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               F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
                   Current Listed and Answered Questions: 230
    Version  : 1.0                     Title     : Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
    Author   : Hafiz Rahman            Developer : Victor Interactive
    E-Mail   : kuadrantiga@yahoo.com   Publisher : Natsume Inc.
    Homeland : Indonesia               Platform  : Sony PlayStation
    Date     : September 25, 2001      Version   : North American
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    The ASCII art title was meant for Back 'to' Nature, not Harvest Moon '2'.
                       Just to avoid misunderstanding.
           Sony PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer
                               Entertainment Inc.
           Harvest Moon is a registered trademark of Natsume Inc.
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    So, this faq should not be used for any commercial use. If somehow, you are
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    take any profit, have my permission first, and do not change any content of
    this faq. No means no, dear, not even a single letter.
    © 2001, Hafiz Rahman. All rights reserved.
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    1  Table of Contents
    2  Introduction and Version History
    3  Frequently Asked Questions
          i General
         ii NewbieZone
        iii Harvest Moon: BTN Basic
         iv Characters and Places
          v Crops
         vi Livestock and Pets
             - Basic
             - Hens
             - Sheep and Cows
             - Horse
             - Dog
             - Fish
        vii Tools and Items
       viii Harvest Sprites
         ix Mining
          x Fishing
         xi Getting More Money
        xii Relationships
       xiii Marriage and Family
        xiv Festivals and Events
         xv Farm's Extensions
        xvi Cooking
       xvii Secrets
      xviii Rumors
        xix Having Fun
         xx Miscellaneous
        xxi SharkerZone <NEW!>
    4  Credits
    5  Author's Section
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    |    /   / | -I n t r o d u c t i o n  and  V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y- |
    |  /   /__ |                                                              |
    Well, I read some of GameFAQs' FAQ and I'm not sure whether I'm in the
    right path or wrong. I mean, FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question, right? But
    almost all of them are providing a lot more than that. They're just like a
    game guide. That's not bad at all, of course, because a solid gaming info
    was better if they're more complete.
    But however, some people may find it different when they have unanswered
    question(s) filling up their mind and then they try to look at the FAQ(s).
    They have a hard time to find what they need because the FAQ(s) was too
    big. So this (classic-style) Frequently Asked Questions was made to give
    easier and faster help for people like them. Knowing that this is NOT a
    solid game info, then I will introduce this as, uhm, [Drum Roll BGM ^_^]
    liquid game info! Heh, do you think only snakes has either liquid and
    However, I'm not that smart and I don't know whether my way of thinking is
    right or not. Maybe a guide like I've explained above was considered as a
    FAQ too. Maybe a Frequently Asked Questions should be made like this.
    Honestly, I'm not even sure that FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions. All I
    know is that I want to help people and (to do that I) give things that I
    already know to them. I hope you enjoy this FAQ and I hope this can help
    you too in advance.
    Here is the list of abbreviations that you may find in this FAQ. Perhaps
    you didn't know what it means so I add them:
    1. HM  : Harvest Moon
    2. BTN : Back to Nature
    3. 64  : Nintendo 64
    4. GB  : Game Boy
    5. MB  : Message Board
    6. #$%@*()!#@ : Several censored bad words. It has no certain meanings, but
                    you surely know them by yourself ^_^
    If you have any unanswered or unlisted questions, just send them to my e-
    mail address <kuadrantiga@yahoo.com> and I will add them here. But please,
    read the faq first so you wouldn't send an already answered questions.
    Version History
    Version 1.0 May 26, 2001 - 92 KB
     188 questions listed and answered, and I'm not really sure about the exact
     number ^_^. Oh well, that's it for this version. Some updates might be
     happened if I get some contribution from you, my dear reader, and I will
     add them here. But don't expect it to come early, because maybe it will be
     about a month to get version 2.0 because I do have lot to do in my life
     other than to maintain this FAQ. Hence thank you for your understanding.
    Version 1.1 September 25, 2001 - 160 KB
     230 questions listed and answered. Phew, did I said "a month"? Sorry guys,
     lots of things happened to me that makes this FAQ came out FOUR month af-
     ter the release of the version 1.0. The first thing is that I actually
     receive some emails, like one or two new emails per day, so you should
     know how many times should I update the questions again and again. As for
     me it doesn't really matter, BUT then right when I was going to set up
     everything in the updated version so that I could submit it, the file was
     coincidentally got deleted... So then I lost the one and only archive
     where I put the contributor's data in this FAQ and I have to redo the job
     from Version 1.0 again. It's getting even worse because this FAQ is not
     the only one that I lost, but there are some of my other FAQ too. Hence
     this is what I could do this time. Less update since I can't remember what
     I have put in this FAQ recently, and almost no contributor credits. The
     last part makes me feel bad because they actually deserve the credits, so
     if you have asked me some question and want to get the credit you deserve,
     please mail me. No, NOT at <kuadrantiga@yahoo.com> since your mail will
     just get lost in many emails. Mail me at <kuadrantiga@email.com> and use
     "CREDITS" as the subject. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you
     could just enjoy this FAQ with all of its limitation, failure and gramma-
     tical errors ^_^'.
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    |  _ |__ / |   -  F r e q u e n t l y  A s k e d  Q u e s t i o n s  -    |
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    |Author's note \__________________________________________________________
    |To learn more about things explained below, refer to this FAQ's topic    |
    |which has the specified information (such as tools, characters etc)      |
    |about them.                                                              |
    |Author's note II\________________________________________________________
    |If you have read the first version of the FAQ, you might notice the new  |
    |number feature that is listed on each topic's header. The number was the |
    |total of the question inside the topics so that you know whether there's |
    |some new questions or not. And more, although the number of the question |
    |is still the same with the previous version, do check them again because |
    |sometimes I might add some new lines into the old questions for some new |
    |information. Okay, I hope you're not wondering again now.                |
    | i   | General Questions                                           |   7 |
      Q: What is Harvest Moon? What kind of game is that?
      A: Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game. You can do a lot of things
         here, though the basic is farming. You can go fishing, mining, many
         other farm related jobs and one of the best features is that you can
         marry a girl here. So it has a love simulation part too. Or, in other
         words, since it has so many different parts mixed altogether, I'll
         just call it "Life-on-the-Farm Simulation Game" ^_^.
         For further information, Back to Nature is not the very first series
         of the game. Here are the game titled with Harvest Moon:
         1. Harvest Moon                          - Super Nintendo
         2. Harvest Moon                          - Game Boy Color
         3. Harvest Moon 2                        - Game Boy Color
         4. Harvest Moon 3 - Boys Meet Girls      - Game Boy Color / Advance
         5. Harvest Moon 64                       - Nintendo 64
         6. Harvest Moon Back to Nature           - Sony PlayStation
         7. Harvest Moon Save the Homeland        - Sony PlayStation 2
         Of course if you just want to know more, you could just visit
         Natsume's site at <www.natsume.com>.
      Q: Should I buy it or the N64 version? 'or' Which one is better?
      A: Well, both versions have pros and cons. This Back to Nature (BTN)
         version was released after the 64 version, so it has more addition and
         better features. Honestly, I haven't played the 64 version, so I can't
         say which one is better. And if I could, that would be pretty
         subjective. But from what I know, BTN has better graphics and
         gameplay. Well, maybe you can see some of the difference from both
         version and decide it by yourself.
      Q: So? What is the difference?
      A:  - 64 allows you to collect photos in a photo album. BTN didn't have
            this feature.
          - In terms of graphics, BTN is little bit more detailed and the
            color was sharper.
          - BTN has more crops to plant.
          - BTN has some different festivals like Chicken Sumo.
          - BTN's swimming festival was harder to win than in 64 version.
          - BTN allows you to raise fish.
          - BTN allows you to collect recipes and actually cook them too.
          - BTN has a walk in stable.
          - The town was different, so does the layout.
          - The story was different, although the characters were same.
          - The role of the characters was different. In example, Lillia in 64
            was a florist, but Lillia in BTN is a chicken farm owner.
          - Maria in 64 was named Mary in BTN version.
          - Tools upgraded in different way.
          - You have an apple tree, fishpond and 'different' stable in BTN.
          - And another tidbits difference, such as Calendars thingies, some
            character didn't appear in one version to another, etc.
       Q: I still can't decide which one is better. What should I do?
       A: Read the reviews in GameFAQs for more brief information about the
          game. And go to some Harvest Moon sites.
       Q: Another addition?
       A: Well, this BTN support PocketStation too. Can't tell you more,
          though. I have no PoS. As for new information, I guess Natsume
          has removed the PocketStation compatibility from the North American
          version. That means you can only play PocketStation using the
          Japanese version. I don't know, I need somebody to confirm this.
       Q: Hey, is it true that you can marry a girl in this game?
       A: Yep. So for those who just can't stand playing any Japanese love
          sims (you know, because of the kanji), and for those who want to
          get some fresh air, just try this game. But of course it's not that
          I have some relation with Natsume nor being their promotional staff,
          I just give you some suggestion ^_^.
       Q: Okay, so I like this game and I want to play the other version of
          Harvest Moon. Which one should I choose?
       A: I certainly can't suggest you what you should and what you shouldn't
          choose because it was all your decisions anyway. But here are some
          basic explanation from what I've knew from the other Harvest Moon.
         1. Harvest Moon                          - Super Nintendo
            The original version. It was the very first Harvest Moon as far as
            I know and it contain lot of things that is still used in Back to
            Nature (like marriage, tools, livestock etc). The difference is
            that this version is HARD. Trust me. Just play this game to see
            that harvest moon life wasn't this easy back then.
         2. Harvest Moon                          - Game Boy Color
            I have read about it a little bit and it doesn't seem to have
            some extreme development from the SNES version. You still have
            limited crops, limited livestock, limited save data, PLUS the same
            old difficulties.
         3. Harvest Moon 2                        - Game Boy Color
            This game is good since you can choose either to be a boy or girl,
            and with different stories, different role of characters, more
            crops, extra features (like bug-collecting mini game, time capsule,
            trading things with your friend's saved data using the gameboy
            cable link [or whatever it called], festivals), and many more.
         4. Harvest Moon 3 - Boys Meet Girls      - Game Boy Color / Advance
            This is the game that was released soon (or together with?) after
            the launching of Back to Nature, being the sequel of Harvest Moon
            2 GBC. I haven't saw the graphics yet but I have read some about it
            and I really thought that this game is better that BTN in many
            aspects. It has more crops, including rice that should be planted
            for two months until harvest time. You could choose to be a boy or
            a girl, of course, and you will have a partner for you with the
            opposite gender of your main character. And, you could modify your
            character's hair and clothes color. You could choose bloodtype as
            well (even though I really don't know what it could be used for).
            And you could choose to have a dog, cat, bird or a pig as a pet.
            There are 3 kinds of dog and 3 kinds of cat. Your character has
            some sort of happiness points, things that you could not have in
            BTN, and don't worry you can have a marriage as well. But now there
            is only one person you could marry, luckily your farming partner.
            You can have more than one baby (!) and things are somewhat harder
            too because you have to buy lots of things including TV and rags.
            And the other thing is that you do not use some potions to have
            an offspring from your livestock. Instead of it, you will have to
            have a male (!) and a female (!) livestock (cow, sheep, chicken)
            and then mate them together. You even have some annoying crows to
            eat your entire crops, so you will have to buy Scare Crow to keep
            them away. Wow, isn't it? The only noticeable thing is that this
            game isn't in North American version yet. At the date when this
            faq was released, there's only a Japanese version, so we might have
            to wait any longer to have the game in English. Gee.
         5. Harvest Moon 64                       - Nintendo 64
            Let's say, the older twin brother of BTN? Some say BTN is slightly
            better. As for me, I never really played this game but it seems
            like the gameplay is just the same with BTN. Well, since I've ex-
            plained about it up there I won't do that the second time as well.
         6. Harvest Moon Back to Nature           - Sony PlayStation
            This game is, hey, this is the game you are currently playing! ^_^
         7. Harvest Moon Save the Homeland        - Sony PlayStation 2
            The next generation of Harvest Moon. Better graphics (see the '2'
            next to the 'PlayStation'?). From what I've knew, this game was
            previously titled HM: Ignite Heart or Set My Heart on Fire (if
            directly translated from the Japanese title) but then it was sadly
            laughed by many people on the net (luckily it isn't as bad as when
            we laugh at SNK's famous All Your Base Are Belong To Us..:). Some
            other people even starts to think about the possibilities of the
            next version of Harvest Moon to be titled as HM: Summer Romance.
            So the point is that HM is a farming game and not 100%-ly a love
            simulation so it was silly to be titled like that kind of game. So
            I guess Natsume heard the voice of people after all, because then
            it was called Save Our Homeland (now that sounds natural!). Okay,
            honestly I am blind of anything about this game but the fact that
            you could not marry anyone in this game. It is still in Japanese
            version as well and I don't have the game plus I don't have the
            time to check any site for some info about this game, so please
            don't hesitate to do the search on your own. Sorry for the
            inconvenience ^_^.
    | ii  | NewbieZone                                                  |   4 |
     Hiya! If you're here, it's highly possible that you're new to this Harvest
     Moon game. You haven't played the previous or the better version of
     Harvest Moon, am I right? But that's okay, because this section was
     dedicated for you! This will be the place where you can (hopefully) find
     what you need when you're stuck in this game. Read on!
       Q: First of all, what should I do?
       A: First of all, and you must remember to do this everyday, watch your
          TV. You must know the next day's weather, and watching Farmer Fran
          wouldn't hurt too because he gives you lots of tips of this game.
          After that, stand in front the treasure-box like thing in the corner
          of your house and open it. It's your toolbox, so you must pick your
          tools from it. Because you can only bring 3 tools at the time, choose
          Ax, Hoe and any other one. Hammer is preferable because you can use
          it to break small stones. However, you can just pick the small stone
          and bring it somewhere else. Sickle is used to, you know, get rid of
          the weeds, but you can just pull the weeds with your hand. That'll
          save your energy too.
          Then get outta your house and start cleaning up your farm. Pick up
          weeds, hammer small stones, and make sure you have some clean areas.
          After that, plow your land with Hoe. Make it about 9 x 9 plowed land.
          It will takes some hours, but that's normal. Then, whistle your dog
          and pick it up, just to make it happy. After that, quickly go to the
          Supermarket (you should know where if you choose to go on a tour with
          the mayor a day before). Stand right in front of the seeds and buy
          some of them. Turnips are preferable because they grow fast and you
          need the money back fast too. And DON'T buy grass yet.
          After that, go to Yodel Ranch to get your pony. Choose yes during the
          event. Then go get some green grasses near Gotz house and Hot Spring.
          You can sell them by throwing them to your shipping bin in your farm,
          near your mailbox. Then take a little rest in the Hot Spring for an
          hour and go back to your farm. If your rucksack is full, then you
          must pick the seeds you've bought in your toolbox first. If it's not,
          then start planting them. Oh, and pick your Watering Can too.
          You have to stand in the middle of 3 x 3 plowed land and equip your
          seeds. Press Square and that'll make it.
            [][][]       [] = Plowed Land, showed by one Square
            []##[]       ## = Where you should stand and plant the seeds.
          Plant every seeds you have and water them with your watering can.
          Now, after everything's done, you can go mining to get some money. Or
          just take a rest again in the Hot Spring and go to bed. Save if you
          want to.
       Q: Okay. First day passed. So what's next?
       A: Well, you must water your plant everyday, pick your dog and talk to
          your pony everyday and it's better if you go forage (searching for
          wild plants like green grasses and sell them) and mining everyday.
          After couple days, your plants will be harvestable. Just pick them
          up and throw them to the shipping bin to sell.
       Q: Another important notes?
       A: Search in each section here if you have specified questions.
