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    Recipe FAQ by OTACON120

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    1/22/2010 - v 1.31

    Updating all of my FAQs to fit the new format, as well as make a few minor tweaks to mature the writing of the FAQs.

    10/15/2002 - v 1.3

    I've got some new recipes to put up here, but I don't have the time to ut them up now. Look for them in a later update. Right now I am still doing some reformatting on some other guides. Basically, just another site to the legal info for this update.

    8/6/01 - v 1.2

    Well, I've made this my 3rd FAQ to be transferred to my computer, so here is the latest version! It has been reformatted, and I changed up the ASCII art a little.

    7/17/01 - v 1.1

    No new recipes... got some rumors: Scrambled Eggs and some kind of juice. If you can verify these, let me know. Added a site to the legal info.

    6/30/01 - v 1.0

    First version of the FAQ. Just a start, no? I have mainly the recipes that I know of.

    Recipes to Receive

    These are recipes that you must give a certain item to a certain person to use.


    There is one recipe on this list that you don't give anything to anyone to receive, and that is the Fries Recipe. It is at the bottom of the list.

    Pastor's Afternoon SnackEggThe Pastor
    Ice CreamEggYodel
    Cheese FondueTomatoDoug
    Potato PancakesBambooGotz
    Fruit LatteTomatoBasil
    Mixed JuiceBlue Medicine PlantThe Doctor
    Pickled TurnipsCornSaibara
    Ohitashi GreensPink Cat FlowerManna
    SandwichPink Cat FlowerEllen
    Chocolate CookiesPink Cat FlowerSasha

    To get the fries, simply go fishing off of the pier. Soon, you will catch a bottle with the recipe for Fries in it.

    Recipes Already Known

    These are recipes you should already be able to do.

    Truffle RiceTruffle, Rice BallNoneSalt and/or Soy Sauce
    Stir FryCabbage, VeggiesOil, Knife, Frying PanN/A
    Happy EggplantEggplantFrying PanSugar, Salt, Miso
    Rice OmeletsEgg, Milk, Oil, Rice BallFrying Pan, WhiskN/A
    Mushroom RiceMushroom, Rice BallN/AN/A
    Fried NoodleNoodle, OilPanN/A
    Tomato JuiceTomatoMixerN/A
    Curry NoodleCurry Powder, NoodlePotN/A
    Hot MilkMilkPotN/A
    Tempura NoodleTempura, NoodlePotN/A
    CurryRice Ball, Curry PowderPotN/A
    NoodleFlour, FishPot, Rolling Pin, KinfeN/A
    Raisin BreadBread, Wild GrapesN/AN/A
    TempuraOil, Flour, EggPanN/A
    MayonnaiseEgg, OilWhiskVinegar
    SushiRice Ball, SashimiN/AVinegar
    Fried RiceOil, Rice Ball, EggPanSugar, Salt, Soy Sauce
    KetchupTomato, OnionMixerSugar, Salt, Vinegar
    Apple JamApplePotSugar
    Strawberry JamStrawberryPotSugar
    Grape JamGrapePotSugar

    Legal Info

    This FAQ may only appear on the following sites:


    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright © 2001 - 2010 by Jakob Shoptaw (OTACON120). All rights reserved.