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    Pro Action Replay Codes by demon1x

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon Back to Nature
    PAL V1.1 Action Replay code list
    By Demon1x (david_johnson29uk@yahoo.co.uk)
    Version 0.5
    1. Why I'm doing this
    2. Identifing V1.1
    3. Version history
    4. Code list
    4a. General codes
    4b. Affection codes
    	a. Girls
    	b. Villagers
    4c. Harvest sprite codes
    4d. Rucksack/toolbox max item codes
    4e. Cabinet modifier/max item codes
    4f. Icebox modifier/max item codes
    4g. Code notes
    5. Modifiers
    	a. Toolbox
    	b. Cabinet
    	c. Icebox
    6. Things left to do
    7. Thanks to
    8. No thanks to
    9. Contact me
    10. Copyright notes
    1. Why I'm doing this
    The only reason for this is that due to a glitch in the original version
    they had to re-release the game without the glitch. Not only did they
    do that they also re-wrote all the code making all the original codes
    quite useless, and as the only codes available for this version are
    xploder codes, but as there were some AR codes with them (mainly modifier
    codes) I was able to the convert almost all the NTSC codes to (what I
    call them) PAL V1.1 codes.
    So thats that then (for the expaination)
    2. Identifing V1.1
    Well this one is simple just look at the disc label if the SLES number
    looks like this (SLES-02781#) then you DO have V1.1
    3. Version history
    V0.0 (started 18/5/2004) prototype version (this version will never see
    the light of day on gamefaqs as this was only a template for the next version
    V0.1 (started 10/6/2004) started adding the codes and edited some of the
    original content
    V0.2 (started 3/7/2004) added extra credit for joker command and extra thing to
    do if this is rejected again
    V0.3 (started 15/7/2004) Corrected spelling mistakes I forgot to correct in the
    previous versions (we all do make mistakes)
    V0.4 (started 1/8/2004) this has only been on site for a few weeks and I've had
    to make many changes including...
    -Change some of the formatting in the code list
    -Add a modifiers section
    -Change the contents (and the end)
    -Update my things to do section
    V0.5 (started 15/8/2004) Another week another update. No code update just a
    complete overhaul of section 9 due to a load of idiots sending me useless
    attachments with viruses in them. (This is hopefully the last time I'll have to
    edit any sections other than add codes)
    4. Code list
    Note: for legal reasons I will not be adding the rucksack/toolbox modifier
    codes for those please go to www.mogelpower.de (any e-mails I get on this
    subject will be ignored)
    4a. General codes
    Infinite money (note1)
    8005BCCC FFFF
    80076338 FFFF
    Max money (note1)
    80076338 967F
    8007633A 0098
    Max lumber
    80075614 03E7
    Max fodder
    80075616 03E7
    Max fish food
    8007561A 03E7
    Max chicken feed
    8007561C 03E7
    Max power fruit (note2)
    80075B98 000A
    Max rucksack storage (note3)
    800762FA 0002
    Max level sickle
    8007631C FFFF
    Max level hoe
    8007631E FFFF
    Max level ax
    80076320 FFFF
    Max level hammer
    80076322 FFFF
    Max level watering can
    80076324 FFFF
    Max earnings
    80075AD8 967F
    80075ADA 0098
    No expenses (note1)
    80075ADC 0000
    Max stamina
    800762EE 003C
    Tomorrows weather (note4)
    8007F5DE 000?
    Weather control (note5)
    700633C4 F7FF
    8007F5DE 0000
    700633C4 FFDF
    8007F5DE 0001
    Infinite medals
    8007633C FFFF
    Max medals
    8007633C 967F
    8007633E 0098
    Over stamina frozen at 0
    800762F2 0000
    Haven't littered at all
    3007634C 0000
    No dead animals
    8012BB0E 0000
    10 hearts dog
    3007A2D6 00FF
    Dog's intelligence (note6)
    3007A36C 00??
    10 hearts horse
    3007A3C6 00FF
    Horse's stamina (note6)
    3007A45C 00??
    All items shipped
    80075AA0 03E7
    80075AA2 03E7
    80075AA4 03E7
    80075AA6 03E7
    80075AA8 03E7
    80075AAA 03E7
    80075AAC 03E7
    80075AAE 03E7
    80075AB0 03E7
    80075AB2 03E7
    80075AB4 03E7
    80075AB6 03E7
    80075AB8 03E7
    80075ABA 03E7
    80075ABC 03E7
    80075ABE 03E7
    80075AC0 03E7
    80075AC2 03E7
    80075AC4 03E7
    80075AC6 03E7
    80075AC8 03E7
    4b. Affection codes
    a. Girls
    Popuri has red heart
    8007CF90 FFFF
    Elli has red heart
    8007BB74 FFFF
    Karen has red heart
    8007B07C FFFF
    Ann has red heart
    8007B7CC FFFF
    Mary has red heart
    8007C498 FFFF
    b. Villagers (note7)
    Jeff's affection
    3007ACD2 00??
    Sasha's affection
    3007AEA6 00??
