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    FAQ by Anthropofobe

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 02/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        __    __      __      ____   __        __  _____   ____  _______
       |  |  |  |    /  \    |  _ \ \  \      /  /|  ___| / ___||__   __|
       |  |__|  |   / /\ \   | | \ \ \  \    /  / | |_   | |___    | |
       |   __   |  / /__\ \  | |_/ /  \  \  /  /  |  _|   \__  \   | |
       |  |  |  | / ______ \ |    /    \  \/  /   | |___   __| |   | |
       |__|  |__|/_/      \_\|_|\_\     \____/    |_____| |____/   |_|
               ___    ___    ___     ___    ___     _
              |   \  /   |  / _ \   / _ \  |   \   | |
              | |\ \/ /| | / / \ \ / / \ \ | |\ \  | |  O
              | | \__/ | | | | | | | | | | | | \ \ | |
              | |      | | \ \_/ / \ \_/ / | |  \ \| |  O
              |_|      |_|  \___/   \___/  |_|   \___|
                        BACK     TO    NATURE  
        I-Walkthrough Info and Updates
        II-Copyright Stuff
        III-The Story
          c.)Harvest Sprites
        VI-The Tools
        VII-Power Berries
        VIII-Animals and Crops
          a.)The Girls
          b.)Marriage and Baby
        XV-Shipping Bin
        XVII-In the Kitchen
          a.)Harvest Goddess
          b.)Church Confessional
          c.)TV Shows
          d.)Legendary Fish
          e.)Other Codes/Secrets
          f.)Rumors and Myths
        XIX-Gameshark Codes
        XX-Character Events
        XXII-Contact Me
     |                                                           |
     |          I-Walkthrough Info and Updates                   |
      Walkthrough by vgamegirl
      Game: Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSX)
      Current Version: 2.4
      Last Updated: February 10, 2004
        Version 2.4-(February 10, 2004) Wow, long time since my last 
                     update. I added a few more cutscenes emailed to me
                     by various people (all credited in the Credits 
                     section), and rectified a few requirements in some
                     of the cutscenes.
        Version 2.3-(April 18, 2003) Been awhile since my last update. I 
                     know I said I'd be neglecting this for awhile, at 
                     least until Summer, but Lady_Nocturne emailed me info
                     regarding the PAL marriage glitch-it's avoidable! See
                     the marriage section for more info
        Version 2.2-(February 1, 2003)Minor update, added two cutscenes
        Version 2.1-(January 29, 2003) Been awhile since last update. 
                     Anyway, I added some new cutscenes and corrected 
                     Cliff's Birthday (I had said Spring 6, when it's 
                     really Summer 6) and fixed a couple other errors
        Version 2.0-(October 25, 2002) Added some cutscenes (many 
                     contributers, see credits section). Also, instead of
                     having cutscenes listed under the girls' section and 
                     character events, they all are under Character Events.
                     Also added Rumors and Myths section, along with Other 
                     Secrets and Codes section under Extras. Made some 
                     corrections elsewhere.
        Version 1.9-(August 9, 2002) Made some corrections in the character
                    events section. Added www.cheatcc.com to the list of 
                    sites that can display this guide. I need some more
                    character events, so if you have any that I haven't 
                    listed, please email me!
        Version 1.8-(August 2, 2002) Added more character events
        Version 1.7-(July 11, 2002)Added more cutscenes to Character
        Version 1.5-(July 10, 2002)Added www.neoseeker.com to the list of 
                    sites that may display this guide. Added character 
                    events section.
        Version 1.0-(July 9, 2002)My first release
     |                                                           |
     |          II-Copyright Stuff                               |
      This walkthrough was written by vgamegirl, and should not be
      modified or reproduced in ANY WAY, without my permission. If
      you ask first, I'll be happy to let you put this on your site, 
      as long as you don't modify it in any way, and this is kept 
      EXACTLY as it is now, meaning no HTML, pictures, banners, etc.
      To contact me on this, see XVI-Contact Me.
      This should only be found at:
      The most recent version can be found at www.GameFAQs.com
     |                                                           |
     |          III-The Story                                    |
      A decade ago, you were to go on vacation with your father. 
      Unfortunatly, he had a business trip and you had to cancel your plans.
      Instead, you went to your grandfather's farm. Your grandfather told 
      you that he was busy, unable to play and entertain you. So, by 
      yourself, you went off and played.
      One day, you met a girl, and played with her and instead of by 
      yourself. You had fun, and when you had to go back home, you promised 
      her that you would come back.
      Ten years later, you come to the farm. Your grandfather has passed 
      away, and the farm is a mess. You have three years to fix up the farm 
      and make friends with the villagers. One question nags at you, 
      however: what happened to the girl to whom you promised your return?
     |                                                           |
     |          IV-Controls                                      |
        -Allows you to move around the terrain.
        -Allows you to make selections on the menus and prompts
        -Allows you to push a livestock by holding down.
        -Can select menu choices
        -Can harvest crops
        -Allows picking up and throwing/putting down items
        -Holding the circle button ( O ) allows you to run.
        -Can be used for the cancellation of menu selections
        -Uses selected tool
        -If possible, allows character to eat item being held
        -View rucksack
        -Brings up hints/tips in the buying menus
      R Button
        -Switch between tools
      Other R Button
        -Switch between items
      Top L Button
        -Whistle for your dog
      Other L Button
        -Whistle for your horse
        -Pauses game and brings up status screen
        -View Town Map
     |                                                           |
     |          V-Characters                                     |
     There are many characters in Harvest Moon; Back to Nature, and 
     you need to get on good terms with them. One good way is to give 
     them gifts. If it is a birthday gift, wrap it and give it to them 
     that day.
         (Name) (Birthday)
         Name and Birthday are self-explanatory. Description gives a 
         short summary about what they do and what they look like. Family 
         includes relatives and how they are related. Likes are good gift
         ideas. Location is where he/she can be found. This is ordered 
         alphabetically starting with the guys, then the girls.
         Barley (Spring 17)
         Description-The old man who lives at Yodel Ranch and hosts the 
           Cow and Sheep Festivals. Has a white beard.
         Likes-Spa Boiled Eggs and Rice Balls
         Location-Yodel Ranch, On Mondays at the Hot Spring
         Basil (Summer 11)
         Description-Basil really likes plants. The library nextdoor to
           his residence contains the books that he wrote about mines, 
           plants, the village, etc. He wears a hat and his clothes are 
           camoflague-like: the green and tans found outdoors.
         Family-Mary(Daughter), Anna (Wife)
         Likes-Flowers, Mushrooms
         Location-In the morning, at his house
         Cliff (Summer 6)
         Description-A pretty quiet and shy guy, Cliff is your rival for 
           Ann. He goes to the church a lot, and if you don't tell him 
           about the part time juob at AJA Winery, he'll leave.
         Likes-Spa Boiled Eggs
         Location-Check either the church or Doug's Place (Inn), or if he 
           has been told about the part time job, check around AJA Winery.
         Doctor (Fall 17)
         Description-Spends most time in the clinic, a formal/stiff kind of 
           guy. He is your rival for Elli, and he (surprise!) wears doctor's
         Likes-Spa Boiled Eggs, Wine, Grape Juice, Poisonous Mushroom 
             (Contributed by Fire-Dragon@rogers.com)
         Location-Try the clinic
         Doug (Winter 11)
         Description-He is the owner of Doug's Place, and is very concerned 
           that his daughter might not marry because she's a tomboy. He sits 
           behind the cash register at Doug's Place, and has orange hair and 
           a moustache.
         Likes-Bamboo Shoots, Wine
         Location-Doug's Place
         Duke (Winter 15)
         Description-Owner of AJA Winery, he sort of neglects his wife (if you 
           ask her, that's what she basically says). He had a daughter, I think 
           her name is Aja, who left the village.
         Family-Manna (Wife)
         Likes-Wine, Eggs
         Location-Mostly at the AJA Winery, but later on he may be at Doug's 
         Gotz (Fall 2)
         Description-Gotz is the local wood cutter, and for any enlargement of 
           buildings, he is the one to ask. He has brown hair and a moustache.
         Location-Either in his house (Woodcutter's House/Lodge) or on Mother's 
           Hill, near the second mine only accessible in Winter.
         Gray (Winter 6)
         Description-Gray is Saibara (the blacksmith)'s grandson (corrected by 
           EvilEmperorZerg), and feels he isn't appreciated by his grandfather. 
           He wears a blue hat and is in a dull yellow/gray/brown clothing. He 
           is your rival for Mary.
         Likes-Ore, but I wouldn't advise Junk Ore.
         Location-Library, Summit of Mother's Hill, Blacksmith's Shop, or Doug's
         Greg (Spring 29)
         Description-Greg is the fisherman whom you get the fishing pole from.
           You hardly ever see him, because he is rarely anywhere.
         Likes-Big Fish
         Location-On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 8-10 AM or 8-10 PM, 
           he is at the dock on the beach, fishing.
         Harris (Summer 4)
         Description-Harris is the local policeman, and patrols the town looking 
           for crimes or misdoings. He is in a police uniform.
         Family-Mayor Thomas (Father)
         Likes-Spa Boiled Eggs, Wine
         Location-In the morning he is at Gotz's house, around 1:00 PM he enters 
           Doug's Place. If you can't find him, look around, he's probably 
           walking somewhere.
         Jeff (Winter 29)
         Description-The owner of the supermarket, he gets stomachaches sometimes 
           and is always in debt because he lets people by on credit, or a 
           "pushover" as he calls himself. He wears white and black and has black 
         Family-Karen (Daughter), Sasha (Wife)
         Likes-Apples, Bamboo Shoots, Flowers, Eggs
         Kai (Summer 22)
         Description-Kai is only im Mineral Town for the summer. He is your rival 
           for Popurri. Kai runs his own store at the beach where he sells food 
           and other refreshments.
         Likes-Bread, Flour
         Kano (Winter 2)
         Description-Kano is photographer that hangs around the Mayor's house. He 
           has black hair, and wears white and black.
         Location-Mayor's house
         Louis (Spring 2)
         Description-Louis is the guy in green at Gotz's house. His glasses have 
           weird spirals on them.
         Location-Gotz's House
         Pastor Carter (Fall 20)
         Description-Pastor Carter is the pastor of the church, and he conducts 
           all services that require a minister: funerals(don't let your animals 
           die!) weddings, ...
         Likes-Most Crops
         Rick (Fall 22)
         Description-Rick is the orange haired guy with glasses at Poultry Farm. 
           He despises Kai, mainly because Karen (he's your rival for her) and 
           all the other girls like Kai a lot.
         Family-Popurri(Sister), Lillia (Mother)
         Likes-Spa Boiled Eggs, Wine, Bodigizer.
         Location-8-10 AM-On the bench near the Supermarket and Clinic (assuming 
           it isn't precipitating), inside Poultry Farm (the house)
         Saibara (Spring 11)
         Description-The blacksmith who works at the Blacksmith Shop, he is old 
           and has white hair, and is pretty grumpy-looking until he likes you.
         Family-Gray (Grandson)(Corrected by EvilEmperorZerg)
         Likes-Ore (not junk ore), Bamboo Shoots
         Stu (Fall 5)
         Description-Stu is the little boy that has a crush on May, and he doesn't 
           need many gifts to become an instant friend.
         Family-Ellen (Grandmother), Elli (Sister)
         Likes-Wild Grapes
         Location-In/At or around Ellen's house (next to the library)
         Thomas (Mayor) (Summer 25)
         Description-The mayor of the town, he's always in red.
         Family-Harris (Son)
         Likes-Wine, Spa Boiled Eggs
         Location-His house (next to Ellen's, near library), Rose Square
         Won (Winter 19)
         Description-Won is the strange guy that comes to your farm to rest on 
           Spring 3, Year 1. He sells seeds that cannot be bought at the 
           Supermarket. Wears yellow with sunglasses.
         Location-Doug's Place 1-3 PM
         Zack (Summer 29)
         Description-Zach is the buyer, or the shipper, and pays you for eggs, 
           milk, crops, etc. He lives in a lodge at the beach.
         Likes-Big Fish
         Location-Best time is when he is shipping stuff, but if you are good 
           friends with him, you can enter his lodge at the beach, sometimes
           he's in the Supermarket
         Ann (Summer 17)
         Description-Ann is a tomboy who works at Doug's Place, she has 
           orange hair in a braid.
         Family-Doug (Father)
         Likes-See Girls
         Location-See Girls
         Anna (Fall 23)
         Description-Anna is one of the women that gather at Rose Square, she 
           has black, sort of puffy, hair.
         Family-Mary (Daughter), Basil (Husband)
         Likes-Flowers, cookies
         Location-In the morning-inside house, 1PM-About 3-At Rose 
           Square, sometimes in the Supermarket
         Ellen (Winter 13)
         Description-Ellen is the grandmother who lives next to the Mayor, she 
           is in a chair and has white hair
         Family-Elli (Granddaughter) Stu (Grandson, I think)
         Likes-Wool, Apples, Spa Boiled Eggs
         Location-In her house
         Elli (Spring 16)
         Description-The nurse at the clinic, has brown hair and wears nurse 
         Family-Ellen (Grandmother), Stu (Brother)
         Likes-See Girls
         Location-Clinic, on Wednesdays, try either Ellen's house or the 
         Karen (Fall 15)
         Description-Karen MUCH nicer than in Harvest Moon 64. She has brown 
           hair with two gold/yellow highlights.
         Family-Sasha (Mother), Jeff (Father)
         Likes-See Girls
         Location-See Girls
         Lillia (Spring 19)
         Description-Lillia is always very tired, doesn't go anywhere, even 
           on festival days, she a bright pink hair
         Family-Rick (Son), Popuri (Daughter)
         Location-Almost all the time, she's at Poultry Farm, but I have 
           also found her inside the Clinic
         Manna (Fall 11)
         Description-Manna is one of the women who gather at Rose Square, and 
           she is VERY talkative. If you've talked to her during non-business 
           hours, you know what I mean. She sells the wine for the AJA Winery. 
           She has black hair.
         Family-Duke (Husband)
         Likes-Honey, eggs
         Location-AJA Winery, 1 PM-About 3 she is at Rose Square
         Mary (Winter 20)
         Description-Mary works at the library, and loves to read. She has 
           black hair and wears glasses. She is probably, if not the, 
           smartest out of the girls eligible for dating/marrying.
         Family-Anna (Mother), Basil (Father)
         Likes-See Girls
         Location-See Girls
         May (Winter 26)
         Description-May lives with her grandfather, Barley, at Yodel Ranch. 
           Her motherleft her to him, then disappeared. She wears red, and 
           her dark hair is in a braid.
         Family-Barley (Grandfather)
         Likes-Fished Up Trash
         Location-Yodel Ranch, Mondays-Hot Spring
         Popuri (Summer 3)
         Description-Popuri loves animals, and she constantly gets into fights 
           with her brother, Rick. Popuri has pink hair like her mother, so 
           she stands out.
         Family-Lillia (Mother), Rick (Brother)
         Likes-See Girls
         Location-See Girls
         Sasha (Spring 30)
         Description-Sasha is one of the women who gathers at Rose Square. She 
           has brownish-blondish hair in a tight bun, and argues with her 
           husband constantly.
         Family-Karen (Daughter), Jeff (Husband)
         Location-Supermarket, 1:00 PM-About 3-Rose Square
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Harvest Sprites~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
         These chracters provide you with services for little pay. You can 
         hire them to harvest your crops, water your crops, or take care of 
         your animals. If you want to keep your farm going, you need these 
         guys for times like hurricanes where you can't go outside, but they 
         can take care of your chickens.
         However, it's a good idea to pay them in some way. Bread, Riceballs, 
         and Wine are good gifts.