       Q: Wait. Wait! Aren't there any good tips?
       A: Fine. Here goes:
          1. DO take an hour in Hot Spring before you get some sleep. You don't
             want to get overslept the next day.
          2. DO harvest your plant right when they are harvestable. Letting
             any multiple growing crops unharvested will just delay the next
             harvest of it. That means you will eventually lose profits.
          3. DO take care of your animals.
             Your dog needs to be picked up everyday, and to be trained with
             dogball daily too once you get it. Your horse needs to be brushed
             and talked everyday. Let your dog and horse outside if the sky is
             clear. Your sheep and cow need to be brushed and talked to every-
             day too. This will keep them happy. Let them inside unless you
             have many patches of grass outside and want to let your animal
             grazing outside. Your hen, well they don't really need some
             special treatment but like sheep and cow they need to be feed
             everyday. Let them out if you run out of chicken feeds but make
             sure it won't be a hazardous weather tomorrow or you might lost
             them forever.
          4. DO build a fence for your animal once you let them out.
             This will help you recollect them if you want to bring them back
             inside and also protecting them from the attack of stray dogs.
          5. DO try to get the power berries sooner. You don't wannabe a
             weakling now and then. Refer to the 'Secrets' section to know
             where to find them.
          6. DO give your favorite girl presents that they like, preferably
             everyday unless you're trying to get Karen or Ann. Karen likes
             Wine, and I doubt you love her that much so you waste your money
             for daily drunk. Ann likes home-made food and I doubt you love
             her that much so you ask Gotz to build you a kitchen although
             you don't have the money AND the lumber yet. But Elli and Popuri
             likes flower, and flowers are free (gee, I like that kind of
             girl ^_^). Mary likes weird plants like Herbs and (even) Poisono-
             us Mushroom, and they are free too. I could guarantee that if you
             give your girl her favorite gifts everyday, she'll have red heart
             at you at the very first day of first year winter. Well, at least
             it does work on me. I gave Elli two flowers a day and that's what
             happened. And for Ann or Karen, you might want to give Spa Boiled
             Egg to Ann everyday or Truffles in Fall season to Karen. They both
             enjoyed that.
          7. DO be good with the other villagers. There's no actual reason you
             should hate any of them, unless you're the jealousy one so that
             you keep on giving Kai food fiasco, or you're a clearly-sane-
             person-number-one so that you keep away from the psycho Rick.
          8. DO have a stock of animal medicine once you get the animal. You
             will never know what for until your animal is sick and Poultry
             Farm or Yodel Ranch is closed. Once you realize it, you are too
             NOTE: Actually I do have a trick to keep your chicken alive once
             it sicks and you don't have the medicine. Read Version 1.1 of my
             Glitch FAQ in <www.gamefaqs.com>. Well, version 1.1 haven't been
             submitted yet but it will be soon ^_^'.
          9. DO NOT neglect your farm for love business. You're a farmer, not
             Mr. Bond.
         10. DO NOT depend on the help of the Harvest Sprites. They couldn't
             complete their work perfectly while you could, so avoid the Sprite
             unless for some special occasion like when you're going to marry
             or when a typhoon will be come tomorrow.
         11. DO NOT waste your money for unneeded items like food from the inn
             or from Kai's Seaside Log. The reason is that they only let you
             dine-in, so you can't bring them home. It's not needed anyway,
             they just restore your stamina and stay in Hot Spring for an hour
             also completely restore your stamina. Another unneeded items
             includes wine and grape juice unless you want to give it to some-
         12. DO NOT hesitate to go to the mine and get some ores especially at
             the very first time of the game since you will need lots of money
         13. DO NOT forget to save often, unless you're not pretty satisfied
             with what you might have done. The reason is, the game has some
             random event that might appear anytime so if you haven't save the
             game and then you choose the wrong answer in some event, you will
             then regret it for sure.
         14. DO NOT email me any question about anything in the game before
             reading the entire FAQ yet. The reason is, if I just wannabe an
             answerman, I won't bother to write down this whole FAQ. I would
             just put 'email me at <my email address> for any questions' line
             at the top of the FAQ and then submit it to CJayC. So please, I
             beg you please read the FAQ first to find what you want to ask.
             Previously I was still answering 99% of the emails that asked me
             about anything that was already here in this FAQ. But I guess, now
             when I was somewhat busier, I can't and I won't do that anymore.
             So please be understand. I'm also a human. Just like you, my dear
             readers ^_^.
    | iii | Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Basic Questions                |  19 |
       Q: What's the use of what button?
       A: Directional Pad : - To move the character anywhere he was standing.
                            - To push your livestock by holding it anywhere
                              you want your livestock to go.
                            - To choose between options.
          Start           : - It will trigger the status screen.
                            - Pause mini game in festivals.
          Select          : - It will trigger the town map.
          Triangle        : - To view the content of your rucksack.
                            - To bring up 'help' window when buying something
                              in Supermarket / from Won.
          Circle          : - To cancel during options.
                            - Hold it and press D-pad to run.
          X               : - To confirm during options.
                            - To do barehanded basic actions like talk or pick.
          Square          : - To do tools basic action while equipping it.
                            - To do tools special action by holding it down.
                            - To eat the item in hand, if it is edible.
          R1              : - Switch between tools inside your rucksack.
          R2              : - Switch between items inside your rucksack.
          L1              : - To whistle to your dog in order to call it.
          L2              : - To whistle to your horse in order to call it.
       Q: How do I sell things?
       A: Throw them into the shipping bin or to your horse's saddlebag. The
          shipping bin can be found near your mailbox, inside chicken coop and
          inside the barn. At 5 AM, Zack will pick up things inside the bin and
          give you the money for it.
       Q: I was talked to a girl and saw a heart icon in her text box. What's
       A: It is kinda related with relationship. Or in other word, refer to
          that section. Sorry ^_^...
       Q: How long did this game lasts?
       A: This game lasts forever.
       Q: Do you mean there will be no game over?
       A: Well, although the game lasts forever, you still have time limit to
          make a good farm. If your farm isn't good enough, then you should
          leave. Or if you waste all of your money, you'll get kicked out of
          your farm too. Game over.
       Q: Time limit? What time limit? And explain me about a good and
          qualified farm!
       A: The time limit is 3 years. The qualification was determined from your
          farm's rate, which is showed in the upper right section of the Status
          Screen (press START). The rate appears in percentage, but the minimum
          requirement hasn't been confirmed yet. Some say 25% is enough, but
          nobody knows for sure (except for Natsume, maybe).
       Q: Three years? How about after three years?
       A: If you're qualified, then you can choose to leave or stay. And the
          'stay' option gives you eternal life in your farm.
       Q: So how do I increase my farm rate?
       A: The already confirmed way is:
          - Getting 1 heart for your dog, horse, wife and son. Each one gives
            you 1% addition. With maximum of 10 hearts each, it's 40% in total.
          - Having cow(s) and sheep(s). Each of them gives 1% addition.
          And these are the things that help increase your farm's rate, but the
          details and confirmation was still unknown yet:
          - Upgrading all your tools to Mystrile.
          - Shipping more than 100 for every farm produce (crops, milks, eggs).
          - Upgrading your farm better or to the fullest.
          - Catch the legendary fish(es).
          - Finding power berry(es).
          - Having 10 hearts for the Harvest Sprites.
          - Having all or almost all of the recipes.
          - Making a good relationships with any other villagers.
       Q: Talking about increasing farm rate, can it be decreased too?
       A: Why, of course. Here goes:
          - Losing hearts for your dog, horse, wife and son decrease your farm
            rate. 1% per heart.
          - Sell or let your animal die. Animal can die because of illness. See
            the number beside the 'Halo' icon in Status Screen to know how many
            animal has gone.
       Q: How do I save my game? And how many blocks needed?
       A: Face the book right beside the bed in the main character's house and
          press X. You should see three options there. 'Sleep without saving'
          means that you'll proceed to the next day without saving your game.
          The 2nd option will allow you to save. And the 3rd, it's animal
          exchange option. Please know that this is the only way to save your
          game, and once you save, you're proceeded automatically to the next
          The saved data itself takes 4 blocks in your memory card.
       Q: What's animal exchange?
       A: It is a way to give or take animal(s) from different saved data.
          I.e., you have farm A with a cow named B. You have farm C too, with
          no cow. With this option, you can take cow B and bring it to farm C.
          Animal that could be exchanged are cow(s), sheep(s) and hen(s). Horse
          and dog can't be exchanged. And don't even think to exchange your
       Q: Why do I get overslept?
       A: You're too tired the day before. If you feel that you're working
          a lot, try to have an hour in Hot Spring before you go to bed.
       Q: Should I eat something in this game to prevent tiredness?
       A: No. You can depend only on your breakfast. To prevent tiredness, you
          can go to Hot Spring and sit there for an hour to restore your energy
          back. But if you feel like to eat something, then it's OK. Eating
          something (healthy) helps to decrease tiredness too.
       Q: My character's collapsed and suddenly appears in clinic and back in
          his house the next day. What's happened?
       A: He's too tired. You forced him to work too hard. You should see the
          'signal' before he get collapsed and be aware of that. Here it is:
          - Wipe face with handkerchief   - 50% of energy still remain.
          - Bow down                      - 30%-20% of energy still remain.
          - Fell down by his butt         - 20%-10% of energy still remain.
          - Fell down by his face         - less than 10% of energy remain.
          - Loses balance, collapsed      - No energy remains.
          When he is fell down by his face, you should go to Hot Spring and
          take rest for 1 hour. Or eat something, even the Hot Spring is more
          preferable. Just stop your work or you may get collapsed. And
          collapsed will automatically bring you to the next day, which means
          working time loss.
          Collapse can be happened by sickness too. Sickness caused by working
          in bad weather like rain or snow. It can be caused by less sleeping
          too. Or eating something bad and poisonous. The sickness 'signal' was
          same with tiredness 'signal', but don't get screwed up here.
          For example, if your character fell down by his butt and then he wipe
          his face, you should be aware. There are two possibilities for this.
          1) Your character might get pretty sick, but he still has 50% of his
             energy. Or,
          2) Your character might has only 20%-10% energy, but his health is
             start to go worse too.
          Both of them are possible, and there is nothing that shows you which
          one is going to happen. But you should know when you're working too
          much and compare it with the 'signal'. If you're working a little but
          you fell in your face, that means you're pretty ill.
       Q: Hot Spring takes a lot of time, and I hate being sick too! So?
       A: Buy a Bodigizer or Bodigizer XL and drink it to restore your energy.
          Buy a Turbojolt or Turbojolt XL and drink it to prevent sickness.
          Both of them can be bought from the doctor in the clinic. But,
          remember that 'buy' means 'money'.
       Q: I'm still curious about energy thingies. Explain it!
       A: At the very first, your energy is 100 hit points or percentage (even
          you cannot see it, but it is true). To increase it, eat power berry.
          One power berry gives you 10 more hit points. There are 10 power
          berries, so the maximum energy you can have is 200.
          Your energy decreases when you use your tools. Using a normal tool
          like Hoe or Sickle once takes 1 hit point or percentage. Using better
          tool abilities (like using Mystrile Hoe ability) takes more hit
          points. Using tools like brush and clipper does take hit point too.
          Fishing does takes hit points too. Everything you can use with Square
          button (it's 'use', not 'eat' or 'throw') takes energy. Spreading
          seeds also takes energy, because you use it with Square button.
          However, using barehand don't take any energy. Which means,
          harvesting, picking up and bringing items will never makes you tired.
       Q: Oh yeah, about harvesting. When will the delivery man takes my
          products, and should I stay at home to get the money?
       A: The man named Zack. He came to your house every 5 PM, and no, you
          don't have to stay in the farm when he came. The money will be
          magically placed to your pocket even if you're in the hill's peak at
          the time.
       Q: But if I shipped the crops after 5 PM, will the delivery man pay for
          it? I mean, in Harvest Moon SNES they don't pay late shipment. So?
       A: Don't worry. Your crops will be accumulated with tomorrow's shipment
          and you will get the money tomorrow, altogether with tomorrow's
          shipment payment.
       Q: Time is moving so fast! Help!
       A: Yes, and you are not given any option to choose the game speed. But
          however, these are something you might want to know:
          - Time stops when you're in a room. This include the mine, but
            exclude the Hot Spring.
          - Time also stops during festivals (only in the event not in the
            entire day). You will find this useful like having some infinite
            time to fish at the sea before join the Swimming Festival etc.
          - If you didn't sleep at all until 5.50 AM in the morning, suddenly
            you'll transferred back to your house at 6 AM. It can be more if
            you're too tired.
          - To help you a lot, always use running walk mode. And ride your
            horse after you get the ability to do it. It helps if you want to
            go around in your farm. Too bad, your horse can't be ridden to
            other places.
    | iv  | Characters and Places Questions                             |  31 |
      |  Characters   |
       Q: Who is Jack?
       A: Nobody. Jack is the default name for previous Harvest Moon hero. In
          BTN, the character has no default name. It's only used for the sake
          of nostalgic memories, I think.
       Q: Who is that girl in the beginning of the game?
       A: No she isn't Karen although she does could sing. No she isn't Elli
          although she acts like her. No she isn't Mary since she didn't wear
          any glasses. No she isn't Popuri since their hair type was different.
          No she isn't Ann because if she is then the Ann we all know today
          should be looked somewhat older than the way she actually looked.
          So who is she? Easy. She is anybody you choose to marry in the game.
          She could be every girl, because sooner or later after you marry a
          girl, she will then tell you that... (WHOOPS! Spoilers!). Okay, I
          don't wanna spoil more so the point is that she isn't any default
          girl at all. Stop throwing away rumors about it.
       Q: I think... I have seen people in Mineral Village before I play this
          game. Do you know where?
       A: Of course. Everybody came back from the 64 version. Or maybe you've
          seen it from the CD case, a magazine or a site.
       Q: Everybody?
       A: Well, no. Kent, the red haired boy in 64 didn't appear in BTN. And
          Won, the Chinese merchant didn't appear in 64.
       Q: Won? Won who?
       A: He is the yellow-Chinese-dressed man that appears in your farm at the
          very first time. He sells some crop and flower seeds. Meet him in
          normal days (non festival) in the Bar/Inn (it's a same place if you
          don't know). Only from 1 PM to 3 PM.
       Q: Won appears in front of my door and sells me weird things! They're
          expensive! Should I buy it?
       A: You decide.
          - Won sells you a Super Ultra Great Delicious Wonderful Apple in
            random time (usually Spring) for 500 G if I'm not wrong. It is just
            the same as the usual apple, but a TV show says that this apple was
            a favorite fruit of a TV star, because it tastes better.
          - Won sells you a Blue Feather for 30000 G if you didn't buy Blue
            Feather from Supermarket. DON'T buy it because the Supermarket's
            are cheaper.
          - Won sells you a dog ball after your dog has fully grown for a mere
            100 G. It is used to train your dog for the Dog Race Festival.
            Sometimes Won will sells it again and again, and there's no way to
            refuse it. But sometimes he won't. It is random, I think.
          - Won sells you a vase after you get your 2nd house upgrade. 5000 G.
            Vase is used to keep a flower into, and it says that it helps to
            decrease your tiredness. Buy it to decorate your house, since you
            can't buy it anywhere else.
       Q: Who is that purple bandanna boy?
       A: It is Kai. He only appear in Spring to Summer. He leaves the village
          in Fall. Lives in the beach, sells some food to you. A good swimmer.
          Most villagers hate him, especially Rick, because he's da ladies
          man. Jealousy factor, I think.
       Q: Leaving the village? Who else will leave the village?
       A: Cliff will leave (that boy who often goes to church and stays in the
          Inn). So does Popuri. But if you don't want to you can always make
          them stay by doing something for them.
