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Reviewed: 05/10/01 | Updated: 05/10/01

Decent, Educational, Fun, Harvest Moon

A great game for all ages, Harvest Moon has gone a LONG way since it's initial release back in Game Boy(?). If you have played the Super Nintendo version and complained that it was too short, that you didn't have enough time during the day, that your character's name was too short, or even that the events were too little, be prepared for quite a game.

Controls: 6 points
Depending on your patients, the controls are annoying at first, for all the directions are diagonal. This can't be helped even with analog Joystick, but oh well... With patients, it will get easy.

Story: 5 points
The story isn't that bad, but is almost nonlinear. Your basic point in the game is to either get married and have a child, or just get a high enough percentage to stay there.
The rest of the game is made up of events that help raise affection levels with the girls and the villagers.

Music/Sound Effects: 7 points
Cows moo, Chickens cluck, Sheep bleat.......But that doesn't hinder the tunes that are constantly playing. Although not the Eagles: Hotel California, the Background Music isn't that bad. Specifically speaking, The Girls' themes.... You can hear a sound effect when you pick anything off the ground, open doors, eat something, and even when you walk. Yeah, many people didn't like suffering the Ancient Water drip Torture, but that isn't as bad.

Text: 7 points
The conversations in this game are one sided: Your character never speaks. But, that helps the villagers' stories develop into a greater game. Sure it might be annoying to have to select what you MIGHT say on a random occurrence, and never actually speak the line, but that would have taken extra programming.

Programming: 5 points
Although this is an optional section, it is very noteworthy. Indeed, there are glitches, such as getting caught in doorways and losing stuff....but you can also benefit from a certain other glitch...

Replay Value: 9 points
There isn't really an end to this game: Years go on, Events repeat, but that doesn't mean that you can't start over and try some different actions, make more friends, or even make use of a programming mishap....

Overall: 8 points
A relaxing game that is an alternative to most Role-Playing/Fighting/Action/Side Scrolling/Skater games.

Recommended: Look before you leap. Although it is a decent game, you might want to rent it before you buy it. There is no use in going crazy when you can demonstrate for only five days what you will go through.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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