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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HarvestMoonObsessed

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     MMM    YMMYMM   ""` MMMM   "W"   MP        """"YUMMM"YMmMY"     MMM    
    .        :       ...         ...   :::.    :::.
    ;;,.    ;;;   .;;;;;;;.   .;;;;;;;.`;;;;,  `;;;
    [[[[, ,[[[[, ,[[     \[[,,[[     \[[,[[[[[. '[[
    $$$$$$$$"$$$ $$$,     $$$$$$,     $$$$$$ "Y$c$$
    888 Y88" 888o"888,_ _,88P"888,_ _,88P888    Y88
    :::::::.    :::.       .,-:::::  :::  .       ::::::::::::   ...     
     ;;;'';;'   ;;`;;    ,;;;'````'  ;;; .;;,.    ;;;;;;;;''''.;;;;;;;.  
     [[[__[[\. ,[[ '[[,  [[[         [[[[[/'           [[    ,[[     \[[,
     $$""""Y$$c$$$cc$$$c $$$        _$$$$,             $$    $$$,     $$$
    _88o,,od8P 888   888,`88bo,__,o,"888"88o,          88,   "888,_ _,88P
    ""YUMMMP"  YMM   ""`   "YUMMMMMP"MMM "MMP"         MMM     "YMMMMMP" 
    :::.    :::.  :::. ::::::::::::...    ::::::::::..  .,::::::  
    `;;;;,  `;;;  ;;`;;;;;;;;;;'''';;     ;;;;;;;``;;;; ;;;;''''  
      [[[[[. '[[ ,[[ '[[,   [[    [['     [[[ [[[,/[[['  [[cccc   
      $$$ "Y$c$$c$$$cc$$$c  $$    $$      $$$ $$$$$$c    $$""""   
      888    Y88 888   888, 88,   88    .d888 888b "88bo,888oo,__ 
      MMM     YM YMM   ""`  MMM    "YmmMMMM"" MMMM   "W" """"YUMMM
    Guide by Karina Spencer.
    Last updated 10th of April 2005.
    Chapter One
    An introduction to Harvest Moon.
    Part A - A Little About Me And This Faq. 		[HMINT1A]
    Part B - The Plot. 					[HMINT1B]
    Part C - The Controls. 					[HMINT1C]
    Part D - All The Tools. 				[HMINT1D]
    Part E - The Village. 					[HMINT1E]
    Part F - Things To Accomplish. Has handy tips. 		[HMINT1F]
    Chapter Two
    Has information about the villagers such as: what the girls say with
    different hearts (it was my favourite part to write about,) things
    the villagers like, where they hang out and much more.
    There are a few spoilers in the villager's events section.
    Part A - Just The Main Girls. 				[HMVIL2A]
    Part B - Marriage. 					[HMVIL2B]
    Part C - A Description Of Everyone Else.		[HMVIL2C]
    Part D - Your Baby. 					[HMVIL2D]
    Chapter Three
    Talks about the things you will make a profit from (and the things
    that mightn't give you money but that fit into the catagory.)
    Part A - The Natural Resources. 			[HMPRO3A]
    Part B - Animals. Includes a bit about fish prices.	[HMPRO3B]
    Part C - Crops. 					[HMPRO3C]
    Part D - Mining. 					[HMPRO3D]
    Chapter Four
    Tells all the dates of birthdays and festivals. It explains them all
    Part A - All The Dates. 				[HMDAT4A]
    Part B - Festival Descriptions. 			[HMDAT4B]
    Chapter Five
    Recipes Galore. 					[HMREC5]
    Chapter Six
    The Expansions. 					[HMEXP6]
    Chapter Seven
    Hints and tips are the focus of this section.
    Part A - Cheats And Tips For H.M.B.T.N. 		[HMTIP7A]
    Part B - Cheats And Tips For Other Harvest Moon Titles. [HMTIP7B]
    Chapter Eight
    Has F.A.Q's (Frequently Asked Questions). Includes a small myth
    busters section that busts the myths once and for all about false
    Part A - FAQ's. 					[HMFAQ8A]
    Part B - Mythbusters (Gets rid of those false cheat rumours once
    and for all). 						[HMFAQ8B]
    Chapter Nine
    PART A - Legal Information. 				[HMEND9A]
    PART B - Sending Me Emails. 				[HMEND9B]
    PART C - Updates. (This could be handy to read for all those
    interested in making a game guide to submit.)		[HMEND9C]
    To be added:
    More info about how much it takes for villagers to like you (exactly
    how many gifts you should give them for villagers to like you as well
    as how much more the villagers will appreciate gifts if they are
    How much it takes for animals to like you.
    Info about the things you can buy from the shopping channel.
    Detail about EVERYTHING you can buy and the cost of it (i.e the cost
    of wine and things from the supermarket).
    More detail on the competitions (what you can get if you win).
    More info about exactly how much profit you can get from crops in
    a month.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    My name is Karina. This is the first FAQ that I have ever wrote and
    I hope you like it. I have always had a bit of an obsession with
    Harvest Moon Back To Nature. I first found out about it from a review
    and after I brought it I couldn't stop talking about it for months (I
    tend to get a little over obsessive about stuff.) When our class was
    first told about having to make I.B.M.Y.P personal projects I decided
    to do a dessert recipe book but Pendragon rehearsals (rehearsals for
    the school musical) didn't give me that much time to make desserts.
    I started to make a guide for Harvest Moon in Week 6 but I made it for
    the sake of informing people, not for my personal project. I thought
    that with only a few weeks to go I wouldn't be able to change my I.B.
    project. Eventually in Week 8 I was convinced to see my English and S&E
    teacher to ask him if I could change my project idea. He let me :).
    Special Thanks To:
    * My family for being supportive with my new personal project (and
    letting me go on the computer to do my guide to Harvest Moon whenever
    I wanted.)
    * All of the people in charge of making Harvest Moon. *Hugs all of the
    people that were in charge of making it.* I love you all ^_^;
    * My English teacher for letting me change my I.B. project so late.
    * My best friend Toni for giving me a few recommendations on things to
    * My friend Flik (LEGEND) he changed this guide into the right format.
    Before it was HTML and it wouldn't be accepted.
    * Any one that e-mail's me about my FAQ (unless it is flaming.) It makes
    me realise that writing this FAQ wasn't all for nothing and that people
    read it. I really love all of your emails. *hug to you all*.
    * People who are reading this now.
    * People who have loved Harvest Moon right from the start. (If the game
    wasn't popular from the start gaming people probably wouldn't have
    wanted to make so many new versions of this brilliant game and H.M.B.T.N.
    might have never been made.) *Gasp.*
    * Some Harvest Moon forum members for giving me a few cheats. This was
    before I wrote the FAQ so unfortunately I don't remember their names
    so I can't give them full credit. 
    * Zach (one of the readers who emailed me.) He unintentially gave me
    an idea about things I should add to the animals section.
    * Santiago (she gave me additional info about the girls events and she
    also deserves a thanks because of how friendly she is.)
    * Michael and his little brother (coz they tested out a cheat and coz
    they're friendly.)
    * The girl who gave me the excellent site that makes ASCIIS (the
    text that is used for titles.)
    * All the sites that post my faq on them (as long as they have
    permission from me.)
    * Mitch my friend Dani's boyfriend. He helped to correct some of my
    spelling mistakes.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    You play as a character around 17 - 20 years old who had a grandfather
    who lived on a farm. Years ago when you were just a little boy your
    parents had to send you away for a short while to your grandfather's
    ranch because they couldn't look after you due to work being too
    demanding. While you were at the ranch you met a little girl. You both
    fell in love with eachother. There were many other exciting memories
    you had but you can't exactly remember if they are all real memories.
    At the end of your trip you promised the girl that one day you would
    come back and visit her. Your grandpa dies and ten years later you
    return to the ranch to find out if the memories are real and the Mayor
    gives you the option of staying and trying to make the ranch successful.
    He tells you that you can stay for 3 years. If your ranch is successful
    and villagers like you, you’ll be able to stay longer. If you fail to
    make your ranch successful or you do not get along with the villagers
    you will have to go back to where you came from and not be allowed at
    the village. “What happens next?” you ask. It all depends on how well
    you play.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Here is a list of all of the buttons used in Harvest Moon and how they
    are useful.
    The L1 Button: Use this button to whistle to your dog.
    The L2 Button: Use this button to whistle to your horse.
    The R1 Button: Switch the equipped tools.
    The R2 Button: Puts in or takes out the items from your rucksack.
    The Directional Buttons: Moves your character or moves your menu cursor.
    NOTE: There are 3 different modes that you can use to make your
    character move with. If you haven't changed the mode it is set to the
    default mode. If you want to change the mode go into your characters
    house and look at the bookshelf. There should be 'configuration options'
    going here will let you change the mode.
    Triangle Button: Allows you to see your inventory. You can select an
    item in your rucksack and press triangle to view a description of it.
    Square Button: Use the tool that you're carrying.
    X Button: Picks up or drops items. You can select menu choices using this
    Circle Button: If you hold down this button you can run. It also can
    cancel options.
    Select: Press this to see a map of the village.
    Start: Allows you to pause the game and bring up a menu screen that
    tells you information about many things such as: your percentage, your
    animals and much more.
    Note: If you have a vibrating dual shock controller you'll have an extra
    button called Analog mode switch. There will be a light underneath telling
    you whether the mode is on. If the light is on, your controller will be
    able to vibrate and
    will also allow you to use the left control stick which does exactly
    the same as the directional buttons. Some people prefer using the left
    control stick to the normal directional buttons.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Unlike in a few of the other Harvest Moon Back To Nature games all
    of the tools take up the same amount of stamina when using them (except
    for when using upgraded tools.)
    * Here is a description of all of the tools that you will need. For
    information on the upgrades go to Chapter Three - Part D mining.
    Axe: At the axes first stage you will only be able to cut sticks. Once
    you upgrade it you will be able to cut stumps which are a great way of
    adding to your lumber stock. You will need lumber for extensions. You
    can find this tool in your tool box at the start of the game.
    Ball: Won forces you to buy this ball in the first Fall for 100g. Use
    this ball to train your dog. Training is good because it will help
    increase the chance of your dog winning the dog race. There is a glitch
    that makes Won sell you the ball even if you already have it but to
    prevent this glitch walk outside of your house holding the ball.
    Basket: This is extremely handy for mining. It allows you to hold 30
    things for shipping. This may be rather expensive but it is definitely
    worth it and it saves you a lot of time. You can buy it at the supermarket
    for 5000g.
    Bell: Use this to make your cows and sheep move towards you (this is
    handy when trying to quickly move all of your animals outside.) You
    can buy it from the green ranch for 500g.
    Blue Feather: You propose to girls using this. I like showing it around
    to all of the villagers first to see there reactions. See the end of the
    girls section about marriage to find out more about marrying. You can
    buy it from the supermarket once a girl has at least an orange heart for
    you for 1500g.
    Brush: Use this to brush your cows, sheep, and horse with. If you brush
    the animals they will like you more. If they like you more they will give
    you better produce which you can sell for a higher price, and have better
    chances of winning competitions. Don’t forget to not only brush your
    animals but to also talk to them and feed them. You can buy the brush
    at Saibara’s shop for 800g.
    Cheese Maker: Once you have enlarged your barn you will be able to buy
    the cheese maker. You put your milk into the cheese maker and it will be
    transformed into cheese. Cheese sells for more than milk. The cheese
    maker is very expensive but it is worth buying. You can buy it at Saibara’s
    shop for 20,000g.
    Clippers: Use these to shear your sheep. Shearing your sheep will not
    only give you wool but make your sheep happy. You can shear your sheep
    every fortnight. You can buy this at Saibara’s shop for 1800g.
    Fishing Pole: You have a higher chance of catching fish when using this
    rod. For details on how to get it see Greg’s section in the villagers
    section. This is a better version of the fishing rod.
    Fishing Rod: Fishing is a great way to make money. All you need to do
    is cast your line in the water by pressing the square button. Wait for a
    while. When you feel the controller vibrating quickly release the square
    button. Greg gives you it for free!
    Hammer: Use this to smash the little rocks. Little rocks are great for
    making fences that don’t break though and there is a recipe where you
    need a rock so I wouldn’t smash too many. You have to upgrade the hammer
    twice in order to be able to break the large rocks. You can find this
    tool in your tool box at the start of the game.
    Hoe: Use this to plow your field before planting seeds. If you don’t
    plow your field before planting, the seeds will just sink right into
    the ground and you won’t be able to grow anything. You can find this tool
    in your tool box at the start of the game.
    Milker: Once your cow becomes an adult it will start to make milk. You need
    the milker to milk your cow (obviously.) You can buy the milker from Saibara
    for 2000g.
    Mayonnaise Maker: Once you have enlarged your chicken coop you will be
    able to buy the mayonnaise maker. You put your eggs into the mayonnaise
    maker and they will be transformed into mayonnaise. Mayonnaise sells for
    more than eggs. The mayonnaise maker is very expensive but it is worth
    buying. You can buy it at Saibara’s shop for 20,000g.
    Rucksack: You can carry any Harvest Moon item in your rucksack. At first
    it only lets you carry 3 of each tool and item. You can buy a bigger
    rucksack so you can carry 5 items. If you buy an even bigger rucksack
    you will be able to carry 9 things! You should definitely buy the bigger
    rucksacks. You can buy the bigger rucksacks from the supermarkets. They
    are rather expensive but definitely worth it. The first upgrade for the
    rucksack costs 3000g. The second rucksack upgrade costs 5000g.
    Sickle: You can use the sickle to cut grass and weeds. You need to cut
    grass in order to make fodder unless you want to waste a lot of money
    buying fodder. Upgrading this tool will allow you cut more than one square
    of fodder every time. You can find this tool in your tool box at the
    start of the game.
    Watering Can: Use the watering can to water your crops. Upgrading your
    watering can not only allows you to hold more water but also lets you
    water more sections in one go. You can refill your watering can at the
    pond in your farm. You can find this tool in your tool box at the start
    of the game.
    Yarn Ball Maker: Once you have enlarged your barn you will be able to
    buy the yarn ball maker. You put your wool into the yarn ball maker and
    it will be transformed into yarn balls. Yarn balls sell for more than
    wool. The yarn ball maker is very expensive but it is worth buying. You
    can buy it at Saibara’s shop for 20,000g.
    * Upgrading Your Tools:
    Once you have used your tool enough times the start menu will have an
    ore pictured by the tool. This means that you can upgrade it with the
    pictured ore. For the first upgrade you need copper ore. For the second
    you need silver ore. For the third you need gold ore. For the last and
    best upgrade you need mysterile. You can upgrade your tool a maximum
    of four times. You can upgrade one of your tools with the gold ore (third
    upgrade) without needing to upgrade it with the first and second upgrades
    and it will work just as good as if you were to upgrade it with the first,
    second, and third upgrades. This is definately better off as it saves you
    a lot of money.
    Cost Of Tool Upgrades:
    1st kind of upgrade: 1000g.
    2nd kind of upgrade: 2000g.
    3rd kind of upgrade: 3000g.
    4th kind of upgrade: 5000g.
    Here Is What The Upgrades Do:
    1st upgrade:
    Axe: Lets you cut through the stumps in 6 hits (without it you wouldn't
    be able to cut it at all.)
    Hammer: It takes 3 hits to destroy big rocks (without this extension you
    couldn't break the rocks at all.)
    Hoe: 2 squares are ploughed in a line.
    Sickle: It lets you cut 3 fodder squares at once.
    Watering Can: Water 3 squares at once.
    2nd upgrade:
    Axe: It takes 3 turns to destroy a stump.
    Hammer: You can destroy the chunky rocks.
    Hoe: 3 squares are ploughed in a line.
    Sickle: It lets you cut 6 fodder squares at once.
    Watering Can: Water 6 squares at once.
    3rd upgrade:
    Axe: It takes 2 turns to destroy a stump.
    Hammer: NO POINT WHATSOEVER! Cut big rock in 1 turn.
    Hoe: 4 squares are ploughed in a line.
    Sickle: It lets you cut 9 fodder squares at once.
    Water Can: Water 9 squares at once.
    4th upgrade:
    Axe: Takes a stump out in 1 hit.
    Hammer: NO POINT WHATSOEVER! Cut chunky rock in 1 turn.
    Hoe: 6 squares are ploughed in a line.
    Sickle: It lets you cut 25 fodder squares at once.
    Watering Can: Water 12 squares at once.
    How To Use Your Upgraded Tools:
    To make your upgrades take effect you have to hold down the square
    button whilst using them. You will see your character pulling back
    the tool for extra momentum. Every different animation of your character
    getting momentum represents the upgrades (if you've upgraded it with
    the last ore mysterile there will be four animation's representing the
    four upgrade stages you have done.) Here are what the animation's are:
    1st upgrade effect: character pulls back with extra momentum.
    2nd upgrade effect: Character's eyes close in strain.
    3rd upgrade effect: character turns red with strain.
    4th upgrade effect: anime style strain lines appear on the characters
    Basically this means that if your character uses a tool to the 2nd
    upgrade effect and then stops the tool will be used to the effect
    of a tool upgraded twice (see the table above about what the upgrades
    do to understand what I am talking about better.) Example: Imagine
    that your character used a sickle that was fully upgraded. He needs
    to only cut 6 fodder squares so therefore you would hold down the
    square button until you saw the 2nd animation and then let go and 6
    fodder squares would be cut (just like the table about what the upgrades
    do says.)
    You should realise: Using upgraded tools takes up more stamina than
    using your tool normally. The first upgrade takes up double the amount
    of stamina the tool normally would. The second upgrade takes up three
    times the amount of stamina that the tool would normally use up. The
    third upgrade takes up four times the amount of stamina you'd normally
    use. The fourth upgrade takes up five times the amount of stamina you'd
    normally use. Don't worry though because the upgraded tools do more
    work anyway so in a way it's like you're taking up less stamina. This
    shouldn't need to worry much anyway because if you're running low on
    stamina you can just get power berries (see the Chapter One - Part F
    Things To Achieve.)
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Here is a list of all of the places you can go to in this game and
    a few things that you can do in those places.
    Your Ranch:
    Your Ranch Consists Of :
    Your House, A Chicken Coop, A Chicken Feed Silo, A Fish Pond, A Horse
    Stable, A Barn, A Wood Stack, and a lot of space for planting.
    In your house:
    Without any extensions you have: A Bed, A Bookshelf (for configuration,)
    A Diary, A Television, and A Toolbox.
    The Bed: Somehow I don't think I need to describe what the bed does.
    When you get the fourth extension you get two separate beds (one for you
    and one for your wife to share with the baby.)
    The Bookshelf:
    If you are unhappy with the controls and the way your character moves
    forward you can change it so he moves differently by clicking on the
    shelves and choosing the kind of walking that you want.
