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"Farming can't get much cooler than this"

Harvest Moon : Back To Nature For PSX
''A Review Like No Other''

Here's my review on a game that hopefully won't be left out...

When an average gamer first sees or hears about this game they probably think ''A farming game? What kind of moron would buy this?'' I've been told that myself. But ever since I played this game the first time on the good old SNES, I couldn't wait to see what kind of plans would be in store for this game when it hits the next-generation consoles. Well, there's a lot and this is more that just an upgrade of any of the previous versions. As unusual as it seems the game is addictive and actually fun!

Check out these ratings.....

Gameplay : 9/10

It's so much fun just wondering around town seeing what other people are up to and what they have to say. Go pick up chicks, buy cool stuff, cook your own food, even grow your own food! This is a farm simulator at its best! Certain events happen during certain times of the season and they'll always leave a smile on your face. The reason it's a 9 not a 10? Gameplay sometimes gets boring if people say the same thing, you have no money, or there's too much ''chores'' to be done.

Story : 9/10

It's quite simple. You have three years to maintain a farm and make it the best. Not much story to it except for the brief intro of why you're there but small plot lines start growing between people during the game that are quite interesting.

Graphics : 7/10

The overhead view is awesome and makes the game great but these graphics look about a year or two outdated. Give this game Final Fantasy IX style backgrounds and characters and the game will keep me drooling for more farming ''action.''

Music : 8/10

Some nice bumpin' beats are in this game. Mostly farm style music that's nice and calm. Some people might complain but what do you expect? Hardcore rock action music? That wouldn't work well when watering plants.

Replay Value: 10/10

You're supposed to see how well you can maintain your farm in the span of three years but the fun is definitely not over there. You can keep on going and you might actually want to so you can find every hidden little recipe and Easter egg in this game.

Fun Factor : 10/10

This game is amazing. It makes farming and living in the country actually look fun! Cook your own food, race your horse, raise animals, go fishing, get a wife and kids, turn you're little shack into a mansion, beat your animals and do other stupid things but all in all this game is just too much fun!

Final Rating : 9/10

Buy this game now. Most of you won't regret it. The only problem I have with the game is that you can only raise a dog but no cat. But that's what the Gameboy version is for :)

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/13/00, Updated 12/13/00

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