         Chef (Red)-Fall 14
         Nappy (Orange)-Winter 22
         Hoggy (Yellow)-Fall 9
         Timid (Green)-Summer 16
         Staid(Blue)-Spring 15
         Aqua (Aqua)-Spring 26
         Bold (Purple)-Spring 4
         What they can do (one job per sprite)
         -Harvest Crops
         -Water Crops
         -Take Care of Animals
         It may take awhile for them to finish their assigned task, so on a 
         day when you know you'll need to harvest ten fields of Pineapples, 
         hire some for that, some for watering, and take care of your animals 
         yourself. They do get better at their jobs, after about a year or so, 
         provided that you keep hiring them.
         --Relaxation Tea Leaves--
         During spring go to the Harvest Sprites house between 2PM - 4PM. Give 
         a present to each of them to be invited to their tea party. You'll get 
         Relaxation Tea Leaves. ~Note-You can't get more Relaxation Tea Leaves 
         until you've used the ones you have. If you put it in a recipe, you 
         can get more, you just can't have it as a basic ingrediant.
     |                                                           |
     |          VI-The Tools                                     |
      Tools are very important in this game, so you need to know how to use 
      them in order to get anything done. Unless it is a crop, anything that 
      goes in the upper section of the rucksack will be here. The experience 
      level is based on how many times you use it. You could go inside a 
      building and swing at nothing for awhile until your character gets 
      tired to raise to experience percentage, then go to the Hot Spring and 
      repeat. While this can be very effective, you get more experience using 
      to tool for its purpose, such as cutting weeds or grass.
      Each of your tools (that can be upgraded) have the same requirements. 
      So, rather than post the same thing several times, I'm putting it here.
           a.)Copper-Requires at least 100% of experience. To upgrade to copper, 
              you must have 1000g and a copper ore.
           b.)Silver-Requires at least 200% of experience. To upgrade to silver, 
              you must have 2000g and a silver ore.
           c.)Gold-Requires at least 300% of experience. To upgrade to gold, 
              you must have 3000g and a gold ore.
           d.)Mystrile-Requires 400% of experience. To upgrade to mystrile, 
              you must have 5000g and a mystrile (blue) ore.
      If you don't know how to get or where to find the ores, check XI-Mining.
         The hoe is used to till the soil, and if you have grass growing, to 
         remove it. The basic, un-upgraded hoe is free, and found in the toolbox 
         inside your house.
           -Basic-Tills one square in front of you
           -Copper-Tills two squares in front of you
           -Silver-Tills three squares in front of you
           -Gold-Tills four squares in front of you
           -Mystrile-Tills five squares in front of you
         The hammer is used to break stones and broken fences (lumber). The 
         basic, un-upgraded hammer is free, and found in the toolbox inside 
         your house.
         Upgrading Differences (Number of hits to break)
         Note: All hammers can break a broken lumber fence in one hit. 
         (S. Stone means Small Stone, L. Stone means Large Stone) Rocks and 
         Large Stones are different. Large Stones are a solid gray and their 
         shape sort of ressembles a rounded-square. 
           Model    | S. Stone | L. Stone | Rock
           Basic    |  1       |   --     |  --
           Copper   |  1       |   3      |  --
           Silver   |  1       |   2      |  5
           Gold     |  1       |   1      |  3
           Mystrile |  1       |   1      |  1
      3.)Watering Can
         The watering can is used to water your crops. Upgrades are really 
         useful for the watering can, so if grow several crops, get the 
         upgrade.The basic, un-upgraded watering can is free, and found in 
         the toolbox inside your house.
         Upgrading Differences (Number of squares watered)
           Model    | Squares Watered |
           Basic    |      1          |
           Copper   |    1 x 3        |
           Silver   |    2 x 3        |
           Gold     |    3 x 3        |
           Mystrile |    3 x 5        |
         The Sickle is used to cut grass and remove crops. Unless you grow 
         lots of grass, the upgraded sickle isn't really nescessary. The 
         basic, un-upgraded sickle is free, and found in the toolbox inside 
         your house.
         Upgrading Differences (Number of squares cut)
           Model    | Squares Cut |
           Basic    |      1      |
           Copper   |    1 x 3    |
           Silver   |    2 x 3    |
           Gold     |    3 x 3    |
           Mystrile |    3 x 5    |
         The Ax is used to cut tree stumps and branches, and at least one 
         upgrade is essential to getting married (unless you have all the 
         cash required to purchase enough lumber, which is a hefty sum. 
         After you get some usage, upgrade. The basic, un-upgraded ax is 
         free, and found in the toolbox inside your house.
         Upgrading Differences (Strikes to break Stumps and Branches)
           Model    | Branch | Stump |
           Basic    |   1    |  --   |
           Copper   |   1    |  6    |
           Silver   |   1    |  3    |
           Gold     |   1    |  2    |
           Mystrile |   1    |  1    |
      After you get an upgraded tool, to use it you need to hold the 
      square button down a bit longer for each upgrade, meaning that 
      with an Ax upgraded to the Gold level, you can still perform the 
      basic Ax's cut.
      How do you tell if you are holding on long enough? Well, the 
      Copper and Silver upgrades' effects vary from tool to tool, so 
      just hold it down a little while. For the Gold upgrade, your face 
      turns red. At Mystrile level, your face is red and you get stress 
      marks on your head.
      Basically, if you use a tool frequently, upgrade it, as this saves 
      both time and stanima.
     |                                                           |
     |          VII-Power Berries                                |
      Power Berris increase your stanima level. If you do lots of 
      work using your tools, eating Power Berries will prove very 
      useful, as that is less trips to the Hot Spring to recover. 
      There are 10 different Powerberries.
      1.)Try to cut down the tree on Mother's Hill (over the bridge, 
        in the middle of the field), and the tree or tree's spirit 
        will talk to you, saying it is one hundred years old, and 
        asks you if you are going to cut it down. Say that you won't 
        cut it, and you'll get a Power Berry.
        *Warning*-If you attempt to cut the tree again, you'll end 
        up in the Hospital.
      2.)Mine in the mine behind the waterfall. Eventually you'll 
        get a Power Berry.
      3.)Mine in the Winter Mine, eventually you'll get a Power Berry.
      4.)Win the Opening Day (Swimming Festival) in Summer. (For tips, 
        see Festivals)
      5.)Throw five crops into the Goddess Pond while standing behind 
        the waterfall, and the Goddess will give you a Power Berry. 
        (This can be done all on one day, or on different days)
      6.)Buy one off the TV Shopping Network after you've gotten all 
        of the utensils.
      7.)Exchange 1001 medals for one at the Horse Race (See Festivals 
        for tips)
      8.)Fish in the Ocean, eventually you'll get a Power Berry. *Tip*
        During the Opening Day (Swimming) Festival, bring your rod/pole 
        along and fish before the contest starts.
      9.)During Winter, go to the Winter Mine, but not inside it. On the
        left outside wall, press X to find a Power Berry. (Note-It may 
        take some time to find it, but it is there)
      10.)Plant more than 90 flowers at your farm. When they bloom, Anna 
        will come by. Tell her she can have as many as she wants, and you 
        will get a Power Berry.
     |                                                           |
     |               VIII-Animals and Crops                      |
         Cows have been in Harvest Moon games from the beginning in the 
         original Super Nintendo Harvest Moon (still one of my favorites!). 
         Cows need to be brushed (available at the Blacksmith), fed (cut 
         grass), and talked to everyday. I wouldn't advise getting a cow as 
         your first animal, start with a chicken. If you decide you are 
         ready to deal with a cow, make sure you have a reasonable amount of 
         grass, enough gold to buy a brush, and enough for the cow itself, 
         at 6,000 gold.
         After you get your cow, talk to it, feed it, and brush it everyday. 
         If you watch the weather and know that you can't go outside the 
         next day (snow storm, hurricane), get a Harvest Sprite to take care 
         of your animals. When you can afford it, buy a milker (from the 
         Blacksmith), to add to your daily income. If you can afford the 
         pricey investment of the Cheesemaker (20,000 gold), buy it, as it 
         is worth it (see chart below)
         The higher your cows' hearts are, the better quality milk/cheese they 
         produce: (The Grand/Gold Milk/Cheese can only be made by winning the 
         Cow Festival (see below))
         Item    |   Small   |   Medium  |   Large   |   Grand/Gold   |
         Milk    |   100 G   |   150 G   |   200 G   |   300 G        |
         Cheese  |   300 G   |   400 G   |   500 G   |   600 G        |
         To produce Golden/Grand milk/cheese, you need to win the Cow Festival.
         Basically, you need to have 10 Hearts on your cow for it to win, 
         making it unlikely that you'll win the first year, although it can be 
         done (I think) without exchanging animals.
         Letting your cows outside "supposedly" raises the heart levels quicker, 
         but I wouldn't advise wasting your time. Once they are outside, it 
         takes a while to get them back in, so, don't waste your time.
         Another classic animal from the Harvest Moon series, the chicken is 
         the first animal you should buy. Feed it everyday with either the 
         Chicken feed that can be purchased at Poultry Farm, or grow your 
         own (grow Corn and throw it into the water wheel, and *PRESTO*, you 
         have Chicken feed). Chickens cost 1,500 G and can be bought from 
         Poultry Farm, or you can use the egg from Popuri to hatch a chick 
         which will grow into a Chicken.
         Chickens don't require much care, just feed them everyday, and on 
         days you are unavailable (wedding, snow storm, hurricane), hire a 
         Harvest Sprite to take care of them. If you feed them everyday, 
         they'll produce eggs which are either normal quality, good quality, 
         excellent quality, or golden/grand quality. (Gold/Grand are only 
         produced after that chicken has won the Sumo-Chicken festival. 
         The prices of the regular eggs don't vary unless they are Gold/
         Grand quality. When you can afford it, invest in the Mayonnaise 
         Maker (20,000 G from the Blacksmith), because it will pay for 
         itself if you give it time.
         Item  |   N/S    |   G/M   |   E/L    |   G/G   |
         Egg   |   50 G   |   50 G  |   50 G   |   150 G |
         Mayo  |   100 G  |   150G  |   200 G  |   300 G |
         *Tip*-If you have the time, use the Hot Spring the get Spa-Boiled 
               Eggs, which sell for 80 G.
         Sumo Chicken Festival-This doesn't require any skill, but the way to 
         is to have 10 Hearts on the chicken you decide to enter.
         Your Dog is with you from the beginning, when he is puppy, but he'll 
         grow up to be a full grown dog in two seasons, in time for the Dog 
         Race. Pick up your dog everyday, and once it is full grown and you 
         have bought the ball (100 G) from Won, play fetch everyday, and 
         whistle for it. Make it jump over fences sometimes, and never leave 
         it outside.
         Dog Race-There are several things you can do to improve your 
         chances in the Dog Race:
            a.)Get its Heart Level up, or it won't work with you.
            b.)Whistle for your dog everyday, sometimes have it jump over 
            c.)Play with the ball once you get it, and follow these guidlines:
                -Never throw the ball inside buildings, it could get stuck
                -Never throw the ball in the basket
                -Never throw the ball in the water
                -Never throw it in the Shipping Bin
                -Never throw it at an animal
            If one of these incidents occurs, either restart the day, or wait 
            for Won to sell you another.
            Sometime in the second year, Barley will ask to borrow your dog. 
            Say yes, and your dog will be brought to Yodel Ranch for a few
            weeks, but don't abandon your dog. Make sure to hug it at least 
            every other day if you can. Soon, your dog and Hana (the dog at 
            Yodel Ranch will have puppies. You can't keep any, but you can 
            give one away, then you'll get your dog back.
         You get your horse on your first visit to Yodel Ranch. Barley and May 
         will be looking at a pony, and after some talk, you can have the pony!
         Buy the brush ASAP, and brush your horse everyday. Don't leave your 
         horse outside on rainy, snowy, or hurricane days. However, your horse 
         should be outside. I recommend building a small pen (4 x 4 or 5 x 5), 
         right infront of the stable so the by moving one log, you have a direct 
         passage to the stable from the pen. Keep your horse inside the pen, and 
         the day before a bad-weather day, remove a log and push your horse into 
         the stable. This could take a while.
         To get a high heart level, do the following:
            -Whistle for your horse
            -Brush your horse everyday
            -Talk to your horse
            -Don't leave it outside on bad-weather days
         Horse Race-To win the horse race, get a high heart level by doing the 
         above, and once your horse is full grown, ride it around the ranch.
         If you don't have a happy horse (8+ hearts by the end of the year), 
         Barley will take your horse away. However, if you plant lots of grass, 
         you can get you another pony. I would advise keeping your horse for 
         three reasons:
           -Each heart your horse has is 1% towards your percentage
           -Win the Horse Race
           -Full grown horse has saddlebags, you can throw crops into the 
             saddle bags as if you were putting them into the Shipping Bin.
         You can catch fish either in the Ocean or in the river that runs 
         through your farm using the fishing pole. To get the fishing pole, go 
         to the dock (at the beach) between 7-10 in the morning or at night on 
         Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and talk to Greg. Make sure you have an 
         empty slot for tools that you are carrying. Talk to Greg (fisherman) 
         and he'll give you a rod.
         To use the rod, stand facing the water. Equip and cast the line, make 
         sure you keep the button held. When the line starts jerking, or if you 
         have a dualshock controller, when it starts shaking, release the 
         button quickly. It may take time, but eventually you'll catch 
         something. If it is trash, either give it to May or throw it in the 
         garbage can at Rose Square. Eventually, (hopefully) you should catch
         a fish, either small, medium, or large.
         To breed your fish, once you catch one, put it in your pond, and if 
         you want to, continue catching fish. Go to the Supermarket and buy 
         Fish Food (20 G per unit). It will be stored near the pond on your 
         farm. Throw the food into the pond. However, unlike other animals, 
         you only need to throw one unit in per day. You could have one fish, 
         you can have 25, you still only need one unit per day.
         To breed your fish, make sure they are fed EVERYDAY. In a couple of 
         weeks, you will notice your number of fish start to increase. Once 
         you have 50 fish, Greg, the Fisherman, will give you a fishing pole.
         Small    50 G
         Medium   120 G
         Large    200 G
         Large fish can be caught ONLY in the ocean. *Tip*-On Opening Day 
         (Swimming Festival), bring your rod or pole along and fish in the 
         ocean, because you have unlimited time.
         For info on the Legendary Fish, see Extras, Legendary Fish.
         The sheep should be the last animal (type) you buy. After you buy 
         one, get a brush and clippers soon. Talk, feed, and brush it 
         everyday. Sheep cost 4000 G.
         For the Sheep Festival, try to get a sheep with 10 Hearts to 
         enter. Remember, sheep without wool can't be entered, so when 
         the festival draws near, don't sheer the sheep you want to enter.
         Sheep aren't able to be sheered everyday. It takes several days 
         to grow back the wool.
         Also, when you can afford it, invest in the Yarn Maker from the 
         Blacksmith (20,000 G + Adaminite Ore). The Yarn Maker is a good 
         Item    |  Small  |  Medium  |  Large  |  Gold/Grand  |
         Wool    |  100 G  |  400 G   |  500 G  |  600 G       |
         Yarn    |  300 G  |  700 G   |  800 G  |  1,000 G     |
       Crops are a very good money-making source of Harvest Moon: BTN. 
       Grow them in fields like:
       a.)  X| |X       b.)  X|X|X
            X|X|X            X|X|X
            X|X|X            X|X|X
       Plant like Diagram A (or any rotation of it) if you don't have an 
       upgraded Watering Can, Diagram B if you have ANY Watering Can 
       If you have a Hot House, you can plant any plants in any season 
       inside the Hot House, otherwise, don't sow seeds out of season. 
       You can buy seeds from either the SuperMarket or Won. (Some seeds 
       have special requirements before you can buy them)
       If, under Days to Grow, there is a number comma number (9,6), then 
       it takes 9 days to grow, 6 days to regenerate. The renewable crops 
       are ones that grow, you can harvest it, but part of the plant is 
       still there, and it'll regrow.
