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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DeadlySin

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                   HH  HH  AAAAAA  RR  RR  VV  VV  EEEEEE  SSSSSS TT TT TT
                   HH  HH  AA  AA  RR  RR  VV  VV  EE      SSS       TT
                   HH  HH  AA  AA  RRRR    VV  VV  EE         SSS    TT
                   HH  HH  AA  AA  RR RR    VVVV   EEEEEE  SSSSSS    TT
                   HH  HH  AA  AA  RR  RR    VV    EEEEEE  SSSSSS    TT
                         MM     MM  OOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO  NNN     NN
                         MMM   MMM  OOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO  NNNN    NN
                         MMMM MMMM  OO    OO  OO    OO  NN NN   NN
                         MM  M  MM  OO    OO  OO    OO  NN  NN  NN
                         MM     MM  OO    OO  OO    OO  NN   NN NN
                         MM     MM  OOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO  NN    NNNN
                         MM     MM  OOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOO  NN     NNN
                                    ||BACK TO NATURE||
    Title: Full Harvest Moon FAQ
    Author: DeadlySin
    Last Update: 2/23/02
    Version: 5.0
    Current Size: 91KB
    E-mail: TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    This walkthru is intended _ONLY_ for the American version of this game, please
    do not e-mail about details in this walkthru if you have an imported version
    of the game or if you need help on Harvest Moon 64
    But if you have corrections or concerns for THIS walkthru, that's a completely
    different story! Send them to TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    BUT, when you e-mail me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in the subject line write what it
    is your writing about. If your writing about a "Question", "Comment",
    "Complaint", "Suggestion"...etc then state that in your subject line. It makes
    things SO much easier when it comes to e-mailing people back!
    Thank you!
    I've wrote this walkthru to help anybody that has problems or questions about
    HM:BTN so enjoy.
    [V 2.0]2/19/01--Built the FAQ, made some little adjustments after send in.
    [V 2.4]2/20/01--Added the Festival Section and Updates Section.
    [V 2.8]2/20/01--Added Walkthru and Updated tools list.
    [V 3.2]2/21/01--Added 7 More Sections, Adjusted Size and Content
    [V 3.4]2/24/01--Fixed/Adjusted Content of the Site to fit most web browsers.
    [V 3.6]2/25/01--Added Intro To Gameshark Codes, And Gameshark Codes Section.
    [V 3.8]2/26/01--Added FAQ Announcments Section, Updated.
    [V 4.0]2/27/01--Announcments Update, Credits Update.
    [V 4.2]3/09/01--Updated the Recipie Section.
    [V 4.4]4/13/01--Created Brand New Gameshark Codes and Digits! NEVER FOUND
    [V 4.6]6/16/01--Updated Some info, Controls, Raising Chickens, Gameshark
    [V 4.8]8/5/01--Updated Nothing, Added No new content...I NEED SUGGESTIONS PEOPLE!
    [v 5.0]2/23/02--YES IM STILL ALIVE!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!
    FAQ Announcments:
    2/23/02--ITS ALIVE...
    Well im bringing some life back into this walkthru, it's been idle for the last
    year or so i do believe, and now that i've got time on my hands...i've decided
    that i would bring it back just for YOU *smiles a totally fake smile*. BUT THE
    THING IS...I NEED SOME DAMN IDEAS!!!!! Everybody, now listen...if i've ever said
    anything important, IT WOULD BE NOW, send me ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS!
    FULL CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN!! I really want to add to this walkthru, but im looking
    and my brain is just about going numb from all of the words here. SO START EMAILING
    8/5/01--Here we go again...
    Blah...total feeling right now. I really dont have much to say, just needed to
    add an email address
    Goldwolf1@hotmail.com (This email address should be used whenever you want to get
    help on imported versions of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature or Harvest Moon 64)
    That's about all i've updated...although i have ALMOST enough suggestions to make
    another _useful_ update to this faq. So if you wanna see some new material. Start
    sending your suggestions in to me!
    6/16/01--My god...it's been awhile...
    I bet everybody thought i stopped updating my walkthru eh? Yea, for the most
    part i did...had finals all this week. And for the last few months haven't had
    "time" really for it, if anybody understands what having "free" time is...good
    for you!! I'm happy for you! Actually i'm happy for myself right now because i
    actually have free time. And i've also got a few updates for you as well! I've
    gotten enough e-mails to make a FULL update so i'm gunna. Here's version 4.6
    finally. Oh, and Also...for all those people out there that had a chance to
    check out my OLD Harvest Moon: Back to Nature website...thank you. I have
    completely remodeled it and if you would, i'd like everybody to give it a look
    again. Tell me what you think about it!!theevilinside@hotmail.com (SUBJECT
    4/16/01--A New Start
    Well I had this inspiration to make another website today. But of course...the
    Resident Evil Series has been done to death. SO...I decided to do one on my
    next fav game...Harvest Moon. I personally love this game, and since i wrote
    this walkthru on it...why not take all this info and make it into a website
    format eh? Well i'm doing it, and I will be doing it for quite some time, check
    it out if you have a chance alright?
    http://www.angelfire.com/home/harvestmoon/index.html  (That's my site)
    4/13/01--Out of the Dust...
    Well today I made a big breakthrough. I've been trying to crack some gameshark
    codes for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for a while...and today I did it! I've
    made BRAND NEW CODES that cmgsccc.com and gameshark.com haven't discovered yet.
    Some of these being codes that let you SPECIFY THE EXACT heart level you want
    your girl to be at. No more taking the fun away by just placing them at the red
    level. Now you can actually choose which level heart you want them to be. I
    also found TONS MORE digits that give you things like eggs, milk, wool,
    mayonaise, CHEESE, as well as being able to edit their size and quality!!!
    Wouldn't it be nice to just start a new game and start selling GOLD MILK, YARN,
    or even CHEESE right away, Without even needing livestock?? Or how about
    getting PASTA?? Haven't you always wanted to take it home from the SeaSide
    Lodge and put it in the fridge? Your in luck, virtually everything you want can
    be found in my list of Digits in the Gameshark Section of this walkthru. Oh
    well, i'm going to continue to hack codes for HMBTN so check back often! I'm
    extremely excited if you can't tell...haha..
    Well today was just one of those days I guess. I was parked in a space at Lowes
    today...so I could pick up some paintbrushes to paint the wall. I buy the
    brushes...come out...get in my car. I pull out, and totally knicked the Chevy
    Pickup parked next to me because I was looking behind me. Ford ZX2 rubbed RIGHT
    AGAINST the Bumber of this Pickup. Ohhhhh, I was pissed. Hmm? Oh well...it's
    3/09/01--Oh boy...
    Been awhile since I updated my FAQ. Sorry bout that, I've been super busy with
    Homework and stuff. Kinda takes all the fun away from having a FAQ when you
    can't work on it you know? Anyways, version 4.2 is here and here it shall
    stay...until I figure out what else is wrong with it and needs to be updated.
    3/1/01--Final Fantasy Tactics FAQ Up and Running...
    I've finally got my FFT FAQ working. It's in HTML so it's not like regular FAQ
    formating, check it out if your interested in Final Fantasy Tactics. My FAQ
    covers Gameshark codes for it, in great detail, so if you want to know how to
    make yourself a Special Class Job, Take a look.
    2/27/01--Finally Over...
    Well I spent the last few days studying for my 100 question exam I had in Class
    today. I guess all my note-taking and studying paid off since I passed with a
    96%...Yep...I'm feeling great now. Since my classes are over with for now, at
    least 3 months...I wont have to go from 3-9 anymore meaning I can spend more
    time working on my FAQ's. When I get my next FAQ up and running, I'll be sure
    to announce it here. It's going to be on Final Fantasy Tactics, another one of
    my favorite games. It goes into much detail about the way to use the gameshark
    codes in it, fun fun. I like writing faq's though, when I have extra time that
    is...Oh, by the way. Thanks to everybody who's reading this walkthru and
    e-mailing me.
    2/29/01--Secretary of State...
    Well today, I had to go to the Secretary of State's office to get my license,
    finally...But anyways, I can continue to update my FAQ on a daily basis...BUT I
    need to know what else I should put in it! People, E-mail me and tell me what
    you think I should put in it! But remember to put in the Subject line
    "Suggestion". Thanks!
    Today I had school from 7:20am-2:13pm...not a big deal, an everyday thing. But
    AFTERWARDS, I had Another Class from 3-9pm, Im in a horrible mood right now,
    I'm going to talk to my g/f, check my e-mail, and go to sleep. So please do not
    e-mail me about things already explained in the FAQ today, because chances are,
    I probably won't respond to them. Thank you...
    :::Table of Contents:::
    1)  What Do You Want Out of Life??
    2)  Controlling _YOU_
    3)  Back to the Basics
    4)  Characters
    5)  Love at First...Hmmm??
    6)  Mineral Village
    7)  Items...Items everywhere
    8)  Guide to Cooking-1a/1b
    9)  Gardening Made simple-1a/1b
    10) Tools/Upgrades
    11) Home is Where the Heart is...
    12) Raising Animals On The Farm
    13) What's the Weather Like Outside?
    14) Lets Enjoy The Festivals!
    15) *Step by Step Walkthru*
    16) Making the Most Out of Your Day
    17) Power Berries
    18) Introduction to Gameshark Codes
    20) Legal Stuff
    21) Credits
    1)  What do you want out of life??
    Can you explain that to yourself? Everything in this Evil world we live in, out
    of everything bad in it, there's always a little good.  Do you know what you
    want to pull out of that little bit of goodness?  Whatever, who cares, in
    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, you live a new life.  Basically the same points
    are made, in order to succeed you'll need to put forth hard work, and many
    hours of it.  And with that hard work come rewards...look forward to these...as
    there isn't many.
    2)  Controlling _YOU_
    If your new to playing BTN then you'll need to know the basic operations to
    move your character around.  I'll explain which buttons do which...
    Square Button- This button allows you to use the Tool your currently holding
    Triangle Button- This button shows the items in your rucksack, and also shows
    info about an item when pressed in the Rucksack view mode.
    Circle Button- This button allows you to run, short and simple.
    X Button- This button allow you to pick up items, and as well as give items to
    other people. It also lets you talk or confirm something.
    L1- Calls your Dog
    L2- Calls your Horse
    (L1 and L2 in town will call the attention of fast-moving villagers)
    *Last submitted by Katie Sears*
    R1- Changes the Tool currently held in your hands
    R2- Pulls/Puts items into your rucksack
    Start- Pauses the game
    Select- Bring up the Map Screen
    If you understand which buttons do what, it'll help make your farming
    experience much more enjoyable.
    3)  Back to the Basics
    If you've played any Harvest Moon Game before, you know what it's all about.
    You have 3 years to raise your farm, Find the girl/s of your dreams, and raise
    a family. If you can get it all done in 3 years...hmm, not bad. In the first
    Harvest Moon on SNES, you have 3 1/2 years to get it all together before your
    dad came back to see how you've done. Since then, Natsume's done away with the
    only 3 1/2 year thing, and allowed you to play as long as you like after you
    completed the objectives set. So we're going Back to the Basics in _Back to
    Nature_, Harvest Moon Style.
