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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SStrato2123

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 01/17/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ____   ____   ____   ________  ___      ___ ________  _______ _________
    |  |   |  |  /    \  | _____ \ \  \    /  / | _____| /    __| |___  __|
    |  |___|  | /  /\  \ | |____| | \  \  /  /  | |___    \   \       | |
    |   ___   ||   __   ||  ___  /   \  \/  /   |  ___|     \  \      | |
    |  |   |  ||   ||   || |  \ \     \    /    | |____  ____\  \     | |
    |__|   |__||___||___||_|   \_\     \_/      |______| |______/     |_|
    _____   _____  ________    ________   ______ ____
    |     \/    | /  ____  \  /  ____  \  |     \|  |
    |  |\   /|  ||   |  |   ||   |  |   | |  |\     |
    |  | \_/ |  | \  ____  /  \  ____  /  |  |  \   |
    |__|     |__|  \______/    \______/   |__|   \__|
    ***Have any ideas for more sections to the Walkthrough send them in***
    Harvest Moon
    Back to Nature
    For Playstation
    By: Steven Strato2123
    2:Legal Stuff
    A.	Controls
    4.Mineral Village
    6.New Stuff
    7.Crop Guide
      A. Spring
      B. Summer
      C. Autumn
      D. Winter
    8.All Tools
    10.Tool Upgrades 
    A.	Spring 
    B.	Summer 
    C.	Autumn 
    D.	Winter
    E.	2ND Year Spring 
    F.	Summer 
    G.	Autumn 
    H.	Winter
    I.	3rd Year and Beyond 
    13. Secrets #
    14. Marriage 
    15. Recipes 
    16. Birthdays 
    17. Tips #
    18. Sellable Items
    19. Dangerous Weather
    20. What They Like
    21. FAQ #
    22. Cheats #
    23. Special Events and Festivals #
    24. Map of Farm
    25. Crop Formation
    26. Wish List
    27. Credits #
    *=Not Started #=Not Finished
    Version 1.0 11/13/00 – Just have the basic structure of this 
    Version 1.1 11/16/00 – Just added recipe section, 2 more expansions, a 
    secret, Summer walkthrough is almost complete, and Summer crop guide. 
    Also added a complete character list.
    Version 1.2 11/21/00 – I finished summer walkthrough added 2 more power 
    berries a weird special power berry and crop guide for fall.
    Version 1.3 11/25/00 – Winter walkthrough winter crop guide more 
    details about the mines. New special crops for spring summer and 
    autumn. Upgraded Marriage section. Upgraded recipe section. More Power 
    Berries too.
    Version 1.4 11/27/00 – Finished Marriage, and Upgrade sections. Added 
    Birthdays section. Upgraded Secrets section, and Recipes. Also added 
    tips section. Finally finished planning out the amount of money made by 
    each crop, and added controls of the game in the story section.
    Version 1.5 11/28/00 – Finished Spring 2nd year. Added to Mineral 
    Village section what every building sells if it sells anything. Added 
    credits section. Small updates here and there. Updated recipes section 
    4 new recipes, one donated by pikapurple thank you. Found the 6 
    Legendary fish! A very, very big thank you goes out to Jarril for his 
    contribution to the tips and completing the birthday section!
    Version 1.6 11/30/00 – Well I added 20 new recipes. I also fixed many 
    little things here and there I also added the cheats section and Tools 
    Version 1.7 12/7/00 – All 100 recipes completed boy it took me a day to 
    finish them all and 27 restarts. Whew and that's not it I finished the 
    2nd summer, and added a Dangerous Weather section.
    Version 1.8 1/2/01 – Sorry for the delay this update is not that big 
    but still important. 5 more tips, 2nd 3rd 4th 5th year finished, made 
    recipes somewhat easier to read. Made a What They Like section includes 
    everyone some more tips and that's all for now.
    Version 1.9 1/10/01 – Well I added a Sellable Item section. If you have 
    any ideas please send them in. Also added a Map.
    Version 2.0 1/11/01 – Info on AJA thanks all to apot_cruz. Look in 
    secret section to find out more. Some of the What They Like section 
    items were wrong I fixed them.
    Version 2.1 1/13/00 – Added Wish List. Send in some of your own wishes.  
    Version 2.2 1/15/00 – Just added some pictures.
    Version 2.3 1/16/00 – Forget the pictures added some tips on fishing 
    submitted by danjr. Added Crop formation section.  
    1. Introduction
    I've been playing Harvest Moon 64 for a while and when I heard a 
    Harvest Moon for Playstation was coming out I got excited. I decided to 
    write this Walkthrough because I am a big fan of this game. I hope you 
    enjoy this Walkthrough and please email me with any questions or 
    comments about it. Also I got this game a week before it is coming out 
    so that's how I have the FAQ up so early.
    2. Legal Stuff
    Basically you cannot distribute this walkthrough without my 
    authorization. If you want to post this walkthrough on your site please 
    email me at Strato2123@aol.com. Copyright 2000 Steven Monafis. Never 
    Ever change anything on this Walkthrough. You cannot print or sell this 
    walkthrough for own personal expense. This is walkthrough made for 
    personal use.
    3. The Story
    The Story is very short and not very detailed. Basically you have 
    visited this town and farm 10 years ago when you were young. Now you 
    want to fix the farm back up after your Grandfathers passing, because 
    you enjoyed your previous visits. The only way to stay on your farm is 
    if the mayor says that you have been a help to the village, but the 
    game goes past the 3-year mark. You also played with a girl 10 years 
    ago you promise that you will come back, that girl is whoever you date 
    and/or marry later in the game.
    A. Controls:
    /\(Triangle)- Look in your rucksack.
    |_|(Square)- Use tool that is selected.
    (_)(Circle)- Run and cancels menu related options.
     X (x)- Harvest, pick up, talk, enter letters, numbers, and excepting 
    menu options.
    R1- Switch between tools in your rucksack.
    R2- Put or take out an item from your rucksack.
    L1- Call your dog.
    L2- Call your horse.
    Select- Show Map.
    Start- Pause.
    Use the Analog Stick or Buttons to move around.
    4.Mineral Village
    Mineral Village consists of 19 different sections.
    They are:
    Your Farm: This is where you will raise animals plant crops and live 
    your entire life, or 3 year visit to Mineral Village. It used to be you 
    Blacksmith: (10:00-4:00) No Thursdays. This shop is where you upgrade 
    your tools. Saibara and his grandson Gray run it.
    Brush 800   Clippers 1800
    Jewelry 1000+Orichalc Ore
    Milker 2000   Mayonnaise Maker 20000+Adamantite Ore
    Cheese Maker 20000+Adamantite Ore
    Yarn Maker 20000+Adamantite Ore
    Tool Upgrades 1000-5000 Copper, Silver, Gold, or Mystrile Ore
    AJA Winery: (9:00-12:00) No Saturdays. Duke and Manna run this winery. 
    You can bye grape juice and Wine here.
    Mary's House/Library: (LIBRARY: 10:00-4:00) No Mondays. Mary, Basil, 
    and Anna live here they are all very nice. Basil is a Botanist and Mary 
    runs the library. (Mary was Maria in Harvest Moon 64) The library is 
    close to Mary's house.
    Ellen's House: Ellen, Elli, and Stu live here. Ellen is Elli and Stu 
    grandmother. Elli works at the Clinic.
    Mayor's House: Mayor Thomas, Harris, and Kano live here. Mayor Thomas 
    is the mayor of Mineral Village, Harris is the local law enforcement, 
    and Kano is photographer who wants to show photos of people and animals 
    living together. 
    Karen's House: Karen lives here she also works at the supermarket next 
    Supermarket: (9:00-5:00) No Tuesdays and Sundays. Jeff and Sasha live 
    and own the supermarket and Karen works here. There are a variety of 
    items sold.
    Basket: 5000            Rice Balls: 100
    Blue Feather: 1000  Rucksack Medium: 3000
    Bread: 100               Wrapping Center: 100
    Curry Powder: 50     Fish Food: 20 
    Flour: 50                  Oil: 50
    Clinic: (9:00-4:00) No Wednesdays. Doctor and Elli work here. Doctor is 
    a bit serious, but Elli is very sweet.
    Exam-10   Bodigizer-500
    Bodigizer XL-1000  Turbojolt-1000
          Turbojolt XL-2000
    Church: (9:00-8:00) Pastor Carter lives here. He is also the Pastor. 
    Harvest Sprites Home: There are seven sprites that live here, Aqua, 
    Bold, Chef, Hoggy, Nappy, Staid, and Timid. Have them work for you.
    Mineral Beach: Kai lives here during the summer when he opens up his 
    Seaside Lodge. Zach the deliveryman lives on a beautiful house on the 
    shore, but does not spend a lot of time there. Greg is the fisherman, 
    get a fishing rod from him.