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-4      Cost per Bag-120 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-60 G
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-7      Cost per Bag-150 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-80 G
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-9, 6   Cost per Bag-200 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-60 G
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-14     Cost per Bag-500 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-250 G
        Recommend-Buy two bags of turnips and a bag of cucumbers on the 
        first day, and plant them (and water them). Even though in the 
        long run, cucmubers are the most profitable outdoors, you should 
        also have turnips because they don't take long to grow and they'll 
        get you some cash to help you get started.
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-8     Cost per Bag-150 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-80 G
        **IMPORTENT**-In the Instruction Manual, it says that Onions take 
        7 days to grow, but they really take 8
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-9,4   Cost per Bag-200 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-60 G
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-14,4  Cost per Bag-300 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-100 G
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-20,6  Cost per Bag-1000 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-500 G
          *Tip*-If you have a Hot House, definitly get Pineapples. After 
          the first 20 days, once you get the Pineapples to regrow, you 
          get a large profit (500 G per Pineapple, 6 Days to regrow)
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-9,4   Cost per Bag-120 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-80 G
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-7      Cost per Bag-300 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-120 G
        Sweet Potatoes
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-5,3    Cost per Bag-300 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-120 G
        Green Peppers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-7,3    Cost per Bag-150 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-40 G
        ~Hot House ONLY~
        Orange Cup Flowers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-8      Cost per Bag-1000 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-60 G
        ~Special Crops~
        These are the crops that have requirements that you must meet 
        before you can get them.
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-8,6    Cost per Bag-150 G
          Renewable-Yes          Selling Price-30 G  Season-Spring
          *Requirements*-You must ship 100+ of Cabbages, Cucumbers, 
          Potatoes, and Turnips EACH.
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-14     Cost per Bag-500 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-250 G Season-Summer
          *Requirements*-You must ship 100+ Tomatoes, Corn, Onions, and 
          Pineapples EACH.
          Location-SuperMarket   Days to Grow-?      Cost per Bag-200 G
          Renewable-No           Selling Price-80 G  Season-Fall
          *Requirements*-You must ship 100+ Eggplants, Carrots, Sweet 
          Potatoes and Green Peppers.
        Pink Cat Flowers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-6      Cost per Bag-200 G
        Magic Red Flowers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-10     Cost per Bag-600 G
        Moondrop Flowers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-6      Cost per Bag-300 G
        Pink Cat Flowers
          Location-Won           Days to Grow-12     Cost per Bag-500 G
     |                                                           |
     |                        IX-Places                          |
       Your Farm
         Most of your time is spent at your farm, where you grow 
         crops, take care of your animals, and more!
         House-This is where you basically live: you sleep here, have a TV, 
         eventually you can have a kitchen and a fireplace. Every extension 
         has ther items that are in it before the extension, example-the 
         TV is in the original house, and the last extension.
         Original House
          Calendar-Look at the calendar for importent dates, and it changes 
            season to season.
          Toolbox-Your tools that aren't being carried are stored here, since 
            when you start you can't carry nine different tools.
          Bookshelf-Press X while facing the bookshelf for controller 
            configuration options.
          Television-Your TV is very important. You can see different shows, 
            depending on the day:
            Up-Weather forecast (This is the default channel that you start 
               on). This tells you what the weather of the next day will be, 
               so you can plan your activities accordingly.
            Down-Life on the Farm. Life on the Farm is a show that goes 
               through all the basics day by day, and is very helpful if you 
               are new to the game. Watch it daily if this is your first 
            Right-News. This channel talks about upcoming events, such as 
               festivals to remind you about them.
            Left-The show depends on the day of the week:
               Monday: The Fairy and Me-Basically, it's a love story that 
                 has to do with a special book. Has no purpose as far as I 
               Tuesday: The Delicious Hour-Introduces new recipies weekly for 
                 cooking (you can't cook without a kitchen-1st house upgrade)
               Wednesday:The Song Hour-Has songs with lyrics that give info 
                 about farming 
               Thursday: Star One Sports-A show that covers sporting events, 
                 none of which happen in Mineral Town
               Friday: Mechabot Ultror-Cartoon that is like a comic book
               Saturday:What's Your Passion-A show about people's hobbies 
                   (If you have gotten the first house upgrade, this show 
                    turns into TV Shopping Network)
                       -TV Shopping Network-Show that lets you order various 
                        cooking utensils
               Sunday: The Shogi Hour-Boring chess-like game
         First House Extension
          Refrigerator-Stores items for later use, with 64 slots, 99 of each 
            item can fit in one slot. If the item can be eaten, it goes in 
          Cabinet-Same as refrigerator, but stores non-perishable items. If 
            you can't eat it, put it in here.
          Kitchen Area-By facing the counter in the kitchen area (near the 
            fridge) you can cook. Recipes are learned mostly from people or 
            the Delicious Hour
         Second House Extension
          Vase-You can buy this from Won the morning your house has finished 
            being enlarged. It goes in the bedroom, and when you put flowers 
            in it it restores stanima.
          Fireplace-In Winter, you can put lumber in this to make a fire; it 
            also restores stanima.
                 ________  (Mineral    ________  ____        _____
                |        |  Town,   * |        ||Wood|      |Horse|
                | House  |  Part A)   | Barn   ||Shed|      |Shed |
                |        |            |________||____|      |_____|
                         |                                                       |
                         |     Field for Growing Crops                           |
                         |         (Branches, Stones, and Weeds found here)      |
                         |         (Lumber for fences may be placed in this area)|
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                         |                                                       |
                ________ |                                                       |
               |HenHouse||                                                       |
               |        ||                                                       |
               ______ B   ________________________________________________________
                     |R  |
                     |I  |
                     |D  |               River
               ______|G  |________________________________________________________
                      E                                _____________________
                   (Hot Spring)*                      |---------Key---------|
                                                      | SB = Shipping Bin   |
                                                      | *If name/phrase is  |
                                                      | in ( ), going in    |
                                                      | that direction will |
                                                      | bring you there     |
      Mineral Town, Part A
        Aja Winery
          The Aja Winery is where you can buy wine and some juice. 
          What you buy here CAN be given to others, unlike other food places.
          Grape Juice:200G
          The Blacksmith is where you can get a selection of items, and 
          you'll probably make several visits to it to buy stuff:
          Jewelry(Bracelet/Necklace/Earrings):1,000G+Orichalc Ore
          00 Makers(Mayonnaise, Yarn, Cheese):20,000G+Adamantite Ore
          Tool Upgrades:1,000-5,000G+Copper/Silver/Gold/Mystril Ore
        ___________________________  _________________________  _________________
       |                           ||                         ||                 |
       |    Blacksmith (Saibara)   ||   Aja Winery (Duke and  ||  Vineyard       |
       |    10 AM-4 PM, Closed     ||   Manna) 9AM-12/0:00 PM ||                 |
       |       On Thursdays        ||     Closed Saturdays    ||                 |
       |___________/\______________||_________/\______________||                 |
       __________|    |________     |_________  _________________________________|
                               \____________|    |_______________________________
       (Your Farm)                                               (Mineral Town
       _______________________                                      Part B)
       |  /\-Entrance to a building|     
       |                           |     
       |  Locations in ( ) are     |     
       |  where you end up if you  |
       |  go in that direction.    |
      Mineral Town, Part B
          Mayor's House-The Mayor's house is where Mayor Thomas, Harris 
          (policeman), and Kano (photographer) live.
          Library-The library is where all the books that Basil wrote are located. 
          The books change from time to time, so check back evry so often. Mary is 
          also found here most of the time.
          Mary's House-At Mary's house is where Mary, her mother (Anna), and her 
          father (Basil) lives.
          Ellen's House-Ellen's house is where Ellen, Elli, and Stu live.
       |                                                    |
       |    Mary, Basil, and Anna's          Library        |   
       |       House                         Closed Mondays |
       |                                                    | _________________
       |_______/\_______________________________/\__________||                 |
        ______|   |___________________________|    |_______  |  Ellen and Stu's|
                                                           | |    House        |
        (Mineral Town,                                     |_|                 |
           Part A)                                          _/\                |
        ____________________________________________       | |_________________|
         ________________                           |      |  _________________
        |------Key-------|                          |      | |                 |
        |/\=Entrance to a|                          |      |_|  Mayor Thomas,  |
        |  building      |                          |       _/\   Harris, and  |
        |( )-Location    |                          |      | |    Kano's House |
        |  where you end |                          |(Mineral|_________________|
        |  up if you go  |                          | Town,|
        |  in that       |                          | Part C)
        |  direction     |                          |      |
      Mineral Town, Part C
         Clinic-This is where you can get checkups and buy medicine. If you 
         overwork yourself, you'll end up here and miss an entire day of work. 
         You can also buy energy-helpful items:
         Bodigizer XL:1,000G
         Turbojolt XL:2,000G
         Supermarket-The Supermarket has many items, and they change from season 
         to season. Karen, Jeff, and Sasha live here.
         Blue Feather:1,000G
         Wrapping Paper:100G
         Rice Balls:100G
         Curry Powder:100G
         Fish Food:20G
         ~~Spring Seeds~~
         ~~Summer Seeds~~
         Fall Seeds
         Sweet Potato:300G
         ~~Fall Seeds~~
         Sweet Potato:300G
         ~~Other Plants~~
          ____________________________________               _________________
         |----------------Key-----------------|    |(Mineral|                 |
         |/\-Entrance     ( )-Where you end up|    | Town,  | Karen, Sasha, & |
         |                  if you go in that |    | Part B)| Jeff's House*   |
         |                  direction.        |    |        | --------------  |
         |____________________________________|    |        |  Supermarket    |
                                                   |        /\Closed Saturdays|
                                                   |        |  and Tuesdays   |
         __________________________________________|        |_________________|
                                                            |                 |
         Mineral Town, Part E                               |  Hospital/Clinic|
                                                            /\                |
         __________________________________________         |                 |
                                                   | Town,  |
                                                   | Part D)|
       Mineral Town, Part D
         Harvest Sprite's Home-This is where the Harvest Sprites live. You 
         can hire them to do work on your farm (water crops, harvest crops, 
         take care of animals) for a period of time (Day, 3 Days, Week)
         Church-You can meet with Pastor Carter here, and Cliff in usually 
         here also. You can confess your sins in the Church Confessional.
                                                              | Harvest   |
                                                              |   Sprites |
      _____________________________ ___________________________|       |
     |                             |                           |       |
     |   Graveyard                 |    Church                 |       |
     |                             |                           |       |
     |                             |                           |       |
     |_____________________________|___________/\______________|       |
     |                                                                 |
     |______________________________________         __________________|
     (Mineral Town,                                 |
       Part C)                                      |
      _____________________________________         |
                                           |(Rose   |
                                           | Square)| 
      Mineral Town, Part E
         Doug's Place (Inn)-Doug's Place is where you can find Ann and Doug, 
         along with a telephone for ordering items on TV.
           Apple Pie:300G
           Set Meal:500G
           *Note*-Only YOU eat these, you can't give them away to others
         Won is at Doug's Place 1-3 PM, and he sells items too:
           Green Pepper:150G
           Magic Red Flower:600G
           Orange Cup:1,000G
           Pink Cat Flower:200G
           Toy Flower:500G
       _____________________________             _______________________
      |                             |(Mineral   |                       |
      |                             | Town, Part|                       |
      |                             | C)        |                       |
      |  Doug's Place               |           |                       |
      |                             |           |                       |
      |                             |           |                       |
      |                            /            |                       |
      |                            \            |                       |
      |                             |           |                       |
      |                             |           |                       |
      |                             |           |_______________________|
      |                             |                                  
      |                             |                        (Rose      
      |                             |                          Square) 
      |                             |___________________________________
      |                                                                 |
      |                                                                 |
      |                                                                 |
      | / \ -Building Entrance   |
      |                          |
      | Anything inside ( ) is   |
      | where you'll end up if   |
      | you continue in that     |
      | direction                |
      Rose Square
         Rose Square-Some festivals take place here, and many people gather
                                                |(Mineral    |
           _____________________________________|Town, Part D|__
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
      ____|                                                     |______
      (Mineral                                                  (Mineral
       Town, Part E)                                             Beach)
      ____                                                       ______
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |                                                     |
          |_______________________________________            __|
                                                  |(Yodel    |
                                                  | Ranch)   |
      Yodel Ranch
         Yodel Ranch-The Yodel Ranch is where you get your Pony, along with cows 
         and Sheep.
         Animal Medicine:1,000G
         Sheep Miracle Potion:3,000G
         Cow Miracle Potion:5,000G
         Sell Cow-Price Varies
         Sell Sheep-Price Varies
      _______ ______________________________________
     |       |                                      | (Poultry  |
     |       |                                      |   Farm)   |
     | River |  Yodel Ranch  (Closed Mondays)       |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |___________/\_________________________|           |
     |       |                                      |           |
     |       |                                      |           |_________
     |       |                                                  
     |       |                                                   (Rose 
     |       |                __________ ___________               Square)
     |       |  _____   ____ |          |           |_____________________
     |       | /     \ /    \| Barn (NA)|  Barn (NA)| 
     |       || Silos (NA)   |          |           |
     |_______|_\_____/ \____/|__________|___________|
      Poultry Farm
         Poultry Farm-Poultry Farm is where you can buy/sell chickens. 
         Popuri, Rick, and Lillia live here.
            Stuff you can buy from Poultry Farm
             Animal Medicine:1,000G
             Sell Chicken-Price Varies
       _________________________________________________________             _
      |       |                   |                             | (Mineral  | |
      | River |Chicken Area (Not  |                             |   Town,   | |
      |       |  Accessable)      |                             |   Part A) | |
      |       |___________________|                             |           | |
      |       |                           ______________________|           | |
      |       |                          |                      |           | |
      |       |                          |  Poultry Farm        |           | |
      |       |                           /\                    |           | |
      |       |     _____________        |                      |           | |
      |       |    |             |       |______________________|           | |
      |       |    | Hothouse    |                              |           | |
      _____________|_____________|______________________________|           | |
                                                                            | |
      (Gotz's                                                               | |
        House)                                                              | |
      __________________________________________________________            | |
      |       |      __________________________________         |           | |
      |       |     |---------------Key----------------|        | (Yodel    | |
      |       |     |/\-Entrance   ( )-Location you'll |        |   Ranch)  | |
                    |                 go to if you go  |
                    |                 in that direction|
      Gotz's House
         Gotz's House-Gotz is the one that you go to for extentions. Harris 
         (policeman) is here in the morning, and Louis is also here. (See 
         extensions for more information)
            Stuff you can buy from Gotz
             o Extensions-(See Extensions)
             o Lumber-50 G (apiece)
                    |(Hot   |
                    |       |       Stump                       Stump
                    |       | 
                    |       |     Moondrop Flower          Moondrop Flower
                    |       |
                    |       |       Stump                       Stump
                    |       |
                    |       |     Blue Grass                    Stump
                    |       |     ____________________________
                    |       |    |                            |
                    |       |____|     Gotz's House           |
                    |            /                            |
                    |        ____\                            |
                    |       |    |                            |
                    |       |    |____________________________|
                    \        \
                     \        \______________________________________________
                       \                                   (Poultry Farm) 
       Hot Spring Area
         Hot Springs-The Hot Spring restores you of your stanima. Other 
         forage and people are here sometimes also.
         _____________________________________________/Waterfall Mine\___
        |                _______________________        _________________|
        |               |                       |      |                 |
        |               |         Hot Spring    |      |  Goddess Pond   |
        |               /Entrance               |      |                 |
        |               \To Hot Spring          |      |                 |
        |               |                       |      |                 |
        |               |_______________________|      |                 |
        |                                              |                 |
        |                                               \                |
        |                Stump         Stump             \               |
        |_________________________________________ Stairs \______________|
        __________________________________________|       |______________
          (Base of Mother's Hill)                            (Your farm)
        __________________________________________         _____________
                                                  |House) |
       |  Stump-Stump, can be cut  |     
       |                           |     
       |  Locations in ( ) are     |     
       |  where you end up if you  |
       |  go in that direction.    |
         Base of Mother's Hill-You can find stumps for splitting, and other 
         forage here.