    In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, your young man with a dream and a goal. Your
    goal, to raise the broken farm your grandpa has left for you while gaining the
    respect and trust of the townspeople. Your dream...to find the girl you've
    played with so long ago...could it just have been a dream?
    4)  Characters
    In the world of Back To Nature, you have plenty of things to do, and that
    includes making friends with the townspeople.  After all, without
    friends...where would you be right now?
    Duke: Manna's husband, he owns the AJA Winery, his wife helps him make wine.
    Manna: Duke's Wife, she works at the AJA Winery, she often goes to the town
    center to socialize with the other women. Talk to her if you want to buy wine.
    Saibara: The owner of the Blacksmith, he's the one to talk to when you want a
    tool upgraded.
    Gray: He works at the Blacksmith, He's Saibara's Grandson (Rival if you like
    Basil: Anna's husband, he's studies plants and has also written many books that
    are at the library in town. (Take some time to read those books--HINT HINT)
    Anna: Basil's wife, she often goes to the town square to socialize with the
    other women in town.
    Ellen: Lives with Stu and Elli, as both of them are her grandchildren.
    Stu: Lives with Elli and her Grandma, He's a little troublemaker.
    Doctor: He works at the Clinic and isn't the nicest guy in town, take some time
    to get to know him. (Rival if you like Elli)
    Doug: Ann's father, he owns and runs the Inn, he's a great cook, and he has a
    phone to make those all-important calls.
    Carter: The Priest of the Church, you'll see him in the church and outwalking
    about sometimes.
    Cliff: He lives at the Inn and goes to church fairly often(Rival if you like
    Thomas: The Mayor of Mineral Village, Kano the Photographer lives with him at
    his house.
    Harris: He's the only police officer of Mineral Village.
    Kano: He lives at the Mayors house and is a Photographer.
    Zack: He's the Shipping guy, he'll pick-up your goods as well as deliver the
    things you order off the Shopping Channel on TV.
    Barley: He runs and owns the Yodel Ranch. His Grandaughter lives with him.
    May: Little girl who lives at the Yodel Ranch, is Barley's Grandaugher.
    Jeff: The Owner of the Supermarket, And is also Karen's father.
    Sasha: Jeff(The Supermarket Owner)'s Wife.
    Greg: He's a fisherman, you can find him at the beach early in the
    morning...around 7 A.M.
    Lilia: She owns and runs the Poultry farm.
    Rick: Popuri's brother, he hates Kai, so if your not on Kai's goodside, make it
    a point to befriend Rick. (Rival if you like Karen)
    Won: Strange merchant that sells things like seeds and other no-need items.
    You can find him at the inn around 1 P.M. or so.
    Kai: Works at the Seaside Beach Resort, alot of people don't like him, but you
    can befriend him if you like. (Rival if you like Popuri)
    Louis: He lives with Gotz, He likes honey, Oh he's looking for a special Bee
    too...(HINT HINT)
    Gotz: The Woodcutter, his house is located near the Mountains...he's the one to
    talk to when you need your house extended.
    (Most of the Sprites have their own favorite things to do, but i've noticed
    that ALL of them like flour!)
    Chef: The Red Sprite.
    Nappy: The Orange sprite.
    Hoggy: The Yellow Sprite.
    Timid: The Green Sprite.
    Staid: The Blue Sprite.
    Bold: The Purple Sprite.
    Aqua: As his name implies, he's the Aqua colored Sprite.
    5)  Love at First...hmmm??
    Yes, again Natsume has done it. They've given us plenty of Girls to choose from
    to be our Lawfully wedded bride/s. I'll list them once I explain the Heart
    Level System...it's important.
    Black- Not close at all
    Purple- Somewhat friends
    Blue- Decent Friends
    Green- She's Interested in you
    Yellow- She's really getting flirty with you.
    Orange- She's Dating you.
    Red- Simple enough, she's in Love with you.
    Okay, enough of that, on to the girls...
    She lives with her Grandma and her brother Stu, She also works at the Clinic.
    She's almost always at the clinic, Don't bother looking for her anywhere else
    unless the clinic is closed. She is easily warmed up, Her Birthday is 16th of
    Spring. (Your Rival for her is the Doctor)
    (Where to find her)
    Everyday Except Wednesday 9AM-7PM: At the Clinic
    Wednesday 9:30AM to 1PM: Ellen's House
    Wednesday 1:30PM to 4PM: Supermarket
    Wednesday 4:30PM to 7PM: Ellen's House
    She is probably the easiest one you can get to love you, mostly because she
    likes things that are easy to find, and also every time you talk to her you get
    points, raising your heart rating. Her Birthday is on the 3rd of Summer. (Your
    Rival for her is Kai)
    (Where to find her)
    Monday thru Saturday 7:30AM-10:00AM: At the Hot Spring.
    Monday thru Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM: At the Poultry farm.
    Sunday 9:30AM-1PM: At The Church.
    Sunday 1:30PM-4 PM: At the Townsquare.
                     (During the Summer)
    Sunday 8:30AM-10:00 AM: At the Beach.
    Again, Ann's back, as nice as ever. Still a tom-boy too, no matter. If your
    looking to make her your wife, cook for her. Try your recipies, show her your
    animals...and you can't go wrong. Knowing her Birthday wouldn't hurt
    either...its the 17th of Summer. (Your Rival for her is Cliff)
    (Where to find her)
    Most days around 7:30AM-10:00AM (On Nice Days): At the Hot Spring
    Most days around 11AM-1PM: Upstairs in the Inn
    Most days around 1PM-4PM: Around the Dining area of the Inn
    Most days around 8PM-10PM: Around the Dining area of the Inn
    (Don't ask what she does for those missing 4 hours of the day, I haven't the
    slightest idea. I can't figure it out, she's not anywhere during that time.)
    She works at the library, to impress her show her unusual things, like bugs and
    poisonous mushrooms. Give her things that you wouldn't normally think
    somebody'd like. Her Birthday is on the 20th of Winter. (Your rival for her is
    Gray, no thanks...he can keep her.)
    (Where to find her)
    Tuesday thru Sunday 8AM-10AM: She's in her house (The house is locked up tight
    this early.)
    Tuesday thru Sunday 10AM-4PM: In the Library
    Tuesday thru Sunday 4PM-6PM: Library (It's locked up tight though)
    Karen is ALOT nicer in Back To Nature than she was in the 64 version of the
    game, and easier to raise heart levels as well. BUT she'll warm up to you alot
    faster if you give her wine. If you really want to raise those levels, try
    cooking her one of your favorite dishes, she loves wine and food, wine more
    though. Her Birthday is the 15th of Autumn (Your Rival for her is Rick)
    (Where to find her)
    Everyday 8AM-10AM: Outside of the Supermarket
    Everyday 10AM-1PM: Inside the Supermarket
    Everyday 1:30PM-6PM: Inside the Supermarket
    (She'll leave at one to go somewhere, but she usually gets back at about 1:30PM
    or so)
    Almost Any Nice Day 7PM-10PM: At the Beach
    I hope i've cleared any problems up! But if you found an error, or
    what-not...just email me at TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    6)  Mineral Village
    The town has many different places to explore, and I'll list them all here with
    their descriptions.
    Mother's Hill: (Always Open) The hot sprigns, a hidden cave and mine are all on
    Mother's Hill, the highest point for miles!!
    Blacksmith: (Open 10AM-4PM, Except Thursdays) Upgrade your tools and buy new
    machines and other helpful gadgests at Saibara's Blacksmith shop.
    Library: (Open Mary works long and hard at the Library. You'll learn many
    things about the village here.
    AJA Winery: (Open 9AM-12PM, Except Saturdays) Here is where you can buy all of
    your needs of wine, just walk in and talk to Manna, she'll give you whatever
    you need!
    Supermarket: (Open 9AM-5PM, Except Tuesdays and Sundays) You can buy seed,
    rucksacks and cooking essentials here. This is usually where you'll find Karen
    helpin her parents during the afternoon store hours.
    Clinic: (Open 9AM-4PM, Except Wednesdays) If you work yourself to a state of
    utter exhaustion or you feel sick, the CLinic is the place to go. Elli helps
    the doctor by running the reception desk in the main foyer.
    Church: (Open 9AM-8PM) Paster Carter works at the Church. Cliff spends a lot of
    time here, thinking about his furture and his past. If you're lucky, you might
    even get married her someday...
    Inn: (Open 8AM-9PM) This is where you can go to get some rest from everyday
    life, you an also buy a homecooked meal or just hang out. They even have a
    phone to use to call to order things off of the Home Shopping Channel.
    Mineral Beach: (Always Open) Karen, Greg, Zack, and Kai love to hang out at
    Mineral Beach. You can catch fish off the pier or swim here on the first day of
    Yodel Ranch: (Open 9AM-3PM, Except Mondays) If you need to buy a cow or a
    sheep, see Barley at the YOdel Ranch. You can also buy feed and sheep at the
    Yodel Ranch.
    Poultry Farm: (12PM-4PM, Except Sundays) Popuri, Rick and Lillia work and live
    here, which is where you need to go if you want to buy of sell your chickens.
    You can also buy extra chicken feed here.
    Woodcutter's House: (Open 9AM-Usually 4PM) Gotz the woodcutter is a legendary
    craftsman and has the skills you need to remodel your farm, if you show up with
    the proper amount of lumber and money.
    Townsquare: (Always Open) This is where all of the towns major events usually
    take place, almost all the events here at held at 10AM so make sure to have it
    in your schedule somewhere!
    I think i've hit almost every major place in Mineral Village. If you have
    anything to add e-mail me, TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    7)  Items...Items Everywhere
    As you already know, there is an EXTENSIVE list of items to be found in Harvest
    Moon Back to Nature, but my goal for this Walkthru is to cover every aspect
    that is known about it. So part of that is the Items list...
    Items From Blacksmith:
    The Axe, Hammer, Hoe, Sickle, and Watering Can, can be upgraded from
    Regular-Mystile here.
    [Copper Upgrade = 1000 + Copper Ore + 100% Leveled up Tool]
    [Silver Upgrade = 2000 + Silve Ore + 200% Leveled up Tool]
    [Gold Upgrade = 3000 + Gold Ore + 300% Leveled up Tool]
    [Mystrile Upgrade = 5000 + Mystrile Ore + 400% Leveled up Tool]
    [Brush = 800]
    [Clippers = 1800]
    [Milker = 2000]
    [Any Jewelry = 1000 + Orichale Ore]
    [Mayonnaise Maker = 20000 + Adamantite Ore]
    [Cheese Maker = 20000 + Adamantite Ore]
    [Yarn Maker = 20000 + Adamantite Ore]
    Items From Supermarket:
    {Cooking Ingredients}
    [Flour = 50]
    [Oil = 50]
    [Curry Powder = 50]
    [Rice Balls = 100]
    [Bread = 100]
    {Regular Items}
    *Spring Seeds Only*
    [Cucumber Seeds = 200]
    [Potato Seeds = 150]
    [Turnip Seeds = 120]
    *Summer Seeds Only*
    [Onion Seeds = 150]
    [Tomato Seeds = 200]
    [Corn Seeds = 300]
    *Fall Seeds Only*
    [Eggplant Seeds = 120]
    [Carrot Seeds = 300]
    [Sweet Potato Seeds = 300]
    [Fish Food = 20 a piece]
    [Rucksack Medium = 3000]
    [Rucksack Large = 5000]
    [Basket = 5000] (Hold 38 Items, Very Handy in the Mine!)