    Yodel Farm: (9:00-3:00) No Mondays. Barley, and May live here. Barley 
    is Mays' grandfather. They have a dog named Hana. This farm will be 
    where you get Cows and Sheep. NOT CHICKENS!
    Medicine-1000   Bell-500
    Cow-6000        Cow Pregenency-3000
    Fodder-20(apiece) Sheep-4000
           Sheep Pregenency-3000 
    Poultry Farm: (12:00-4:00) No Sundays. Popuri, Lilia, and Rick live 
    here. Lilias' husband is away getting her special medicine for her leg. 
    Rick is Popuris' brother. They sell chickens.
    Medicine-1000   Chicken-1500
    Chicken(SELL)-500 Feed-10
    Inn: (8:00-9:00) Doug and Ann live here. Won and Cliff stay here too. 
    Won sells rare and exotic seeds and items, but is he for real.
    Apple Pie-300   Cheesecake-250
    Cookie-200      Salad-300
    Full Meal-500   Water-Free
    Gotz's House: Gotz and Louis live here. Gotz can extend your house if 
    you have the lumber and the money. Louis is looking for a rare bee.
    Hot Spring: You can regain your stamina fully if you stay there one 
    Mother Hill: The mountainside where you can forage.
    Mother Hill Peak: The peak of Mother Hill you can see the whole 
    Lillia- She is very friendly, she also works at the Poultry Farm.
    Rick- He is Popuris' brother and doesn't appreciate Kai's liking to 
    Popuri- She is a lovely pink-haired girl who helps her mother at the 
    Poultry Farm, but you will probably find her at the hot spring more 
    often than the Poultry Farm.
    Barley- The owner of Yodel Farm he has his hands full with Animals, and 
    a young granddaughter to care for.
    May- She is a young girl who likes to help out on the farm. She wishes 
    she had friends to play with though.
    Saibara- Owner of the Blacksmith. He makes jewelry, upgrades your 
    tools, and even makes a cheese, yarn, and mayonnaise maker………with a 
    Gray- He lives with his grandfather, but thinks that he doesn't respect 
    his work.
    Duke- he is a wine fanatic.
    Manna- a regular housewife who likes to gossip at Rose square.
    Jeff- He is an overly nice person, and is often taken advantage of.
    Sasha- She yells at Jeff for being so nice, and likes to gossip at Rose 
    Karen- the girl with a little edge. Karen is a great person, but 
    doesn't expect to find her in one place all the time.
    Basil- after he moved his family to here he started to write books on 
    various plants.
    Anna- Another gossiper, but she is extremely nice.
    Mary- Works at the library, and only person I know who likes poisonous 
    Pastor Carter- The odd village clergyman with a soft spot for kids.
    Doug- His wife passed away, but raised his daughter, Ann, very well.
    Ann- Ann is a tomboy, but with a great cooking sense. Impress her with 
    your own recipes.
    Won- A mysterious salesman who sells exotic seeds and items.
    Cliff- A traveler who needs work. Befriend him and he'll stay at the 
    Kai- He comes only in the summer, and has a crush on Pouri
    Zach- He is the deliveryman who is always on the run.
    Greg- The local fisherman. He will hive you a fishing rod.
    Gotz- He is a good carpenter and will upgrade your house.
    Louis- He is looking for rare bees. See the secrets section on how to 
    find those bees.
    Mayor Thomas- He is the mayor, and decides if you will stay in Mineral 
    Harris- The local law enforcement.
    Kano- A world class photographer.
    Ellen- She takes care of Stu and Elli.
    Stu- He is very young and does not have many friends to play with.
    Harvest Sprites- Befriend them and they will work for you.
    Elli- She is a lovely girl who is very into her work at the Clinic
    Doctor- He is very serious and will take a while to warm up to you.
    6.New Stuff
    When I describe the "New Stuff" I am comparing it to Harvest Moon 64. 
    Some new things are the families and how they are arranged. On 64 Rick 
    wasn't sister to Popuri and Lilias' husband was Basil. Others are the 
    way things look, and the complete village itself. On your farm you have 
    a Fishing pond, a mill, and even an apple tree. Also festivals and 
    events, and some characters were removed from this game like Ken. There 
    are also tons of new recipes, and secrets, and a ton of new things to 
    7.Crop Guide
    There are many new crops to plant here are some.
    The crops cost follow this pattern:
    Number of plants X cost of each = amount – cost of seeds X number of 
    harvest = Total worth of season.
    A.	Spring
    The crops from the supermarket are:
    Cucumbers 200 for seeds sell for 100 each takes 10 days to grow harvest 
    it every 5 days.
    Potatoes 150 for seeds sell for 80 each takes 8 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Turnips 120 for seed sell for60 each takes 5 days to grow only harvest 
    Grass 500 for seed cannot sell 30 days to grow harvest every 10 days.
    The crops from the salesmen (Won) during spring are:
    Cabbage 500 for seeds sell for 250 each takes 15 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Moon Drop Flower 500 for seeds cannot sell takes 6 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Toy Flower 400 for seed cannot sell takes 13 to grow only harvest once.
    Strawberry 150 for seeds sell for 30 each takes 9 days to grow harvest 
    every 2 days.
    Best crop – Cabbages
    B. Summer
    The crops in the Supermarket are:
    Corn 300 for seeds sell for 100 each takes 15 days to grow harvest 
    every 3 days.
    Onion 150 for seeds sell for 80 each take 8 days to grow harvest only 
    Tomato 200 for seeds sell for 60 each takes 10 days to grow harvest 
    every 3 days.
    The Crops from the Salesman (Won) during summer are:
    Pineapple 1000 for seeds sell for 500 each takes 21 days to grow 
    harvest every 5 days.
    Pink Cat Flower 300 for seeds cannot sell takes 6 days to grow harvest 
    Pumpkin 500 for seeds sells for 250 each takes 15 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Best crop- Pineapples
    C.	Autumn
    The crops in the Supermarket are:
    Carrot 300 for seeds sell for 120 each takes 8 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Eggplant 120 for seeds sell for 80 each takes 10 days to grow harvest 
    every 3 days.
    Green Pepper 150 for seeds sell for 40 each takes 8 days to grow 
    harvest every 2 days.
    Sweet Potato 300 for seeds sell for 120 each takes 6 days to grow 
    harvest every 3 days.
    Spinach 200 for seeds sells for 80 each takes 6 days to grow only 
    harvest once.
    Best Crop Sweet Potatoes
    D.	Winter
    There are no crops to grow in winter, but if you have a hothouse you 
    can grow anything in any season. There is one crop you can only grow in 
    the hothouse it is the orange cup.
    Orange Cup 1000 for seeds sells for 60 each takes 9 days to grow only 
    harvest once (For below lets say the amount in one season grown.)
    As you can see orange cup is only good for recipes and gifts not for 
    making money.
    8. Tools
    These are all the tools in the game:
    Hammer- Break rocks (can be upgraded)
    Watering Can- Water crops/plants (can be upgraded)
    Ax- Breaks branches/stumps (can be upgraded)
    Sickle- Cuts grass/weeds (can be upgraded)
    Hoe- tills soil (can be upgraded)
    Bell- Calls all barn animals to you 
    Milker- Get milk from cows 2000
    Clippers- Get wool from sheep 1800
    Brush- Brush barn animals/horse with it 800
    Animal Medicine- Cure sick animals with it 1000
    Cow Pregnancy Potion- Impregnate a cow with it 3000
    Sheep Pregnancy Potion- Impregnate a sheep with it 3000
    Blue Feather- Propose with it to your girl 1000 
    Fishing Rod- Fish with it get from Greg between 7-10AM at the pier in 
    Fishing Pole- Fish with it to catch regular or legendary fish get from 
    Greg after having 50 fish in pond.
    9. Upgrades
    The only house upgrades are the Chicken Coop, House upgrade 1, Barn, 
    House Upgrade 2, and The Hothouse. There are no additional upgrades. 
    You must upgrade your chicken coop to upgrade anything else. You need a 
    large sum of money and lumber to upgrade.
    Chicken coop – 420 lumber+5000 - 5 more chicken areas one more 
    incubator and feeder.
    House upgrade 1 – 370 lumber+4700 - Kitchen
    House upgrade 2 – 750 lumber+10000 – Separate bedroom at back of house 
    Barn – 500 lumber+6800 – 10 more areas to raise animals.
    Hothouse- 580 lumber+30000 – Grow any crops all year round' 
    10. Tool upgrades
    Hoe: When normal tills 1 square
    1000+Copper Ore = Copper Hoe – tills 2 squares in front of you. Can 
    upgrade when meter is 100%
    2000+Silver Ore = Silver Hoe – tills 3 squares in front of you. Can 
    upgrade when meter is 200%
    3000+Gold Ore = Gold Hoe – tills 4 squares in front of you. Can upgrade 
    when meter is 300%
    5000+Mystrile Ore = Mystrile Hoe tills 6 squares in front of you. Can 
    upgrade when meter 400%
    The hammer, axe, sickle, and watering can are upgraded this way the 
    only differences are.