    The Diary: Can be used to save your game and make your character go to
    sleep. It is also great for exchanging animals with. I mention a cheat
    regarding trading animals which will get you a lot of money and animals
    in Chapter Seven: Part A - Cheats And Tips For H.M.B.T.N.
    The Kitchen: Once your house has been upgraded three times you will get
    a kitchen. You can cook meals here (unlike in some of the Harvest Moon
    games.) Cooking is a great way to get character's to like you more.
    The Television: Has four channels. There's a news channel that tells you
    about the special events, a weather channel, a static channel, and an
    entertainment channel (which is also the channel that the shopping channel
    changes to on Saturday but only if you have enlarged your house so
    that you have a kitchen.) On the entertainment channel you can learn things
    to do with your farming.
    The Toolbox: Whenever you order a tool and your tool inventory section
    is full it will be put in the toolbox. Also at the start of the game all
    your tools will be put in the toolbox.
    In The Chicken Coop:
    You can hold up to 5 chicken's or 10 if you extend your chicken coop.
    The Chicken Feed Silo:
    Is a good way of getting chicken feed if the poultry farm is closed.
    The chicken feed silo looks like a windmill. Put corn into the windmill
    (don't stand too far away when putting it in or the game will think
    you're trying to throw the corn at the actual windmill and not to put
    anything in.) One piece of corn gives you 10 lots of chicken feed.
    The Fish Pond:
    You can put fish in here. As long as you feed them they will breed and
    grow. This is also a good spot for filling up your watering can. To
    see the special events that can happen with the fish pond go to Greg's
    section in Chapter Two: Part B - The Other Villagers.
    Horse Stable:
    In the first Spring you can get a horse. It's stable is good for when
    it is raining but otherwise you should just let it roam around. In the
    hints and cheats section I wrote a cheat that will let you get another
    horse if your first horse is taken away.
    In The Barn:
    You can hold up to 10 animals but when you get the extension you can
    have 20 animals (cows and sheep.) It is best to leave your cows and
    sheep outside (if you have planted quite a bit of full grown fodder)
    so that they don't use up your fodder supply too quickly. If it is
    raining put them inside immediately. It is hard to take your animals
    inside or outside and the bell will help you with this. I personally
    don't bother taking my animals outside and just fill about a quarter
    of my farming soil with grass.
    The Wood Stack:
    It's a little box which the wood that you cut automatically goes into.
    Just press the X button when you're near it and you'll be able to take
    wood out. You can use the wood for expansions and fences to keep the
    wild dogs away from your animals.
    Your Village
    This is where Saibara and Gray live. Saibara can: upgrade your tools,
    sell you the machines (cheese maker, mayonnaise maker, and yarn ball
    maker) and make you girls gifts (basically EVERYONE loves girls gifts.)
    It's open from 10 - 4 (closed Thursdays.)
    Manna, and Duke live here. Manna can sell you wine, or grape juice
    between 9 - 12 AM (closed Saturdays.)
    Mary works here every day from 10 - 5 except on Mondays. You can read
    information about the village from Basil's books or read Mary's fiction
    books about things like space adventures, and a boy with a stubborn
    grandpa *COUGH yes very fiction COUGH.* She is the easiest girl to
    find. Joined to the library is the home of Basil, Anna, and Mary.
    Ellen's House:
    Elli, Ellen, and Stu live here. Ellen never leaves unless there is a
    wedding. You can enter this house between 9 - 5.
    Mayor's House:
    The mayor, Harris, and Kano all live here. You can read Harris's patrol
    diary which never changes even if you get the special crime case cut
    scenes with him. You can enter this house between 9 - 5.
    The Supermarket:
    Karen, Sasha, and Jeff live in the building joined to the supermarket.
    In the supermarket you can buy: oil, flour, rice balls, curry powder,
    bread, all of the seeds (except the ones Won sells,) fish feed, rucksack
    extensions, wrapping paper, and the blue feather (once a girl has an
    orange heart for you.) The supermarket is open from 9 - 5 unless it
    is a Tuesday, or Sunday.
    The Clinic:
    The Doctor lives upstairs. Downstairs you can buy medicine. You can
    usually find Elli here unless it is a Wednesday in which case the clinic
    is closed. It's open from 9 - 4.
    The Church:
    Confess here if you wish. Carter always hangs around here unless it is
    a festival. Cliff mainly hangs out here when he first arrives at the
    The Elves House:
    This is behind the church. The elves always hang out here except possibly
    on evaluation. If you're lucky they could give you tea leaves (see Elves
    in the character section.)
    The Beach:
    This is the only place that you can find Greg. It is the place for some of
    the festivals. There is a jetty that you can fish off.
    The Square:
    This is where most of the festivals are held. At 1 Anna, Sasha, and
    Manna visit here. You can also sometimes bump into the mayor in this
    The Green Ranch:
    This is where Barley, and May live. Here you can buy: fodder, a cow, a
    sheep, animal medicine, a miracle potion, and a cow bell. You can buy
    things here from about 11 - 4 except Mondays.
    The Poultry Farm:
    This is the home of Lillia, Popuri, and Rick. You can buy: chickens,
    and chicken feed here. Lillia never leaves the poultry farm except
    for when she sometimes goes to the clinic because she is so sick. You
    can buy things here from 12 - 4 unless it's Sunday.
    The Woodcutter's:
    This is the place you go to get extensions. The woodcutter, and Louis
    live here.
    The Hot Spring:
    Here you can take a dip in the hot spring to bring back your stamina.
    You can also make spa boiled eggs from throwing an egg into one (as
    long as you stand at one of the places where the gate doesn't surround
    the hot spring.) There is a waterfall beside here which is the goddess
    pond. Behind the waterfall there is the mine which is accessible in all
    of the seasons (but which you shouldn't bother going to in Winter
    because there is the Winter Mine.)
    Winter Mine:
    The Winter Mine is the mine by the pond up the mountain you can only
    access it in Winter because that is when the pond freezes over so you
    can reach it. "What's so special about the Winter Mine?" you ask. It is
    easier to find ore in this mine.
    Also the crystal like mineral used for making girls gifts can only be
    found in this winter mine. There is also a green/aqua mineral used
    for making your yarn ball, mayonnaise, and cheese maker that can only
    be found in this mine.
    After climbing down ten ladders you will find a cave at the side of
    this mine. In the cave you can fish for one of the, 'legendary fish.'
    There is also a rumour (which I think is very false because I have
    tried unsuccessfully MANY, MANY times) about being able to fish for a
    power berry here.
    Here is a pointless trick when in the secret cave of the Winter mine:
    You can dunk your watering can into the water of this mine and it will
    be able to hold endless amounts of water, "what's so pointless about
    that trick?" you ask. Well unfortunately the endless water is only in
    the cave. Once you exit the cave the watering can will once again run
    out of water when you use it.
    The Flower Patch:
    This is what I call the patch of flowers up the mountain.
    The Top Of The Mountain:
    There are certain festivals that you can do at the top of the
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    This section of my guide has some very helpful tips. I wouldn’t
    expect you do all the things I suggest you to achieve in this section
    because you may want to do things your own way. Never the less I
    suggest you read this section because it contains quite a few handy
    tips such as the best times to get each girls heart up. I mention a
    guide of what to achieve by the end of every season in the first year.
    I also describe what to try to achieve by the third year.
    A guide to what to achieve by the end of the first Spring:
    * When you first start Harvest Moon a great way to make money is by
    selling the natural resources.
    * You should have enough money to buy seeds. Use your hoe to plow the
    field and make it ready for planting seeds. Remember to water them every
    day. The best formation for planting at the start is:
    s s s
    s s s
    s   s
    To make the most of the seeds stand in the middle of the formation. If
    you stand somewhere else for example: the top right hand corner you
    would only get 4 planted seeds instead of 8. Some people reading this
    are probably rolling their eyes thinking I am stating the obvious but
    when I first started playing Harvest Moon I didn’t stand in the right
    spot when planting seeds so I would end up wasting money instead of
    gaining it. Once you have upgraded the watering can twice you can use a
    planting formation like this:
    s s s
    s s s
    s s s
    * After a few weeks of selling crops and natural resources you should
    definitely buy a chicken. Feed it every day and it will give you eggs.
    If you miss feeding it a day it won’t give you eggs for three days!
    Instead of buying chickens from the poultry farm it is best to put an
    egg in the incubator. In a few days the egg will hatch and turn into
    a chick.
    * I guess that Elli is the girl that would be easiest to get her heart
    up with this season because she likes all of the flowers this season.
    In the Summer the pink flowers which Popuri loves are around so it would
    be best to get her heart up then.
    You can get Ann’s heart up any time by giving her spa boiled eggs.
    The season that would be best for getting Mary's heart up is definitely
    Fall. There are so many natural resources in Fall.
    I would recommend getting Karen’s heart up in Winter because you
    aren’t focusing on the other girls because by now they will have liked
    you enough but any time is all right.
    * In the night it is a great idea to cut stumps to collect lumber for
    * There is a mine behind the goddess fountain. Remember that no time is
    taken up when you are inside so this is a great way to get money. If you
    are into mining I recommend buying a shipping basket ASAP to make your
    mining trips more worthwhile. The shipping basket will allow you to
    hold 30 things at a time but beware because whatever you put in the
    basket can only be used for shipping so if you accidentally put an egg
    in there that you wanted to give to someone you will not be able to and
    you will have to sell it.
    * See Greg and receive a fishing rod from him.
    A guide to what to achieve by the end of the first Summer:
    * Plant seeds once again. The Summer crops are renewable which is
    great because you are getting so much value for your money.
    * You barely get any money from the natural resources this month so
    instead of focusing on the resources I would focus on getting the
    villagers to like you. As I have mentioned earlier this a great
    season for getting Popuri to like you because she really loves the
    Summer flowers.
    * By now you should have enough money for the upgraded rucksack. Now
    you can carry 5 items instead of three.
    * You should also have enough money and lumber to do your first
    ranch expansion.
    * If you have been planting quite a bit you might even be able to
    afford a cow or sheep. I would recommend buying cows instead of
    sheep because cows can give you a lot more money. Whilst sheep
    wool can give up to double the amount of money cows milk can, they
    will only give you wool every 2 weeks. Cows on the other hand give
    milk every day making them a lot more worthwhile.
    Another thing that you should know is that I wouldn't recommend making
    the cows pregnant using miracle potions. See Chapter Three - Animals
    for more details.
    A guide to what to achieve by the end of the first Fall:
    * The most worthwhile crop to grow in this game is the sweet potato.
    It is renewable, grows quickly, and gives you a good amount of money.
    Unless you really want to ship more that 100 of every Fall seed to
    unlock the extra Fall seed I would suggest only planting sweet
    potatoes. In no time the sweet potatoes will make you rich (trust
    me this is probably the best money making tip anyone could give except
    for the exchanging animals trick.) One of the best hints anyone could
    give on Harvest Moon is to 'GO CRAZY PLANTING SWEET POTATOES.' Even if
    it means you practically fill up your whole field and have to employ
    a lot of harvest sprites.
    * Do more expansions.
    * There are so many natural resources. You could go on a ‘Mary spree.'
    By the end of this season as long as you give her at least five
    natural resources a day she should have a red heart for you. Don’t
    give her all of the natural resources. At least sell the truffle
    (worth 500.)
    * You’ll have enough money this season to buy many animals.
    * You should definitely think about buying a shopping basket now.
    A guide to what to achieve by the end of the first Winter:
    * Do more expansions.
    * Because you can’t plant seeds or get natural resources now is your
    chance to get the villagers to like you.
    * Getting the villagers to like you would be a good thing to do in
    Winter because you aren’t real busy with your farm work although
    unfortunately you won't be able to use any natural resources or
    flowers. This is why having a kitchen by this stage would be a great
    * If you have a shopping basket take it with you whilst mining. You 
    will make a lot of money mining this way and remember that because
    it is Winter the Winter mine (across the lake) is accessible so it
    will be easier to find better things whilst mining.
    * Fishing and chopping wood would be great for doing in the night.
    Here is a little guide of the things you should accomplish by the
    end of your three years.
    * Have all the house expansions.
    * Be Married.
    * Try making as many villagers as possible like you.
    * See how many recipes you can make (I have wrote down all the recipes
    * Make a lot of money
    * Have a few power berries. Power berries are things which your
    character eats to help increase his maximum stamina. Here is how you
    can find them all:
    * When you mine behind the waterfall you will eventually find a power
    * Fish in the ocean and you will eventually catch one.
    * Throw 5 things from your farm that you can ship into the goddess
    pond. The goddess will give you a power berry. I have heard rumors
    that you can only do this once a day but that isn’t true. The goddess
    doesn’t appear on festival days.
    * Plant at least 90 flowers in your farm and Anna will come and say
    they smell lovely. Tell her that she can have as many as she wants
    and she will be happy and give you a power berry.
    * Win the swimming festival.
    * Try cutting the tree by the flower patch and it will ask you to
    stop. If you tell the tree that you will stop you'll get a power
    berry. If you cut it you'll faint and never be able to get the power
    berry again (unless you load your game.)
    * Buy it at the horse race.
    * Once you have bought all of the things from the shopping channel
    the power berry will be available to buy.
    * In Winter go behind the Winter mine and keep pressing X against
    the wall that you can't see. Keep trying in different spots behind
    the wall and you will eventually find the power berry.
    * Mine in the Winter mine and you will find a power berry eventually.
    * There is a rumor about being able to find one whilst fishing in the
    pond ten levels down from the Winter mine. I have tried to fish for
    the power berry but never succeeded. I think it is just a false rumor
    because there isn't enough room on the start menu for 11 power berries
    and because I have tried to find the power berry many times and never
    * Try to have your ranch at least 40 percent improved.
    Here are the amounts of percentages that you can get (in order of
    what you will probably achieve first.)
    I think that you get a little bit of percentage once you have planted
    a few seeds and got rid of the junk from when you first arrive at the
    farm (cut all the weeds and thrown away all the unneeded things that
    you possibly can.)
    1% for a certain amount of crops planted.
    1% for each heart your dog has.
    1% for each heart your horse has.
    1% for each animal that you have.
    2% for each house expansion.
    1% for 15 recipes. 
    1% for each heart your wife has.
    1% for each heart your son has.
    NOTE: This does not all add up to 100% and I am not sure exactly how
    you get 100%. In fact I have never heard of someone getting 100%
    before! If someone could tell me how to get the extra percentages I'd
    be really grateful.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    (Getting the villagers to like you.)
    NOTE: When I say that you'll be liked more by choosing a certain option
    choosing an option other than the one I mention will either not effect
    the way that person thinks about you or make that person like you less.
    NOTE: If you wish to send me some more hints, or suggestions to add I
    would be grateful. Also if you have some corrections to send I would be
    grateful too. The events I mention in the description of the
    villagers happen between the first and third years (Unless you don't
    get the person to like you between that time or never visit that place
    until the 4th year.)
    ANOTHER NOTE: When I mention 'girls gifts' or 'girls presents' I'm
    referring to the jewellery that Saibara makes.
    Black - She doesn't like you.
    Purple - She likes you a small friendly amount.
    Blue - She likes you and thinks of you as a friend.
    Green - She thinks of you as a really good friend.
    Yellow - She would ponder about what it would be like to date you
    and has a crush on you.
    Orange - She loves you. There is a possible chance of marriage.
    Red - She really loves you.
    Ann - 17th of Summer (or the 22nd if you choose to have a birthday
    on the 17th.)
    Information: Ann is a bubbly tomboy. She's my favourite character and
    I really like what she says with orange and red heart's (so adorable.)
    You can find her:
    At the hot springs from 8 - 10 AM.
    At the inn from 11 onwards.
    Likes receiving: Flowers, eggs, milk, omelets, grilled fish, scrambled
    eggs, mushroom rice (she likes a lot of things you cook.)
    NOTE: It isn't worth giving her eggs and recipes made with eggs because
    you might as well just give her a spa boiled egg which she likes a lot
    Really likes receiving: Spa boiled eggs, girls presents. If you keep
    giving her spa boiled eggs she'll love you in no time.
    Hates receiving: Wine, ore, weeds, and natural resources.
    Her match: If you don't marry Ann, Cliff will (unless you didn't give
    Cliff the job in Winter in which case Cliff will leave the village
    and never come back except possibly on the day you are evaluated.)
    Things she says:
    With a Black Heart:
    Welcome, welcome.
    If you want to place an order, talk to my father.
    With a Purple Heart:
    Hello, welcome.
    Please, take your time.
    With a Blue Heart: 
    Dad sometimes yells at me for being a tomboy...
    But I appreciate dad for bringing me up this way. Love, who needs it?
    With a Green Heart: 
    Hi there, how's the farm doing?
    Everything is delicious when you live near farm country. I love to
    With a Yellow Heart:
    Oh, hi * your name * ! Come in and take it easy.
    I suppose girls should be cute, don't you agree?
    With an Orange Heart:
    Oh............w.................welcome. *Blushes.*
    I've been daydreaming and breaking dishes lately * love heart * .
    *Embarrassed face.*
    With Red Heart:
    ... ......... *Blushing tomato red.*
    Oh...sorry...ummm...what did you say? *Still blushing and looking
    A Few Events:
    * When you first go to the Inn Doug will ask you what you think of
    Ann. If you say, 'she's cute' Doug and Ann will like you more.
    * Once Ann has a purple heart she will ask you if you think she'll
    marry soon. If you say yes she'll be shocked but happy (and will
    like you more.)
    * Once you have 3 egg laying chickens she asks you to give her the
    eggs every day. She pays you for it and likes you more if you make
    sure to give her the eggs every day (and not skip a day.)
    * If Ann has at least a purple heart for you by Summer the 2nd an
    invitation will be sent to you inviting you to go to her birthday
    party. Then you are meant to see your character carrying a piece of
    paper rolled up in yellow ribbon.
    Unless you have a cupboard you can not put this paper away and it
    stays in your inventory taking up a block of inventory! This can
    get really annoying carrying it around for 15 more days especially
    if you don't have an upgraded rucksack.
    On the day of the party you have to carry the invite to get in
    otherwise the door will just be locked. The first time I tried going
    to the party there was a glitch and I didn't get the paper. Anyway
    going to the party makes Ann like you more and she likes whatever
    you give her about double as much as usual so it is a good way to get
    Ann to like you. (If you give her her favourite things wrapped up
    she will probably even gain a heart for you).
    * You see her going into the church and talking to Cliff. She asks
    him to come back but he doesn't so she walks off. This happens if
    you walk into the church between 11-3.