       Q: Something like what? How do I make them stay?
       A: Cliff is going to came back to his town because he cannot find a job
          in Mineral Village. So, if someone appears in your door and gives you
          a job, go find Cliff and ask him to do the job too. That'll make him
          stay. But there is only a job Cliff can do. To give you some easy
          clue, this was happened in Fall season of first year. So after that
          go find Cliff and you're doing right if when you talk to Cliff, you
          have two options whether ask him to do the job or not. Remember, if
          he's gone, he will be gone forever.
          However, Popuri won't be gone forever. After she married someone she
          loves, she'll go with him and only came back at Summer. By the habit,
          you should've know who the guy is. And in order to keep her stay,
          don't let him marry the guy. Or, in other word, go marry her.
       Q: Everybody especially the girls seems to moved away from one place to
          another. What's the deal with that?
       A: I think, in order to get close to reality, Natsume gave people their
          own schedule. You might find them in different place in different
          time. You should get used to it.
       Q: How about Ellen? I remembered. Is she the one from the previous HM?
       A: Maybe. Who knows? Well, she's really old now. Maybe yes, maybe no...
          <the voice of Faye Wong still echoes in my ears ^_^>
       Q: Will Ellen die like in the 64?
       A: It is not confirmed yet. Maybe not, but a rumor says that she died in
          year 23 or so.
       Q: Will Lillia's husband came back?
       A: It is not confirmed yet. Maybe not, but a rumor says that he came
          back in year 17.
       Q: Will Aja, Duke's daughter, came back?
       A: It is not confirmed yet. Maybe not, but a rumor says that she came
          back in year 4 if you didn't marry anyone, and then she marry you.
          The rumor has confirmed that it is NOT TRUE.
          Just for addition, Aja's name was appear in TV station, says that she
          became a F-1 racer somewhere.
       Q: Will May's mother, or Barley's daughter, came back?
       A: It is not confirmed yet. I don't want to start a new rumor too.
       Q: Err, who is the Harvest Goddess?
       A: She is the Goddess of Harvest... jk. Well, she didn't appear in the
          church like the previous HM series, but she does exist. She lives in
          the waterfall, but she won't meet you as easy as just visiting her.
          Give her anything you've grown in your farm. How to give? Well, throw
          it to the waterfall, right when you stand near the mine entrance.
       Q: Hey, she didn't appear after I throw a turnip. Why?
       A: Lots of possibilities.
          - Maybe you're not in the right place. If you're doing right, the
            screen will be a little bit flashed and then she appears.
          - Maybe the weather is not good. It seems like the Harvest Goddess
            went somewhere else to go on shelter during rainy or snowy day.
          - Maybe it is a festival day. She leaves for some entertainment too,
            I guess.
          - Maybe it is holiday. She went for a vacation, surely ^_^
          - Maybe it is sleeping time. She need some rest too, especially in
          Each one of anything above is enough to makes her not appear.
       Q: But what's the purpose of meeting Harvest Goddess?
       A: There are some purposes. Refer to 'Relationships' , 'Secrets' and
          'Miscellaneous' sections. Hey, it looks they're there are plenty of
          them, huh?
       Q: Is there any character who didn't live in the town?
       A: Yes. The Gourmet Judge. Only appear in Cooking Festival. And some of
          the guy in the TV, if you'd like to include.
       Q: OK. Who lives in the town?
       A: Saibara, Gray, Duke & Manna, Basil, Anna, Mary, Ellen, Stu, Elli,
          Thomas, Kano, Harris, Sasha, Jeff, Karen, Doctor, Elli, Carter,
          Harvest Sprites, Ann, Doug, and Cliff.
       Q: Very well. Who lives in the beach?
       A: Zack, Kai (only in summer), and Greg.
       Q: Nice. Who lives in the farm area?
       A: Popuri, Lillia, Rick, Gotz, Louis, May, Barley.
       Q: The last one. Who lives in the hill?
       A: Foxes, rabbits, birds, some flying insects. Or in other word, nobody.
      |  Places   |
       Q: Where do I buy things?
       A: In their related shop, of course. Refer to another section related.
       Q: Why can't I enter some doors in people's house?
       A: Because you're not their good friend. Refer to 'Relationship' section
          for more information. However, here are the location of locked door.
          - Aja's winery, 2nd floor (2 locked doors).
          - Mary's house, 2nd floor (1 locked door).
          - Library, 2nd floor (1 locked door).
          - Supermarket (1 locked door).
          - Clinic, 2nd floor (2 locked doors).
          - Inn (3 locked doors).
          - Chicken Lil's / Poultry Farm, 2nd floor (1 locked door).
          And one special is the door in church. You don't have to befriend the
          pastor if you want to come in. You just have to come at the right
          day. It is a confession box. Refer to 'Miscellaneous' section.
       Q: I am allowed to enter a door, but sometimes I'm not. Why?
       A: Well, everybody have his or her own schedule, and that includes the
          time when they open their house. Sometimes they haven't open yet, or
          maybe they already closed it. Places like Library, Winery, and
          Supermarket has their own schedule, so you may want to know when
          they'll open and when they're closed for the whole day. Read it in
          the wooden board thingies in front of their door. Or just ask the
          person in charge.
          And when he's working on something, Saibara won't let you in until he
          finishes his work.
       Q: How do I enter the house in the beach?
       A: You cannot enter that house. Just another rumor.
       Q: Where is the beach?
       A: Go to Rose Square and go to the west way. You'll hear seagull's sound
          there. Hopefully you'll find the beach too.
       Q: Where is the harvest sprites' house?
       A: Go to Church. See that there are a little path in the right side of
          the Church? Follow it and you'll find the sprite's house. Refer to
          'Harvest Sprites' section for details.
                     ________     _____
                    |        |===|     |
          Graveyard |        |===|  <--|--- Harvest Sprites' house.
                    | Church |===|_____|
          ----------|        |==_| |====
                    |____ ___|_/ _/ <------ Little path
          ______________      __/=======
            Road             |==========
          ______________     |==========
          ==============\    |==========
       Q: Where is the mine?
       A: Go to Hot Spring area and see a waterfall there. Go behind it, and
          walk to the opposite direction from the waterfall. There's a cave
          there, and the mine is in the cave.
           ================|    Mine      |
           ================|__   _________|
              ========        _________====
            __=======___     /    <----\------- The waterfall's here.
           |            |    \---------/===
          _|            |    |         |===
           | Hot Spring |     \        |===
          _|            |     |  River \===
           |            |      \        \==
       Q: Where is the winter mine?
       A: Go to Mother's Lake in winter. The water's frozen, and you can get in
          to the small island there. The mine is in the cave on the island.
             ___/ \___________     | |   |
            /   ______        \____| |___|
          T|   /\\\\\\\            |-|
          |    \\\@@@\\<---- The small island (and the winter Mine)'s here
          |      \@ @\             |-|
          |                      __|-|<---------- Bridge
           \      Mother's Lake |  | |  |
            \____   (frozen)    |__| |__|
                 \_________________| |___   T = the place where you can find
                  =================| |===       truffle in the fall
            _____=================/  |===
           /    Path to the Peak     |===
          |   ______________________/====
          |  |===========================
           \  \==========================
    | v   | Crops Questions                                             |   9 |
       Q: I spread some seeds but it didn't grew at all. What's wrong?
       A: Well, you must water them all everyday too, until they're fully
          grown. They won't grow if you didn't water them. But if you're
          planting grass, you don't have to water it.
       Q: How do I get green pepper, cabbage and pineapple seeds?
       A: Buy it from Won. Refer to the 'Characters and Places' section above
          for details.
       Q: How do I get flower seeds and orangecups?
       A: Buy it from Won. Refer to the 'Characters and Places' section above
          for details.
       Q: How do I get strawberry, pumpkin and spinach seeds?
       A: They're secret crops. Strawberry can be planted in spring, pumpkin in
          summer and spinach in fall.
          First, you must have shipped 100+ crops for each season. So, if you
          want to get strawberry, you must've shipped 100+ of turnips, 100+ of
          cucumbers, 100+ of potatoes and 100+ of cabbage. To see how many
          crops you've shipped, look at the Status Screen.
          Second, one day after you finished the requirements above, check your
          mailbox and you should receive a letter from Supermarket, saying the
          secret crops is already available now. You can buy it from now on.
          GLITCH WARNING! Sometimes, even if you have read the letter, the
          Supermarket still didn't sell it. The only conclusion is to wait
          until the next season or to build a hothouse to get it faster.
       Q: How do I get Moon Drop flower seeds?
       A: It is the only secret flower seed. First of all, you must be in good
          terms with Karen. One day, she'll appear in front of your door and
          gives you a pack of seed. It is the Moon Drop flower seed, and you
          might think that there's only one pack, right? Don't worry. Just
          plant it and let it bloom. After that, Won will start selling Moon
          Drop flower seeds too.
       Q: Why can't my orangecups grow?
       A: Well, it is a special crop that can only be grown in a Hothouse.
       Q: What are the most profitable crops per season? And what is the most
          of all?
       A: Spring: Cabbage, Summer: Pineapple, Fall: Sweet Potato.
          And the most of all is still pineapple.
       Q: My plants wither and the fruits get darker! What's happened?
       A: Season changes, man. Crops can only grown in it's own season. There's
          nothing you can do about it, and you can't sell the wither fruit too.
          Just remove them all with your sickle.
       Q: So, I can only plant pineapple in summer?
       A: Well, no. If you have a Hothouse, you can grow any crops in any
          season including winter.
    | vi  | Livestock and Pets Questions                                |  44 |
      |  Basic   |
       Q: What is the use of animal's heart?
       A: It shows happiness. Refer to 'Miscellaneous' section for details.
       Q: I hate my animals! How do I make fun of it?
       A: Well, since the answers can be _really_ bad, just refer to 'Having
          Fun' section.
       Q: I love animals! And I've found some cute squirrels, rabbits, foxes,
          monkeys and Atlas Beetles! Isn't there any way for me to keep them
          as my pets?
       A: Too bad, there's no way for it, dear. You can leave them at home but
          once you get out of your house they will be gone. But you can bring
          a rabbit if you feel lonely when you're trying to mine some precious
          ores. Isn't it nice to have somebody, uhm, something accompany you
          in such a dark, spooky place?
       Q: Do I need to plant a lot of grasses first so that the ranch will sell
          me their cow and sheep?
       A: No, today the rule has been changed. Now in Back to Nature you will
          still be able to have a cow or sheep even if you don't have any
          fodder in your stock. But however, do not neglect them after you get
          them. You still have to buy fodder from the ranch. You could plant
          grasses to get fodder but it is not that essential.
      |  Hens   |
       Q: Where do I buy hens?
       A: In Chicken Lil's (Poultry Farm). It's a farm to the right side of
          your farm owned by Lillia. Don't forget to buy their feed too.
       Q: What should I do with my hens?
       A: You should feed it. That's it. And don't forget to cure them with
          medicine when they're sick. Medicine can be bought from Chicken Lil's
          too. Sick hen is not hard to find. They're not moving around, and in
          the Status Screen, they looks darker (brown).
       Q: How do I use the medicine?
       A: Stand close your animal, equip the medicine (it's tool not item) and
          press Square. Their color should be turns back to normal in the
          Status Screen.
       Q: Oh yeah, how do I feed my hens?
       A: First, you must buy some feed. Or throw a corn to the mill next to
          the chicken's coop to turn it into some chicken feed. Then, go in to
          your chicken's coop and stand in front of the red hanging-on-the-wall
          box. Press X to pick up a food and then move to the chicken's feed
          place. It is the 5 lined wooden square on the floor next to the wall.
          Put the food there, and that's it. You do not feed your hen by giving
          the feed to their face. That's not the way. To get the best result,
          you must feed them everyday. However, a chick does not need a food.
          Let them grow first before you feed them.
       Q: Which one is cheaper, buying chicken feeds or turning a corn for 10
          chicken feeds?
       A: Let's see. Corn is sold 100 G each, and the chicken feed is 10 G.
          If you buy ten chicken feed, you will need 10 x 10 G = 100 G.
          If you use your corn, you will lost 100 G.
          But both of them gives you 10 feeds, so it was actually the same.
       Q: What if I didn't feed them?
       A: They may not became happy, thus decreasing the quality of their egg
          and they can be sick too sometimes. Hens won't lay eggs one day if
          you didn't feed them a day before.
          GLITCH WARNING! Even if you feed them daily, sometimes they won't lay
          eggs too. Don't worry, it is rarely happened. Maybe they're just got
          bored or something.
       Q: What if I'm too lazy to feed them? Is there any other way?
       A: Yes. Like Louis said, hens will be happier if they eat by themselves.
          Worms are nutritious for them. So, just let your chicken outside and
          you don't have to feed them. They will still lay eggs too, but then
          it will be spreaded randomly outside the chicken's coop.
          Sounds cheaper, huh? But there are some lowdown. Here are:
          - If you let them outside, they can be anywhere spreading in your
            huge farm the next day. You can have a hard time trying to find
            them. And add another hard time to collect their spreaded eggs.
          - If the weather's bad (rain, snow), your chicken will became sad,
            losing a heart or so. They can be sick too.
          - If the weather's more than bad (tornado, snowstorm), you may lost
            them forever. Blown away by the wind. Losing heart(s) are
            guaranteed to be happened.
          - They may attract stray dog to come to your farm and attack them.
            Stray dog's attack means lose heart, a hardtime fight and a waste
            of time.
          But here are some things that might help:
          - Build a perfectly closed fence using your lumbers to protect your
            hens from stray dogs. And to prevent them to go anywhere, plus
            saving your time to collect eggs too. A double layered fence is
            preferable. Like this:
            o  o     <-----  Simple fence. Single layered. Needed less lumbers.
            oooo             Sometimes stray dog can still attack your hens.
            oooooooo          | o = Lumber  | Keep animals inside the fence!  |
            oooooooo          |_____________|_________________________________|
            oo    oo
            oo    oo <-----  Saver fence. Double layered. Needed more lumbers.
            oooooooo         Stray dog won't be able to attack.
            Not enough lumbers? Try using small stones!
          - Return your hen to their coop when the weather's bad and let them
            out again after everything's clear again.
       Q: How do I get more hens?
       A: Use the incubator. Just put an egg on it, and it'll hatch the next
          three day. Don't bother buying another hen.
       Q: Which hen should I choose to enter the Chicken Sumo Festival?
       A: The more heart they have will be better. But it is POSSIBLE to win
          with one or two hearted hen. But if they win, it looks like they
          won't give you golden egg until they reach 8 heart or more. Go to
          'Festival' section for more details.
       Q: How do I get golden egg?
       A: Win the Chicken Festival.
      |  Sheep and Cows  |
       Q: Where to buy?
       A: Yodel Ranch.
       Q: What to do with them?
       A: Talk to them, brush them, and feed them. Cure when sick.
       Q: How do I get sheep's wool?
       A: First, go to Saibara (Blacksmith) and purchase a Clipper. Then, equip
          the Clipper and stand near your sheep. Just press Square. There goes
          the wool. Your sheep will be totally sheared now. It will produce
          another wool in the next 7 day.
       Q: How do I get cow's milk?
       A: First, go to Saibara (Blacksmith) and purchase a Milker. Then, equip
          the Milker and stand near your cow, but not in front of it. Just
          press square and there goes the milk. Your cow will be totally
          drained ^_^. I mean, you can only get the milk once a day. But you
          can get it everyday. Only from an adult cow. It is very big, even
          bigger than you. That's the way to compare it with the young cow.
       Q: How do I feed them?
       A: First, you need fodder. Buy it from the ranch or plant grasses. If
          you plant grasses, it will be fully grown after about a month, and
          you can harvest it by using your sickle. Just cut it like you cut any
          other plants. Cutting a plot of grass will be automatically add 1
          fodder in your barn.