    Normal – can only break stones
    Copper – 3 hits to a big rock cannot break huge rock
    Silver – 2 hits to a big rock 5 hits to a huge rock
    Gold – 1 hit to a big rock 3 to a huge rock
    Mystrile – 1 hit to big rock 2 hits to huge rock
    Normal – cuts only branches
    Copper – 6 hits to a stump
    Silver – 3 hits to a stump
    Gold – 2 hits to a stump
    Mystrile – 1 hit to a stump
    Normal – cuts 1 square in front of you
    Copper – cuts 1x3 area
    Silver – cuts 2x3 area
    Gold – cuts 3x3 area
    Mystrile – cuts 5x5 area
    Watering Can:
    Normal - 1 square in front of you
    Copper – 1x3
    Silver – 2x3
    Gold – 3x3
    Mystrile – 3x5
    11. Livestock
     The many animals you can raise on your farm create a new perspective 
    on this game.
    The animals are:
    Cows – They make milk you need a milker and a brush for these animals 
    to like you.
    0-3 Hearts 3000		Milk (S) 100
    4-6 Hearts 4500		Milk (M) 150
    7-10 Hearts 5000		Milk (L) 200
    Champion Cow 8000		Milk (G) 300
    Sheep – You also need a brush and the shears for their happiness.
    0-3 Hearts 2000		Wool (S) 100
    4-6 Hearts 3000		Wool (M) 400
    7-10 Hearts 3500		Wool (L) 500
    Champion Sheep 6000	Wool (G) 600
    Chickens – All you need is chicken feed and these animals will be 
    500 Always		
    Egg 50
    Gold Egg 150 (CHAMPION)
    ** Bringing your animals outside greatly makes your animals happy. Also 
    picking up your chickens makes them happy. **
    Dog – Many don't consider the dog as an animal to care for, but if you 
    train him he can win you the dog race. To train your dog purchase the 
    dog ball from Won when your puppy grows up. In the beginning of the 
    game your do is a puppy. Hugging your puppy makes it happy. (Press X by 
    your puppy)
    Horse – Your horse can win you the horse race when it becomes of a 
    horse. You need a brush, and to talk to it everyday. When it grows be 
    sure to ride a little. In the game to get the pony visit the Yodel Farm 
    in the first days of spring.
    12. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough will tell you events, festivals, seasonally goals for 
    the season and other information. This is not a day by day walkthrough! 
    For any newbies to the game I will explain Spring in a little more 
    detail than the other seasons. These goals are hard to meet especially 
    for new people. In the future I will right a variety of Walkthroughs 
    for this game to get a good (not perfect) score.
    The Waterfall Mine:
    The Waterfall mine is open all year here is what you can find in it, 
    and what you can sell them for. Basically the only good these ores are 
    for is for upgrading your tools. The winter mine open only in winter is 
    in the winter walkthrough section.
    Junk Ore: 1
    Copper Ore: 15
    Silver Ore: 20
    Gold Ore: 25
    Mystrile Ore : 40
    Spring what a beautiful time of year, filled with pretty flowers of 
    many kinds, too bad you can't stop to smell them because we've got work 
    to do. Spring 1st year is single handedly the busiest season in the 
    Meet all your neighbors
    Plant at least 5 fields of Cucumbers
    Get fishing Rod
    Get Horse
    Upgrade Chicken Coop
    Grow 3 fields of Grass
    Buy a chicken
    Start to mingle with your future wife
    Buy Medium Rucksack (optional)
    Amount predicted to be spent – 8750+420 lumber (11750 if rucksack 
    Forage: Blue grass– Hot Spring, and Gotz House Bamboo Shoot– Hot Spring
    Well, it is your first day on the farm, and when observing your fields 
    you see strife. Overgrown weeds branches stones all in your way. There 
    is only one thing to do and it is called SPRING-CLEANING. In your 
    rucksack put your axe and hammer. Exit the building and clear those 
    fields pick up grass and throw it, and cut branches, and break stones. 
    (You want experience with your tools so upgrade is possible.) Buy one 
    potato seed package, and then forage. Forage everyday in Spring it 
    helps. With a part of the land cleared hoe a 3x3 square with a space in 
    the middle. (You can't water this space, and we want to make a lot of 
    money so not to waste a field while 1 crop grows.) Then go to sleep. 
    That's you first day.
    Throughout the week buy more seeds and plant them. Buy More Make more. 
    Forage all the time. Give your girl a present. Make friends with the 
    Harvest sprites and they will work for YOU. Get your horse at Yodel 
    Farm, and hug your dog everyday. Get your fishing rod.
    3rd of Spring: Harris is looking for a suspicious man, go to Gotz house 
    and see him. He stays at the Inn and will sell you exotic, but 
    expensive seeds and items.
    8th of Spring: The Spring Goddess Festival. If you're already on a VERY 
    good foot with your girl on the seventh you can ask them to the 
    festival, but you will probably have to go alone this year.
    9th – 17th: During this time you should have 3000 – 5000 buy a chicken if 
    you do. Remember the chicken feed 10 a bag! Harvest your cucumbers when 
    the are ready and as soon as you can, upgrade your axe. Also Mine in 
    the cave so you can save some precious metals for tool upgrades, and 
    make a profit. If you upgraded your axe cut stumps everyday. Plant some 
    grass too.
    14th of Spring: Spring Thanksgiving. It's a time of giving, and you have 
    no kitchen to make those gifts. Don't bother giving anything to your 
    15th of Spring: The mayor asks for three vegetables for him by the 21st 
    these vegetables can vary. If you get the vegetables to him by that 
    date he becomes easier to make your friend.
    18th of Spring: Horse Race. You can't participate because your horse 
    hasn't grown. If you want place some bets.
    19th – 21st: You should have enough lumber, and money to upgrade your 
    coop. 1 field or more of grass, and 5 potato fields or more. You should 
    also have more than 2 chickens. Tomorrow will be the last time to plant 
    22nd of Spring: Cooking Festival. Bring an egg from your chicken, but 
    you definitely won't win. Get there before 1 hour after a festival 
    begins if you want to participate. If it starts at 10 be there by 11 if 
    you want to enter something)
    23rd – End of Spring: Go to the mine and get some ore everyday. Keep on 
    foraging and harvesting your crops. CHOP WOOD. Make friends with the 
    sprites. Get that chicken coop if you don't have it. (You want to get 
    it out of the way.) If you want update your rucksack for 3000. You 
    should have at least 2000 – 5000 at the end of this season.
    Date Variable: May and Barley from the Yodel Farm come by your farm 
    they ask you where May could stay and play if you lead them to the 
    church Pastor Carter will invite Stu and they will play. Barley Pastor 
    Carter and May all become more friendly if you do this.
    Ah, the wondrous dog days of summer filled with laughter, beach 
    parties, and some of the most amusing festivals in the game. This is my 
    favorite season!
    Buy a Cow
    Plant some flowers
    Remodel your chicken Coop (If you haven't)
    Remodel your kitchen
    Buy Medium Rucksack (If you haven't)
    Buy some onions and some tomatoes
    Buy at least 2 pineapple seeds from Won
    Amount predicted to be spent- 13700+370 16700+370 (Rucksack included) 
    18700+990 (chicken coop) 21700+990 (chicken coop and rucksack)
    Forage- Honey your farm 50/60 (see secrets)
    Pink Cat Flower- Gotz House/Mother Hill cannot sell
    Red Grass- Gotz House/Hot Spring 100 WARNING DO NOT EAT!!!!!!
    1st of Summer- Well what better way to start off a season with a 
    festival! The swimming festival is held at the beach, but it's a little 
    more complicated than the 64 version. Press X to swim forward, but 
    every time you press X make sure you press /\ (Triangle) right after. 
    If you don't you will stop and take a rest. The only way to win is to 
    never stop and rest.
    2nd – 11th – You should have 5- 7 chickens all laying eggs. You should 
    buy a cow ASAP. Also if you can plant more grass. You lose and gain the 
    most money this season. Pineapple onion and tomato seeds are your best 
    bet this season. Pineapples are expensive, but you get tremendous 
    amount of moola for them. Onions and tomatoes should fill the rest of 
    your fields. Grow one field of Corn for Kai.
    7th of Summer- Chicken Festival. Remember that chicken you got in spring 
    well if you picked him up everyday, and took him outside occasionally 
    you might win. Take a chicken to Rose Square at 10 to participate.
    12th of Summer- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The best festival THE TOMATO 
    FESTIVAL. The controls are X pick up tomato X throw tomato and /\ 
    (Triangle) duck. When you win your friendship goes up with everyone on 
    your team.
    13th – 19th- Normal Workdays chop lumber a lot and take care of your 
    20th of Summer- Cow Festival. You may and may not be able to participate 
    in this festival. You probably won't win.