    Items from Aja Winery:
    [Grape Juice = 200]
    [Wine = 300]
    Items from Clinic:
    [Exam = 10]
    [Bodigizer = 500]
    [Bodigizer XL = 1000]
    [TurboJolt = 1000]
    [TurboJolt Xl = 2000]
    Items From Poultry Farm:
    [Medicine = 1000]
    [Feed = 10 a piece]
    [Chicken = 1500]
    Items From Yodel Ranch:
    [Feed = 20 a piece]
    [Bell = 500]
    [Medicine = 1000]
    [Cow Potion = 3000]
    [Sheep Potion = 3000]
    [Cow = 6000]
    [Sheep = 4000]
    Items From the Inn:
    [Telephone Call = 10]
    [Cookie = 200]
    [Cheesecake = 250]
    [Salad = 300]
    [Apple Pie = 300]
    [Full Meal = 500]
    {Items From Won at the Inn}
    [Cabbage Seeds = 500]
    [Strawberry Seeds = 120]
    [Moon Drop Flower Seeds = 500]
    [Toy Flower Seeds = 400]
    [Pineapple Seeds = 1000]
    [Pumpkin Seeds = 500]
    [Pink Cat Mint Seeds = 300]
    [Green Pepper Seeds= 200]
    [Spinach = 150]
    Items From Animals, What they sell For:
    [Small Milk = 100]
    [Medium Milk = 150]
    [Large Milk = 200]
    [Gold Milk = 300]
    [Small Wool = 100]
    [Medium Wool = 400]
    [Large Wool = 500]
    [Gold Wool = 600]
    [Egg = 50]
    [Gold Egg = 150]
    8)  Guide to Cooking: 1a
    One of the most fun and interesting parts of Back To Nature, spending time in
    the kitchen!!
    If the Harvest Moon series is nothing new to you, then you know that cooking is
    a new feature. In Harvest Moon 64, you could have a kitchen, but you couldn't
    cook. You could have recipies, but couldn't use them for anything...(Ugh). But
    now, you can! A great feature might I add...
    I have a few things to say about the kitchen, I'll clear most of them up that
    way i don't have a ton of e-mail about it.
    1) The kitchen does NOT come with the house, It will cost you about $4700 plus
    about 370 pieces of lumber...start saving up for it. Oh, and you can't get this
    option UNTIL you upgrade your Chicken Coup first. The Chicken Coup costs $5000
    and 420 pieces of lumber. Oh isn't cooking expensive nowadays??
    (TIP--Save early: it's possible to have your kitchen in time for the Cooking
    festival in Spring your first year if you save early and don't buy uneeded
    2)You'll notice when you try to make things such as a pie, you can't just add
    the ingredients to it and away-you-go. You'll need to buy tools for the kitchen
    such as a knife, and a rolling pin. These items can _only_ be purchased off of
    the TV on Saturdays, as this is the only day the Shopping Channel is on.
    3) Once you watch the Shopping Channel on Saturday, and you see the product you
    want, _INSTANTLY_ go to the Inn and walk over to the phone. Each call will cost
    10 (I know, I know, it's not much at all, but just make sure you have it cause
    you'll feel really stupid when you get there and realize you don't have enough
    to make the phone call!!) After you order your product on the phone, you'll
    recieve it in 3 days. Zack the Shipping guy will deliver it to you on a
    Tuesday, how fortunate...just in time for the Cooking Hour!
    Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I'll move on to the recipies. (Feel
    Free to distribute these or put them on your site because you can find them
    just about anywhere on the net.)
    8)  Guide to Cooking: 1b
    | Name           | Ingredients           | Equipment                |
    Seasonings  |
    |Butter          |Milk                   |Mixer                     |N/A
    |Ketchup         |Tomato/Onion           |Mixer
    |Salt/Sug/Vin |
    |Grape Jam       |Grapes                 |Pot                       |Sugar
    |Apple Jam       |Apples                 |Pot                       |Sugar
    |Cookies         |Flour/butter/Egg       |Rollin Pin/Oven           |Sugar
    |Greens          |Any Veggetable         |Pot                       |Soy Sauce
    |Hot Milk        |Milk                   |Pot                       |N/A
    |Fruit Juice     |Lots of Fruit          |Mixer                     |Sugar
    |Grilled Fish    |Medium/Large Fish      |Frying Pan                |N/A
    |Pickled Turnips |Turnips                |Knife                     |Vinegar
    |Pickles         |Cucumber               |N/A                       |Vinegar/Salt
    |Sashimi         |Meduim/Large Fish      |Knife                     |N/A
    |Sushi           |Rice Ball/Sashimi      |N/A                       |Vinegar
    |French Fries    |Potato/Oil             |Knife/Frying Pan          |N/A
    |Salad           |Vegetables/Cheese      |Knife                     |N/A
    |Fried Rice      |Rice Ball/Egg/Oil      |Frying Pan                |N/A
    |Scrambled Eggs  |Eggs/Oil               |Frying Pan                |N/A
    |Truffle Rice    |Rice Ball/Truffle      |N/A                       |N/A
    |Noodles         |Flour                  |Knife/Pot/Rolling Pin     |N/A
    |Curry Noodles   |Noodles/Curry Powder   |Pot                       |N/A
    |Fried Noodles   |Noodles/Oil            |Frying Pan                |N/A
    |Tempura Noodles |Tempura/ Noodles       |Pot                       |N/A
    |Tempura         |Flour/Egg/Oil          |Frying Pan                |N/A
    |Boiled Egg      |Egg                    |Pot                       |N/A
    |Sandwich        |Tomato/Boiled Egg/Bread|Knife                     |N/A
    |Stir Fry        |Oil/Cabbage            |Knife/Frying Pan          |Soy Sauce
    |Pizza           |Cheese/Flour/Ketchup   |Rolling Pin/Oven          |N/A
    |Omlet           |Egg/Oil/Milk           |Frying Pan/Whisk          |N/A
    |Apple Pie       |Butter/Egg/Flour/Apple |Pot/Oven/Knife/Rolling Pin|Sugar
    |Cheese Cake     |Cheese/Milk/Egg        |Whisk/Pot/Oven            |Sugar
    |Pumpkin Pudding |Milk/Pumpkin/Egg       |Oven                      |Sugar
    |Cheese Fondue   |Cheese/Bread           |Pot                       |N/A
    |Dinner Roll     |Bread/Butter           |N/A                       |N/A
    |Ice Cream       |Milk/Egg               |Whisk/Pot                 |Sugar
    |Stew            |Flour/Milk             |Pot                       |Salt
    |Strawberry Milk |Strawberry/Milk        |Mixer                     |N/A
    |Boiled Egg      |Egg                    |Pot                       |N/A
    |Truffle Rice    |Rice Ball/Truffle      |N/A                       |N/A
    |Curry           |Curry Powder/RiceBalls |Pot                       |N/A
    |Bamboo Rice     |Rice Balls/BambooShoot |N/A                       |N/A
    |Fruit Latte     |Lots Of Fruit/Milk     |Mixer                     |Sugar
    |Vegetable Latte |Lots of Veggies/Milk   |Mixer                     |N/A
    |Jam Bun         |Apple Jam/Grape Jam    |N/A                       |N/A
    |Sweet Potato    |Sweet Potato/Stone     |Oven                      |Salt/Sugar
    |Vegetable Juice |Lots of Vegetables     |Mixer                     |N/A
    |Fruit Juice     |Lots of Fruit          |Mixer                     |Sugar
    |Veggie Pancake  |Cabbage/Egg/Oil        |Frying Pan/Knife          |N/A
    |Relaxation Tea  |Relaxation Tea Leaves  |Frying Pan/Knife          |N/A
    |Bamboo Rice     |Bamboo Shoots/RiceBall |N/A                       |N/A
    |Raisin Bread    |Bread/Wild Grapes      |N/A                       |N/A
    |Chirashi Sushi  |ScrabledEggs/Rice/Sushi|N/A                       |N/A
    This list is now improved with almost all of the Recipies In Back to Nature
    accurately. If you would like your own personal copy of the Recipie
    listing...please E-mail me at TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    Also if you see anything wrong with this list...again, please contact me
    telling me the problem...nicely!! :)
    Thank you!
    9)  Gardening Made Simple 1a
    The whole world of Harvest Moon Revolves around bringing in the Income, Without
    incoming money...you're gonna have some problems. So If you don't know much
    about Farming, I'll "Teach you the Ropes" on the subject alright? Let's go...
    In order to grow crops, you first need to buy crops. And As we all know, they
    start out as seeds, so therefore you'll need to make a trip to the Supermarket
    to get started. Hmmm, let's plug in some variables here...let's say it's
    spring, and we only have 500 bucks. Let's buy some.....Turnips. Cheap, fast,
    easy income...
    Now let's use our hoe to dig ourselves a nice little spot in the field to plant
    the seeds...
    Let's make the space a 3x3 area...
    See that??? This is the stupidest way to plant crops, ESPECIALLY if the crops
    are regrowing ones. The reason is: You can't reach the crop in the middle, to
    water it OR to harvest it.  So instead we have MANY other possible ways to
    plant the seeds. I'll show you a few...
    1)XXX(Most Commonly Used Planting Pattern)
      X X
    2)XXX(Another Common Method, Note the loss of a crop in the middle...plant your
    seeds wisely)
      X X
      X X
    3)XXX (Newest Method of Planting, Reason why is that Natsume has added a nice
    little feature in
      X X  Back to Nature that lets you jump over Crops, as well as rocks and
    I am well aware that there is more ways to plant the crops, as ones like
    4)X X
      X X
    5)X X
      Or even...
    7)X X
      X X
    All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, use your own judgement.
    I've given you some examples...Feel Free to think of your own planting patterns
    9)  Guide to Gardening 1b
    Now that I've discussed the different ways to plant the seeds, I'll list All
    the different types of seeds you can buy.
    (Spring ONLY Seeds)
    Cucumbers-Cost 200, Sell for 100 a piece, 10 Days to grow, Every 3 Days
    Potatoes-Cost 150, Sell for 80 a piece, 8 Days to grow, One Harvest
    Turnips-Cost 120, Sell for 60 a piece, 5 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Cabbage-Cost 500, Sell for 250 Each, 15 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Strawberries- Cost 150, Sell for 30 a piece, 9 Days to grow, Harvest Every 2
    *Moon Drop Flower- Cost 500, Cannot Sell, 6 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Toy Flower- Cost 400, Cannot Sell, 13 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Can only be bought from Won at the Inn, Check there during the weekday, from
    9AM-3PM or so.
