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    FAQ by HarvestBeast64

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    By: HarvestBeast64
    Okay, I had this game for a while so I am going to start this FAQS so 
    everyone can see what this game is like.  Remember, this is for the 
    Japanese version of the game and somethings might be left out when the 
    US version arrives this August.
    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature(English name)
    Makiba Monogatari Harvest Moon(Japanese name)
    1 Updates
    2 Walkthrough
    3 The Changes
    4 The Characters
    5 The Girls
    6 The Animals
    7 Extensions
    8 Power Nuts
    9 New Crops
    10 Credits
    11 Copyright
    New Added Ones:
    12 Items
    13 The Kitchen
    1 Updates
    6/28/00-version 1.5
    All the sections are somewhat done and I took out two sections because they are 
    hard to info from.  Well, I will add details to some sections like the animals.
    And I better check the spelling again.  I added two new sections: Items and The 
    Kitchen, hope you like it!
    6/24/00-version 1.0 
    Okay, this is the second FAQ I wrote, but the first one didn’t get in 
    so I hope this one will.  I will get started in all sections or most, 
    but I wont have time to finish them completely.
    2 Walkthrough
    When you start the game it, you talk to the mayor about when you were 
    young.  It shows you going to your grandpa’s farm and playing, you 
    tried to make fun of the chickens, but they chased you away.  You rode 
    on a cow too.  Then a girl comes and you two play in the forest.  When 
    you were about to leave, you promised that you would come back someday, 
    and that’s your future girl/wife.
    Day 1
    Well you get your farm today, and from what it looks like, it looks like a huge 
    farm with nothing but weeds and junk.  Start clearing about a 4th of it, you 
    will need to grow some crops later.  Well, the game passes in 10 minute 
    intervals so you have time to go south of the farm, which is the moutains.  Look 
    around and pick some wild crops to ship out, or you can go to the mine and dig.
    Day 2
    Well you should notice your money has increased, so if you have enough, you can 
    go to the grocerry store and buy some seeds, if not keep on foraging.  Your 
    backpack is very small, but the if you want it bigger, you need lots of money.  
    The upgrades for the backpack is 3000g for the first one, and 5000g for the 
    Day 3
    You should have enough money by now so buy some cabbage or potato seeds because 
    from what I seen, the new crops don’t give much money during spring.  Well, 
    water them and keep on foraging!  From now on, I am not going to tell you to 
    forage because you do that everyday forever because it never hurts to have more 
    Day 4
    Let’s hope it’s the weekends, because you really need a fishing rod!  The 
    fisherman is located near the beach by the dock on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 
    from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Well try to get your money up to 1500 or more because you 
    want atleast one chicken!
    Day 5
    Water your crops and do your usual things, I suggest you upgrade your Axe 
    because it wont cut tree stumps, only little logs.  But then again, it’s 1000g 
    and you don’t have the money yet.
    Day 6
    Okay, in my game I have about 2000-3000g now, I hope you do too, I bought a 
    chicken today and some feeds, so you should too.  Now water your crops first 
    because the Poultry Farm opens at 11:00 AM.
    3 The Changes
    Your farm is much much bigger with a horse stable you can walk in.  And you have 
    a little windmill to make chicken feed by putting corn in it.
    Your dog is a puppy at first, I am not sure when he grows up, since mine is 
    still little.
    The Girls is already slightly dating your rivals, but they are very easy to get, 
    because you can change many levels of a heart in 1 day if you try hard.
    You need to pay to upgrade your tools, it’s more expensive as the levels are 
    higher, upgrade them at the blacksmith.
    You also get your brush here.
    Everyone has been put into new set of families, same people, different families 
    though, and Kent is no where to be seen.  
    The Graphics are way better.
    If you plant flowers during spring, a bee with come and make a hive, then you 
    can make honey and sell it!
    I also noticed that the swimming festival is a bit harder, you have to push the 
    triangle and circle buttons.
    4 The Characters
    They are exactly the same as the N64 version except some has been taken out, and 
    they have different personalities.
    Also, a Doctor has been added, also known as your rival for Elli.
    5 The Girls
    Ann-In this game, she is the cooking master!  Her father owns a resturant and 
    mostly if not always wins the cooking festival.  She likes Hot Spring eggs!
    Cliff-He works with Ann’s father but if you wait till the end of the first 
    winter and you ignored him, he will leave on a boat making it easy for you to 
    Karen-She is a bit nicer now, and her family owns a groccery store.
    Rick-He seems to be good friends with Karen, if your after Karen, watch out for 
    this psycho!
    Popuri-Everyone treats her like a child, even her brother Rick(Shock!).
    She loves Pink Cat Mint flowers.
    Kai-This atheletic jerk is hated by a lot of people in the town.  Just treat him 
    bad and Popuri is yours, as long as you win the swimming festival
    Maria-She’s kind of outgoing now, and still works a much bigger library.
    Gray-He seems to work at the blacksmith’s and is Ann’s brother.  Just be careful 
    because if you come at the wrong time, you will see an event, so avoid him.