    * When you go to the inn and walk upstairs you see Ann giving Cliff
    a meal. This happens only after seeing the first event with Ann and
    * When you visit the square in Winter when it is snowing you will
    see Cliff collapsing. When Cliff collapses in the Winter check Cliff's
    body and you'll find a photo. Go straight to Ann and tell her about
    what happened to Cliff. Doug, Pastor Carter, the Doctor, Cliff and
    Ann *Phewph* will all like you more for doing this (although Ann and
    Cliff will like you especially more.) And if you give back the photo
    Cliff will like you even more.
    Elli - 16th of Spring (or 20th if you choose to have a birthday on
    the 16th.)
    Information: Elli is a nice girl who lives with her grandmother and
    little brother Stu. She is a nurse.
    You can find her: 
    At the Clinic from 10 am onwards. 
    Except on Wednesdays when the clinic is closed. On Wednesday's she is
    at her grandmothers house until 1 where she goes to the supermarket.
    Then she goes to her grandmothers house.
    Likes receiving: Things to cook with (like flour, eggs, and milk,)
    natural resources, and ore!!
    Really likes receiving: All kinds of flowers, girls gifts.
    Hates receiving: Wine, weeds, litter, and bugs.
    Her match: If you don't end up marrying her the doctor will.
    Things she says:
    With a Black Heart:
    Is there something wrong with you today?
    Please talk the doctor if you want medicine or an exam.
    With a Purple Heart:
    Oh, * your name * , is something wrong?
    Farming is hard work, isn't it? You need to be strong.
    With a Blue Heart:
    Oh, * your name * , is something wrong?
    My family has been involved in birthing for generations. My
    grandmother was a midwife too.
    With a Green Heart:
    There seems to be a flu going around. Take care of yourself.
    You know my grandmother, right? I want to cure the problem with her
    legs, so I'm studying here.
    With a Yellow Heart: 
    Oh, hi * your name * . You seem to be getting used to farm life.
    Why did you move to this village, * your name * ? I haven't heard the
    With an Orange Heart:
    Oh... * your name * ! Is something the matter?
    I'm happy to see you but since this is a clinic I also worry whenever
    you drop by * heart * .
    With a Red Heart:
    I may quit the clinic after I get married...
    ...I don't think I can work at both a marriage and a job...
    A Few Events:
    * When you first go into the clinic (if you don't have your arms
    full) Elli will come up to you and tell you that you have a cut.
    When she asks you how much it hurts you are supposed to say that
    you're ok. If you say, 'excruciating' she will say something snooty like,
    "Oh I asked because boys aren't supposed to feel hurt." She'll give
    you a Band-Aid (big enough to fit over your whole characters head!)
    When you walk outside you'll see Stu crying. Talk to him and give him
    the Band-Aid. Stu will like you more and stop crying. Then Elli will
    come out and notice that you gave away the Band-Aid. When she asks why
    tell her you didn't feel that bad and she'll like you more. Doing this
    option of saying it hurts excruciatingly will let her like you more than
    if you were to just say that it doesn't hurt.
    * When you just get a purple heart Elli asks you how your job is. Say,
    “it’s fun” and she will like you more. This happens when you go to
    the clinic with Elli inside.
    * If Elli is close to having a blue heart for you and you walk
    through your farm at around 12:00 Elli will come and ask you to try
    one of her sandwiches. She decides it wasn't that good and thinks
    she'll keep giving you some so you can test them and she can perfect
    her sandwich making skills. If you keep coming back at 12 (for three
    days) she'll eventually think her sandwiches are just right and be
    thankful that you helped her. She'll like you more.
    * When you walk into the clinic you'll see the doctor and her talking.
    He'll tell her she can have a break. She won't accept but will be
    * Another time you walk into the clinic the doctor will confess that
    he thinks Elli is a great nurse and that the clinic wouldn't be such
    a success without her. He thinks she is especially good at midwifery.
    * After you have seen the other events and gone into the clinic Elli
    will have a cold and the Doctor will basically tell her she should
    rest for a while.
    * After you have seen the other events and go into the clinic the
    Doctor will talk to Elli about leaving. It is obvious that Elli
    doesn't want him to leave.
    Karen - 15th of Fall (or 23rd if you choose to have a birthday on the
    Information: Karen is the supermarket owners daughter. She is known
    for her expensive taste. She is one of the hardest girls to like you
    and one of the most popular Harvest Moon girls amongst Harvest Moon
    You can find her: 
    From 8 - 10 am she is at the letter box near the supermarket. (Unless
    it is raining in which case she is inside.)
    From after 10 Karen goes inside and is behind the second door which
    you can't open unless you befriend Karen's parents.
    From 1 - 4 She stays in the supermarket near Jeff (she doesn't go
    behind the second door.)
    From 7:30 to 10 PM she is at the beach (unless raining.)
    1:30 - 4 PM on Tuesdays and Sundays she is at the hot springs unless
    it is raining in which case she is at Gotz's house.
    On Tuesdays and Sundays from 7:00 PM - 10 PM she is at the inn.
    Likes receiving: Flowers but I wouldn't use my flowers on her at first.
    I'd save them for someone who really likes flowers like Elli. She
    also likes receiving failed recipes (she is incompetent at cooking and
    I think seeing that you are just as bad makes her feel better!)
    Really likes receiving: Expensive things. Girls gifts, truffles, wine,
    Hates receiving: Most things that you cook, ore, grape juice, weeds,
    natural resources, litter, and spa boiled eggs.
    Her match: If you don't marry her Rick will.
    Things she says:
    With a Black Heart:
    What can I do for you?
    With a Purple Heart:
    Hi, how are you?
    Whenever you have a problem or something, just come talk to me.
    With a Blue Heart:
    I'm afraid that our store is not very well stocked...
    But at least we have everything you need.
    With a Green Heart: 
    My parent's fight at the drop of a hat. But my mother does most of
    the yelling...
    Then they suddenly make up. It's silly.
    With a Yellow Heart:
    Hello * your name * How are you doing?
    I'm impressed...a person my age running a farm.
    With an Orange Heart:
    Oh...h...hello. *Looks a little scared.*
    You startled me * heart * .
    With Red Heart:
    Lately I find myself thinking about you, * your name * * heart * .
    *Looking out lovingly.*
    Just kidding. But what if it were true? *Blushing madly.*
    A Few Events:
    * When you first walk into the supermarket the Doctor will walk in
    and buy something but not pay for it. Jeff being as passive as he
    is, doesn't complain. Then Duke comes in and tries doing the same
    thing. He is just about to walk out when he sees your character’s
    annoyed face. He asks if anything is wrong and you are meant to say,
    "you should pay." Then Karen walks out from the second door and
    tells Duke to pay. When Duke has gone Karen thanks you for sticking
    up for Jeff and she will like you more.
    * This happens once Karen gets a purple heart at least. When you walk
    into the hot spring she is there she will ask you if anything's wrong.
    If you say your love life or farm life she will like you more. I think
    it only happens around the afternoon.
    * Karen will come up to your farm in Spring if she has at least a blue
    heart and will give you flower seeds. If you grow the flowers Karen
    will be very happy and like you more. (This is a good time to buy
    an extra lot of seeds and to plant them at the same time because if
    you have enough flowers bees will come. You could also make the most
    of the free seed packet by planting 11 more packets to attract Anna into
    your farm so that she will give you a power berry.
    * When you walk near the church you see Karen and Rick walk down the
    path near the elves house. I tried following them but I couldn't find
    them anywhere.
    * When you walk to the poultry farm you see Rick and Karen fighting.
    Rick rambles on about how annoyed he is about Kai and Karen tells
    him not to worry. Rick gets annoyed at Karen for not saying anything
    bad about Kai and says that if she likes him so much she should marry
    him. Karen calls Rick a cad and walks off.
    * When you visit the poultry farm after seeing the other love events
    between Rick and Karen you will hear a conversation between Lillia
    and Karen about how nice Karen is and how she'd like Karen to be
    a part of the family. This happens any season except for Winter.
    * This event happens any season except Winter from at least the second
    year. Once Popuri has married (either you or Kai) Rick will be a little
    upset about Popuri leaving and him being left at the farm. Karen and
    Rick will have a little chat and a few days later they'll marry.
    Mary - 20th of Winter (or 25th if you choose to have a birthday on
    the 20th.)
    Information: Mary is the quiet librarian. She looks after her dad's
    library and even writes a few books of her own.
    You can find her:
    In the library from 10 AM - 4 PM then she goes into her house.
    If it is a Monday and the library is closed you'll find her and her
    family taking a morning stroll near the flower patch up in the
    mountains till 10.
    Then at about 10:30 you can find Mary and her mum at the supermarket.
    Once they have left there they will stay at home.
    Likes receiving: Flowers, grape juice, sweet food, and relaxation tea
    leaves (read about how to get relaxation leaves in the guide to other
    villagers about elves.)
    Really likes receiving: All natural resources, and girls gifts (but I
    think unless it's a special occasion like a birthday of hers it's not
    worth giving her a girls gift because she's happy enough with very
    cheap things.)
    Hates receiving: Weeds, wine, and litter.
    Her match: If you don't marry her Gray will.
    Things she says:
    With a Black Heart:
    Hi. You know, this library was built so the villagers could read my
    father's books.
    Where always adding books and replacing books, so you should make a
    habit of visiting the library.
    With a Purple Heart:
    This village looks like the land in a fairy tale.
    With a Blue Heart:
    Hello. Do you enjoy working the farm?
    How about teaching me about farm work. I'm here in this village,
    so I ought to learn about all sorts of things.
    With a Green Heart:
    Well, hi. You've come to read. I'm impressed.
    I like the smell of books. It's kind of like the smell of the
    forest...calming somehow.
    With a Yellow Heart:
    It seems it's always the same people who visit the library. I wish
    everybody from the village came to read books.
    With an Orange Heart:
    Oh, hello. You've come!
    I want to keep working in the library even after I get married...
    As long as there are people who visit the library.
    With a Red Heart:
    Something's the matter. I felt strange just now.
    A Few Events:
    * When you first walk into the library you hear Mary talking. She is
    saying some things for one of her books she is writing. Ask her what
    she is writing and she will like you more.
    * When Mary has at least a purple heart for you one day you will walk
    in and she will ask you if you were here to read books. If you say you
    are she'll feel really happy and like you more.
    * When Mary has at least a blue heart for you she lends you a book
    called 'The Carpenter And The King' press triangle when in your
    inventory screen to read it. Then go back to the library and tell her
    you liked the carpenter the best. She will agree and like you more.
    * When you go to the square for the first time she will tell Gray
    about how she once felt left out but the people were really nice and
    eventually she felt settled in. She says that if you don't know what
    to do then you should start thinking because you can always expect
    things to happen without knowing.
    * Some time after you have seen the first Gray 4 Mary event you will
    walk into the library and Mary will lend Gray a book.
    * Mary reads Gray a book she wrote. It was inspired by Gray and the
    character is based on Gray (although at the time Mary is too shy to
    admit it.)
    Popuri - 3rd of Summer (or the 10th if you choose to have a birthday
    on the 3rd.)
    Information: She is the girl that the villagers think is immature.
    You can find her:
    From 8 - 10 AM she will be near the hot spring with Ann.
    At 11 she'll be back at the poultry farm and will stay there for the
    rest of the day.
    On Sundays from 10 am to 4 she will be at church.
    In the Summer from Sun - Mon 12 - 5 she'll be at the beach.
    Likes receiving: She likes receiving flowers (the yellow ones in spring,)
    WEEDS! She likes receiving just any egg but I would recommend not giving
    her plain eggs but spa boiled ones because she really loves them.
    Really likes receiving: She really likes receiving the white flowers
    in Spring or the Summer flowers (Pink Mint Flower.) Things made from
    egg (spa boiled, fried etc.,) and relaxation tea.
    Hates receiving: The natural resources (unless it is something sweet
    like a berry.) Ore.
    Her match: Kai will marry her if you don't.
    Things she says:
    With a Black Heart:
    Can I help you?
    With a Purple Heart:
    Do you like farming? For me it's boring.
    This is a secret, OK? *Looks at you with an angry expression as if
    she would consider doing something evil if you didn't keep the secret.*
    (not that you could tell the secret anyway because you never talk. She
    should know that by now.)
    With a Blue Heart:
    You're nice, not like my brother.
    My brother can't separate from me. ...I'll tell you the story some day
    (she never does.)
    With a Green Heart:
    What was it like where you used to live?
    I want to go places.
    With a Yellow Heart:
    My brother talks a lot about you. He likes you.
    I respect you too.
    With an Orange Heart:
    What do you think about me, * your name * ? *blushes.*
    Everybody says I'm immature. What do you think? *Has a face that shows
    her eagerly waiting for your response.*
    With a Red Heart:
    Oh * your name * ... You always treat me like an adult.
    I used to like flashy guys, but now I think quiet guys like you are
    better * heart * .
    A Few Events:
    * When you first walk near the poultry farm you'll see Popuri and
    Rick fighting about their chicken Pon dying. Rick will ask you to
    find her from the mountain and bring her back because he can't. Go
    to the mountain and find her. When she explains what happened say,
    “my sympathies” and she'll like you more.
    * When Popuri is close to a blue heart you will walk through the
    poultry farm and walk right up to Popuri who is outside. She will
    tell you about how she wants to leave. Tell her that would be cool
    and she will like you more strangely enough (I would have thought
    saying that would make her annoyed at you wanting her to go away.)
    * When you have an extended chicken coop Popuri will come and tell
    you to look after an egg. I heard you are meant to call the chicken
    Popuri and she will like you more. She is meant to visit back once
    the egg has hatched and take the egg and see what you named it yet
    when I tried it in another game she never took it back!!! For this
    event to occur it must be either Summer or Winter and Popuri must
    like you with at least a blue heart.
    * About one or two days before Summer you'll see Popuri and little
    May greeting Kai.
    * When you first go to the poultry farm in the Summer Popuri and
    Kai will talk for a while.
    * A few times you go to the beach and find Kai and Popuri talking.
    Popuri will be blushing like mad.
    * If Popuri and Kai get really close they will decide to go away
    together but not tell anyone except for you. Kai tells you thinking
    that you will keep the secret. When Rick asks you where they are you
    can either tell and Rick will like you more and Kai will never know
    you told. Or you can not tell and then Popuri and Kai will get
    married. This event will happen from at least the second year.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    To allow your character to marry one of the girls you not only need
    the girl to have an orange or red heart, and to show her the blue
    feather but you also need to have at least all of the house
    extensions other than the hot house.
    You can't just be lazy and decide to maybe do all of the things
    required for marriage in the end of the 3rd year because if you decide
    to wait that long your rivals will probably beat you to it. Each of the
    girls has a guy that will marry a girl if you don't. Here is a quick
    guide on who will go with who if you're too slow:
    Ann - Cliff (unless a certain evil thing happens see Cliff's section
    for more details.)
    Elli - Doctor.
    Mary - Gray.
    Karen - Rick.
    Popuri - Kai (the last event about leaving has to happen before these
    two marry.)
    Once you have proposed to one of the girls the other girls will go
    ahead and marry their matches. You will be guaranteed to be able to
    marry the girl if you propose to her in the first year. How quickly
    a girl and the 'other boy' marry depends on how many cut scenes
    you've seen with the girl and the guy. The girl you want to marry
    could marry your rival guy sooner than half way between the second
    year so you should get your act together and propose ASAP or you'll
    be beaten to it by the rival!
    When you propose and the girl has a red heart for you and you have
    all of the needed extensions the girl usually says something that
    doesn’t quite sound like a yes. For example some of the girls act
    really freaked out when you ask and they don’t seem to accept the
    proposal because they say things like, “ I'll think about it” or,
    “I'll have to ask.” A way that you can tell if they accepted is by
    going into your inventory menu and checking if the blue feather is
    still there. If it isn’t in your inventory anymore then the girl
    accepted and she will marry you in about a week.
    Once you have chosen your wife you can't go back and propose to
    someone else (unless you just reload the game without saving and
    choose another wife or make multiple copies of a game where all the
    girls have a red heart and propose to each of the girls on separate
    memory files.) However you can break up with your wife by neglecting
    her. She leaves you once she gets a blue heart or less. This is why
    you should try talking to her at least once every day (it's simple
    enough and at least you don't have to give her gifts every day) so
    that therefore she won't think you're neglecting her. 
    NOTE: You can only buy one blue feather in the game therefore you
    can not break up with your wife and then choose someone else to marry.
    Reasons For Marriage:
    * Marriage is good because if you are married it means you can’t
    possibly be sent out of the village even if none of the villagers
    apart from the girl likes you.
    * You get extra percentages.
    * You will make one lucky girl really happy.
    * You can have a son and watch him grow (although the oldest it can
    be is a toddler.)
    Reasons Against Marriage:
    * If you marry, one of the guys will feel heartbroken. He won’t like
    you less, and he doesn’t act heartbroken but he would be. Okay it's a
    dodgy reason I know.
    * If you don’t marry there will be more of a challenge to stay in the
    village. (This might be considered as a good thing.) If you stay in
    the village you will feel proud that you stayed in without having to
    get married.
    * If you are married to someone you can’t go to the festivals with
    anyone else even if you just want to go with another girl as a friend.
    * You can’t see any more events with the other girls liking you more.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    (Getting the villagers to like you.)
    Note: Everyone except for Saibara, Won, and Doug loves it when you give
    them girls gifts!!! Zack especially loves the girls gifts.
    ANOTHER NOTE: When I mention 'girls gifts' or 'girls presents' I'm
    referring to the jewellery that Saibara makes.
    Note: The events that are below are some of the main events that
    happen between the first and third year (unless you don’t visit the
    place until later.)
    Anna - 23rd of Fall
    Information: Anna is Mary's mother and is married to Basil. 
    You can find her: 
    Every day except for Monday she will stay in her house until about 1. 
    Then she will go and meet up with her friends (Manna, and Sasha.) She
    will arrive back at her house at 4:00.
    On Monday mornings she will be out with her family in the flower patch
    up in the mountain until 10 am. She arrives at the supermarket at
    about 11.
    Likes receiving: Things to cook with that you ship like eggs and
    milk, red grass. She really likes to get flowers, girls gifts,
    cookies, cheesecake (sweet food you cook,) and relaxation tea leaves.
    Hates receiving: Ore, wine, weeds, and spa boiled eggs.
    Her match: Basil of course.
    * If you plant at least 90 flowers at the same time Anna will come
    when the flowers are blooming and tell her she can have as many as
    she wants. She'll give you a power berry.
    Barley - 17th of Spring
    Information: Barley is a sweet old man. He lives with his
    granddaughter May.
    You can find him:
    He usually always stays at his ranch from 9 onwards.
    On Mondays from 9 he goes to the Mayor's house then he goes to the
    hot spring with May at about 1 - 3.
    Likes receiving: Things you cook, and flowers. He really likes spa
    boiled eggs.
