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"A very nice farm sim game, one that you'll play for a really long time."

Some of us, gamers, wants to have a game that could be played for a very long period of time at the same time, enjoy every second of it. Well, this game sure kicks in to that requirement. One of the best simulation game ever to appear on any console. Harvest Moon: Back to nature. As you may know, it is translated from the N64 version, but you might be thinking that the graphics ain't good because the Playstation is inferior to the N64. Well, you're wrong. The PSX version is the same plus, there are more fun activities than the N64 version! let's talk about the different aspects of a game and how Harvest Moon: Back to Nature stands out.

Gameplay/Controls (8 pts): If you were one of those who have a copy of the first original Harvest Moon for the Super NES and you loved it very much, I must say that this game will be more fun than ever. Basically, it has the same gameplay as the Super NES version. You plant crops, you search around for goodies that you can sell, raise Cows, Poultry, and one of the best parts of Harvest Moon, looking for a bride, raise a family and buy everything that will make your farm more rich-looking. There are new features in the game such as the Sumo which is very fun! Playing Harvest Moon is really hard at first as you are stocked with a lot of things to do at the same time and need I say that you will do most of the tasks such as watering and feeding everyday? For the controls, it's a bit sluggish as the character will move in 4 directions only. I really hoped that the character can move in all directions to make it easier to move around. But it isn't so I cut off 2 points from the gameplay points.

Storyline (7): This game's storyline is great. You get to control every event! Choosing your bride will be one of them. You can change the main character's attitude also as either a social and a loving farmer or an irresponsible snobbish farmer. It's really up to you as to what the story will be like. The ending will always depend on how you did in the entire game.

Graphics/Sounds (8 pts): You might be thinking that the graphics for the Playstation version will be inferior to the Nintendo 64 version. Well, you're wrong. The graphics is just as good as the N64's, if not better. The graphics is very smooth and almost every detail were accounted for. There are nice characters, the environment is much prettier than it was on the N64 version. For the sound effects in the game, it's quite simple and very much the same as the real-life farm.

Replay Value (8 pts): This aspect of the game is the downside of Harvest Moon. Nevertheless, you'll still enjoy experimenting on a new bride, or even change how you comunicate with the people in the village, or you could even be someone that is naughty (i.e. not feeding the animals, snobbing everyone, etc).

So, if you have time and you really want a game that you'd want to play for a very long time and enjoying it at the same time, then go out now and buy this game! Surely, even if you do not like farming, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature will keep your hands on the Playstation controller.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/19/00, Updated 12/19/00

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