    Saibara's affection
    3007B24E 00??
    Gray's affection
    3007B422 00??
    Doug's affection
    3007B5F6 00??
    Doctor's affection
    3007B99E 00??
    Pastor Carter's affection
    3007BD46 00??
    Cliff's affection
    3007BF1A 00??
    Basil's affection
    3007C0EE 00??
    Anna's affection
    3007C2C2 00??
    Barley's affection
    3007C66A 00??
    May's affection
    3007C83E 00??
    Mayor Thomas' affection
    3007CA12 00??
    Lilla's affection
    3007CBE6 00??
    Rick's affection
    3007CDBA 00??
    Duke's affection
    3007D162 00??
    Manna's affection
    3007D336 00??
    Ellen's affection
    3007D50A 00??
    Gotz's affection
    3007D6DE 00??
    Kai's affection
    3007D8B2 00??
    Harris' affection
    3007DE2E 00??
    Kano's affection
    3007E002 00??
    Louis' affection
    3007E3AA 00??
    Greg's affection
    3007E57E 00??
    Stu's affection
    3007E926 00??
    Won's affection
    3007EAFA 00??
    Baby's affection
    3007ECCE 00??
    4c. Harvest sprite codes
    Maximum affection
    8007EF2A 010E
    8007F022 010E
    8007F11A 010E
    8007F212 010E
    8007F30A 010E
    8007F402 010E
    8007F4FA 010E
    Job codes (note8)
    Chef's job
    3007EFCC 000?
    Day's left for Chef's job
    3007EFC8 00??
    Nappy's job
    3007F0C4 000?
    Day's left for Nappy's job
    3007F0C0 00??
    Timid's job
    3007F1BC 000?
    Day's left for Timid's job
    3007F1B8 00??
    Hoggy's job
    3007F2B4 000?
    Day's left for Hoggy's job
    3007F2B0 00??
    Staid's job
    3007F3AC 000?
    Day's left for Staid's job
    3007F3A8 00??
    Bold's job
    3007F4A4 000?
    Day's left for Bold's job
    3007F4A0 00??
    Aqua's job
    3007F59C 000?
    Day's left for Aqua's job
    3007F598 00??
    Skill codes (note9)
    Chef's harvesting skill
    3007EFC2 00??
    Chef's watering skill
    3007EFC4 00??
    Chef's animal skill
    3007EFC6 00??
    Nappy's harvesting skill
    3007F0BA 00??
    Nappy's watering skill
    3007F0BC 00??
    Nappy's animal skill
    3007F0BE 00??
    Timid's harvesting skill
    3007F1B2 00??
    Timid's watering skill
    3007F1B4 00??
    Timid's animal akill
    3007F1B6 00??
    Hoggy's harvesting skill
    3007F2AA 00??
    Hoggy's watering skill
    3007F2AC 00??
    Hoggy's animal skill
    3007F2AE 00??
    Staid's harvesting skill
    3007F3A2 00??
    Staid's watering skill
    3007F3A4 00??
    Staid's animal skill
    3007F3A6 00??
    Bold's harvesting skill
    3007F49A 00??
    Bold's watering skill
    3007F49C 00??
    Bold's animal skill
    3007F49E 00??
    Aqua's harvesting skill
    3007F592 00??
    Aqua's watering skill
    3007F594 00??
    Aqua's animal skill
    3007F596 00??
    4d. Rucksack/Toolbox max item codes
    Equipped item codes
    Usable item slot
    80076364 0063
    80076370 0063
    80076376 0063
    8007637C 0063
    80076382 0063
    80076388 0063
    8007638E 0063
    80076394 0063
    8007639A 0063
    Rucksack item codes
    Item in hand
    8007636A 0063
    800763A0 0063
    800763A6 0063
    800763AC 0063
    800763B2 0063
    800763B8 0063
    800763BE 0063
    800763C4 0063
    800763CA 0063
    Toolbox 1
    800757A2 0063
    800757A8 0063
    800757AE 0063
    800757B4 0063
    800757BA 0063
    800757C0 0063
    800757C6 0063
    800757CC 0063
    Toolbox 2
    800757D2 0063
    800757D8 0063
    800757DE 0063
    800757E4 0063
    800757EA 0063
    800757F0 0063
    800757F6 0063
    800757FC 0063
    Toolbox 3
    80075802 0063
    80075808 0063
    8007580E 0063
    88075814 0063
    8007581A 0063
    80075820 0063
    80075826 0063
    8007582C 0063
    Toolbox 4
    80075832 0063
    80075838 0063
    8007583E 0063
    80075844 0063
    8007584A 0063
    80075850 0063
    80075856 0063
    8007585C 0063
    Toolbox 5
    80075862 0063
    80075868 0063
    8007586E 0063
    80075874 0063
    8007587A 0063
    80075880 0063
    80075886 0063
    8007588C 0063
    Toolbox 6
    80075892 0063
    80075898 0063
    8007589E 0063
    800758A4 0063
    800758AA 0063
    800758B0 0063
    800758B6 0063
    800758BC 0063
    Toolbox 7
    800758C2 0063
    800758C8 0063
    800758CE 0063
    800758D4 0063
    800758DA 0063
    800758E0 0063
    800758E6 0063
    800758EC 0063
    Toolbox 8
    800758F2 0063
    800758F8 0063
    800758FE 0063
    80075904 0063
    8007590A 0063
    80075910 0063
    80075916 0063
    8807591C 0063
    4e. Cabinet modifier/max item codes (To be added)
    4f. Icebox modifier/max item codes (To be added)
    4g. Code notes
    Note1: These codes don't work during the horse race
