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"Great for those patient gamers... Very addictive."

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a very unique RPG(?), Instead of battling monsters, exploring dungeons or making weapons you take care of a farm...

Ok, It might sound a little boring but trust me, this is a very addictive game.

The story is that your grandpa owns a farm that you visited when you were little and he just died, so you have taken the farm over and must restore it to working order within 3 years to be able to retain ownership of it.

You start out the game with no animals, almost no money and with the farm in a shambles, you must clear your field, grow veggies and fruit, buy and take care of animals and a lot more all while trying to woo one of the 5 girls in town.


Difficulty: 9-10 (hard - very hard)
Controls: 9
Fun: 10

A great thing about this game is the huge replay value, with the large amount of produce you can grow and the 200+ food recipes you can collect and make (yes you can cook stuff) not to mention the huge amount of individual events that take place in the game you will be playing this game over and over!

The controls are also very good and don't get in the way of you having fun.

One thing about this game is that it's very hard.. You have a ton of things you have to do in a day and you have a very limited time limit to do them in.


Ingame Graphics: 7

Ok, this is where this game sorta lacks, the graphics are a bit bland compared to ff8/ff9 ect. Still this doesn't really take away from the game much. (and some of the character's emotion portraits are very good)


Music: 8
Sound Effects: 9

Ok, the music isn't that great compared to other games, but for a farm sim it fits pretty good (and the humming part in the intro is VERY cute ^_^)

The sound effects are well placed and fit into the game pretty well, I like the rain sound effects and the sea sounds.


I would say you should rent it first and see if you like it. I have found that most patient and constructive gamers really like this game while gamers that like action or who are impatient sometimes do not like it. (note: It may be hard to find in video stores)

If you like it though I really think you should buy it, it's a fun game to own and it has great replay value.(also it's a very good family game!) It's worth the $40+ dollars.


Heres a list of some of the features included in this game:

* 200+ Recipes that you can collect and cook!
* Catch fish and raise them in your pond, feed and breed them!
* Raise sheep, cut and sell their wool.
* Raise cows and sell or cook with their milk
* Raise chickens and sell or cook with their eggs
* Many tools to collect and you can upgrade them!
* Make friends with the sprites and have them help you with your farm.
* Choice between flirting with 5 girls, get married, have kids!
* Get multiple extensions on your house.
* A bunch of new fruits and veggies to grow! You can also grow different flowers.
* Characters in town walk to different places at different times.
* Fish off the dock!
* Raise a horse and enter the horse race!
* Raise a dog and enter the dog race.
* Lots of mini games like 'Tomato Fight' and 'Horse Race'
* Much more!

Thanks for reading.. If you need more info on this game feel free to e-mail me at

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/29/00, Updated 11/29/00

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