         Peak of Mother's Hill-Some festivals take place up here.
       Mineral Beach
         Mineral Beach-Kai is here in the summer with his own refreshment  
         selection. Zack (the buyer/shipper) also lives here.
          Roasted Corn:250G
          *Note*-Only you eat these
              _______________________ ___________________________
             /        ______         |                           |
            /        | Kai's|        |   Zack's House            |
      _____/         |Beach |        |                           |
                     |House |        |_______/\__________________|_________
      (Rose          |______|                                              |
       Square)                                                     Dock    |
      _____                                                       _________|
           |                                                     |
           |                                                     |
           |                                                     |
           |             ________________________________________|
           |            |
           |            |        Ocean
           |            |
     |                                                           |
     |                        X-Girls                            |
    A.)The Girls
       During the course of the game, you should start looking for the 
       girl you once knew.
       Once you start giving girls to a girl, you can check on how much she 
       likes you. When she talks to you (assuming it isn't a cutscene), on 
       the bottom right corner of the dialogue box there is a heart, which 
       is an indicator on how much she likes you based on the color and size 
       of the heart:
       Black- Strangers
       Green-They have a little crush
       Yellow-They have a slightly bigger crush
       Orange-They have a big crush
       Red-They love you(marry them!)
         Ann is tomboy with a father is fears she may never get married. 
         She's a bit shy, and a good cook.
         Where she Works-Doug's Place
         Family-Her Father runs Doug's Place where she lives/works. Her 
           mother died a few years ago.
         Personality-Ann is a tomboy, but also has the girlish side to 
         Birthday-Summer 17th(or 22nd if you have Summer 17th as your 
         Great Gifts-Spa-Boiled eggs, Chocolate, all types of 
           dishes(food), strawberries and jewelery.
         Good Gifts-Bamboo Shoot, Eggs, wild grapes, rice, bread, 
           tomato, apples, pineapple, grapes, cheese and milk.
         Okay Gifts.....-Moon Drop Flower, Mushroom, Wild Grape, Honey, 
           Pink-Catmint flower.
         Not-So-Good-Gifts-fish, green/blue herbs, branches and lumber.
         Bad Gifts-red herbs
         8:30 AM - 10:00 AM: Near the hot springs (on rainy days just 
           wait until after 10)
         10:00 AM-On: Inside the Inn
         Karen is MUCH nicer than in HM64, to start off. She isn't a good 
         cook (at the Cooking Festival, she says she probably shouldn't add 
         alcohol to everything), but she's a good listener.
         Where She Lives-Supermarket
         Family-Her mother is Sasha, and her father is Jeff.
         Personality-Karen is a lot nicer than in HM64, and she is a good 
         Birthday-Fall 15 (Fall 23 if Fall 15 is your birthday)
         Great Gifts-Spa-Boiled eggs, Chocolate, all types of 
           dishes(food), strawberries, wine and jewelery
         Good Gifts-Bamboo Shoot, Eggs, wild grapes, rice, bread, 
           tomato, apples, pineapple, grapes, cheese and milk.
         Okay Gifts.....-Moon Drop Flower, Mushroom, Wild Grape, Honey, 
           Pink-Catmint flower.
         Not-So-Good-Gifts-fish, green/blue herbs, branches and lumber.
         Bad Gifts-red herbs
         8-10:30 AM-On the bench between the Hospital and Supermarket
           (On rainy days she is inside the Supermarket)
         10:30 AM to 1 PM-In her house (unaccessable until you are good 
           friends with everyone in the family/household)
         1:30-4 PM-If it's not raining on Tuesdays she is at the Hot 
         1:30-4 PM-If it's raining on Tuesdays she is at Gotz's House
         7:30-10 PM-On the beach(except on rainy days)
         8-10 PM-On Sundays and Tuesdays she is at the Inn
         Elli is a very motherly-like person, and works at the clinic. I 
         wouldn't rate her as hard-to-get, because she's always at the 
         clinic, except on Wednesdays (see schedule below), and likes flowers 
         alot (and they're free), so if you give her a bunch early on in the 
         spring, you shouldn't have problems.
         Where She Works-Clinic/Hospital
         Family-Her grandmother is Ellen, brother is Stu.
         Personality-Elli is very motherly and caring person.
         Birthday-Spring 16(Spring 20 if you pick Spring 16 for your birthday)
         Great Gifts-Any flowers,Grapes, strawberries and jewelry
         Good Gifts-Fish,milk, honey
         Okay Gifts-Apples, any herbs and spa-boiled eggs
         Not-So-Good-Gifts-any ore and wine.
         Every day but Wednesday-At the Clinic during work hours.
         10AM to 1PM-Ellen's/Her house
         1PM to 4PM-The Supermarket
         4PM On-Ellen's/Her house
         Popuri is a bit immature (she cries ALOT), but likes animals very 
         Where She Works-Poultry Farm
         Family-Her grandmother is Lillia, brother is Rick.
         Personality-Popuri is a little childish, but likes animals
         Birthday-Summer 3(Summer 10 if you pick Summer 3 for your birthday)
         Great Gifts-Pink Mint Flower, Hot Spring Egg, Omelette, Omelette 
            rice, Spa Boiled Egg, Fried Egg, Fried Egg rice, sandwich, Honey, 
            chocolate, Cookie, Chocolate Cookie, Cake, Apple pie, Apple Jam, 
            Hot Milk, Fruit Juice, Relaxing Tea, Ice-Cream 
              *(All sweet foods and Egg made dishes)*
         Good Gifts-Magic Flower, Apple, Egg, Golden Egg, Mayonnaise, Tomato, 
            Corn, Pao, Grape Jam
         Okay Gifts-Moon Drop Flower, Mushroom, Wild Grape, Rice Ball, Sweet 
            Potato, Yellow Cucumber, Big Fish
         Not-So-Good-Gifts-Cheese, Weed, Lumber, Stone
         Bad Gifts-Red Herb, Green Herb, Blue Herb, Poisonous Mushroom, Any Ore
           8:30 AM - 10:00 AM: Near the hot springs
           11:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Her House
           10:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Church
           12:00 PM - 5:00 PM: The Beach
         Mary is very shy, and loves to read.
         Where She Works-Library       Lives-Next Door to Library
         Family-Her mother is Anna, father is Basil
         Personality-She's shy, and loves to read.
         Birthday-Winter 20(Winter 25 if you pick Winter 20 for your birthday)
         Great Gifts-Jewelry, Grape Jam
         Good Gifts-Bamboo Shoots, Bodigizer, Cheese Fondue, Grape Jam, 
            Grass(red, blue, green), Mushrooms, Poisonour Mushrooms, Mushroom 
            Rice, Raisin Bread, Relax Tea Leaves, Tomato Juice, Truffle Rice, 
            Turbojolt and Veggie Latte. 
         10 AM-6 PM-Library
         7:30 AM-10 AM-On Mondays she's at Mother's HIll(not on rainy days) 
            *Tip*-On Mondays, when she's at Mother's Hill with her family, 
            pick the flowers that are near her and give them to her and her 
         1-4 PM-When the Library is closed, she'll be at the Supermarket. 
            Otherwise, check the library.
    B.)Marriage and Baby
       ~~~~~~~~~~In Order To Get Married~~~~~~~~~~~
       To get married, you must have met the following requirements:
         -Enlarged House
         -Red Heart on the bride-to-be
         -Blue Feather
       Enlarged House
         First of all, you need to have the second house extention, and 
         therefore need to have other extentions completed first:
         Chicken Coop Extention
           Cost-5,000 G
           Effect-Enlarges Chicken Coop, so that you can have 10 Chickens 
             instead of 5. Required to get the Mayonnaise Maker.
         House Extention
           Cost-4,700 G
           Wood-370 G
           Effect-Enlarges your home, adding a stove, refrigerator, and 
              cabinet. Required for cooking.
         Barn Extention
           Cost-6,800 G
           Effect-Adds another breeding station, and holds 20 Cows and 
              Sheep (combined). Required for Yarn Maker and Cheese Maker.
         2nd House Extention
           Cost-10,000 G
           Effect-Makes the bedroom a seperate room, adds another bed, 
              changes kitchen orientation around, allows Won to sell 
              you a vase, and YOU ARE NOW ABLE TO GET MARRIED (assuming 
              you've met the other requirements)
       Red Heart
         When you talk to a girl eligible for marriage, on the lower right 
         corner of the dialogue there is a heart, which indicates her 
         feelings toward you. As the color changes to the next level, 
         the size of the heart will grow.
            -Black (Small)-Strangers
            -Green-Little Crush
            -Yellow-Bigger Crush
            -Orange-Huge Crush
            -Red (Huge)-In love, waiting for the Blue Feather
          To make the heart grow, give her gifts that she likes, and make 
          sure you think about your answer when she throws a question at you.
          (For more info on character events, along with likes and dislikes, 
          see above)
          *IMPORTENT*-Some TV screens mess up the color Orange, making it 
          look RED. The Blue Feather can be bought when Heart is ORANGE.
       Blue Feather
         Just because you have the Blue Feather doesn't mean you can marry. 
         You can get the Blue Feather when any girl has an orange heart. 
         The Blue Feather may be obtained in two ways:
            -Won comes to your farm, and tries to sell it for 30,000 G. 
             (DON'T BUY)
            -At the Supermarket for 1,000 G. (BUY)
         Once you have the 2nd house extention and a red heart on your 
         sweetheart, equip the Blue Feather and go find her.
         How do you know if she accepts? Sometimes it's hard to tell by 
         the dialogue. There are two ways to check:
           -Are you still holding the Blue Feather? If no, then her 
            response was a "yes".
           -On your calender, is there a heart on the day a week from 
            the day of proposal? If yes, then she accepted.
       ~~~~~~~~~~Wedding Day~~~~~~~~~~~
       On the day of your wedding, a week after you proposed, you are 
       unable to do anything the day of the ceremoney. Therefore, you 
       should hire the Harvest Sprites to help you.
       After the wedding, your wife will ask you what you want to be 
       refered to as, "Dear", "Honey", or "Darling". Your choice.
       **IMPORTENT**-On the PAL version of this game, the screen may go 
       black, and the game will stop. However, I've heard that the newer 
       PAL versions have corrected this.
       Thanks to Lady_Nocturne for her email about how to prevent the
       1.)Propose to the girl on the 23rd of any season (you still need
         all the regular requirements for marriage)
       2.)The day prior to your wedding, overwork (so you end up in the
       3.)When you wake up, you'll be in the clinic; the marriage cutscene
       4.)The next day, the regular nickname part follows (this is where it
         usually freezes) but if you followed the steps, it won't freeze.
       No, get those nasty ideas out of your head. Harvest Moon games 
       are FAMILY games, you really think that would be included?
       The Harvest Moon way of this process is to give your wife gifts 
       everyday. Eventually you'll get hints like "I feel sick".
       About two seasons later, your wife will give birth. You get to 
       name your baby boy (all babies are boys). Now your newborn 
       will go through the following stages:
         Can't really do much with a newborn, but the Heart Level appears 
         on the status screen. You cannot pick it up or give it gifts yet.
         6:00am - 1:00pm: Mother is holding him
         1:00pm - 6:00am: In Mother's bed
         It takes about a year for your baby to reach this stage. Now 
         you can pick him up and give presents. Like everyone else, he 
         has likes and dislikes.
         Great Gifts: Hot Milk, Strawberry Milk, Honey, Wild Grapes, Ice 
           Cream, Cheesecake, Noodles, Cake.
         Good Gifts: Pineapple, Fruit Juice, Apple, Chocolate Cake, Yarn, 
           Flowers, Milk, Apple, Carrot, Omelet, Vegetable Juice, Mixed 
           Juice, Tomato Juice, Orange Cup Flowers.
         Bad Gifts: Ores, Wine, Lumber, Green Grass, Blue Grass, Chicken 
           Feed, Fodder, Garbage, Oil.
         Terrible Gifts: Fish Bones, Cookies, Pizza, Corn, Curry, Green 
           Peppers, Eggplant, Potato, Fish, Sashimi, Red Grass, Mushroom 
           Rice, Cheese Fondue, Cabbage, Onions, Truffle Rice, Butter, Cheese, 
       Walking and Talking
          About three seasons after the crawling stage, your baby can walk 
          and talk, but all he says is gibberish. This is the last stage.
     |                                                           |
     |             XI-Mining                                     |
     Mining can be very profitable, especially once you get the Shipping 
     Bin to bring along. Go into one of the mines described below and 
     use you hoe to dig. You can find various ores, Powerberries, and 
     the recipe for Ketchup. Sometimes you will mine up manholes, go 
     down them once you find them. The farther down you go, the more 
     likely you are to find rarer items.
     Waterfall Mine
     Location-Behind the Waterfall at Goddess Pond
     When Accessable-All year
     What You Can Find-
        Item              Sold For
        Junk Ore          1G
        Bags of Gold      10G*
        Copper Ore        15G
        Silver Ore        20G
        Gold Ore          25G
        Mystrile Ore      30G
        Powerberry        --
          *When you find a bag of gold, you automatically get 10G added 
           to your money
     Winter Mine
     Location-Across the lake at the base of Mother's Hill
     When Accessable-Winter ONLY
     What You Can Find-
        Item              Sold For
        Junk Ore          1G
        Bags of Gold      10G*
        Mystrile Ore      30G
        Orichalcum Ore    50G
        Adamantite Ore    50G
        Powerberry        --
        Ketchup Recipe    --**
          *When you find a bag of gold, you automatically get 10G added 
           to your money
          **The recipe is located on a board that you can pick up. Using 
           triangle, read it
        IMPORTANT-Unlike the Waterfall Mine, this mine DOES have a bottom. 
        Once you get there, there is a passageway you can go through. A 
        lake in the next room. Fish for a Powerberry or the Catfish. Use 
        a fishing POLE for better results.
     Tips and Other Mining Info
        -Buy the Shipping Basket ASAP. Once you get it, you can put 30 
         ores inside it. Just put stuff like Gold, Mysterile, and (only 
         if your getting low on stanima) Silver and Copper. This will 
         start to net a high income in just one trip, and usually two 
         or three can be made a day!
         *Note*-When proceeding down the manholes, be sure to pick up 
          the Shipping Basket. If you leave it, and go down a floor, 
          to get it back, you need to get back to whatever floor you 
          were on when it was left behind.
        -To exit the mine, just walk to the ladder, and you'll get a 
         prompt asking if you want to go up it. Pick yes and you'll 
         go all the way to the top and outside.
        -Watch your stanima! Once your character falls down or sits down, 
         call it quits! Take a journey to the Hot Spring, or drink/eat 
         something to recover your stanima.
        -Nothing good is found on the perimeter of the mine. Always dig 
         at least one square in.
        -Manholes are usually not near the ladders. Instead, dig on the 
         opposite side of the mine from the ladder.
        -Use money bags as cues to where the manhole might be. Usually 
         valuable ores and the manholes are near moneybags.
     |                                                           |
     |             XII-Seasons                                   |
     There are four seasons (no, really?) in HM: BTN. Each is unique 
     in some of the things that can be done, and the festivals. For more 
     info on festival startegies, see the section Festivals. I'm just 
     listing importent dates.
     Dates marked with * are dates that have festivals/birthdays/events 
     on that day.