    (Summer ONLY Seeds)
    Onion-Cost 150, Sell 80 a piece, 8 Days to grow, One Harvest
    Corn-Cost 300, Sell 100 a piece, 15 Days to grow, Harvest Every 3 Days
    Tomato-Cost 200, Sell 60 a piece, 10 Days to grow, Harvest Every 3 Days
    *Pinneaple-Cost 1000, Sell 500 a piece, 21 Days to grow, Harvest Every 5 Days
    *Pumpkin-Cost 500, Sell 250 a piece, 15 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Pink Cat Mint-Cost 300, Cannot Sell, 6 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Can only be bought from Won at the Inn, Check there during the weekday, from
    9AM-3PM or so.
    (Fall ONLY Seeds)
    Carrot- Cost 300, Sell 120 a piece, 8 Days to grow, One Harvest
    Eggplant- Cost 120, Sell 80 a piece, 10 Days to grow, Harvest Every 3 Days
    Sweet Potato- Cost 300, Sell 120 a piece, 6 Days to grow, Harvest Every 3 Days
    *Green Pepper- Cost 150, Sell for 40 a piece, 8 Days to grow, Harvest Every 2
    *Spinach- Cost 200, Sell for 80 a piece, 6 Days to grow, One Harvest
    *Can only be bought from Won at the Inn, Check there during the weekday, from
    9AM-3PM or so.
    Grass- Cost 500, Cannot Sell (Use as Fodder), 30 Days to grow, Harvest Every 10
    *Orange Cup- Cost 1000, Sell for 60 a piece, 9 Days to grow, One Harvest (Can
    only be bought if you have built a greenhouse)
    *Can only be bought from Won at the Inn, Check there during the weekday, from
    9AM-3PM or so.
    NOTE: Nothing can be bought in Winter Unless you have a Greenhouse, then you
    can also purchase the Orange Cup which I have already covered.
    If you have any corrections, comments, questions...TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    10)  Tools
    Since I've explained how you should design your fields, I guess the next thing
    would be to tell you what tools are in the game.
    Here they are as listed:
    Hammer-This tool will break apart Boulders, Smash stones, and knock down broken
    Axe-This tool chops branches, and Splits stumps up (But only in higher
    levels..I'll explain more about levels later)
    Sickle-This tool will cut grass and weeds.
    Watering Can-This tool waters your crops, you'll need to refill it
    every-so-often at a water hole.
    Bell-This tool will call your animals to you, use it to help round them up.
    Brush-To keep your cows, sheep and horse happy! Be sure that you brush them
    every single day. You can find it for sale at the Blacksmith's Shop.
    Clippers-Use it to cut the wool from your sheep, But them from the Blacksmith's
    Milker-Used to Milk your adult cows, Again...you can buy it from the
    Blacksmith's Shop.
    Fishing Rod/Fishing Pole-This tool catches fish, you can only catch regular
    fish with the Fishing Rod, but once you have 50 Fish in your pond, talk to Greg
    the Fisherman and he'll give you the Fishing Pole which has a higher catch rate
    and also will let you catch the "Legendary Fish".
    Animal Medicene/s-This tool will cure your animals from a sickness, HURRY and
    give it to them, if they die it shows up and counts against you at the end of
    the game!
    Seeds-This tool will be what later turns into a vegetable, plant, or grass.
    **Just a Note: You'll need the levels of certain tools such as the Axe to be at
    a certain percent before you can upgrade to another level. Say you work with
    your Axe until it is at 300%, you'll then be able to upgrade it to Gold
    (knowing from my chart below), so that means you need to have a "GOLD" ore, (it
    can be found all year round at the Waterfall mine.**
    Here is a list of what you can find at the Waterfall Mine:
    [Junk Ore: Junk, no use]
    [Copper Ore: Use it to upgrade a tool to Copper]
    [Silver Ore: Use it to upgrade a tool to Silver]
    [Gold Ore: Use it to upgrade a tool to Gold]
    [Mystrile Ore: Use it to upgrade a tool to Mystrile]
    Regular- Breaks small stones, Cannot Break Boulders
    Copper- 3 Hits to break a Big Rock, Cannot Break Huge Rocks, 100% Upgraded
    Silver- 2 Hits to break a Big Rock, 5 Hits to Break a Huge Rock, 200% Upgraded
    Gold- 1 Hit to break a Big Rock, 3 Hits to Break a Huge Rock, 300% Upgraded
    Mystrile- 1 Hit to break a Big Rock, 2 Hits to Break a Huge Rock 400% Upgraded
    Regular- Chops Branches, Cannot Split Stumps,
    Copper- Chops Branches, 6 Hits to Split a Stump, 100% Upgraded
    Silver- Chops Branches, 3 Hits to SPlit a Stump, 200% Upgraded
    Gold- Chops Branches, 2 Hits to Split a Stump, 300% Upgraded
    Mystrile- Chops Branches, 1 Hit to Split a Stump, 400% Upgraded
    Regular- 1 Square of Soil tilled
    Copper- 2 Squares of Soil tilled, 100% Upgraded
    Silver- 3 Squares of Soil tilled, 200% Upgraded
    Gold- 4 Squares of Soil tilled, 300% Upgraded
    Mystrile- 6 Squares of Soil tilled, 400% Upgraded
    Regular- 1 Square of Grass Chopped
    Copper- 1x3 Area of Grass Chopped, 100% Upgraded
    Silver- 2x3 Area of Grass Chopped, 200% Upgraded
    Gold- 3x3 Area of Grass Chopped, 300% Upgraded
    Mystrile- 3x5 Area of Grass Chopped, 400% Upgraded
    Watering Can:
    Regular- 1 Square Watered
    Copper- 1x3 Area Watered, 100% Upgraded
    Silver- 2x3 Area Watered, 200% Upgraded
    Gold- 3x3 Area Watered, 300% Upgraded
    Mystrile- 3x5 Area Watered, 400% Upgraded
    11)  Home is where the heart is...
    Ahhh yes, the place where we call home. Where we can kick off our shoes, relax
    in our comfy chair, and watch the good old tube. Yup, the good life...except we
    have alot of work to do on the farm so until then all we're gonna do is realize
    it's there! Let's move on...
    Your house is well...a shack...we need to fix that. But in order to do that
    we're going to need money, wood, and lots of it! I'll tell you what you need to
    fix up your old farm and get it more up-to-date, as well as how to go about
    doing it.
    What you need to realize is this, You have to upgrade the things on your farm
    in order, you can't just pick what you want built or upgraded and have it be
    done. Unfortunantly the game isn't like that, we have to follow what needs to
    be built in order, and here they are as listed...
    Chicken coop- Cost 5000, Lumber 420,  It increases the amount of chickens that
    can be held by 5 as well as gives you another Incubator to hatch your chickens.
    First House Upgrade- Cost 4700, Lumber 370, It gives you a Kitchen (Fun) and
    clears away those boxes on the floor.
    Second House Upgrade- Cost 100000, Lumber 750, Major Upgrade...It gives you a
    seperate bedroom plus adds other little details to the house like the rug under
    the table, etc... (NOTE: You need to upgrade to this in order to get married!)
    Barn- Cost 6800, Lumber 500, Gives you 10 more spaces to Raise Sheep or Cows
    Hothouse- Cost 30000, Lumber 580, This is a must if you intend to grow crops
    all year round, but it's EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE the first time, but after you get
    a blizzard in the winter, or a typhoon in the Summer, you'll realize why I
    don't build it anymore. 30000 a with 580 pieces of lumber a crack is a little
    bit outragious especially when it's constantly destroyed. Oh well, that's
    Tips for getting all the upgrades:
    I can't tell you how to play your game, but I can tell you some things that
    will help get you to where you want to be.
    1) Don't waste money: Save it for the things you really _need_ .
    2) Work hard everyday: Try to get as much work done in a day as possible,
    Harvest your crops and chop wood everyday. Make it a point in your schedule to
    do other things like talk to the townspeople too when you have a chance, but
    work should always come first.
    3) If somebody offers you a job, be sure to take it, It's usually pretty good
    12)  Raising Animals on the Farm
    *Raising Cows/Sheep*
    When you buy an Animal from the Yodel Ranch or the Poultry Farm, your making a
    decision. Either you keep the animal take care of it, and collect and sell the
    items it gives. OR, you sell it or let it die, and take the bad score points
    that go with it. The choice is yours, I'll just tell you what you need to know
    in order to Raise Happy Healthy Livestock.
    Make sure you have enough grass for the animals! If you have 1 Cow, make sure
    you have at least 3 Full bags of 3x3 Area's covered on the ground. It should
    look something similar to this...
    xxxxxxxxx {All of this space should be Grass, ...it's 3 full bags of seeds--|
    xxxxxxxxx                                                                   |
    (It's important you get the most out of your hard earned cash.)
    With all of that grass planted you should have enough grass to support your 1st
    Cow. But just in case, buy some back up fodder in case...for one of those
    REALLY bad days.
    Now if you wanted to buy say 5 cows...just take this formula and put it into
    You know if you have 1 Cow that you should have 3 Bags of Grass Growing Right?
    So, 5 cows would need 15 Bags of Grass Growing, here's the formula.
    3 x C(However Many Cows You want to buy) = G(The amount of Grass Seeds You'll
                   !!!{Just a little Tip for the Newbies Reading this}!!!
    Now you should also know that you'll need to keep some animal medicine at your
    fingertips at all time just in case one of your livestock happens to get sick.
    It's super important to make sure you have medicine with you, because (It
    ALWAYS happens to me) the day they get sick might be the day that the store is
    closed! It's also Important to Keep some Back-Up Fodder Just in case you run
    out of Regular fodder for some odd unexplained reason.
    In order to get the most of your Livestock, make sure you buy the proper tools
    for Taking Care of them!
    You'll need a
    2)Milker: So you can sell your Adult Cows milk, Don't bother trying to milk the
    Little Cows...it just won't happen.
    3)Cheese Maker: Cheese Sells for a LOT of money, make sure you buy this.
    Although the price tag is very high, and the ore needed for it is extremely
    rare, It's worth it. Trust me.
    4)Yarn Maker: Same thing for Cheese Maker Applies Here.
    5)Clippers: So you can shear your Sheep...
    6)Animal Medicine: I already covered it.
    7)Fodder: Again, Already Covered.
    Make sure that you brush, feed, and talk to your animals everyday! The more
    hearts you have, the better quality of goods they give! Allow me to explain
    0-3 Hearts is a Small Milk(Cow) or Small Wool(Sheep)
    4-7 Hearts is a Medium Milk(Cow) or a Medium Wool(Sheep)
    8-10 Hearts is a Large Milk(Cow) or a Large Wool(Sheep)
    Championship Animals(Animals that have won either the Cow Festival or the Sheep
    Festival Produce special quality goods) Grand Cow Produces Gold Milk, and Grand
    Sheep Produces Gold Wool. Each one sells for a high price. Take good care of
    your animals and you can get them there!!
    *Raising Chickens*
    When you spend the 1500 to buy a chicken, you don't even realize the amount of
    money that's coming into your hands. Each chicken you buy costs 1500, so why
    not just raise them yourself and make tons of money...?? If you already have
    the Upgraded Chicken Coup, you have 2 incubator egg holders, meaning you can
    hatch 2 chicken eggs at the same time! Each chicken you sell puts 500 into your
    pocket. Not too shabby...eh?