    Note2: This code does give you all the power fruits but not the stamina
    that goes with it
    Note3: This code does give you the large rucksack but it acts like the
    standard rucksack (you can only put 2 items in)
    Note4: Replace ? with one of the following
    Note5: If you don't want to use the above code this one tomorrows 
    weather can either be sunny (R1 on pad 2) or raining (R2 on pad 2)
    Note6: Replace ?? with FF for max inelligence/stamina for dog/horse
    Note7: Replace ?? with FF for max affection
    Note8: Replace ? (job code) with one of the following
    	1-Harvest the crops (sickle icon)
    	2-Water the crops
    	3-Harvest the crops (watering can icon)
    	4-Take care of the animals
    replace ?? with a number between 00 and 63 for 0-99 days
    Note9: Replace ?? with FF to watch those harvest sprites work at warp speed
    5. Modifiers
    Note: For the toolbox modifier codes please refer to the the url at the start
    of section 4. The icebox and cabinet modifiers will be added when their
    modifier codes are done and added
    a. toolbox
    002-Copper sickle
    003-Silver sickle
    004-Gold sickle
    005-Mystrile sickle
    007-Copper hoe
    008-Silver hoe
    009-Gold hoe
    00A-Mystrile hoe
    00C-Copper ax
    00D-Silver ax
    00E-Gold ax
    00F-Mystrile ax
    011-Copper hammer
    012-Sliver hammer
    013-Gold hammer
    014-Mystrile hammer
    015-Watering can
    016-Copper watering can
    017-Silver watering can
    018-Gold watering can
    019-Mystrile watering can
    01E-Animal medicine
    01F-Cow miracle potion
    020-Sheep miracle potion
    021-Blue feather
    022-Turnip seeds
    023-Potato seeds
    024-Cucumber seeds
    025-Strawberry seeds
    026-Cabbage seeds
    027-Tomato seeds
    028-Corn seeds
    029-Onion seeds
    02A-Pumpkin seeds
    02B-Pineapple seeds
    02C-Eggplant seeds
    02D-Carrot seeds
    02E-Sweet potato seeds
    02F-Spinach seeds
    030-Green pepper seeds
    031-Moondrop seeds
    032-Pink cat seeds
    033-Magic red seeds
    034-Toy flower seeds
    035-Orange cup seeds
    036-Grass seeds
    038-Fishing rod
    039-Fishing pole
    b. Cabinet (to be added with cabinet modefier codes)
    c. Icebox (to be added with icebox modifier codes)
    6. Things left to do 
    Finish converting the cabinet/icebox codes
    Add the modifiers for the cabinet/icebox
    Add the full link for the rucksack/toolbox modifier codes
    7. Thanks to
    Gamefaqs for showing this code list (hopefully)
    Sky Render for hacking the codes that were never done by anyone
    UL1 for hacking the codes (and the RCJC code) for this version for
    without those codes this code list would've never existed
    8. No thanks to
    Codejunkies for NOT bothering to re-hack the codes for this version
    (think they should call themselves codeflunkies not codejunkies)
    9. Contact me
    If you have anything to contribute to this code list just E-mail me on the
    E-mail address at the begining of this guide and obej the following rules to
    what is and is not accepted.
    What is accepted
    -codes that are not listed (NTSC codes)
    -questions (not stupid questions)
    What is NOT accepted
    -Executable files
    -SLES flies
    -.ZIP files
    -in fact NO attachments at all
    Note: If the information you have is to big for a standard E-mail I will accept
    an attachment as long as you say so and as long as there are no viruses as my
    E-mail account will not allow me to download any file with a virus contained
    in it.
    Attention: For all those trying to destory my work with viruses take note of
    why that is not gotng to happen.
    1. The computer I use to upload this to gamefaqs is not the same computer I
    use to write this guide.
    2. I never have this file on a hard drive. All poior versions are stored on the
    same floppy disk as the current version
    3. As I just said before my E-mail provider won't allow me to download virus
    ridden attachments so DON'T BOTHER.
    10. Copyright notes
    Copyright 2004 demon1x all rights reserved
    Harvest Moon is a regestered trademark of Natsume Inc.
    Action Replay is a regestered trademark of Datel
    Xploder is a trademark of Fire International Ltd
    These codes (at the moment) are only to be sown on gamefaqs ONLY
    this file can be saved to hard disc for private uae only and ALL
    e-mail requests to show this list of codes on any other site WILL be
    refused (and thats the bottom line).

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