    Hates receiving: Litter, ore, and natural resources.
    His match: None anymore * sob * .
    * He is the one that gives you the horse. Before the first Summer
    go to his ranch and you will see him and May with a horse. They
    explain how they want someone to look after it and then you can
    volunteer to take it. Both May and Barley will like you more from
    doing this. They will like you especially more if you win a horse
    race with it. If you neglect your horse Barley will take it away
    but you can get it back by planting about 40 fodder squares.
    * One day he walks up to you and tells you May is missing. At 7:00 go
    to the beach and you will find May (I'm sorry but I've forgotten if
    it was AM or PM so you'll have to check for yourself.) May will tell
    you about her mum and you should listen. Then you return her home.
    Both Barley and May feel grateful towards you. This event only happens
    once Barley and May like you.
    * This is more an event that has to do with May but I'll put it here
    anyway. One day May comes to your farm and asks if she can help you.
    Barley follows her and tells her basically that she shouldn't bother
    others and that they are busy working. May gets annoyed because she
    feels that everyone is busy. Barley asks you if you can find someone
    who can look after her. Go to the church and Carter will say he's
    happy to look after her. Then you'll see Stu coming over. He will
    say that he is annoyed that everyone is busy too and Carter will
    talk about how he can look after them both.
    * Once Barley and May like you you can take your dog over to the Barleys
    place and show the dog to Barley, May, and the dog. I've forgotten
    quite how this works but I think they ask if they can keep your
    dog at their house for a while. Days later Barley and May tell you
    that their dog has had puppies and that your dog is the father. You
    can't keep the puppy but you can give it away to someone. The girls
    really like it.
    * The day before the cow or sheep festivals he comes and asks you if
    you want to enter a cow/sheep and tells you that the cow/sheep
    festival is tomorrow.
    Basil - 11th of Summer
    Information: Basil is Mary's father and is married to Anna. He is a
    nature lover.
    Where to find him:
    Usually he just stays in his house. Sometimes he is actually in his
    room but it is locked and the only way to get him is to befriend him
    and his family.
    On Monday mornings he is with his family at the flower patch in the
    He goes to the pub at around 7:30 PM .
    Likes receiving: He likes receiving natural resources. He really
    likes flowers, and spa boiled eggs.
    Hates receiving: Fish, ore, and weeds.
    His match: Anna.
    * None that I can think of.
    Carter - 20th of Fall.
    Information: Carter is the very nice priest with a sense of humour.
    Where to find him:
    Err gees that's a tough question *sarcasticness.* He is at church of
    course. Sometimes when you go to the church he is at the confession
    box so you can't talk to him unless you confess.
    Likes receiving: Spa boiled eggs, flowers, and popcorn.
    Hates receiving: Ore.
    His match: He is a priest he doesn't have a match. That would be
    disloyal to the priest code if he did.
    * He asks you to go to the music festival and play something. He is
    eternally grateful if you say yes.
    * When your animal dies he is always there for you.
    Cliff - 6th of Summer.
    Information: He's a shy, nice guy. He's a LEGEND and one of my
    favourite male characters in the game! ^_^ u gotta love him.
    Where to find him: 
    In the day time he is at church but from 5:00 onwards he stays at the
    Likes receiving: He loves it when you give him spa boiled eggs,
    flowers, and sweet food.
    Hates receiving: Ore, weeds, and natural resources.
    His match: ME!!! No not really *sob.* Cliff will marry Ann if you
    don’t It's a bit disturbing that Cliff and Ann get together because
    Ann reminds Cliff of his sister.
    * See Ann's events.
    Fall Duke will try giving you a job of harvesting grapes. He will
    tell you that you can bring one other person. Ask Cliff to have the
    job (don't try asking anyone else beforehand or the option of asking
    Cliff will disappear and you won't be able to save him.) Cliff will
    be very grateful if you give him the job and it will mean that he
    will stay in the village. If you do not give him the job he will
    talk about not having anything to do in the village and not having
    much money and will leave *sob* .
    Doctor - Fall the 17th.
    Information: He is the guy that is known only as 'Doctor.' He isn't
    known for showing emotions or expressions.
    Where to find him:
    You can find him in the clinic most of the time except on Wednesdays
    where he turns up at the mountain from the start of the day till about
    10 AM when he goes to the clinic.
    Then at 2 he goes to the library.
    Likes receiving: He loves wine and likes grass (not fodder but the
    natural resource kind.)
    Hates receiving: Ore.
    His match: Elli if you don't marry her.
    * Sometimes when you walk into the clinic he talks to Elli about how
    she is a great nurse. For more details see Elli's section.
    Doug - 11th of Winter.
    Information: He is Ann’s dad. He works at the inn.
    Where to find him: 
    He is always at the inn.
    Likes receiving: He loves it when you give him wine, truffles and
    grapes, fish, and apples. He also likes mushrooms, and eggs.
    Hates receiving: Flowers, girls gifts, ore and most natural resources.
    His match: No one anymore.
    * None.
    Duke - 15th of Winter.
    Information: He is the man who has an addiction to alcohol. Ever
    since his daughter Aja left he drinks himself to sleep. 
    Where to find him:
    From 9 - 10 AM he is in the winery.
    From 10 - about 1 he is in the cellar.
    From 1 - 5 PM he is outside the winery picking grapes and pacing up
    and down near the grapes.
    From 7:30 - about 10:30 PM he is in the inn. Afterwards he walks back
    to his winery.
    Likes receiving: He really loves it when you give him wine, girls
    gifts, apples, or grapes.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and weeds.
    His match: He's married to Manna.
    * Well he gives you the job that keeps Cliff in the village. * See
    Cliffs section for more details about that. *
    * One day when you walk into the inn Duke will be lying on the floor
    and drunk. You pick up the glass of water and press the X button to
    throw it at him to splash him (be careful not to just throw the glass
    and smash it which I have done accidentally a few times.) This will
    make him come to his senses and he will like you more. For this event
    to occur Duke has to like you.
    Ellen - 13th of Winter.
    Information: Ellen is the old lady who is Elli and Stu's Grandmother.
    She is into nature (she talks a lot about the smell of the grass and
    the mushrooms which people are kind enough to give her.)
    Where to find her:
    She is always in her house unless it's a very important celebration
    like a wedding. You can go into her house from 9 till 5 or so.
    Likes receiving: Flowers, wool, hot milk, natural resources (except
    the poisonous mushroom of course,) things you cook that wouldn't be
    considered just for the young people (preferably nutritious,) and
    apple pie.
    Hates receiving: Food that would be considered for the children
    (really sweet foods like popcorn, and ice cream or things to eat that
    are too hard like an apple.) She also hates receiving ore.
    Her match: No one anymore.
    * None that I know of except for the mayor apple pie one (which I
    describe fully in the mayor's section.)
    Aqua - 26th of Spring
    Bold - 4th of Spring
    Chef - 14th of Fall
    Hoggy - 10th of Fall
    Nappy - 22nd of Winter (The birthday isn't mentioned in the booklet)
    Staid - 15th of Spring
    Timid - 16th of Summer
    Information: They all look the same except for their clothes. They
    all can work for you unless it is the Spring when they have their tea
    Where to find them:
    They are ALWAYS in their little hut behind the church.
    Like receiving: They are all happy getting basically anything. Don't
    show them an animal the size of your dog or bigger because it scares
    Hate receiving: They all don't like the minerals, and animals larger
    than them.
    Their match: None unless they all like each other.
    * It's the event that some of you have been waiting to be
    Once you have the biggest backpack you are able to do this trick:
    In the Spring the elves can't work for you because they are busy
    having their party. Go to the sprites house at 3 PM - 4 PM and bring
    a present for each of them (I always bring 9 just in case the party
    isn't on and I have to walk out and straight back in again.) Once
    you've given them each a present they will let you join in with their
    party. When the party is finished and you are about to leave they will
    give you relaxation tea leaves. You can make tea from them, give them
    to someone (the ladies love them) or sell it for 1000g!!!
    Gotz - 2nd of Fall
    Information: Gotz is the friendly woodcutter. 
    Where to find him:
    He is usually around his house. Except on the days he isn't working
    when he goes to Mayor Thomas's.
    In the mornings you can find him in the flower patch area or sometimes
    near the lake.
    At around 9 AM he goes back to his house.
    Likes receiving: Wood, and ore.
    Hates receiving: Sticks (strangely enough,) rubbish, and flowers.
    His match: No one.
    * The third time you keep giving the goddess things from your farm
    the goddess will give you wood. Gotz will come up and take it (for a
    price) and then like you more.
    Gray - 6th of Winter
    Information: Gray is the guy that seems a bit depressed. He doesn't
    really like the village.
    Where to find him:
    8:00 AM - 1:00 Gray is at Saibara's.
    From 1:00 till 4 he is at the library.
    Gray leaves at 4 and goes to the inn.
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him minerals
    from the mine. He also likes flowers but not as much.
    Hates receiving: Natural resources, rubbish.
    His match: If you don't go with Mary he will.
    * See the section on Mary to find out most of his events.
    * There is also an event where you walk into Saibara's workshop and
    see Gray. He hurts himself on the burner. Saibara gives him some
    treatment. It shows that Saibara likes him now. Saibara and Gray have
    to like you a little for you to be able to see this event.
    * Gray has to like you before this event takes place. This event can't
    happen in Winter. One day Gray will turn up in your farm and try
    helping you. He'll pull out all of your weeds!! The next day he'll make
    a hammer that doesn't work and the day after that he'll apologise for
    being annoying. When this event occurs Gray will like you more.
    Greg - 29th of Spring
    Information: Greg is the fisher.
    Where to find him:
    The only place he ever hangs out is the beach.
    From Friday - Sunday about 7:30 PM - 10 he is at the very end of the
    jetty fishing.
    On the weekends you can see him in the morning fishing too sometimes
    until about 11 AM.
    Likes receiving: Fish (of course) although he doesn't like the little
    fish because you can't cook anything with them.
    Hates receiving: Rubbish, and ore.
    His match: No one.
    * When you first talk to Greg he will ask you if you like fishing. If
    you say, “yes” he will give you a fishing rod.
    * Once you have at least 50 fish in your pond Greg comes over and says,
    "whoa that's a lot of fish" and give you the fishing pole which is a
    better version of the fishing pole. Your chances of catching fish
    NOTE: getting 50 fish isn't that hard if you know this: When you catch
    fish put them in the pond and make sure you feed them every day.
    When you feed them it makes sure the fish don't die and your fish
    multiply. Also the beach is not the best place to fish. Fishing by
    the mini river on the bridge gives you such a better chance of
    catching fish. Just before winter take out the fish in the pond and
    put them in the fridge. In winter the pond is frozen over so put the
    fish in the fridge instead of the pond. Then when winter is over put
    the fish from the fridge into the pond and they will still be alive
    (strangely enough.)
    Harris - 4th of Summer
    Information: Harris is the policeman who wants a little more action
    in his life because the village doesn't have much crime going on at
    Where to find him: 7:30 - 10:00 AM Harris visits Yodel Ranch.
    From 10:00 - 12 he should be at Gotz's house.
    At 12 - about 3 PM you can find him at the Inn.
    Then he goes to Mayor Thomas's.
    Likes receiving: Flowers.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and natural resources.
    OF THE PLOT RUINED. He likes Aja.
    * One night when going down near Gotz's house Harris and a few other
    villagers will be huddled around. They will be discussing a strange
    eerie shadow being found. I won't explain what the shadow is of
    because I want you to be surprised.
    * The first time you walk into the inn in the second year you will
    hear about a thief who has sneaked into the inn and keeps eating
    cakes. You will be asked to help find out who the thief is. Go into
    the normally locked room then walk out again to trigger a scene
    about the thief.
    get Harris to like you a lot he will come over one day and tell you
    about his love for Aja. He considers writing a letter. Tell Manna and
    letters will be sent to Aja about Harris loving her. A long distance
    relationship will occur. Harris will like you more for telling Manna.
    Jeff - 29th of Winter
    Information: Jeff is the man at the supermarket that 'always has a
    stomach.' He is rather passive. He loves painting and in the Gamecube
    version of Harvest Moon there is a picture which he painted. He's
    one of my favourite characters.
    Where to find him: 
    Unless it is a Tuesday or a Sunday he is always at his supermarket.
    On Tuesdays and Sundays he is either inside with the door locked or
    at the clinic.
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him medicine. He
    also likes spa boiled eggs and flowers.
    Hates receiving: Weeds, and ore.
    His match: He is married to Sasha. He has loved her since he was a
    teenager but often gets into fights with her.
    * One day Jeff goes on a sale (he doesn't offer you anything cheaper
    though) out of happiness. The villagers think it is because he is
    having problems with his bills due to their not paying and think he
    is going to close down. Many villagers pay back everything that they
    owe him. Jeff is really happy. Jeff has to like you for this event
    to happen.
    Kai - 22nd of Summer
    Information: Kai is the villager every male villager loves to hate.
    The females all like him though.
    Where to find him:
    From 1 - 5 PM you can find him at the beach outside. Before then he
    is inside the white hut which you can't enter.
    From 7:30 PM onwards he will be at the inn.
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him wine, flowers,
    and girls gifts. He likes eggs, and popcorn.
    Hates receiving: Spa boiled eggs, ore, and natural resources.
    His match: If you don't marry Popuri he will.
    * See Popuri's section.
    * When you first go to the inn in Summer you will see Kai. Duke and
    Rick fighting with Kai and will say they don't want him at the inn.
    They will ask what you think. You can either say Kai's wrong and make
    Rick and Duke like you more but Kai to not like you as much and to be
    annoyed. If you say, "you're both wrong” meaning that Duke and Rick
    are wrong. Kai will be grateful and like you more. Rick will kind of
    understand the way you feel.
    * If you plant corn Kai will ask you if you can give him some. You
    can either give it to him for free, discounted, or for the normal
    price. If you give him it for free he'll like you more. Annoyingly
    enough the game does this any time when you get corn and sometimes the
    only way you can give Kai corn is to cut down a side corn and give
    him one from the middle.
    * You can possibly go out on a date with Kai!!! This only works if Kai
    likes you. The day before the fireworks festival in the second year
    (it may work in the first year if you are friends with him) talk to
    Kai. He will say that there is nothing good to do in the village. You
    can invite him to go to the fireworks festival. Then on the night
    Popuri will come over and ask who Kai is watching the fireworks with.
    He will tell her he's watching them with your character. Popuri will
    be relieved. You'll try going to the beach but Rick will fight with
    Kai and yell at him about seeing the fireworks. You and Kai will have
    to watch the fireworks somewhere else. Kai will like you more for
    staying with him.
    * The day after a hurricane when you walk to the beach you will
    pick up a bottle. Kai will be interested in it. He will ask if you
    are going to stay in the village. If you tell him, “yes forever” he
    will give you a ‘love potion.’ It is perfume that you can give to a
    girl and she really likes it but I liked just showing it around to
    the villagers first. If you say you'll leave you can keep the bottle
    and he'll like you slightly more but I prefer just getting the
    Kano - 2nd of Winter
    Information: Kano lives with Mayor Thomas. He is a photographer who
    at first only brags to you about himself and his great photographing
    Where to find him:
    He stays at the mayors house all day.
    At night at 7:30 he goes to the inn. He walks back to the mayors house
    at 10:00.
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him flowers, and
    spa boiled eggs. He likes ore.
    Hates receiving: Natural resources.
    His match: No one.
    * When you win events he takes a photo of you.
    Lillia - 19th of Spring
    Information: She is the sick mother of Rick and Popuri. She works at
    the Poultry farm.
    Where to find her:
    She is at the poultry farm from 12:00 - 4:00.
    On Sundays if she isn't inside the poultry farm she is at the clinic.
    Likes receiving: She really likes it when you give her a bracelet. She
    also likes flowers and medicine.
    Hates receiving: Spa boiled eggs, natural resources, and wine.
    Her match: She has a husband but he is constantly away looking for a
    cure to her sickness. She feels very lonely.
    * None.
    Louis - 2nd of Spring
    Information: He studies bees. He hangs out with Gotz.
    Where to find him:
    He's around where Gotz is. If Gotz is outside his house Louis is
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him honey. He also
    likes flowers.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and weeds.
    His match: None.
    * About three days after you give him honey he will go to your farm
    and look at your bees. He will realize that the bees you have are very
    rare and the ones he has been desperately wanting to find. He will
    tell Zack how rare the honey is and you will get more money for your
    honey (normally 40g now 60g.)
    B.T.W. in case you're wondering how you get honey you plant a few
    flowers in your farm and it will attract bees. You only need about
    2 bags of fully grown flowers in your farm at the same time (meaning
    don't grow one bag in Summer and one in Fall) and bees will stay at
    your farm forever. You don't even have to keep growing flowers for
    them to stay!
    Manna - 11th of Fall
    Information: She works at the winery. She talks a lot and has, ever
    since her daughter left.
    Where to find her: From 9 AM - 1 you will find her at the winery unless
    it is a Saturday when she doesn't work.
    1 - 4 she hangs out at the square with her friends (Sasha and Anna.)
    Except on Mondays when she goes to the supermarket.
    Likes receiving: She likes the recipe for ketchup that you found whilst
    mining. She also likes it when you give her grape juice, apples, and
    grapes. She loves flowers.
    Hates receiving: Ore, wine, weeds, and litter.
    Her match: She's married to Duke.
    * None really except for a few previously mentioned ones.
    May - 26th of Winter
    Information: She is Barley's granddaughter.
    Where to find her:
    It depends on how far the story has progressed. At first she is always
    with Barley but after a while she goes to the church too.
    Likes receiving: Spa boiled eggs, old boots and cans from fishing,
    and flowers, the recipe found in a bottle whilst fishing in the sea.
    Hates receiving: Bones of fish, and ore.
    Her match: Stu.
    * See Barley's section.
    * SEMI PLOT SPOILER: Once she really likes you and she goes to church
    you'll go near the church and see her. She'll talk about loving you.
    Stu gets jealous (it's cute.) There are two things you can say to her.
    Tell her that when she's older you'd be with her. She gets happy. Stu
    says he's angry with you and storms into the church. Then when you go
    into the church Stu and May start fighting. Pastor Carter breaks up
    the fight. Stu doesn't like you any less from this event. The next
    day May sends you a thank you letter.
    Rick - 27th of Fall
    Information: Rick is Lillia's daughter. He helps delivering things at
    the poultry farm.
    Where to find him:
    From 9 AM - 10 AM he is with Karen at the letter box near the
    From 12 - 4 he works at the poultry farm.
    On Tuesdays Rick visits Saibara 1:30 - 4 PM.
    From 7:30 - 10 he is in the inn.
    Likes receiving: Spa boiled eggs, wine, flowers, and chicken food!!!