          Inside the barn, you can feed them just like you feed chickens. Put
          the fodder in their food box.
          Outside the barn, you must have some grown up grasses and they'll be
          grazing there for the whole day. Build a fence for them for safety.
          Look at the ASCII picture of the fences in 'hens' sub section above.
       Q: How do I get more sheep or cows?
       A: Buy another one. You can use C.M. Potion (for cow) and S.M. Potion
          (for sheep) to make your animal pregnant. Both potion can be bought
          in Yodel Ranch. The requirement to be able to pregnant is that the
          animal is fully grown up and for the sheep, it wool cannot be
          sheared. During pregnancy, animal cannot be milked or sheared.
          There'll be a heart icon on the sheep or cow picture in
          Status Screen. After a long while, their offspring will be born.
          However, it is advisable for you to just buy another one. Using
          potions takes too many time and money (because you can't get their
          milk or wool when they're pregnant).
       Q: Did sheep and cow immune to bad weather?
       A: No. Just like chicken, they can be sick too. But they'll not gonna be
          blown away by hurricane.
       Q: Which sheep or cow should I choose to enter the Sheep / Cow Festival?
       A: The one with ten hearts. Less than that will be guaranteed to lose
          the festival. Except if you wanna try your luck.
       Q: How do I get golden milk?
       A: Win the Cow Festival.
       Q: How do I get golden wool?
       A: Win the Sheep Festival.
      |  Horse  |
       Q: How do I get a horse?
       A: It is a pony, actually. Early in the game, go to Yodel Ranch and
          choose to accept the pony during the event. It'll automatically be
          sent to your stable.
       Q: How do I take care of it?
       A: First of all, as soon as possible, as early as possible, buy the
          Brush from the Blacksmith. Then brush your pony everyday, talk to it
          everyday, whistle to it a least once a day. Let it outside in sunny
          day. Keep it inside the stable during bad weather. Oh, and you DON'T
          have to feed it.
       Q: That #$%@*()!#@ Barley take my horse back in year 2! Why?!
       A: It is because you don't took care of it in a good way. Or in simpler
          way, it has less than 8 hearts. If you do take care of it like
          mentioned in question above, you'll be doing just fine. Now it's too
          late... Hehehe, just kidding!
       Q: Whaddya mean, kidding? Can I get my horse back?
       A: Well, yes. All you have to do is to plant more than 20 plots of
          grasses at the same time. After they're fully grown, hope that Barley
          will came and give you another horse.
          GLITCH WARNING! My trusted source in MB says that this trick can only
          be done in year 4. But it seems like it doesn't happened to anybody
          else, so the real truth is still blur. Maybe you should wait for two
          years to get a new horse, but let's just hope that this glitch won't
          happened to you. Poor him. Oh, and I haven't tried this trick,
          for I didn't lost my horse.
          CONFIRMATION by Alva, the second horse could be obtained before year
          4, so you don't really have to wait that long if you've lost your
          previous horse. So my trusted source is wrong after all, or maybe he
          was just out of luck ^_^.
       Q: Can I ride my horse? When?
       A: If Barley didn't take it back, it will be fully grown early in year
          two, with addition of saddlebag on it. You can ride it (only in your
          farm, though), and you can use its saddlebag as a shipping bin. You
          can now enter the Horse Race Festival, too.
      |  Dog  |
       Q: How do I take care of my puppy?
       A: Pick it up everyday, whistle it everyday, let it out in good weather.
          You DON'T have to feed it too.
       Q: How do I put it into its house?
       A: You cannot do that. It's just a... decoration. A real lame one.
       Q: Can it be grown? When?
       A: Of course. in first year fall, it should be grow bigger and now has a
          cute ribbon on it.
       Q: What's cool about having grown up dog?
       A: You can enter the Dog Race, and you can mate it with someone's dog
          during an event and it can have its offspring. Sorry, no spoiler
          allowed. Find out the story by yourself.
       Q: After taking back my horse, that #$%@*()!#@ Barley take my dog too!
          What's happened?
       A: Quoting Arukaado in MB: "Don't worry your dog went for a date."
          It's an event related. Just follow the story and you'll be doing just
       Q: What's the use of Dogball?
       A: Use it to train your dog in order to win the Dog Race. Just throw it
          near your dog and it'll try to catch it. Warning, throw it to a
          clear, wide area or you might lost it behind or under something. If
          you want to be safe, try the dogball duplication trick. No gameshark
          needed. All you have to do is just refer to 'Miscellaneous' section
          below and do what they told you to do... ^_^
       Q: That #$%@*()!#@ Won keep selling me the dogball! I refuse it, but he
          still succeeded to sell me the ball. How do I stop him?
       A: There's no real way because it is random. Come on, it's not that
          expensive. It's good to have a substitute dogball, right? You can
          keep it in your cabinet until you lose your previous dogball. Perhaps
          Natsume programmed Won to came again and again because they realizes
          that dogball could be lost easily behind or under something.
      | Fish  |
       Q: How do I get them?
       A: By fishing them out of the water of course.
       Q: How do I breed them?
       A: Put them in your fishing pond. Buy fish food in Supermarket and feed
          them once a day in order to get more fishes by breeding them. Note
          that your pond can only keep up to 99 fishes.
       Q: I have fishes in my pond, I feed them, but they still have the same
          amount as before. Why is that?
       A: Anything I know about breeding fish is like this.
          1) Only large size fish can gives you more fishes.
          2) Small and medium size fish should be grown to large size first
             before they can give you fishes. All you have to do is to feed
             them everyday and be patient. After a season or two they'll
             eventually became large.
          3) After having 99 fishes, you will not get more fishes by breeding
             except you sell them.
       Q: What if I didn't feed them? Will they die?
       A: Nope. They just won't reproduce, that's all.
       Q: What if I want to save my fish although I already have 99 fish in
          the pond?
       A: Then save them up in your refrigerator (hope you already have it).
          Despite of what you might have think, the fish won't die in cold
          surroundings. You can always bring them back and throw them to the
          pond once you have lost your 99 fish.
       Q: How do I pick up fish from my pond?
       A: Just face the pond and press X repeatedly. You'll get a fish in your
          hand. Don't press it too fast, though, as you will just throw the
          fish back to the pond again.
       Q: Where is the best place to get fish?
       A: Actually, it depends.
          - If you want to get lots of fish in a real quick time, go to
            Mother's Hill Lake and fish there. The downside is that you can
            only get medium or small size fish.
          - If you want to get large fish, go to the beach. It is the one and
            only place to get large fish. The downside is that the beach is
            badly polluted with trashes and it may takes long time before you
            get one.
          - Both of them mentioned above are somewhat far from your farm. If
            you're lazy, you can just fish in the small river in your farm.
          - If you like to joke around and screw up everything, you can fish
            in the huge bowl in Harvest Festival. People won't get mad. You can
            do it after eating together with the villagers.
       Q: When I was fishing at the beach, all I get are cans or old boots. How
          do I get fish from there?
       A: See, if you get trashes you must throw them into the trash bin in the
          Rose Square. Or, the easier way is to throw them into your basket, if
          you're already have it. If you just throw them back to the ocean,
          you'll fish them back again and again. So the main rule is to clean
          the beach before getting big fishes.
    | vii | Tools and Items Questions                                   |  17 |
      | Tools  |
       Q: How do I get more space in my rucksack? Two spaces plus one in hand
          isn't nice!
       A: You will have to buy Medium Rucksack in Supermarket for 3000 G and
          then get the Large Rucksack for 5000 G. The Medium has 4 spaces for
          items and 4 tools, while Large could hold 8 items and 8 tools. And
          more, if you think two spaces is bad, try to play HM SNES and you
          will just give anything for any kind of rucksack. Too bad you can't.
          And then you will see that 2 spaces is great. I mean it, try it ^_^.
       Q: How do I change tool or items without seeing the content of the ruck-
          sack by using Triangle button?
       A: Use R1 to switch between tools and use R2 to switch between items.
       Q: How do I upgrade my tools?
       A: Well, not every tool can be upgraded. The upgradable are:
                     Sickle, Hoe, Watering Can, Hammer and Axe.
          Like an RPG, you need experiences to get level up. So, use your tools
          until it percentage increases. You can see it in Status Screen. You
          don't have to use it for the right purpose, though. You can just
          hammer your TV or water your chicken. It also gives experiences, BUT
          of course, using it for its original purpose gives more experiences.
          Here are the levels:
             100 % = Copper level     = Pay 1000 G and a copper ore.
             200 % = Silver level     = Pay 2000 G and a silver ore.
             300 % = Gold level       = Pay 3000 G and a golden ore.
             400 % = Mystrile level   = Pay 5000 G and a Mystrile ore.
          After you get the experience, go find the right ore depending on the
          level you want. Get it by mining, of course. After that, go to
          Blacksmith and bring the ore by your hand. Equip the tool you want to
          upgrade. Then talk to Saibara and choose to level up your tool. You
          must pay too, of course.
          NOTE: You don't have to upgrade it one by one, level by level. You
          can just upgrade your normal tools directly to Mystrile level, if you
          have maximum experience, of course. It also more economical. I mean,
          if you go one by one, it means 1000 G plus 2000 G and so on, and so
          on. The total is 11000 G. If you go directly to Mystrile, all you
          have to pay is just 5000 G.
       Q: Tell me what's the use of copper tools and silver tools etc etc!
       A: Note that the ability listed appears if you use their maximum ability
          by holding down Square button to the max.
          Hoe      |-| Tills one square of soil.
                   |C| Tills 2x1 square of soil.
                   |S| Tills 3x1 square of soil.
                   |G| Tills 4x1 square of soil.
                   |M| Tills 6x1 square of soil.
          Hammer   |-| Break small stones, can't break large or rocks.
                   |C| Break small stones, 3-hits for large, N/A for rocks.
                   |S| Break small stones, 2-hits for large, 5-hits for rocks.
                   |G| Break small stones, 1-hit for large, 3-hits for rocks.
                   |M| Break small stones, 1-hit for large, 2-hit for rocks.
          Watering |-| Waters 1 tilled soil.
          Can      |C| Waters 1x3 tilled soil.
                   |S| Waters 2x3 tilled soil.
                   |G| Waters 3x3 tilled soil.
                   |M| Waters 3x5 tilled soil.
          Sickle   |-| Cut off plants on 1 square of soil.
                   |C| Cut off plants on 1x3 square of soil.
                   |S| Cut off plants on 2x3 square of soil.
                   |G| Cut off plants on 3x3 square of soil.
                   |M| Cut off plants on 3x5 square of soil.
          Ax       |-| Chop small branches.
                   |C| Chop small branches, 6-hits for tree stumps.
                   |S| Chop small branches, 3-hits for tree stumps.
                   |G| Chop small branches, 2-hits for tree stumps.
                   |M| Chop small branches, 1-hit for tree stumps.
         Additional abilities:
         Hoe       | For mining, however you will only be able to till one
                   | square in mine although you use the mystrile ability.
         Hammer    | To break destroyed lumbers. Lumbers that you put out-
                   | side for fences or anything will eventually destroyed
                   | by bad weathers or animals. Use hammer to get rid of it.
         W. Can    | No additional, but no matter what type it is, you will
                   | still have 100 space for water inside of your can and
                   | the use is still the same. So if you use the mystrile
                   | ability, you will waste 15 stock of water at one time.
         Sickle    | Use it to harvest your old (dark colored) grass. This
                   | will automatically add your fodder stock.
         Ax        | No additional, I can't think more about it.
       Q: What's the tool sold by Saibara and what for?
       A: Brush   | You need it to brush your cow, sheep and horse.    |  800 G
                  | Brushing them will make them happy thus increasing |
                  | their heart rate. Buy it as soon as possible       |
          Clipper | You need it to cut off the wool from your sheep.   | 1800 G
          Milker  | You need it to get the milk from your cow.         | 2000 G
       Q: I was going to take back my tool from Saibara, but he won't give it
          to me. Why?
       A: Your hand's full. Keep some of your tools in your home.
       Q: How do I get fishing rod?
       A: First, make sure it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday (in other word,
          weekend ^_^). At 7 AM - 9 AM, or 7 PM - 9 PM, go to the beach. You
          should see Greg out there. Just talk to him and answer 'yes' to get
          the rod. Make sure your hand is not full. Have an empty tool slot in
          your bag.
       Q: How do I get fishing pole?
       A: Have 50+ fishes in your pond. Greg should be come and gives you the
          pole. You DON'T have to catch 50 fishes. Breeding them is fine too.
       Q: How many crops can I keep in my basket before shipping them?
       A: 30 crops. For addition, throwing garbage or trashes won't count as a
          crops. Which means, by throwing 999 boots inside, your basket will
          still remains empty. This is good especially for fishing purpose.
       Q: How do I ship the crops in my basket?
       A: Face any of the shipping bin while holding the basket and press
          Square. If you're real close with the bin, it will shake a little
          just like when you throw something into it. For addition, pressing
          Square while far away from the shipping bin won't make the crops fell
          down. They will still be in the basket.
       Q: Is there any use of basket instead of using it for keeping crops?
       A: You can bring it to the mine and go mining and keep the ores you
          found inside it. So you can have 30 ores once you enter the mine.
       Q: Help! I bought my basket to the mine and then I climbed the ladder
          up, without remembering to bring my basket too! Now I left it inside
          the mine. Did I lost it forever now?
       A: No. Just go to the exact level of the mine where you left it and
          you'll find it.
       Q: How do I get cheese maker and yarn maker instead of only mayonnaise
          maker? Saibara only offers me the Mayo one!
       A: Well, you have to have it in order. After you have the Mayo, you'll
          get the next maker thingies and then the last one. See the list:
          1. Mayonnaise Maker
             20000 G plus Adamantite Ore.
             Have 1st house upgrade and at the very least one chicken.
             The job takes 5 day.
             The use is by throwing an egg inside of it and it will become a
             mayonnaise, that sold higher. Different size of eggs results
             different size (and price) of mayonnaise. Yes, there is a golden
          2. Cheese Maker
             20000 G plus Adamantite Ore.
             Have barn upgrade, Mayonnaise Maker and at the very least one cow.
             The job (also) takes 5 day.
             The use is by throwing a milk inside of it and it will become a
             cheese, that sold higher. Different size of milk results diffe-
             rent size (and price) of cheese. Yes, there is a golden cheese.
          3. Yarn Maker.
             20000 G plus Adamantite Ore.
             Have barn upgrade, Mayonnaise and Cheese maker and at the very
             least one sheep.
             The job (still) takes 5 day.
             The use is by throwing a wool inside of it and it will become a
             yarn, that sold higher. Different size of wool results different
             size (and price) of yarn. Yes there is a golden yarn.
      | Items  |
       Q: How do I get lumber?
       A: You must break tree branches or stump to get lumbers.
          Break a small branch using any type of ax will automatically add 1.
          Break a tree stump using better ax will automatically add 6.
          Remember tree stumps regenerates everyday so you don't have to worry.
          Remember branches can't regenerate, but you can fish them sometimes.
       Q: Where can I find truffles?
       A: In Fall, go to the lake and keep moving up to the left side of it, or
          for easier explanation, to the opposite direction of the path to the
          peak. You'll see it, some kind of thin mushroom. That's the truffle.
          Don't forget the wild berries you will find on your way to the
          truffle too. Look at the map in 'Places' section for details.
       Q: How do I get Spa-Boiled Egg?