    21st – 23rd- WOW! Your pineapples grew if you planted them. Don't plant 
    anymore crops, but you will get good money in the next couple of days 
    that's for sure.
    24th of Summer- Fireworks. Go to the beach, and watch the fireworks with 
    your girl.
    25th - End of Summer- Get those crops harvested chop some wood, and 
    upgrade your house if you can this summer.
    Date Variable- In the morning the mayor comes and asks for a favor. You 
    have to get a piece of cake at the inn and give it to Ellen at the 
    Mayors House. Agree. Don't go right away go around 12:00. Go to the Inn 
    and then give the Cake to Ellen at the Mayors house. Turn her down when 
    she offers a tip. Elli will then come in with another piece of cake. 
    She will be happy and will give it to you. Next day the Mayor will give 
    you a cake. The pay off is the cake (they are expensive).
    17th of Summer- Ann's birthday. If you are friends with Ann she will 
    invite you to her party. Go to the supermarket and get a present for 
    100 at the wrapping center.
    On the day of your first corn harvest- Kai will come and ask for corn 
    and how much it is, if you say its 50 (half the price) he will become 
    friends with you.
    Date variable- May has run away. Barley shows up in the morning and ask 
    you to find May. Don't go looking for her till 6PM she will be at the 
    dock. You make a lot of people friends with you after that event. 
    It's getting colder so you would expect the number of crops to grow to 
    diminish, but they don't. So you have some work to do this fall.
    Get a lot of lumber
    Fill up you chicken coop
    Get another cow (buy)
    Upgrade your house (kitchen if you haven't)
    Upgrade barn (if you upgraded kitchen)
    Get large rucksack
    Catch some fish to get fishing pole
    Amount- 15700+370 - With Kitchen Upgrade 17800+500- With Barn        
    (Without Kitchen)
    (Chickens are not included.)
    Apples 50 found at your farm by Apple tree.
    Green Grass 100 Hot Spring/Gotz's House
    Honey 50/60 Farm
    Mushroom 70 Hot Springs/Gotz's House/Mother Hill
    Poisonous Mushroom 100 Gotz's House Don't EAT!!!!!!!
    Truffle 500 Mother's Hill
    Wild Grapes 50 Mothers Hill
    1st of Autumn- Well you got to run over to the salesman and get some 
    Green Peppers sure they are cheap at 40 a piece but you harvest them 
    every 2 days! Get mostly carrots and a lot of sweet potatoes when you 
    2nd of Autumn- Upgrade you rucksack its up to you. I recommend the cow. 
    Pastor Carte comes by in the morning and asks if you can participate in 
    the Music Festival tomorrow at the church.
    3rd of Autumn- The Music Festival is today go to the church to listen or 
    play at this festival.
    4th – 7th- Get Lumber and continue daily routines. Your sweet potatoes 
    grew on the 6th or seventh depending when you bought them.
    8th of Autumn- Save that Green Pepper for tomorrow.
    9th of Autumn – Go to the festival at 10 and toss in that green pepper 
    you saved. Talk to every one after and inquire about the stew.
    10th – 12th- Get a cow or upgrade your rucksack these days. Get lumber.
    13th of Autumn- Moon Viewing today. Who likes you the most find out when 
    you go to Mother's Hill at 6PM to watch the Moon.
    14th – 20th of Autumn- Duke comes by and asks you to help harvest the 
    grapes in the vineyard say yes. He also asks to bring someone to help. 
    Bring Cliff. Run your farm regularly and get to the vineyard before 
    noon. To get all the grapes every day you must rum past Cliff and get 
    the grapes at the end of the middle row before he blocks it off. The 
    most grapes you can get are 16.
    16th of Autumn- Do you have 5 chickens and a big chicken coop if so Rick 
    will ask you to take care of 5 more for him. No money from him but you 
    do get any money the chickens make if they lay eggs.
    21st – End of Autumn- Harvest anymore crops and say hello to the winter 
    months. Make sure you have enough grass to support your cows.
    1st of Autumn- Bye Bye to Kai. Kai is leaving and will come back next 
    5th of Autumn- Doug is at Mother's Hill grieving for his wife.
    Date Variable- Puppy Toy. Your puppy has grown, and it can participate 
    in the winter dog race, but it needs to train. Buy a dog ball from Won 
    to start training.
    Date Variable- Gray comes and asks to use your mill for tool making. 
    Say yes and he will weed your field as gratitude. When he asks you to 
    try out the hammer it shatters and he goes home.
    Those cold days are settling in. There in Mother's Hill a lake even 
    froze up, good thing because now you have the access to the winter 
    mine. Lumber is what you will be cutting this season, and a lot of it 
    look out for blizzards if your building you hothouse.
    Get more cows (buy)
    Upgrade your house (bedroom
    Befriend more people 
    Catch more fish
    Amount- 16,000-28,000+750 (The amount depends on amount of cows bought)
    1st – 9th- Well get the dog ball if Won did not show up in Autumn. Start 
    practicing your recipes in your kitchen chop wood everyday, and hire 
    the Harvest sprites to watch over your animals. If there is a blizzard 
    predicted hire the sprites for 2-3 days since storms can last a while. 
    Mine all this season in both mines.
    10th of Winter- The dog race is today race your dog by running in front 
    of it. If you did not train your dog with the dog ball well enough it 
    will stop and do something. Do not run to far ahead or your dog will 
    11th – 23rd- As you see Winter is not very extortionate do the same 
    things mostly everyday. Have at least 5 cows and 10 chickens. You will 
    get 5 more cows in the first 2 seasons, and the sheep in the last part 
    of the game. Upgrade your tools too.
    24th of Winter- Starry Night festival. Go to your girl's house on this 
    night at 6PM. This will raise her affection toward you.
    25th – 29th- The same thing applies her do the same thing.
    30th of Winter- End of Year. Go up to Mother's Hill at midnight to watch 
    the sun with the other villagers.
    Date Variable- Stop be Ellen's house one day to find out about a white 
    flower. If you go to Mother's Hill on a snowy night after speaking with 
    her you will see it. If you tell Ellen and Basil they will be happy.
    Date Variable- At 10AM on a snowy day at Rose Square Cliff will pass 
    out in the snow. Search the area he was to find a photo, give it back 
    to him.
    30th of Winter- If you didn't inform Cliff about the AJA winery job in 
    Autumn Cliff will leave this day.
    End of Year 1:
    You should have:
    Large rucksack
    10 chickens
    All upgrades except hothouse
    5 cows
    30 or more fish in fishing pond
    All tools at least on Silver
    Girls heart at least on yellow
    Have a Horse
    Have at least 10 recipes
    2nd Spring
    Well this time stop and smell the flowers they are beautiful aren't 
    they relax, relax, relax, not much to do here, except… build a hothouse 
    and make your potential wife on red. Don't forget about buying at least 
    3 more cows. Buy as much grass to fill half the field. Purchase the 
    cheese maker from Saibara.
    Purchase Cheese Maker
    Buy grass 
    Make hothouse
    Get that wife on red heart don't marry her though
    Catch 1 legendary fish
    Give lots of stuff to villagers
    Amount- 50,000-? (Depends on amount of grass grown) +580 lumber
    The goals say it all do all these things by the end of spring. Fill the 
    hothouse with all sweet potatoes when you get it, and fill your field 
    with grass after buying the hothouse. If you saved some Orchialc Ore 
    from winter make a jewelry piece for 100 with the ore and give it to 
    your girl.
    The only special event in spring is Karen's dance. On the 1st of spring 
    she comes by between 12 and 3PM she wants to practice dancing with you. 
    At the spring goddess festival talk with Karen and she will dance with 
    2nd Summer
    Well it's that time again this time you will have some time to relax. 
    This season is good for making friends and even marrying!
    Get Married
    Make friends
    Catch 1 more legendary fish
    Have all 10 cows
    Buy grass
    Fill hothouse with sweet potatoes.
    Amount: Varies + Lumber
    1st through End of Summer- These days just spend time making friends you 
    can tell when you make a friend. Usually a villager, besides potential 
    wives, has a total of 3 levels of conversation. 1st just met, 2nd 
    friendly, and 3rd good friends. You should have the fishing pole so 
    catch one or more legendary fish. (See secrets) If you already have 10 
    cows start buying sheep and always plant more grass. Your hothouse 
    should be filled with sweet potatoes.
    Ask Kai to watch fireworks the 23rd and go to Mother's Hill on 24th to 
    watch with Kai.
    2nd Fall
    Make more Friends
    Catch legendary fish
    Win sheep festival
    Have all tools upgraded
    Rack in the dough
    Get Married 
    Amount: Varies + Lumber
    Well just do stuff this season its not super exciting. Don't expect 
    anything to special. Expect to be married towards the beginning of the 
    2nd Winter
    Make more Friends
    Catch more legendary fish
    Win dog festival
    Get power berries
    Amount: Varies + Lumber
    More of the same just go with the flow. Keep that girl happy she should 
    start to say "I'm hungry, but I don't feel like doing anything." That's 
    the sign of a baby on the way.