    Hates receiving: Natural resources (apart from berries and grapes,)
    and ore.
    His match: If you don't marry Karen he will.
    * See Popuri and Karen's sections.
    * Once you have upgraded your chicken coop and have at least 5 vacant
    spots for chickens Rick will come over and ask you to look after five
    of his chickens. He will even let you keep the eggs. :D
    Saibara - 11th of Spring
    Information: He is a blacksmith who works at Saibara's workshop. He
    is rather hard on his grandson Gray because he thinks it will make
    Gray work better.
    Where to find him:
    He'll stay in his workshop and house all day. He will work there from
    10 - 4.
    At 7:30 PM he goes to the inn and comes back at 10:00.
    Likes receiving: He really likes ore.
    Hates receiving: He is one of the only people who hates receiving girls
    gifts. He also hates when you give him natural resources, and flowers.
    His match: No one.
    * One event that I describe in Grays section.
    Sasha - 30th of Spring
    Information: She is Karen's mother. 
    Where to find her:
    She spends most of her time beyond the second door at the supermarket.
    From 1 - 4 she is at the square with her friends.
    On Tuesdays and Sundays in the morning she visits the animal ranches
    and then Ellen.
    Likes receiving: Flowers, berries and flour.
    Hates receiving: Egg related things, natural resources, ore, and weeds.
    Her match: She is married to Jeff.
    * In Jeff's section.
    Stu - 5th of Fall
    Information: He is the grandson of Ellen and his sister is Elli. He
    likes showing her bugs and scaring her with them.
    Where to find him:
    At first he is always at Ellen's house but if you progress a bit further
    he will start going to the church after a cut scene.
    Likes receiving: He really likes it when you give him sandwiches. He
    also likes flowers, bugs, and ice cream.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and natural resources.
    His match: May (so cute.) ^.^
    * See May's events.
    Thomas The Mayor - 25th of Summer
    Information: Thomas is the bright and usually always cheerful mayor.
    Where to find him:
    He is usually at his house. He goes to the square on Sundays and the day
    before important events.
    Likes receiving: Flowers.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and rubbish.
    His match: No one.
    * On the first Spring on the 16th the mayor asks you to grow three
    turnips for him. You have to give them to him at the same time and
    the day before the festival or earlier. He likes you more if you do.
    If you say you're too busy not only does the mayor like you less
    but all the girls do too!
    * One day he comes over and asks you to take apple pie from the inn
    to Ellen. If you do, not only will the mayor be happy and like you
    more Ellen will too!
    Won - 19th of Winter
    Information: Won is the sneaky con man who you can not always trust
    with his prices.
    Where to find him:
    He will be at the inn from about 12 - 4 PM (he magically appears inside
    without you seeing him walking to the inn.)
    Likes receiving: Anything from the supermarket! He also likes eggs,
    flowers and grape juice.
    Hates receiving: Weeds, and ore.
    His match: No one.
    * There is an event where Harris goes up to you and tells you that
    there is an untrustworthy salesman roaming around the village (Won.)
    Then Won comes up after Harris leaves and stays at your farm under the
    tree for a while. Later some stage Harris can be found at the square
    and you can tell him where Won was (which will make Harris like you
    more.) Unfortunately after Harris has left Won walks right into the
    square so won doesn't get caught. Then go find Harris at Gotz's house.
    * Every now and then he tries selling you things. One day he tries
    selling you a normal apple for 500G!!! He forces you to buy a ball
    from him. Sometimes there is a glitch and he thinks he hasn't sold
    you a ball when he has so you'll be forced to pay for an extra ball!
    To avoid this carry the ball outside whenever you walk out from your
    farm after sleeping. Never buy things he sells in cut scenes (except
    for the ball a nice rug, and a vase which you'd never be able to buy
    any other way,) because he rips you off in cut scenes. He even tries
    selling you a blue feather for 30,000 (incredible rip off).
    Zack - 29th of Summer
    Information: Zack is known as 'the buyer.' He buys the things you ship
    in a day and sells them to others.
    Where to find him: At around 8 AM he goes to the supermarket.
    At exactly 5:00 PM Zack will come and buy the things you have shipped
    at the front of your farm with the main shipment box.
    I sometimes see him walking from Saibara's at around 6:00 PM.
    Likes receiving: He really, really likes when you give him girls gifts
    and Orichalcum (the thing that you use to make girls gifts.) He also likes
    tomatoes, and flowers.
    Hates receiving: Ore, and weeds.
    His match: ANOTHER SECRET SPOILER TOLD. He likes.... Lillia.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    About a season after marriage if your wife still loves you with at least
    an orange heart your wife will start to feel like something is wrong.
    On that day you should go to the doctor. You will see your wife there.
    She will be talking to the doctor and the doctor will tell her she is
    pregnant. When you go up to your wife she will be shocked at first and
    tell you the news. Your character and the wife will be very happy.
    When you go home your wife will start saying things that are different
    from what she used to say. There are 3 different stages of saying different
    things. When it is her third stage of saying something different you know
    that she is close to having her baby. Soon you will wake up and your
    wife will be giving birth.
    Your baby loves: Hot milk, and flowers.
    Unfortunately you can't give your baby gifts when it is first born.
    Your wife will hold onto it for a season and you'll only be able to
    talk to your wife and not the baby. Talking to your wife twice every
    day when she holds the baby is an easy way of getting the baby to like
    you more. After a season when it starts crawling you can give it gifts
    (not only that but you can pick it up and show it to the villagers.)
    Try giving it some flowers and hot milk every day to ensure that the
    babies heart level will go up quickly (you get a percentage for each
    heart you get.) It will then start walking and running (but it is kind
    of hard to tell that it is standing up at first until you look closely.)
    The running is the oldest stage that your baby gets.
    15 days after the baby is born your wife tells you the baby is sick.
    If you take it to the clinic your wife will like you more.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Spring Natural Resources:
    Resource: Location: Price: 
    3 Bamboo Shoots: 3 By The Hot Spring. 50g each. 
    2 Blue Grass: 1 By Gotz's House, One By Hot Spring. 100g each. 
    Amount: Price: 
    ALTOGETHER IN A DAY: 350 g. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A WEEK: 2450 g. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A MONTH: 10500 g. 
    Summer Natural Resources:
    2 Red Grass: 1 By Hot Spring, 1 By Gotz's House. 100 g each. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A DAY: 200 g. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A WEEK: 1400 g. 
    Fall Natural Resources:
    4 Mushrooms: 4 Around The Forest. 70 g each. 
    1 Poisonous Mushroom: 1 By Gotz's House. 100 g each. 
    2 Berries: 2 By Lake. 50 g each. 
    1 Truffle: 1 By The Bridge In Small Pathway. 500 g each. 
    2 Green Grass: 1 By Gotz's House, One By Hot Spring. 100 g each. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A DAY: 1180 g. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A WEEK: 8260 g. 
    ALTOGETHER IN A MONTH: 35400 g. 
    Winter Natural Resources:
    All Of The Natural Resources Added Up In A Year: 51900 g.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    How Long It Takes For Animals To Become Old Enough To Give You
    Things That You Can Ship:
    * Brought Chicken: It takes 3 proper days of feeding until the chicken
    can lay eggs for you to ship (unless it already likes you because you
    got one with hearts using the exchange animals trick in which case it
    will only take 1 day of feeding until it lays eggs for you.)
    * Hatched Chicken: The egg stays in the incubator for three days until
    it hatches. It takes about 7 days of proper feeding until it becomes a
    chicken and it will lay an egg after about 10 days when it has a heart
    for you.
    * Brought Cow: When you buy a cow it takes 15 days of feeding it until
    it can make milk.
    * M.P. Cow: The cow is pregnant for 20 days. It takes 30 days for the
    baby cow to give milk.
    * Brought Sheep: When you buy one it is ready to be sheered straight
    * M.P. Sheep: The sheep is pregnant for 20 days. It takes 15 days for
    the baby sheep to be able to give wool.
    Looking After Your Animals:
    * Chicken: Just feed them with chicken feed (from Lillia's or made from
    corn with your silo.) When you have grass you can take it outside
    instead of using up chicken feed. When it is raining take them inside
    again or they'll get sick. Have a fence so mad dogs don't attack the
    chickens (can be made of wood or rocks.) Make sure you don't forget to
    feed them. If you don't feed them one day they won't give eggs for
    three days. Can enter Sumo Chicken Festival.
    * Cow: Just like looking after your chickens except you should also
    brush your cows. Can enter cow festival and make golden milk if it
    * Dog: Pick it up once every day. From the first Fall you can train
    it with the ball Won forces you to buy. He can win the dog festival
    for you if he is trained well enough. He can try chasing away wild
    dogs but not very well (you hear him barking but he only chases the
    wild dog away when it is near it and by the time he gets near it the
    wild dog could scare your animal and make your animals like you less.
    * Horse: Brush it and talk to it every day. Eventually when it's old
    enough you won't be able to talk to it and you can ride it. It has
    a pouch that will send things to the shipping basket which is handy
    when making crops outside.
    * Sheep: Just like looking after your cows. Can enter sheep festival
    and it makes golden wool if it wins.
    The Quality Of Your Shipments:
    The more the animals like you the better quality the animals shipping
    goods will be.
    Normal Quality/Small: When your animal has 0-3 hearts.
    Good Quality/Medium: 4-7 hearts.
    Excellent Quality/Large: 8-10 hearts.
    Gold: Win the *insert animal type here* Festival.
    Animal Related Shipment Money Amount
    Chicken related:
    Normal/Small Egg: 50g
    Good/Medium Egg: 50g
    Excellent/Large Egg: 50g
    Grand/Golden Egg: 150g
    Normal/Small Mayonnaise: 100g
    Good/Medium Mayonnaise: 150g
    Excellent/Large Mayonnaise: 200g
    Grand/Golden Mayonnaise: 300g
    Cow related:
    Normal/Small Milk: 100g
    Good/Medium Milk: 150g
    Excellent/Large Milk: 200g
    Grand/Golden Milk: 300g
    Normal/Small Cheese: 300g
    Good/Medium Cheese: 400g
    Excellent/Large Cheese: 500g
    Grand/Golden Cheese: 600g
    Sheep related:
    Normal/Small Wool: 100g
    Good/Medium Wool: 400g
    Excellent/Large Wool: 500g
    Grand/Golden Wool: 600g
    Normal/Small Yarn: 300
    Good/Medium Yarn: 700
    Excellent/Large Yarn: 800
    Grand/Golden Yarn: 1,000
    Small: 50
    Medium: 120
    Large: 200
    Selling Animals: You can only sell the animals that you can ship things
    from. You should only sell your animals if they are about to die (3.5
    years of age) or if you decided you don't like the selection of
    animals you have (for example you have 20 sheep but then decide you
    want 10 cows and 10 sheep.)
    The Animal Debate: A lot of people wonder what is better. 20 cows,
    20 sheep, or 10 cows and 10 sheep. Well when you think logically
    about the money altogether cows are giving you a lot more (sheep wool can
    give up to double the amount of money cows milk can but they only
    give wool once a fortnight whilst cows give milk every day so therefore
    you'll on the longrun be getting a lot more money with cows than with
    sheep. In two weeks with a small milk giving cow you'd get 4200g and
    with a golden sheep in two weeks you'd get 600g.) However a few people
    would prefer having all sheep because it would take less time shearing
    them (think about it you probably won't have your sheep giving wool at
    the same time so every day you'll have less actual real life time
    being taken up.) Having all sheep would also be better for space.
    Having all cows can be a little annoying when your trying to get to
    certain spots because they are bigger so they block more. Taking all
    of these points into concideration you may decide to have 10 cows
    and 10 sheep which is fair enough. In fact I think if the points I
    made towards having sheep got you interested you should definately
    have 10 cows and 10 sheep (not 20 sheep) because cows give you an
    incredibly bigger amount of money than sheep and you shouldn't just
    ignore that fact.
    About The Miracle Potion: I've heard people talking about how 'great'
    the miracle potion is and how, "it saves you a lot of money." Well
    they're wrong. I've done the calculations and Miracle Potions make a
    cow pregnant and unable to give milk for 20 days. The cow miracle potions
    cost 2000g and people think that because cows are normally 6000 this
    is a major bargain (saving 4000.) The thing is that when you buy cows
    they give milk only 15 days after feeding. When a cow is born you have
    to wait a season before it is an adult cow and can give milk. That's
    15 days of small milk that you miss out on plus the additional 20 days
    of milk that you are missing out on by making a cow pregnant. I have
    calculated it all and you save a bit of money in the end if you buy a
    Miracle Potion and use that to make the cow pregnant when it has JUST
    BECOME an adult. I would ONLY recommend using miracle potions on cows
    that give small milk though because otherwise you are actually missing
    out on money. However if you have 4000g and you don't have 6000 and
    your cow won't be giving large milk for quite a while then it could
    be alright to use a miracle potion (you are only wasting 500g if you
    use a miracle potion on a, 'medium milk' cow which isn't much.)
    About The Cow and Sheep festivals: If your animal gives Excellent/Large
    quality produce they'll definately win the festival for it. For this
    they'll have to have at least 8 hearts. Once they've won the festivals
    that cow/sheep will give golden milk/wool.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Crop Related Shipment
    If you plant seeds in the wrong seasons for example Summer seeds in
    Fall then nothing will grow unless you are using a hot house.
    Won sells you the Cabbage, Pineapple, and Green Pepper seeds. To get
    the Strawberry, Pumpkin, and Spinach seeds available you need to
    have shipped over 100 of every vegetable/fruit for that month.
    For example: To get Strawberry seeds sell 101 (at least) Cabbages,
    Cucumbers, Potatoes, and Turnips.
    NOTE: Corn is not only good for money it is also a great way to make
    chicken feed. You need to get corn and throw it into the windmill
    silo for making chicken feed. One piece of corn gives you 10 amount
    of chicken feed.
    Another Note: One of the best vegetables to grow is the sweet potato.
    It not only is cheap to buy a packet of seeds of but it is also
    renewable and grows very quickly. You get a pretty good price for
    it too.
    NR - Not Renewable. It means that once you have shipped the
    vegetables/fruit you will not be able to get more of that
    vegetables/fruit until you buy more seeds for it.
    R - Renewable. This means that even after shipping you can water
    the plant and more vegetables/fruit will appear. This saves you the
    trouble of buying seeds often and makes the seeds you brought be more
    worth the value but usually renewable crops take more time to grow
    than non-renewable. After you've first shipped a renewable crop the
    next times it is quicker to grow them.
    Spring Crops:
    Cabbages: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 250 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 14 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month: 2 times.
    Profit in season: 250x8x2 (4000)
    Cucumbers: (R.)
    Selling Price: 60 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow:9 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Potatoes: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 80 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 7 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month: 4 times.
    Profit in season: 80x8x4 (2560g)
    Strawberries: (R.)
    Selling Price: 30 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 8 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Turnips: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 60 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 4 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:  7
    Profit in season: 60x8x7 (3360)
    Best Crop: 
    Summer Crops:
    Corn: (R.)
    Selling Price: 100 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 14 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Onions: (NR.) 
    Selling Price: 80 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 7 Days To Grow. 
    Amount of harvests in month: 4
    Profit in season: 80x8x4 (2560)
    Pineapples: (R.)
    Selling Price: 500 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 20 Days To Grow. 
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Pumpkins: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 250 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 14 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month: 2
    Profit in season: 250x8x2 (4000)
    Tomatoes: (R.)
    Selling Price: 60 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 9 Days To Grow. 
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Fall Crops:
    Carrots: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 120 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 7 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month: 4
    Profit in season: 120x8x4 (3840)
    Eggplants: (R.)
    Selling Price: 80 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 9 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Green Peppers: (R.)
    Selling Price: 40 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 7 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season:
    Spinach: (NR.)
    Selling Price: 80 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 5 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month: 6 (provided you start planting at the
    very first day of the season).
    Profit in season: 80x8x5 (3200)
    Sweet Potatoes: (R.)
    Selling Price: 120 g each.
    Amount of time it takes to grow: 5 Days To Grow.
    Amount of harvests in month:
    Profit in season: 
    Best Crop: The best crop by far is the sweet potato. If you ever want
    to get money easily without cheating this is definately the way. This
    crop is the best crop you will get in the game. Do not let this
    oppurtunity slip. I reccomend buying at least 3 bags of seeds for this.
    By the end of the month your character will be drowning in money.
    Winter Crops:
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Mining is the only place you will get the ore from. It is good for
    upgrading tools (explained in Chapter One - Part D All The Tools,)
    making machines, and girls gifts (accessories 1000g.)
    In the mines no time is taken up so this is a good way to make money.
    If you are into mining it is best to get the shipping basket ASAP
    (this will make your mining trips a lot more worthwhile.) When mining
    tires you, you can have a quick dip in the hotspring and then go back
    in the mine.
    Normal Mine:
    Money bags. (The money automatically is put into your money collection.)
    Junk Ore. (It looks like a dodgy rock.)
    Copper Ore. (It looks like a bronze nugget.)
    Silver Ore. (It looks like a silver nugget.)
    Gold Ore. (It looks like a gold nugget.)
    Mysterile. (It's blue. I might have accidently referred to it somewhere
    in this guide as periwinkle because that's the colour it is.)
    Winter Mine: (To find out more about it look in Chapter One - Part E
    The Village.)
    Money Bags.
    Junk Ore. (It looks like a dodgy rock.)
    Mysterile. (It's blue. I might have accidently referred to it somewhere
    in this guide as periwinkle because that's the colour it is.)
    Orichalcum. (It looks like a silver crystal. It's loved by Zack and
    you can make girls gifts out of it which are loved by almost everyone!)
    Adamantite. (Aqua coloured rock used for making the Mayonaisse Maker,
    Cheese Maker, and Yarn Ball Maker.)
    Amount Of Money They Give You:
    Junk Ore: 1g.
    Money Bags: 10g (instantly.)
    Copper Ore:15g.
    Silver Ore:20g.
    Gold Ore:25g.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    This includes a few dates that weren't mentioned in the booklet.
    Spring Dates:
    1st: New Years Eve.
    2nd: Louis’s Birthday.
    4th: Bold’s Birthday.
    8th: Goddess Festival.
    11th: Saibara’s Birthday.
    14th: Thanksgiving Festival.
    15th: Staid's Birthday.
    16th: Elli’s Birthday.
    17th: Barley’s Birthday.
    18th: Local Horse Race.
    19th: Lillia’s Birthday.
    20th: Elli’s Birthday (if your birthday is on the 16th.)
    22nd: Cooking Festival.
    26th: Aqua’s Birthday.
    29th: Greg’s Birthday.
    30th: Sasha’s Birthday.
    Summer Dates:
    1st: Opening Day.
