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    Animal Game Save FAQ by JGuardiano

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Animal GameSave FAQ
    John Valor D. Guardiano   Email: sagajohn@bulacan.ph
    Version Number: 1.1
    Date This FAQ Was Started: January 1, 2002
    1.1 January 9, 2002
       Ok, ok, I'm eating my words already. I just made a few spelling 
    checks, moved a few paragraphs where they really belong, and I added a 
    few stuff in the credits and the disclaimer. 
        Is the OTHER Harvest Moon Game for the PS out on the U.S. yet?
    I have a friend who has one, it's pirated so I'm not sure of the 
    title, but it says 'Harvest Moon 2'. It's Japanese, and your character 
    is a girl. If it is already been translated to English, and the 
    duplication bug works here also, contact me; so I can make an animal 
    gamesave on this game as well since I'll be getting a new PSONE unit 
    soon. Thanks.
    1.0 January 1, 2002
        This will probably be the first and last version of this FAQ. This
    FAQ explains how to trade/duplicate golden animals with or without the 
    use of my Harvest Moon: Back to Nature gamesave on Gamefaqs. Although
    it's easier to use the trick below using my gamesave, there's also 
    a step by step procedure on how to duplicate golden animals without 
    my gamesave.
         II. WHAT YOU NEED (gamers with dexdrives)
        III. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO (gamers with dexdrives)
         IV. WHAT YOU NEED (gamers without dexdrives)
          V. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO (gamers without dexdrives)
        Hi. If you're reading this, then you've probably seen the Harvest
    Moon: Back to Nature gamesave I submitted on GameFAQS. If you're
    looking for a walkthrough or a control guide for this game, check the
    other FAQs. I've read some of them, and they're great.
        The purpose of my Harvest Moon: Back to Nature gamesave is for 
    you to have the animals that produce golden products (golden eggs) at 
    the beginning of the game EVEN WITHOUT WINNING THE CONTESTS OF THE 
    FESTIVALS. Unlike other gamesaves where you actually need to load and 
    play the gamesave to enjoy what the creator of the save has made for 
    you, all you have to do is trade animals with my gamesave. You don't 
    have to play it in the game. Promise.
        Normally, you would have participate your animal(cow, chicken,
    sheep) in it's respective festival and win. Technically, you can only
    own 3 gold cows, 3 gold chickens, and 3 gold sheep in the whole game.
    This is because the respective animal festivals occur only once a
    a year in the game's time, and the whole game revolves only in THREE
        The gamesave contains 10 cows that produce Medium-size milk, and 
    10 chickens that laid golden eggs. What? No golden sheep or cows you 
    say? Sadly, my PS broke before I could win the sheep or cow festival 
    to obtain the sheep that made golden wool and the cow with the G-size 
    Milk. Even though these cows don't produce golden products, they're
    still worth a lot if you sell them.
        The Golden Eggs alone will reap you a lot of money daily, 
    especially if you use the Mayonaise Maker and turn the Golden eggs 
    into G-size mayonaise(or Golden Mayonaise, or whatever it is called)
        If I can afford another PS, I'll update the gamesave on GameFAQS. 
    Like I said, if you want to know how to win in the festivals, read the 
    other FAQs.
    II. WHAT YOU NEED (gamers with dexdrives)
     A Dexdrive for the Playstation.
     Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Game for the PS (duh).
     One Memory Card that contains YOUR gamesave.
     Another Memory Card where MY gamesave will be transferred to.
    III. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO (gamers with Dexdrives)
     1.) Download my Harvest Moon gamesave on GameFAQS.com.
     2.) Use the Dexdrive to transfer my gamesave to a memory card.
     3.) Insert both memory cards on the PS (One that has your gamesave,
         and the other, containing mine.)
     4.) Start Harvest Moon: Back to Nature game, and load your save.
     5.) Once your save has loaded, move your character to the diary,
         press X on the PS pad to activate the menu, and choose trade 
     6.) On the trade animals screen, choose my gamesave, and get the 
         animals in it. You get them even without giving animals in 
        It's that simple! 
    You can sell these animals for quick cash especially the cows ( useful 
    if you want to buy  that that farming tool you've always wanted, or 
    upgrade a tool ). Just repeat steps 2 to 6 above to get them again.
    NOTE: These animals may NOT immediately produce the golden products
          the next day; it may be two or three days from the day you got
          them from my gamesave. Also, don't forget to feed them as soon
          as you got them.