    3rd year and Beyond
    Your goals are as follows:
    Have Baby
    Make all friends
    Win all contests
    Get all recipes 
    Get secret crops Strawberries, Pumpkins, and Spinach
    Get all power berries
    Baby should be born in summer give it stuff anything your girl likes 
    will do. Having all neighbors is hard so are the power berries. Use my 
    recipe guide to help you with the recipes. 
    4th Year- Flashing thing is seen at the church on a sunny day in winter 
    after 5PM.
    5th Year- Buffet is ruined can you solve the case? Between 6-9th day of 
    *Note* I WILL not reveal buffet answer so don't email me about it!
    Power Berries:
    1:In the Ocean.
    2:In the Mine dig.
    3:In the Winter Mine dig.
    4:On the outside of the Winter Mine In the corner.
    5.TV Shopping Network buy for 5000.
    6.Horse Race get for amount of medals.
    7. Swimming festival win.
    8. Tree on Mother's Hill try to cut it down stop when it pleads you not 
    9. Plant more than 90 flowers say that Anna can pick as many as she 
    wants when she comes by.
    10. Goddess give her harvested crops for 5 straight days to receive 
    Another is If you plant flowers in summer some bees will make a nest in 
    your apple tree. These are the special bees Louis was looking for. Take 
    a sample of the honey with the bottle, and then give it to him. The 
    honey you sell now is 60 instead of 50. Not a major increase, but you 
    need the money early on.
    Special Berry:
    Toss 3 cucumbers into the lake on Mother Hill you must stand in front 
    of the 2 trees on the left of the lake. Kappa will give you a berry, 
    which halves the amount of energy loss during the day making you work 
    twice as long!
    The 6 legendary fish:
    Squid- throw a small fish in the ocean as bait (good for one day) Only 
    Catfish- in lake in winter mine
    Angler- in ocean in winter between 10PM and 8AM
    Char- must have sashimi grilled fish and sushi recipes in waterfall or 
    Sea bream- had to sell more than 200 fish in ocean spring fall or 
    Carp- in the lake at mother's hill must have all previous fish prints.
    I am on the 2nd year of summer; I just got back from Ann's birthday 
    party, so that makes it the 17th of summer at 6PM. I was inside my 
    house and decided to work some more so I went out and Harris, the 
    policeman, was there to talk about something private to me. So we go 
    inside my house and he revealed that he is in love with Aja, Duke's 
    daughter, and he asked me if there was anything he could write about to 
    her. My character shook his head, indicating a NO then Harris thanked 
    me and left. So, the next few days after that encounter with Harris, I 
    went to the Inn (on Sunday PM), my intention was to see Karen as I was 
    pursuing her. But what I got was a scene where Duke was heavily drunk 
    and apparently upset over, her daughter, Aja, moving to another city 
    and not receiving any letter from her. I don't know if what I did was 
    right but there was a glass of water there and I gave it to him and the 
    scene moved on to the house of Duke where Manna thanked me and told me 
    how upset her husband was over Aja's move.... 
    Marriage is another unique factor in Harvest Moon. You marry a girl 
    when she has a red heart you can also have a baby these aspects also 
    increase your score at the 3 year mark, but don't stop there you child 
    will grow bigger and bigger. I will discuss the girls in this section. 
    All rivals will marry a girl 4 years after you come to the village.
    Black- Just Met
    Purple- Friends
    Blue- Good Friends
    Green- Interested
    Yellow- Flirting
    Orange- Dating
    Red- LOVE
    Popuri- My personal favorite, Popuri, is an easily wooed girl who likes 
    a variety of things. Give her flowers, but that isn't the only thing 
    she likes. 
    Birthday- 3rd of Summer
    7:30-10:00AM – Hot Spring (not rainy days)
    10:00-6:00PM – Her House
    Sundays 9:30-1PM – Church (not summer)
    Sundays 8:30-10AM – Beach (not rainy days, only summer)
    Sundays 1:30-4PM – Rose Square (on rainy days at church)
    Rival- Kai
    Karen- Karen is another easily wooed girl. She likes flowers, truffles, 
    and lots of junk food. She is very unpredictable, but I got her 
    schedule down.
    Birthday- 15th of Autumn
    8:00-10:00AM – In front of supermarket (on rainy days in Supermarket)
    10:00-1:00AM – Her House
    1:00-6:00PM- Supermarket
    7:30-10:00PM Beach (not rainy days)
    8:00-10:00PM – Inn (Sundays and Tuesdays)
    1:30-4:00PM – Hot Spring (Tuesdays if not raining)
    1:30-4:00PM – Gotz's House (Tuesdays if it is raining)
    Rival- Rick
    Mary- Mary is not the prettiest girl, and considering that she runs the 
    library doesn't help, but if Mary is your love you will be happy to 
    know that she likes all the things that other people don't. Like 
    poisonous mushrooms etc.
    Birthday- 20th of Winter
    10:00-6:00PM – Library
    7:30-10:00AM – Mothers Hill (not rainy days)
    1:00-4:00PM – Supermarket (when library closed)
    Rival- Gray
    Elli- Lives with her grandmother but can be found at the clinic more 
    often than her house. She likes what all the other girls like (except 
    for Mary).
    Birthday- 16th of Spring
    9:00-7:00PM – Clinic
    9:30-1:00,4:30 7:00PM – Her House (when Clinic closed or on 
    1:30-4:00PM – Supermarket (when Clinic closed)
    Rival- Doctor
    Ann- She likes so many things she is very easy to woo. If your heart 
    with her is Purple by the 17 of any summer you can go to her birthday.
    Birthday- 17th of Summer
    7:00-10:00AM – Hot Spring (not rainy days)
    10:00-1:00PM – Inn 2nd floor
    1:00-7:00PM – Inn 1st floor
    7:00-10:00PM – Inn 2nd floor
    Rival- Cliff
    After marrying give your wife presents everyday. Soon she will become 
    pregnant. When you baby arrives be sure to give him presents also. You 
    must love your wife and your child to have a better score at the end of 
    three years.
    15. Recipes
    There are a lot of recipes in this game, and after you get the kitchen 
    you can cook them. You get them from TV, neighbors, or make them up 
    yourself. To cook them you need equipment get them on the home shopping 
    network every Saturday.