     Spring, Year 1
      S  | M  | T  | W  | T  | F  | S
      1* | 2* | 3  | 4* | 5  | 6  | 7
      8* | 9  | 10 | 11*| 12 | 13 | 14*
      15*| 16*| 17*| 18*| 19*| 20*| 21
      22*| 23 | 24 | 25 | 26*| 27 | 28
      29*| 30*|
      Sunday, Spring 1-
        *Special Date*-New Year's Day
        This is a festival, but is not celebrated the first year. See 
          Festivals for more info.
      Monday, Spring 2-
        *Special Date*-Louis's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Honey, (if you can't get anything else)Moondrop Flower
      Wednesday, Spring 4-
        *Special Date*-Bold's Birthday (Purple Harvest Sprite)
        Good Gifts-Flour, Wine
      Sunday, Spring 8-
        *Special Date*-Goddess Festival
        One of the romantic holidays, be sure to ask the girl you like to 
        go with you (very hard to do in the first year!!).
      Wednesday, Spring 11-
        *Special Date*-Saibara's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Ore
      Saturday, Spring 14-
        *Special Date*-Thanksgiving Festival
        Another "romantic" holiday, you are supposed to bake cookies and 
        give them to the girl you like. Doubt it can be done the first 
        year, because you need a kitchen.
      Sunday, Spring 15-
        *Special Date*-Staid's Birthday (Blue Harvest Sprite)
        Good Gifts-Flour, Wine
      Monday, Spring 16-
        *Special Date*-Elli's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Flowers, Jewelry (See Girls for more indepth info on gifts)
      Tuesday, Spring 17-
        *Special Date*-Barley's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs, Rice Balls
      Wednesday, Spring 18-
        *Special Date*-Local Horse Race
        This is a festival you can enter once you get an adult horse. Until 
        then you can bet on the horses (see Festivals for more info).
      Thursday, Spring 19-
        *Special Date*-Lillia's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Bodigizer, Turbojolt
      Friday, Spring 20-
        *Special Date*-Elli's Birthday (*Importent*-This is her B-Day ONLY 
           if yours is the 16th)
      Saturday, Spring 22-
        *Special Date*-Cooking Festival
        Another festival you can't participate in unless you have a kitchen. 
        Villagers make a dish and enter it for a contest, see Festivals for 
        more info
      Thursday, Spring 26-
        *Special Date*-Aqua's Birthday (Aqua Harvest Sprite)
        Good Gifts-Flour, Wine
      Sunday, Spring 29-
        *Special Date*-Greg's Birthday
        **IMPORTENT**-Greg appears Friday-Sunday, 8-10 AM or PM only!!
        Good Gifts-Fish
      Monday, Spring 30
        *Special Date*-Sasha's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Chocolate, Flowers
     Summer, Year 1
      S  | M  | T  | W  | T  | F  | S
         |    | 1* | 2  | 3* | 4* | 5
      6* | 7* | 8  | 9  | 10*| 11*| 12*
      13 | 14 | 15 | 16*| 17*| 18 | 19
      20*| 21 | 22*| 23 | 24*| 25*| 26
      27 | 28 | 29*| 30 |
      Tuesday, Summer 1
        *Special Date*-Opening Day (Swimming Festival)
        The HARDEST festival in the game, see Festivals for strategies
      Thursday, Summer 3
        *Special Date*-Popuri's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs, Flowers, Cake (See Girls for more 
          indepth info on presents)
      Friday, Summer 4
        *Special Date*-Harri's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs, Wine
      Sunday, Summer 6
        *Special Date*-Cliff's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs
      Monday, Summer 7
        *Special Date*-Chicken Festival
        For strategies and chicken raising tips, see Festivals.
      Thursday, Summer 10
        *Special Date*-Popuri's Birthday
        **Importent**-This is her B-Day ONLY if yours is the 3rd
      Friday, Summer 11
        *Special Date*-Basil's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Flowers, Mushrooms
      Saturday, Summer 12
        *Special Date*-Tomato Festival
        A fun event where you throw tomatoes at other villagers! (See 
        Festivals for more info)
      Wednesday, Summer 16
        *Special Date*-Timid's Birthday (Green Harvest Sprite)
        Good Gifts-Flour, Wine
      Thursday, Summer 17
        *Special Date*-Ann's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs, Cooked Dishes, Chocolate, Jewelry
          (See Girls for more indepth info on gifts)
      Sunday, Summer 20
        *Special Date*-Cow Festival
        If you own a full-grown, happy cow, enter it in the festival.
          (See Festivals for more info)
      Tuesday, Summer 22
        *Special Date*-Kai's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Bread, Flour
        *Special Date*-Ann's Birthday
        **Important**-This is Ann's B-Day ONLY if yours is the 16th
      Thursday, Summer 24
        *Special Date*-Fireworks Display
        Another romantic holiday, you can watch the fireworks with the 
        girl of your choice. See Festivals for more info.
      Friday, Summer 25
        *Special Date*-Mayor Thomas's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Spa Boiled Eggs, Wine
      Tuesday, Summer 29
        *Special Date*-Zack's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Fish
     Fall, Year 1
      S  | M  | T  | W  | T  | F  | S
         |    |    |    | 1  | 2* | 3*
      4  | 5* | 6  | 7  | 8  | 9* | 10*
      11*| 12 | 13*| 14*| 15*| 16 | 17*
      18 | 19 | 20*| 21*| 22 | 23*| 24
      25 | 26 | 27*| 28 | 29 | 30 |
      Thursday, Fall 2
        *Special Date*-Gotz's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Riceballs, Oil
      Friday, Fall 3
        *Special Date*-Music Festival
        This Festival doesn't require skill, just that you show up. See 
        Festivals for more info
      Monday, Fall 5
        *Special Date*-Stu's Birthday
        Good Gifts-Wild Grapes
      Friday, Fall 9
        *Special Date*-Harvest Festival
        An event where everyone brings an ingredient along, it's all put into 
        a pot, and everyone has a little bit to eat. See Festivals for more 
      Saturday, Fall 10
        *Special Date*-Hoggy's Birthday 
        Good Gifts-Riceballs, Oil
     |                                                           |
     |             XIII-Items                                    |
     This section includes other items that go in the "Tools" section of 
     your rucksack, along with other items that may or may not be able to 
     be carried around.
     --Tools That Can Be Upgraded--
        These tools are ones you start out with, and can be upgraded to be 
        more effecient. For more information on these, see section VI- Tools.
        Axe-Chops branches and (Copper or better) can cut stumps. The wood is 
          transferred to your wood bin, where it can be used as fence posts 
          or for upgrades.
        Hammer-Breaks stones, Copper or better can split larger stones, but 
          silver is required to break the boulders. Also can pound broken 
        Sickle-Cuts grass and crops. I reccommend getting it upgraded if you 
          have many crops.
        Hoe-Tills soil so that crops and flowers may be planted. Also used for 
        Watering Can-Assuming you grow crops, this will probably be the tool 
          you use the most. Obviously waters your crops.
     --Tools That Are Bought or Otherwise Aquired--
        These are the tools that you need to work for/pay for, but are still 
        essential to a good game.
        Fishing Rod
          What It Does-Lets you fish. Caught fish can be eaten, sold, or 
            stored in your Fish Pond.
          How To Get-On Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays between 7-10 AM or PM, 
            walk out on the dock at the beach, and talk to Greg (the 
            fisherman). If you have an empty slot in your rucksack, he'll 
            give you the Fishing Rod.
        Fishing Pole
           What It Does-A better version of the Fishing Rod, this catches fish 
             more easily.
           How To Get It-Have 50 or more fish in the Fish Pond, and an empty 
             slot in the tools section of your rucksack. One day Greg will 
             come and give you the Pole.
            What It Does-Milks your cows (only adults give milk)
            How To Get It- Have 2,000 G and go talk to Saibara during work 
              hours (not on Thursdays) and select "Buy Tool", then "Milker".
            *Note*-You must have an empty slot in the tools section of your 
            What It Does-Calls your sheep and cows
            How To Get-Buy for 500 G at Yodel Ranch. Make sure you have an 
              empty rucksack slot.
            What It Does-Shears your sheep
            How To Get- Have an empty slot in your rucksack, then purchase 
              from the blacksmith for 1,800 G.
            What It Does-Increases how much your cows, sheep, and horse like 
              you. (Brush them daily).
            How To Get It-Get ASAP. Have an empty slot in your rucksack, then 
              buy from Saibara for 800 G.
        Animal Medicine
            What It Does-Cures your animals or their sickness. As soon as an 
              animal gets sick, get this ASAP.
            How To Get-Buy at either Poultry Farm or Yodel Ranch for 1,000 G. 
              Again, make sure you have an empty rucksack slot.
        Cow Miracle Potion
            What It Does-Makes your cow pregnent
            How To Get-Buy at Yodel Ranch for 3,000 G. Empty rucksack slot 
              is required.
        Sheep Miracle Potion
            Same as Cow Miracle Potion, except for sheep.
        Blue Feather
            What It Does-Proposes to a girl (see X- Girls for more info on 
              marriage requirements).
            How To Get-Get a girl on an orange heart, and purchase from the 
              Supermarket for 1,000 G. Yep, you need a rucksack slot.
     --House and Farm Accessories--
     These items are not stored in the "Tools" section of your rucksack, or 
     they don't go in it at all. These are helpful on the farm.
        Shipping Basket
            What It Does-Items that you want to ship can be thrown into the 
               basket, then transferred to the Shipping Bin. Very useful 
               when you have many crops to be harvested, or are going 
               foraging (especially in the Fall).
            How To Get-Buy at the Supermarket for 5,000 G. This time you 
               don't need the empty rucksack slot.
            What It Does-You throw this for your dog to fetch it. Essential 
               if you want to win the Dog Race.
            How To Get-Early in Fall (typically the first) Won will come 
               buy your barn to sell you the Dog Ball for 100 G. Buy it!
        Medium Rucksack
            What It Does-Can hold 4 items and 4 tools.
            How To Get-Purchase at the Supermarket for 3,000 G. Get it ASAP.
        Large Rucksack
            What It Does-Holds 8 items and 8 tools.
            How To Get-A little while after the Medium Rucksack is bought, 
               this will appear in the Supermarket for 5,000 G.
            What It Does-Goes in your bedroom (on houses with the largest 
               extension). If you put flowers in it, you regain some of 
               your energy.
            How To Get It-On the morning when you wake up and have the 
               largest house extension, Won will come by and sell you this 
               for 5,000 G.
        Mayonnaise Maker
            What it Does-Turns eggs into mayo, which sells for a higher 
            How To Get-Mine in the Winter Mine for an Adaminite Ore. Put 
               the ore in your rucksack, and have 20,000 G. Talk to the 
               blacksmith, and select Mayonnaise Maker from the menu.
            **Note**-You must have gotten your Hen House enlarged.
        Cheese Maker
            What it Does-Turns milk into cheese, which sells for a higher 
            How To Get-Mine in the Winter Mine for an Adaminite Ore. Put 
               the ore in your rucksack, and have 20,000 G. Talk to the 
               blacksmith, and select Cheese Maker from the menu.
            **Note**-You must have gotten the Mayo Maker already, and have 
               an enlarged barn.
        Yarn Maker
            What it Does-Turns wool into yarn, which sells for a higher 
            How To Get-Mine in the Winter Mine for an Adaminite Ore. Put 
               the ore in your rucksack, and have 20,000 G. Talk to the 
               blacksmith, and select Yarn Maker from the menu.
            **Note**-You must have gotten the Cheese Maker already.
     --Kitchen Utensils--
     These items are used for cooking. You cannot get these until you've 
     gotten a kitchen (first house upgrade).
        Frying Pan
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 2,500 G.
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 3,000 G.
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 2,500 G.
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 5,000 G.
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 2,000 G.
        Rolling Pin
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 1,500 G.
            What it Does-A cooking utensil. Required for some recipies.
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 1,000 G.
        Seasoning Set
            What it Does-Has Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Miso Paste, and Soy 
               Sauce. Your supply never runs out. Required for some 
            How To Get-Buy off of the TV Shopping Network for 5,000 G.
     |                                                           |
     |             XIV-Extensions                                |
     To get an extension, you must split stumps (requires a Copper Ax or 
     better) or buy the lumber from Gotz (very pricey, 50 G a PIECE!!). 
     You must also have the money required to build it.
     Once you've met the requirements, go talk to Gotz (the woodcutter), 
     and ask for the extension. He'll start work the next day.
     Somehow (by sawing absolutley nothing) Gotz will accomplish his task, 
     so you can hire him once again. The extensions go in a specific 
        Purpose-Allows you to have 10 Chickens (instead of 5), another 
          incubator for hatching eggs, and you now can get the Mayo Maker.
        Cost-5,000 G
     Your House (Extension 1)
        Purpose-You get a cabinet and refrigerator so you can store foods 
          and other items without having to carry them around. Also, you 
          get a kitchen so you can now cook!
        Cost-4,700 G
        Purpose-Allows you to have a total of 20 sheep and cows, another 
          stall for pregnant animals, and you now can get the Cheese Maker 
          and Yarn Maker.
        Cost-6,800 G
     Your House (Extension 2)
        Purpose-Your bedroom is second room and you have a big enough house 
          to propose to a girl.
        Cost-10,000 G
        Purpose-You can grow any crop in any season in here. Allows 4 3*3 
          fields. *Note*-This can get blown away by hurricanes and 
          *Tip*-Grow a renewable crop, like Pineapples, and soon you'll 
           get lots of money.
        Cost-30,000 G
     |                                                           |
     |             XV-Shipping Bin                               |
     This section tells you how much everything sells for when shipped.
     ~~Foraging Items~~
     These are items you find in the wild.
     Item                 Price   Season
     Apple                50G     Fall
     Bamboo Shoot         50G     Spring
     Grass(Blue)          100G    Spring
     Grass(Green)         100G    Fall
     Grass(Red)           100G    Summer
     Honey                50G     Any
     Honey*               60G     Any
     Mushroom             70G     Fall 
     Poisonous Mushroom   100G    Fall
     Truffle              500G    Fall
     Wild Grapes          50G     Fall
     *After you have given honey to Louis, he'll tell Zack that you should 
      get more money for it.
     ~~Animal Products~~
     These are items you get from your livestock.
     Item                 Price
     Cheese(small)        300G 
     Cheese(medium)       400G 
     Cheese(Large)        500G 
     Cheese(Grand)        600G 
     Egg                  50G 
     Golden Egg           150G 
     Mayonnaise(Small)    100G 
     Mayonnaise(Medium)   150G 
     Mayonnaise(Large)    200G 
     Mayonnaise(Grand)    300G 
     Wool(Small)          100G 
     Wool(Medium)         400G 
     Wool(Large)          500G 
     Wool(Grand)          600G 
     Milk(Small)          100G 
     Milk(Medium)         150G 
     Milk(Large)          200G 
     Milk(Grand)          300G 
     Yarn Ball(Small)     300G 
     Yarn Ball(Medium)    700G 
     Yarn Ball(Large)     800G 
     Yarn Ball(Grand)     1000G 
     These are items you find in the mines.
     Item                 Price
     Junk Ore             1G 
     Copper Ore           15G 
     Silver Ore           20G 
     Gold Ore             25G 
     Mysterile Ore        40G 
     Orichalcum Ore       50G 
     Adamantite Ore       50G 
     ~~Misc Items~~
     These are items that don't really fit into another category.
     Item                   Price
     SUGDW Apple            50G
     Chocolate              100G 
     Earrings               2000G 
     Bracelet               2000G 
     Necklace               2000G 
     Popuri's Egg           50G 
     Spa-Boiled Egg         80G 
     Fish(Small)            50G 
     Fish(Medium)           120G 
     Fish(Large)            200G 
     Relaxation Tea Leaves  1000G 
     |                                                           |
     |             XVI-Festivals                                 |
     There are many festivals, and each falls into at least one of these 
          -Romantic-Helps improve how much a girl likes you
           Example-Star Night Festival
          -Contest-You may need to prepare animals or work hard during 
             the festival if you want to be the winner.