        If you don't own a Dexdrive, below is an alternative way. This is 
    actually a more complicated and longer process, and you would be using 
    the memory card duplication trick like I did, and YOU NEED TO WIN IN 
    other FAQ's on how to win the animal festivals. It doesn't matter if
    the animal produces golden products, if you wish to duplicate 
    regular animals, the trick below is still applicable.
    IV. WHAT YOU NEED (gamers without dexdrives)
     Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Game for the PS.
     One Memory Card that contains YOUR gamesave.
     Another Memory card where you will make a NEW gamesave.
    V. HERE'S WHAT YOU DO (gamers without Dexdrives) Duplication Trick
    Since you will be using two gamesaves, I will refer your current game
    save as YOUR gamesave, and the other one on the other memory card as
    the OTHER gamesave
    After winning your first gold animal(from festivals), do the ff:
     1.) Start a new game on another memory card. It should have a 
         same filename or farm name, the game will say something like it
         can't trade animals with the same farm. 
     2.) After the intro sequence and talking to the Mayor, save this game.
     3.) Reset, and load YOUR gamesave(the one with the golden animal)
     4.) Now that YOUR gamesave has loaded, move your character to where 
         the diary is, and select trade animals.
     5.) On the trade animals screen, GIVE(that's right, give) your golden
         animal to the OTHER gamesave on the other memory card.
     6.) Once finished trading, the Harvest Moon game would 'update' the 
         OTHER gamesave file, which means that it has now a gold animal.
     7.) Reset (yes, reset, don't save) the game. Load the OTHER gamesave.  
     8.) Now that the OTHER gamesave has loaded, move the character to 
         where the diary is, and select trade animals. Give the golden 
         animal on this OTHER gamesave to YOUR gamesave.
     9.) Once finished trading, the Harvest Moon game would 'update' the 
         YOUR gamesave file, which means that it now has TWO gold animals.
         Reset and DON'T SAVE the OTHER gamesave.
         Repeat steps 8 and 9 if want more gold animals.
        This is a game bug. If you observe what happens during the animal 
    trade, the game only 'updates' the other gamesave(not the one you are
    currently playing). It only assumes that you will save your game 
    once you read the diary and put your character to sleep, so it can 
    update the gamesave you are playing. To exploit this bug, we don't 
    save, then reset, not giving the Harvest Moon game a chance to update 
    the gamesave you are currently playing, and therefore, we have 
    duplicated the animals.
        One funny drawback however, that your animals will have the same 
    names (they're duplicated, so are the names). But I guess the pros 
    outweighs the cons in this case, since the animals have many heart 
    icons meaning they are very happy.
        If you have a friend who is also playing Harvest Moon: Back to 
    Nature, you can apply this trick and duplicate/trade animals you have, 
    and vice versa.
        Just don't get too greedy or you'll end up duplicating and selling
    the animals for cash (it's easier to use a gameshark if you REALLY want
    to cheat that BADLY) instead of really enjoying the game.
          GameFAQS.com - For posting my first FAQ. YEY! Thanks CJ!
          GameFAQS Message Boards - Best Game Message Board in the Web
          NATSUME - For Making the Harvest Moon series and Wild Guns
          Bryant Turner - I used his some of his simple FAQ format and 
                          applied it to mine, and I also made a basis of 
                          his disclaimer.
          ????? - The guy who emailed me asking what my gamesave on 
                  GameFAQS was for. The email message nudged me into 
                  making the FAQ. You know who you are, and if you want
                  your name displayed here, email me again.
          Interact - for making the best PS peripheral ever.
                     If you have Playstation AND a PC, go get a dexdrive. 
                     I bought mine at $20, and I hear they're about $15
                     now or so. It's worth it.
          Gamewinners.com - Where the duplication trick is from. The trick
                            also inspired me to make the gamesave in the
                            first place.
          Manok - My first chicken in Harvest Moon, who won the Chicken
                  Festival, and was cloned through the duplication
                  trick. :)
    This FAQ is copyright 2002, of me, John Valor D. Guardiano. This FAQ 
    can ONLY be put on are http://www.GameFAQS.com, 
    http://www.psxcodez.com, and http://www.neoseeker.com. This script may 
    not be copied and/or published in any way. Any commercial use of this 
    FAQ is strictly forbidden and can only be used for personal usage. 
    Any necessary legal action WILL take place if any of these rules are 
    violated. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is (c)2000, Natsume. 

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