    Raising Chickens Isn't very difficult, but it can be time consuming(Thankfully,
    Natsume has added a feature in that allows us to walk OVER the chickens instead
    of having to pick them up and move them, it was getting really old...really
    fast). You need to know that when you place an egg into the incubator, it takes
    3 full days to hatch into a chick, then you will be prompted to assign a name,
    and then in an additional 7 days the chick becomes full-grown, and Ready to be
    Let's do the math for selling eggs
    (8 normal Chickens (you could raise ten if you really wanted too)laying 8 eggs
    a day, times, the price of the egg, 50, times the number of days in each
    month...30 equals what? It comes out to 12,000! That's alot of money from just
    raising chickens and selling eggs, now add that extra 3,000 to it and it'll be
    15,000. See how quickly things add up in Harvest Moon?? Like I've said before,
    Saving is the key to getting the good score at the end of the game. When you
    save your money, you have it to spend on other things.
    But in order to GET all of that money, first you need to get the chickens
    first, plus you need to take care of them. And in order to take care of the
    chickens, your going to need
    1)To feed them everyday
    2)To Make sure their not outside, and if they are, in a fence surrounding them
    on 4 SIDES!!!
    3)Make sure that you pick them up everyday too, it makes them happier! :)
    I think that's about it for Raising Animals...any questions or comments...you
    know the e-mail address...
    13)  What's the Weather Like Outside?
    In the world of Harvest Moon, Everything revolves around the Farm. In order to
    succeed on the farm your going to need good weather...as life on the farm
    depends on it. If you get a Typoon in the Middle of Summer right before your
    entire crop of Corn and Tomatoes are harvested, it's not going to be a very
    good thing now is it? You should always check the weather forcast the night
    before, make it a standard practice, not only just for your Crops and Fields.
    But also for your animals, they get upset when it rains or when there's a storm
    or Blizzard, so make sure your extra nice to them the day afterwards. And
    they'll get REALLY upset if you leave them OUTSIDE during a Storm or Typhoon!!
    So make sure that we don't do anything stupid like that, because the next day
    we might not find ourselves any livestock outside where we thought we put them
    Checking the Weather should be important to you too, it lets you know if it's
    going to rain either...so that way you can plan your next day ahead of time.
    Like for example, if you know it's going to rain the next day, you know that
    you won't have to water any of your crops unless you have any in the
    greenhouse. It also tells you that you need to bring in any animals you have
    outside and put food into their holding pens. A nice little way to do things I
    Also, if you watch the forecast and see there's going to be a
    storm/blizzard/typhoon, and you and the Harvest Sprites are good with each
    other, you can hire one of them to do chores around your farm during the bad
    weather. I'd hire them for at least 2-3 days because bad weather can last quite
    some while.
    14)  Lets Enjoy the Festivals!
    One of the best qualities in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is the Festivals...so
    I'll list all of the Festivals in order, where and when they occur, and what
    happens at them. Here we go.
    1st of Spring--New Year's Festival:
    On this day You have 2 choices, you can either go to the Inn at 6PM for a
    party, OR you can go to the townsquare for a bonfire. At the party you talk to
    the people that showed up, and you can order food and what-not. At the Bondfire
    you can dance and talk to people that attended. Choose Wisely.
    8th of Spring--Goddess Festival:
    MAKE SURE, if you know somebody likes you, that you talk to them on the 7th
    about the Goddess Festival. If she accepts, she'll be waiting at your house 6AM
    the next day...bright and early. So do all of your chores...water your crops
    and feed your animals, and go talk to her saying your ready to go. (Tip: The
    first year you might not be able to go with anybody because nobody had a chance
    to like you unless you used a gameshark. Don't worry, you can still go there,
    but you can't dance with anybody.)
    14th of Spring--Spring Thanksgiving:
    On this day you give cookies to all the girls in Rosebud Village. Giving them
    cookies greatly improves their heart level towards you, (you probably won't
    have a kitchen yet if your just in the first year) make sure that you make
    those cookies!! Check my recipie list to find out how to make them.
    18th of Spring--Horse Race:
    Go to the Townsquare at 10AM to watch the horse race. It's a fun event because
    you can bet on the horses and win medals that you can exchange for prizes. On
    the 17th, Barley will come talk to you asking if you want to register your
    horse for the Horse Race tomorrow, do what you wnat. (Again, the first year you
    won't be able to enter your horse because he's too small.)
    22nd of Spring--Cooking Festival:
    One of the most fun festivals, you get to try out your recipies and cooking
    talents. If your lucky enough to have a kitchen, make the best dish you can and
    bring it to the festival at 10 AM. When i say "best", i mean the biggest meal
    you can make. But make sure that you have ALL the necessary items in it, just
    putting in the minimum won't cut it when it comes to choosing the winner of the
    Festival. (EX: If you enter an omlet, make sure you use a whisk to make the
    eggs nice and fluffy. This will help you win...you can also use Good or
    Excellent level eggs.)
    1st of Summer--Swimming Festival:
    Go to the beach at 10AM to test your athletic abilities in the water. You'll
    race with a few other townspeople, to see who can reach the goal-line first.
    It's hard to win, but it can be done. (Tip: When the race starts...press x
    repeatidly. Then when the face changes, hit the triangle button until your
    stamina is back. You should be about halfway to the finish line now, just keep
    pressing the x button like crazy and you'll pass everybody else up.)
    7th of Summer--Chicken Festival:
    Go to the Townsquare at 10AM to have your chicken fight other chickens. Bring
    the chicken with the most hearts to this Festival. (It doesn't make it much
    easier, but for simplist's purposes we'll use the chicken with the most
    hearts.) In order to win, you need to scare the other chicken out of the ring
    first. To do this you have to properly time your shouting "Urges" at your
    chicken. 2 ways to do it people, 1) If your fighting a low level chicken, say
    anywhere from 3-7 hearts, just wait until the other chicken jumps and press the
    x button right before he lands, This should scare the other chicken away. 2) If
    your fighting a high level chicken, meaning a chicken with more hearts than
    yours, just press x Immediatly into the match, hopefully it will scare the
    other chicken out of the ring first. If not, you could always just reset! :)
    12th of Summer--Tomato Festival:
    Probably the Most fun out of all of the Festival's. Go to the townsquare at
    10AM and talk to some townspeople there...I dont want to ruin what happens for
    anybody not reading it. And it's one of the easiest festivals to win too!!
    20th of Summer--Cow Festival:
    At 10AM on the 20th, go to Yodel Ranch to have your cow judged. On the 19th,
    Barley will come by asking if you want to enter a cow, if you have one old
    enough, and has alot of hearts, go for it. (Chances are you probably won't win,
    no matter how many hearts you have. I still haven't won it.)
    24th of Summer--Firework Festival:
    At 6PM head over to the beach to enjoy the fireworks with the girl of your
    choice. Not much to say here...plain and simple. Just make sure your there at 6
    3rd of Fall--Music Festival:
    At 6PM go to the Church to participate in the Music Festival. On the 2nd Carter
    will come to your farm asking you if you want to help in the Festival the next
    day. If you say yes he'll lend you an ocarina to play at the Festival.
    9th of Fall--Harvest Festival:
    At 10AM on Fall 9th everybody gets together at the townsquare to make a big
    stew. Bring something with you to throw in the pot. (I've always brought an Egg
    or Green pepper, there's probably more, but these always seem to make everybody
    like the stew.)
    13th of Fall--Moon Festival:
    Go to the top of Mothers Hill at 6PM and you'll find the girl who likes you the
    most waiting for you there. (I wonder what happens if more than one girl is in
    love with you..? Has anybody ever seen two girls there?)
    21st of Fall--Sheep Festival:
    At 10 AM go to the Yodel Ranch to participate in the Sheep Festival. On the
    20th Barley will come by asking if you want to participate. Make sure the sheep
    your entering has a FULL COAT OF WOOL, that was important. It's stupid to try
    an enter a bald sheep! (In my opinion this one is an easy festival to win
    because sheep warm up faster to you than cows do! Just thought I'd say
    something about it...)
    10th of Winter--Dog Race:
    At 10AM go to the Townsquare to participate in the Dog Race. In order to win
    you must have bought the pinkish colored ball won wanted to sell you a while
    back. Throw it for your dog a couple times a day to make him more intelligent.
    14th of Winter--Winter Thanksgiving Festival:
    Today you get to just stay at your farm and wait for girls that like you to
    bring Chocolate for you. If they like you alot they might just give you a
    Chocolate Cake, but i'd much rather have the Chocolate because you need it to
    make Chocolate Cookies. (In order for girls to bring you Chocolate, you must
    have at least a Blue-Green Heart with them. To make sure, get more than just
    one with a blue or green heart.)
    24th of Winter--Star Night Festival:
    This one started in the First Harvest Moon wayyyyyy back, remember?? Oh well,
    on the 24th you will go to a girls house to spend time with them. The one you
    go to decides on who you ask on the 23rd, so make sure you go into town and
    talk to everybody!!
    30th of Winter--New Years Eve Festival:
    Go to the Peak of Mother's Hill at Midnight, make sure you talk to _EVERYBODY_
    to find out what they have to say to you.
    I think that's about all the festivals, if I missed something please e-mail me
    at TheEvilInside@hotmail.com
    Thank you!
    16)  Step by Step Walkthru
    If you still don't understand what's going on I'll give you a Walkthru to go by
    until you get the hang of everything. My goal for this Walkthru is to help you
    get some good cash coming in before the end of Spring.
    (First Year--1st of Spring)
    The first day of spring, the day you get the farm put in your name. You'll be
    asked to go on a tour of the village to see what it's like, if you've never
    played this game before...go. (If you don't go, don't worry about it, i'll
    explain everything in my Walkthru.)
    Once you get back to your farm (if you went on the tour), you're probably going
    to want to go look around and see what's around the farm. Before you leave your
    house though, bring your Axe and your Hammer. You'll need them both, so make
    sure to take them out of the tool box. Go outside and look around. You see a
    TON of garbage right? Stumps and rocks galore...get busy. You've got alot of
    work to get done, even for me, it took about 2 full days of Clearing out the
    field to get rid of everything.
    2nd-4th of Spring:
    Still Clearing up the farm, if you get done before the 4th...just forage for
    Items to sell. If you _really_ want to get good money, buy the basket once you
    have enough money. It'll cost 5000 so start saving up! Once you have that, you
    can go to the mine and since time doesn't pass in there, you can mine as much
    as you want...unless you get tired. DO NOT LET YOURSELF COLLAPSE IN THE
    MINE!!!! If you do, you'll lose your basket there, and you'll have to go back
    and find the floor you lost it at!!! (Just make sure you bring something to eat
    with you and you can dig for a while! Oh, bringing the hoe helps too, since
    you'll be using that to dig with.)
    5th-6th of Spring:
    On these days, just do whatever you want. Total blowoff days, just make sure
    you're out foraging for things to sell on these days, get ready for the Spring
    Goddess festival!