    3rd: Popuri’s Birthday.
    4th: Harris’s Birthday.
    6th: Cliff’s Birthday.
    7th: Chicken Festival.
    10th: Popuri’s Birthday (if your birthday is on the 3rd.)
    11th: Basil’s Birthday.
    12th: Tomato Festival.
    16th: Timid’s Birthday.
    17th: Ann’s Birthday.
    20th: Cow Festival.
    22nd: Kai’s Birthday, and Ann’s Birthday (if your birthday is on the
    24th: Fireworks Display.
    25th: Thomas’s Birthday.
    29th: Zack’s Birthday.
    Fall Events:
    2nd: Gotz’s Birthday.
    3rd: Music Festival.
    5th: Stu’s Birthday.
    9th: Harvest Festival.
    10th: Hoggy’s Birthday.
    11th: Manna’s Birthday.
    13th: Moon Viewing Day.
    14th: Chef’s Birthday.
    15th: Karen’s Birthday.
    17th: Doctor’s Birthday.
    20th: Carter’s Birthday.
    21st: Sheep Festival.
    23rd: Anna’s Birthday, and Karen’s Birthday (if your birthday is on
    the 15th.)
    27th: Rick's Birthday.
    Winter Events:
    2nd: Kano’s Birthday.
    6th: Gray’s Birthday.
    10th: Dog Race.
    11th: Doug’s Birthday.
    13th: Ellen’s Birthday.
    14th: Winter Thanksgiving.
    15th: Duke’s Birthday.
    19th: Won’s Birthday.
    20th: Mary’s Birthday.
    22nd: Nappy’s Birthday.
    24th: Star Night Festival.
    25th: Mary’s Birthday (if yours is on the 20th.)
    26th: May’s Birthday.
    29th: Jeff’s Birthday.
    30th: New Years Party.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Spring Festivals:
    1st: New Years Day - When you first arrive back at the farm you do not
    celebrate New Years Day. You are too busy unpacking. On New Years Day
    you have the option of hanging out with the adults or the older children
    (girls that you can get to love you and their friends that are boys.)
    The adults are at the bar from 7 PM and the younger people are at the
    square. I would recommend going to the party of the people who don’t
    like you as much so therefore you can get them to like you more.
    8th: The Goddess Festival - If a girl has at least a purple heart for
    you, you can invite her to the Goddess Festival the day beforehand. If
    you invite her she will like you more and after the festival you can
    decide to stay with her a bit longer and go somewhere she wants. The
    actual festival is just dancing. This festival is held at the square.
    14th: The Thanksgiving Festival - Thankfully this festival is one that
    allows you to play along like a normal day (meaning that I don’t like
    it when it’s a festival and you can’t go inside someone's house to
    talk to them or buy anything.) This festival is very over rated. You
    give the girls sweets on this festival and they will like the sweets
    more than they usually do.
    NOTE: I think that some people have a glitch for this. In my version of
    the game nothing special happens on The Thanksgiving festival however
    one of the readers of my FAQ told me that the Thanksgiving festival
    worked fine for them so therefore I probably just had a glitch.
    18th: The Local Horse Race - You can’t make your horse participate in
    this event in the first year because it isn’t old enough. However even
    though your horse can’t participate there is still plenty that you can
    actually do in this festival. Betting on horses is great. You can win
    so many medals. The best thing you can get from the medals is the
    power berry which sells for 1000 medals. There are also many other
    great items that you can trade in for medals like the girls gifts
    which are all about 40 medals each (remember that basically all the
    villagers including guys love girls gifts.) This festival is held at
    the square.
    22nd: The Cooking Festival - In the cooking festival villagers bring
    food to be rated in hope that it will be judged and thought of as the
    tastiest dish. I have only ever seen Anne and Doug win this festival.
    You can tell who will win the festival seconds before the winner is
    announced because the winner always stands in the middle of the crowd
    when the winner is about to be announced. In the first year you
    probably will not have a kitchen (unless you use my fantastic cheat
    mentioned in Chapter 7: Part A - Cheats And Tips Just For H.M.B.T.N)
    so therefore the only thing you could possibly bring to be evaluated
    is a spa boiled egg. I highly doubt that a spa boiled egg will ever
    be good enough to win the festival. This festival is held at the square.
    Summer Festivals:
    1st: Opening Day - You compete in a swimming contest. If you win this
    race you will be able to get a power berry. It is best to have at
    least two power berries for this festival. You have to keep mashing
    the X button and when your speech bubble face changes and looks more
    tired you need to hold the triangle button. Without any power berries
    it is possible to come in 3rd but with them you can be a lot better.
    There are 5 other competitors in the swimming race. This festival is
    held at the beach.
    7th: The Chicken Festival - If your chicken loves you a lot then you
    definitely should enter your chicken in the chicken festival. In the
    chicken festival you can watch sumo chickens trying to scare the other
    one out of the ring. Having your chicken love you is handy because if
    it doesn’t love you much it won’t obey your order and it might end up
    walking right out of the ring. The trick in the first chicken festival
    is to press X just after the other chicken has jumped and clucked.
    Remember not to press X when your chicken is at the edge of the ring
    and facing it because it will walk forward and out of the ring. This
    festival is held at the square.
    12th: The Tomato Festival - All of the teams will beg you to join them.
    Choose a team and the festival will start. The people in the team will
    like you more because you chose them out of all of the other villagers.
    In the tomato festival you have to throw tomatoes at the other teams but
    try to make your team not all get hit by tomatoes because that will make
    your team out. You do not get anything from winning except for bragging
    rights but it is still a fun little festival. This festival is held at
    the square.
    20th: The Cow Festival - You can enter an adult cow that isn’t pregnant
    into this festival. It will be judged. If your cow really loves you then
    you have a chance of winning so enter. If your cow has the maximum amount
    of hearts you will definitely win. Make sure you brush your cow, milk
    it, and feed it every day and by the next year you will definitely have
    an award winning cow. If your cow wins the contest it will be able to make
    golden milk which sells for a lot more than the other milk. This festival
    is at yodel ranch.
    24th: The Fireworks Display - In the night on the fireworks festival you
    can watch the fireworks with one of the girls. If a girl has at least a
    purple heart for you she will watch the fireworks with you. She will like
    you more for inviting her. After the fireworks she might take you out on a
    date. If you don’t invite any of the girls the fireworks display will
    suddenly start and you will not be alone on the jetty watching them.
    In the second year you can get a date with Kai to go to the fireworks
    display (see Kai’s section for details.)
    This festival is at the beach.
    Fall Festivals: 
    3rd: The Music Festival - I really do not like this festival. The day
    beforehand Carter asks you to play in the festival. If you agree to
    he will be very grateful and like you more. You have to arrive at
    exactly the right time or you will be locked out and Carter will be
    disappointed that you didn’t come. You get to sit down and hear a song.
    They make Karen sing like an opera singer. In the end of the song you
    hear a window crash and birds flying through the window. It is meant
    to signify Karen's voice cracking the window. This festival is held in
    the church.
    9th: The Harvest Festival - In this festival every villager brings
    something to put in a big dish for soup. You can bring one item to
    throw in the dish. I like fishing in the pot because you can actually
    catch things (only bones but still it's entertaining for a while
    nevertheless and you get good things for May without it taking up
    Harvest Moon time. What you bring will effect what people think of
    the soup. If you put something like a chocolate cake or a poisonous
    mushroom (MWA HA HAAAAAAAAA) in the stew people will find the taste
    strange. If you put in something that would be good for a soup then
    people will like the stew. This festival is at the square.
    13th: Moon Viewing Day - On this night you can spend time with the girl
    that likes you most and view the moon when it is at it’s biggest and
    brightest. She will like you more for watching the moon with her.
    The events for Moon Viewing Day are at the top of mothers hill.
    21st: The Sheep Festival - This festival is basically exactly the
    same as the cow festival but with sheep. You can not enter a pregnant
    or shaved sheep into the festival. If your sheep loves you as much
    as possible you will definitely win the festival. If your sheep wins,
    your sheep will be able to give golden wool which sells for more than
    normal wool.
    Winter Festivals:
    10th: The Dog Race - As long as your dog loves you and you have trained
    a bit every day with the ball you will win this race. You can bet on
    this race and win medals. The prizes from the dog festival are the same
    as the ones from the horse festival. In this race you need to run and
    your dog will (hopefully) follow you. The trick is to run about as fast
    as the dog can a few centimeters/an inch or so in front of him. If your
    dog doesn’t love you or you haven’t trained at all it will just ignore
    you and not move or even move in the wrong direction. This festival
    is held at the square.
    14th: Winter Thanksgiving - I love this festival. The girls all give
    you gifts if they like you. If you want chocolate from them then you
    need them to have a blue heart. If they have a different coloured heart
    they will give you something else. To receive all the treats stay
    outside of your farm the whole day ( when you visit them they don’t
    give you anything strangely enough but when they visit you they give
    you things.) When you are married to Karen she will give you chocolate
    on Winter thanksgiving with a red heart. 
    24th: The Star Night Festival - If a girl likes you enough the day
    before the star night festival she will invite you to dinner with her
    30th: New Years Party - At the top of mothers hill from 10 PM you will
    be able to celebrate New Years Eve with a few of your neighbours.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Chapter FIVE: Recipes Galore
    ? = Shows that the ingredient/ utensil in this recipe is optional.
    For example:
    Hot Milk: Milk, Pot, Sugar? (You don't have to add sugar but it makes
    people like the recipe more and gives you a better chance of winning
    the cooking festival.)
    The Utensils (Knife, Oven, Pot, Mixer, and Rolling Pin) and Seasonings
    (Salt, Sugar, Miso Paste, and Soy Sauce) can all be ordered on the
    shopping channel. You can also get a power berry from it :)
    NOTE: Some recipes can be made in two ways. If I say ‘Version Two’
    of a recipe it means that you can make it another way which could
    be handy because you might find the second way easier. If you make
    the recipe both ways you will only get one recipe count.
    66 RECIPES ( 2 of them in aren't quite the kind you can cook for
    recipes *.)
    Apple Jam: Sugar, Apple, Pot, Honey? Wine?
    Apple Pie: Knife, Oven, Pot, Rolling Pin, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Flour,
    Bamboo Rice: Bamboo, Rice Ball, Salt? Soy Sauce.
    Boiled Egg: Egg, Pot, Salt?
    Butter: Milk, Mixer.
    Cake: Oven, Whisk, Knife? Sugar, Flour, Butter, Egg.
    Cheese Cake: Over, Pot, Whisk, Sugar, Cheese, Milk, Egg, Honey?
    Cheese Fondue: Knife, Cheese, Bread, Pot, Wine? Salt?
    Chocolate Cake: Oven, Whisk, Knife? Sugar, Flour, Butter, Egg,
    Chocolate Cookies: Cookies, Chocolate Flavouring, Sugar, Flour, Egg,
    Rolling Pin, Oven, Honey?
    Cookie: Flour, Egg, Butter, Honey? Rolling Pin, Oven, Sugar.
    Curry: Curry Powder, Rice Ball, Pot, Seasonings, Fish? Mushrooms?
    Curry Noodles: Pot, Knife? Rolling Pin, Curry Powder, Flour.
    Dinner Roll: Bread, Knife, Butter.
    Easy Cookies: Cookies, Chocolate.
    Fried Noodles: Noodles, Oil, Frying Pan, Eggs? Vegetables?
    Fried Rice: Oil, Eggs, Rice Ball, Pan, Knife, Salt? Sugar? Soy
    Fries: Potato, Oil, Fry Pan, Knife.
    Fruit Juice: Mixer, Knife? Sugar? Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, or
    Wild Grape.
    Fruit Latte: Pineapple, Apples, Strawberries, or Grapes, Milk, Mixer,
    Honey? Sugar? Knife?
    Fruit Latte Version Two: Mixer, Fruit Juice, Milk.
    Gold Mayo: Whisk, Vinegar, Golden Egg, Oil.
    Grape Jam: Wild Grapes, Pot, Sugar, Wine? Honey?
    Grilled Fish: Medium Fish, Frying Pan.
    Happy Eggplant: Eggplant, Frying Pan, Miso Paste, Sugar, Soy Sauce.
    Hot Milk: Milk, Pot, Sugar?
    Ice Cream: Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Whisk, Pot, Strawberries? Grapes? Honey?
    Ketchup: Tomato, Onion, Mixer, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar.
    Large Mayo: Whisk, Vinegar, Excellent Egg, Oil.
    Medium Mayo: Whisk, Vinegar, Good Egg, Oil.
    Miso Soup: Various Vegetables, Fish? Pot, Miso Paste, Salt? Soy
    Sauce? Knife.
    Mixed Juice: Strawberries, Pineapple, Grapes, Carrots, Cucumber,
    Cabbage, Apple, Knife, Mixer, Sugar? Salt?
    Mixed Juice Version Two: Mixer, Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice.
    Mixed Latte: Mixer, Knife? Salt? Sugar? Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry,
    Wild Grape, Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Milk.
    Mixed Latte Version Two: Mixer, Mixed Juice, Milk.
    Mushroom Rice: Mushroom, Rice Ball, Salt? Soy Sauce.
    *Natto: Natto, Mustard, Soy Sauce, Egg, Green Onions, Knife, Mixer
    (I don't think this one is possible to make I think H.M. just put
    it in as a trick or something.)
    Noodles: Flour, Pot, Rolling Pin, Knife.
    Ohitasha Greens: Spinach, Pot, Soy Sauce.
    Omelet: Eggs, Milk, Oil, Frying Pan, Whisk?
    Pickled Turnips: Turnips, Vinegar, Knife, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce.
    Pickles: Salt, Cucumber, Knife.
    Pizza: Oven, Rolling Pin, Knife? Salt, Cheese, Flour, Ketchup.
    Popcorn: Corn, Frying Pan, Salt? Butter?
    Pumpkin Pie: Oven, Pot, Sugar, Pumpkin, Egg, Milk.
    Raisin Bread: Bread, Wild Grapes.
    Relaxation Tea: Pot, Knife? Sugar? Relaxation Tea Leaves, Milk?
    Rice Omelet: Eggs, Milk, Oil, Rice Ball, Frying Pan, Whisk?
    Roasted Potato: Rock (not the snow kind,) Sweet Potato, Oven.
    Salad: Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot, Cabbage, Knife.
    Sandwiches: Knife, Butter, Bread, Boiled Egg? Tomatoes? Cucumbers?
    Sashimi: Knife, Medium Fish.
    Scrambled Eggs: Frying Pan, Whisk, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Oil, Mayo?
    Small Mayo: Whisk, Vinegar, Normal Egg, Oil.
    *Spa Boiled Eggs: Put egg in hot spring (Doesn't add to your recipes
    count but I decided to put it in here anyway because it is food and you
    can make it, you can sell it too! A LOT of people like these.)
    Stew: Pot, Knife? Salt, Flour, Milk.
    Stir Fry: Knife, Frying Pan, Soy Sauce, Cabbage, Oil.
    Strawberry Bun: Strawberry Jam, Knife, Bread.
    Strawberry Jam: Strawberries, Pot, Sugar.
    Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes, Eggs, Butter, Sugar, Pot, Oven.
    Super Milk: Strawberries, Milk, Mixer, Honey? Sugar? Salt?
    Sushi: Vinegar, Rice Ball, Sashimi.
    Tempura: Frying Pan, Flour, Egg, Oil.
    Tempura Noodles: Pot, Knife? Tempura, Noodles.
    Tomato Juice: Tomato, Utensils, Mixer, Salt.
    Truffle Rice: Truffle, Rice Ball, Salt? Soy Sauce.
    Vegetable Juice: Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Mixer.
    Vegetable Latte: Mixer, Knife? Salt? Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage, Milk.
    Vegetable Latte Version Two: Mixer, Vegetable Juice, Milk.
    Vegetable Pancakes: Flour, Egg, Cabbage, Mixer, Frying Pan, Knife.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    To allow your character to marry one of the girls you not only need
    the girl to have an orange or red heart but you also need to have at
    least all of the house extensions other than the hot house. My reasons
    for marrying are in the end of the girls section (Chapter Two: Part A
    - Just the Main Girls.)
    List of Extensions -
    Extension One: The Chicken Coop. The upgraded chicken coop allows you
    to now keep ten chickens instead of five. Putting the chicken feed in
    the coop is hard at first but the trick is to stand just a hand movement
    away from the feeding sections of the chicken coop.
    You Need: 5000g and 420 lumber.
    Extension Two: House Extension Number One. This includes a cupboard
    that you can put things in such as litter, ore, and flowers. You also
    are given a kitchen that comes with a fridge which is great for putting
    unused fish and food into. Cooking is a great way to get villagers to
    like you so I suggest that as soon as you get this expansion you start
    to watch the shopping channel on Saturdays so you can order utensils
    and certain ingredients which you can’t find anywhere else. Also once
    you have brought all of the cooking things from the shopping channel you
    get given a power berry that increases your characters stamina.
    You Need: 4700g and 370 lumber.
    Extension Three: The Barn. Once you have upgraded the barn you will be
    able to keep 20 cows or sheep altogether instead of just 10.
    You Need: 6800g and 500 lumber.
    Extension Four: House Extension Number Two. This extension just gives
    you two beds allowing you to marry.
    You Need: 10,000g and 750 lumber.
    Extension Five: The Hot House. This is the last extension. Inside the
    hot house you can grow any crop any time! When you are inside it no
    time is taken so therefore you can take as long as you like watering
    the plants in the hot house because when you walk out no time will
    have passed. Unfortunately they blow away in hurricanes and storms
    which can happen in Summer and Winter. Despite this buying a hothouse
    is worth it. Every time you build a new hot house the hot house becomes
    stronger. For example the second time a hot house is built is will be
    able to remain after one hurricane/tornado and if it is built for the
    third time it will be able to withstand two hurricanes/ tornadoes.
    There is a false rumour that you can put you dog into your hot house
    and it will not blow away. The person that started this rumour probably
    got H.M.B.T.N. (PS1) mixed up with the N64 version where there is a trick
    (not to do with your dog) that prevents your hot house from being blown
    away. I mention the trick better in Chapter Seven Part 2 (Cheats and
    You Need: 30,000g and 580 lumber. Or they had had their hot house
    built a second time and it wasn't blown down the first time they had
    a tornado so they thought it must have had something to do with their
    dog when it was just because Gotz was nice enough to build your hothouse
    stronger than before.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    There are a few tips for Harvest Moon in Chapter One: Part F - Things
    to Achieve and in Chapter Three: Part B and C- Animals, and Crops
    section. I shall put some UN-mentioned tips in this section.
    Increase Your Stamina With The Kappa Berry:
    This cheat can be done any time except Winter. Stand in front of the two
    trees near the pond in Mothers Hill. Throw 3 cucumbers into the pond.