    Elli-She works at the clinic now, and is interested in the doctor(ugly guy!) and 
    she very mature now, since her parents passed away, she has to take care of her 
    little brother Stu and look after her grandmother.
    Doctor-As mentioned above, this guy is the rival.  Try to avoid him and don’t go 
    to the clinic at a wrong time, or something will happen.
    Couples wont get married until 4 years if your not.
    6 The Animals
    Fishes-They are my favorite in the game!  All you have to do is fish them for 
    free, give them one bag of fish feed for the whole group, and the feed is not 
    expensive!  Plus they grow up and become big fish, and they breed new fishes so 
    you can sell them!
    Price-free/fish for them.
    Reproduce-feed it everyday and when it becomes a big fish, it can reproduce.
    Note-I heard you can only catch big fish in the beach, someone please confirm 
    Sell-depends on size of the fish.
    Chickens-They aren’t bad, infact they are pretty good money makers, just buy one 
    chicken and incubate the others.  As soon as you get the chicken coop extension, 
    you should be getting about 1000g or more a day if you have a few chickens.  If 
    you win the chicken sumo..which I don’t know much about, you will get gold eggs.
    Price-1500g each, 1000g for medicine, and 10g for feed.
    Reproduce-Chickens you buy can reproduce by putting an egg in the incubator, and 
    small chickens wont until it matures.
    Sell-depends if you are selling the chicken, an egg, or a hot spring egg.
    Cows-They are next best money makers, when they mature, you will get small milk 
    but will get bigger as you take care of them, win the cow festival and you get 
    gold milk.  You can get the cow and tools like the milker at May’s Farm.
    Sheeps-They take much care because you have to talk to them and brush them and 
    cut their wool, but they worth money.  Get sheeps at May’s Farm as well.  It 
    takes about 3 weeks or 20 something days for it to mature.
    7 Extensions
    Chicken Coop-adds more space for chicken, adds one more incubator, and a sauce 
    machine for 20000g with some rare metals.
    Barn(cows/sheep)-adds more space for cows/sheeps and a few more birthing 
    Kitchen-adds a kitchen, two cabinets, and something else.  You may also cook in 
    the kitchen.
    Second house extension-adds more space to your home and a few rooms.
    Greenhouse-same as N64, but there is nothing to protect it, so lightning storms 
    and typhoons can knock it down.  Also has very little space.
    I found out that if you are nicer to the Carpenter(Karen’s dad in the N64) he 
    will lower the price so be nice to him!
    8 Power Nuts
    -Found by digging in the mine a few levels in spring.
    9 New Crops
    Example: crop-days takes to grow/days to regrow
    The crops in this game are:
    Violet colored plant-n/a
    Potato-9 days
    Turnip-6 days
    Tomato-9 days/3 days to regrow
    Corn-14 days/ 4 days to regrow
    Eggplant-7 days/3 days to regrow(I think)
    10 Credits
    Vito(vitochan@hotmail.com)-For helping me with some stuff I didn’t know about.
    Jim19(islandgames@yahoo.com)-We helped each other out because we both didn’t 
    some of the things.
    11 Copyright
    This Harvest Moon: Back to Nature guide is made by me, HarvestBeast64 and I own 
    this FAQ, you may not copy it, sell it, or do anything except maybe use it to 
    help you with your game unless you e-mail me and request it.  Then, maybe I 
    might consider it.  So this guide is:
    Copyright 2000 By HarvestBeast64
    12 Items
    Sickle-These 5 main tools for farming, and they can be upgraded to: Red Amber,        
    Hoe    Silver, Gold, and Rare Metal by paying money to the blacksmith and giving        
    W.Can  him the right piece of the material.
    Fishing Rod-Given by the fisherman if you go there during night on 7:00 to 9:00 
    PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The fisherman will give you a better one if 
    you have 50 fishes in the pond.
    Chicken Feed-10g a bag, you can buy as much as you want.
    Fodder-30g a bag, you can buy as much as you want.
    Milker-Price unknown, used to get milk from cows.
    Wool Cutter-Price unknown, used to cut wool from sheeps.
    Egg-Get from chickens, you can ship it, incubate it, give it to someone, eat it, 
    and you can throw it in the hot springs for a boiled egg.
    Popuri Egg-I got this from vito, Popuri will give you an egg and if you incubate 
    it and name it Popuri when it hatches, Popuri will like you more.
    Backpack Upgrades-Your backpack is very small at first so should make it bigger.  
    The first upgrade is 3000g and the second is 5000g.
    Fish Feed-Price unknown, You need this to feed the fishes.
    Crop Seeds-You get these from the grocerry store and rare seeds are sold from 
    the chinese merchant.  He comes to your house to sell you them.
    13 The Kitchen
    Now, my favorite part of the game, the kitchen!  In the psx version, you are 
    allowed to use your kitchen to make food.   Making a big meal will for sure gain 
    your energy back and you can sell your good too!  There are special food that 
    the girls like too.  Be sure to buy tools like blender and stuff from the shop 
    at home thing from your TV, I’m not too sure, I have to get back to you on that 
    I’ll make a list of things you can cook soon.

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