    Name          Ingredients     Equipment        Seasonings
    Butter-         Milk        Need Mixer
    Ketchup-       Tomato       Need Mixer       Salt and Sugar
    Mayonnaise(S)   Egg           Whisk             Vinegar
    Strawberry Jam  Strawberry    Pot              Sugar
    Grape Jam     Wild Grape      Pot              Sugar
    Apple Jam     Apples          Pot              Sugar
    Cookies      Flour            Rolling pin      Sugar
                 Butter           Oven
    Greens       Spinach          Pot              Soy Sauce
    Hot Milk      Milk            Pot
    Fruit Juice   Apple
                 Strawberry       Mixer             Sugar
                Or wild grapes   
    Miso Soup                      Pot              Miso Vinegar 
    Tempura     Flour, egg, Oil    Frying Pan   
    Pickled Turnips Turnip           Knife           Vinegar 
    Pickles       Cucumber                         Salt    
    Popcorn       Corn            Frying pan
    Sushi         Rice Balls                       Sashimi
    Sashimi       Medium or Large   Knife            
    Grilled Fish   Medium Fish    Frying Pan
    French Fries   Potato         Frying Pan
                    Oil		Knife
    Fried Rice     Rice Balls     Frying Pan
    Salad           Cucumber
      		    Cabbage       Knife
    Scrambled eggs  Egg
                    Oil           Frying Pan
    Truffle Rice    Rice Ball
    Happy Egplant   Eggplant       Frying Pan        Miso
    								Soy Sauce
    Mushroom        Mushroom
                    Rice Ball 
    Noodles          Flour          Knife
                                    Rolling Pin
    Boiled Egg        Egg           Pot               
    Tomato Juice      Tomato        Mixer            
    Vegetable Juice   Cabbage
    			Cucumber      Mixer
    Strawberry Milk   Milk          Mixer
    Ice Cream         Milk		  Whisk            Sugar
    			Egg		  Pot
    Stew              Flour
                      Milk          Pot               Salt
    Raisin Bread      Bread
                      Wild Grapes   
    Chocolate Cookies1  Flour 	 Rolling Pin        Sugar
    			Butter       Oven
    Chocolate Cookies2 Flour        Rolling Pin	  Sugar
    			 Butter	  Oven
    Curry              Curry Powder   Pot
     			 Rice Balls
    Bamboo Rice        Bamboo Shoot
    			 Rice Balls
    Fruit Latte1       Milk
    			 Apple          Mixer
    			 Wild grapes
    Fruit Latte2       Fruit Juice
    			 Milk		    Mixer
    Veggie Latte1      Milk 
    			 Cabbage        Mixer
    Veggie Latte2      Vegetable Juice  Mixer
    Dinner Role        Bread
    Jam Bun		 Bread
    			 Apple Jam
    		 	 Grape Jam
    Cheese Fondue      Cheese		Pot
    Pizza			 Cheese
    			 Flour           Oven
    			 Ketchup 	     Rolling Pin
    Sweet Potato     Sweet Potato		Oven   	  Salt
    			 Stone				  Sugar
    Cake			 Flour
    			 Salt			Oven		 Sugar
    Stir Fry		 Oil			Knife		  Soy Sauce
    			 Cabbage		Frying Pan
    Sandwich		 Bread
    			 Cucumber		Knife
    			 Boiled Egg
    Veggie Pancake     Flour		Frying Pan
    			 Egg			Knife
    Omelet		 Egg
    			 Milk			Frying Pan
    Chirashi Sushi     Scrambled Eggs
    			 Rice Balls		Knife		   Vinegar
    Pumpkin Pudding	 Milk
    			 Pumpkin		Oven		    Sugar
    Apple Pie		 Butter		Pot
    		 	 Egg			Oven
    			 Flour		Knife		   Sugar
    			 Apple		Rolling Pin
    Cheese Cake		 Cheese		Whisk		   
    			 Milk			Pot		  Sugar
    			 Egg			Oven
    Mixed Juice1	 Apple 
    			 Pineapple		Mixer
    			 Wild Grapes
    Mixed Juice2	 Apple
    			 Cucumber		Mixer
    			 Wild Grapes
    Mixed Juice3	 Fruit Juice
    			 Vegetable Juice	Mixer
    Curry Noodles	 Curry Powder
    			 Noodles		Pot
    Tempura Noodles	 Tempura Noodles  Pot
    Fried Noodles	 Noodles
    			 Oil			Frying Pan
    Mixed Latte		 Add milk 
    		 	 To Mixed Juice123
    Omelet Rice	 	 Egg
    		 	 Oil			Frying Pan
    		 	 Rice Balls	
    Chocolate Cake	 Chocolate
    			 Egg			Whisk			Sugar
    			 Butter		Oven
    Relaxation Tea	 Relax Tea Leaves  Pot	
    Louis- 2nd of Spring
    Bold (purple Harvest Sprite)- 4th of Spring
    Saibara- 11th of Spring
    Staid (blue sprite)- 15th of Spring
    Elli- 16 of Spring  20th of Spring (IF BIRTHDAY ON 16TH)
    Barley- 17th of Spring
    Lillia- 19th of Spring
    Aqua (Aqua sprite)- 26 of Spring
    Greg- 29th of Spring
    Sasha- 30th of Spring
    Popuri: 3rd----10th if your birthday is on the 3rd  
    Harris: 4th  
    Cliff: 6th  
    Basil: 11th  
    Timid: 16th  
    Ann: 17th---22nd if your birthday is on the 17th 
    Kai: 22nd 
    Mayor Thomas: 25th 
    Zack the Shipment Guy: 29th 
    Gotz: 2nd 
    Stu: 5th 
    Hoggy: 10th 
    Manna: 11th 
    Chef: 14th 
    Karen: 15th---Will be on the 23rd if your birthday is on the 15th 
    Doctor: 17th 
    Priest: 20th 
    Anna: 23rd 
    Rick: 27th 
    Kano, the Photographer: 2nd 
    Gray: 6th 
    Ellen: 13th 
    Duke: 15th 
    Won: 19th 
    Mary: 20th---Will be the 24th if your birthday is the 20th 
    May: 26th 
    Jeff: 29th
    Make lots of friends they can help you, give you recipes and trigger 
    special events. Also making friends is important towards your score at 
    the 3 years.
    Plant lots of grass. With 10+ animals you need plenty of grass. 
    Although you can purchase fodder, I recommend growing it.
    The hot springs are good for energy recovery use them well at only one 
    hour to fully recover it is pretty good.
    Get married after the first year to experience life without a wife, and 
    with one.
    During Winter, Be sure to stock up on wood and befriend the Harvest 
    Sprites! Their heart ratings will go down if you ignore them, even if 
    they don't work for you. 
    During the fall season, grow as many Sweet Potatoes as you can! They 
    sell for $120 a piece, and they regrow every few days! 
    TAKE CARE OF YOUR HORSE! One year after you get it, Barley will check 
    to see if it is happy. If it isn't, he'll take it away! So brush it, 
    whistle for it, and talk to it every day.
    You only need the Gold Watering Can to water a 3x3 area. The Gold ore 
    can be found in the mine, and if you befriended the Harvest Sprites, 
    ask them to water your crops for the three days it takes to upgrade. 
    The Hothouse in BTN is much smaller than the 64 version. It has enough 
    for four 3x3-crop circles. You can plant some crops between the crop 
    circles, and you can just hop over them to get around. 
    Be sure to get the Hive in the summer from planting some flowers. It 
    doesn't sell for much, but you can get honey from it once a day, all 
    year round. 
    During Winter, if you haven't already bought the Mayonnaise, Yarn, and 
    Cheese maker, save three pieces of Adamantine from the Winter Mine for 
    these, otherwise, you may have to wait until the next winter to have 
    these made. 
    Winning the appropriate Festivals, your livestock can produce Golden 
    Eggs, Wool, or Milk. Make sure to choose your hen, sheep, or cow with 
    the most hearts that hasn't already won the festival. The more hearts, 
    the better. 
    <Press Select> 
    During certain events, be sure to choose your responses wisely. For 
    Example, when Popuri asks you what you think of her wanting to leave 
    would be, if you say she should stay, she'll get mad at you, and her 
    heart rating could go down. 
    When you give gifts, when they only say "Thank you." that doesn't 
    necessarily mean they like the gift they have. I gave something to Ann, 
    she said "Thank you." and her heart rating went down. 
    If you have your Kitchen, watch the TV Shopping show every Saturday. 
    Use the Inn to call and order. Your purchase will arrive Tuesday, the 
    same day that "The Delicious Hour" is on, which gives some recipes. 
    During winter, you can't feed your fish (don't worry, they won't die.), 
    but you can still stock up on fish for the upcoming spring, by storing 
    them in your Icebox, that comes with House Upgrade 1.
    After you receive the powerberry from the Waterfall Goddess, keep 
    giving her harvested veg/fruit. After the next 10 she will ask you if 
    you have a sweetheart. This triggers a scene. After the next 10, she 
    gives you a log, and then Gotz comes to get it and pays you (1000g) I 
    think. This is as far as I have gotten with her. Also, you can give her 
    more than 1 in a day, (the most I have done so far is 20), but, she 
    doesn't come when it rains or on a festival day.  
    Fall season. Date variable? Only happens if married to Elli? Stu 
    appears at your door with a cricket in his hands, saying Elli wanted to 
    see a cricket. Talking to him again makes him want you to show it to 
    her, saying you found it. Elli will come out and ask what is going on 
    and if she just heard Stu just then. Talking to her again with the 
    cricket in hand scares her. Talking to her without it in hand, she 
    realizes Stu wanted to play a joke on her. 
    I just found out that you can bring you bin into mine when you are 
    mining for minerals. So that means that you can carry up to 38 mineral 
    but you must be careful not to faint in there or you will have to go 
    down there again to find it and you must carry you bin down with you 
    when you go down. This is very useful in the winter mine. Just though 
    that I should tell you this.
    In summer grow A LOT of pineapple. It's expensive but it sells for 500 
    a piece! and you can harvest it twice if you grow it early.
    *Note*- The following is an updated version of this cheat but not from 
    the same person it may be easier or harder for you.
    If you use 2 memory cards and start at least 2 games this is an 
    interesting cheat. Start your first game and buy a chicken and a cow. 
    build your animals happiness to 10 hearts. If you win the chicken 
    festival your chicken will be worth 2000G. No don't sell it save your 
    game ( I have not been able to win the cow festival but if you can it 
    will help ). Start your 2nd game and exchange your chicken from the 1st 
    game after you buy chicken feed save your game. exchange your chicken 
    to your first game and read your diary exchange your chicken to the 
    first game and read your diary. Repeat until your first game has 5 or 
    10 chickens, you should also do the same with your adult cows. Load 
    your first game and exchange all the animals to the second game then 
    load your second game. sell all your animals then exchange from the 
    first game. save and exchange back then load your second game (If you 
    have six games you can sell up to 20 cows for 5 shots of 5000G a piece 
    or more for a champion cow (that's 500000G for a minor bit of boring 
    Following these lines it may be possible to sell enough chickens to buy 
    the wood you need to be able to upgrade your chicken coop on day 1. If 
    you can pull it off you might be able to win the cooking festival in 
    the first year( you have to get to the chicken ranch as soon as it 
    opens but before Popuri gets in the door at least two or three times. ) 
    Work as long as you like even up to 5.50 a.m. 