       A: As it is called, bring an egg to the Hot Spring and stand in the un-
          fenced corned of the hot spring. Throw your egg there and for
          exchange you get a Spa-Boiled egg, which is sold higher than a
          regular egg but lower than a gold egg. So, don't throw your gold egg
          into it. And you can join the Cooking Festival with this Spa-Boiled,
          but of course, you won't win. But it is OK to do it in the first year
          because if you play normally you won't be able to cook anything when
          the festival day came.
                  ========        _________====
                __=======___     /         \===
               |            |    \---------/===
              _|            |    |         |===
             | | Hot Spring |     \        |===   X = Place where you should
             |_|            |     |  River \===       stand
               |            |      \        \==
               |__________ X        \        \=
       Q: Please tell me any kind of items you could forage anywhere in the
       A: 1. Hot Spring Area
             Spring : Blue Herb [1], Bamboo Shots [3]
             Summer : Red Herb [1]
             Fall   : Green Herb [1], Mushroom [1]
             Winter : Monkey.
          2. Gotz Backyard
             Spring : Moon Drop Flower [2], Blue Herb [1]
             Summer : Pink Cat Flower [2], Red Herb [1]
             Fall   : Magic Red Flower [2], Green Herb [1], Mushroom [2],
                      Poisonous Mushroom [1]
             Winter : Rabbits.
          3. Lake Area
             Spring : Squirrels.
             Summer : Bugs.
             Fall   : Mushroom [1], Wild Grapes [2], Truffle [1]
             Winter : Foxes.
          4. Left Side of the Path to the Peak of Mother's Hill
             Spring : Moon Drop Flower [13], Toy Flower [2]
             Summer : Pink Cat Flower [15]
             Fall   : Magic Red Flower [15]
             Winter : Flower of Happiness (at the peak, after midnight. Wait
                      until Ellen talk about it first before went there).
    | viii| Harvest Sprites Questions                                   |   7 |
       Q: Why did they refuse to help me in spring?
       A: Because they are going to held a tea party. But you still CAN ask
          them to help you. Talk to them five times and finally they'll
          'surrender' and receive your order.
       Q: What's their favorite gifts?
       A: Flour. It works extremely well to increase their heart, especially in
          their birthday. Somehow, Bold didn't like flour that much, and I'm
          not pretty sure what's his favorite. However, flour isn't that bad
          for him too.
       Q: Why did they work so bad? I hire all of them but I still have to
          water half of my farm all by myself! How to make them better?
       A: First off, there are some basic things about the sprites:
          1. The more hearts they have, they will work better. They might work
             for longer time too.
          2. The more times they work in a specific job (like watering) they'll
             work better in that job (so they'll water more plants and work
             faster etc).
          3. Each sprites has their own characteristic which somehow affects
             their work too. For example, a sprite is happy to do something
             related with water, which means, he might work better in watering
             plants. Read a book in Mary's Library for more info.
       Q: If I ask them to take care of the animals, did they feed the hens
       A: Yes. They did it after they finished to feed the sheep, cows, and
          shear or milk them. After that, they'll go to the chicken coop and
          feed the them. Not all, usually, except that they have extremely a
          lot of hearts and experience. Just like the fact that they never
          water all of the plants.
       Q: Why did they call me 'budum'?
       A: I don't know. But I think in Japan 'budum' means 'master' or
          something like that. But I'm not really sure about that and any
          correction will be gladly accepted and be credited. Or maybe it's
          because they're too lazy to address you by your name. I dunno. Why
          don't you ask them ^_^?
       Q: Chef's talking about Kappa or something. What's this all about?
       A: Refer to 'Secrets' section.
       Q: Isn't there any reason for me to keep an eye to the Sprite? Maybe
          they will stole my crops or something!
       A: No they will not stole your crops but you still have to keep an eye
          if you have a sheep that is prepared to join the Sheep Festival. You
          know, you might not shear your sheep because it will be Sheep Festi-
          val soon. The sprite didn't know this, so they might shear it for
          you and there you get frustrated. This often happened to my friend
          and all that he do to prevent this is to push the sheep out of the
          barn and keep it inside a fence outside or (maybe) inside the stable.
    | ix  | Mining Questions                                            |  10 |
       Q: How do I mine?
       A: Easy. Just use your hoe in the mine. You'll eventually find an ore.
       Q: But what's the purpose of mining?
       A: In the waterfall mine, you will need the copper, silver, gold and
          Mystrile ore to upgrade your tools at Saibara. You will also find
          a power berry here by mining.
          In the winter mine, you will need the orichalcum and adamantite
          to have any OO Makers and to make jewelry for girls, still at
          Saibara. There's also a power berry here.
          And, you can sell any kind of ore and that would be pretty nice if
          you need some money at the time. Just throw it into your shipping
       Q: Isn't there any way to mine easier? I'm too lazy to came in and out
          of the mine just for eight mystrile. Isn't there any shipping bin
          inside the mine?
       A: No. But you should buy a basket from Supermarket and bring it down
          to the mine. You will then be able to keep 30 ores in one shot.
       Q: What's this thing that I automatically put into my rucksack?
       A: It's some kinda money bag. It'll automatically add 10 G to your cash.
       Q: Is the junk ores really junks. I mean, no purpose?
       A: Yup. You can sell it, for 1 G each. Or giving it to someone you
          really don't like. Who wants junk?
       Q: Which ore is the most worth to sell?
       A: Adamantite and Orichalcum. They both sell for the same price.
          The worst are junk, then copper, silver, gold and Mystrile.
       Q: How do you say that? How's the price anyway?
       A: Junk   :  1 G         Gold       : 25 G      Orichalcum : 50 G
          Copper : 15 G         Mystrile   : 30 G
          Silver : 20 G         Adamantite : 50 G
       Q: Where do I find Adamantite and Orichalcum?
       A: Winter Mine.
       Q: About the last floor of winter mine. What's in it?
       A: Well, you can't find any ores there. But you should see a hole in the
          wall. Just go there to find an underground pond. You can fish there,
          and refer to 'Secrets' section for more details and surprise.
       Q: Did the mine's floor unlimited?
       A: The waterfall mine, yes.
          The winter mine, nope.
    | x   | Fishing Questions                                           |   7 |
       Q: How do I get the tools to fish?
       A: Refer to the 'Tools and Items' section. I'm too lazy to put it here
       Q: How do I fish, then? Do I need some baits or lure or...?
       A: No, all you need is your rod. Equip the rod, stand in front of the
          river, lake or sea and press Square. Hold the Square down while the
          bait is on the water, and wait. Wait until the bait vibrates (using
          Dual Shock Controller sure will help) and quickly release the Square
          button. You will catch any fish, trashes or branches. If you are
          late, you won't get anything.
       Q: Where could I fish?
       A: The beach, the lake, the river near your farm, the river next to the
          waterfall, the small water dam (or whatever it called) in Yodel
          Ranch, winter mine's pond and the pot during the Harvest Festival
       Q: The price of fishes!
       A: Small: 100 G  Medium: 200 G  Large: 300 G   Legendary: Nope.
       Q: I catch a fish, or something, a strange one. Suddenly my character
          made some kind of print out of it and throw it back to the water
          again. What's this all about?
       A: You've catch one of the legendary fishes. You can see the print on
          the Status Screen.
       Q: So how many legendary fishes are there and when should I catch 'em?
       A: Refer to the 'Secrets' section. And nope, it's not Pokemon, so you
          don't really have to catch 'em all.
       Q: Do you realize that this section didn't give much information except
          'refer here and there'?
       A: Yup. I certainly do.
    | xi  | Getting More Money Questions                                |   1 |
       Q: How do I get more money?
       A: - Plant best crops. Cucumbers in Spring, Pineapple in Summer, Sweet
            Potatoes in Fall.
          - Go mining everyday.
          - Go foraging. Even a truffle worth 500 G to sell,
          - Buy more livestock.
          - Be patient.
    | xii | Relationship Questions                                      |   8 |
       Q: How could I have better relationships if I don't know what to do?
       A: Well, first you have to know that better relationships in term of
          Harvest Moon means favorite items and correct answers. That means,
          if you wanna be a friend of somebody, give him/her any item he/she
          likes, frequently, and answer the question from him/her correctly,
          if he/she happens to ask you some. If you want to give something,
          just stand right in front of the person (no space in-between allowed)
          and hold the item you want to give and press X.
       Q: So why on earth did the villagers refuse my gift after I talked to
       A: Do you mean after you talk to the villagers, the gift is still in
          your hand? Well, it is because you're in some special event like
          festivals or other happenings. People don't accept gifts during
          that kind of occasions.
       Q: I was talked to a girl and saw a heart icon in her text box. What's
       A: A girl with heart icon means that you can marry her. The icon color
          shows how is her feeling towards you. The heart color list are:
              Black - Purple - Blue - Green - Yellow - Orange - Red
          Black being the worst and Red being the most. The closer their heart
          color to Red means that the girl was like you more. ONLY girl with
          Red heart icon can be married.
       Q: How do I get better heart icon?
       A: 1. Give the girl present(s) she likes.
          2. Join and participate the festivals.
          3. Trigger some event, and (if any) choose the best answer.
       Q: Did the locked doors have something to do with my relationship with
          the owner of the house?
       A: Yes. You must be in a really good terms with all of the house member.
       Q: Did Harvest Goddess have something to do with relationship?
       A: Yes. If you give her 10 crops, you'll have an event with the girl
          with most heart at you and it will slightly gives you better
          relationship with her. If you give her 20 crops, there'll be an event
          with Gotz and you'll have better relationships with her. Refer to
          'Secrets' section for details.
       Q: No matter how many reasons you could deliver, this FAQ will be cursed
          if you don't list up the girls favorite gifts!*
       A: Fine, fine... ^_^' I'll try.
          Best    : (any) Flowers, orangecups, bracelet, earrings, necklace
          Better  : Milk, fishes, home-made food
          Neutral : Any kind of crops other than orangecups
          Worse   : Poisonous Mushroom, Ores
          Worst   : I'm not sure. Weeds, chicken feeds and fodder?
          Best    : (any) Herbs, (any) Mushrooms, Truffles
          Better  : I'm not sure. Flowers?
          Neutral : I'm not sure. Crops?
          Worse   : I'm not sure. Wine?
          Worst   : I'm not sure. Weeds, chicken feeds and fodder?
          Best    : Pink Cat Flower, made-by-egg food
          Better  : I'm not sure. Flowers?
          Neutral : I'm not sure. Crops?
          Worse   : I'm not sure. Wine?
          Worst   : I'm not sure. Weeds, chicken feeds, and fodder?
          Best    : Spa Boiled Eggs, bracelet, earrings, necklace, home-made
          Better  : Egg, strawberry, Wild Grapes, Pineapples, milk, apple
          Neutral : Flowers
          Worse   : Green and Blue Herbs, Fish
          Worst   : Red Herbs, Ores, weeds, chicken feeds, and fodder.
          Best    : Wine, Pizza, PopCorn, Sashimi, Truffles, Chocolate Cookies
          Better  : Flowers, Egg, Corn
          Neutral : Crops, food fiasco (really!)
          Worse   : Apple, cookies, herbs
          Worst   : Ice Cream, (any) cake, ores, weeds, chicken... well, you
                    know the rest ^_^.
       *: Note that this is not a threat sent by anyone to me. This is just my
          own imaginary question, like many other questions. So you don't
          really have to feel sorry for me, receiving such a question ^_^.
       Q: List all of the Birthday of the people so that we could know the best
          time to give presents!
       A: ... okay. Okay.
          Spring                     Summer
          2nd  : Louis               3rd  : Popuri
          4th  : Bold                4th  : Harris
          11th : Saibara             6th  : Cliff
          15th : Staid               11th : Basil
          16th : Elli                16th : Timid
          17th : Barley              22nd : Kai
          19th : Lillia              25th : Mayor
          26th : Aqua                29th : Zack
          29th : Greg
          30th : Sasha
          Fall                       Winter
          2nd  : Gotz                2nd  : Kano
          5th  : Stu                 6th  : Gray
          10th : Hoggy               11th : Doug
          11th : Manna               13th : Ellen
          14th : Chef                15th : Duke
          15th : Karen               19th : Won
          17th : Doctor              20th : Mary
          20th : Carter              22nd : Nappy
          23rd : Anna                26th : May
          27th : Rick
    | xiii| Marriage and Family Questions                               |  14 |
       Q: What do I need in order to marry a girl?
       A: 1. Make sure she has red heart. An orange heart is almost similar
             with red, so you might want to watch them clearly.
          2. Have your 2nd house extension, which gives you a larger room with
             two beds.
          3. Buy the Blue Feather from the Supermarket or Won (if you have
             30000 G to spare, that is). Just buy it from Supermarket. If one
             of the girls have ORANGE heart on you, then check the mailbox next
             to your house to get the Supermarket's letter about the Blue
             After you buy it, then show to your red-heart girl and a marriage
             will be held in the church one week from that day. Remember, to
             the RED heart, not ORANGE. Since it is highly possible that your
             girl is still in ORANGE at the time when you buy the Blue Feather,
             you might have to save that for a little while.
       Q: How do I know my marriage day?
       A: After proposing the girl using the blue feather, check your calendar.
          You should see a red-heart scribble there. That's the marriage date.
       Q: What should I do in my marriage day?
       A: Nothing, it is automatically happened. But you lose one day because
          of it, so you should ask the harvest sprites one day before to take
          care of your whole farm. That's why it is better to have a marriage
          in winter, since there will be less work that the Harvest Sprites
          should do.
       Q: Did my wife do something after our marriage? Like help me farming or
       A: Nope. She stays at home all day long, walking around like mindless
          robots. I know, that sucks.
       Q: Talking about sucks, what's the downside of a marriage?
       A: 1. Well, you must take care of a wife from that time.
          2. You will NOT receive any chocolate from girls in Winter
             Thanksgiving anymore. Thus, you won't have it forever if you
             didn't have them before you get married. You only get a choco-cake
             from your wife.
          3. You can NOT go with other girl except your wife in Spring Goddess
       Q: So then, is there any possibility of divorce?
       A: No.
       Q: Did other couples like Karen and Rick get married too?
       A: Yup. They will _naturally_ get married in year 4, but you can get it
          faster if you became a really great friend of them both.
       Q: How do I get my baby?
       A: First off, get rid of those thinking inside your head ^_^
          After that, just to let you know that it is random. If you're in good
          term with your wife (i.e. give her presents every single day), then
          she will be pregnant after about a month from your marriage. And all
          you have to do is just wait. If your wife get pregnant, go to the
          clinic to know further story.
       Q: But if I sleep here in my bed and my wife sleeps there in her bed,
          how could we have a baby?
       A: Don't. Ask. Such. A. Question.
       Q: Can my baby pass his crawling stage?
       A: Nope, I don't think so. That will be the final ability of your baby.
          But who knows, maybe in year 678 he will start to walk.
          Somebody had emailed me (I'm sorry the data of your name was deleted
          and I don't have the time to dive into my mailbox to check your mail
          again. Sorry -_-, please email me again so that I could list your
          name here), he/she said that the baby actually pass the crawling
          stage and starts to walk. His/her wife in the game also said that
          finally their baby starts to walk. But I guess it was just a simple
          difference of the wife's speech, because the fact that I know and I
          believe is that the baby won't be able to walk perfectly. I don't
          know then.
       Q: Can my baby eventually grown up and help me in my farm?
       A: Come to think about it. If he's not even be able to pass his crawling
          stage, how will he help you in your farm?
       Q: My baby get sick. What should I do, take him to clinic or stay in
       A: The clinic. You're a farmer, not a doctor.
       Q: Can I get twins?
       A: Nope. Just another rumor made by k1ttykatz. If... you know her, of
       Q: Can my baby dies?*
       A: Nope.
       *: This is _actually_ my own question. It's kinda funny and nostalgic to
          add this, so please understand ^_^
    | xiv | Festivals and Events Questions                              |  13 |
       Q: Mention the Festivals available so I won't miss any!