           Example-Horse Race
          -Impassive-All you really need to do is show up, sometimes 
             you may need to bring something along, but you really don't 
             do much.
           Example-Music Festival
    Spring Festivals
     New Year's Festival (Spring 1)
        You have a choice of either going to the bar with the adults or 
        going to Rose Square for a bonfire with dancing. I reccommend the 
        bonfire because dancing with a girl raises the level of how much 
        she likes you.
        Karen may or may not come to your farm to teach you to dance. (I'm 
        almost positive that it depends on your heart rating with her). 
        Anyway, just show up at night (6 PM or after) to either the Inn or 
        Rose Square.
        *Note*-You do not celebrate this the first year.
     Goddess Festival (Spring 8)
        This is a romantic festival, and is very hard to do the first year.
        To accompany a girl, you need to have either a blue or very close 
        to blue heart by Spring 7. Find one of the girls on Spring 7 and 
        she'll talk about the Goddess Festival, then you will have the option 
        of asking to accompany her. If she likes you enough, she'll agree.
     Spring Thanksgiving Festival (Spring 14)
        It's very hard, if not impossible, to take part in this event in 
        the first year, because you need a kitchen and some utensils. What 
        you do is make cookies for the girls eligible for marriage in the 
        village. Only give one to each unless they like cookies. Karen, for 
        example will accept one cookie, but you will make her heart rating 
        go down if you give her another. There are two recipies for cookies: 
        chocolate cookies and regular cookies.
        Cookies                            Chocolate Cookies
        -------                            -----------------
         Utensils-Oven, Rolling Pin         Utensils-Oven, Rolling Pin
         Seasonings-Sugar                   Seasonings-Sugar
         Ingredients-Flour, Butter*, Egg    Ingredients-Flour, Butter*, Egg,
          (Honey-Optional)                    Chocolate (Honey-Optional)
                 *To make butter you need Milk and the Mixer.
        Unlike other festivals, everyone goes about their normal schedule 
        for that day.
     Local Horse Race (Spring 18)
        You can't compete in this event the first year, but you can starting 
        when your horse grows up. This takes place in Rose Square, starting 
        at 10 AM. You can bet on the horses to earn medals, and medals can 
        be exchanged for prizes:
        Item                Medals
        Power Berry         1001
        500 Lumber*         97
        Bracelet            42
        Necklace            35
        Earings             33
        Turbojolt XL        21
        Bodigizer XL        15
        Truffle             12
        Mysterile (Ore)     3
        *Note-You can't get 500 Lumber until you get the Powerberry.
        See VIII-Animals and Crops for info on training your horse for 
        this festival.
     Cooking Festival (Spring 22)
        You probably won't compete in the first year, but once you have 
        a kitchen you can enter a dish for judging. There are several 
        recipies that can win, but Relaxation Tea is the simplest. 
        This is a basic Relaxation Tea, the more complex version is 
        in the recipies section.
        Relaxation Tea
         Utensils-Pot, Knife*
         Ingredients-Relaxation Tea Leaves
         *Optional, but reccommeded if you want to win
         Relaxation Tea Leaves
         This can only be done in Spring. On a non-festival day (I'm not 
         sure, but it may have to be a sunny Sunday) bring 7 wrapped 
         flours to the Harvest Sprites between 3 and 4 PM. Give flour 
         to all the Sprites (if you're there at the right time, they'll 
         say something like "Give some to the others, too"). They'll 
         invite you to the Tea Party, and you'll get the Tea Leaves.
         *Note*-You can't get more Tea Leaves until you use the ones 
           you have.
    Summer Festivals
     Opening Day (Swimming Festival) (Summer 1)
        This is definitly the hardest of all the festivals. There are a 
        couple different strategies, but I've won twice using this one:
        Quickly tap X until the smiley face turns orange. Then hold triangle 
        until it turns yellow again. Keep doing this, but once you're 
        half-way to 2/3 of the way through, just keep hitting X, not 
        worrying about the face.
        The first time you win, you get a Powerbarry. I won again on 
        year 2 and got ONE piece of lumber (yeah! (sarcasm)).
     Chicken Festival (Summer 7)
        If you buy a chicken early enough and get its hearts up, enter it 
        in the Sumo Chicken contest, during the Chicken Festival. To get 
        lots of hearts, just make sure you feed it everyday. Miss one 
        feeding and your chicken may lose a heart.
        What you do is you urge your chicken on by pressing X. This will 
        make your chicken go forward, and may give the other chicken a 
        scare, which makes the opponent's chicken go forward also. The 
        object is to get the other chicken out of the ring. Be careful 
        when urging your chicken, because if it's near the outside of 
        the ring, it may go out and you'll lose.
        The Chicken Festival is single elimination, and to be the winner 
        you need to win three matches. If your chicken wins the festival, 
        it'll start laying golden eggs as long as it has 10 hearts.
     Tomato Festival (Summer 12)
        This is my favorite festival. What basically happens is you join a 
        team; each has three members total. Then you throw tomatoes at the 
        opposing team.
        The teams are:
        Coconut Team                         Chicken Team
          -Manna                                -Rick
          -Duke                                 -Popuri
          -You                                  -You/Kai
        Sheep Team                           Star Team
          -Stu                                  -Doug
          -May/You                              -Ann
          -Elli                                 -You
        If I'm missing anyone, please email me!
        The best teams are the Star Team and the Chicken Team. Choose your 
        team carefully. If you win, your teammates will like you more.
           1.)Hide behind the barrel the whole time and hope your teammates 
              knock out the opposition
           2.)As soon as you start, DUCK! Then, wait until no tomatoes are 
              coming your way and throw one at a member of the other team 
              that hasn't been knocked out yet
     Cow Festival (Summer 20)
        This is pretty hard to win the first year, unless you got a cow 
        very early on and somehow have managed to get it's hearts up to 10.
        To get your cow's hearts up, brush, milk, and feed it everyday. The 
        Harvest Sprites are there if you can't feed them for some reason 
        (example-Wedding Day).
        Entering A Cow
           On the 19th of Summer, Barley will come by asking if you want to 
           enter a cow in the festival. To be eligible, cow:
             -Must be fully grown
             -Must not be pregnant
           Enter a cow with 10 hearts, preferably one that hasn't won yet.
           After you start the festival, if you win, Barley will announce it 
           and your cow will start producing golden milk, worth 300 G.
     Fireworks Display (Summer 24)
        On the 24th of Summer, at 6 PM, go to the beach. You can ask any of 
        the girls to watch the fireworks display with you, or you can go on 
        the 23rd to the beach to ask Kai to watch it with you.
        *Note*-Get all your work done before going to this festival because 
        after the festival, you wake up for the next morning.
    Fall Festivals
     Music Festival (Fall 3)
        On the 2nd of Fall, Pastor Carter will come by and ask you to play 
        the ocarina in the music festival the following night. Accept and 
        go to the church the next night at 6PM.
     Harvest Festival (Fall 9)
        Basically, this is a sort of potluck; everyone brings something, it's
        all dumped into a huge pot, and everyone gets some to eat. The people 
        of the village have taste buds, and what you bring determines whether 
        it's a success or failure:
        Likes                 Dislikes
        -----                 --------
        Pineapple             Honey
        Egg                   Grass (Red, Blue, Green)
        Green pepper          Sweet Potato
        Truffle               Apple
        Carrot                Your dog
        Fruit Juice           A chicken
        Fruit Latte 
        If you put a chicken or your dog in the pot, you might find it the next 
        day at Rose Square
        After everyone has had some to eat, fish in the pot. It's mostly garbage, 
        but I've caught a small fish in there before.
     Moon Viewing Festival (Fall 13)
        At 6PM, go to the top of Mother's Hill. The girl who likes you the most 
        will be up there, waiting for you. Watch the moon with her and she'll 
        like you even more.
     Sheep Festival (Fall 21)
        If you buy a sheep early enough, you may be able to win this one your 
        first year. Take care of your sheep; brush it, feed it, and sheer it 
        as much as possible. If you can get it to 9 or 10 hearts, enter it 
        when Barley comes to ask you if you want to enter a sheep on the 20th.
        To be able to enter, a sheep:
           -Must not be sheared
           -Must not be pregnant
        If you win, your sheep will begin producing golden wool.
    Winter Festivals
     Dog Race (Winter 10)
        You can do this, even in Year 1. In early Fall, Won should come by 
        and try to sell you a dog ball. Buy it, and throw it for your dog 
        10+ times a day. Pick up your dog and don't leave it outside during 
        bad weather to get it's hearts up.
        During the Festival
           Just run, and pause for your dog to keep up to you. Don't let 
           it get too far behind, or he'll wander off.
     Winter Thanksgiving Festival (Winter 14)
        Try to get all the girls on purple or blue hearts before this day 
        comes. At various times during the day, the girls in town will 
        bring you either chocolate (purple or blue hearts) or chocolate 
        cake (green heart and up). Chocolate is the rarest item in the 
        game. The times are:
           -6 AM
           -8 AM
           -10 AM
           -1 PM
           -3 PM
       Make sure you are on the farm during these times.
       *Note*-If you are married or engaged you won't get anything except 
        from your wife.
     Star Night Festival (Winter 24)
        On the 23rd, all of the girls will invite you to come to their 
        house for the night of the 24th. Pick whomever you are trying to 
        marry, and on the 24th, show up at her house at 6 PM.
     New Year's Eve (Winter 30)
        At 6 PM on the 30th, go to the peak of Mother's Hill to watch the 
    Other Dates
     Wedding Day
        Exactly one week after you propose to a girl (assuming she accepts) 
        is your wedding day. You cannot do anything on this day, so hire 
        the Harvest Sprites
     Your Birthday
        On the day of your birthday you may get some mail from villagers, 
        wishing you a happy B-Day.
     Wife Reminders
        On the following days, when you re-enter your house, your wife 
        will ask you what day it is:
           -Her B-Day
           -Your B-Day
        It's not that hard, just try to get the right answer.
     |                                                           |
     |          XVII-In the Kitchen                              |
     Part A: Utensils
        Utensils can be bought off "TV Shopping Network" on Saturdays. This 
        show only appears if you have a kitchen. Watch the whole program, 
        and then go to Doug's Place and use the phone to order it. It will 
        come on Tuesday; if that is a festival day, it'll come Wednesday.
        Frying Pan-2,500 G
        Rolling Pin-1,500G
        Seasoning Set-5,000G
             -Miso Paste
     Part B: Ingredients
        Ingredient       Where to Find
        ----------       --------------
        Apple            During Fall, three will fall from your tree daily
        Bamboo Shoots    In Spring, go to the Hot Spring area to find 3
        Blue Grass       In Spring, one is near the Hot Spring, the other 
                         near Gotz's House
        Bread            Buy at the Supermarket for 100 G each
        Cabbage          Grow as a Spring crop, buy seeds from Won
        Carrot           Fall crop, seeds are in Supermarket
        Chocolate        On Winter 14th, the girls that have purple or blue 
                         hearts will bring chocolate to you on your farm at 
                         some/all of the following times: 6 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, 
                         1 PM, and 3 PM. If you are married or engaged, you 
                         only get gifts from your wife
        Corn             Summer crop, buy seeds at the Supermarket
        Cucumber         Spring crop, buy seeds at the Supermarket
        Curry Powder     Buy at the Supermarket for 50 G
        Eggplant         Fall crop, buy seeds at the Supermarket
        Eggs             If you have a chicken, it will lay eggs, assuming 
                         you feed it. The type of egg depends on the chicken: 
                            1-3 Hearts-Normal Quality
                            4-7 Hearts-Good Quality
                            8 + Hearts-Excellent Quality
                            Wins Chicken Festival- Gold Quality
        Fish             Once you get the fishing pole, you can fish in 
                         various bodies of water. There are 4 types of fish
                            Small Fish
                            Medium Fish
                            Large Fish
                            Legendary Fish (You can't use these to cook)
        Flour            Buy at the Supermarket for 50 G
        Garbage          Catch with Fishing Rod/Pole
        Green Grass      In Summer, near Hot Spring and near Gotz's house
        Green Pepper     Fall veggie, buy seeds from Won
        Honey            Plant any type of flowers, and when they bloom, a 
                         beehive will appear on your tree. Hit X while infront 
                         of hive to get honey once a day.
        Milk             Once you get an adult cow and buy the milker, you 
                         can milk the cow if you have fed it the previous day
        Mushroom         In Fall, near Gotz's House and on Mother's Hill
        Oil              Buy from Supermarket for 50 G
        Onion            Summer crop, buy seeds at Supermarket
        Orange Cup       Flower grown only in the Hothouse, buy seeds from Won 
        Poisonous        In Fall, near Gotz's House
        Pineapple        Summer fruit, buy seeds from Won
        Potato           Spring crop, buy seeds at Supermarket
        Pumpkin          Ship 101 or more of pineapples, onions, corn, and 
                         tomatoes. The next day you will get a letter from 
                         Supermarket announcing the arrival of the seeds
        Red Grass        In Summer, near Hot Spring, and near Gotz's House
        Relaxation       On a sunny, non-festival, Spring day (it may have 
           Tea Leaves    to be Sunday) when you have the largest rucksack, buy 
                         7 flours and wrap them. Go to the Harvest Sprite's 
                         residence, and talk to Nappy. Then give one wrapped
                         flour to each Sprite. They'll invite you to join their 
                         Tea Party, and you get the Teat Leaves.
                         *Note*-You cannot get more until you use the ones you 
        Rice Ball        Buy at the Supermarket for 100 G
        Small Stone      Found on your farm
                         *Note*-Once you clear all the stones, you won't find 
                          any more
        Spinach          Ship 101 or more of eggplant, carrots, green peppers, 
                         and sweet potatoes. The next day you will get a 
                         letter from Supermarket announcing the arrival of 
                         the seeds
        Strawberry       Ship 101 or more of turnips, cucumbers, cabbages, and 
                         potatoes. The next day you will get a letter from 
                         Supermarket announcing the arrival of the seeds
        Sweet Potato     Fall crop, buy seeds at Supermarket
        Tomato           Summer crop, buy seeds at Supermarket
        Truffle          In Fall, in the area with the bridge on Mother's Hill
        Turnip           Spring crop, buy seeds at Supermarket
        Wild Grape       In Fall, in the area with the bridge on Mother's Hill
        Wine             Buy at Aja Winery for 300 G
        Winter Stone     Pick up a small stone that is outside during winter
     Part C: Recipes
     PLEASE NOTE-Some ingredients are actually other recipes
     (Recipe Number)(Recipe Name)
     All optional items are in (parentheses)
     If after the recipe name, if there is a set of parentheses, that recipe 
     must be obtained from that person/place.