    Go back to home latest by 5.50 a.m. 
    And drink a bottle of Turbojolt. 
    And get up by 6 a.m.
    Save stuff from all seasons when you get a kitchen cooking is an 
    important part in this game.
    You can save energy when you chop wood with a gold axe. You just charge 
    up until his face turns red then charge up until he closes his eyes 
    (one level before he turns red). You don't save much but it adds up 
    when you are mining and chopping wood on the same day. 
    Spa-Boiled Eggs sell for 30 more than normal if you don't have the 
    mayonnaise maker this could help. Warning these degrade the price of 
    golden eggs. 
    Here is something you will like: You can control the weather somewhat.  
    After saving a game, check the weather for the next day. If the weather 
    forecast is stormy, A.K.A. rain, snow or blizzard go to the diary and 
    reload your game. Check the weather again, and the forecast will most 
    likely be different. Do this until you get the weather you want. This 
    is especially great if you want to avoid the blizzard condition, don't 
    want to move cattle, sheep, horse and dog inside or if you are 
    upgrading your water can.  
    I found that you can throw stuff into the basket from a far distance, 
    thus you can throw about six items into the basket without moving it! 
    Is how you place the basket (X) and with once only crops you just grab 
    and aim at the basket with out putting it in your backpack!
    To get Spa-Boiled eggs throw them in where the rocks seem crushed into 
    the water. 
    It is easier if you use a dual shock analog, if you feel the left side 
    tremble release the square button. Seems to work better than watching 
    the screen! 
    Do not let your line stay in one area very long, if you do not get a 
    quick bite reposition and recast! 
    Do not throw your trash down, put it in your pack, run to the square 
    and throw it in the trash! In time the more trash you "collect" will 
    affect the ease and quality of fish you gain at all times of the day! 
    This I found out in the library, always suspected it though. 
    Tip about the horse and collecting, you can throw all 99 fish from your 
    pond into your horses pack (his pack is endless), if you get off of him 
    right by the fish food bin! 
    Keep hitting X to pull fish from the pool, hit X again to throw the 
    fish. if your horse is close enough you can throw all 99 fish in only a 
    couple of minutes. Excellent tip to get the legendary fish. 101 from 
    the fridge (into the basket, 3 trips) and the rest from your pool
    *Send in more Tips to me at Strato2123@aol.com 
    18.Sellable Items 
    Fish (small)-50
    Fish (medium)-120
    Fish (large)-200
    Cheese (small)-300
    Cheese (medium)-400
    Cheese (large)-500
    Cheese (grand)-600
    Mayonnaise (small)-100
    Mayonnaise (medium)-150
    Mayonnaise (large)-200
    Mayonnaise (grand)-300
    Yarn (small)-300
    Yarn (medium)-700
    Yarn (large)-800
    Yarn (grand)-1000
    Milk (small)-100
    Milk (medium)-150
    Milk (large)-200
    Milk (grand)-300
    Egg (reg.)-50
    Egg (grand)-150
    Wool (small)-100
    Wool (medium)-400
    Wool (large)-500
    Wool (grand)-600
    Bamboo Shoot-50
    Blue, Green, Red Grass-100
    Apple, SUGDW Apple-50
    Spa-Boiled Egg-80
    Any Accessory-2000 (sell to Saibara)
    Special Bee Honey-60
    Poisonous Mushroom-100
    Wild grapes-50
    Relaxation Tea Leaves-1000
    Junk Ore-1
    19.Dangerous Weather
    There are not many weather effects in the game of harvest moon back to 
    nature. They are sunny clear day, rain, snow, blizzard, and typhoon.
    Sunny- On this day do work until you drop its ok just don't over do it. 
    These days you must water your plants, and you may take your animals 
    outside. Everyone will usually be outside. On these days I recommend 
    chopping food, although you have to water your plants you really can't 
    get sick unless you really overwork.
    Rain- Well these days you should forage and/or mine both are good 
    options. Remember many of the people in Mineral Village will seek 
    shelter when it rains.
    Snow- Since you have no crops and nothing to forage you should mine in 
    the any of the to mines. Since its winter many will still be indoors. 
    Remember to save up fodder in winter!
    Typhoon/Blizzard- Or hurricane when these occurs you can't leave your 
    house, your animals can't get fed, and your hothouse could be 
    destroyed. Always hire the harvest sprites the day before the storm 
    also hire them for 2-4 days since storms can last longer than one day. 
    Hopefully your chickens aren't outside because they can be blown away 
    and any livestock can be killed. Your dog and horse will probably have 
    0 hearts when the storm is over and they are outside so be careful.
    20.What They Like
    Lillia – Wild Grapes
    Rick - Wine
    Barley – Spa-Boiled Eggs
    May - Grape Juice
    Gray - Ore
    Saibara - Ore
    Duke - Wine
    Manna - honey
    Jeff - Bodigizer
    Sasha - Wild Grapes
    Karen - Wine
    Popuri – Toy Flower
    Basil- Poisonous Mushrooms, and grass
    Anna - Flowers
    Mary - Veggie Latte
    Doctor - Wine
    Elli - Strawberries
    Pastor Carter - Wine
    Doug - Mushrooms
    Ann - Veggie Pancakes
    Won - Fish
    Cliff - Spa-Boiled Egg
    Kai - Oil
    Zack - Large Fish
    Greg - Large Fish
    Gotz - Oil
    Louis - Honey
    Mayor - Wine
    Kano - Wine
    Harris - Wine
    Ellen - Spa-Boiled Eggs
    Stu - Yarn
    Harvest Sprites – Flour
    Send in questions and I will post them here I won't include your name 
    if you don't want me to.
    Q: Is there pocketstation support for Harvest Moon Back to Nature?
    A: Yes
    Q. How do I empty the basket?
    A. Press square next to the shipping bin.
    Q. Where's the fishing rod?
    A. It can be found on the pier in spring between 7 and 10am Greg will 
    give it to you. Answer yes when he asks if you like fishing and want to 
    Q. These Harvest Sprites don't do anything! What is wrong?
    A. Are you paying them every time they work? Do they like you? Although 
    not proven there names may have something to do with their job 
    performance in certain jobs.
    Q. Where is Won?
    A. After the event with Harris and Won, Won can be found at the Inn.
    Q. Can I have more than one baby.
    A. No
    Q. The 3 year mark is coming up I don't want it to end!
    A. Luckily the game continues after three years.
    Q. Where are these Harvest Sprites?
    A. They are located behind the church.
    Q. How do I get seasonings?
    A. Buy the spice rack from the Home Shopping Network that airs every 
    Q. Where do I get chocolate?
    A. Get from a girl who likes you on thanksgiving and spring 
    22. Cheats
    So far these are the only Gameshark codes I know.
    Infinite money:
    Infinite Strength
    All item in tool box 
    B01E0006 00000001 
    3007127E 001A 
    B01E0006 00000000 
    30071282 0063 
    Max all coroboccle relation 
    B00700F4 00000000 
    3007A92E 00FF 
    B00700F4 00000000 
    3007A9C6 00FF 
    B00700FA 00000000 
    3007A9C8 00FF 
    B00700F4 00000000 
    3007A9CA 00FF 
    Unlimited water 
    80071E10 0063
    Start time L1 
    Stop time L2 
    D005FFC4 0004 
    800C1B0C 0000 
    D005FFC4 0004 
    800C1B0E 0000 
    D005FFC4 0004 
    800C1B2E 0000
    D005FFC4 0004 
    800C1B2C 0000 
    D005FFC4 0001 
    800C1B0C 0002 
    D005FFC4 0001 
    800C1B0E A642 
    D005FFC4 0001 
    800C1B2E A603 
    D005FFC4 0001 
    800C1B2C 44CA 
    Infinite Lumber  
    80070D38 03E7  
    Infinite Watering Can  
    80071A88 0064  
    Infinite Chicken Feed  
    80070D40 03E7  
    Infinite Fodder  
    80070D3A 03E7  
    Infinite Fish Feed  
    80070D3E 03E7  
    Infinite Gold  
    80071A5C 967F 
    80071A5E 0098  
    Gold Earned 
    800711FC 967F 
    800711FE 0098  
    Gold Used  
    80071200 0000 
    800573E8 0000  
    80071A12 003C  
    0 Dead Animals  
    80127232 0000  
    10 Hearts For Dog  
    8012724C 000A  
    10 Hearts For Horse  
    80127258 000A  
    Popuri Has Red Heart  
    800786B4 FFFF  
    Elli Has Red Heart  
    80077298 FFFF 
    Karen Has Red Heart  
    800767A0 FFFF  
    Ann Has Red Heart  
    80076EF0 FFFF  
    Mary Has Red Heart  
    80077BBC FFFF  
    Tools at 400%  
    80071A40 FFFF 
    80071A42 FFFF 
    80071A44 FFFF 
    80071A46 FFFF 
    80071A48 FFFF  
    All Item Shipped 800711C4 03E7 
    800711C6 03E7 
    800711C8 03E7 
    800711CA 03E7 
    800711CC 03E7 
    800711CE 03E7 
    800711D0 03E7 
    800711D2 03E7 
    800711D4 03E7 
    800711D6 03E7 
    800711D8 03E7 
    800711DA 03E7 
    800711DC 03E7 
    800711DE 03E7 
    800711E0 03E7 
    800711E2 03E7 
    800711E4 03E7 
    800711E6 03E7 
    800711E8 03E7 
    800711EA 03E7 
    800711EC 03E7  
    1 Max Lumber 
    80070D38 03E7  
    2 Max Fodder 
    80070D3A 03E7  
    3 Max Fish Food 
    80070D3E 03E7  
    4 Max Chicken Feed 
    80070D40 03E7  
    5 Have Maxed Power Fruit 
    800712BC 000A  
    6 Max rucksack Storage 
    80071A1E 0002  
    7 Max Level Sickle 
    80071A40 FFFF  
    8 Max Level Hoe 
    80071A42 FFFF  
    9 Max Level Ax 
    80071A44 FFFF  
    10 Max Level Hammer 
    80071A46 FFFF  
    11 Max Level Watering Can 
    80071A48 FFFF  
    12 Infinite Money 
    80071A5C FFFF  
    13 Max Money 80071A5C 967F 
    80071A5E 0098  
    14 Infinite Medals 
    80071A60 FFFF  
    15 Max Medals 
    80071A60 967F 
    80071A62 0098  
    16 Max Earnings 
    800711FC 967F 
    800711FE 0098  
    17 Zero Reduction Expenses 
    80071200 0000  
    18 Max Amount Shipped 
    (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed! 