       A: Spring
          1st    New Year Festival            6 PM        Rose Square or Inn
          8th    Spring Goddess Festival     10 AM (?)    Rose Square
          14th   Spring Thanksgiving Day     anytime      anywhere
          22nd   Cooking Festival            10 AM (?)    Rose Square
          1st    Swimming Festival         before 5 PM    Beach
          7th    Chicken Festival          before 5 PM    Rose Square
          12th   Tomato Festival             10 AM (?)    Rose Square
          20th   Cow Festival              before 5 PM    Yodel Ranch
          3rd    Music Festival             about 6 PM    Church
          8th    Harvest Festival          before 5 PM    Rose Square
          13th   Moon Viewing (?)              6 PM       Peak of Mother's Hill
          21st   Sheep Festival            before 5 PM    Yodel Ranch
          10th   Dog Race Festival         before 5 PM    Rose Square
          14th   Winter Thanksgiving       6 AM - 6 PM    In front of your door
          25th   Star Night Festival           6 PM       Your girl's house
          30th   New Year Eve                 12 PM       Peak of Mother's Hill
          NOTE: (?) indicates that I'm not sure about the exact time.
       Q: What am I supposed to do in Spring and Winter Thanksgiving?
       A: In Spring, actually you have to bake some cookies and give them to
          the girl you like. Usually you won't be able to do this in your first
          year because you don't have the kitchen yet. Unless you either over-
          worked yourself or sharked your game.
          In Winter, all you have to do is to wait in front of your door until
          the girls come and give you chocolate or cake. Girl with purple heart
          will give you chocolate [EXTRA RARE! This is your only chance of
          getting chocolates!] and girl with blue or better heart will give you
          chocolate cake [Eat this soon or throw them down anywhere. This isn't
          as good as it sounds since you can make them all by yourself].
       Q: How do I win Swimming Festival? That Kai...
       A: First, make sure you have full stamina before entering it. If you
          take care of your farm before you join it, make sure you take a rest
          in the Hot Spring first. If you're too tired, you might start the
          race having a blue face!
          After that, start the race. First off, just press X repeatedly until
          you get yellow face like this (-_-). After that, take a breath (hold
          Triangle) until you get full stamina again. Yes, you will be the
          last, but don't worry. Right after you get full again, quickly press
          X like crazy and you will eventually chase Kai, he will stop for a
          while and then you win. Myself have tested this trick and it works.
          Another way is to press X and Triangle alternately, but I haven't
          tried it yet, hence do it at your own risk.
       Q: Tomorrow is Winter Thanksgiving Festival but I watch the TV and a
          snowstorm is going to be happened tomorrow! What's wrong and what
          should I do?
       A: Yes, a snowstorm can happen in Winter Thanksgiving. All you can do
          is nothing but wait until next year. And ask the sprites to take care
          of your animals tomorrow. I'm sorry for you.
       Q: What's the deal with Winter Thanksgiving anyway?
       A: Girls with Purple or Blue heart towards you will gives you a
          chocolate, and girls with more than Blue heart gives you chocolate
          cake. The chocolate, is actually more important because you can't get
          it anywhere else. The girl has their own hour to gives you their
          gift, but I can't remember them correctly. All I remember is that
          Popuri gives you present at 6 AM, then the other at 8 AM and the
          other came after an interval of 2 or 3 hours. So you should stay in
          your farm to meet the girl and receive their present.
       Q: What should I bring to the Harvest Festival?
       A: Green Peppers work the best, or try Truffles (even though they are
          precious and you better sell it for 500 G) but don't add honey,
          sweet potato, apple, boots, chicken or your dog.
       Q: What is the purpose of winning Chicken, Cow or Sheep Festival?
       A: To make the winning livestock produce golden things of course. Golden
          eggs, wool or milk sells higher. And after your animal win the
          festival, don't let it join again the next year and choose another
          animal, so you can get more gold-producing animal.
       Q: At the very first day when Harris look for strange looking man, which
          is Won, what should I do?
       A: First, go to Rose Square, then Gotz house. Some say that you should
          go to Aja Winery after that, but I haven't tried it yet.
       Q: I was supposed to find May during an event. Where is she?
       A: She is at the beach after 6 PM. She will be nowhere before 6 PM, so
          use your time for something else first.
       Q: In fall, Duke came to my house and asked me to help him harvesting
          his grapes. What should I do?
       A: Accept it, then go find Cliff and ask him to help too. It will help
          prevent him to leave the village. Actually, it is the only way to
          prevent him from leaving the village. After that, you don't really
          have to do the job because Cliff has take care of it. However, doing
          this gives you some extra money too. And takes extra time too. This
          job will be ended at 6 PM.
       Q: Gotz told me not to go to the hill because a storm can be happened.
          Should I still go there or what?
       A: If you want the story goes deeper, then go ahead, right after he
          forbid you. Don't worry, it can do no harm, plus you'll get a slight
          background story about Gotz.
       Q: Popuri gave me an egg. What should I do?
       A: Hatch it. After it hatched, name it Popuri and one day Popuri (the
          person not the chick) will appear in front of your door and she seems
          really happy. So you increase your relationship with her. You can
          name it other than Popuri, but it seems like Popuri the real person
          will be less happy. And she says something different whether you name
          the chick Popuri or not. There will be an additional quote like,
          "What? You named it Popuri?"
       Q: In winter, that old lady Ellen keep talking about the Flower of
          Happiness. Where can I find it?
       A: Go to the peak of Mother's Hill in winter at midnight. You'll find it
          and suddenly awakens in your house the next day. Then talk to Ellen
          to make her happy. You can talk to Basil too to make him like you
    | xv  | Farm's Extensions Questions                                 |   5 |
       Q: Who should I ask to upgrade my farm and what did I need to do so?
       A: Talk to Gotz. You will need some money (obviously) and bunch of
       Q: How many extension are there?
       A:                   (In Gotz's offering order)
             Name                   Lumber     Gold    Addition
          1  Chicken Coop             420      5000    5 more hens space
          2  1st House Extension      370      4700    Kitchen, icebox, cabinet
          3  Barn                     500      6800    5 more livestock space
          4  2nd House Extension      750     10000    Bedroom
          5  Hothouse                 580     30000    7x7 plantable field
          So the answer is FIVE ^_^
          Every extension can only be done once, except the Hothouse that is
          destroyable by tornado or snowstorm. If it happens, you can build
          another one. However, you can only have one at the same time.
       Q: Why did Gotz only gives me a Chicken Coop option? How do I get the
       A: The extension can only be done one by one. So you must get the
          Chicken first before you get the next extension. Look the table above
          for the actual list of order.
       Q: How many day did Gotz need to complete an extension?
       A: Three days, and luckily, he still works in festival days.
       Q: Isn't Gotz's work dangerous? I mean...
       A: Yes, keep your animal away from his work or else they might get
          stuck once the work is finished.
    | xvi | Cooking Questions                                           |   8 |
       Q: Is it true that there are 80 recipes?
       A: I don't think so. Yes, there are 80 recipe slots, but there are only
          64 recipes possible or so. The rest will remain empty.
       Q: How do I get recipes?
       A: You get them by cooking it. But if you ask how to know the recipes,
          you can try to watch the Delicious Hour channel in Tuesday, give some
          presents to some villagers until they gives you recipes, or try by
          yourself using your intuition. However, if you watch the TV or get
          the recipe from a villager, you must write them on a paper or
          something so you wouldn't forget it.
       Q: What is the indicator of the amount of recipes I've got?
       A: See the blue book thing in Status Screen and watch the number beside
          it. That's the amount of recipe you HAVE cook.
       Q: How do I get cooking utensils?
       A: After you have a kitchen, watch your TV on Saturday and find the TV
          Shopping channel. Watch the entire show and then go to the Inn. Use
          the telephone there, which is near the place where you order foods,
          and you need 10 G to use the phone. After that, you can decide to buy
          or not.
       Q: How many utensils are there?
       A:                   (In order of TV Shopping)
            Name               Price  | All-Round Explanation
           Kitchen Knife       3000G  |  After buying them, you won't get them
           Frying Pan          2500G  | at the time. Zack will deliver it in
           Cooking Pot         3000G  | Thursday or sometimes in Friday for
           Mixer               2000G  | some unknown reason.
           Whisk               2000G  | If you want to cook, all you have to do
           Rolling Pin         2000G  | is just face one of the utensils you
           Oven                5000G  | have and press X. The next step is to
           Seasoning Set       5000G  | choose the utensils and ingredients.
           Power Berry         5000G  | And Power Berry is NOT a utensil -_^
       Q: How do I get sugar, salt and other seasonings?
       A: Note that you don't buy them from supermarket or any place. See the
          Seasoning Set up there in TV Shopping list? Right, you will just have
          to buy it in order to have sugar and salt and any other seasonings
          in one pack.
       Q: Can you tell me all of the recipes?
       A: Nope. I'm sorry, my laziness again... Furthermore, it is too big to
          add here. Search in any other FAQ, there are already two Recipe FAQ
          in GameFAQs, both of them are nice, so you might want to check them
          both. I'm sorry for people who had emailed me to ask for a Recipe
          FAQ made by me. It would be silly if I send my FAQ when there are
          already two FAQ out there about Recipes, right?
       Q: Okay, so you're lazy. But would you mind telling us what recipes are
          given by villagers so we can start to collect it?
       A: Okay. But first, despite of what might have been told in some other
          faqs, you don't really have to give certain items to get the recipe.
          You could just give the person anything (not that grass, of course!)
          that he/she likes and sooner or later she'll tell you the recipe.
          Louis  : Apple Jam              Doctor  : Mixed Juice
          Doug   : Cheese Fondue          Kai     : Popcorn
          Sasha  : Chocolate Cookies      Chef    : Roasted Potatoes
          Harris : Fried Rice             Ellen   : Sandwich
          Manna  : Ohitashi Greens        Lillia  : Scrambled Eggs
          Barley : Ice Cream              Carter  : Strawberry Milk
          Gotz   : Veggie Pancake         Saibara : Pickled Turnips
          I can't think of more so if I've missed something please tell me.
    | xvii| Secrets Questions                                           |   8 |
       Q: Where are all the secret power berries?
       A:                    (In no order at all)
           Place                How to get
          Mine                  Just dig. Sooner or later you'll get it.
          Winter Mine           Just dig. Sooner or later you'll get it too.
          Behind Winter Mine    Walk behind the small island and press X
                                repeatedly. Nope, you can not see it but it is
          Harvest Goddess       She is in the waterfall. Throw 5 crops in one
                                nice non-festival day (you can do it one by one
                                or day by day, whatever. It is accumulated).
          Fishing               You'll eventually get one. I get it from the
          Horse Race            Exchange 1001 Medals for a power berry.
          Swimming Festival     Win it for the first time.
          The Cedar Tree        Find the big cedar tree in the Mother's Hill.
                                Use your ax to cut it, then an option will
                                appears, whether you want to cut it or not.
                                Choose No. And don't you ever choose Yes.
          Anna                  Plant 90+ batch/square of flowers and make them
                                bloom together. She will eventually appear in
                                the afternoon, ask to pick them all and she
                                gives you a berry for exchange. If she didn't
                                appear, try to get in and out of your house in
                                the afternoon.
          TV Shopping           Buy it for 5000 G.
       Q: Is there another berry?
       A: Yes. It is a secret-mystic-whatever berry given by Kappa.
          Bring 3 cucumbers and go to Mother Hill's Lake at noon, about 12
          to 1 PM. Go to the left side and find two trees near the lake. Stand
          below the trees, face east and throw your cucumber. If you're doing
          right, Kappa will appear. After that, throw another cucumbers and he
          will give you a special berry, which double your health against bad
          weather. See the awful ASCII art for some clue.
                                    ___/ \___________     | |   |
            T = The double tree    /   ______        \____| |___|  ----> East
            T = The double tree   |   /\\\\\\\            |-|
                        |        |    \\\\\\\\            |-|
                        |        |      \\\\\             |-|<---------- Bridge
                        +----->T |                      __|-|__
                        +----->T S\   X  Lake          |  | |  |
                                   \____               |__| |__|
                                      S \_________________| |___
            S = Where you should stand   =================| |===
            X = Where the Kappa is _____=================/  |===
                                  /    Path to the Peak     |===
                                 |   ______________________/====
                                 |  |===========================
                                  \  \==========================
       Q: How do I get honey?
       A: Plant any kind of flowers and the bee will came. After they make
          their beehives (which will automatically appear) then you can have a
          bottle of honey everyday by standing in front of the apple tree and
          press X.
       Q: How do I get better-honey?
       A: Give a honey to Louis, the researcher live in Gotz house. It'll make
          the honey worth... 10 G more -_-.
       Q: What is the legendary fish and how to get them?
       A: The legendary fish are not the ordinary fish that you can catch. Once
          you catch it, you make a body-print of it and then release it back.
          Then you have its body-print in your Status screen. There are no
          purpose of getting it except for the completeness of the game.
           Name                How to get
           Catfish             Go to the last floor of winter mine and find the
                               pond there. Keep fishing there until you get it.
           Angler              Fish in the Ocean at wintertime. Recommended
                               time is from 10 PM to 8 AM.
           Squid               Throw a small fish to the ocean in summer and
                               then keep fishing until you get it. A small fish
                               lasts for one day, so if you can not get it
                               right at the day, you must throw another fish in
                               the next day.
           Char                Have the Sushi, Sashimi and Grilled Fish recipe.
                               After that, fish it at the waterfall or river
                               next to your farm. And no you don't have to
                               throw the food into the water to catch Char.
           Sea Bream           Sell 200+ fish, and catch it in spring, summer
                               or fall in the ocean. Warning, it is kinda
                               tricky because there are no sign that shows how
                               many fish you've sold, so you must count them
                               manually by yourself.
           Carp                After you get all of the other legend, catch it
                               in the lake in spring, summer or fall.
       Q: How do I get Relaxation Tea Leaves?
       A: First off, you must have a good relationship with the harvest
          sprites, or to say it easily, make sure they have many hearts on you,
          about 7 or more. Make sure you have the biggest rucksack too. Then
          wait until it is spring season.
          After that, buy 7 flour from the supermarket and go to the Harvest
          Sprites House at 2 PM to 4 PM. Give each sprite one flour and they'll
          invite you to a tea party when you're trying to leave, and you will
          get a Relaxation Tea Leaves. This thing is special because:
          1) You will 100%-ly win the Cooking Festival using the recipe of
             Relaxation Tea.
          2) You cannot get another leaves until you use the one that you have.
       Q: How do I get Perfume?
       A: After a hurricane in summer, go to the beach and an event will be
          happen. Choose to give the bottle you found to Kai and he'll give
          you the Perfume. This thing is special because:
          1) It greatly boost relationships with a girl if you give it to her.
          2) You cannot give it to people like Harris, Rick etc. Only girls, I
          3) You can only have one, I think.
       Q: Is there any non-GameShark cheat?
       A: Yup. First, prepare two memory cards. Make a quite good farm with
          some animals in it (or you can just copy your friend's data) and
          save in Memory Card 1. Make a new farm and save it in other memory
          card (lets say it is Memory Card 2). After that, put both memory card
          in their slots and play the new farm you've made. Go to your diary
          book and choose exchange animals option. Pick up all the animals from
          Memory Card 1 and put them in Memory Card 2. So now your new farm has
          lotsa animals. You can sell them for money.
          After that, delete the file in Memory Card 1 and copy the file from
          Memory Card 2 to Memory Card 1. You can do the exchange again, sell
          animals again, delete-and-copy again, exchange again, and the cycle
          goes infinite. Which means you can get maximum money by doing that,
          but of course it will take some time and patience.
    |xviii| Rumors Questions                                            |   6 |
       Q: How do I get a camera and photo album?
