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Reviewed: 11/18/10

A game so addictive, I'm playing it 8 years later!

Once upon a snowy Christmas Day, 2002, I was a little kid with no knowledge of the wonders of the gaming realm. A shocker, I know.
As fortune would have it, I may have missed the golden era of the N64 and the SEGA consoles, but upon that snowy day I got a PS1.
My very first experience with video games was with Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Now, fast-forward to 2010, and I am quite the avid gamer, a total of over 200 games stacked in a pile on my shelves. Now, I think I have the experience to really give this game the review it deserves!

Story: 5/10

...Is there even a real storyline to this game? Does it even need one? Yes, there is all of that about your grandad, but that really just introduces you to the task. I am a big fan of the Harvest Moon games, but even so I often turn back to this game just for it's lack of a story getting in the way of what you want to do (coughAnimalParadecough)

Graphics: 7/10

Ok, if you compare them to today's standards, what with the PS3 and all, this probably wouldn't merit such a score at all. However, considering this is before the era of HD and 3D, the graphics really are quite nice, though they can sometimes glitch. It all really fits in with the natural look and feel of the game. A fair score for a PS1 game.

Sound: 8/10

This is one of the things that got me hooked. Sure, there may not be the greatest selection of songs, but they are just so darn catchy! I still find myself whistling the opening theme every now and again.

Gameplay: 8/10

Now to the important bit. The gameplay can be rather repetitive at times, and if you slack off for a while you might find yourself 'in a hole' so to speak, but it has enough breaks from routine to stop it being boring. (And really, after you've seen the cute fluffy yellow chicks you'll secretly enjoy the repetitiveness! I know I do.) Festivals provide fun distractions, wooing a girl takes time and work, getting you off the farm, and the farming itself isn't too monotonous. You won't be able to resist a proud grin as you harvest your first ever turnips, I swear.

Replay Value: 10/10

Now, this is Harvest Moon's strongest point. What with the many different bachelorettes, the insanely massive list of things to do to fully complete the game, and the almost limitless possibilities, this game has replay value like none other. The only rival I can think of would be the Pokémon series. Sure, it may not have the features of the latest DS and Wii games, but this is the simplistic farming game that Harvest Moon truly originates from. If you need any evidence, I still play this game 8 years on! How many games do you have like that?

Buy or Try?

If you have tried Harvest Moon before, definitely get this game! It is everything Harvest Moon was meant to be. If you haven't, I recommend trying it first before purchase to make sure you like the idea. Either way, you'll probably end up standing at home with your own copy!

Final Score: 8/10

A great Harvest Moon game, this is the game all the others take their cues from. Well worth the money!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (EU, 01/26/01)

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