    50001502 0000 
    800711C4 03E7  
    19 Max Amount Shipped All 
    (Caetla Only) 
    B0150002 0000 
    800711C4 03E7 
    This is not a Gameshark cheat. For those who do not have a  
    Gameshark cartridge, here is a hint. This will work only if you have  
    two memory cards. One of the memory cards is a spare for editing  
    the cheat. First, you must save your game in the first  
    memory card. 
    <*Of course, you must have some animals in your save*> 
    Next, for the second memory card, copy the saved from the first 
    memory card to the second memory card. After you have completed, you 
    can start the game with the previous saved in either memory card. 
    After the game loaded, go to the diary where you can save the game. 
    Select the option "Exchange for Animals". Both memory cards should be 
    inside the memory slot and do not remove them. Now you can transfer 
    the animals from your second memory card to your first memory card. 
    To make money, just sold the animals that have been transferred. To 
    increase the money, just follow the above methods. That will do.
    23.Special Events and Festivals
    *Note* These events always occur these do not marry which girls you 
    Spring Festivals:
    New Year Festival (1st of Spring)- At 6PM go to Rose square or the Inn. 
    Rose Square is mainly for dancing with girls when you aren't married. 
    Although you can still go when you are married if you like.
    Goddess Festival (8th of Spring)- If any of the girls have a purple 
    heart you can ask them, but your wife won't appreciate if you go with 
    another girl. Talk with any girl the day before for the option to ask 
    Spring Thanksgiving (14th of Spring)- Give the girls cookies (see 
    recipes) to increase their liking towards you. 
    Horse Race (18th of Spring)- If you don't have a horse bet on the others 
    to win medals. If you do than enter him in the race and try to win.
    Cooking Festival (22nd of Spring)- With kitchen made you can participate 
    in this exciting festival. I recommend bringing Relaxation Tea with 
    milk, blue and green grass, and various other ingredients.
    Special Events:
    Supermarket Tab (First time supermarket visited)- Various Villagers 
    will put their shopping items on their "TAB" stop this if you say to 
    Duke "You should pay" it goes a long way towards making Karen, Sasha, 
    and Jeff you friends.
    Won (3rd of Spring)- There is a strange looking character on the loose. 
    Every time Harris in forms you Won seems to pop up right after he 
    leaves. From your farm go to Rose Square than to Gotz's House to see 
    this event.
    Summer Festivals:
    Swimming festival (1st of Summer)- This festival can get a little 
    annoying. Press x to swim and /\ to breathe. Pressing these in an 
    alternating order will almost always guarantee success.
    Chicken Festival (7th of Summer)- Bring your chicken to Rose square and 
    have a great day. Press x to root your chicken on don't root him out of 
    the ring though.
    Tomato Festival (12th of Summer)- This is a great festival. /\ to duck < 
    and > choose your target x gathers and throws tomatoes. Can it get any 
    Cow Festival (20th of Summer)- Choose a cow to enter the day before and 
    observe your cow in this festival. The only way to win is if your cow 
    has 10 hearts.
    Fireworks Festival (24th of Summer)- The end of summer brings memories 
    of fireworks go to the beach and watch with your favorite girl.
    24.Map of Farm
    *Note* this is with all expansions
    ___________          ______________
    |         |          |            |         ___
    |         |        __|            |___     |   |
    |    __1__|       |  |            |   |    |   |
    |    |            |_2|_____3______|_4_|    |_5_|
    __________   __  ______________________________________________________
    |        |  |11| | 								    |
    |        |       |								    |
    |___13___|       |								    |
                     |								    |
      <6>            |								    |
    ___              |								    |
    |7|              |								    |
     ____            |								    |
     |  /            |								    |
    /_8_\            |								    |
                     |								    |
    ___________      |                                                    |
    |         |      |                                                    |
    |         |      |                                                    |
    |         |      |                                                    |
    |         |      |								    |
    |____9____|      |            						    |
    1.	Your House- you sleep here and wake up here recipes can also be made 
    in the kitchen.
    2.	Dog House- your dog is supposed to live here no purpose.
    3.	Barn- house sheep and cows here make sure they are in when it rains. 
    The cheese and yarn makers are placed here.
    4.	Lumber shed- use your lumber for fireplace or building a fence.
    5.	Horse shed- houses your horse here when it rains.
    6.	Apple Tree- harvest honey and apples from here.
    7.	Fish Food bin- get fish food you bought from here and feed your 
    8.	Fish Pond- Put fish in here for them to reproduce, but they must be 
    9.	Chicken Coop- house your chickens here when it rains, The mayonnaise 
    maker is placed here.
    10.Mill- put corn in here to make ten units of chicken feed.
    11.Shipping Bin- place all crops in this bin. Duplicates of this are 
    placed in the barn and chicken coop.
    12.Farm Land- where you grow crops, grass, and flowers. 
    13.Hothouse- grow anything any season in this greenhouse. Watch out, 
    hothouse is not sturdy could collapse in typhoons or blizzards.
    25.Crop Formations
    There are many ways to plant crops in this section I will give a list 
    of useable formations and then the ones I recommend. 
    These are all of them:
    O  O  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  O O  O O
    O  O  OOO  O O       OO    OO   O    O
    O  O  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  OOO  O O  O O
    The ones I recommend for 1st spring are:
    OOO       OOO      OOO
    OO        O O       OO
    OOO  and  OOO  or  OOO
    1st summer:
    1st fall
    1st winter
    Note- upgrade your watering can to at least gold this season
    2nd spring
    OOO       OOOOO                    OOO  OOO
    OOO       OOOOO                    O O  OO
    OOO  and  OOOOO (for regenerating>)OOO  OOO
    2nd summer
    OOO       OOOOO                    OOO  OOO
    OOO       OOOOO                    O O  OO
    OOO   or  OOOOO (for regenerating>)OOO  OOO
    2nd fall
    2nd winter
    3rd Year and beyond
    26.Wish List
    Although Harvest Moon is a great game, but aren't there some things you 
    just wanted to be in it that weren't added? E-mail me them!
    My wish- For you to have the ability to buy more horses, and/or teach 
    some villagers how to ride them.
    Thank you to SliCkpNoy3 for donating Ellis and Mary's rivals. Also to 
    pikapurple with his recipe for popcorn. Also to Jarril with many tips 
    and the summer fall and winter birthdays, he also discovered the 
    possibility of another horse. Also to Jnc_2000 for his French-fries. 
    One more goes to Serpentarius for his Gameshark codes. Same to 
    Hammerhead for his various recipes. A big thanks goes to Freemail_65 
    with his Gameshark codes for English version, and his recipes. Tips 
    were brought in also by Carbunclestone, Blaze_scarf, wilmotc, 
    eternalwaltz, peminat_mu, and p-corrie. Thanks to "rex" for his idea of 
    the What They Like section. Thanks Spyder_32 for his tip. Thanks Danjr, 
    and Blaze_Scarf for their tips as well. Thank you apot_cruz for his 
    wonderful info on AJA. Pictures all copyright of Natsume, these can be 
    located on the case.

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