       A: Play the 64 or GB version of Harvest Moon. There're no camera in BTN.
       Q: How do I get my picture?
       A: Win the Horse Race to get a picture of you and your horse. It is
          placed on the cabinet in your house. It is not a rumor.
       Q: Who is the rumored character?
       A: Lillia's husband, Aja (Duke's daughter), May's mother. They will
          never be appear right in front of you.
       Q: Will Ellen die?
       A: Yes, in Nintendo 64 version. I think she wouldn't in this game.
       Q: Can another married couple like Cliff and Ann have a baby?
       A: Actually this is still a mystery. Me and my friend have e-mailed
          Natsume and Natsume replies that 'yes, they can have a baby'. Someone
          in MB also state that it happened in his/her game. But then my friend
          e-mailed Natsume again and Natsume replies that there is a mistake in
          reading the previous e-mail. After that, Natsume states that 'No,
          another couple in Back to Nature can not have a baby'.
          Knowing that this rumor is highly possible to be NOT true, I still
          can say it for 100% because the person that says it happened in
          his/her game disappeared and I think he/she is the only one who
          can prove the truth of this rumor.
          And finally, Alva has stated the final confirmation! The truth is
          that another couple can NOT have a baby. The actual fact is that the
          person from Natsume who had reply our e-mail was the person-in-charge
          to answer questions about Harvest Moon 64, not Back to Nature. Yes,
          in Nintendo 64 the other couple can have a baby. But no, there's no
          other baby than yours in Back to Nature. Again, thanks to Alva for
          the information.
       Q: Can I get twin baby?
       A: Nope, it's a rumor and that's why it's included here.
    | xix | Having Fun Questions                                        |   2 |
       Q: OK, I'm here. So how do I make fun of my animal?
       A: Calm down. You're really mean, do you know that?
          First, please do it just for fun. Don't save your game after doing
          this, except you're pretty bored of this game and wanna try something
          interesting. But however, if you wanna know, here are some:
          1. 'Use' your farming tools on your animals. Hear the really funny
             sound of them. Decrease their hearts and happiness.
          2. Let the stray dog attack your animals. Decrease their hearts and
             happiness too.
          3. Bring your hen or dog to Harvest Festival. Dog soup, anyone?
             However, it does NOT kill your dog. The next day, you can find it
             in Rose Square. And it does NOT decrease hearts too.
          4. Go to the deepest level of winter mine, put your dog there and
             leave it. If you're lucky, you'll have a pleasant seasons with no
             dog at all. If you're not, then it'll be back in your house the
             next day.
          5. Fight the stray dog. It's fun! Hit it! Hit it!
          6. You're still here? Meany!
       Q: Uhm, can I, make fun of...my wife?
       A: What? Well, yes you can, but what's wrong with you?
          1. Keep giving her lumbers or weeds or fodder or anything she hate.
             After she loses all her hearts toward you, she'll leave your
             house. Go to her family's house to make him back to your house.
             When she came back, she will have only 5 hearts or so.
          2. In Spring Goddess Festival, don't go to the Festival. Keep on
             working and see whether your wife will start to make some divorce
             reason list or something like that... ^_^
          3. Lemme tell ya. Never make fun women in real life, okay?
    | xx  | Miscellaneous Questions                                     |   6 |
       Q: How do I duplicate dogball?
       A: It is a little nice trick to get another free dogball. First bring
          your dogball in your hand and stand in front of a wall. Let your dog
          stand behind you. Throw the dogball and after it bounce make sure it
          falls between you and your dog. Quickly turn around and pick the ball
          right when your dog pick it two. Now you have a dogball in your hand,
          and another dogball in your dog's mouth! You can do it as much as you
       Q: I found a lot of heart thingies in this game. Explain it!
       A: Horse:
          1. it must have at least 8 (some people said 7) hearts in the end of
             your 1st year, because if it's less than that Barley will take it
             back. But if it's taken, there's a way to have another horse.
             Refer to 'Horse' sub-section in 'Pets and Livestock' section.
          2. Each heart from your horse gives 1% addition in your farm rate.
          1. I think if your dog has lots of heart, it'll be easier for you to
             win the dog festival.
          2. Each heart from your dog gives 1% addition in your farm rate,
          1. The heart will affect the quality of the egg (normal, good,
             excellent and maybe there's more). I don't think the quality of
             the egg affects its price. It only affects the size of mayonnaise
             (if you make it with the egg) and maybe quality of some meal (if
             you're using the egg to make something and join the Cooking
          1. The heart also affects the size of the wool and also the yarn (if
             you have the maker, of course). And the size do affect the price.
             Actually, I don't have a sheep yet (too lazy to take care), so I
             can't explain it more. sorry...
          2. Make sure it has 10 hearts if you wanna win the Sheep Festival.
          1. The heart also affect the size of the milk (and cheese). The size
             does affect the price.
          2. Make sure it has 10 hearts if you wanna win the Cow Festival.
          1. Each heart from your wife gives you 1% addition in your farm rate.
          2. If she has 0 heart and you give her bad things, she'll leave you.
          1. Each heart from your baby gives you 1% addition in your farm rate.
       Q: What is the blue-book thing in Status Screen?
       A: It shows how many recipes that you have cook.
       Q: What's inside the locked door in the church?
       A: It is a confessional box. You can get in it Monday and Wednesday
          from 1 PM to 3.50 PM. Afterwards, just choose what to confess. Most
          of the time the Goddess will forgive you, but if she's not, you can
          try give her lots of thing (by throwing crops to her waterfall) and
          perhaps she'll finally forgive you. Lots of people was unforgiven for
          many times, but actually it has nothing to do with the game. It
          doesn't have any effect at all.
       Q: Do you realize that the third confession options are kinda funny?
       A: Yep. People in Message Board had listed the funny confession long
          time ago and here are some that I remember. Note that they are not
          completely correct, it might just "sounds" like that.
          1. Giving the livestock some silly name.
          2. Having too much money <appeared while the player had almost no
             money at all ^_^>
          3. Whoops, wrong door.
          4. <Can't remember more, see how rusty my brain is? ^_^>
          Okay, remember that the lines will just jumped out randomly for no
          reason. If some of you had a nice list of the joke do not hesitate
          to send them in.
       Q: What do the TV broadcasts everyday?
       A: Daily
          Weather Forecast                       [Press Up]
          Weather Forecast is one of the most important part of your farm life.
          They are unbelievably 100 percently accurate and you should be prepa-
          red for the weather tomorrow since it surely will be happened.
          News                                   [Press Right]
          A News is a News. No you can't get to know whether Jordan will came
          back or not, but at least you will know what festival will be happe-
          ned this season.
          Life on the Farm                       [Press Down]
          Now this is the oasis for your thirst of tips. Farmer Fran and the
          young lad Jimmy's little conversation might give you a big help,
          depends on how you look at it.
          Shogi Hour [Sunday]                    [Press Left]
          Shogi Hour is a nice and interesting program, if you need some good
          lullaby for your insomniac problems. This is about some kind of chess
          (or card?) game that was just show you the move that was taken by the
          players, and usually the game wouldn't be ended at the same time. It
          always continued next week. Not really important.
          The Fairy and Me [Monday]              [Press Left]
          The Fairy and Me is a love story, kind of. It is actually interesting
          to watch, if only you won't be remembered by 100+ square of plants
          need to be harvested, about 30 livestock to be feed yet also the girl
          to build some relationship with. So, watch this early in the morning
          and then leave it. Somebody had the complete play of the film? Don't
          hesitate to send me because I'll be more than happy to put it here.
          The Delicious Hour [Tuesday]           [Press Left]
          Now this is important. Prepare a paper, watch the show and write down
          the recipe they taught. This will be needed sooner or later.
          The Song Hour [Wednesday]              [Press Left]
          This isn't very important. This might give you some hints in the game
          or a strange recipe (that you can't cook on), and even a livestock-
          footprint song, but don't get addicted. Really.
          Star One Sport [Thursday]              [Press Left]
          The good thing is that you don't really know what will they show you.
          Fine, there will be some 'normal' sport like wrestling or F-1 race,
          but don't get really shocked when you see a match between American
          Football and Soccer player. Obviously the Soccer player was lost,
          a) American Football players has more people in their team.
          b) Soccer players cannot use their hand to hold the ball.
          Yeah, I've found this once in the show and I liked that kind of joke!
          And more, you might find Aja somewhere in the show of a F-1 race.
          Mechabot Ultror [Friday]               [Press Left]
          Okay, think villagers don't have Power Rangers or Gundam for them?
          Wrong. There it comes, Mechabot Ultror! No I won't talk more about
          it, I'm still sane...
          What's Your Passion? [Saturday]        [Press Left]
          This will appear before you have the kitchen. The program is about
          some TV crew who read some mails from some people. The mail was aw-
          fully random and that's why it is interesting. After you have the
          kitchen, the program will be replaced by TV Shopping.
          TV Shopping [Saturday]                 [Press Left]
          This will appear after you have the kitchen in your home. Watch the
          entire show and phone them from the inn to buy the utensil. Don't
          worry, if you miss them, you will be able to buy it after some long
          while. And after you bought all, the TV Shopping will be gone and
          again be replaced by What's Your Passion program.
          New Year Day Special TV  [1st-7th of Spring]             [Press Left]
          This is about, well, some kind of traditional celebration done by
          the Japanese in New Year. Pretty nice if you're studying Japanese
          culture or so. Not so if you were actually hoping for another program
          to be broadcasted.
    | xxi | SharkerZone                                                 |   4 |
       Q: I'm a cheater and I want to cheat the game!
       A: Well, at the very least, let's give some respect and credits for
          The GameShark Code Creator Club <www.cmgsccc.com> because the list
          of GameShark code was taken from their site. Also big credits for
          SOng because some of the code was made by him and taken from his
          awesome FAQ. Better check his FAQ too for details and more info!
          Okay, prepare your Device and go away shark your game!
          999 Lumbers       80070D38 03E7   400% Exp Sickle       80071A40 FFFF
          999 Fodder        80070D3A 03E7   400% Exp Hoe          80071A42 FFFF
          999 Fish Food     80070D3E 03E7   400% Exp Hammer       80071A44 FFFF
          999 Chicken Feed  80070D40 03E7   400% Exp Ax           80071A46 FFFF
           10 Power Berries 800712BC 000A   400% Exp Watering Can 80071A48 FFFF
          Note: 400% Exp Tools did NOT give you mystrile tool. They just gave
                the exp, so you will still have to find a mystrile ore, bring
                some money and ask Saibara to upgrade it. Hey, that's not that
                bad since you're using GameShark anyway! ^_^
          Infinite Money  80071A5C FFFF     Infinite Medals       80071A60 FFFF
          Max Money       80071A5C 967F     Max Medals            80071A60 967F
                          80071A5E 0098                           80071A62 0098
          Max Earnings    800711FC 967F     Max Shipped           50001502 0000
                          800711FE 0098     [GS 2.2 or higher!]   800711C4 03E7
          Max Stamina     80071A12 003C     0 Reduction Expenses  80071200 0000
          Max Shipped All 800711C4 03E7
          [Caetla only!]  B0150002 00000000
         Red Heart Popuri   800786B4 FFFF   10 Hearts Dog         8012724C 000A
         Red Heart Elli     80077298 FFFF   10 Hearts Horse       80127258 000A
         Red Heart Karen    800767A0 FFFF   Zero Dead Animals     80127232 0000
         Red Heart Ann      80076EF0 FFFF
         Red Heart Mary     80077BBC FFFF
         Rucksack Tools Modifier
         Equipped Tools Modifier Codes       Max Equipped Tools Codes
         In Hand Tools Slot 80071A84 00??    In Hand Tools Slot   80071A88 0063
         Slot 1	            80071A90 00??    Slot 1               80071A94 0063
         Slot 2	            80071A96 00??    Slot 2               80071A9A 0063
         Slot 3	            80071A9C 00??    Slot 3               80071AA0 0063
         Slot 4	            80071AA2 00??    Slot 4               80071AA6 0063
         Slot 5	            80071AA8 00??    Slot 5               80071AAC 0063
         Slot 6	            80071AAE 00??    Slot 6               80071AB2 0063
         Slot 7	            80071AB4 00??    Slot 7               80071AB8 0063
         Slot 8	            80071ABA 00??    Slot 8               80071ABE 0063
         The Rucksack Tools is the lowest part of your rucksack screen, where
         you put your farming tools and seeds inside. Better not put item code
         in the ?? or the game might hang up. Replace the ?? with the quantity
         digits below:
         00 - Nothing                1E - Animal Medicine
         01 - Sickle                 1F - C.M Potion
         02 - Copper Sickle          20 - S.M Potion
         03 - Silver Sickle          21 - Blue Feather
         04 - Gold Sickle            22 - Turnip Seeds
         05 - Mystrile Sickle        23 - Potato Seeds
         06 - Hoe                    24 - Cucumber Seeds
         07 - Copper Hoe             25 - Strawberry Seeds
         08 - Silver Hoe             26 - Cabbage Seeds
         09 - Gold Hoe               27 - Tomato Seeds
         0A - Mystrile Hoe           28 - Corn Seeds
         0B - Ax                     29 - Onion Seeds
         0C - Copper Ax              2A - Pumpkin Seeds
         0D - Silver Ax              2B - Pineapple Seeds
         0E - Gold Ax                2C - Eggplant Seeds
         0F - Mystrile Ax            2D - Carrot Seeds
         10 - Hammer                 2E - Sweet Potato Seeds
         11 - Copper Hammer          2F - Spinach Seeds
         12 - Silver Hammer          30 - Green Pepper Seeds
         13 - Gold Hammer            31 - Moon Drop Flower Seeds
         14 - Mystrile Hammer        32 - Pink Cat Flower Seeds
         15 - Watering Can           33 - Magic Red Flower Seeds
         16 - Copper Watering Can    34 - Toy Flower Seeds
         17 - Silver Watering Can    35 - Orange Cup Seeds
         18 - Gold Watering Can      36 - Grass Seeds
         19 - Mystrile Watering Can  37 - Ocarina
         1A - Milker                 38 - Fishing Rod
         1B - Clippers               39 - Fishing Pole
         1C - Brush
         1D - Bell
         Rucksack Items Modifier
         Equipped Items Modifier Codes A     Max Equipped Items Codes
         In Hand Tools Slot 80071A8A 00??    In Hand Tools Slot   80071A8E 0063
         Slot 1	            80071AC0 00??    Slot 1               80071AC4 0063
         Slot 2	            80071AC6 00??    Slot 2               80071ACA 0063
         Slot 3	            80071ACC 00??    Slot 3               80071AD0 0063
         Slot 4	            80071AD2 00??    Slot 4               80071AD6 0063
         Slot 5	            80071AD8 00??    Slot 5               80071ADC 0063
         Slot 6	            80071ADE 00??    Slot 6               80071AE2 0063
         Slot 7	            80071AE4 00??    Slot 7               80071AE8 0063
         Slot 8	            80071AEA 00??    Slot 8               80071AEE 0063
         Equipped Items Modifier Codes B
         In Hand Tools Slot 80071A8A 00??
         Slot 1	            80071AC0 00??
         Slot 2	            80071AC6 00??
         Slot 3	            80071ACC 00??
         Slot 4	            80071AD2 00??
         Slot 5	            80071AD8 00??
         Slot 6	            80071ADE 00??
         Slot 7	            80071AE4 00??
         Slot 8	            80071AEA 00??