    7th-8th of Spring:
    On the 7th Day of Spring, you could go into town and talk to some of the
    girls...but they won't want to go to the Goddess festival with you yet. Because
    most likely there hearts are still black. Unless you decided to forget about
    what I said when I said "forage" for things to sell, instead you went out
    flirting with girls. Not a bad thing to do...BUT our goal is to get a enough
    money so we can start upgrading things as soon as possible. So that means we
    have to sacrifice something...unfortunantly it was the girls.
    On the 8th Day of Spring, you could go to the Spring Festival if you want, but
    i dont suggest doing it because there's no reason for you to go, you'd just be
    wasting a full day of work! So whatever...
    9th-13th of Spring:
    During these days I want you to concentrate on Raising crops, look at how much
    money you have.  If you were foraging when I told you to, you'll probably have
    somewhere between 1000-1500. Okay, now do whatever you have to do around the
    farm, and head to the Supermarket to buy seeds. Remember my seeds section of
    this FAQ? You should buy as many bags of POTATO seeds as you can...they cost
    150 each. If you have something like 1000 dollars, buy 6 bags of seeds. Each
    bag you sell will earn you 490, so if you take 490x6, it equals 2940, not bad
    for 8 days of harvesting. Make sure that your pattern for growing the seeds
    looks something like this
          P   P   P
        [XXX XXX XXX]   (Potato Seed formations)
        [X X X X X X]    P=Potato
        [XXX XXX XXX]
        [ P   P   P ]
        [XXX XXX XXX]
        [X X X X X X]
        [XXX XXX XXX]
    If you have more seeds planted that's great! But you only have 17 days left!
    Better work harder than ever now!
    14th of Spring:
    Today is the Spring Thanksgiving Day, your supposed to give all the girls in
    the Village cookies, BUT since your on a tight schedule and you dont have a
    kitchen to bake the cookies. Let's just forget this day even exists for now
    Today is going to be a regular work day for you, (keep in mind that you'll need
    5000 for the Chicken Coup which you NEED to have built in order to be able to
    upgrade your house) today I want you to water your seeds and go out and chop as
    much wood as you can in the forest, along the way pick up whatever you can take
    back with you to put in the shipping box. Everything you forage for will help
    you get that kitchen.
    15th-17th of Spring:
    On these days you need to do the same thing as the last couple days, chop and
    gather wood as well as forage around. Plus on the 17th your potato plants
    should be fully grown if you planted them on the 9th! Harvest them, you should
    get 2940 and up if you planted more. Not to shabby, now you'll want to buy some
    more seeds if you have any spare time. I'd make it a point to go to the
    Supermarket on the 17th because the 18th is the Horse Race and everything is
    locked on that day. Like any other festival...
    18th of Spring:
    Horse Race Festival, your not going...forget about it.
    19th-21st of Spring:
    Keep on chopping that wood!!! Your almost at the end of Spring, Hurry up and
    work hard! Don't forget to take care of those potatoes if you planted any! If
    you have any extra time in the day, go to the mine and get some ore, it's not
    much, but everything you sell adds up..
    22nd of Spring:
    This just happens to be my favorite day all year, so I'll let you take today
    off. It's the Cooking Festival, too bad you don't have a kitchen to cook yet.
    But next year you will...TRUST ME! If you think your chores are all done, and
    even if their not...head on over to the townsquare at about 10AM to enjoy the
    23rd-30th of Spring:
    The home stretch here people, During these last few days, if you've been
    chopping wood everyday, PLUS saving all your money, Plus harvesting that last
    bunch of potatoes you planted you should have around 4000-5000 dollars, plus
    around 450 pieces of lumber. That's only if you worked EXTRA HARD and skipped
    all of the festivals. If you didn't do all of that, don't worry about it, this
    walkthru was designed to help you get a jump start in the first year of the
    ***By you following this format, it helped you understand the basic point of
    the game, working in it is everything, if you don't work hard, you get nothing
    in return.***
    16)  Making the Most of Your Day
    To make the most of your day, you need to rest well the day before. It's
    important not to work too hard in the rain, unless of course you ate that
    'special' power berry that lets you work as long as you want in the rain
    without getting sick. I'll explain that in the Secrets section of this FAQ in a
    little bit. It's also important not to work yourself to exhaustion because it
    messes up the next day when the doctor forces you to sleep in bed untill
    12:00PM!! That wastes half of the day! Half the day you could have been taking
    care of your animals or watering your crops or even talking to the townspeople!
    Just don't do it, it's stupid, when your feeling tired, eat something, or soak
    in the hotspring a couple times...just jump in and out repeatidly. It's much
    faster than soaking in it for HOURS at a time just to refill your stamina a
    little bit.
    If you really want to make the best out of each and every single day, go out on
    a hunt to find all of the Power Berryies in the game. Each Power Berry you
    consume adds 10% more stamina to your life. That's a couple extra split stumps
    in a day, not alot, but when you get around 5-8 Power Berries, that's almost
    and extra days worth of work crammed into you. Think about how much more you
    could do without getting tired? You could split stumps all day long, plot your
    field, repair your fences, fish, water your crops, blah blah blah, etc. etc.
    etc...you know? Just a little food for thought I guess. I'll explain how to get
    some of the Power Berries in the Next Section.
    17)  Power Berries
    As far as I know there are 10 Power Berries you can get. Here they are, these
    are not in any particular order, Just from how I remembered them from my game I
    1)Buy it off of the Shopping Network for 5000
    2)Around the Outside of the Winter Mine
    3)On one of the Floors in the Winter Mine
    4)On one of the Floors in the Waterfall Mine
    5)By fishing in the Ocean you can find one, if your patient enough to reel it
    6)If you give The Goddess in the Spring harvested crops for 5 days straight,
    she'll give you it.
    7)If you win the Swimming Festival
    8)If you try cutting the lone tree on Mother's Hill, the tree will ask you not
    to chop it down, if you say you won't cut it down, it'll give you the Power
    Berry as a Reward
    9)If you plant more than 90 Flowers, a girl should come by and if you tell her
    she can pick as many as she wants, she'll give you a power berry
    10)You can buy it at the Horse Race for 1001 Medals
    18) Gameshark Codes
    I'm going to go into detail about the Gameshark Codes for Harvest Moon: Back to
    In Order to understand how the codes work, you need to understand some things.
    There are two parts of a Gameshark Code, The Address Code(Which Shows the
    Gameshark which Part of the Game to Alter), And the Variable Code(Which Alters
    a certain part of the game). I'll explain each of these in great detail...
    There are many forms of prefixes on the address codes. The address codes direct
    which part of the game the codes are supposed to override. This is a important
    part of the code. The Address code will look something like this...
    (Default for a new Code)
    But for demonstration reasons, we'll use this code instead...
    (The Address for Max Lumber)
    *Notice the 8 at the begining of the code, this Prefix 8, affects the upper
    byte of the address.
    If you've had a gameshark for a while, I'm sure you've seen more than just the
    prefix 8 in a code. But i'm pretty sure you have no idea what it does, Let me
    explain briefly...
    8=Upper Byte
    3=Lower Byte
    D=(Certain Game's like in Final Fantasy IX, This would be the prefix for
    In-Battle Codes)
    5=(Another Variation of other Prefixes for games, it all depends on place the
    Variable you wish to change is located at in the Game's Memory Bank.)
    Most of the codes you will use in this faq are of just Upper byte's...or as we
    most commonly know as 8. This is not just a random # the people of Gameshark
    decided to use, it's a "HEX BYTE" Number. The Hex alphabet ranges from 1-F.
    Now there is a HANDY little accessory that comes with every computer, its
    called the Calculator program, this will probably be your best friend when it
    comes to adding and subtracting hex bytes from a code.
    [Hex Alphabet]
    1 Hex = 1 Dec
    2 Hex = 2 Dec
    3 Hex = 3 Dec
    4 Hex = 4 Dec
    5 Hex = 5 Dec
    6 Hex = 6 Dec
    7 Hex = 7 Dec
    8 Hex = 8 Dec
    9 Hex = 9 Dec
    A Hex = 10 Dec
    B Hex = 11 Dec
    C Hex = 12 Dec
    D Hex = 13 Dec
    E Hex = 14 Dec
    F Hex = 15 Dec
    [Hex Alphabet]
    (Confusing yet???)
    All you need to do to get the Calculator to do your Hex Bidding is this.
    1)Start the Calculator Program
    2)Go to "View" at the top of the Calculator Program.
    3)Select the Command mode "Scientific" (The Default should be Standard)
    4)Underneath the "LCD Screen" which the numbers appear, you should see a bunch
    of buttons correct? You'll see a Circle Button With a dot in it marked "Dec".
    This is decimal mode, this deals with regular digits. (Like 5+5=10...ect)
    5)Now we're going to throw a major wrench into everything, click the circle
    button next to the "Dec" one marked "Hex". Of course, this button stands for
    "Hexidecimal Mode". (You'll notice that when you click this button, the Letters
    A-F, which were grey, light up in Blue. This tells you that you are now in Hex
    mode, so you can use those letters as well. Each Letter has a certain value. So
    if your not an expert with Hex Variables...the calculator will do it for you.)
    6)Try different things with it like adding A+F, you'll get the number 19...This
    is equivelant to the number 25 in Regular Decimal Digits.
    (Everything you use in the Gameshark will be in Hex Digits, so you better get
    used to them.)
    An Address for a Gameshark Code is only the First Part. But get used to
    entering them into the Gameshark, and the next time you put a code in for
    something, and wonder what the digits are for and why they are the way they
    are, you'll know.
    The other Part for Making A Gameshark Code is the...
    Variable Code:
    This Code is the Last 4 Digit Part of a Code Entry. It will look something like
    (Default for Variable Code)
    But for Demonstration Reasons, we'll use the last part of the Max Lumber Code
    (Max Lumber Code Hex Digits)
    Now, when you look at that code, 03E7, You'll probably wonder what it means,
    well...use your calculator and find out.
    1) Open the Calculator, if not already opened, And Set it to "Scientific Mode".
    2) Make Sure Your under the "Hex Mode" meaning that little circle button "Hex"
    has a dot in it. (If it doesn't, click it to put one in it, this will set you
    in Hex Mode)
    3)Type the Expression 03E7(The Code we're using) in...
    4)Okay, now we're going to switch the Mode from "Hex" to "Dec", so click the
    "Dec" button and what do you see? You see the number 999, odd? Not really,
    think about this, how much lumber can you can have in the game, 999 pieces
    right? Now think about the Max Lumber Variable Code 03E7, we now know what the
    03E7 stands for right? 999...so, thus explaining why those numbers were the
    ones chosen, and why the code gives us 999 pieces of lumber. Easy?
    Now, In order to Fully Understand the idea behind the gameshark codes, you'll
    need to try things out yourself. Look for the differences between codes, this
    is the biggest giveaway of them all. The Address Codeswon't usually change but
    maybe 1-2 Digits in Sequence between each code, BUT, the Variable Code Can jump
    all over the place because that is used for ajusting Variables...just like it's
    name implies.
    Putting It All Together:
    When you put both These Codes Together, you get your results in the game...