     1.)Apple Jam (Louis)
        I-Apple (Wine)(Honey)
     2.)Apple Pie
        U-Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling Pin
        I-Butter, Egg, Flour, Apple (Wine)(Honey)
     3.)Bamboo Rice
        S-(Salt), (Soy Sauce)
        I-Bamboo Shoot, Rice Ball
     4.)Boiled Egg
       U-Oven, Whisk (Knife)
       I-Flour, Butter, Egg
     7.)Cheese Fondue (Doug)
       U-Knife, Pot
       I-Cheese, Bread (Wine)
      U-Oven, Pot, Whisk
      I-Cheese, Milk, Egg (Honey, Strawberry)
    9.)Chirashi Sushi
      S-Vinegar (Soy Sauce)
      I-Rice Ball, Scrambled Egg, Sashimi
    10.)Chocolate Cake
      U-Oven, Whisk (Knife)
      I-Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate
    11.)Chocolate Cookies (Sasha)
      U-Oven, Rolling Pin
      I-Flour, Butter, Egg, Chocolate (Honey)
      U-Oven, Rolling Pin
      I-Flour, Butter, Egg (Honey)
      U-Pot (Knife)
      I-Curry Powder, Rice Ball
    14.)Curry Noodles
      U-Pot, Knife, Rolling Pin (Knife)
      I-Curry Powder, Flour
    15.)Dinner Roll
      I-Bread, Butter
    16.)French Fries (Fish up at the Beach)
      U-Frying Pan, Knife
      I-Potato, Oil, Ketchup
    17.)Fried Noodles (Zack)
      U-Frying Pan, (Knife)
      I-Oil, Noodles
    18.)Fried Rice (Harris)
      U-Frying Pan (Knife)
      S-Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce
      I-Oil, Rice Ball, Egg
    19.)Fruit Juice
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      I-Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grape
    20.)Fruit Latte (Basil)
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      I-Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grape, Milk
    21.)Gold Mayonnaise
      I-Gold Egg, Oil
    22.)Grape Jam
      I-Wild Grape
    23.)Grilled Fish
      U-Frying Pan
      S-(Salt), (Soy Sauce)
      I-Medium Fish
    24.)Happy Eggplant
      U-Frying Pan
      S-(Miso Paste), (Soy Sauce), Sugar
    25.)Hot Milk
    26.)Ice Cream (Barley)
      U-Pot, Whisk (Knife)
      I-Egg, Milk (Fruit)(Honey)
    27.)Jam Bun
      I-Bread, Jam (Strawberry, Apple, or Grape)
    28.)Ketchup (Dig up on board in Winter Mine)
      S-Salt, Sugar, Vinegar
      I-Tomato, Onion
    29.)Large Mayonnaise
      I-Excellent Egg, Oil
    30.)Medium Mayonnaise
      I-Good Egg, Oil
    31.)Miso Soup
      U-Pot (Knife)
      S-Miso Paste
      I-(You need to use an optional veggie, ie-eggplant)
    32.)Mixed Juice (Doctor)
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      S-(Salt), (Sugar)
      I-Apple, Pinapple, Strawberry, Wild Grape, Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage
      I-Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice
    33.)Mixed Latte 
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      S-(Salt), (Sugar)
      I-Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild Grape, Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Milk
      I-Mixed Juice, Milk
    34.)Mushroom Rice
      S-(Salt), (Soy Sauce)
      I-Mushroom, Rice Ball
      U-Pot, Knife, Rolling Pin (Knife)
      U-Frying Pan
      I-Egg, Milk, Oil
    37.)"Otashi" Greens (Manna)
      S-Soy Sauce
    38.)Pickled Turnips (Saibara)
      S-Vinegar (Salt), (Soy Sauce)
      U-Oven, Rolling Pin (Knife)
      I-Cheese, Flour, Ketchup
    41.)Popcorn (Kai)
      U-Frying Pan
    42.)Pumpkin Pudding
      U-Oven, Pot
      I-Pumpkin, Egg, Milk
    43.)Raisin Bread
      I-Bread, Wild Grape
    44.)Relaxation Tea
      U-Pot (Knife)
      I-Relaxation Tea Leaves
    45.)Rice Omelet
      U-Frying Pan
      I-Egg, Milk, Oil, Rice Ball
    46.)Roasted Potato
      S-Salt, Sugar
      I-Sweet Potato, Small Stone (Not Winter Stone)
      S-(Vinegar), (Salt)
      I-Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, Tomato
    48.)Sandwich (Ellen)
      I-Bread, Cucumber, Tomato (Many optional ingredients)
    49.)Sashimi (Greg)
      I-Large or Medium Fish
    50.)Scrambled Eggs (From Lillia)
      U-Frying Pan
      I-Egg, Oil
    51.)Small Mayonnaise
      I-Normal Egg, Oil
      U-Pot (Knife)
      I-Flour, Milk
    53.)Stir Fry
      U-Frying Pan, Knife
      S-Soy Sauce
      I-Oil, Cabbage
    54.)Strawberry Jam
    55.)Strawberry Milk (Pastor Carter)
      S-(Salt), (Sugar)
      I-Strawberry, Milk
      I-Rice Ball, Sashimi
    57.)Sweet Potato (Chef-Red Harvest Sprite)
      U-Pot, Oven
      S -Sugar
      I-Sweet Potato, Egg, Butter (Don't add anything else)
      U-Frying Pan
      I-Flour, Egg, Oil
    59.)Tempura Noodles
      U-Pot (Knife)
      I-Tempura, Noodles
    60.)Tomato Juice
    61.)Truffle Rice
      S-(Salt), (Soy Sauce)
      I-Truffle, Rice Ball
    62.)Vegetable Juice
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      I-Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage
    63.)Vegetable Latte
      U-Mixer (Knife)
      I-Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Milk
    64.)Veggie Pancake (Gotz)
      U-Frying Pan, Knife
      I-Cabbage, Flour, Egg, Oil
     |                                                           |
     |          XVIII-Extras                                     |
     Part A-Harvest Goddess
        The Harvest Goddess is lives in/near Goddess Pond. Stand behind the 
        waterfall, facing toward the pond, and throw in a crop, egg, or 
        other farm product. If you are standing in the right place, she'll 
        appear and say "Thank you for your offering" or something like that. 
        Once you reach certain numbers, you'll recieve gifts or an event will 
        5 Items*Powerberry
        10 Items*Scene with the girl who likes you the most
        20 Items*Lumber, which you (automatically) give to Gotz and improves 
        *These are totals. Once you get the Power Berry, you need 5 more to 
         get the cutscene
        The items can be thrown in once-a-day, or all at once, etc.
     Part B-Church Confessional
     In the church, there is a confessional, which you can only enter when 
     you can't find Pastor Carter.
     The options are
      -Razzed a Villager
      -Stalked a village.
      -Didn't write in your diary
      -Tried to fish out Kappa
      -Borrowed this game
      -Reset game to win festival
      -In love with the goddess
      -Drank too much
      -Have too many diaries
      -Named your animals a bad name.
      -Did not accept invitation.
      -Did not write in diary.
      -Hurt Animal/Was cruel to animal.
      -Did not feed animal.
      -Hate someone.
      -Wrong room.
      -Left diary blank.
      -Have two diaries.
      -Dropped crops.
      -Covet other's girl.
      -Covet other's home.
      -Lent the Game
      -Doubted Others
      -Hate work.
      -Watched too much TV.
      *Tip*-When you fish, throw out some trash, come to the church confessional, 
      confess littering, and your fishing luck will improve
      Part C-TV Shows
      On your TV, you can watch four different shows daily, depending on the day. 
      You change channels by hitting (Up) (Left) (Down) and (Right)
           Direction       Show
           Up              Weather Forecast
           Right           News
           Down            Life On The Farm
                           Monday          The Fairy and Me
                           Tuesday         The Delicious Hour
                           Wednesday       The Song Hour
                           Thursday        Star One Sports
                           Friday          Mechabot Ultror
                           Saturday        What's Your Passion*
                           Sunday          The Shogi Hour
          *Once you have a kitchen, What's Your Passion will change to TV 
           Shopping Network so you can purchase kitchen utensils. After you 
           buy all of them, What's Your Passion returns
           The week around New Years has New Year Day Special TV instead of 
           the regularly scheduled (Left) show.
           The Shows
           The Fairy and Me
              A "love story" about a special book that grants one wish just 
              by reading the book
           The Delicious Hour
              Show that introduces new recipes every week
           Song Hour
              Has songs with lyrics that give information on stuff around 
              the farm
           Star One Sports
              Pointless show, but talks about (nonexistant in Mineral Town) 
              sporting events
           Metabot Ultror
              Sort of like a comic book
           What's Your Passion
              Hobbies show
           TV Shopping Network
              Show that advertises cooking utensils that you can order
           The Shogi Hour
              A chess game
      Part D-Legendary Fish
      There are some legendary fish you can catch, but only if you fish in 
      the right spot and certain requirements are met, depending on the 
      fish. They are much easier to catch with the Fishing Pole.
      Once you catch it, you'll get a print of the fish, which can be seen 
      when you hit start. You don't get to keep the fish, just the print.
         Mine in the Winter Mine until you get to the bottom. Enter the 
         underground lake, and fish. It may take awhile, but you can 
         get the Catfish.
         Throw a small fish into the ocean, then fish. The small fish is 
         "bait". You need to throw another fish in every day.
      Sea Bream
         Ship over 200 fish. Fish in the ocean in any season but WInter.
         In Winter, fish in the ocean between 11 PM and 8 AM
         Once you catch the five other legendary fish, fish in Goddess Pond 
         in any season but Winter
         Make Sushi, Sashimi, and Grilled Fish, then fish in the river that 
         runs through your farm, or in Goddess Pond.
    Part E-Other Codes/Secrets
      Winter Watering Can
         In the Winter Mine, mine all the way to the bottom. Go to the spring 
         and fill your watering can. You'll have unlimited water (this may 
         only be in effect during winter)
      100%, Possible or Impossible
         This is a copy of the email I recieved from Natsume about whether 
         it's possible to get 100%:
         My email:
            Is it possible to get 100%? The closest my friends and I have 
            gotten is 98%.
            It is technically possible to get a 100%, however it is not 
            easy to explain. The mathematical equation has different 
            variables...time, objects, etc. 
         If anyone gets 100%, email me.
    Thank you,
    Customer Service
    Natsume Inc.
    Part F-Rumors and Myths
      Dog/Basket in the Hothouse
         Putting your dog/basket in the hothouse does NOT prevent hurricanes
         from destroying it. If it stays, you got lucky.
     |                                                           |
     |          XIX-Gameshark Codes                              |
     Note-I did not make or create these codes. These are found at 
     Gameshark.com and cmgsccc.com
     Max Lumber              80070D38 03E7 (999 Lumber)
     Max Fodder              80070D3A 03E7 (999 Fodder)
     Max Fish Food           80070D3E 03E7 (999 Fish Food)
     Max Chicken Feed        80070D40 03E7 (999 Chicken Feed)
     Have Maxed Power Fruit  800712BC 000A (All Power Berries)
     Max RuckSack Storage    80071A1E 0002 (Largest Rucksack)
     Max Level Sickle        80071A40 FFFF (400% Leveled up Sickle)
     Max Level Hoe           80071A42 FFFF (400% Leveled up Hoe)
     Max Level Axe           80071A44 FFFF (400% Leveled up Axe)
     Max Level Hammer        80071A46 FFFF (400% Leveled up Hammer)
     Max Level Watering Can	 80071A48 FFFF (400% Leveled up Watering Can)
     Infinite Money          80071A5C FFFF (Gameshark MUST stay on)
     Max Money               80071A5C 967F
                             80071A5E 0098
     Infinite Medals         80071A60 FFFF (Gameshark MUST stay on)
     Max Medals              80071A60 967F
                             80071A62 0098
     Max Earnings            800711FC 967F (Gives you Max Profit for the 
                             800711FE 0098                     month)
     Zero Reduction Expenses 80071200 0000 (Makes Expenses for the Month Zero)
     Max Amount Shipped      50001502 0000 (Gives you full amount Shipped)
                             800711C4 03E7
     Max Stamina             80071A12 003C (200% Stamina= 10 Powerberries Eaten)
                                            NOTE: Does NOT Give you 10 Powerberries
                                            For that Code Look at Maxed Power Fruit
     |                                                           |
     |          XX-Cut Scenes                                    |
      This is a list of the cut scenes in HM: BTN. If I'm missing any, 
      please email me as described in Contact Me.
           Requirement: None
           When: 11:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
           Where: Inside the Inn
           What Happens: On your first visit to the Inn, you'll meet 
             Ann, who'll introduce herself, and her father, Doug will 
             ask you to come over. Doug'll ask you what you think of 
             Ann. Your options are "Seems cheerful" or "She's Cute". 
             Pick "She's Cute" to improve your relationship with Ann 
             and Doug.
           Requirements: None
           When: 11:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
           Where: Inside The Inn (Upstairs)
           What Happens: Once you get to the Inn, go upstairs, or you 
             won't witness this event. Ann will be asking questions to 
             Cliff, then Cliff gets annoyed and Ann becomes silent.
           Requirements: Blue Heart on Ann
           When: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Summer Year 2
           Where: Inside The Inn
           What Happens: Ann asks Cliff how long he's going to stay. 
             Cliff says he's not sure, and Ann tells him to stay 
             forever. There's some awkward conversation afterward.
                 (Contributed by EvilEmperorZerg)  
           Requirements: Blue or Higher Heart on Ann 
           When: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Summer 1st, Summer 17th
           Where: Mailbox, Inside The Inn
           What Happens: On the 1st of Summer, if you have a blue 
             heart or higher on Ann, you'll recieve an invitation 
             to her birthday party on the 17th (or 22nd). On that 
             date, make sure to bring at least one wrapped present 
             for her, and get to the Inn before 6 PM. Enjoy 
           Sharni Cannon writes "I don't think you need to have a blue 
             heart on Ann to get a birthday invite. I have a purple 
             heart and just got mine in the mail."
             So you may not need a blue heart, a high purple heart
             may work.
           Requirements: None
           When: 11:00am-1:00pm(around)
           Where: Inside the Church
           What Happens: You go into the church, then step out of the 
             way. Ann says she bringing a meal to the pastor, then 
             talks to Cliff and asks her to walk home with her. He 
             refuses (yeah!).
         Requirements: Blue Heart on Ann
         When: Spring, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (unconfirmed)
         Where: In front of the Winery
         What Happens: Ann brings a snack to Cliff. Cliff says thanks,
             and that she's always so kind. Ann replies that her Dad
             is insistent that she should bring him snacks. Cliff says
             he doesn't get to talk to her much at the Inn. Ann says 
             she must be boring to talk to. Cliff says that he likes
             talking to her more than anything. Slight pause. Ann says
             she needs to go home.
                  (Contributed by EvilEmperorZerg)
           Requirements: 3 or more chickens
           When: On a day when above requirement is met.
           Where: Farm, Inn
           What Happens: When you have 3+ Chickens that can lay eggs, 
             Ann will come to the farm and ask you if you could bring 
             3 eggs to the Inn for a couple of days. Accept, and for 
             the next few days when you go to the Inn, and it is a 
             time when Ann will be there, she'll ask for the eggs. 
             If you have them, say that you did bring them, and Ann 
             will be happier.
           Requirements: None
           When: 10:00am - 4:00pm Spring,Year 1(All Days Except Tue & Sun)
           Where: Inside The Supermarket
           What Happens: Jeff (owner of the Supermarket) is in the store, 
              and the doctor says he wants an item, bought on credit. Jeff 
              lets him buy on credit, then Sasha comes in and calls him a 
              pushover and goes to collect the money from the doctor. Duke 
              comes in and asks to buy an item on credit, Jeff agrees. As 
              he is leaving, he asks you what you want. There are two 
              options: "Nothing" and "You Should Pay". Pick "You Should Pay" 
              and then Karen comes in to collect the money from Duke, since 
              Duke doesn't want to pay. Karen will then thank you and 
              introduce her self to you.
           Requirements: None
           When: 10:00am - 4:00pm Spring, Year 1
           Where: Outside The Church
           What Happens: Karen and Rick are talking about how they celebrated 
              having a new church when Pastor Carter came to the village. Then 
              they decide to go exploring in the forest, like when they were 
           Requirements: Purple Heart on Karen
           When: When requirement is met, and it is sunny outside
           Where: At The Hot Spring
           What Happens: You walk up to the Hot Spring and then Karen comes 
              and asks you what's wrong. You have three choices: "Farm" 
              "Love Life" or "Nothing". Pick "Love Life" to improve your 
           Requirements: Blue Heart on Karen
           When: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Spring
           Where: At Your Farm
           What Happens: One day Karen will come to your farm and give you a pack 
             of Moondrop Flowers. Plant them ASAP, and when they bloom, Karen will 
             come back and be really happy. You can now buy Moondrop seeds 
             from Won.