         The Rucksack Items is the upper part of your rucksack screen, where
         you put items like crops etc. Better not put tools code or your game
         might hang up. Why Code A and Code B? Well, the quantity digits for
         Code A and Code B are different and results in different items. Check
         them out:
         For Code A
         3A - Stone                         3B - Big Stone
         3C - Rock                          3D - Stump
         3E - Branch                        3F - Lumber
         40 - Weeds                         41 - Turnip
         42 - Potato                        43 - Cucumber
         44 - Strawberry                    45 - Cabbage
         46 - Tomato                        47 - Corn
         48 - Onion                         49 - Pumpkin
         4A - Pineapple                     4B - Eggplant
         4C - Carrot                        4D - Sweet Potato
         4E - Spinach                       4F - Green Pepper
         50 - Grass                         51 - Moon Drop Flower
         52 - Pink Cat Flower               53 - Blue Magic Red Flower
         54 - Red Magic Red Flower          55 - Toy Flower
         56 - Orange Cup Fruit              57 - Apple
         58 - Bamboo Shoot                  59 - Wild Grapes
         5A - Mushroom                      5B - Poisonous Mushroom
         5C - Truffle                       5D - Blue Herb
         5E - Red Herb                      5F - Green Herb
         60 - Mystrile Ore                  61 - Orichalcum Ore
         62 - Adamantite Ore                63 - (Tomato Recipe)
         64 - Basket                        65 - Dog Ball
         66 - Coin (bag of money)           67 - Power Berry
         68 - Fodder                        69 - Chicken Feed
         6A - Fodder (bought)               6B - Chicken Feed (bought)
         6C - Fish Food (bought)            6D - Rucksack Level 2 (medium)
         6E - Rucksack Level 3 (large)      6F - PocketStation
         70 - Wrapper                       71 - Vase
         72 - Knife                         73 - Frying Pan
         74 - Pot                           75 - Mixer
         76 - Whisk                         77 - Rolling Pin
         78 - Oven                          79 - Seasoning Set
         7A - ????                          7B - ????
         7C - ????                          7D - ????
         7E - ????                          80 - Squid print
         81 - Angler print                  82 - Sea bream print
         83 - Beehive                       84 - Fish food
         85 - Orangecup fruit               86 - Egg
         87 - Spa-boiled Egg                88 - Mayonnaise S
         89 - Mayonnaise M                  8A - Mayonnaise L
         8B - Milk S                        8C - Milk M
         8D - Milk L                        8E - Cheese S
         8F - Cheese M                      90 - Cheese L
         91 - Wool S                        92 - Wool M
         93 - Wool L                        94 - Yard Ball S
         95 - Yard Ball M                   96 - Yard Ball L
         97 - Honey                         98 - SUGDW Apple
         99 - Rice Ball                     9A - Bread
         9B - Bodigizer                     9C - Bodgizer XL
         9D - Turbojolt                     9E - Turbojolt XL
         9F - Wine                          A0 - Grape Juice
         A1 - Large Fish                    A2 - Medium Fish
         A3 - Small Fish                    A4 - Gift (empty)
         A5 - Oil                           A6 - Flour
         A7 - Curry                         A8 - Set Meal
         A9 - Wild Grape Juice              AA - Milk
         AB - Water                         AC - Snowcone
         AD - Veggie Pancake                AE - Fried Rice
         AF - Stir Fry                      B0 - Miso Soup
         B1 - Stew                          B2 - Curry
         B3 - Salad                         B4 - Fruit Juice
         B5 - Vegetable Juice               B6 - Mixed Juice
         B7 - Sandwich                      B8 - Pickled Turnips
         B9 - Fries                         BA - Pickles
         BB - Strawberry Jam                BC - Strawberry Milk
         BD - Tomato Juice                  BE - Popcorn
         BF - Pumpkin Pudding               C0 - Happy Eggplant
         C1 - Sweet Potato                  C2 - Roasted Potatoes
         C3 - Greens                        C4 - Scrambled Eggs
         C5 - Omelet                        C6 - Boiled Egg
         C7 - Hot Milk                      C8 - Butter
         C9 - Cheesecake                    CA - Cheese Fondue
         CB - Apple Jam                     CC - Apple Pie
         CD - Bamboo Rice                   CE - Mushroom Rice
         CF - Truffle Rice                  D0 - Grape Jam
         D1 - Sushi                         D2 - Chirashi Sushi
         D3 - Jam Bun                       D4 - Raisin Bread
         D5 - Dinner Roll                   D6 - Sashimi
         D7 - Grilled Fish                  D8 - Pizza
         D9 - Pasta                         DA - Noodles
         DB - Curry Noodles                 DC - Tempura Noodles
         DD - Fried Noodles                 DE - Tempura
         DF - Cookie                        E0 - Ice Cream
         E1 - Cake                          E2 - Food Fiasco
         E3 - Milk G                        E4 - Cheese G
         E5 - Mayonnaise G                  E6 - Yard Ball G
         E7 - Wool G                        E8 - Golden Egg
         E9 - Empty Can                     EA - Bottle (fries recipe)
         EB - Boots                         EC - Fish Bone
         ED - Carp                          EE - Char
         EF - Catfish                       F0 - Squid
         F1 - Angler                        F2 - Sea Bream
         F3 - Chocolate                     F4 - Chocolate Cookies
         F5 - Chocolate Cake                F6 - Moon-view Dumplings
         F7 - Bracelet                      F8 - Necklace
         F9 - Earrings                      FA - Bandage
         FB - Relaxation Tea Leaves         FC - Relaxation Tea
         FD - Fruit Latte                   FE - Vegetable Latte
         FF - Mixed Latte
         For Code B
         100 - Perfume
         101 - (Cliff's Photograph)         102 - (A letter)
         103 - Invitation                   104 - The Woodcutter and The King
         105 - Picture Book of People Vol 1 106 - (dog)
         107 - (puppy)                      108 - Cat
         109 - Chicken                      10A - Chick
         10B - Rabbit (white)               10C - Rabbit (brown)
         10D - Squirrel                     10E - Fox
         10F - Monkey                       110 - Snake
         111 - Crab                         112 - Butterfly (white)
         113 - Butterfly (blue)             114 - Beetle
         115 - Stag Beetle                  116 - Cinada
         117 - Dragonfly                    118 - Cricket
         119 - Ladybug                      11A - Grasshopper
         11B - Triangle Sandwich [#1]       11C - Deluxe Sandwich [#2]
         11D - Rice Ball [#3]               11E - Red Bean Bun [#4]
         11F - Pizza [#5]                   120 - Meat [#6]
         121 - Toast [#7]                   122 - Egg (normal)
         123 - Egg (good)                   124 - Egg (excellent)
         125 - Popuri's Egg                 126 - Mystic Berry
         127 - (Empty bottle)               128 - Group seeds - Spring [G]
         129 - Group seeds - Summer [G]     12A - Group seeds - Fall [G]*
         12B - toy chick [G]                12C - Cow reins [G]
         12D - The gods in heaven [G]       12E - Ketchup [C]
         12F - Rice Omelet [C]              130 - Salad [Inn]
         131 - Apple Pie [Inn]              132 - Cheesecake [Inn]
         133 - Cookie [Inn]                 134 - Water [G]
         135 - Roasted Corn [SL]            136 - Pasta [SL]
         137 - Pizza [SL]                   138 - Junk Ore
         139 - Grapes [Aja]                 13A - Dead Weeds
         13B - Winter Stone                 13C - Winter Branch
         13D - Winter Lumber                13E - Water [G]
         13F - Mayonnaise Maker [G]
         Additional Note by SOng:
         [G]   - Glitch (can't be used!)
         [C]   - Can be obtained via cooking
         [Aja] - bought from Aja
         [Inn] - bought from Inn
         [SL]  - bought from Seaside Lodge
         It seems a bit funny when the name of the item is called 'Group
         seeds - Spring', yet it gives you the requirement of getting Spinach
         seeds for Fall. In other words, when you use this code, it will appear
         as 'Group seeds - Spring'. But after all, it is still a glitch.
         - Digits 63 onwards are discovered by myself ^_^;) Words that are in
           bracket are names that I give to the item [the actual name is very
         - Some of items will cause the game to hang like the PocketStation
           modifier digit. Hence enter at your own risk.
         - If you enter the codes with modifier digits from 140 onwards, the
           game will hang (duh).
         Special credits goes to Scott Ong, for the great GameShark Code List.
         I don't know whether I'm doing right or not but I'll be honest. When
         I send this FAQ, I have send an email to Scott Ong asking for his per-
         mission to put his Code List. But I haven't got the reply yet after
         waiting for some while and then I've decided to send this FAQ first
         without Scott's permission first. All I can do is to credit him. So
         if any of you know the real rules and regulation or whatever about
         this kind of thing please let me know whether I'm right of wrong.
         Thank you very much.
       Q: Uhm, what is Caetla Only anyway?
       A: I really don't know for sure but I think it is some kind of Game-
          Shark type. In this type, if you're typing "B" at the beginning of
          a code, the last part of the code will be consist of EIGHT digits
          instead of the usual FOUR. This is usually used for Japanese game
          but again, I don't know for sure. If you want to know whether your
          Game Shark supports Caetla Codes or not, then just try typing "B"
          at the first digit of a new code and see if the last part will be
          EIGHT or not. So, for instance:
          CAETLA not-supported : Bxxxxxxx xxxx
          CAETLA supported     : Bxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
          Understood? ^_^
       Q: Are you sure there aren't any other codes?
       A: No I'm not sure, but you can always check either <www.gameshark.com>
          or <www.cmgsccc.com> to know whether they have any new codes or not.
          Don't ask me to find any codes too, I really don't have time to do
          that since I also have school like most of you...
       Q: Are you sure these codes will work?
       A: I don't know, haven't tried them all yet. BUT I will also states that
          I am not responsible about anything might be happened related with
          you and the codes. Try them on your own risk, although it's not that
          using the code will meltdown your console or so...
    |---/   |--|--------------------------------------------------------------|
    |  / /| |  |                                                              |
    | / /_| |_ |              -  C r e d i t s  -                             |
    | |___   _||                                                              |
     I want to say thanks, danke, syukron*, terima kasih*, matur nuwun*,
     arigatou* to:
     Allah SWT, for everything. Everything.
     Super ultra special thanks to CJayC, for hosting the site that is now
     appear on your screen, which is obviously <www.gamefaqs.com>. Only because
     of his love of video and computer gaming (and with the help of caffeine)
     make the site available, and we should appreciate that. And there I went
     too far again ^_^
     A dinosaur-size special thanks for Ms. Valerie Deoferio since she was
     the only one who cares about my terrible grammars. Let's see. She sent
     me a FULLY grammar-corrected FAQ, both this FAQ and my Crops FAQ. I'm
     wondering just how she could do that, diving into my fuzzy sentences to
     find so many grammatical errors. Oh yeah, also for confirming that a FAQ
     really is a Frequently Asked Question, so now I can be sure about it ^_^.
     Big thanks, Ms. Deoferio, I think I will start to put some attention into
     my English teacher's lesson from now on... ^_^
     Another super ultra special thanks goes to SOng, for letting me use his
     GameShark Codes to be listed here, and for his awesome FAQ for HM: BTN.
     Better check his FAQ too!
     Special thanks to The Game Shark Code Creator Club <www.cmgsccc.com> for
     the great Game Shark Codes.
     Special thanks to Arukaado, for her little cute answer in MB, about what's
     really happened when Barley took your dog (refer to Livestock and Pets
     section in Dog sub-section). I quote hers. And for telling me how to get
     the Moon Drop seeds too. Thanks!
     (I-really-don't-want-to-say-this-but) thanks to krems, another MB user,
     which was informing that the second horse can only be obtained at year 4.
     My trusted source, although it was wrong after all. Thanks pal! ^_^
     Still watching Gundam Wing, eh? One of our TV station here in Indonesia
     finally have Gundam Wing too, so now I can see and complete the story! ^_^
     Special thanks goes to Alva, for mailing Natsume about another couples
     baby question. For sharing a precious information with many MB user that
     Natsume replies it wrongly and, well, just read the question about it in
     'Rumors' section for details. Yes, she was the one who e-mailed Natsume.
     She also confirmed that krems info was wrong and you could have your 2nd
     horse anytime before year 4.
     Can't say anything else, thanks to all my friends in real life and in
     GameFAQs' HM: BTN Message Board. For lotsa great discussion, questions,
     answers, madness, and any other incredible time together. There would be
     no hundred questions here if they weren't around. Okay, I must say that
     I didn't went to the board as frequent as I was in March, and I also
     feel sad knowing that the board contains only FIVE page of topics, while
     it was about 20-25 page some months ago. However I will still get there
     if I get the chance, to meet the incredible people there.
     Okay, thanks to Victor Interactive and Natsume Inc. For lots of joyful
     time of farming and typing faqs ^_^.
     Big-big special thanks for many people who had emailed me now and then.
     Thank you very much for everything. I really want to list you all down
     here but I really don't have time for it, and I have LOST my data which
     contains most of your email and identity. Actually, I have LOST the
     (updated) data of this faq too, so I have to start it all from version 1.0
     again. I'm sorry if this faq isn't as complete as you thought, but deep
     inside I really thank you for everything.
    * Don't bother to look for the translation of 'syukron' or 'terima kasih'
      or 'matur nuwun'. They're all means thank you or so. Syukron is Arabian
      language, terima kasih is Indonesian and matur nuwun is Javanese. And
      arigatou is, as you might have thought or knew, Japanese. And don't look
      at me like that! Do you want the French too? Fine, uhm, hey, I can't
      speak French! ^_^
    |-|  ____|-|--------------------------------------------------------------|
    | | |___   |                                                              |
    | |____ \  |         -  A u t h o r ' s  S e c t i o n  -                 |
    |  ____| | |                                                              |
    # Wow, you've come this far?
    | I don't know what makes you feel that this section is important, but if
    | you still want to read, then go ahead. Oh, almost forget, first of all,
    | thank you for reading this faq. I really, really hope that this will help
    | you through the game. Sorry for the way too much not-so-funny jokes here
    | and there and sorry for my habits to went too far when talking about
    | something -_^.
    # Any comments, critics, questions, corrections, asking for permission etc?
    | Just send them to my e-mail address <kuadrantiga@yahoo.com>! Language
    | acceptable and understandable are English, Indonesian or (I know it's
    | impossible) JaVanese. Well, just stick at the first two for instance.
    # See?
    | This Author's Section is NOT that important. Somehow it can be a
    | shameless-self promotion ^_^
    # So, what's more?
    | My Final Request   Well, as you see, I'm not that good in English and
    |                    obviously you will (or you have already) find bunch of
    |                    typos in this faq. If you feel so, please, give me any
    |                    corrections to make this faq better. I'll credits you
    |                    no matter what.
    | My Final Words     I think that's all I can give you at the time. I'm
    |                    tired, but I'm so happy and strangely satisfied ^_^.
    |                    See ya in my other faq! THANK YOU!
    | My Final Heav...   Uh, oh, nope, sorry. I'll wake up this time...
                                   FAQ STATS:
    Readability statistics               | I never thought that MS Word 97
    Counts                               | has this feature in it, and just
     words                     23340     | found it out by now. This stats
     characters               110723     | was taken using that feature in
     paragraphs                 2650     | Word 97.
     sentences                  1865     | Just to be honest, I really don't
    Average                              | know what Flesch Reading Ease
     sentences per paragraph     1.1     | or Flesch-Kincaid Grade level
     words per sentence          6.2     | actually is. I guess Flesch and
     characters per word         4.0     | Kincaid is somebody's name, but
    Readability                          | I don't know for sure. If somehow
     passive sentences             2%    | you know and would like to help,
     Flesch Reading Ease        88.0     | please don't hesitate to mail me.
     Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level  2.5     | Thank you ^_^
    This work is (c) 2001 by Hafiz Rahman
    The End

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