    If you throw a cucumber in the right spot you will see a green monster
    called Kappa appear. Keep throwing the other two cucumbers in the same
    spot. Kappa will emerge from the water and give you a berry which
    allows your maximum stamina to double making you able to do twice
    as much work without getting puffed out.
    The Goddess Pond:
    You can do this whenever you like unless it is raining or a festival. Go
    behind the waterfall near the mine and throw a crop into the water.
    The Water Goddess will appear and thank you for your offering.
    Throw in 4 more things and she will give you a power berry.
    Throw in 5 more things and the goddess asks if you have a sweetheart.
    If you answer yes the girl that likes you most will have an event with
    you which is supposed to make her like you more (although after seeing
    the event I don't exactly understand how she'd like you more from it.)
    Last of all throw in 10 crops and the goddess gives you a piece of
    lumber. A cut scene will occur and Gotz will buy the lumber off of you
    which makes Gotz like you more.
    NOTE: I have heard false rumours claiming that you can only throw
    one thing into the pond each day but I have been able to throw a lot
    The 5 Legendary Fish:
    I don’t think that doing this event gives you anything special except
    for bragging rights and making your start menu look more full. You can
    find the 5 legendary fish by:
    In Summer throw a small fish into the ocean and start fishing. In that
    day you should be able to catch the Squid.
    Throw a grilled fish, sashimi, and sushi into the waterfall and then
    fish. You should catch the Char.
    In the Winter mine after going down to the tenth level you should find
    a cave. Go through the cave and fish in the water. Eventually you will
    catch the Cat Fish.
    You have to have shipped more than 200 fish. Then in Fall, Winter,
    or Spring fish in the ocean to catch a Sea Bream.
    You have to have caught all of the other fish then fish in the pond
    in Mothers Hill and you shall catch the Ocean Carp.
    Multiply the balls for training with your dog:
    In Summer or Fall Won will come up to you and ask you to buy a ball off
    of him for training with your dog. Even if you tell him you don’t want
    it you will be forced to buy it. To make more balls put your dog outside
    and throw the ball at the wall. Quickly around the same time as the dog
    tries grabbing the ball you should grab it. If this is done correctly
    your character will hold the ball and the dog should be holding one too.
    You can use this cheat many times. It is good because once you have more
    than one ball you can start training your dog inside. It will take up no
    Harvest Moon time and if you accidentally throw the ball near the trunk
    and your dog won’t pick it up and you can’t possibly pick it up then it
    will not matter because you will have another ball anyway. You can store
    the extra balls in the cupboard.
    Stop The Ball Glitch:
    Check Chapter Two: Part B - The Other Villagers and look under Won’s
    section to find out how to stop the glitch.
    Find The Winter Flower That Blooms Once A Year:
    In Winter Ellen and Basil tend to talk a lot about a Winter flower that
    bloom once a year. They both claim to have never seen it. I accidentally
    found the flower on New Years Eve so I didn't see the festival. To find
    it go up to the very top of Mothers Hill on a Winter night the day after
    it has been snowing. I found the flower at 10 PM but it might be possible
    to find it earlier. The next morning after finding it talk to Ellen and
    Basil about finding the flower. They will both be very happy that you
    told them about it and like you more. Once you have seen the flower you
    can never find it again.
    Exchange Animals And Get A Lot Of Money Trick:
    Using this trick I found out that it is very easy to get the villagers
    to like you as long as you have a good amount of money. I used this
    trick and got all of the girls to love me with a red heart before the
    end of the first Summer! Open up the saved game which you want to get the
    animals to come from and go to your diary.
    Choose to 'exchange animals.' Choose all of the animals you want to
    give to your other game. DON'T CHOOSE TO RECEIVE ANY ANIMALS. Press the
    start button after selecting them. Then it will save the animals onto
    your other game (the one which you aren't playing.) Don't play the
    day through because then the game will save and you will have lost
    the animals. Instead restart and go to your other game. You should have
    all the animals that you moved to this save section. The good thing
    is that if you exchanged animals using this technique then your old
    save file will not have lost any animals but you will have gained them
    in your new save file. Now you can sell those animals for a lot of money.
    You can keep repeating this trick over and over again and you'll become
    ANOTHER THING YOU SHOULD REALISE: I am not very good at explaining
    this trick and you might not understand properly what I am saying so I
    suggest that after doing this trick you load up both saved games to
    check if the trick worked properly. If not then you can just choose
    to exchange animals and give back the animals that you received from
    the other game.
    Get your horse back:
    Well you're not exactly getting it back because it's a different horse
    but if you lost your first one due to neglect and you want a horse back
    you'll have to: Plant about 40 seeds of grass and then Barley will come
    over and be so pleased that you look after your animals so well and
    brought them grass that he'll give you a horse.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
    Harvest Moon Hints That Work for basically all of the Harvest Moon
    Make Fences Without Wood: You can use rocks to make fences instead of
    wood. This is good because the fences can't break from the rain or
    wild dogs, and you can save wood for other things such as expansions.
    Time: To waste less time you can ship plants in the day and water and
    feed everything at night. Therefore you'll have more time to get the
    villagers to like you.
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon Nes:
    Get All Of The Wood You'll Ever Need In One Night: As I have mentioned
    previously, night time in this version of Harvest Moon is never ending
    and you also have never ending natural resources in the mountain. Cut as
    many tree stumps that you can until your character feels sick and can go
    on no more. Then make him eat all of the natural resources around. One
    'berry of power tree' will give you 5 points of stamina. Unless you
    have a really good axe you will take up 6 stamina points cutting one tree.
    Cut some more until your guy can go on no longer once again. Then walk
    out of the mountain area (you can go into the mine, up the top of the
    mountain, or out of the area just as long as you make a change of
    landscape.) Then when you go back to the mountain once again the natural
    resources will have reappeared so you can keep eating and chopping down
    all of the wood you need in one night.
    Get Everyone At The Bar To Like You In A Night: This takes a lot of
    patience but is definitely worth it. The night is never ending in
    this version of Harvest Moon (except when you are in your farm) and
    everything in the mountains has never ending supplies (you can take a
    flower from a place then walk out and when you walk back in the
    flower will be there again.)
    For example: you could go to the mountains and get a flower then go
    into the mine or anywhere out of the place with the flower and when you
    go back you will see that the flower has reappeared. Therefore you can
    go to the bar and give people natural resources or flowers and keep
    going back and getting flowers for them and NO TIME WILL HAVE BEEN
    getting girls to like you without any time passing.
    Remember though that at night time the only building open is the bar
    hence the reason you can only got people hang around there at the time
    to like you. In the Spring Eve (the daughter of the barkeep) hangs out
    at the bar. In the summer Popuri hangs out at the bar. There are also
    many people that hang out at the bar depending on the season.
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon N64:
    Free Horse Medals: Talk to the mayors wife to get the option of betting.
    Click on what you want to bet on. If you have a lot of money bet on every
    horse for a better chance of getting medals. Then instead of saying,
    "OK" and losing all of your money cancel.
    Don't talk to the lady again. Due to a glitch the game will think you
    have betted properly and yet you will not have lost any money but be
    able to win awards.
    Free Wine: I really love this trick and who wouldn't. Go to the vineyard
    and go through the little door of the place they make wine. Go downstairs
    and you'll see two machines that wine comes from. Use your empty jar
    against the wine maker to the left. Then use it on the right.
    When your character scoops up the wine you do not actually see it but
    when you look in your inventory you will see your jar full of wine. Some
    days you can get never ending wine and some days you can only use the
    trick once. I liked using this trick to put up my characters stamina and
    to ensure that he would win the New Years Drinking Festival. There are
    certain characters that like you more if you out-drink them.
    Remember that you might win the festival one year but if you don't drink
    a sip the next year you will lose because every year the tally of wine
    you have is rested.
    Get Karen To Like You In A Night: I also love this trick. You don't have
    to do it at night but I prefer it seeing as if you do it at night inside
    the pub no time will have been taken. On a night when Karen is at the
    pub go there and bring your dog. Keep showing her your dog. After showing
    her your dog about 50 times her heart goes up a level. You can keep doing
    this until you get the best coloured heart but I like putting her heart
    up a level every day so I can see everything she says with different
    coloured hearts.
    Getting Up The Mountain Without The Bridge: Popuri often hangs out at the
    mountain top but without knowing this trick you will not be able to go up
    the mountain (unless you have the bridge.) Just click the A Button when
    your character is near the front of the tree behind the wood cutters lodge
    and you will see your character climbing the tree. You will have climbed
    up to the mountain. There is an old man and old lady who live here that
    sell dumplings.
    Make Your Hothouse Not Blow Down: To make sure your hothouse won't
    blow down you need to win the swimming festival in the first year.
    You will get a pig shaped pot. In the second year you need to win
    the chicken festival. You will now have two strange looking decorations
    that look pointless but if you have both of them it will make sure
    that your hothouse won't blow down. A few people have thought that
    you can make it not blow down by putting a dog in the hothouse but
    this isn't true. They just thought it was because they probably won
    the two festivals and made it invincible and then put the dog
    in the hothouse and thought it not blowing over was because of the
    Music Boxes: Go into your farm and keep running down to the bottom right
    hand corner until you find a tree. Click on the tree and you will find
    a treasure map telling you to dig in alignment with both the dog house
    and the tree. Use your hoe on that spot ten times and you will dig up a
    broken music box. When you befriend Rick he will fix the music box for
    you for free! Girls love music boxes more than anything. You can carry one
    fixed music box and one rusty one. Girls will only accept the music boxes
    if you haven't talked to them beforehand in the day.
    Weather Vane: In the third level of the mine keep digging and you will
    eventually find a weather vane. Go to Rick's and he'll tell you the
    weather vane was his grandma's and take it. He'll like you more.
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon Gameboy Version One ( The tool tricks
    also work with the Nes Version.):
    Easy $1000: You can get $1000 just from clicking on the cupboard after
    started a new game.
    Golden Axe: After the earthquake, go all the way up in the caverns
    and throw your axe in the water. The Harvest Goddess will have a
    Golden Axe and ask if it is yours. Answer, "no" and she will
    give it to you.
    Ploughing Money: You can get money from ploughing the ground. When
    you find money remember the location you found it ( it's a good
    idea to put a rock on the area or something to trigger your memory)
    and plough it again the next day. This trick only works once a day.
    Super Hoe: To get your hoe upgraded you need a sprite to come
    up to you and ask you if your tool is strong enough. If you
    answer, "yes" your tool will be upgraded. (This trick and all
    of the tricks mentioned below also work with the Nes version.)
    Super Sickle: Do the same that you did with the hoe.
    The Sprites: You should befriend the sprites by giving them food.
    They will be nice to you and give you a power berry during the
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon Gameboy Version Two:
    Cemetery Cleaning Mini Game: The day after you clean the
    gravestones you can buy the mini game the next day at the
    tool shop.
    Get $1000: Go to the dresser by your bed and press the A button.
    Horse Race Mini Game: Enter a horse race. The mini game will be
    available the next day at the tool shop.
    Mole Bashing Mini Game: Dig up a mole after 5 PM. You will be
    able to buy the mini game the next day at the tool shop.
    Power Berries: You can find many power berries by ploughing
    your field.
    Puzzle Mini Game: You can buy the puzzle game for your
    television after finishing the puzzle in Mary's treasure
    hunt event.
    Warp Location: Go behind the Hot Springs. There is a location
    in a tree that you can walk through. It warps you next to your
    house. This is handy for being able to ship berries faster.
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon Gameboy Version Three:
    To Get The Fastest And Worst Ending: Start a game and select
    a boy character. When the mayor asks you to help out with the
    farm answer, "no" to every question. The game will say the
    farm on the island closed down and the game ends.
    To make all of the seeds available: Make your character a girl.
    Cheats And Hints For Harvest Moon Gamecube Version:
    Change The Weather: If you aren't happy with the weather go
    into the mine and select to dig. You don't even have to dig
    anything you can decide to walk straight out of the mine. A
    cut scene will be triggered where Carter asks to see what you
    have dug up. The weather will have changed and it will be
    nice and sunny.
    The Events: This isn't a cheat but it is good to know anyway.
    In H.M.A.W.L. there are 4 festivals that you can unlock. Here
    is how you can unlock them:
    New Years: On Spring the 1st there are events that automatically
    occur. In the first and second year you'll be too busy to be
    able to unlock any new years events.
    Music Festival One: In the morning any day in Summer go into
    Gustafa's house and it will be the music festival.
    Harvest Festival: In the Fall on the 5th go into the Blue Bar
    at 12 PM.
    Music Festival Two: In the afternoon anytime in the winter go
    into Gustafa's house and it will be the second Music Festival.
    How To Tell If The Villagers Like You: If you are anything like
    me you will be obsessed with getting the villagers to like you
    and trying to find out what they think of you. If the villagers
    like you they will turn their head your way when they walk past
    you. Another way to tell is if you have had a cut scene with that
    person. Certain villagers will give you gifts if you befriend
    Which villagers give gifts: As I have previously mentioned
    in H.M.A.W.L villagers will give you gifts if they like you.
    Here is what the villagers give you:
    * Gustafa gives you a sickle.
    * Romana gives you a watering can. In the second chapter in Fall
    she gives you a cat.
    * Ruby gives you spice which you can bootleg and use for cooking
    * Tim gives you a hoe.
    * Flora gives you a necklace which can inspire your child to
    become a pupil.
    * Daryl gives you a seed maker worth 6000G for free (It is
    definitely worth befriending Daryl especially if you love watching
    the cut scenes because he has about as many events as two of the
    girls events put together!)
    * Vesta gives you a sickle that looks like a psythe that death
    would carry.
    * If you have dug up all of the important fossils of the mine for
    the archaeologist and you have befriended him he will give you a
    * The white monster thing that appears in Winter which the
    scientist loves catching gives you his pet lizard if you befriend
    him. (I've only heard rumours about this. I'm not sure if it's
    * Wally gives you clippers if you befriend him.
    * Kody gives you a painting.
    Bootlegging 'The Spice.'
    Once Ruby gives you one Ruby Spice she will never give you another
    one. You can sell one ruby spice for 100g, and also make curry with it
    (which Nami loves.) Bootlegging is also good because when you bootleg
    the spice it is counted as cooking so your recipe count goes up making
    you unlock new kinds of recipes (you originally start off with only
    being able to cook two kinds of recipes but as you cook more you can
    unlock different meal types to cook like desserts.) So instead of
    just using up the spice once I recommend you bootleg it.
    Here is how:
    Simply go to your recipe book. Choose any of the kinds of meals
    (entree, dessert or whatever although I would recommend the closest
    one to the top so that time is wasted less.) Now choose as an
    ingredient ruby spice. DON'T ADD ANYTHING ELSE TO THE RECIPE. Now
    press start to start cooking.
    Your character will come out holding a Ruby Spice. When you look in
    your inventory you will see that you now have one extra Ruby Spice.
    NOTE: If you use more than one Ruby Spice in a recipe hoping to
    bootleg you will only come out with a disaster food. This can be good
    for both feeding your character, and dog without having to use
    natural resources.
    ANOTHER THING TO NOTE: Remember Ruby only gives you one Ruby Spice
    so if you have used it up it is gone for good and you can never get
    it again. I recommend storing a few Ruby Spice's in both food storage
    and in the tool shed on the shelves. This is so that you don't
    accidentally sell all of the Ruby Spice you are carrying in your
    inventory and have no Ruby Spice left. It is also in case you use up
    all your spice on curry. I recommended putting the spice in BOTH the
    food storage and the tool shed because if you just put it in food
    storage someone could steal it (the homeless guy often does steal
    things put in food storage until you have a few cut scenes where you
    catch him.)
    ANOTHER THING: Making two ruby spices will make a cooking fiasco.
    Your pet/s will happily eat cooking fiascos. Your character can also
    eat cooking fiascos and he will have slightly more energy.
    Cheats For Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town: (GBA)
    This game has an incredible amount of hidden cheats, and tips and
    there are so many that I could make my own guide about the
    size of this FAQ just on cheats!!! Therefore I won't write that
    many cheats in this section but just a few main ones. I definately
    encourage you to look at cheat sites on HMFOMT because they will give you
    A LOT more cheats.
    Change the weather: This cheat is great in Spring and Fall because you can
    easily make it rain every day and therefore you can plant crazy amounts of
    crops and not have to worry about watering them.
    Save before going to bed then go to bed and see what the weather will be
    like for the next day on the weather channel. Keep reloading and save
    the game once you have the weather report saying that the next day
    you will get rain. Keep doing this every night and you will be able
    to get rain every day. 
    Note: You can not make it rain the day before festivals, or on festivals.
    It is best telling the sprites to water your garden 2 days before a
    festival and then getting them to water for three days (this means that
    the sprites will water your crops the day before the festival, the day
    of the festival and the day after which is good because you won't have
    to frantically spend the whole day watering during these days).
    Another note: In Spring you can easily make it rain and you only
    have to reload about a maximum of 7 times. Summer can take you a lot
    longer and so in Summer you are better off getting the harvest sprites
    to water your plants. Fall is relatively easy to change the weather
    to rain but still no where near as easy as it is in Spring. In Winter
    there is no need to use this trick however if you see a forecast saying
    that the next day will be a hurricane you should definately reload.
    Another note: You should definately try befriending the sprites ASAP
    so that they can water on the days which you can't do this trick (before
    festivals on festivals). They can also help you ship your crops which
    can be a lot of help if you planted a crazy amount of crops. Remember
    that if you make the sprites work a lot without giving them a few gifts
    their heart can decrease and they mightn't want to help you so every
    now and then it is a good idea to give them gifts.
    P and X produce: P and X produce is produce which your animals can
    make which sells for even higher than the golden produce. In order
    for your animals to be able to make this produce you need your animal
    to have won it's animal festival (cow festival, sheep festival, or
    sumo festival) and you need to have left the animal outside for at
    least 600 game hours. Once you have completed the necessary requirements
    that animal will always give P produce but sometimes on rare occasions
    your animal will give you X produce instead which sells for about double
    the amount of P produce.
    Golden Lumber: Once you have 999 pieces of lumber you can buy golden
    lumber from Gotz for 100,000 g each. You could also get it by running
    errands for the mayor once he likes you enough. The advantage of golden
    lumber is that it can't ever rot (when you use it as a fence) however
    it's not worth using as a fence because rocks work as much better
    fences anyway. If you put golden lumber on your ground the next day
    all the villagers will get angry at you and bitch at you. They will
    dislike you and find you ostentatious (in other words they'll dislike
    the way you show off your incredible wealth). The villagers will like
    you a lot less each day you keep the gold lumber out and will call you
    money bugs.
