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Reviewed: 01/15/01 | Updated: 06/09/01

This game could of been great. Sadly, it was the opposite.

So... Harvest Moon: Back to Nature finally came to the USA, and made many fans excited. Sadly though, it was all hype.
I've found more fun in flushing the toilet than playing this turd of a game. Just keep reading.


Haven't I seen graphics exactly like these in the 1997 game Super Mario RPG? Yes, I have. All of the buildings look flat like South Park, and the people look the same as in the Harvest Moon 64 game, which is by the way on a ROM cartridge, with extremely limited memory. The trees look like card board cut-out, and so does everything in the game, except the people, who look like painted chess pawns.

Nice cheery little music, but it does get old after a while. Jack's steps get really annoying, and the animals sound way to digital and artificial. Also people never actuality talk, its just text, and the text has an annoying little high pitched beep beep beep like sound to it.

Trying to move with the analog stick is next to impossible, therefore you have to use the D-pad, which has funny controls, because you can only use up, down left, and right on the D-Pad or joystick, and Jack (the main character) can only move diagonally, and not horizontally. The items are also confusing, for i've dropped more goods than you can imagine, and people seem to move right when your trying to give them a gift, causing you to drop it.

Gameplay: 1/10
Awful. When you plan crops, you have to stand exactly in the 3x3 square, or else you'll get screwed 3 seeds, and when in the village, its hard to find people because
1. They move extremely fast; you can hardly catch up with them,
2. The town is all spread out so its frustrating to get from one place to another,
3. If you've played Harvest Moon 64, you will recognize everyone in Back to Nature, except everyone's families have been re-arranged and shuffled, which can be frustrating to Harvest Moon 64 veterans.
4. Time actuality moves 10 minutes in 6 seconds, so the day sometimes will be over before you find who you are looking for, causing frustration, and finally,
5.You have no hints whatsoever about where they could be, it would be nice if you could ask someone where (person's name) is and they could tell you or say something like ''I don't know, try asking (someone with a connection to that person).''

Overall, the gameplay sucks. Why didn't they just port Harvest Moon 64's engine onto this game? WHY?!

Buy or Rent?
Well, from what you have read, don't buy or rent at all. $40 for this Harvest Moon 64 wannabe? No. Stay away from this lame game at all costs. If you need a Harvest Moon game, definitely get Harvest Moon 64 for Nintendo 64.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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