    The 80070D38, Address Code
    And 03E7, The Variable Code
    When you put it into the Blank Space
    00000000 0000
    In the Gameshark, you get this
    80070D38 03E7
    The Code For Max Lumber...not too hard, not to simple...but understanding
    enough for you to try it on yourself right? Then why don't I move onto the
    Gameshark Codes then hmm??
    These Codes are NOT MINE, You can find most if not all of them at
    What I have done is made a stockpile of codes and I've given a direct
    explaination of what they do. CMGSCCC does a great job of making codes, but
    they dont really give a good explaination of what they do...that's where I come
    in at!
    Max Lumber              80070D38 03E7 (999 Pieces of Lumber)
    Max Fodder              80070D3A 03E7 (999 Pieces of Fodder)
    Max Fish Food           80070D3E 03E7 (999 Pieces of Fish Food)
    Max Chicken Feed        80070D40 03E7 (999 Pieces of Chicken Feed)
    Have Maxed Power Fruit  800712BC 000A (All Power Berries Found)
    Max RuckSack Storage    80071A1E 0002 (Full 8 Item and Tool Spaces In Rucksack)
    Max Level Sickle        80071A40 FFFF (400% Leveled up Sickle)
    Max Level Hoe           80071A42 FFFF (400% Leveled up Hoe)
    Max Level Axe           80071A44 FFFF (400% Leveled up Axe)
    Max Level Hammer        80071A46 FFFF (400% Leveled up Hammer)
    Max Level Watering Can	80071A48 FFFF (400% Leveled up Watering Can)
    Infinite Money          80071A5C FFFF (Gameshark MUST stay on)
    Max Money               80071A5C 967F
                            80071A5E 0098
    Infinite Medals         80071A60 FFFF (Gameshark MUST stay on)
    Max Medals              80071A60 967F
                            80071A62 0098
    Max Earnings            800711FC 967F (Gives you Max Earnings for the month)
                            800711FE 0098
    Zero Reduction Expenses	80071200 0000 (Makes Expenses for the Month Zero)
    Max Amount Shipped      50001502 0000 (Gives you full amount Shipped)
                            800711C4 03E7
    Max Stamina             80071A12 003C (200% Stamina= 10 Powerberries Eaten)
                                          NOTE: Does NOT Give you 10 Powerberries
                                          For that Code Look at Maxed Power Fruit
    Warning: These Following Codes Marked with "NEW" are created by me...as far as
    I know www.cmgsccc.com and www.gameshark.com haven't come up with these yet, So
    i'm the only one who has them. Feel free to pass them along, but please don't
    say you created them.
    Red Heart               800786B4 FFFF
    Orange Heart(New)       800786B4 C350
    Yellow Heart(New)       800786B4 9C40
    Green Heart(New)        800786B4 7530
    Light Blue(New)         800786B4 4E20
    Blue Heart(New)         800786B4 3A98
    Black Heart(New)        800786B4 0001
    Red Heart Elli          80077298 FFFF
    Orange Heart(New)       80077298 C350
    Yellow Heart(New)       80077298 9C40
    Green Heart(New)        80077298 7530
    Light Blue(New)         80077298 4E20
    Blue Heart(New)         80077298 3A98
    Black Heart(New)        80077298 0001
    Red Heart Karen         800767A0 FFFF
    Orange Heart(New)       800767A0 C350
    Yellow Heart(New)       800767A0 9C40
    Green Heart(New)        800767A0 7530
    Light Blue(New)         800767A0 4E20
    Blue Heart(New)         800767A0 3A98
    Black Heart(New)        800767A0 0001
    Red Heart Ann           80076EF0 FFFF
    Orange Heart(New)       80076EF0 C350
    Yellow Heart(New)       80076EF0 9C40
    Green Heart(New)        80076EF0 7530
    Light Blue(New)         80076EF0 4E20
    Blue Heart(New)         80076EF0 3A98
    Black Heart(New)        80076EF0 0001
    Red Heart Mary          80077BBC FFFF
    Orange Heart(New)       80077BBC C530
    Yellow Heart(New)       80077BBC 9C40
    Green Heart(New)        80077BBC 7530
    Light Blue(New)         80077BBC 4E20
    Blue Heart(New)         80077BBC 3A98
    Black Heart(New)        80077BBC 0001
    Zero Dead Animals       80127232 0000 (No Animals Dead, Gameshark MUST stay on)
    10 Hearts for Dog       8012724C 000A (Gameshark MUST stay on)
    10 Hearts for Horse     80127258 000A (Gameshark MUST stay on)
    *These Codes are used for Putting Items into your Rucksack or ToolBox, The
    Digits to Accompany the Codes are at the Bottom of the listing*
    Equipped Tool Modifier Codes	(For Rucksack, If you have something in the
    In Hand     80071A84 00??
    Slot 1      80071A90 00??
    Slot 2      80071A96 00??
    Slot 3      80071A9C 00??
    Slot 4      80071AA2 00??
    Slot 5      80071AA8 00??
    Slot 6      80071AAE 00??
    Slot 7      80071AB4 00??
    Slot 8      80071ABA 00??
    	Max Equipped Tool Codes	(For Rucksack, If you have something in the slots)
    In Hand     80071A88 0063
    Slot 1      80071A94 0063
    Slot 2      80071A9A 0063
    Slot 3      80071AA0 0063
    Slot 4      80071AA6 0063
    Slot 5      80071AAC 0063
    Slot 6      80071AB2 0063
    Slot 7      80071AB8 0063
    Slot 8      80071ABE 0063
    	Item Modifier Codes (For Rucksack)
    In Hand     80071A8A 00??
    Slot 1      80071AC0 00??
    Slot 2      80071AC6 00??
    Slot 3      80071ACC 00??
    Slot 4      80071AD2 00??
    Slot 5      80071AD8 00??
    Slot 6      80071ADE 00??
    Slot 7      80071AE4 00??
    Slot 8      80071AEA 00??
    	Max Item Codes (For Rucksack)
    In Hand     80071A8E 0063
    Slot 1      80071AC4 0063
    Slot 2      80071ACA 0063
    Slot 3      80071AD0 0063
    Slot 4      80071AD6 0063
    Slot 5      80071ADC 0063
    Slot 6      80071AE2 0063
    Slot 7      80071AE8 0063
    Slot 8      80071AEE 0063
    	Toolbox 1st Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 1st Page)
    Slot 1      80070EC2 00??
    Slot 2      80070EC8 00??
    Slot 3      80070ECE 00??
    Slot 4      80070ED4 00??
    Slot 5      80070EDA 00??
    Slot 6      80070EE0 00??
    Slot 7      80070EE6 00??
    Slot 8      80070EEC 00??
    	Toolbox 2nd Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 2nd Page)
    Slot 1      80070EF2 00??
    Slot 2      80070EF8 00??
    Slot 3      80070EFE 00??
    Slot 4      80070F04 00??
    Slot 5      80070F0A 00??
    Slot 6      80070F10 00??
    Slot 7      80070F16 00??
    Slot 8      80070F1C 00??
    	Toolbox 3rd Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 3rd Page)
    Slot 1      80070F22 00??
    Slot 2      80070F28 00??
    Slot 3      80070F2E 00??
    Slot 4      80070F34 00??
    Slot 5      80070F3A 00??
    Slot 6      80070F40 00??
    Slot 7      80070F46 00??
    Slot 8      80070F4C 00??
    	Toolbox 4th Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 4th Page)
    Slot 1      80070F52 00??
    Slot 2      80070F58 00??
    Slot 3      80070F5E 00??
    Slot 4      80070F64 00??
    Slot 5      80070F6A 00??
    Slot 6      80070F70 00??
    Slot 7      80070F76 00??
    Slot 8      80070F7C 00??
    	Toolbox 5th Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 5th Page)
    Slot 1      80070F82 00??
    Slot 2      80070F88 00??
    Slot 3      80070F8E 00??
    Slot 4      80070F94 00??
    Slot 5      80070F9A 00??
    Slot 6      80070FA0 00??
    Slot 7      80070FA6 00??
    Slot 8      80070FAC 00??
    	Toolbox 6th Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 6th Page)
    Slot 1      80070FB2 00??
    Slot 2      80070FB8 00??
    Slot 3      80070FBE 00??
    Slot 4      80070FC4 00??
    Slot 5      80070FCA 00??
    Slot 6      80070FD0 00??
    Slot 7      80070FD6 00??
    Slot 8      80070FDC 00??
    	Toolbox 7th Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 7th Page)
    Slot 1      80070FE2 00??
    Slot 2      80070FE8 00??
    Slot 3      80070FEE 00??
    Slot 4      80070FF4 00??
    Slot 5      80070FFA 00??
    Slot 6      80071000 00??
    Slot 7      80071006 00??
    Slot 8      8007100C 00??
    	Toolbox 8th Page Item Modifier Codes (Puts ??Variable in 8th Page)
    Slot 1      80071012 00??
    Slot 2      80071018 00??
    Slot 3      8007101E 00??
    Slot 4      80071024 00??
    Slot 5      8007102A 00??
    Slot 6      80071030 00??
    Slot 7      80071036 00??
    Slot 8      8007103C 00??