    Lots of money from the horse race: Bring your shipping basket
    along to the horse race. It is best if you have about 10,000g to
    bet on the horses with. When you do the horse race there will be
    about 2 horses which keep winning when you reload the event so write
    down which horses usually win the race and bet on them after reloading
    the game. However if you betted on something which gave you a lot
    of medals anyway (about 700) you mightn't even need to bother
    about reloading. If you do decide to reload you may have to try
    reloading a few times to get a good amount that your happy with
    (i.e. I wouldn't recommend betting on a horse that only gives you
    about 4 times the amount of medals you use on it) even if it does
    always win unless you win another horse bet which gives you a lot
    of medals (i.e about 17 times the amount of medals you betted on it).
    Anyway after the three races talk to the mayor and buy broaches with
    the medals. Put the broaches in your shipping basket. Keep doing this
    till the basket is full. Also carry as many broaches as you can unless
    you still have medals left over and decide to buy one of the jewel
    of truths. Now walk out of the square area and throw your broaches
    into the shipping bin. The broaches sell for 2,000 each so you can
    make 60,000g from the basket and another 18,000 from the ones you
    carried (this number is based on the assumption that you have the
    highest upgraded rucksack but if not you can still get a lot). 
    NOTE: Do not buy the jewel of truth or power berry until you have
    brought as many broaches as you can hold. Otherwise you might have
    used up most of your medals and only be able to buy about 15 broaches.
    ANOTHER NOTE: Don't worry about keeping one of the inventory slots
    free so that you can carry the basket back because you can go back
    and collect the basket later.
    Mining trick: Save as soon as you have gone down a level. Then you
    can search for the ladders that go down to another level. Reload and
    dig in the spot where you found the ladder. You can keep doing this
    which helps you get down a lot further in the mines because you
    aren't wasting as much energy. Don't forgot to bring your basket
    and take it with you down each of the levels.
    NOTE: Sometimes you can get dead ends where you aren't able to
    find any stairs. You can reduce the chance of getting dead ends by
    getting the harvest goddess to like you more.
    NOTE: Certain levels have really good items. i.e: In Level 19 in
    the normal mine you can plow for a powerberry. There are pink diamonds
    on levels 30,70, 90, 110, 130, 170, 190, and 255 in the winter mine
    which sell for a lot more than the other minerals. The pink diamonds
    can be sold for 10,000g each. There are also plain diamonds which
    sell for about 500g each and I usually just ship these without
    worrying about the pink diamonds because it is rare to find the
    pink diamonds on level 30 and I can't be bothered going to the
    other levels. There are also a few other secret things about
    the mines but you'd be better off looking up a walkthrough
    about it because there are so many things to get.
    The Harvest Goddess New Years Game: You can play this game
    up until the 5th of Spring, 5 times a day. Go to the tv
    and save your game. Press the left button repetitively until
    you see the goddess. She'll tell you to press up or down depending
    on if the number will be higher or lower. If you aren't happy
    with you prize reload. It takes a lot of work to even get up
    to 10 but there is a trick an annonymous person sent me which
    can help you out.
    Here's what you'll win if you get enough wins in a row.
    1: Nothing.
    2: Grass or herb.
    3-9: Noodle powder, truffle, or rice cake.
    10-14: Tea leaves.
    15-19: Lotion.
    20-24: Water. 
    25-29: Tissue.
    30-39: Perfume.
    40-49: Dress.
    50-59: Golden Log (don't try for this).
    60-69: Fish Fossil 5,000g.
    70-79: Treasure Box 10,000g.
    80-89: Ketchup recipe.
    90-99: Fried Potato recipe.
    100: Book. 
    Here is the trick. I reccomend you go for the 70-79 wins in order
    to get the treasure box and I also reccommend tallying the amount
    of wins you've done just so you end up getting the prize you want.
    Note the following codes don't always work but they will definately
    help you get further. One trick is up, up, down, up, down, down, up,
    down repeated again and again. The other is the opposite: down, down,
    up, down, up, up, down, up. Even with this trick you do need a lot
    of patience.
    At the church if you confess and are forgiven good things can happen
    but if you aren't forgiven there are consequences. Save before
    confessing. Reload until you get what you want. It will be easier to
    be forgiven if Carter likes you. Here are the benefits/consequences
    involving confession:
    I treat my animals badly: The animals like you more. If it's not
    forgiven they like you less.
    I litter: People who liked you less from littering will gain back
    some of their respect for you. If you aren't forgiven the villagers
    like you less (whether or not you littered in the first place.)
    I don't sleep enough/I overwork: Some of your stamina is revived. If
    you aren't forgiven you have less stamina.
    I overwork the harvest sprites: Harvest sprites get back some of the
    liking for you which they lost due to being overworked. If you aren't
    forgiven the harvest sprites like you even less even if you never
    overworked them in the first place.
    The villagers don't like me: The villagers all like you more. If you
    aren't forgiven the villagers all like you less. This one is
    definately my favourite out of all the confessions. I even got quite
    a few villagers to like me without having to give them many gifts
    at all!
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature
    Here are some frequently asked questions that are about things that
    I haven't quite explained beforehand.
    How do you get your tools?
    The tools can be found in your house in the wooden tool box. Select
    the ones you want from the box and put them in your inventory tool
    section to equip them. If you want to find out more about how to use
    them you can check chapter one with the tools section (Part D.)
    I ordered seeds but was ripped off. I don't have them equipped and
    can't find them anywhere? They seem to be nowhere? where are they?
    Is this some kind of a glitch?
    No don't worry this isn't a glitch. If your inventory tool section is
    full then instead of the seeds being put in there they will be in the
    wooden tool box. The same happens with all tools.
    I know that you can tell if the girls like you by their heart rating
    but is there a way you can tell if the other villagers like you?
    You can tell if residents of buildings with locked doors like you
    because you will be able to go through the locked door if you are
    friends with everyone that lives in the house. You can also tell
    because certain events only happen if you are friends with that person
    for example Kai's non Popuri related events, and Harris's super special
    event only happens if they are friends with you. The characters also
    tend to say something different to you that they didn't say before if
    they like you (note that every season they say something different
    anyway so this may not be the best way to try finding out.)
    How do I get the blue feather?
    Once a girl has at least an orange heart for you, you will be able to
    buy it from the supermarket.
    The girl I proposed to didn't accept my marriage. She likes me with
    a red heart so why won't she accept?
    You have to have at least four of the expansions (then you'll have
    two beds) to be able to marry. If you do have this then you should
    check if you still have the feather. After all sometimes the girls
    say things that sound like they haven't accepted your proposal when
    they really have. I mentioned this at the bottom of the girls section
    under a heading called marriage. Check there for more information.
    How do I order kitchen utensils to make recipes with?
    You can only order them after having the kitchen put into your house
    (this happens from the 3rd extension.) Then watch the shopping channel
    (on Saturday.) You have to watch the FULL show. You can't just read
    it all and exit before the text stops scrolling because the game won't
    think you've finished watching TV. Now go to the inn and use the
    telephone. You have to go to the phone the day that you watch the show
    you can't wait until the next day. A salesperson on the phone will ask
    if you want to buy the item you saw on the TV and say yes and provided
    you have enough money to buy it, it will be sent to you (via Zack) in
    a few days time.
    NOTE: If on one week you miss out on buying a kitchen utensil or don't
    have enough money to buy the utensil then don't worry. The shopping
    items go on a loop of the things you haven't brought yet. Therefore
    if you miss out on something you'll eventually get the chance to
    buy it once again.
    How do I find out how to make recipes?
    Some of the villagers give you recipes once they like you enough.
    The cooking channel which is on every Tuesday gives you recipes
    aswell. If this is too much for you you can just look at my
    cooking section.
    How do I make spa-boiled eggs?
    Throw the eggs into the hotspring in the area that doesn't have a
    fence around it.
    I put all of my crops in the shipping basket and it was a festival
    day. When I woke up the next day I didn't get any extra money what
    Don't worry on the day of the festivals the man doesn't take your
    shipment. But he will the next day at 5:00 and all of the stuff that
    you put in the shipment box will still be lying in there until Zach
    collects it. You won't have wasted anything so don't worry.
    Aaaaaaaaaah I selected to get married and now the screen has gone all
    black and nothing is happening and I can't marry anyone. What is going
    The old version of Harvest Moon Back To Nature has a marriage glitch
    where after you have chosen to get married the screen goes black.
    If you have the old version there isn't really another way to stop
    this glitch except to just not marry or to get the newer version if
    you decide you desperately want your character to marry someone.
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature
    CHAPTER EIGHT: Part B - Mythbusters.
    I started relooking through old emails and scounging the net to
    find rumours I could help lay to rest.
    Throw *insert number here* vegetables into water/on the ground/eat one
    of each vegetable and *insert something which sounds cool* will happen
    to you.
    I've heard so many different cheats claiming that wasting a certain
    amount of vegetables will make certain things happen. None of them
    work. Quite a lot of people found them so far fetched sounding that
    they couldn't believe someone could just make it up.
    The only cheat slightly related to this that actually works is the
    Kappa cheat in which you throw three cucumbers into the lake whilst
    standing in between two trees and you'll be given a powerberry.
    Twin Babies/Make your baby the opposite sex/Make people like you more
    by naming your baby after them:
    There is no cheat which can allow you to have twin babies or have a
    moon baby. You'll always only be able to have one baby and it will
    always look the same. You'll never be able to make it of the opposite
    sex. Naming your baby after your villagers won't make any villagers
    like you more and so you should only do it if you really like that
    villagers name.
    Golden Ball:
    There have been quite a few far fetched rumours about getting a
    golden ball which can never be stuck in corners, which will help
    train your dog so well that after throwing the golden ball to your
    dog a few times your dog will become so well trained and so fast
    that it will definately win the dog race. The wierdest variation
    of this rumour would have been that if you throw about 7 balls
    into the river you will get the golden ball or that you should
    throw a ball off of a cliff and something good will happen. All
    of these golden ball cheats are false though. You can't get an
    immortal ball which will never get stuck. However you can clone
    your balls so that if one ever does get thrown in a place where
    you can't retrieve it you can get another one. This is mentioned
    in the cheat section. My brother liked this cheat so much he did
    it about 35 times and I had 35 spare balls put in my cupboard just
    in case I accidently threw one in the wrong spot.
    Hot and spicy cheat:
    Giving curry powder/curry to your fiance the day before marriage/on
    the day of marriage will not let you hear err... suss noises being
    made by you and your wife on the wedding night.
    Call the chick which Popuri gives you 'Pon' and Popuri will
    like you more:
    I don't think the person who spread this cheat is evil because
    I know they would have probably seen their heart go up (due to
    the fact that when doing the right thing the characters hearts
    automatically go up) and thought it was due to the way they
    named their chick. 
    You don't get your hothouse blown over if you have your dog inside:
    I've dismissed this rumour in good detail in the extensions section.
    To find it just go to 'edit' 'find' and type in [expand] and go
    up to search for it. Then to go back down to here do the same but
    tell the computer to search downwards.
    Not exactly a cheat but it's time to stop the, "oh my goodness
    pineapples are definately the best crop in the game" rumour.
    Sure they give you 500g each. But they take 20 days to grow and
    are renewable (they take *** days to grow a second time) and
    give you 4000 in the first harvest). In
    that time you could grow: a lot more sweet potatoes for a lot
    more money.
    Marry two people:
    Your wife can break up with you if you ignore her but you can't
    marry someone else at this time. There are a few other false
    rumours about being able to marry two people without divorcing
    but these ones are false too.
    If you have other cheats you want me to test just email me. By
    the way all of the cheats I put in the cheats section have been
    tested out by me so none of them are false (not even the one
    abut getting a new horse).
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature
    Final Completion Date = 30th of October 2004. Submitted the day after
    will possibly add more things by request.
    Legal Information:
    This document is Copyright 2004. I started this FAQ early in the year
    and finished writing it all out on the computer but got a little
    lazy and didn't finally finish the HTML side of things until quite a
    bit later. If you wish to put my guide on your sight e-mail me at:
    clow_cow@hotmail.com to get my consent. If I allow you to post my site
    you must post it in it’s entirety and not change anything.
    HOWEVER: Your site WILL be removed if you copy things from my site
    without my consent.
    All of the information I found out was found out by me except for a
    few cheats which I found from friends and a few harvest moon fan club
    forums (I asked for a few cheats on some forums which I tested before
    writing to ensure my cheats were all correct.) I didn't go ripping off
    anyone's sites and I expect the same courtesy.
    I would really appreciate it if you could report sites if they are
    taking my information without my consent.
    The sites I will currently allow to post my site on:
    * gamefaqs.com
    * Neoseeker.com
    * gamespot.com
    * my website (I am hoping to make my own site with this faq on it.)
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature
    If you want to e-mail me about my guide to Harvest Moon with
    feedback, questions, corrections (not in a flaming way,) or other
    things to add to my guide. I'd really like to hear from you even if
    you email me two years after I wrote the FAQ, and that's official
    because now it is about two years after I first started writing this
    faq. I'll always reply unless hotmail isn't working in which case
    I sometimes end up sending blank emails (grrr that's happened many
    times. Hotmail can be so evil to me sometimes.)
    E-mail me @ : clow_cow@hotmail.com. Call the e-mail subject Harvest
    Moon or else I will probably just delete your e-mail because I delete
    E-mail's that aren't from people I know or that aren't about things I
    DON'T copy my guide and put it online claiming that you made it.
    NOTE: I WILL check all of the things you tell me about Harvest Moon
    to see if they are true. Please don't waste my time by sending in fake
    cheats (unless you've seen information on another site and you aren't
    sure if the info is fake and you want me to check for you in which case
    I will be happy to.)
    I'll definitely give you credit if you give me extra things to write
    in my guide or suggestions (unless for some reason you request
    to be anonymous of course).
    My Guide To Harvest Moon Back To Nature
    If someone gives me a suggestion and I decide to use it I'll write
    me writing about it here so therefore people looking at my site will
    know if I'm writing on anything extra. I recommend people who are
    going to write their own FAQ's to read this. It will inform them on
    some things about how to submit which they mightn't know. It could
    save them hours.
    Jan 2006 - During this time and before and made quite a few
    corrections. I lately added the quicksearch parts which allow you
    to get straight to the parts you want to eg [animal] for the animals
    section. Whilst doing this I realised the contents and the chapter
    names weren't all the same (what a dodgy mistake) *sweatdrop*. I
    also realised there were a few events I missed (the puppies one). I'm
    going to add a few sections later once my friend gives back the
    copy I leant her (that was the reason why I hadn't updated my faq
    for so long because I didn't have the copy of the game). I also
    made a mythbusters section to get rid of those false cheats once
    and for all, and added some HMFOMT cheats.
    9th April 2005 - I didn't really change much. I added a special title
    and made the marriage part into an actual section hoping that people
    would then take more notice of it (I've had a few people asking me
    questions about the marriage when the answers to their questions
    could have been read about in the marriage part.) (I'm not angry at
    them asking me in fact i'm glad they asked me because it made me
    realise that originally that section was hard for people to find.)
    Tried submitting the faq but it turns out that gamefaqs.com has
    changed their accounts or something so therefore to be able to
    submit a FAQ you have to re-register and i've tried but it says
    i've already registered and I probably have in the past but I can't
    remember my password or even my user name!
    Late January - I was emailed a few of the girls events that I missed
    writing about (or a few extra details about them such as the fact some
    won't happen in certain season.) Thanks Santiago for that information.
    I've corrected a few things. Thanks for everyone that has sent me
    corrections. You're all legends.
    Early January - I added the trick to getting a horse back.
    12th December 2004 - Decided to add a few extra things and change
    a few bits of information in Chapter Three. I made the expansions
    chapter say exactly how much wood and money you need for each
    expansion. I also changed a few mistakes that I made in the section
    in the villager section about likes and dislikes *sweatdrop.* I also
    added some tool info.
    30th October 2004 - phewph I've finished my FAQ. It took me hours
    to change the amount of words per line. It looks better than it did
    before when I just had word wrap. At least now it'll be right for the
    site (hopefully.) I'm pretty sure that it's in 100% the correct
    format. I'm sure that my site is now at the stage where it will be
    looked at and someone will tell me if it is accepted. *fingers crossed.*
    The hours of correcting will be worth it in the end if my FAQ gets
    accepted and I'm pretty sure that I have made my site the best I can.
    If this FAQ isn't accepted I'll try another game guide site but
    gamefaqs is one of my top preferences (I'm not meaning to sound like
    I'm sucking up.) This FAQ took a lot of dedication and an incredible
    amount of hours to write (and to find out more things) about.
    14th October 2004 - For a while I got a bit slack for trying to submit
    my FAQ back on the site. I finally tried submitting my site to Game
    FAQ's once again but unfortunately it turned out that there were too
    many characters in my lines of writing (you need a maximum of 80
    characters on each line. If you do any more the site will tell you
    what lines have more writing than they would desire and you have
    to change things.)
    September some time 2004 - It seems like I've corrected the spelling
    in this FAQ record breaking amounts of times. I'm also pretty sure that
    there isn't anything that will confuse people (for example I had a few
    name mistakes before like calling Elli Ellen and sometimes writing
    Mary instead of May.) My Internet friend Flik found a way to quickly
    change the HTML formed site into text (no he didn't just copy and
    paste.) *Hugs Flik 9999999999 times.* He gave me a version of my FAQ
    in Word Pad and one in Notepad. I fiddled around a lot with the one
    in Word Pad only to find out that it wouldn't accept Word Pad documents
    but that it would accept Notepad documents.
    Sometime Early September 2004 - I finished writing my FAQ in HTML only to
    find that FAQ sites will only accept text. I read the help information
    about submitting FAQ's and I'm sure that it told me to send 'the site'
    containing your FAQ. I probably just had one of those annoying
    dreams which you think is real and in the dream I went to the site
    saying how to submit FAQ's and it told me to 'send the FAQ on a site.'
    Even though writing it in HTML was pointless I feel glad that I did
    because now I know how to use HTML.
    Around the end of August 2004 - It took me a week but I finished the
    FAQ in HTML. There were a few things that I had added that weren't in
    my I.B. project such as frequently asked questions, The Baby, The
    Village, All The Items, and The Controls. I would have finished it a
    lot sooner but I was being held back by not wanting to face rejection.
    July 2004 - I had finished typing the FAQ on the computer. I had spell
    checked and gone over the document an incredible amount of times.
    June 2004 - This is the time that I finished my FAQ for the I.B.
    project. I pondered about sending my FAQ to a game site for a while
    but I didn't. Looking back I guess I kind of just didn't want to face
    the rejection which a lot of people start to face.
    Late May 2004 - I started my FAQ now.
    Bye. I have enjoyed writing this FAQ. I hope you find it helpful.

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