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"This game gives a really bad rep for Harvest Moon 64"

Alright let me explain before anyody goes and writes me hate mail. This whole review is basically based on how good this game measures up to Harvest Moon 64 and believe me it's not even in the same ball park.

Here's the lowdown. Your Grandpa dies and you want to work on the farm in his memory (how sweet) .So your dad gives it to you and let's you stay there and see how you've been progressing. If you don't do good it's game over for you.

When I heard this game was coming out for playstation I just had to grab at the chance to get it. When I finally did get it I stated and the opening was long and boring. I then went to the farm and started. In this game you can only hold 3 items at a time, and you can get an upgrade for 5000 dollars. Everthing on the map is all spread out with the chicken farm and the other animals farm in anonther part. When you see the girls it's like there going a thousand miles an hour so you can't even catch up with them.
To get your upgrades for your tools you have to go into the mine and find them and add them to your tools. You can't choose what addition you want to get on your house either unlike hm 64. You have to go in order. Of course there are some good things like you can cook your own recipes and there's a channel where you can buy stuff. But these things don't save the game from how horrible it is and even the camera angle is far to the ground and not high like in he 64 version. This makes for hard to see places.

Graphics 2/10
They plainly look like CRAP! trees are blurry and bulidings look like a rug. people look smaller than they are supposed to be and the river looks like it's as thin as paper. It really tones down the games fun.

Control 4/10
Alright holding a button to run all the time can get annoying since I'm so used to the joystick for HM 64. But I have dropped items so many times due to the controls that I can't stand it!

Audio 4/10
This is just like what is in HM 64. 4 different kinds of music for 4 different kinds of seasons. Maybe they should made a better soundtrack this goes for HM 64 also.

Gameplay 3/10
It's just really really bad. The whole game is poorly packaged and the game looks horrible just playing it for a couple of minutes. I first started and saw this game bites the big one a lot more than HM 64 and turned off the game.

Buy or Rent:
I say do neither if you want to save your bucks. This could of been a real hit if they added all of HM 64's gameplay and graphic overview and all it's great options with HM BTN's new cool options. It would definitly be a best seller for a die hard fan of Harvest Moon. I mean how hard is it to add HM 64 graphics to the playstation! The graphics aren't that great. I would have to say only buy this game if you really just want a harvest moon game but I wouldn't reccomend it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/21/01, Updated 02/21/01

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