    	Toolbox 1st Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 1st Page)
    Slot 1      80070EC6 0063
    Slot 2      80070ECC 0063
    Slot 3      80070ED2 0063
    Slot 4      80070ED8 0063
    Slot 5      80070EDE 0063
    Slot 6      80070EE4 0063
    Slot 7      80070EEA 0063
    Slot 8      80070EF0 0063
    	Toolbox 2nd Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 2nd Page)
    Slot 1      80070EF6 0063
    Slot 2      80070EFC 0063
    Slot 3      80070F02 0063
    Slot 4      80070F08 0063
    Slot 5      80070F0E 0063
    Slot 6      80070F14 0063
    Slot 7      80070F1A 0063
    Slot 8      80070F20 0063
    	Toolbox 3rd Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 3rd Page)
    Slot 1      80070F26 0063
    Slot 2      80070F2C 0063
    Slot 3      80070F32 0063
    Slot 4      80070F38 0063
    Slot 5      80070F3E 0063
    Slot 6      80070F44 0063
    Slot 7      80070F4A 0063
    Slot 8      80070F50 0063
    	Toolbox 4th Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 4th Page)
    Slot 1      80070F56 0063
    Slot 2      80070F5C 0063
    Slot 3      80070F62 0063
    Slot 4      80070F68 0063
    Slot 5      80070F6E 0063
    Slot 6      80070F74 0063
    Slot 7      80070F7A 0063
    Slot 8      80070F80 0063
    	Toolbox 5th Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 5th Page)
    Slot 1      80070F86 0063
    Slot 2      80070F8C 0063
    Slot 3      80070F92 0063
    Slot 4      80070F98 0063
    Slot 5      80070F9E 0063
    Slot 6      80070FA4 0063
    Slot 7      80070FAA 0063
    Slot 8      80070FB0 0063
    	Toolbox 6th Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 6th Page)
    Slot 1      80070FB6 0063
    Slot 2      80070FBC 0063
    Slot 3      80070FC2 0063
    Slot 4      80070FC8 0063
    Slot 5      80070FCE 0063
    Slot 6      80070FD4 0063
    Slot 7      80070FDA 0063
    Slot 8      80070FE0 0063
    	Toolbox 7th Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 7th Page)
    Slot 1      80070FE6 0063
    Slot 2      80070FEC 0063
    Slot 3      80070FF2 0063
    Slot 4      80070FF8 0063
    Slot 5      80070FFE 0063
    Slot 6      80071004 0063
    Slot 7      8007100A 0063
    Slot 8      80071010 0063
    	Toolbox 8th Page Max Item Codes (Gives ??Variable Max Amount in 8th Page)
    Slot 1      80071016 0063
    Slot 2      8007101C 0063
    Slot 3      80071022 0063
    Slot 4      80071028 0063
    Slot 5      8007102E 0063
    Slot 6      80071034 0063
    Slot 7      8007103A 0063
    Slot 8      80071040 0063
    Digits for the ??:
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Sickle
    02 - Copper Sickle
    03 - Silver Sickle
    04 - Gold Sickle
    05 - Mystrile Sickle
    06 - Hoe
    07 - Copper Hoe
    08 - Silver Hoe
    09 - Gold Hoe
    0A - Mystrile Hoe
    0B - Ax
    0C - Copper Ax
    0D - Silver Ax
    0E - Gold Ax
    0F - Mystrile Ax
    10 - Hammer
    11 - Copper Hammer
    12 - Silver Hammer
    13 - Gold Hammer
    14 - Mystrile Hammer
    15 - Watering Can
    16 - Copper Watering Can
    17 - Silver Watering Can
    18 - Gold Watering Can
    19 - Mystrile Watering Can
    1A - Milker
    1B - Clippers
    1C - Brush
    1D - Bell
    1E - Animal Medicine
    1F - Cow Miracle Potion
    20 - Sheep Miracle Potion
    21 - Blue Feather
    22 - Turnip Seeds
    23 - Potato Seeds
    24 - Cucumber Seeds
    25 - Strawberry Seeds
    26 - Cabbage Seeds
    27 - Tomato Seeds
    28 - Corn Seeds
    29 - Onion Seeds
    2A - Pumpkin Seeds
    2B - Pineapple Seeds
    2C - Eggplant Seeds
    2D - Carrot Seeds
    2E - Sweet Potato Seeds
    2F - Spinach Seeds
    30 - Green Pepper Seeds
    31 - Moondrop Seeds
    32 - Pink Cat Seeds
    33 - Magic Red Seeds
    34 - Toy Flower Seeds
    35 - Orange Cup Seeds
    36 - Grass Seeds
    37 - Ocarina
    38 - Fishing Rod
    39 - Fishing Pole
    3A - Stone
    3B - Big Stone
    3C - Rock
    3D - Stump
    3E - Branch
    3F - Lumber
    40 - Weeds
    41 - Turnip
    42 - Potato
    43 - Cucumber
    44 - Strawberry
    45 - Cabbage
    46 - Tomato
    47 - Corn
    48 - Onion
    49 - Pumpkin
    4A - Pineapple
    4B - Eggplant
    4C - Carrot
    4D - Sweet Potato
    4E - Spinach
    4F - Green Pepper
    50 - Grass
    51 - Moon Drop Flower
    52 - Pink Cat Flower
    53 - Blue Magic Red Flower
    54 - Red Magic Red Flower
    55 - Toy Flower
    56 - Orange Cup Fruit
    57 - Apple
    58 - Bamboo Shoot
    59 - Wild Grape
    5A - Mushroom
    5B - Poisonous Mushroom
    5C - Truffle
    5D - Blue Grass
    5E - Red Grass
    5F - Green Grass
    60 - Mystrile
    61 - Orichalcum
    62 - Adamantite
    63 - Ketchup Recipie
    64 - Shipping Basket
    65 - Dog Ball
    66 - Coin
    67 - Power Berry
    68 - Fodder
    69 - Chicken Seed
    6A - Cow Feed (Bagged)
    6B - Chicken Feed (Bagged)
    6C - Fish Feed
    6D - Level 2 Rucksack (4 Tools, 4 Items)
    6E - Level 3 Rucksack (8 Tools, 8 Items)
    6F - Pocket Station (Have Harvest Sprites Train there)
    70 - Wrapping Paper
    71 - Blue Vase
    72 - Knife (Does not actualy let you use)
    73 - Frying Pan (Does not actualy let you use)
    74 - Pot (Does not actualy let you use)
    75 - Mixer (Does not actualy let you use)
    76 - Whisk (Does not actualy let you use)
    77 - Rolling Pin (Does not actualy let you use)
    78 - Oven (Does not actualy let you use)
    79 - Spice Rack (Does not actualy let you use)
    7A - Gold Ore
    7B - Silver Ore
    7C - Copper Ore
    7D - Carp Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    7E - Char Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    7F - Catfish Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    80 - Squid Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    81 - Angler Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    82 - Sea Breen Print (Does not actualy let you use)
    83 - Bee Hive
    84 - Fish Feed
    85 - Orange Cup Fruit
    86 - Egg
    87 - Spa-Boiled Egg
    88 - Mayonaise S
    89 - Mayonaise M
    8A - Mayonaise L
    8B - Milk S
    8C - Milk M
    8D - Milk L
    8E - Cheese S
    8F - Cheese M
    90 - Cheese L
    91 - Wool S
    92 - Wool M
    93 - Wool L
    94 - Yarn S
    95 - Yarn M
    96 - Yarn L
    97 - Honey
    98 - Apple
    99 - Rice Balls
    9A - Bread
    9B - Bodigizer
    9C - Bodigizer XL
    9D - TurboJolt
    9E - TurboJolt XL
    9F - Wine
    0A0 - Grape Juice
    0A1 - Fish L
    0A2 - Fish M
    0A3 - Fish S
    0A4 - Gift
    0A5 - Oil
    0A6 - Flour
    0A7 - Curry Powder
    0A8 - Set Meal
    0A9 - Wild Grape Wine
    0AA - Milk
    0AB - Water
    0AC - Snowcone
    0AD - Veggie Pancake
    0AE - Fried Rice
    0AF - Stir Fry
    0B0 - Miso Soup
    0B1 - Stew
    0B2 - Curry
    0B3 - Salad
    0B4 - Fruit Juice
    0B5 - Veggie Juice
    0B6 - Mixed Juice
    0B7 - Sandwich
    0B8 - Pickled Turnips
    0B9 - Fries
    0BA - Pickles
    0BB - Strawberry Jam
    0BC - Strawberry Milk
    0BD - Tomato Juice
    0BE - Popcorn
    0BF - Pumpkin Pudding
    0C0 - Happy Eggplant
    0C1 - Sweet Potato (recipe)
    0C2 - Roasted Potatoes
    0C3 - Greens
    0C4 - Scrambled Eggs
    0C5 - Omelet
    0C6 - Boiled Egg
    0C7 - Hot Milk
    0C8 - Butter
    0C9 - Cheese Cake
    0CA - Cheese Fondue
    0CB - Apple Jam
    0CC - Apple Pie
    0CD - Bamboo Rice
    0CE - Mushroom Rice
    0CF - Truffle Rice
    0D0 - Grape Jam
    0D1 - Sushi
    0D2 - Chirashi Sushi
    0D3 - Jam Bun
    0D4 - Raisin Bread
    0D5 - Dinner Roll
    0D6 - Sashimi
    0D7 - Grilled Fish
    0D8 - Pizza
    0D9 - Pasta
    0DA - Noodles
    0DB - Curry Noodles
    0DC - Tempura Noodles
    0DD - Fried Noodles
    0DE - Tempura
    0DF - Cookie
    0E0 - Ice Cream
    0E1 - Cake
    0E2 - Food Fiasco
    0E3 - Milk G
    0E4 - Cheese G
    0E5 - Mayonnaise G
    0E6 - Yarn G
    0E7 - Wool G
    0E8 - Egg G
    0E9 - Can
    0EA - Message In Bottle
    0EB - Boot
    0EC - Dead Fish
    0ED - Carp
    0EE - Char
    0EF - Catfish
    0F0 - Squid
    0F1 - Angler
    0F2 - Sea Bream
    0F4 - Chocolate Cookies
    0F5 - Chocolate Cake
    0F6 - Moonview Dumplings
    0F7 - Bracelet
    0F8 - Necklace
    0F9 - Earings
    0FA - Bandage
    0FB - Relax Tea Leaves
    0FC - Relaxation Tea
    0FD - Fruit Latte
    0FE - Veggie Latte
    0FF - Mixed Latte
    100 - Love Potion
    101 - Cliff's Photo
    102 - Letter
    103 - Invitation
    104 - Woodcutter Book
    105 - Picturebook Of People
    106 - Adult Dog
    107 - Young Dog
    108 - Cat
    109 - Chicken
    10A - Chick
    10B - White Rabbit
    10C - Brown Rabbit
    10D - Suirrel
    10E - Fox
    10F - Monkey
    110 - Snake
    111 - Crab
    112 - Butterfly
    113 - Butterfly 2
    114 - Beetle
    115 - Stag Beetle
    116 - Cicada
    117 - Dragonfly
    118 - Cricket
    119 - Lady Bug
    11A - Grasshopper
    11B - Triangle Sandwich
    11C - Deluxe Sandwich
    11D - Riceball
    11E - Red Bean Bun
    11F - Pizza
    120 - Meat
    121 - Toast
    122 - Egg N
    123 - Egg G
    124 - Egg E
    125 - Popuri's Egg
    126 - Mystic Berry
    127 - Unclear Message In Bottle
    128 - Spring Seeds
    129 - Summer Seeds
    12A - Spring Seeds
    12B - Toy Chick
    12C - Cow Reins
    12D - God Map
    12E - Ketchup
    12F - Rice Omelet
    130 - Salad
    131 - Apple Pie
    132 - Cheese Cake
    133 - Cookie
    134 - Water
    135 - Roasted Corn
    136 - Pasta
    137 - Pizza
    138 - Junk Ore
    139 - Aja Grapes
    13A - Dead Weed
    13B - Winter Stone
    13C - Winter Branch
    13D - Winter Lumber
    13E - Water
    13F - Mayonnaise Maker
    IF there is more digits...please e-mail them to me, your name will then be
    added under the credits section!
    20) Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is Copywrite of me (DeadlySin), It is not to be used in any way other
    than personal use UNLESS I am directly contacted and notified of what it wishes
    to be used for. You may not borrow ANY part of this FAQ unless credit is given
    to me, or UNLESS I have given special permission for you to do so somewhere in
    my FAQ. Thank you!
    21) CREDITS
    Thank you to Natsume for a Great Game
    I would like to thank SStrato2123 for the seed information, and for the Recipe
    Although it can be found anywhere, It was the most useful when I played the
    Check out SStrato2123's FAQ/Walkthru for another great guide to Back to Nature!
    Also, thank you to hand_of_gOD for the info on Elli's Location. It's greatly
    If anybody else has something to add, PLEASE, at the top of this FAQ there is
    an introduction section which states how to address e-mails to me. Follow this
    guideline otherwise your e-mail may not get read...
    Thanks Everybody!
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