai's
    22nd: Ann's if yours is 17th
    25th: Thomas'
    29th: Zack's
    2nd: Gotz'
    5th: Stu's
    10th: Hoggy's
    11th: Manna's
    14th: Chef's
    15th: Karen's
    17th: Doctor's
    20th: Carter's
    23rd: Anna's
    23rd: Karen's if yours is 15th
    27th: Rick's
    2nd: Kano's
    6th: Gary's
    13th: Ellen's
    15th: Duke's
    19th: Won's
    20th: Mary's
    22nd: Nappy's
    25th: Hary's if yours is 20th
    26th: May's
    29th: Jeff's
    27. Credits
    1. God- For Everything
    2. My Parents- Many things
    3. Me- Hehe...
    4. Natsume- For creating a great game
    5. My Computer (including Keyboard and other hardware)- I made this
       in my computer
    6. Afief- For the Fish Rumor
    7. deviljin(deviljin@softhome.net)- for corn correction and for
                                        thousand more tips.
    8. Kenny(kennyAaron@aol.com)- Pocketstation question.
    9. Andrew T(ampharos@greatestgamers.com)- For horse question
    10. DaRadiskull@aol.com- For yarn, mayonnaise and cheese maker
    11. Andre Dhrmawan(stone_rhino@ignmail.com)- for many-many things,
        these are: Kappa and chef tips, Relaxation Tea Leaves tips,
                   Don't worry TV Shopping tips, and Villager relation
                   ship tips
    12. Adam Gagorik(blackmage15@hotmail.com)- for thousand infos, and
        are: Harvest sprites like flowers, Karen tips, Fish and ores
             prices tips, Legendary fish tips, and secret crops tips.
    13. Kor(fai-wan-ting@excite.com)- for Zack weird things correction.
    14. Mark Allan L Poa(howdoyoudo@edsamail.com.ph) for thousand million
        girls tips and church confession question.
    15. Billy Bonka(billiebonka@hotmail.com)- for secret crops question,
                                              fish question.
    16. EYSAS@aol.com- for secret crops question.
    17. mrvai@zipmail.com.br- for prices correction.
    18. sting20627@aol.com- more recipes.
    19. Marc Haric(rainfires@hotmail.com)- for the HM64 tips.
    20. Ojlopes@aol.com- for many recipes.
    21. Sqarit Trezeguet(ian_fanclub@yahoo.co.uk)- for egg questions and
                                                   thousand other tips.
    22. John Moorehead-supajohn(supajohn@supanet.com) for the horse tips.
    23. satyasuke@yahoo.com- for many hundred tips including the horse.
    24. Ska punk(thermogrip@hotmail.com)- for many other recipes, great!
    25. CHARLES(charles.cheung@home.com)- another weird thing.
    26. Magical(OxWhTigErz508xO@aol.com)- for many-many tips, wonderful!
                                          The meory card secrets thanks!
    27. Alissa M Deisse(darkwinged_angel@lycos.com)- for girls and many
    28. KupoMoogle007@aol.com- for many questions about the same thing
                               with hm64
    29. SACHMAHO@aol.com- for grass tips.
    30. Johnver R Mallorca(johndhez@edsamail.com.ph)- for tips and
                                                      correction about
                                                      weird things.
    31. Faris Roslan(kuatman@lycos.com)- for questions of baby.
    32. Charles Froehler(siege_tf@hotmail.com)- for tips many-many and
                                                questions and weird
                                                things of mary and karen.
    33. Hafiz Rahman(kuadrantiga@yahoo.com)- for many tips, corrections,
                                             weird things, and secrets.
                                             The ball tricks too and
                                             many other.
    34. Bobby Tampi(wild_saurian@yahoo.com)- for furniture and horse tips.
    35. Scottahoulihan@aol.com- for orangecup and some harvestsprite tips.
    36. EmmyGator@aol.com- for postbox and popuri egg question.
    37. Eric Locasio(eric@locasio.net)- for the carrot correction.
    38. LilKam17@aol.com- for the relaxation tea variation.
    39. Sala3Id(sala3id@yahoo.com)- for many tips like mining and other
                                    girls tips.
    40. augosto batisla-ong trinidad(junkazama@eudoramail.com)- for fences
    41. Reaver_4ever yohan ariel(reaver_4ever@alienmail.com)- kai log and
                                                              a weird thing.
    42. ToGeBoG103@aol.com- for secret crops' price.
    43. ronnie(ronnieIII@webtv.net)- for the dogball's correction, and some
                                     people's fav things, and some mother
                                     hill tips, and some events.
    44. game master(dincth@cheatcc.com)- for some weird things.
    45. Alvin Yapp(lightsabre@cheatcc.com)- for weird things.
    46. Anggiarto Ang(anggiana@indosat.net.id)- for the crops correction,
                                                and the jewelry price.
    47. Aqilla Adriaansz(aqilla@chickmail.com)- for some events.
    48. Joseph Kim(aandgman@yahoo.com)- for the birthdays of everyone.
    49. Andhika(rin@bdg.centrin.net.id)- for helping me correcting and the
                                         chicken secret tips.
    50. Binx(binx_101@hotmail.com)- for the cloning tips and weird thing.
    51. GrassMeadow@aol.com- For many weird things and a secret.
    Anybody that helps but isn't in the credit section please tell me
    and I promise I will put anyone help in credits.
    Anyone that read this FAQ please help me to complete this FAQ.
    E-mail me at ulung@bdg.centrin.net.id and read the introduction first
    before you email me please.
    Copyright 2000 by Ulung MAjiP
    This is the end of the FAQ.

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