           Adi31 writes: When I played this bit I still had only a purple heart on 
             Karen but I had invited her to the goddess festival and then went with 
             her to the inn afterwards, and the next morning she came to the farm 
             with the seeds
           Requirements: Friends with Rick
           When: --
           Where: Poultry Farm
           What Happens: One day Karen will be at Poultry Farm talking to Lillia, 
              who is outside. Karen shows concern for Lillia, asking if it is OK 
              that she's outside. Lillia says that Karen cares for her more than 
              her children do, and asks if Karen is looking for Rick. Karen says 
              yes, but apparently he isn't there. Lillia says to Karen that if she 
              marries Rick, she could be one of her children. Karen becomes angry 
              and annoyed, then Lillia leaves.
         Requirements: None
         When: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
         Where: Inside The Clinic
         What Happens: On your first entry to the clinic, you'll 
            (automatically) walk over to Elli. She'll decide that you 
            have a cut, and ask you if it hurts. Your options are: "No 
            pain at all" or "Excruciating". Pick the second one and Elli 
            will present you with a bandage. You should be holding it now, 
            exit the clinic and go left. You should see Stu crying, he 
            has fallen down. Give him the bandage, then Elli will come 
            over to see what's wrong. She inquires why you didn't use the 
            bandage. Your choices: "Because I was OK" and "Because I got it 
            from you". I have tried both, and am not positive on which one 
            is best, but when you say you were OK, she blushes and smiles, 
            so that may be the best choice.
         Requirements: None
         When: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
         Where: Inside The Clinic
         What Happens: One day you'll enter the clinic to see Elli talking 
            about a newborn baby that had left earlier that day, and that 
            she thinks it was cute. The doctor says the she thinks all 
            babies are cute, and Elli says that that is true. The doctor 
            tells her that if she ever becomes a mother, she should quit 
            her job at the clinic, because it'll be too much work. Elli 
            tells him that no one can help him like she can.
         Adi31 wrote to me telling me this in happened in spring in their 
         Requirements: None
         When: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
         Where: Inside The Clinic
         What Happens: Elli and the doctor are talking, then Elli starts 
            to cough.The doctor says she should take the day off, and 
            Elli smiles and blushes.
         Adi31 wrote to say they got this event in Winter instead
         Requirements: None
         When: 9:00am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1(All Days Except Wednesday)
         Where: Outside The Clinic
         What Happens: Elli will be standing outside the clinic, and ask 
            you how working on the farm is. Options: "Hard", "Fun", and 
            "Tiring". Pick "Fun" to improve your relationship.
         Adi31 wrote to say that this can also happen in Summer
         Requirements: Blue Heart on Elli
         When: 12:00pm - 5:00pm Spring
         Where: At Your Farm
         What Happens: One day Elli will come to your farm with a 
            sandwitch. You get to eat it, and for the next few days, she'll 
            bring you sandwitches. (*Note*-Like all food, the sandwitches 
            DO restore energy.
         Requirements: None
         When: 11:30am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
         Where: At The Poultry Ranch
         What Happens: Popuri and Rick are arguing. Popuri tells Rick that 
            she hates him. Talk to Rick to find out that a hen was killed 
            by stray dogs because Popuri forgot to put it in the coop. Rick 
            asks you to go find Popuri for him. Go up near the Hot Spring, 
            and you'll see Popuri standing by Goddess Pond. Talk to her, 
            and eventually you'll have to answer a question with either 
            "Well, it's over now" or "My sympathies". Pick the second 
            choice to make Popuri like you more.
         Requirements: None
         When: 11:30am - 5:00pm Spring, Year 1
         Where: At The Poultry Ranch
         What Happens: One day Popuri will be at Poultry Farm, looking 
            upset. She says that she is thinking of leaving the village. 
            Your response is either "Don't go" or "That could be fun". 
            Choose "That could be fun", and Popuri tells you that she wasn't 
            serious, she just wanted to see her father.
         Requirements: Green Heart on Popuri
         When: Summer, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (unconfirmed)
         Where: Beach
         What Happens: Kai asks Popuri if she's serious about leaving the 
            village. Popuri says she is, then says she's worried about her
            Mother and Rick. Kai repeats the question. Popuri, with some
            hesitation says she is serious.
                  (Contributed by EvilEmperorZerg)
         Requirements: Green Heart on Popuri
         When: Summer, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (unconfirmed)
         Where: Beach
         What Happens: Kai says he was sorry about what he said the other 
            day (see previous cutscene). Kai tells her she should stay 
            because she's happy at the village. Popuri says that the 
            reason she wants to leave is to be with him, and that he's 
            being selfish.
                  (Contributed by EvilEmperorZerg)
         Requirements: At least a Blue Heart on Popuri
         When:12:00pm - 5:00pm, when above requirement is met
         Where: At Your Farm
         What Happens: One day Popuri will come to your farm with an egg. 
            Don't eat, but put it in the incubator to hatch it. When it 
            hatches, name it Popuri. Soon she'll come back and check how 
            it is. She'll be happy that you named it after her.
         Requirements: None
         When: 10:00am - 4:00pm First Year Spring (Excluding Mondays)
         Where: Inside The Library
         What Happens: You go inside the library to find Mary writing a 
             book. Your options to talk are "What are you writing?" and 
             "I'd like to read a book". Choose the second option to make 
             her like you more.
         Requirements: Purple Heart with Mary
         When: 10:00am - 4:00pm First Year Spring (Excluding Mondays)
         Where: Inside The Library
         What Happens: One day you'll enter the library and Mary will ask 
             you why you're here. You can answer with "Just Dropping By" 
             or "I'd like to read a book". Say that you'd like to read a 
             book to improve your relationship.
         Requirements: None
         When: 10:00am - 12:00pm First Year Spring
         Where: Rose Square
         What Happens: One day Mary and Gray will be talking to eachother 
             in Rose Square. Mary will ask Gray about being Saibara's 
             apprentice. He says he doesn't really want to do that, that 
             he hasn't found what he's looking for yet. Mary says she 
             hasn't found what she's looking for either. Mary leaves, 
             scene ends.
         Requirements: Friends with Gray
         When: 1:00pm - 6:00pm First Year Spring
         Where: In front of the Library
         What Happens: Gray returns a book to Mary that he borrowed (Just 
            wondering, but does anyone know how he borrowed the book? I 
            thought that books weren't able to be borrowed!). She asks 
            if he likes it, he says yes. Mary says that she'll find him 
            more books, but he interrupts and says thanks for the book, 
            and everything else. He leaves.
         Requirements: Blue Heart with Mary
         When: First Year, Spring/Summer
         Where: Your House
         What Happens: One day Mary comes to your farm and gives you a 
            book to read, entitled "The Woodcutter and the King". Read 
            the book by going to your rucksack, highlighting the book 
            with your cursor, and pressing triangle. Go back to the 
            library after you've read it, and Mary will ask you who 
            your favorite character was, the Woodcutter, or the King. 
            Pick the Woodcutter and she'll be happy.
         Requirements: None
         When: Second Year, Spring
         Where: Your House
         What Happens: Barley will come and ask you if he can borrow your
            dog. Say yes, and soon you'll get two puppies. One stays with
            May and Barley, and you can give the other to Stu.
         Requirements: Friends with May, Not Married
         When: Whenever
         Where: Outside of Church
         What Happens: One day if you talk to May, she'll ask you to marry
            her. Your choices are "..." and "Hurry up and grow up". If you
            pick "..." May will be sad and Stu will be happy. Pick the other
            one and May will be happy and Stu will be sad. (Apparently Stu
            has a crush on May)
         Requirements: Corn Growing on your farm
         When: Summer 15
         Where: Your House
         What Happens: Kai will come and ask if you have any corn (if you
            planted on Summer 1, or Spring 29, you should). Give him one
            and he'll ask how much you're selling it for, 50 G, 100 G, or
            200 G. Pick 50 G to become better friends with him.
         Requirements: Thrown in 10 items for the Goddess
         When: Sunny, Non Festival Day
         Where: Goddess Pond
         What Happens: Stand behind the waterfall and throw veggies or
            other farm products (like eggs) into the pond. The Goddess
            will appear and thank you for your offering. Throw an
            accumulative total of 10 items in. The goddess will ask you
            if you have a sweetheart. Say "yes". The girl with the highest
            heart rating will come and tell you she's going to the Hot 
            Spring. Go in the Hot Spring. You'll see a monkey. Exit it.
            The girl will walk up and give you some excuse for not going
            to the Hot Spring.
         Requirements: Thrown in 20 items for the Goddess
         When: Sunny, Non Festival Day
         Where: Goddess Pond
         What Happens: Stand behind the waterfall and throw veggies or
            other farm products (like eggs) into the pond. The Goddess
            will appear and thank you for your offering. Throw an
            accumulative total of 20 items in. The goddess will give
            you lumber. Gotz will walk up and ask you if he can have it.
            You automatically give it to him. This raises your friendship
            with Gotz.
         Requirements: Have fished up bottle
         When: After a hurricane (Summer)
         Where: Beach
         What Happens: If you have gotten the bottle, the day after a 
             hurricane, go to Mineral Beach. Kai will fill the bottle up
             with perfume. This is a great gift, especially for the girl
             you're chasing.
         Requirements: Married to Ann
         When: Spring
         Where: Mother's Hill
         What Happens: Go halfway up Mother's Hill on a sunny day to find
             Ann having a nap.
         Requirements: None
         When: Fall 5th, After 5 PM
         Where: Peak of Mother's Hill
         What Happens: Go to the peak of Mother's Hill to see Doug thinking
            about his late wife.
         Requirements: Friends with Karen
         When: Spring 1, Year 2
         Where: Your farm
         What Happens: Karen will come to your farm to teach you how to 
            dance for New Year's. You get to dance if you go to  Rose
            Square for the Festival.
         Requirements: None
         When: Fall 14th
         Where: Aja Winery
         What Happens: On Fall 14, if you go inside the Winery, Duke and
            Manna will ask you to help harvest the grapes, and ask you if
            you know anyone who needs a job. Go tell Cliff about the job
            opportunity to prevent him from leaving the village. For the 
            next couple of days, go to the Winery before 5 PM to help 
            harvest the grapes. You get paid based on the number of grapes
            you pick. When you leave, it is always 5 PM, so do all of the
            things you need to do for the day before going to the Winery.
         Requirements: None
         When: Winter
         Where: Peak of Mother's Hill
         What Happens: Talk to Ellen during Winter to learn about the 
            Flower of Happiness, which blooms on snowy days. On a snowy
            winter day after 6 PM, go to the peak of Mother's Hill to
            witness the Flower of Happpiness. (You automatically go to
            bed after seeing it.) Tell Basil and Ellen about it to make
            them like you more.
         Requirements: Married to Elli
         When: Fall
         Where: Your farm
         What Happens: Stu will give you a cricket.
         Requirements: Chicken Coop Extension, 5 Chickens
         When: Fall
         Where: Your farm
         What Happens: Rick will ask you to care for some Chickens. You
            get to keep the profit from the eggs.
         Requirements: None
         When: Winter, Year 4, After 5 PM
         Where: Church
         What Happens: Go to to the church and you'll witness a UFO.
         Requirements: Friends with Gray
         When: Fall
         Where: Your farm
         What Happens: Gray will come to your farm, angry, and ask to 
            use your water mill to make a hammer. Let him, and he will
            also weed your field. He'll ask you to try the hammer, and 
            it'll break. Mary will see this, and if you go to Rose Square,
            you'll see them fighting.
         Requirements: None
         When: Summer
         Where: Your farm
         What Happens: Barley will come to tell you that May is missing.
            At or after 6 PM go to the dock at Mineral Beach to find May.
            Listen to her story, then you'll automatically go back to 
            Yodel Ranch to bring her back to Barley. If you go by Gotz's
            House earlier in the day (before you find May), you'll find 
            the Mayor talkng to Gotz about how May disappeared.
            (Contributed by A Healy)
         Requirements: Unconfirmed
         When: Unconfirmed, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 2nd year
         Where: Beach
         What Happens: The Doctor says (to Elli) that he's not sure if 
            he's useful to the village.
            (Contributed by FireDragon)
         Requirements: Unconfirmed
         When: Unconfirmed, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 2nd year
         Where: Church
         What Happens: The Doctor confesses that he is useless to the 
            village. Asks you if you heard anything, and says not to tell
            (Contributed by FireDragon)
         When: Winter, 8AM-5PM (Unconfirmed)
         Where: Town Square
         What Happens: You walk into the town square to find Cliff 
            collapse. You pick up a picture, and take him to the clinic.
            The picture is of him and his family. Give the picture back
            to Cliff to make him like you more.
            (Contributed by Formby)
         Requirements: None (unconfirmed)
         When: Spring (unconfirmed)
         Where: Inn
         What Happens: You walk in to find Duke on the floor. Grab the
            water nearby, and dump it on him. He'll go home, and will
            have a fight with Manna about his drinking.
            (Contributed by Michelle)
         Requirements: Friends with Harris (?)
         When: After 6 PM
         Where: At your farm
         What Happyens: Harris comes up, apoligizes for bothering you
            so late and asked if I would listen to his story. Say yes. 
            Scene changes to inside your house, and Harris tells you 
            he's secretly in love with Aja and wants to write to her 
            but has nothing interesting to tell her. He then asks you 
            if you know anything (or have anything interesting to write), 
            but you shake your head and he leaves after apologising again 
            for bothering you.
            (Contributed by Sharni Cannon)
        Requirements: Married to Mary
        When: Sunday
        Where: In the library
        What Happens: Enter the library and you'll see Mary writing a 
           novel about you and her. (All together now: Awwwww)She says 
           it'll be finished soon.
           (Contributed by Sarah Canlas)
        Requirements: Married to Karen
        When: After 6 PM
        Where: In the bar
        What Happens: Ann and KAren are having an argument (Karen's 
           drunk). You take her home with you and she says something
           sweet to you.
           (Contributed by kick3)
        Requirements: None
        When: 2nd Year
        Where: Gotz's House
        What Happens: Enter screen, Stu, Rick, Harris, Jeff standing 
           in a circle. They are telling Harris about being attacked by 
           something. Gotz exits house and goes to the back. Go talk to 
           him. He says it wasn't him. A monkey runs beside the house. Go 
           back to the group and talk to them. Gotz says the monkey came 
           down from the mountain and since he's causing trouble he will 
           take him back. 
           (Contributed by kick3)
     |                                                           |
     |          XXI-Credits                                      |
     o Every FAQ/Walkthrough and specialized guide at GameFAQs.com
     o www.hmfarm.com
     o CJayC for creating and maintaining the best and largest gaming site
     o My brother for not caring that I hogged the Playstation and TV while 
       working on this
     o A Healy for the May is Missing Character event
     o Heidi Mans for the correction of the character event of Elli and the 
     o EvilEmperorZerg for thge contribution of some character events, 
       spelling corrections, and info corrections.
     o FireDragon, for the contribution of some character events
     o Fire-Dragon (Don't know if this is the same person, had
       different email addresses) for the addition of the Poisonous Herb
       to the list of good gifts to the doctor.
     o Cool_azn_guy for some errors
     o Formby for the Town Square with Cliff cutscene
     o Michelle for the Duke in the Inn event
     o Lady_Nocturne for her info about avoiding the marriage glitch in the 
       PAL version
     o Sharni Cannon for a cutscene and amending some of my other recorded
     o Sarah Canlas for a cutscene
     o kick3 for two cutscenes
     o Adi31 for numerous amendments to cutscenes
     |                                                           |
     |          XXII-Contact Me                                  |
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE NOTE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    At this point in time, my FAQs are not my first priority, so
    responding to emails WILL take awhile, as I am busy.  Towards 
    summer, I'll be working on this again. If you do email me, expect to 
    wait awhile for a response.  Email nevertoomuchsoccer@yahoo.com

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